Irony is awesome – UPDATED

Courtesy of Brody Harper who pointed out why my sponsors probably hate me.  Also, I’m not sure if this is technically “irony” since I’ve been told I perpetually use that word incorrectly.  It might just be “a horrible coincidence”.    Which would be ironic, right?  No? 

Fine.  From now on I’m only using “irony” to describe things made of iron.  Like irons. 

PS.  Remember yesterday when I said I felt really bad about publishing a dumb-ass post about soup and that I’d make it up to you with a kick-ass one and now I’m just posting another post about the soup post?  That was ironic awesome.

UPDATED:  I just got an email from my ad network very diplomatically telling me they’re moving me from the mom-based ads to the sex & relationship-based ads.  So, I guess that means less caulk talk.  Which is actually kind of ironic totally hysterical.

Comment of the day: Ten thousand spoons when all you need is a knife… not irony just fucking weird.  Irony is that Alanis had no idea what irony was and English teachers quoted that shit.  The song should be called ‘isn’t that unfortunate’ or ‘I am a fucking illiterate loser with bad ass hair’. ~ Kelley

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  1. I have anxiety about the definition of irony after watching Winona Ryder flounder for a definition in Reality Bites. Alanis Morissette’s “Isn’t it Ironic” didn’t help matters any.

    Madame Queen’s last blog post..Learning the Lingo

  2. I normally eat soup when I am ill, or feeling chubby. I like the word irony to describe that which is made of iron, like irons. You are fucking brilliant.

  3. I for one am THRILLED to see another post about soup, because I’m a total soup-hater lately.

    I blame the little diner down the street from my house. On Monday, my brother wanted to have lunch, so we went there. I ordered a Tomato Basil Ravioli soup. They brought me Chicken Tortilla. I really like Chicken Tortilla, and once I saw it, I decided to eat it instead of complaining that I got the wrong soup.

    Then, the very same day, my boyfriend decided we had to go to the same place for dinner. Being the total pushover, I went along. I ordered Tomato Basil Ravioli again. They brought me Chicken Tortilla again. This time I said something, and they swapped my soup. The Tomato Basil Ravioli SUCKED. It was awful. The whole experience made me question myself in every way. Why was I such a doormat to allow my boyfriend to force me to eat dinner at the same place I ate lunch? Why, when I finally stood up for myself and got the correct soup, did the universe punish me by making the soup terrible? Is the universe trying to tell me to stop standing up for what I believe in?

    The moral of the story: Soup sucks. Down with soup.

    Jane’s last blog post..Travelogue: June 19-23, 2008

  4. Hi! I randomly stumbled across your blog on the “Five for Friday” thing. Just wanted to say that I love your blog and your writing!!

  5. Jenny…

    you’re mmmmmmm mmmmmmmm good!

    Thanks for making me smile when
    I don’t wanna sometimes.

  6. Technically speaking, the quotations around the first “irony” word are incorrect. The first quotation mark is the end quotation, not the beginning quotation. You have it right on the second one, though. Batting 500 isn’t so bad!

    I still love you anyway.

    Tracey’s last blog post..Breasts, Wieners, and Suction

  7. Okay, that quotation mark thing is not my fault and is something that wordpress does because it apparently hates me. It indiscriminately changes the quotation marks. It kills me. I delete it and change it and republish. It rechanges it and spits at me. Then I die a little inside.

    I even wrote a whole post on the insanity of the quotation marks once but (of course) I couldn’t get wordpress to repeat the madness in that post so it just looked ridiculous and that’s when I realized that WordPress is wants to destroy me.

  8. Thinking about the appropriate use of the word irony makes my head hurt.

    Not bad enough to want soup, tho. Which I only eat (drink?) when I make it myself. I don’t want to think about what could be simmering in the vats of soup inside some huge factory.

  9. Irony is when you are at a work party and a 65 yr old electrical engineer tells you about the time he had a ménage e tua (sorry about the spelling, I only know how to say it). He said it was good, but he had trouble focusing. I had to get another drink after that.

  10. The name Brody makes me think of Brady, an old character on Days of our lives. The actor was HOT. I’d love to click over (Hi Brody!) but I can’t ruin my vision of this guy.

    Headless Mom’s last blog post..My First Giveaway!

  11. Do you think it’s ironic that none of us really know the proper use of ironic?

    Or that irons are not ironic? (Unless, of course, they are leg irons and part of some bondage fantasy and the person bonded with the irons is a felonious fugitive and the cops walk in. In that situation, the irons very well may be ironic.)

  12. Agreeing with Madame Queen. Alanis ruined any hope for the next generation to understand and use the word correctly.

    And she made millions doing said corruption.

    I hate my job.

    Amy in Ohio’s last blog post..I Heart Kate

  13. I just want to know who Campbells thinks is “baking” soup. Personally, I’ve never put soup in the oven and I’m not sure why you’d want to.

    This is, of course, coming from a woman who practically exists on cheesy tortillas with relish, so if someone would like to enlighten me on the finer points of baking soup, that would be great.

    Jessica’s last blog post..Houston Lebowski Bash: The Afterparty

  14. Jenny, I think the word you’re looking for is “uncanny.” I believe that this is the word Alanis Morisette should have used instead of “ironic.”

    Lisa, the term is “menage a toi.”

    You can find the correct spelling or name of anything if you put the part you know in the Google search box of your browser. The predictive text thingy shows all the possibilities for the term.

    Just trying to help. I’m sorry I couldn’t make it humorous.

    C’s last blog post..Over and Out

  15. Soup. Fuck. The last time I had soup I was 38 weeks pregnant and standing in the lobby of my work as my lunch made its nasty way back up my throat and on to the carpet. Pea soup. Pee green carpet. Irony? Chunky.

    amanda’s last blog post..Calling for back up

  16. C – yeah, I thought using google, but I was afraid that our IT department would find that a little suspicious.

  17. Heavens. Thanks gods you stopped by or I would never have found you. I love your fascination with words. You can be the Iron Lady. No wait. That was Margaret Thatcher. You can be the Paradoxical Lady. Yeah thats it.

    Mike’s last blog post..A Lack of Order, Random to You & Me

  18. And the ad is right now running again. It’s like that artist who depicts a painting inside of a painting inside of a panting inside of a…

  19. I just learned something from your last post’s “Comment of the Day.” That “pie” is another word for vagina? I didn’t know that.

    And now it makes me feel bad for Mommy Pie. 🙁

    tela’s last blog post..Wii Review

  20. I taught high school english for a year and had to teach irony. But I didn’t get it eitehr. My briliant colleagues tried to explain it and then I quoted Alanis Morisette and they hung their heads in shame.

    I give up too…but I can appreciate your attempts.

    mama’s losin’ it’s last blog post..Q & A

  21. ten thousand spoons when all you need is a knife… not irony just fucking weird.

    Irony is that Alanis had no idea what irony was and English teachers quoted that shit.

    The song should be called ‘isn’t that unfortunate’ or ‘I am a fucking illiterate loser with bad ass hair’.

    (you know I totally had to look up the spelling of illiterate… ironic? Probably not, just an indictment of our current schooling system that churns out idiots like Alanis and George who can’t say no vowels)

    Oh and yay for antihistamines! Which brought you this incoherent comment.

    Kelley’s last blog post..Where is my union rep?

  22. Poor, lowly soup. Look how much mileage you’ve gotten out of it! Something tells me you wouldn’t be able to do nearly enough with bisque or chowder.

    Jennifer’s last blog post..(W)Watch This

  23. First step Sex and Relationship ads.

    Next step, Jenny selling herself on the streets.

    As the cops drag her away for prostitution she’ll yell, “But I only make $50 a month!”

    heather’s last blog post..In An Instant

  24. …speaking of weird ads/links that appear because of relevancy to what you are writing about…I logged into my Gmail account one day…and had ‘cougar’ links.

    How did it know? WTF

  25. First visit to your blog and now there will be no more posts about caulk? Damn. (also making sure I have enough spaces between my sentences…)

    elaine’s last blog post..Here I Go Again

  26. Sh*t.

    My take on the *most* appropriate definition of irony in this situation.

    -6. the incongruity of this.
    and the meaning of incongruity is…
    1. the quality or condition of being incongruous.
    2. something incongruous.
    The meaning of incongruous-
    not congruous; disagreeing and inharmonious in character
    And what exactly is congruous you ask?
    Corresponding in character or kind; appropriate or harmonious.

    Therefore, your definition of irony is correct, being NOT appropriate or harmonious.

    Nuff said.

    I always say,

    “That is funny, not ha-ha funny, clown funny, tragically so.” If anyone wants to say I’m incorrectly using a word, I’ll give them the what-for!


    Polka Dot Mommy’s last blog post..The Get More Sleep Challenge

  27. For a good definition of irony, do not turn to Alanis Morrisette, who seems to confuse irony with bad luck. For irony, you need Guy du Maupassant: poor-as-dirt husband and wife want to give each other Christmas presents; she sells the only thing of value she has (her waist-length chestnut hair) to buy him a watch chain for his pocket watch; he sell his only watch to buy her gorgeous tortoise shell hair combs. Only Maupassant is far more eloquent and heart-wrenching than that synopsis.

    MommyTime’s last blog post..The Rhythm of Days

  28. I am crying from laughing so hard at Kelley, since I of course did not bother to read comments till after I’d left mine. On Morrisette: “The song should be called ‘isn’t that unfortunate’ or ‘I am a fucking illiterate loser with bad ass hair’.” OMG. Kelley, you rock my world!!

    MommyTime’s last blog post..The Rhythm of Days

  29. I think the ad folks meant to say “porn” (or pron as I like to type it not that I type it all the time or anything, stop looking at me!) instead of “sex and relationships.”

    andrea’s last blog post..Yes.

  30. The song should be called ‘isn’t that unfortunate’ or ‘I am a fucking illiterate loser with bad ass hair’.

    What’s wrong with her ass hair?

  31. sometimes my hand gets so tired from scrolling to get to the part where i can leave a comment that it feels like i’ve already left one, and then i realize it’s ’cause i’m STILL SCROLLING DOWN.

    but whatever. i made it. and i’m typing. so, clearly, it’s all working out according to the lord’s purposes.

    also, i went thru a very srsly long period of hating the I(rony) word and insisted on only saying oxymoron. which is several levels of better, because a) it reminds me to check my face for pimples and not leave the house because of them, and b) that i’m a moron and should not leave the house even IF i pass the pimple test, and c) because it rules when a word can not only mean a thing but can also be broken apart and mean two TOTALLY OTHER things. and d) because that’s the first letter of my name. d. for debbie.



    deb’s last blog post..i am actually responding to a meme request. holy cow cheese.

  32. In fact you can bake soup. Campbells soup. You mix it with rice and cheese and some chicken, bake it, and call it dinner. Then your husband complains, and you withhold sex for the next few weeks, and, well, you get the picture. But my point is, that soup can be baked.

    Jen Maselli’s last blog post..Can Someone Please Explain Twitter To Me?

  33. I’m trying to figure out why moms aren’t allowed to say things like ‘ass’ and ‘death warrant’ and ‘caulk’. God, why do people have to slot us into prigs that perpetually discuss the nutritious advantages of peanut butter? Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to don my ‘F*** off I’m cooking here’ apron and throw some giant slab of meat on the fire.

    Maggie’s last blog post..Dammit I missed

  34. I am a gay atheist. Google Adsense always placesads on my blog which promise I can pray the gay away. That, plus German Elvis impersonators. Ah, word count!

    I have never checked my revenue to see if any readers clicked through on ex-gay links. Or if Der Elvisch owes me a cut.

    headbang8’s last blog post..Wir sind Papst…er, Champions.

  35. FYI, I saw Alanis in an interview several years back confirm that yes, her song about irony is only ironic because it isn’t about irony at all. She’s either not all that stupid, or someone pointed out the idiocy of the song & that was her clever cover.

    Teresa Tebbe’s last blog post..How to Start

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