Aw, you guys…

A few days ago my friends at YouData told me that they’d changed up my ad widget so it’d be smaller so I switched it out and this morning I had a message that I had a new ad so I clicked on it, expecting to see the usual tip-jar graphic but instead I saw this:

And that?  That is how you know when your advertisers totally get you.

(Disclosure: YouData isn’t paying me for this plug {nor are they even aware that I’m writing it} but they are some of my very best friends and they regularly bring me beer without judging me when I’m hiding under the table at local social events.  Ad networks and marketers, take note.  *This* is how you do social media.  By enabling agoraphobics and getting them drunk.  *And* by knowing your client and their audience.  But mostly that first one.  But mostly the second one.  They’re both pretty important.)

Comment of the day: Ok…upon first glance I didn’t even notice the picture and thought you were referring to the website link that YouData posted an ad for. And I read that website link as “”.  As in…free…sharts? I laughed out loud, then realized it was actually a picture of you and you weren’t talking about getting free sharts at all. ~ Courtney

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  1. Love it so much!

    I don’t really know how YouData works so I tried to sign up for it one time to find out and it was all “we hate Canada and The Bloggess doesn’t want your colourful money anyway.. especially not with a ‘u’ in it.”

  2. Oh, and I wanted to say that I would never leave adsense. They just “get” me, and their communication skills are awesome. Like, just last month, my ads just suddenly disappeared and no matter how hard I tried, I could not talk to a real person to try and figure out what the hell happened. Not only that, but they are totally reliable for paying me 1.2 cents per month.
    .-= Mary @ Holy Mackerel´s last blog ..New York City!!!!! Where Slut’s Momma Touches A Man’s Chestals =-.

  3. Off to go check my YouData account for ads to watch. I forget too. Thanks for the reminder. I once wrote them a “thanks for being sensitive about special needs” email and it got passed around enough that I got email replies from like 3 different people including some big honcho. ‘Twas impressed!
    .-= KYouell´s last blog ..Meet a New Internet Friend =-.

  4. No offense…but cut out of context like that, it looks like an advertisement for one of those ‘Shit Right’ yogurt things.

    Read The Bloggess – it will make you regular in 14 days.

    .-= EdT.´s last blog ..Doctors – Terrorize Thyselves! =-.

  5. Jenny…you are so fucking funny! I love the red dress…you rock the shit out of it!!!! I tell my friends often that if I were rich I would totally be an agoraphobic….it pains me so to leave my house to come to work everyday….I often go to sleep praying for the stomach bug or swine flu…any excuse to not leave the comfort of the Corner Compound….

    So… Victor scratching his head in disbelief?

  6. Ok…upon first glance, I didn’t even notice the picture and thought you were referring to the website link that YouData posted an ad for. And, I read that website link as “”. As in…free…sharts? I laughed out loud, then realized it was actually a picture of you and you weren’t talking about getting free sharts at all.

  7. Now that is the kind of advertising that would get me hooked. Shame they don’t work outside the US yet – here’s hoping.

  8. I recommend. No rules on content or placement, plus your readers get paid for their time. They don’t have enough ads yet though so you don’t make a ton of money.

  9. May I join the teeming masses who LOVE that photo of you. Seriously, there’s a crazy magic there. I wouldn’t be surprised if you had been possessed by fairies in that moment. On another note: why do your wigs need xanax? Does your head make them that anxious? Or is it the uncertainty of never knowing if they will be the one chosen that day or not? Just wonderin’.
    .-= Varda (the Squashed Mom)´s last blog ..From Autist to Artist =-.

  10. I haven’t gotten an ad from Youdata in months. This depresses me. I need Xan- Ah HA! They’re just trying to sell Xanax. And you’re helping them. For shame, Jenny. For. Shame.

  11. I’m commenting just so I can put in a tiny little plug for my post about my DD’s birthday today ( – because the last post link isn’t working quite right, below 🙂 )

    Oh, and? so I can tell you all over again how much I love that pic. And you. And your blog. And even Victor 😉

    And I’ll totally check out YouData, just on your say-so, Jenny.

  12. I think you should demand that that photo be used for your driver’s license. And, when you win your case, women everywhere will carry you about on their shoulders!

  13. Geesh, I want friends like yours. None of my friends, or family for that matter, enable or get me. I have to go out in the world and go to an office every day, and go on field trips with my son to tidepools, and go grocery shopping without a bottle of wine to get me through. Tell me what you did right.
    .-= Michelle Zive´s last blog ..Family Va-ca =-.

  14. that is totally and completely what I saw as well ‘free sharts’…thats a name they maybe want to rethink?

  15. It’s not for free sharts? I’m not paying for sharts, that’s for damn sure.

  16. you know what else is awesome about social media – your love for YouData and your comment of the day got my YouData spot WAY awesome exposure. And a new marketing campaign idea: ARTS not SHARTS!

  17. I totally thought it was an add for Free Sharts also, until I read the comment of the day. And I found it especially exciting because I just did a Facebook status about sharts. Indeed.
    .-= Radish´s last blog ..Potty Training Update =-.

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