Naked pictures of me

You know what is really unsettling?  Getting 10 emails from people asking if you’d seen the “naked” picture of yourself on the uber-popular Joy Unexpected.

Then, trying to go there and only being able to see this:


Comment of the day:  I got right through, Jenny. I’m not sure whether Websense thinks the picture of you is tasteless or the fart-flavored fruit juice is tasteless.  Oh, wait. Duh.  Fart-flavored anything can’t be tasteless.  It tastes like farts.  ~Sandy

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  1. LOL

    Gravity took advantage of my naked and things have never been the same since. 4 kids will do that to ya.

  2. Score! Our Websense is ok with “Tasteless” although it has a major problem with “E-mail” and “Personal Network Storage.” If you ask me, whoever’s programming Websense has NO sense.

    Catazon’s last blog post..Another Rodeo Plug

  3. I got right through, Jenny. I’m not sure whether Websense thinks the picture of you is tasteless or the fart-flavored fruit juice is tasteless. Oh, wait. Duh. Fart-flavored anything can’t be tasteless. It tastes like farts…lol.

    Sandy’s last blog post..Thankful Thursday

  4. I’ve had people email me before telling me that they tried to read my blog from the hospital or from work and it was blocked and deemed “TASTELESS” but to see it like that? HILARIOUS. I laughed out loud.

    I love you, man.

    Y’s last blog post..Juicy “Fruit”.

  5. Naked Blogess? Sounds like Thursday afternoons in the office after you clean out the secret stash. No wonder I din’t see you on Fridays. Hope your face feels better, you rock.

  6. Ha! I feel so much better now!

    I am constantly getting emails saying “your post on guacamole is flagged by my IT department as “pornographic”.”

    I wonder if I’ve been called Tasteless.

    By a computer, I mean.

    Miss Britt’s last blog post..Hear Thee, Hear Thee

  7. 1) You’re the Queen of Bait and Switch (or is that Queen of the Double Entendre??)!

    2) I think Kittenpie called you fat…nice thanks for being comment of the day a few days earlier….

    3) It’s abundantly clear the post was screened as “tasteless” based on y’s lip-smackin’ (or was that stomach hurling?) review of nekkid energy drinks….

    4) How soon people forget you started the NAKED MEME ages ago???!!

    I’m not sure it ever actually caught on,though….

    Robin’s last blog post..Rolling the dice (15 Words or Less Poems)

  8. I’m quite sure that if someone posted my naked pics, the internet would explode.

    You rock.

  9. See now, I go over there, thinking “wow, what a ballzy chick, to pose nekkid. she’s just like Demi Moore or something.” Then i get there and its a NEKKID BOTTLE!
    I am a little disappointed, but also? A little relieved, though I am calling that bottle’s mother today.
    “Shocking. I am shocked.” – Joan Cusak

    we_be_toys’s last blog post..Trip to Wales~Part I

  10. So not what I was expecting. Especially since the first picture I came to was a non-naked, grumpy-looking chick flipping me off who didn’t look like you at all and I was all “Is Jenny still high?”

    The Introvert’s last blog post..retribution

  11. No, Luann! She’s MINE!!!

    Uh, not that I’m a stalker or anything. Really. There’s no need for a restraining order.

  12. That, my friend, was a tease. I was totally expecting tits and ass.

    Speaking of websense, this lovely sight is blocked at the middle school I work in, seems our district doesn’t want the likes of you warping the youth of America. Nice, huh?

    kelly’s last blog post..I Wanna Be Pretty Again

  13. Funny, I was coming here to tell you I saw you there, but obviously you already know! I’ll shut up now….

  14. At least that is better than the “bear naked” picture of me – covered in chocolate.


  15. MAN! I hate when the filter keeps me from seeing the naked pictures of myself! Luckily for me….I have them in SO many places…there is always a way around the blockage! (hee-hee)

    PS: If I could hang out with you and Julie….I would move TOMORROW! 🙂

    Queen of the Mayhem’s last blog post..The Queen Goes Political

  16. Don’t you just love technology?!?!?!

    My husband and I liked to send each other crazy cards from the site but when we swtiched from Verizon to Comcast we suddenly found out that stooopid ComcASSt email filters blocks all emails from that site. Something about it being considered spam.

    Jacki’s last blog post..Such is life

  17. You know what the worse things is about reading your post is all I could think of I used to buy Websense when I worked for a reseller. How sad is that. My husband I love your Blog. I send him links when he’s at work and then tell him not to read it until he gets home.

    CrysOHara’s last blog post..Comfort Zone

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