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So I just went over to check in on Chase at Taste the World who is one of my favorite bloggers ever (for real, top 5 easily) only to discover that she’s decided to quit blogging, which hit me like a dull kick to the vagina.  Seriously, I feel like somebody died.  Maybe I’m just fragile because this comes right on the heels of Blog Chocolate leaving and the sudden disappearance of Pattie (who I’ve been blog friends with almost since the first day I started blogging).


Seriously, it should not upset me so much but it does.  You become emotionally attached to these people and suddenly they’re gone.  Possibly forever.  I am not happy.  Quitting blogging doesn’t just hurt you…it hurts others too.  Others like my cat.  Because starting today, whenever a beloved blogger commits blog suicide I will cut a toe off of my cat, Posey.  Perhaps that will teach you how serious I am.


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  1. In the interest of cat safety, can I offer you my old cat, Fred. Fred had 6 toes on each paw – 4 more blog deaths available!

  2. I went over and told her I didn’t think it was going to stick. Remember when I cried wolf last year that I was going to quit. Ya, it lasted a week.

  3. Ooh, I forgot, I need your input on my post today. Somehow I have the feeling you can help, you know, being that you’re married to Victor and all.

  4. It’s totally bizarre to me. I mean, what does it mean to form relationships that can just disappear like that?



    At least I’ve met you in person. You can’t go anywhere. IM IN UR TOWN NOIN UR FACE!

  5. I don’t read the other two you mentioned…but I totally miss Sandra.

    And if KayTar hears you are torturing Posey, you will have one angry little toddler on your hands. LOL. 😉 Unless cutting off his toes makes him sneeze, in which case she is TOTALLY on board.

  6. all things must pass. everything dies or fades away. sorrow comes from attachment. sorrow is the human way.

    “count your toes before you go to sleep and each morning as you wake”. — an ancient Youston folk saying

  7. The kitty does not look pleased about this arrangement.

    I know exactly how you feel, though. I Occasionally have moments where I think about how temporary all this internet stuff is, and I get preemptively sad. People disappear, and we don’t even know where to look them up, or if we did, what we’d do about it. But still – it’s a great ride while it lasts.

    Also, I promise to keep blogging about stupid scifi shows and finding giant squid articles to post about to freak you out. How’s that?

  8. I think it’s better to announce a hiatus. Much better. Offer her that option. A hiatus or a sabbatical. (Believe it or not, I’m not sure of the difference.)

    Sorry you lost some buddies.

    If I may offer the upside? More time to read the ones who are left. 🙂

    Please…do not harm the kitty.

    And LOVE the new look. You rock.

    Using My Words

  9. Dude. I’m not going anywhere. Let your poor cat keep his toes.

    I could never leave just because I’d feel like I was leaving all these people. Ouch.

    It seems like many, many people blog for about 2 years and then POOF, they’re gone.


  10. I could stop blogging any time, any time at all. Seriously, no problem. PROBLEM? What? Me have a …

    You’re cat’s toes are safe with me.

  11. It’s beautiful that you cared so deeply, Jenny. “Better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all.” Don’t punish the kitty for that.

  12. I know exactly how you feel, there have been a rash of blog suicides lately (plus some attempted suicides). Chase was one of the first blogs I read (I found her link on Marnie’s blog, speaking of disappearing bloggers!)

  13. Well, I couldn’t kick you in the vagina for REAL, so I opted for second best. 🙁

    I just really hate blogging lately. I’m boring the bejeezus out of myself and can’t seem to justify spending $12 a month for something I hate. I am keeping my free blog (TangoCakes) and will update that if anything awesome happens. And my flickr account will always hold my cupcake pictures…and soon, my wedding pictures.

    I’m not leaving YOU though…I’m still gonna read!! And comment!! And stalk!!

    I’m sorry about your vagina though. That’s gotta be rough.

  14. Poor Posey. Please save Posey’s toes.

    The internet is such an interesting place. It makes the world smaller so you can “meet” people from all over, get close to them and bam, they can just disappear just as easily as they appeared.

  15. I hear you. I experienced my first “blog loss” yesterday…went to do my daily check-in, although she hadn’t written in a few weeks, and WHOA…the site is gone! I kept refreshing the page and googling and stuff to see if it was all just a big mistake.

    Sucks, doesn’t it?

    I am sorry for your loss. mk

  16. Jenny,

    I don’t know if this is consolation or a threat, but I will keep blogging so your cat can hope to one day play piano.


    Love the new banner! As you know the “Suicide Hair Dryer” is one of my favorite shots of you.

  17. i feel the same way everytime a beloved tv show ends. it tears me up. thirtysomething, friends, dawson’s crack. why do they let us fall in love then leave?

  18. I KNOW! The bloggers. They’re dropping like flies. I don’t like it one bit. But please don’t do anything to your cat’s toes. That would just be messy.

  19. damn…that’s harsh…

    do they make a blog patch? cause i’m pretty sure i could never quit blogging unless they did. or maybe blog gum…

    yeah no, i couldn’t quit. i may take a bloggy vacation now and then, but never a permanent one!

  20. Let’s put your threat in perspective…after all, is the cat one of those muties with eleven toes on each foot? Or something stumpy with a peg leg? Knowing the exact number of toes may determine whether I have the ability to commit blog suicide myself!

  21. Aw shucks, I didn’t even know about those bloggers and now I never will! Poor Posey, always sacrificing for the good of man.

  22. I feel your pain, but please don’t take it out on your poor kitty. You can mourn the loss of your fellow blogger by knowing that you can always make new friends. Better friends. Friends who will be there through thick and thin. Friends who will always be wright, um, I mean right. 🙂

    (By the way, thanks for your comments. They mean a lot!)

  23. quit, quit? or just move on to bigger and better blogs?

    I dunno … this quit quitting thing sounds sketchy. Could just be all talk and good intentions, until the reality of NOT blogging catches up to them.

    Hold off on the kitty toe thing for a few weeks in case those errant bloggers return. I’ve heard it’s quite difficult to re-attach cat toes…

    (love the new header!)

  24. Oh no! You found me through chianti fueled stupid contradictory comment! Umm, not that much different sober,but I feel so bad, I totally invaded their private and much more educated space. Anyway, glad you clicked on my picture(hmm, what does this say about you…) because you are freaking hysterically funny and I have totally enjoyed everything I’ve read( I am not buzzed right now. It’s a once a week thang…)

  25. I suck. But you don’t. I am having insane withdrawals already and wish life looked differently so I didn’t have to quit. But look … I’m still stalking you. Please don’t hurt the kitty….

  26. Oooh, they can be keychains like lucky bunny feet!
    But these will be cursed and the wearer will have an incontrollable need to blog constantly until the eyestrain from staring at the computer screen renders them blind.
    That is the appropriate curse.

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