What’s *really* weird is that we’ve actually had almost this exact argument. I totally won though by levitating. Victor said it was just “jumping”. Guess what, asshole? It’s pretty much the same thing.

You know when you watch a video and the characters are so much like you that you assume the director must be spying on you from your bushes?  Exactly.  This video is exactly like me and Victor if we were both Victorian Englishmen who were surrounded by camera equipment for some reason.  I’ll let you guess which one I am.  Hint:  I’m the one who isn’t an asshole.

Video via LeftCoastSarah

Comment of the day: I can levitate, but I have to be holding onto something. It’s more like hanging, really.  ~ moooooog35

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  1. “The intellectual confidence to appear stupid sometimes.”

    Yeah, I’ll be using that for my comebacks from now on.

  2. I don’t believe flying and levitating are the same thing at all. Obviously that dude doesn’t know anything. And I can totally hear you having that exact discussion with Victor.
    .-= MidLifeMama´s last blog ..A helping hand =-.

  3. “You’re the thick bastard who has to pretend he knows everything!” oh my god, they were spying in OUR bushes too! This is why I love you. Also, I’m pretty sure I saw you levitate at BlogHer last summer. I’m totally on your side. Even if it’s just the wine talking.
    .-= Kristi of Million Dream Mom´s last blog ..Onions Don’t Make My Girl Cry! =-.

  4. This is every dating relationship I had in college. Then I married someone who kept his smugness to himself, allowing me to delude myself into believing that he doesn’t want to laugh every time I open my mouth.
    Ah, love. Here’s to Victor and his open smugness.
    .-= Catherine´s last blog ..Independence, inter-dependence =-.

  5. That was twat, not twit? I need to work on that pronunciation. If I can get away with calling people twats but leave them thinking “maybe she just said twit?,” I may be able to reduce the number of fistfights I get in at the office ….
    .-= Serial´s last blog ..Vagina Power =-.

  6. “Aaah, “twat.” Such an under used, underappreciated word.”


    the British accent really added a punch to it too…LOVED it

  7. I loved Van Halen’s song off the Album 1984 Called “Levitate”

    I get up, and nothing gets me down.
    You got it tough. Ive seen the toughest around.
    And I know, baby, just how you feel.
    Youve got to roll with the punches to get to whats real
    Oh cant you see me standing here,
    Ive got my back against the record machine
    I aint the worst that youve seen.
    Oh cant you see what I mean ?
    Might as well Levitate, Levitate!
    Might as well Levitate.
    Go ahead, Levitate. Levitate. !
    .-= William´s last blog ..Looking Ahead =-.

  8. i’m so dyslexic that i thought it said “can the Pope levitate” and i didn’t really wanna watch it because i was afraid it would be a religious argument.

    turns out i can’t read well, but can still enjoy comedy.

    so, um, thanks for the chuckle and the glimpse into your life with Victor.

  9. So, you must be that old guy pushing the equipment in the beginning, right?

    Thought so, cause there both assholes. It’s a proven fact only assholes use the word “twat”, like Brian from Queer as Folk with his whole “I’d rather have my tongue glued to a lesbians twat”…see, total asshole.

    And then the other guys all “I won’t be horrible, ask me the question”, like when my ex-girlfriend was all, “No, really, it’s okay if you look at that totally gorgeous girl over there because I know you’re going home with me” and then I looked because I didn’t see some totally gorgeous girl, and then she dumped the container of macaroni and cheese on my head at Golden Coral.
    .-= Uriah´s last blog ..In case you wondered why I’m insane =-.

  10. Has Victor ever *tried* to levitate? Maybe the powers of his mind just aren’t strong enough to make it happen. What about “light as a feather, stiff as a board”? That is *so* a form of levitation…yes, levitation comes in different forms.

  11. TWAT = An acronym for “The Woman’s Awesome Thing”

    Be sure to remind Victor of this meaning if he ever calls you a TWAT.

  12. I love Mitchell and Webb and now linking them to you I will now picture both of them every time you write about a discussion you and Victor have. I’m hoping eventually the two of you will role play the Rude Vicar sketch, be the billiards commentators and/or Helivets.

  13. Little off subject, but last night i had a dream that “moooooog35” was the alias for “Sean William Scott” the actor . Why it was “Sean William Scott” And why i was dreaming about “moooooog35” OR your blog is beyond me. I recently DID get out of the hospital, and have been taking a lot of Vicodin. So that probobly why.
    .-= Crystal´s last blog ..“Of course is dont remember that…I was HIGH!” =-.

  14. Join the bandwagon! “I have the intellectual confidence to appear stupid sometimes” is about to become my facebook status. Love, love, Love. Also, pretty sure I wet my pants a little when I read “can the pope levitate”, so good onya scoutnc!

  15. I’d just like to point out that they’re not Victorian, merely English. I do concede that those are nearly the same thing sometimes, though.

    (They are DRESSED as Victorians, but that’s ’cause they’re taking a break during filming, y’see…)

  16. Hah! — I see the level of self-confidence that is willing to appear stupid and RAISE you the level of self-confidence to appear crazy!

    For real — I have been able to levitate since July 1978 when I learned the TM-Sidhi program, which includes yogic flying, aka levitation. You kind of win because the stages are as follows: sitting there, hopping, floating (staying up for several seconds or longer) and then actual flying.

    Hopping CAN look like jumping except that the debunking is usually done by pitting twenty-something athletes sitting in full lotus position against non-athletes of a variety of ages sitting in full lotus who can rise much higher and travel much farther forward with little or no exertion in comparison to the non-sidha athletes.

    On the course where I learned yogic flying, one of the women was in her 60’s and couldn’t bend her knees comfortably. I saw her lift up several inches and fly forward in hops of two or three feet per hop. I would LOVE to see any athlete hop with their legs straight out in front of them.

    EEG studies show the moment of lift-off correlates with complete synchrony of brainwaves between the brain hemispheres. It is a blissful experience. The purpose of doing it is that the brain functions more coherently afterwards and becomes more and more habituated to staying coherent. Also, more and more of the bliss stays with you in your daily activities.
    .-= Cynthia Yockey, A Conservative Lesbian´s last blog ..Sarah Palin is my beat at Newsreal blog =-.

  17. Holy shit, I’m crying from laughing so hard because that shit is totally TRUE!! You CAN levitate, especially when launching at a sale rack for the last pair of Prada boots on sale in your size on sale at 75% off. Trust me, I know.

  18. OMG I really realllly hope that goes on in your house. That would be amazing. Not to mention hot. Bet u have great sex afterwards.
    .-= Tatyana´s last blog ..Haiti =-.

  19. It’s a fashion industry secret that everyone can levitate but they have to be wearing a cape, like Superman. Everyone would fly, it’s just the fear of looking silly while doing it that keeps them grounded. I think flying capes put the “ion” in “fashion” myself.
    .-= Tara´s last blog ..Making homemade wine =-.

  20. SPEAKING OF. Look up clips of Sir Digby Chicken Caesar with these two. The themesong is somewhat similar to what I imagine yours to be as you gallavant along.

  21. Tell Victor to behave or all your internet friends will astral travel right on over to your bedroom tonight and scare the shit out of him!! (We promise not to scare you!! ) Now where is my silver cord?
    .-= MiddleAgedWomanBlogging´s last blog ..I’m In Love! =-.

  22. YES we can levitate damn it! My kids tell me I “levitate and spin” whilst sleeping. So unfortunately I have no recollection of these episodes, and usually end up bound in the bedclothes like a big burrito. But it scares the shit out of them which is most satisfying. “Defying Gravity” from Wicked could be an appropriate soundtrack for this one!
    .-= Linnnn´s last blog ..Rapid In and Out is not Fast Food, The Tumor Pictures =-.

  23. “… if that makes me a chippy little autodidact in your eyes, then so be it…”

    Thank you, Bloggess,

    Now I can die in peace.

  24. Do I know if you can actually levitate? No.
    Would I absolutely love to watch a video of your first 50 attempts? Hell fucking yeah!!

  25. I, too, love this quote: “I have the intellectual confidence to appear stupid sometimes.”
    This is going to be how I define myself from now on. AWESOME.
    p.s. Let me know when you make t-shirts. Or coffee mugs. But t-shirts would be super awesome.
    .-= submom´s last blog ..WTF Wednesday: Eye? Aye! =-.

  26. Oh man….I levitated once, except it was more like the Exorcist and FYI it was NOT pretty but sorta hawt in that weird creepy kinda way. Damn. Anywayz, errr…what was my point? Oh yeah, that yeah I pretty much believe people can levitate when they are superawesome OR possessed by demons. Either way its pretty hawt.
    Loved that video! xx
    .-= mesina´s last blog ..10 things NOT to buy her for Valentine’s =-.

  27. i can only assume that victorian englishmen havent heard about david blaine. like they dont have tv then during those times. or maybe they have but like with no remote. levitating could sure come in handy when changing the channel. oh and by the way, i so totally didnt get the 12 minutes you twat/twit thing. is that a victorian englishmen thing? or gay couple thing?

  28. I’m afraid, my darling Bloggess, that only Victor can be the true Victorian as you are only one by marriage. But do not despair, dear girl, for you shall always be a Goddéss in my mind …. and every one knows Goddésses can fly!

  29. Uh oh. I think I might be the chippy little autodidact of my relationship. Once, during some sort of “All About the Brady Bunch” show (yes, we watched it, shut up), Lee turned to me and said, “You know, for that era, they really did have a nice house.” He totally thought that was a real house, and not a set. I still make fun of him for it.

    On the other hand, I also have the intellectual confidence to appear stupid sometimes, so I’m pretty sure they cancel each other out.
    .-= Anna/5rottens´s last blog ..But it’s so warm and relaxing in here! =-.

  30. Oh man, I love this show. They keep taking down the youtube clips but if they are up again, you have to search for ‘That Mitchell and Webb Look’. There’s one where a guy can levitate biscuits that is so funny. They are all funny. You will love ‘Touching Cloth.’

  31. can’t watch the video bc at work but without seeing it, i have to remind you of our mutual love of the Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen (and OF COURSE i looked that up, that’s a tricky fucking name to remember on my good days, and here’s his wiki where i got the correct spelling from, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Laurence_Llewelyn-Bowen bc it includes a photo of him — mmmm, dashing). i have to bc i just do. you may have forgotten, for one thing, which makes me heart-sad, and for another, didn’t he get a little pudgy later on?, which i forgive him for bc SHIRT SLEEVES ON TOAST, i like that man’s shirt sleeves.

    i didn’t sleep enough last night.

    p.s. i love you.

    p.s.s. um. yes.

  32. Errr….does twat mean something different to the English? God, I hope it’s like “pants” or “rubbers”…

  33. It makes me allllll kinds of sad that neither you nor the majority of your commenters are aware of the genius that is ‘That Mitchell and Webb Look’.

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