Pray to the Cat God (UPDATED)

My kitty, Bubba, is in the cat hospital.  His heart threw a blood clot which got lodged in his back.  He’s in a lot of pain and can’t use his back legs.  The doctor doesn’t know if he’s going to make it.  If you can spare a prayer to God or Bast, or whoever you think can help, I’d appreciate it.

PS.  Bubba is not the same cat that I always threaten to de-toe.  He’s this one:



Bubba is still in the cat hospital.  He still can’t use his back legs and one leg is turning purple but the other is still pink and the doctor is encouraged that he seems to be getting feeling back in his tail.  If they can get the pink leg to function then they might amputate the other, but if not we’ll have to put him to sleep, which I don’t even want to think about.  He’s going to stay at the hospital but I’ll be spending my lunch hours and evenings massaging his little legs as the cat in the cage above him wacks me repeatedly on the head.

Total amount spent on Bubba’s hospitalization in the past 52 hours?  $900+ and counting.  Luckily Victor sold an antique pistol at the gun show yesterday so that helps. 

 God.  My husband just hocked a gun.  To pay for the possible leg amputation of our cat.  Named “Bubba”.  Hi.  I’m a total redneck.

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  1. Well, since my body looks just like the “Bast as Lioness” statue, I think we can relate to each other. I will send her my prayers for Bubba. You don’t mind if I ask for a little help myself at the same time? We are overrun with mice and cobras here. Well, not so many cobras.

    De’s last blog post..Enz-Oh!

  2. oh, bless him! lots of good energy being sent his way. my own billybob (fatass red persian) has had his share of troubles lately, and i know how tough it is. ((hugs))

  3. i normally only pray for cats to die, but since this one is so cute and has the cutest glasses i’ve ever seen on a cat, and oh yes, because i love you, i’ll say a prayer or two for him.

    even though i didn’t win the ring OR the sex toy…hmph

    Biddy’s last blog post..lawsie mercy….

  4. My heart goes out to you!
    I too have a short person in a cat suit. He’s 13. As he’s gotten older he’s starting to develop all sorts of maladies. 2 years ago he fought, and won, cancer, last year he lost a pound and a half and was discovered to have an over active thyroid which is kept at bay with medication he will have to take every night for the rest of his life. This year he got the worst case of Feline Chin Acne the vet had ever seen. He’s a mess. But I love him with everything I have.
    Bubba is in my thoughts!

    Hairy Weisenheimmer’s last blog post..The ?Tiki? Room

  5. Oh no Bubba! Get well soon baby. I’ve got a good word in for ya with the Flying Spaghetti Monster. He’ll touch you with his noodly appendage and all will be well.

    zenmomma’s last blog post..Most Excellent

  6. I see Bubba enjoys a good makeover just like the rest of us.

    Go, Bubba, Go!

    My cats would also like to add: “Meow me memeow meow,” whatever that means.

    Damselfly’s last blog post..Sincerely yours

  7. “Sending prayers to the god of pussy.”

    My husband just called and said to tell you that that’s not really going to help because he can’t do anything about it.

    At least he still has a sense of humor.

  8. A three legged healthy cat is way better than a sick one with four legs. Sell Hailey’s housecleaning services, if you must. Defer losing your precious kitty as long as you can – he needs your love and you need his.

  9. Jenny,

    I hope you dont take this wrong but when I had to put my dog down sick humor helped me throught it. When I read your post, all I could think is maybe Bubba could be Hailely’s first taxidermy project….then Bubba could dance again.

    Julie’s last blog post..My Flower

  10. i won’t say the first thought that came into my mind after reading the update…frankly because you would never be my lover again…

    so, here’s the 2nd thought: hope the kitty gato doesn’t have to go to kitty heaven and i think it’s hilarious that victor hocked a gun to pay for the cat’s amputation..bwaaahahaha

    Biddy’s last blog post..lawsie mercy….

  11. You’re a lot of things, Jenny, but “redneck” never once crossed my mind…even if you DO have a cat named Bubba and your husband is a gun hocker.

    …the things we do for love…

    Robin’s last blog post..To Honor and Remember…

  12. *wraps arms squeezily around Jenny and refuses to let go*

    *well, except for the kitty leg massaging, then acquiesces to let go, but only until the massaging is over, and then arms are re-wrapped, again very squeezily, around le Jenny, the most beautiful, dark tree sprite in the known universe*

    *and even then only until it gets weird and then just for maybe a little teensy bit longer because we’re a-okay with weird, but not too much, just enough to kind of giggle a little bit over and then maybe laugh some and then maybe completely lose it and then stop laughing because it just got REALLY weird and then laugh so hard things that are most likely viral diseases come shooting out of our faces and possibly almost choke because we can’t breathe because we’re laughing so hard and then we kind of stop laughing, little by little, and then it is SO TOTALLY FUCKING weird and then we stop hugging and straighten our clothes out and go get a drink*

    *this could happen*

    lildb’s last blog post..taking a vacation from my blogging problems.

  13. Oh, sweetie! I had no idea. I’ve been so damn self-centered I didn’t realize your kitty was in the hospital too. I hope he’s still improving.

    (Damn, I should have gotten my hubs to hock a gun to pay the vet. Just so I could blog it. Too cool.)

    LawyerMama’s last blog post..Can I Get A Drum Roll Please….?

  14. You know we would do just about anything to save a member of our family, after a certain level of bonding a pet is no different. I hope you kitten turns out okay, we will pray for her

  15. This is a true testament to how much Victor really loves you. If he was a dog or something, hawking his gun would be par for the course. But to sell a gun to pay for your wife’s cat’s possible surgery and medical bills? That’s true love. Good catch.

    P.S. Yes, something is wrong with him. But it makes life with him more delicious, doesn’t it? 🙂

  16. Love his little Colonel Sanders moustache!

    P.S. Good one Victor – quick with the wit = not a red neck

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