This post doesn’t exist

This isn’t a real post. 

Actual real post coming any minute.  In the mean time, watch this video.

PS.  I totally thought this dude and Jon Cryer were the same guy.

(via Steve DeGroof who kicks ass)

Comment of the day: omg…that guy was in the bookstore last night singing to me.  He even asked me to wear those glasses, but I was all like, “Dude. No way. Get lost.”  However, then he spilled a latte on the new stack of Maureen McCormick books and I had to kick his ass and then we accidentally made out. I guess the singing thing really does work. ~ Jozet at Halushki

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  1. I saw this the other night and thought it was hilarious! I think it’s their best yet. Can’t wait to see what they come up with next.

    And OMG, what did I see in the lead singer from Tears for Fears way back then? It couldn’t have been his teeth. Sadly, it must have been the mullet.

    Auds at Barking Mad’s last blog post..5 Years Ago Today…

  2. Did you know that Tears for Fears is one of my three favorite bands ever?

    Because of that I’m 1/2 pissed and 1/2 amused out of my mind at this video.

    Maria’s last blog post..Rest Peacefully Gabriel Joshua Wolrab

  3. That is really funny….I like it as much as the A-Ha one! Good stuff!

    Queen of the Mayhem’s last blog post..Sex Talk Surivivor

  4. (Just wanted to add that I almost choked to death laughing so hard when he couldn’t catch the book.)

    Maria’s last blog post..Rest Peacefully Gabriel Joshua Wolrab

  5. That guy is so super talented. His career is going to skyrocket thanks to those videos. Good for him! Thanks for turning me on to this guy.

    Mutha Mae’s last blog post..2

  6. That guy totally looks like Dave Coulier. Laughing tears right now.

    blissfully caffeinated’s last blog post..The Unbearable Lightness of Gymnastics

  7. I always wondered about the monkey in the original and finally forgot about it and went on with life, and now seeing this brings all of it back in a harsh jolt. Thanks for that…

  8. I just happen to be listening to Tears for Fears via a “new wave” tag mix on when I checked my reader, saw you posted something, clicked, and found Tears for Fears on your blog.

    Maybe I should immediately purchase all things Tears for Fears, assuming this was some weird sign.

    Janine’s last blog post..Gosh darnit! Stop with the ghost shows!

  9. I always think of Donnie Darko when I hear that song now. Because I’ve seen Donnie Darko too many times.

    It wasn’t as strictly literal as the “Take on Me” video, and nothing will ever be as hilarious as “I’m gonna kick some ass with my own pipe wrench,” but still pretty damned funny.

    Backpacking Dad’s last blog post..The Brotherhood

  10. OMgosh how freaking hilarious.

    “business in the front…” Glad they included that.

  11. Cool. New frame of reference for my brain to have next time I hear that song in the grocery store. It may prevent me from bludgeoning my head with a can of peaches. Very practical.

    Tracy’s last blog post..The mother-son relationship

  12. Oh yeah! This blog is also business in front and party in back. Totally.

    Where’s your monkey?

    zenmomma’s last blog post..Of rockstars and heroes and men

  13. Who stuck the stick up the blond’s ass??

    At least the Rabbi rocked the drums…

    Tattooed Minivan Mom’s last blog post..SEE! I Can Be Kinda-Sorta Wholesome Too

  14. So the chimp/monkey in the Sox suit blended nicely with tonight’s game, the song further highlighted the age difference between my husband and myself. Lil twit loves to make a freakin’ decade of three years.

    And now I’ll float to the next level…with the monkey.

    amanda’s last blog post..I’m an Ex

  15. If it’s not a real post, than I’m not going to watch it or comment. So there.

    Rhea’s last blog post..The 6th Picture

  16. “(via Steve DeGroof who kicks ass)”

    It’s true. I do kick ass. Metaphorically, of course. Kicking metaphorical ass is a lot less satisfying but it’s less likely to result in a repetitive strain injury. Also, metaphors don’t kick back.

    Steve’s last blog post..“Ingram is Right”

  17. Where is this real post? I have been refreshing every 3 seconds for two hours here, Jenny!

    Carrie’s last blog post..Parent Like a Pothead

  18. Man, I loved that song. And this video was freaking hysterical. 🙂

  19. I love Tears of Fears. Reminds me of my college days. And your “not a post” post is very amusing.

    Renée aka Mekhismom’s last blog post..Captcha says the craziest things

  20. No not as funny but the other non-Dave C. looked a bit like Hugh Grant in the really awful Danielle Steele TV movie. At least I think it was her, maybe it was Judith Krantz?

    Annie’s last blog post..I Didn’t Know Sarah Palin Had a Twin

  21. This is great! Thanks. I can always count on you to brighten my day.

    Wanda’s last blog post..Response to Superhero Photo Challenge: Counter This

  22. Oh my goodness… loved it!

    Jo~Jo’s last blog post..A Perfect Blend of Friendship

  23. Dude, Jon Cryer’s twin rocks!

    shonda’s last blog post..Awesome By Association

  24. “Is that Dave Coulier?” LOVE IT!

    Kylie’s last blog post..My UN Day

  25. This rocked! It’s the most amusing movie I’ve seen at 8am on a Sunday morning!

    Double Agent Girl’s last blog post..Wanted: Mommy

  26. It is really early and I am really tired and that woke me up with a smile, so thanks…

    WHY is there a rabbi and a black guy arguing, anyway? And the Ghostbusters reference about made me pee…

    tracey’s last blog post..Ladies Man….

  27. He has frightening teeth. Watch them. They move independently from the rest of his mouth. Good Monkey, though.

    There’s a reason I forgot this video.

    Kurt’s last blog post..An Open Letter to My Nemesis

  28. omg…that guy was in the bookstore last night singing to me.

    He even asked me to wear those glasses, but I was all like, “Dude. No way. Get lost.”

    However, then he spilled a latte on the new stack of Maureen McCormick books and I had to kick his ass and then we accidentally made out. I guess the singing thing really does work.

  29. Hey Bloggess…thx for the comment and good luck with the Teddy Grahams and Jon Cryer…or…should I say…DUCKIE!?

    Hot Mommas Project’s last blog post..Building a Million Dollar Business Part Time #12: Search Engine Optomization and Link Love

  30. look at the size of that guy’s fucking mouth… i would shat myself if i was up against him in a hot dog eating contest. well, i would venture a guess that most hot dog eating contestants do shat themselves.

    furiousball’s last blog post..for the love of sushi

  31. Wait, the rabbi was playing the drums? Damn. I always miss the symbolism. I love these.

    Lunasea’s last blog post..No on 8, Please

  32. Thank god for the ’80s, am I right? What else would we be laughing about for the next 10 years?

    Probably the ’70s.

    LiteralDan’s last blog post..All the Queen’s bees vs. all the President’s boys

  33. “Do you Like my Mullet? Business in Front, Party in Back”. ROFL!
    I see a gal every day who wears a She-Mullet and I’m always thinking “Oh, Yeah! It’s Business in front, Party in Back. See me on”

    Aunt Evolity’s last blog post..Oh, yeah! I made a promise!

  34. OMG. I was MAD for Tears for Fears. Songs from the Big Chair came out when I was a senior in High School, and I took that album to college and listened to it obsessively. This video brought back major memories!

    And damn, that guy DOES look like Dave Coulier!

    Elizabeth’s last blog post..The falling of Fall

  35. Literal 80’s music videos is my new favorite music video genre.

    I totally had glasses like that librarian and I didn’t even need glasses. True.

    Happy Hour Sue’s last blog post..Groundhog Day

  36. OMG – I just found your blog and YOU ARE EFFING AWESOME!! Thanks for making me laugh so hard I cried a few times while reading through your posts. Your 80s music videos remind me of this one, which is almost too good to be true:

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