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I’m going to a party tomorrow at a wine bar and so I went out and picked up a dress which I say is a cocktail dress and Victor says is summer dress.



This post will self-destruct tomorrow or as soon as more of you agree with him than me.

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  1. My daughter and I both say cocktail dress!

  2. I would have said summer dress, but it makes me feel guilty!

  3. Cocktail… summer dresses have no sleeves… and many of them… no skirt heh.

  4. I think it depends on the accessories, but either way you look fabulous in it

  5. Cocktail dress for sure! But I’m an aging hippy so take my opinion for just what it is worth. :o)

  6. that’s a dress?

  7. I’d say cocktail dress. I’m picturing black heals and some type of fancy necklace to finish it off.

  8. It could really go either way, its all in which accessories you use. Either way you look totally HOT in it! Wear a chunky necklace and closed toed shoes and you’ll be fab!

  9. 1. It’s 80 degrees here now, Jenny. It IS summer now. I wore cargo shorts and a tee shirt to a Christmas cookie exchange and caroling party. I wore a chemise top and sandals to a holiday party on Friday.

    2. You look fantastic in that dress.

    3. I bet you feel like a million bucks.

    4. It looks very wine bar after 5 to me.

    5. My husband agrees with you and me. (And trust me, he’d say if otherwise.)

    Note: I would not wear a necklace unless it’s long; distracts from cleavage.

    That’s 5 reasons to wear the dress you chose. But only one counts: #3.

    If that’s true, who cares about anything else.

    Using My Words

  10. Wait. You’re in Texas, right? What are you supposed to wear – a fur-trimmed parka?

  11. To-may-toe, ta-mah-to. You look great in that dress!

  12. Dude, your waist is TINY.

    I so hate you.

  13. It’s a cocktail dress.

    You look hot.

    Tell Victor to shut up – he’s wrong.

    Holy crap, I’d look like crap in a dress like that. If I could get it up over my thighs, that is.

    And, for the record, even though it’s Houston and it’s 80 some frickin degrees out, they don’t sell summer dresses here in December.

    Cocktail dress.

    He’s wrong. You’re right.

  14. Perfect for December in Houston, I think. I mean, velvet or long sleeves would just be stifling.

    And you do look HAWT in that dress. Victor must be high if he doesn’t want you to wear it!

  15. Is there and option for “I don’t know the difference, but you look hot anyway”?

  16. Summer dress.

    But I guess you could get as drunk in that as any other kind of dress.

  17. it’s summer at Willowtree, so he would say summer.

  18. Summer dresses don’t have sleeves like that, and all summer dresses are made of cotton.

    All gay men are called Mark, Rick, or Steve, and all gay men have track lighting

  19. Summer. Not solid-black enough.

  20. Super cute! As long as it’s not a chiffon type fabric, you’re good. Wear it w/ close-toed FM heels instead of sandals and it won’t look summerish at all.

  21. what’s the fabric? i’d say it’s both, but not necessarily either one. in other words, appropriate either way. it’s very pretty.

  22. Cocktails in the summertime. Drink sangria.

  23. It’s not a summer dress. It might not be a cocktail dress but it could be made into one with the right shoes/bag/jewelery and accessories. Great dress!

  24. Cocktail!

  25. Tell Victor that if he doesn’t acquiesce and soon, you will end up attending the party in the same outfit as that woman who finds she has nothing to wear in the commercial does.

    Oh, and if you do that… be sure and take pictures! 😉


  26. I’m thinking summer dress, but of course I am sitting here with over 4 inches of snow and freezing cold weather. Anything less than an Alaskan parka would look like summer attire to me right now. Have a fab time at the party!!

  27. Oh the dilemma! I also agree that it could be an either/or dress, depending on the accessories.

    Strappy heels and hair up = summer dress. Slick patent leather heels (red or black), great earrings, a chunky bracelet or three and winter wine bar, here we come.

    PS My two cents is no necklace but big, glittery earrings and bracelet(s). Veeery diva-ish.

  28. It could go either way – it’s all in HOW you wear it. If you wear it all vampy like in the picture, it’s DEFINITELY like a cocktail dress. Of course you could wear cutoffs and a tube top with high-heeled cork wedgies and look terrific – it’s all attitude.

  29. Cocktail dress! And super-cute.

  30. You totally look smokin’. Tell Victor to shove it, although you might like it if he did.

  31. 31
    The Original Lisa

    Cocktail dress. You are in Houston for cripes sake. Victor is just hoping you won’t wear it so that he can.

  32. I’d vote cocktail. I think it’s wonderful; you can’t go wrong with black and white. Besides I agree with Julie – if you feel like a million bucks who cares what anyone else thinks!

  33. 33
    Just A. Reader

    Cocktail. And hot. Victor should just be thankful.

  34. Looks awesome to me!

  35. *wolf-whistles through teeth*

    that is all.

  36. After a few cocktails, does it really matter?

    And in Tennessee it’s 705 flippin’ degrees, so even if it IS summer, again, DOES IT REALLY MATTER?

  37. Because it has sleeves – it doesn’t count as a summer dress. That’s my answer.

  38. Since today is tomorrow, I will just say you look fab! How was the wine bar?

  39. You guys are the best. I wore the dress to the wine bar and it was perfect or at least I was too tipsy to notice that I was getting weird looks.

    Thank you, thank you, thank you.

  40. Yea…glad you wore it. Seriously once you have a couple of glasses of wine…who cares!

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