I was just watching American Dad and I noticed that Roger had two hot dog buns on a plate even though the sack of buns behind him was still totally full and unopened and I was thinking that I bet the prop guy got his ass chewed out for that one but then I remembered it was a cartoon. 

I have the black plague stomach flu.  When I recover I’ll have a full post on why Disney World is a lie.

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  1. I worked on that episode of American Dad. In the original script, there was another sack of buns, and our writing team came up with some witty dialogue where Roger goes to Francine, “Nice buns, honey.” And Francine answers, “Not that type of sex AGAIN, Roger!” And then Roger replies “I was talking about the hot dog buns, dear.” But the network thought this was inappropriate and dumb, so the re-edited the entire scene, destroying the continuity. Believe me, we all are very embarrassed about the “buns” fiasco, and the confusing plot. You have sharp eyes.

    OK, I made that whole thing up. Never even watched the show. Is it any good?

    Feel better.

    Neil’s last blog post..What Type of Holiday Card Should You Send Me?

  2. He could’ve taken the last buns from the old bag and gotten a new one from the pantry.

    You should really be drinking more fluids, like vodka crans. You won’t get too dehydrated, and you will care far less because you will be asleep and mildly poisoned.

    Tim Thraeryn’s last blog post..Moved!

  3. I can’t believe you have the stomach flu and aren’t puking at the sight of hot dogs (and buns). You must not really be sick.

  4. I am the Continuity Queen. I can pick the detail outta anything. But cartoons. You take the title for cartoons. We should talk.

  5. Hot dogs and buns are just a distraction.Its really a cover for Roger. I bet American Dad Roger and my Naked Garden Slave Roger are the same guy. I mean Hot Dogs? and buns?

    Sounds kinky to me.

    May the plague pass on. But not to me, OK?
    You are the best, even when pukey sick.

    Dana Corey, Spicy Princess’s last blog post..Lelo Nea or Lily

  6. Are you sure the package wasn’t opened? Maybe you were just confused by the age-old 10-hot-dogs-but-only-8-buns conspiracy which made it SEEM like there weren’t any hot dog buns missing from the package. Wait: 8 buns – 2 buns = 6 buns means despite having the plague you’re still ahead, so just cough in my direction and let natural selection run its course.

    Jay’s last blog post..iMilkshake brings battery acid to the face

  7. Back when I lived in Damascus I used to get the stomach flu all the time. It usually struck after a night of hard drinking, which was such a coincidence.

    Not saying that’s what yours is. Not out loud anyway.

    Kylie’s last blog post..Views of Warsaw

  8. I hate stuff like that. It’s actually worse in a cartoon, because many people painstakingly drew and colored that boneheaded error over the course of months, so stick to your guns.

    And get better soon, cause now I can’t wait for the post. I’ve heard plague flu is going around, but I’ve also heard the best medicine is Suck It Up and Deal, so take two of those, stop whining, and get posting.

    Sorry about that outburst… I don’t know what came over me.

    LiteralDan’s last blog post..Telegram from Hellegram

  9. The full hot dog bag was a secret message. Because that show is responsible for communicating with secret agent dads out in the real world.

    I can’t say anymore or they’ll get me…they may already be at my door…

    Rhea’s last blog post..Painting Rocks

  10. You know, I’ve heard from various sources that American Dad is actually better than Family Guy but I just can’t get into it. The inclusion of metrosexual aliens just make me miss my pseudo-intellectual dogs from it’s sister show all the more.

    Also, clearly, you need to replace said prop guy because that kind of attention to detail is needed. Even if it is animated. And there is no prop guy, just a lazy animation team. Yeah.

  11. My art school education tells me you are actually suffering from WestNileRotoAvianBirdFluSARS. To cure it I recommend travelling back in time to 1982 and taking several Extra-Strength Tylenol.

    Spamboy’s last blog post..The Friendly Skies

  12. Funny, as I’m reading this, my family and I are currently on the road to Disney World. I always want to see more posts from you, but this time, I’m asking nicely, please save your Disney World lie post until Saturday when we’re safely on our way back from the Rat’s House? Thanks!

  13. I have the black plague also so I’m feeling very sympathetic toward you right now. I’ve never been so sick in my life, it’s unreal. After 2 hours of sleep Monday night I spent about 18 hours throwing up. In one memorable trip to the bathroom in the middle of the night, I was so dizzy I fell, and then apparently I got confused because I didn’t get up until my boyfriend pointed out that I had fallen. In 36 hours I have eaten 5 saltines. I’m at work today but am basically ok enough to be here, but not ok enough to actually do any work. Feel better…

    Kimmers’s last blog post..Timeline

  14. So, a cartoon alien who sounds like Paul Lynde and is somehow capable of digesting Earth food — that’s perfectly reasonable. But a hotdog bun continuity error — that destroys the suspension of disbelief for you?

    Steve’s last blog post..Roadside Pareidolia

  15. Being a cartoon is no reason for sloppy work. Someday, I would like to be a hologram, and that won’t stop me from paying attention to detail.

    Eagerly awaiting the Disney-lie post. My son is marrying a girl who carries the Disney Gene, hence the wedding in Orlando next month. If it’s all a lie, I need to know before someone makes me wear mother-of-the-groom mouse ears, because I’ve seen them and they are frightening.

    Lori’s last blog post..Tis the Season to be Grinchy

  16. I like rhea’s idea…plus most of this stuff is drawn or at least colored in Korea, right? What is this person in Korea trying to tell us? Good job picking up on that, Jenny!

  17. I have always wanted to video tape all of the spankings and tantrums and arm jerking finger in the face moms and dads that I see in a day at Disney. It’s staggering and heart breaking. Set the whole thing to “When you Wish Upon A Star” or whatever the sweet little sentimental malarkey Disney song is called and turn it into a warning to families the world over that are thinking about plopping down their family savings to stand in line and walk the streets shoulder to shoulder with the angry vacationing mobs.

    Sorry about your guts, don’t puke them out.

    Ryan’s last blog post..Oh Christmas Tree

  18. I was watching National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation the other day (a holiday classic), and I noticed that at the beginning when they are trudging through the snow to find the perfect Christmas tree the daughter is wearing jeans with white leg warmers or something, and then when they find the tree that Clark wants to chop down, she is wearing black snow pants! WTF! How is that possible???

    SassyTwoSocks’s last blog post..Salsaholics Anonymous

  19. Yeah, I haven’t felt the same about Disney World since I found out they didn’t have real pirates, and that Johnny Depp didn’t do his own hair and makeup.

  20. Well, if you get tired of writing the funniest blog posts in the blogworld, you could have a budding career as a ‘corrector of all things incorrect’ for a TV station.

  21. Have you seen the “Special K – Chocolate” cereal commercial. Above and beyond the fact that they’ve named their cereal after a street drug (not that I know, nor am I involved in drugs, especially since that time in Mexico, but I was young and you can’t prove anything and I’ll see you in court before I see those photos on the interweb!), the commercial starts off with a woman watching a child mix some sort of chocolate-y something in a bowl. She goes to lick the bowl, and the camera pulls back to look at her (accusingly, I think, that uppity camera!) through the bottom of the bowl. At this point, both my mom and I yelled, “Hey! Why is the bottom of the bowl totally CLEAN?!” And then we laughed and laughed. And then we “did” some “Special K”. And then I woke up in Mexico, and I still have no idea who “Julio” is, or why his name is tattooed on my butt, but the point of the story is that the bottom of the bowl was clean and you just can’t trust people who name cereal after drugs. Or marketing folks. But mostly the drug thing.

  22. Oh, come on, babe. Just puke it out and get back to life. We need our Bloggess fix!

    (Was that insensitive of me? I’m ever so sorry.)

  23. So I had this hilarious comment written about how hot dogs make me gag (don’t judge, you didn’t read it, really it was awesome) and then I realized that your comment luv thing would link to my last post, which was decidedly less awesome than others I’ve written (hey, they can’t ALL be gems, okay?), so I went back to my blog and published another post with the intention of coming back here and finishing that rad comment of mine, but then I read the second post and realized that it kind of sucked too, so I had a little debate with myself and finally decided screw it, who cares what post your comments section links to, it’s not like anyone else ever actually clicks on those links anyway (at least, not for me)… So I came back here to throw caution to the wind and post that awesome comment, but now I’m here and for the life of me I can’t remember what I was going to say. All I can remember is that it had something to do with gagging on hot dogs and I’m pretty sure there was a “That’s what she said” involved.

    So, whatever.

  24. It’s not you, it’s me. I upgraded to the next version of wordpress and now my blog is fucked. Why is there a checkmark at the bottom of this comment? There’s nothing written beside it but I’m afraid to uncheck it. I’m afraid of my own blog. How embarrassing.

  25. I think I would step away from the checkmark if I were you. Also, I am currently patting myself on the back for being a lazy slob who totally forgot to upgrade. Sloth does have its advantages.

  26. My ex-husband used to notice that stuff in movies all the time and now he’s ruined it for me. I can’t help but think:

    Wait a second, in the last scene that cookie was half eaten and in this scene she hasn’t even taken a bite yet.

    Blows the whole reality for me.

    jessica bern’s last blog post..URBAN AFFAIRS

  27. How you escaped my blogroll for so long is beyond me… And since you’re growing a conscience, don’tcha know that it’s not nice to make a woman who is coming down with a chest cold laugh so hard that she damn-near passes out? Meanie! 😉 And as far as those pesky Make-a-Wish people… let em all hit up Disney on the same damned week, and have the park closed to non-about-to-die people. That’s what I say! Then again, I am cold and ruthless like that…

    Aria’z Ink’s last blog post..Hell Froze Over

  28. You take that down and I’ll never visit again. I’d normally say something like “Someone oughtta blow Disneyworld up,” but in light of current world events that is possibly going further than Mickey shaped willies and Minnie’s giry bits, so I’ll censor myself.

    Braja’s last blog post..

  29. I think you should have given the rest of us an alternative link to the original post. I like to read every which way you mind goes — that’s a big part of your blog, sweetie!

    And just so you know how special you are: You are the first blog I went to on my new MAC BOOK and posted a comment, too!

    tokenblogger’s last blog post..Last night I attended a Ladies Tea…

  30. I obviously got here too late to see the good stuff. I mean, it was all good, but the BAD good stuff. Will you email it to me if I swear to god I have no conscious either? Promise. It DEFINITELY won’t be a problem.

    For Myself’s last blog post..Dear Santa,

  31. Okay so I found your site, how I’m not sure, I went to Google then Map Quest then Houston Chronicle then I got you from somewhere… Hmmm…. so I read the Disney phenomena, I read the vagina vs. vulva dilemma and the zombie with the skeleton head and many more becuase I’m intrigued in your free spirit and your high vocabalury and how you go to and fro from laymen terms to big words (hehehe so I’m not using to much punctuation today – I should according to grammar folks and what not however I need your help – I love your site and I’m trying to get my website up and running and I started it but I need more help becuase I need to sell tamales, can you help me oh yea and tell me please what is your zodiac sign because you are off the charts in fun!!

  32. Oh the continuity!
    I notice that kind of stuff all. the. time.
    Sometimes I can’t hold it in and simply MUST point it out.
    I am then accused of ‘over reacting’.
    The argument gets heated.
    It ends when I am informed I’m ‘giving him chest pains’.
    Now who’s over reacting?

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