Oh. I just…oh.

True story. Netflix just suggested this movie to me as a “film you’ll love based on your viewing habits”:

I don’t know whether to be proud or insulted.

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  1. If I were you, proud. Definitely proud.

    Becky Mochaface recently posted Thanks.

  2. I have to go with proud! LOL

  3. Well, they clearly understand that you like Oscar-winning productions.

    (That looks like it was made with a Flip with random people from my hometown in Oklahoma.)

    Grey Street Girl recently posted The Long and Winding Road.

  4. Go with proud. It’s still better than the time they suggested I might be a fan of Britney Spears’ Crossroads.

    Bejewell recently posted Me and My Underwear.

  5. I like the name already.

    A Vapid Blonde recently posted Pardon The Interruption.

  6. That depends – how stabby do you feel these days?

    Paul Gillespie recently posted Happy Thanksgiving.

  7. So proud!

    Knowing the shit I watch, Netflix would probably send me “Glitter”.

    bschooled recently posted Riddle me these….

  8. “gobble gobble mother fucker.”

    i am a better person now.

    Kirsten (Results Not Typical Girl) recently posted wtf wednesdays.

  9. That’s either the netflix equivilent to the ugly tie you give your dad on Fathers day, or they really do get you.

  10. Aim for proud. The alternative is insulting.

    Redneck Mommy recently posted My Thanks.

  11. Heh, it recommended that one to me too. It also said I would like “The Pink Panther” (not the real one but the Steve Martin abortion) because I enjoyed Shawn of the Dead. I think there’s a glitch in the suggestometer at Netflix.

  12. What have you been watching?

  13. Consider yourself lucky.

    I had “Happy Hannukahrnivore” as a recommendation from them.

    It’s why I keep the service, really.

    moooooog35 recently posted Motivational Filler - Blackouts and Directions.

  14. When I recently searched for mini greenhouses on Amazon, ‘they’ were certain I would also like the latest Susan Boyle album. ‘People who’ve bought this have also bought Susan Boyle’s latest release.’ REALLY? Really? How many people, exactly? I say seven, MAX.

    Brooke recently posted Hello- Ohio - Personalized Pendant Necklace - 5000.

  15. proud. Especially that they chose such a clever title. Sarcasm is fun.

  16. Scary how they can read you like a book.

    Karl recently posted Movember Day 25- Bag.

  17. Watch it! my husband watches it every year it’s worth it for the turkey rape scene alone . No. Not joking.

  18. I don’t understand how my families home movies got on YouTube. My kids PROMISED me that their little project was a SECRET. I think you should be honored. The dialogue was compelling. It’s a fairly short movie. I’d type more but this damn iPad autocorrect is killing me!

    Lynn MacDonald recently posted In which i discuss regrets.

  19. Definitely proud. I’m proud of you lol

  20. The trailer is totally taking for fucking ever to load in because I live in the woods and my tin cups attached to the power lines down the road by a skein of metallic silver purple yarn is fucked up. In fact, my bad aweful neighbor probably put knots in it. Kind of like crochet, but crochet with bad feelings knitted in.

    A Vapid Blonde recently posted Pardon The Interruption.

  21. Ha! My roommate and I just watched that last night. We weren’t sure if it was supposed to be a horror flick or soft core porn. Looking back, still not sure.

  22. Totally proud!

    Ladylike Pervert recently posted Panty Drop Playlist.

  23. OH.MY. GOD. THAT is fucking awesome. GOBBLE GOBBLE MOTHER FUCKER.

    I said the exact same thing to my mom today.

    A Vapid Blonde recently posted Pardon The Interruption.

  24. Netflix is all knowing. I think you need to do some inner thinking as they may be telling you something. Just sayin’.

    Simple Dude recently posted Pimpin and Wishin.

  25. I didn’t know you could “necromance” something.

  26. I’d guess you could say proud, if your idea of cinematic perfection is an awkward combination of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, The Blair Witch Project, Revenge of the Nerds and The Muppets. Throw in a knockoff Jersey Shore idiot, an unseen but clearly there gratuitous sex scene and a sad attempt at a bird known for only its deliciousness and inability to fly trying to imitate Samuel L. Jackson at the pinnacle of his career and that right there is what you’d call a gold mine.

  27. Also true story in reference to Perckle comment #27 I kissed the sound guy in Blair Witch Project when we were in a play together. So I totally made him famous with my kiss.

    Um…I have had just the right amount of wine to make this awkward.

    A Vapid Blonde recently posted Pardon The Interruption.

  28. Ummmm…. Yeah I’ve got nothing but I will be running around with my new copied slogan of Gobble Gobble Motherfucker!!! Too funny can’t even explain.

  29. Honestly, I think you would need to share your last 20 rentals in order for us to know if it was a good suggestion or not. What *have* you been watching?

  30. How come Netflix doesn’t make such awesome recommendations for us????

    Now you know I have to check and see if it’s available in the “watch instantly” list.

    Colleen recently posted Grace in Small Things - 100.

  31. GAH I hate when trailers give away the ending! Hardly worth watching now *pff*

  32. As long as they didn’t recommend Gigli. Or Battlefield Earth. Or Ishtar. That’s when you worry.

    Betty Fokker recently posted A small break in the whining to give Thanks.

  33. As a result of my purchasing Marina & The Diamonds explosion of bipolar self-loathing The Family Jewels the iTunes “Genius” is recommending me something called “Kiss That Grrrl” by Kate Nash. Which means either Kate Nash is a master of vicious irony or recommendation engines don’t know shit.

  34. Yeah apparently the whole hairspray shooting fire thing doesn’t work anymore. That’s ten minutes of my life I will never get back. Fuck.

  35. haha haha gasp did you see the preview for Gingerdead man? cinematic GOLD.

  36. Definitely proud. That was awesome. I want to drink Wild Turkey and watch this!!

  37. Netflix suggested I would like “Out for Justice” with Steven Segal because I had just received “To Kill a Mockingbird.” Sometimes, Netflix really scares me.

    Amy recently posted In Which Amy Lists What Shes Thankful For.

  38. No joke, my brothers just insisted we watch this on Netflix last week. They were screaming with laughter the entire time. Our six-year-old sister is now traumatized. I continue to find the whole situation hilarious.

    P.S. Thankskilling is also currently being featured on Hulu on the front page. Just spreading the joy around.

    Rachel recently posted The ends of things.

  39. I’m not even gonna click on that vid or YouTube will be recommending (“Because you watched, with rapt attention, Thankskilling”) every slasher upload they have. Besides, “Gobble gobble motherfucker” can’t compete with “I’ve got a mantis in my pantis!” Um, MST3K for the uninitiated.

    Mrs. Bitch recently posted God- I love this guy!.

  40. I actually watched this a couple of months ago and live-tweeted my reactions. Read the tweets at http://bgzguide.blogspot.com/2010/11/thankskilling-live-tweeted-flick.html

    BadGuyZero recently posted THANKSKILLING Live-Tweeted Flick.

  41. I’ll never be able to sit down to a turkey dinner without wanting to say “gobble gobble motherfucker.”

  42. Um, my friends totally watched that today. NOT JOKING.

    Bridget recently posted Seven Things You Should Not Do This Thanksgiving.

  43. Leaning towards proud. Yeah. Definitely proud.

    Alisha recently posted Gobble gobble!.

  44. Its hilariously awful, tonight is our 2nd annual Thankskilling dessert party! 🙂

  45. And I don’t know whether to be mortified or…. mortified that I knew exactly that this was Thankskilling. yup, watched it last year.

    Cat recently posted This is the only post you will get this week .

  46. I am guessing you are a huge “Snakes on a Plane” fan.

    Rico Swaff recently posted A Thanksgiving Tragedy.

  47. The real question is how fast did you order it?

    Masked Mom recently posted More Signs of Aging.

  48. Hahaha yeah they recommended that one for me, so I watched the trailer and was like “seriouslY?” and then watched another trailer where the turkey’s like “Gobble gobble motherfucker” or something and then I was on the fence about the whole thing. It’s not like I wouldn’t watch that movie, it’s just that I can not watch it alone because it’s too ridiculous to not make fun of verbally, you know?

  49. Gah. Why did you do this to me?! I have shit to do in the morning. But you can’t expect me to go to bed now without watching this movie in it’s entirety. Well, if it is half as terriblarious as The Room, it will be worth it. And with a line like: “There’s no such thing as an evil turkey.” I have high hopes.

    Heather recently posted There’s someone in every family who eats double helpings.

  50. A group of friends and I watched that movie on a whim. It’s so bad it’s awesome.

    Best line of the movie: right before the killer turkey kills a kid from the inside out, he sticks his head out of the kid’s stomach and utters, “Gobble gobble, motherfucker.”

  51. My jaw dropped. IQ points vanished. The…the turkey…it said, “Gobble gobble, motherfucker.”…

  52. My favorite part is, “This little baby got torn open by a beak. And not just any beak, a turkey beak.” I might have to get this movie just because that line has hooked me so completely.

    Sarah recently posted Live blogging Thanksgiving.

  53. I saw this trailer a few weeks ago, and I’ve been DYING to watch it (See what I did there?). If you like this, you might also be interested in a few horror films called Black Sheep and the Human Centipede. One of which I’ve seen, and one of which made me want to vomit.

  54. You should see Poultrygeist: Night of the Chicken Dead.

    Maelie Jade recently posted -The Organization Problem-.

  55. I wonder how the vegans feel about this movie….. perhaps it is vegan revenge.

  56. Jenn, you’re far more disturbed than I realized. Personally, I’m relieved. That means I can totally be myself and you won’t find it strange that we gave out copies of this (from Amazon) with our pumpkin pies this year to every member of my family. I’ve always thought that the thing missing from eating pumpkin pie with whipped cream….was laughing hard enough to spew it out your nose. It just makes the pie experience so much richer.

  57. I never realized how many wonderful movies there are that never make it to my neighborhood theater.

    Barbara recently posted So very- very thankful.

  58. Wow, that looks kind of awesome! You watched it right? Because how could you not.

  59. Seeing as I’m at work and they don’t let us watch videos on the internets (whatever) then I’m going to guess and say you should be…proud? Maybe? This is why I will never be “comment of the day”.

    Jax recently posted My Blog Sucks.

  60. There seems to be some confusion here. This is not a horror film. This is not a send-up of a horror film. This is a documentary. I know. I used to raise turkeys. I have been a victim of their feathery nefariousness. Turkeys are stupid and mean and tasty. Three strikes and you’re out!

    Jonah Gibson recently posted Divine Retribution and Karmic Comeuppance.

  61. “There’s no such thing as an evil turkey… There’s no such thing as an evil turkey… There’s NO. SUCH. THING. as an evil turkey…”

    *gobble gobble gobble*

    Happy Thanksgiving! (Oh, and be careful when opening the door.)


    EdT. recently posted Hell’s Kitchen- Week 7- the Tweet-cap.

  62. I’d say they know you pretty well.

    Bodaciousboomer recently posted These dinsosaurs were enormous!.

  63. I totally thought Chris Farley was dead. But here he is, filming shitty movies with a shitty camera about a killer turkey puppet.

    Alternate comment: Why it gotta be an Native American murderous turkey?! Racist.

    Jamie the Very Worst Missionary recently posted Does this verse make me look fat.

  64. 65
    doug richardson

    How the hell did this get by me in the theater?

  65. The leader of North Korea was in a bad slasher film?


    Who knew?

    Lori @ In Pursuit of Martha Points recently posted Black Friday.

  66. lol … what else have you been watching on netflix?!

  67. Wow, I had no idea. And now, I’m traumatized. I don’t know if I’ll be able to make it through dinner tonight without a “Gobble gobble motherfucker” thrown in, and for that, I thank you.

    Dangerboy recently posted Trip Down Nostalgia Street- vol 3.

  68. Wow. That was amazing. I wonder if it’s on par with the movie “Zombie Strippers”. That was quite an experience to watch.

  69. I actually just HAD to look it up in IMDB to see if this was an actual movie….it says it was shot in 11 days. *snort*

  70. Be insulted. Also, if you’re like me, be mad that Netflix is hugely raising their prices at a time when so many people are undergoing economic hardship.


    Shelley recently posted Welcome.

  71. That was hysterical, disturbing, and disgusting. I’m with you on your reaction of “Oh!”

    Helen recently posted HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!!.

  72. It’s a test. It’s the Netflix version of a rat maze.

    kyknoord recently posted Unicorns Don’t forget the unicorns!.

  73. Ha! I wouldn’t know either. :/ That’s really… Um… Odd?

    Jennifer recently posted Thanksgiving.

  74. What was the turkey doing when he said, ‘you just got stuffed’, and to whom? Because I am assuming you watched it, of course. Also, if this turkey was raised from the dead in the 1500’s, shouldn’t its remaining flesh look a lot more decayed? I’m kind of disappointed in the special effects…

  75. Yeah we watched Thanks-killing, kind of hoping for a Bruce Campbell-esque “It’s so horrible it’s epic” kind of deal. The opening scene is a topless pilgrim (played by a porn star) running through the forest. There is attempted raping of turkey, followed by the turkey car jacking his would be rapist by shooting him with a shotgun while making him call his daughter, actual rape BY turkey (With tiny gravy flavored condoms), culminating in him coming back to life after falling into a garbage dump full of nuclear waste, and only being destroyed by being burned at the stake like a witch and having the heroine devour his drumstick. Or is he….?

    Netflix is getting really bad at the whole suggestion thing. I love the Movie “Kinky Boots” and it insisted I watch “Steel Toe”.

  76. Why do I see a hip-hop turkey movie called “You Got Stuffed” in your future?

    SisterMerryHellish recently posted Sponge Theory- Lesson 3- Beware the Opracabra.

  77. I can’t even handle it. Gobble Gobble, Motherfucker!

    andygirl recently posted On White Ribbons and Violence Against Women.

  78. Wow. Just wow. It’s like they can read my mind.

  79. […] this trailer for a movie that probably won’t become a holiday favorite posted by The Bloggess (or @TheBloggess). Jenny not only blogs (with extreme funniness) at The […]

  80. Deffo in the Black Sheep category. And Braindead. Oh and Megashark vs Giant Octopus. Happy Thankskilling, Jenny.

    Mr Farty recently posted X Factor Drops Singing From Show.

  81. So Jenny, what did you and Victor think of the movie? (Please don’t bore us with your denial, just fill us in)

  82. I totally watched this with some of my friends for Halloween this year. Probably the worst (and best) movie I’ve ever seen. I’m glad you’re sharing it with the masses.

    Greer recently posted haul out the holly.

  83. That man certainly knows his science when it comes to beaks.

  84. Okay, SERIOUSLY, what has been in your queueueueueue lately?
    Should we all be concerned, as readers?
    Should we?

    Stephanie and her sort of funny blog recently posted OhMyFreakinGoodness!.

  85. OMG. Thankskilling??? This movie has been recommended to us (for inexplicable reasons) on our Netflix for over a year now. We keep joking that we’ll watch it, but we never did. Love the cover of the movie though, with the crazed turkey. Priceless.

    We also joked about watching Zombie Strippers after Thanksgiving dinner, but went with A Miracle on 31st Street instead.

  86. I’d be scared, not proud or insulted. little bit creep. now as I sign out I will see if wordpress.com fixed my last blog…..as Turkey time and not one of emails.

    Laurie recently posted Discover who likes your posts.

  87. This movie trailer explains why I can’t get an acting gig here in Hollywood. I have talent.

    Suzy recently posted The Stupids Get A Headache.

  88. The only thing that would make it better would be a commentary by Gilbert Gottfried. Proud, definitely.

    Amanda recently posted Parenting revelations.

  89. Gobble gobble, motherfucker.

    Best. Movie. Ever.

  90. Odd. I just got a blog update from a film blog that also suggested this film. I read the title and said to myself “that is the stupidest damn thing I have ever heard of.” Then I watched the trailer. “Gobble, gobble, motherfucker” is brilliant. A talking evil muppet turkey? Not so much. I am trying to figure out why an indian that was wronged by a pilgrim (hello history) somehow created an evil turkey that does not die, can now speak English and who purportedly only has “one thing to say” but says a whole bunch.

    I need to go back and read my history books again.

    Dani recently posted It Wouldnt Be Thanksgiving Unless There Was a Roast.

  91. Hmmm. I feel like if I attempted to write a script for a romantic comedy it would turn out a little like this.

  92. You know whats awesome? Other than Gobble Gobble Motherfucker? Having nothing but a dumb ass picture posted on your own website on Thanksgiving and having comment luv let you know how unprepared you were.

    A Vapid Blonde recently posted Pardon The Interruption.

  93. this movie is INSANE. and the alternate title should be shanksgiving. any movie where the first scene is a naked boob should have an alternate title. that’s like, a law or something.

    jess cota recently posted gobble gobble- people.

  94. at least they’ve given up on you accepting jesus…. that was their last recommendation no?

    angelica recently posted Its official- I lack sufficient vanity.

  95. Oh, come on. Admit it. You made that movie.

    Carrie recently posted Last Day of DI- Part 1.

  96. holy crap awesome. oh my god. gobble gobble motherfucker


    jenny recently posted Check out this handsome pony!.

  97. I just threw up turkey in my mouth a little.

  98. 99

    Proud. That’s been on my list of movies to watch since my housemates and I went through a “really bad horror movie” phase. We’ve already watched “Hellbent”, “Run Bitch Run”, “The Mist”, “Day of the Triffids”, “Crossroads” and “Fugitives Run”.

    I feel like most suggestion mechanisms are designed to recommend to you the stuff that would have the most dust in a video store. Though really, the turkey’s attitude alone would make it worth watching.

  99. it suggested that to me too. I watched it with a bunch of friends. I can’t even say what it’s like but I feel like everyone should see it.

    Ginny recently posted obviously you need a fountain on Thanksgiving.

  100. The movie itself wouldn’t be worth watching, but the trailer was a blast. That kind of a joke-premise doesn’t have the legs to hold up an entire film, but 2 minutes felt right. They showed the whole damn movie in that two minutes anyway; you saw how all of them died and how the last chick standing roasted that bird!

    But Vapid Blonde has a point; laziest. post. ever.

    I know it was a holiday,
    but it kinda feels like a diss,
    when all you have to say,
    is hey ‘yall, look at this

    If I were God recently posted Tips for Life from fetus to five.

  101. I watched this movie on Halloween. Wow. Amazing. All I can say is that it was much more than I imagined.

  102. I couldn’t get past the talking turkey. Holy crap. An evil, talking turkey.


    Wombat Central recently posted All I Want for Christmas.

  103. OMG! I do believe in turkeys, I do believe in turkeys, I do, I do, I DO, I DOOO believe in turkeys!

    TeeeRay recently posted 2 Reasons Why You Should Name Your Vacuum Cleaner.

  104. Ooh, be proud! I would!

    Brahm (alfred lives here) recently posted Winter Driver Mad Libs.

  105. Pathetically, I have no other way of getting in touch unless I email you at the advertising address, but really, what would I do with your appendix in a jar? Not that it isn’t lovely.

    I’m handing out awards tomorrow (Nov. 2) on my blog and your one of the bloggers I’m awarding. I know, I know. It’s ridiculous because you’re a blogging professional, but I was charged with the task of picking my favorite funny bloggers and I’d be a damn liar if I didn’t include you. So, you know, ignore my award because you don’t need it. Just consider it a compliment.

    Nicole (Ninja Mom) recently posted Its news to me.

  106. Sound was unnecessary. I was unable to turn away. Egads.

  107. I watched this movie on Halloween when we had watched everything else worth watching.
    It was probably the most ridiculous movie I’ve ever seen.

    “You just got stuffed”
    “I’m going to kill the cock blocking turkey!”

    Some gems of quotes from the movie.

    I say, be VERY proud.

  108. I bet you ordered it straight away.

    Tell me you are watching it right now, and writing a review.

    Because that would be awesome.

    Jelly recently posted How Facebook made me sniff glue Not really though.

  109. Um commenter #100? I meant my holiday post was lame, couldn’t hold a candle to Gobble Gobble Mother fucker.

    A Vapid Blonde recently posted Pardon The Interruption.

  110. I’d have to vote for proud! FUNNY!

  111. Watched the first scene.

    okay that’s a lie, watched the first second. but my friends and I decided to get totally plastered and then watch it.

  112. I’d vote for both. And I’d love to meet the marketing execs that allowed money to be spent on that 🙂

    Dr. Cynicism recently posted Lesson Plans.

  113. Gobble Gobble Mother Fucker…..that shit is scary. But I would totally be proud if that came up on MY recommendations. Dude.

    Mesina recently posted It’s legal now.

  114. 115

    Netflix recommended Black Sheep; it’s a story about mutant zombie sheep who go mad in New Zealand, and the sheep-a-phobe who must, with his soon-to-be lady-love named “Experience,” twart the plans of his evil brother who started the experiments, and stop the zombie (did I mention they were zombies?) sheep from taking over the world. Netflix was right: I totally loved that shit.

  115. That whole bloodbath could’ve been avoided if they’d just followed a few simple tips for surviving a horror movie.

    1. Don’t be the obnoxious one (or at least not the most obnoxious one)
    2. Don’t be the know-it-all with all the snarky comments
    3. Don’t be curious and go check where that sound is coming from (send Mr Snarky)

    If I were God recently posted Tips for Life ages 6-10.

  116. I’m honestly surprised it wasnt rec’d to us based on my husbands viewing habits. Netflix is definitely presumptive 😉

    Sarah recently posted Memories- Carefully Wrapped.

  117. I have no words other than… Must…. see…. Thankskilling!

    Kelly recently posted Wordless Wednesday - My First Fancy Pumpkin.

  118. filmed in Ohio..yeah we rock like that! haha
    It is so bad but entertainingly so. The wifey and I watched it on Turkey day. I watched it earlier and reviewed it for b movie brigade.
    I’d have to say you should probably be proud. I mean the turkey uses an “extra small…gravy flavored condom”
    hilarious and hilariously bad. Naked Pilgrim is the literal name of the character played by porn star Wanda Lust. lol

    clevelandpoet recently posted The one where I was a cool Jesus.

  119. How is that a real thing? It looks soooooo bad!

  120. Evil turkey in a headlock was the best.
    Gobble gobble motherfucker.

    Jessica Rolin recently posted When guilt overrides the swoon.

  121. This reminded me of a movie my uncle was in called ZOMBEAK! No kidding!!! He plays the big guy in a pink tank top and devil mask.

    Jana recently posted Moving Soon.

  122. “GOBBLE GOBBLE MOTHERFUCKER” – I am so unbelievably happy right now.

    Toni recently posted Obligatory Update Post.

  123. Netflix suggested i watch a movie called ‘Santa’s slay’ first ten minutes were the goriest and most spectacularly disturbing Christmas movie moment of my life.

  124. Have you looked at the IMDB page for this movie? One of the girl’s character names is “Kristen ‘The Good Girl’.” If you look at her profile, she only has one other movie credit where she played “Two-Sexed Freak – Woman”. Oh Lindsey Anderson, you have an enviable career!

    Also, I totally saw that movie on my Netflix and laugh every time I see the cover.

  125. Because of you I added this to my netflix and watched it yesterday. it was fucking AMAZING.

  126. Wow. I think the answer definitely depends on whether or not you added it to your queue!

  127. So I am late to the party with this comment but I am ashamed to say I have seen this. One of the most ridiculous things ever. A group of us watched it as a joke.
    Best parts:

    1)The turkey says “You just got stuffed, bitch,” after banging a girl who did not know it was a turkey banging her. Really? Talk about a hot dog being thrown down a hall way situation.

    2) In the first two minutes of the film, the turkey rips the shirt off a pilgrim (porn star) and says “Nice tits, bitch.”

    3) The turkey kills some chicks dad, cuts off his face and wears it as a mask and the girl can’t tell the difference!

    4) It still had a more original story than Avatar.

  128. I would just like to point out that, apparently, Netflix can tell the future. Little did you know that six months from this post you would buy a giant chicken and make cards that said, “Knock, knock motherfucker” (vs the turkey’s “Gobble, gobble motherfucker”). But Netflix did. And it was preparing you for the future!

  129. If I were as you, I would definitely be proud. It is quite deserve to be proud.

    Anthony Walker recently posted Mildew Resistant Paint.

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