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  1. Damn, I clicked the link and BLOCKED – thwarted by the company firewall.

    I expect HR will show up any minute. It was nice knowing you all. I’ll be living in a cardboard box with no internet as soon as I’m fired.

    Oh, and I WAS going to go to BlogHer. I’m a little nervous – was hoping you’d let me hide under your skirt, clinging to your leg like an anxious toddler. But we’ll see. Might have to eBay my ticket if this HR thing pans out the way I’m anticipating…
    .-= JustLinda´s last blog ..If there is a god, this is how I know he is male. =-.

  2. Hey, wait, I just checked my hotel reservation, and I was already planning to be there on the 5th. The stars are aligning. Next thing you know, I’ll have my own set of Party Rats to wear to the shindig.
    .-= Daddy Scratches´s last blog ..And the winner is… =-.

  3. I have a boner, which is odd, because I have a vagina.

    Don’t worry, I’ll get it checked out before the People’s Party (or maybe not).

  4. OK, OK — I have registered.

    Will there be anxiety pills at the door or should I bring my own??

    (I’m a big baby. Ether that, or those damn girl scouts pounded The Buddy System into me so far I don’t know how to wipe my own ass without it help from a friend.)

    (Wanna be my friend? I’m thinking probably not – not after what I just said, huh?)
    .-= JustLinda´s last blog ..If there is a god, this is how I know he is male. =-.

  5. It’s pronounced “Blog HER”, Lori.

    Also? Men are more than welcome at Blogher. You don’t have to have a vagina to come. But you do have to wear a bikini at the pillow fight. Those are the rules.

  6. I am RSVP’d and I am stoked. I had planned on hiding under my roommates’ skirts to get into parties cuz they’re all big-ish time and I am so very teensy time. But NOW I can just get drunk enough Thursday night that I don’t NEED any other parties.

  7. I have followed the trail and rsvp’d. Terriblt jazzed about my first BlogHer.
    I am already considering wardrobe and shoes…and whether or not my crown and boa is a bit much.
    Generally, I wear them with pj’s and heels but am willing to branch out.
    .-= Amy Mayfield´s last blog ..Never one to miss a party… =-.

  8. I think it speaks to my sheep side that I followed the breadcrumbs even though I am not going to Blogher (or really know what it is (shhh I’m learning (multiple parenthesis in a parenthesis ftw!))). And here I was thinking I was a goat. Leadership fail.
    .-= Ashley B´s last blog ..No More Chains =-.

  9. There is no chance of me being in New York then, unless I win the lottery.
    However, on the very last goal page, the last thing I read in the comments was some girl talking about how she would be there even though she is the worst blogger in the world, and I think you all should target her and hold some intervention that involves helium balloons, whipper cream, and a boston terrier. So I was just giving you a heads up.
    .-= Bridget Callahan´s last blog ..Masonic Temple: Where Good Chairs Go to Die =-.

  10. Blogher pass… Check
    hotel booked… Check
    Tickets to THIS wicked party and 2 others… Mega check
    OMFG! I’m practically going! Holy shit!
    My agoraphobia just needs to let me actually get there and NOT curl up in a ball once I’m there. (this might actually be the year I do something for me)
    Jenny? I may need you to hold my hand ok? Oh god… Say you will?

    Sigh. Neurotica rant over.
    .-= Karen´s last blog ..For Maddie: The Legend of the Birch Tree =-.

  11. Blogess, I have missed you. It has been 3 weeks since my last confession. I have been without a computer and really need to get back into it. In spirit of this I am having a give a way and I would love for you to take part…it’s a pin-up girl contest…

    are you down?

    Insatiablehost – Danon…

  12. the BFF and i totally RSVP’ed. cannot wait. i am so freaking excited about all of it. oh…and when the strange texas girl with f’ed up hair and stupid accent comes and tracks you down with tears in her eyes rambling about how awesome you are and that we really do not live that far from each other and she wants so badly to go drink wine with you and how she has wanted to meet you for EVAH…dont panic.

    it is just me.
    .-= LocoYaya´s last blog ..When Bullying Becomes Deadly =-.

  13. Okay… Consider me the new girl in school. Will someone be my friend and tell me if a newbie to the blogging world would benefit from going to BlogHer in her first year of blogging? Or do I need to wait until I’m developing blogger breasts and coming into my own?

  14. So I am stuck in Iowa, and am just figuring out Blog Her and getting posted there, and then I see this awesome MoFo shit and I am totally the last soccer mom out of the parking lot, AGAIN, because my well documented sextuplets and twins didn’t get into the Suburban fast enough, AGAIN, and there is jelly donut on my track suit, AGAIN, and I’m sacrificing squirrels to the Blog Her goddesses, AGAIN, because I am on the waiting list for Blog Her. *Sniff* (She kicks at imaginary dirt on ground.)

    I want to hide in the bathroom! I want to break bottles of Boones Farm! I want to pick up random babies! I want MY Blog Her cherry popped, damn it!

  15. BlogHer is awesome and I highly recommend it. It’s good for anyone even thinking about blogging. It’s sold out at the moment but you can still get a cocktail pass or go on the waitlist. That said? It’s not the end of the world if you miss it. It’s so big you don’t even meet a 10th of the people who are there. It’s fung but if you can’t get in, hold out for Mom 2.0 next year in New Orleans. (And men are welcome there as well.)

  16. This is going to be my first BlogHer Conference. And I’ll be at your party. Sounds like there’s going to be a bit of a line for the bathroom that has nothing to do with needing to pee.
    .-= Vee´s last blog ..Getting ready for BlogHer ’10 =-.

  17. Hello, I’m back. Just wanted to say yes, you can go if you stand to pee, and yes, you can decide to go 4 days before it starts and find passes and lodging via twitter friends. And, yes, you can find a way into the booked parties. Totally did all of this last year in Chicago. Don’t be a hater or a quitter.
    .-= muskrat´s last blog ..12 months later =-.

  18. I am utterly crushed.:-( I am really crying now. The ONLY reason that I registered for BlogHer LAST YEAR (before I started getting to know my bloggy friends) was because I really really wanted to attend the People’s Party after I read about what happened last year in Chicago. And yes Loser-me here lives in Chicago but didn’t make it. No matter. I can go to NYC just so I can party with you. Then stupido here booked a flight that comes in on Friday morning. Sigh. Well, I hope you are still sober enough after the People’s Party. Actually, for what I want to do to you, you don’t need to be sober.

    .-= subWOW´s last blog ..Let’s be creative! That’s so… BLEEP! =-.

  19. I may just have to start a blog so that I can go to this and stalk you. I have seriously considered writing a blog but I think no one will read it except for my boyfriend’s parents who are very supportive (my parents are supportive but are very busy). And I REALLY don’t think they should know what is on my head.

  20. Just got word that my wait list ticket is NOW available so I am THERE! — I almost won that damn ghost camera too … but I was just outbid, which is all well and good because NOW I need the 500 bucks for the airfare!

    Looking forward to the debauchery.
    .-= Lindsey (aka modchik)´s last blog ..Coming Out Of The Clutter Closet =-.

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