I’m huge (and/or hated) in Belgium

Whenever I find a new blog that’s linked to me or put me in their blogroll I always go over and leave a comment but lately The Bloggess is showing up on blogrolls of people who don’t blog in English and that’s making it a bit difficult.  Like the one that showed up on technorati this morning that seems to be in Russian, or Finnish or made-up secret twin language.  Luckily the first post had a video in English all about kids with tourret syndrome who scream the n-word a lot which isn’t the easiest thing to comment on but hey, I tried.  Then I thought, you know, I don’t even know what the hell that blog is about.  For all I know it could say something like “Wow, I sure wish I had an excuse to yell the n-word all day long.  Hey, I just finished drowning some kittens.  Leave a comment if you think the holocaust didn’t really happen.”  In fact, maybe I’m not even on this persons “Blogroll” at all.  Maybe “Kuudes Linkous” is Swedish for “People I think should be devoured by bears“.

Anyway, I just want to go on record as saying that people who put me on their blogroll are awesome unless they are holocaust-denying foreigners who like screaming the n-word. 

Because I’m against that.


Mama Drama Con Queso II is coming up.  It’s a big Houston party for bloggers organized by myself and and the infamous Girl con Queso and you must attend.  It’s a moral imperative.  Details to come.

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  1. I’ve got readers in the Netherlands, Korea, and a few other places that surprise me. They’re usually american transplants, though.

  2. It is awfully weird when your blog shows up on the blogroll of someone who doesn’t seem like they could have any connection whatsoever to you. I love Technorati for giving out that info, though.

  3. Uh, it looks like Czech to me, and it’s our long, lost cousin. Shim is planning on coming here and living with you. You’re welcome. Oh, and shim posts about Jimmy Dean, too. Better stock up on the sausages.

  4. If Babelfish (or some other translator) has the language their blog is being written in, you can insert the URL of the blog and read a humorously translated version of the post they wrote about you.

  5. You know, once you introduced me to Technorati the other day, I found that a few weird German/Russian blogs who were hawking pills were also quoting my blog. Random much?

    MDcQ. Finally. 🙂

  6. It’s about dadgum time.

    Is that one thing you’ll be working on tonight at the social deal? Aside from appletinis?

    And woohoo international fame. It did Hasselhoff good…will you be the next to hassle the Hoff?

    Using My Words

  7. BTW – if you find your blog on these wierd blogrolls, especially if there is some link between your blog and theirs, then it may be comment/referral/trackback spam. The idea is that they use your popularity to enhance their standing in the search engines, thus driving more traffic to their (often criminal and/or malicious) sites.

    My blogging software does not allow search engines to follow such links, so such spam is pretty much useless. However, I still have to moderate comments/trackbacks, ‘cuz otherwise the bad guys will drown me in the stuff.


  8. LMAO! Hysterical post!

    I think if they can link you in English, you can comment in English. Let them find the Babel Fish translator and figure it out.

  9. I’ve had far too much wine to understand any of the comments. Or the Technorati stuff.

    So, uh, hi-freakin-larious post 🙂 For reals 🙂

  10. I. am. insanely. jealous.

    Well, who wouldn’t be jealous about your international fame among Holocaust deniers? But really, I’m so annoyed that I live so far away and will miss out on all the hot Houston bloggers AND booze!

    Damn it.

  11. Thanks for the laugh. I like your biting humor. When I’m brave enough, I think I put touches of that in my writing. I’m just worried I’m not “nice” if I do to much or that people (especially those who know me, which, let’s face it, those are the only ones reading my blog now. Thank goodness for that obligation that is part of friendship!)will think I’m too whiny. P.s., I found you by way of Mrs. Bolgoway.

  12. @Spamboy

    I read your blog, so there you may now use the plural, “Readers.” Unless you were talking about me in your comment… In which case, I am sorry… That would leave you in the singular.

  13. You’re on my blogroll, but I’m none of the things you described so maybe I’m safe. For now…

  14. See Spamboy, two readers already. Now you just need to move into the international market. (Seriously though, if you aren’t reading Spamboy you should because he’s awesome even if his website is somewhat confusing.)

    Daysgoby – the stitches are out but the dog bites are infected. Not good.

    Chase – I’m not hairy. I’m Czech. We’re just made that way.

  15. Just imagine a tech support version of Larry the Cable Guy and you have me.

    I’m “Built for comfort, not for speed,” or “Low Speed, High Drag.”

  16. How did you find out you were even ON that blogroll?

    And I’m workin’ on one, too…I’ve gotten enough crap over not having one, but I imagine I’ll get even more when I finally post it.

    (If anyone notices…if anyone cares, lol.)

  17. Tag! You’re it !
    Remember when you tagged me with that ABC MeMe?
    Witches don’t forget.
    Go check it out. It’s an easy one.

  18. I totally had a made up secret twin language as a kid. You know, for when my real family came to get me. I’m still waiting for them. I’m sure they’ll find me soon.

  19. Heh. Nice post. I like your blogging style. And by the way, I’m not holocaust-lover. But bigs tits and hairy girls? Why not?

  20. I know I’m coming in several years too late, but I’m reading through your blog and was curious about the blog you linked to, so stuck it into Google Translate. Turns out it is in, of all languages, Basque! Go figure. Not that the translation helped — I still have no clue what it’s about. Or why they’d be linked to you.. Which actually makes sense, if you know what I mean. 🙂

  21. Actually, the blog is in Finnish, which I don’t speak but it seem to have something to do with the city of Kairo. Or and artist called Kairo. Or to do with the emotional state of the artist/city of Kairo. I don’t know. Did I mention I don’t speak Finnish?

  22. you’re definately huge to me. well that sounded less weird in my head, but you get my point.

    a belgian

  23. I’m way late here (only just found your blog, which is hilarious btw!) and I don’t know if there’s any point to commenting on it now, but… Yes that Kairo-blog IS in Finnish and the blog’s idea is to post links and youtube videos and then comment on them. At least that’s what the blogger says on his blog overview. I don’t actually follow the blog nor had I heard of it before. I just followed your link and used my special powers of reading (I am from Finland and consequently speak Finnish, so that’s probably an added bonuses to understanding what’s going on;)). Anyway, rest easy Jen, no holocaust deniers in sight on site;D.

  24. And ‘kuudes linkous’ means ‘sixth spin’ if anyone’s interested…

    -mango again

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