The Bubba Chronicles

Remember when this blog wasn’t just all about my sick cat?  Remember when it was about important world events and technological breakthroughs?  Me either.

Bubba is still in the cat hospital and still about the same although he is managing to sit up a little bit if you physically push his body into a sitting position so we may be able to take him home in a few days.  He’s gained back just enough feeling in his legs to get totally pissed off when I try to massage them and he refuses to eat unless he’s hand-fed.  That’s why I’m spending each lunch driving across town to give my cat a foot massage and feed him one pellet of cat food at a time while he growls at me.  Awesome.

Picture of Bubba in his cage:


The clown collar is just there to entertain me.  Also to keep him from pulling out his IV, blah blah blah.  Is anyone still reading this?  Because I would have just skipped to the comments by now.  Listening to sick-cat stories is like listening to other people tell you what they dreamt about last night.  No one really cares.  Hey, you wanna hear a secret?  When I was little I used to think a trio of angry banditos lived in my hallway and would capture me if I got out of bed.  Everytime I see someone in a sombrero I get really uncomfortable.  True story. 

PS.  “You suck at Photoshop“.  It has nothing to do with my cat.  It’s just entertaining.

PPS.  If you don’t live near Houston or if you’re deathly allergic to cats then you don’t have to click on this link.

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  1. Glad to hear that Bubba’s at least feeling well enough to give you a bit of the ‘tude. And he is cute even with the grumpy face.

    Nancy’s last blog post..Today

  2. Animals (but especially cats) in those collar-thingies always make me smile. I don’t know why, except maybe I’m a sick, sick person…

    Z’s last blog post..Get Over It

  3. Dang it, I read Mama Drama first today. From now on, I will check The Bloggess first to see if I have to read Mama Drama or not.

    Bubba scares me, but I still hope he is better soon.

    -R-‘s last blog post..Live From the Closet

  4. I have to tell you I giggle when I read about your beloved cat, and not because I’m a cat-hater who loves to see animals in misery (neither of those things is true).

    In WidowWorld, where I spend most of my time, a bubba is … ummm … well … gee … We used to call them battery-operated boyfriends (BOBs), but those whose late husbands were actually named Bob didn’t like reading intimate questions, revealing comments, and crude jokes about how much time women were spending with Bob.

    The title The Bubba Chronicles made me snort coffee. Thanks for the giggles.

    I hope your furry fellow feels better soon.

    Alicia’s last blog post..Post, interrupted

  5. Poor Bubba – you are a good mommy.

    You know – for that Photoshop tutorial, I wish I had a picture of the Brown Bullet – the van I used to drive around with my old buddies.

    We never did ANYTHING bad in there, I tell ya.

    Karmyn R’s last blog post..Fun Mondays are Not So Fun

  6. wolfbaby- I have no idea where the bandito fear came from. I have never seen banditoes in real life although I did once meet Emiliano Zapata’s great-grandson in a Dairy Queen.

    Pete – I’m pretty sure you need a cat. Possibly a paralyzed persian. One with a $1200 vet bill still pending.

    furiousball – But I *linked* to a picture of a flamethrower and that’s practically the same thing.

    Karmyn – Are you high now?

  7. I’m trying to picture you rubbing Victor’s toes and hand-feeding him pellets. I wonder if HE’D have on the same expression as Bubba….

    You should win pet owner of the year honors…I’m SURE there’s an award for that somewhere in the crazyfreakingb-sphere!

    Robin’s last blog post..When the punishment fits the crime

  8. If you ever tire of Bubba, send him our way. I’m jonesing to have a cat that will complement our dog. On second thought, GalootJr. is has allergies and the PGirl couldn’t handle the hair. Shave Bubba dow-. Hold that. Nair him and mail him. We want Bubba!

    Galoot’s last blog post..The Moment Before….

  9. OF course this is swimming to the front of your consciousness now… when Bubba looks like he put his (pissed-off) head THROUGH a sombrero…..

    Better than hand-feeding clowns, though, I suppose. (ducking)

    daysgoby’s last blog post..stomach drop

  10. Aww! Jenny, with a face like that, what’s not to love? I just HAD to read on….I am glad he is feeling a little bit better.
    Poor little grump face (not you, the cat! )

    Pattie’s last blog post..Opportunity

  11. Oh, everytime I read your blog I laugh. It’s good. Even your sick cat makes me laugh. Not because I think sick cats are funny. But you phrase it in such a way that it is funny.

    What makes a little girl realize that there are such things as Banditos? Let alone imagine them in the hallway??

    Michael’s last blog post..TT #7 or, My Family(now with links!)

  12. If I’m ever in Houston I’m going to pretend to get sick and wear a big blue collar so you’ll rub my toes and feed me by hand.

    Joking aside, I love hearing about how well you take care of Bubba. You have a huge heart. But don’t worry, I won’t spread that around.

    NewDuck’s last blog post..The object of my desire

  13. I am just catching up, so first let me say how sorry I am about Bubba. Second let me say, how happy I am that he is starting to improve.

    I can totally see you hand feeding that cat one pellet at a time. This is why you are one of my heros!

    Momish’s last blog post..Please Let Me Explain

  14. So easy to picture myself in your spot. If it weren’t for my two kids who would also prefer to be hand-fed, I’d absolutely be sitting there feeding him piece-by-piece. My big orange kitty, Skimble, is also sporting the recently-IV’d look…with the shaved forepaws. And yikes, how those vet bills add up! Hope Bubba’s continuing to improve. He might look a little possessed in that photo, but I bet he’s a real sweetheart.

    Stacey’s last blog post..Blue bullets

  15. I guess that it would only make sense that the Banditos were angry, I mean, they have to stay up all night making sure you didn’t wander about. We all know that Banditos like to shoot their pistolas into the air and shout alot and they would be unable to do this due to the noise level. If they woke you by following their natural instincts, you might wander into the hall to discover the noise source and THAT would completely make their effort futile. But, I guess it is their fault that they accepted the assignment, I hope the pay was good.

  16. He’s a lucky cat, even in sickness.

    And if my husband called up to discuss things like that with me, I’d use voice mail more. Alas, my office phone doesn’t have caller ID.

    magpie’s last blog post..Guiliani. NOT!

  17. The same thing happened to my parents dog. They did lots of warm water therapy in a big sink. At first she could not walk or move at all. Now she gets around pretty good. I don’t know if the cat will tolerate the water.

  18. That DOES look a lot like my cat! Without the collar. I love their universal facial expression, the One Look that stands for every emotion. I wish I had one of those, it would make life so much easier.

    Not really, I take that back. Because then you would spend all day explaining how you felt instead of just using your face. Face muscles = life is easier.

    Occidental Girl’s last blog post..It Seems I Cannot Stay Away From Library Internet-Linked Computers

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