WTF, Spellcheck

Oh, Spellcheck.  This is exactly why no one takes you seriously:

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  1. And I’m sorry…shouldn’t it be “rumpled?”

    Lori @ In Pursuit of Martha Points recently posted Who’s On First in 140 Characters or Less.

  2. No, spell check had it right. Rumple-Foreskin, he’s the new hero of the fairy tales now a days. Sort of like Rumpelstiltskin, but a *little* bit different. If you know what I mean.

    wink wink…

    SuzRocks recently posted 9 Songs To Make You Smile.

  3. I like the suggestion to “learn spelling”. As opposed to “ignore spelling”.
    Is that in general?

    harmzie recently posted 31 Movies.

  4. I refuse to spell my own words.. so life be damned, I will live AND die by spellcheck.

    Interesting, spellcheck is supposed to be SPELL CHECK. That’s just wrong. Maybe I am living a great big lie?


    Simple Dude recently posted Half Assed Weekend - Part 2.

  5. Rumple Foreskin. Is he kind of like the tooth fairy? Like, he’ll leave a dollar under your pillow after a visit to the mohel?

    Chelsie recently posted The Fine Art of Snow Penises- An Exhibition of Modern Sculpture.

  6. See, this is why I love coming here. Where else can I find a good debate on the correct way to write “rumple foreskin”?

    Lynn @ Walking With Scissors recently posted Wholly Inappropriate Humour- The “Things Which Have Rendered my Dad Unconscious” Edition.

  7. Forget the $86.4 million, Jenny.

    Take the rumpled foreskin. They’re worth extra when bargaining with witch doctors.

    highlyirritable recently posted The list of places I’m not welcome just got longer.

  8. That would be an awesome name for a band.

    Elle recently posted Toddler PMS.

  9. The European version of Rumpelstiltskin – don’t knock it till you try it.

    Dana recently posted 30 Days of Truth- Day 10 – Someone I need to let go- aka- the one where I come out.

  10. I suppose a lot of this discussion hinges on whether or not rumple foreskin is a compound modifier or not. Regardless, I really hope you get that $86.4 million.

  11. I’m more interested in the message behind the spellcheck. “Send $86.4 million to my paypal address”. Jenny, are you the mafia??

  12. Or it is just remembering what you usually write and it’s trying to tell you you are a bad bad girl. Oh Jenny, we’re on to you now!

  13. I like how it says “Search in Google” as if Google should be a better spell checker

    Mrs. Mustache recently posted Paging John Connor.

  14. Rumple Foreskin is the gentile midget that helps you spin pubes into gold.

    HeathRobots recently posted My Humps- The Egyptian Remix.

  15. I would be more shocked if:
    A. It wasn’t YOU it was “correcting”
    B. The spell check box wasn’t strategically placed over the 2nd half of .. whatever it is you typed. What did you type?!?! Enquiring minds need to know!! “rumple ….” RUMPLE WHAT!?!?! What were you REALLY trying to say?!? WHAT WAS IIIIIIIITTT?!?!?!?

    *deep breath*

    Ok. I’m good.

    Tracey recently posted I have two pants on!.

  16. Stupid spell check, rumpleforeskin is ONE word, not hyphenated!
    Just ask anyone with a rumpleforeskin.
    Oh the absurdity.

    Steph recently posted Something Strange Happened on My Way to Bed.

  17. Spell check was obviously written by a Gentile.

    lceel recently posted Crap!! Again .

  18. What’s the $84 million for?

    Annadanna (from Canada) recently posted A couple of sad sacks.

  19. Is it a fairy tale character – or the wrinkled remains on the cutting room floor?

    Circumcisers have always been suspicious looking.

    Penbleth recently posted Almost Silent Sunday.

  20. Mostly, I’m with Tracey on this one…. Just really want to know what the rest of the sentence was. Yeah, I’m nosy like that.

    Tamara recently posted I havent left the house in 3 weeks.

  21. Rumple foreskin sounds kinda painful, one less thing for me to worry about.

    Mik recently posted I know who I am.

  22. Back in the day, when I had a “real job,” I used to love the word ‘inconvenience,’ if mistyped, being replaced by the word ‘incontinence’ as suggested by Spell Check. First of all, spelling wise, it’s not even close. Secondly, what a difference to say “Sorry for any trouble this may have caused” versus “Sorry for causing you to lose control of your bowels.”

    Susan recently posted It’s only appropriate cause I’m a Mom.

  23. Rumple-Foreskin sounds like it should be a little lesson-teaching mascot for Jewish boys. Like Hanky the Christmas Poo, only Rumple-Foreskin is a boy’s foreskin that comes to life about ten years after circumcision (provided his parents keep in a jar somewhere, OBVIOUSLY). Rumple-Foreskin sings songs about Jewish tradition and teaches the importance of letting a stranger mutilate your genitals. He’s the most kosher mythological mentor ever!

    Kait (Tampon In A Teacup) recently posted My week in bullet points- January 31-February 6- 2011.

  24. @Lori, I think you mean wrinkled :p

  25. Really? This may even go above and beyond iPhone’s auto correct malfunctions. I now have the desire to go write a children’s book that quietly advocates circumcision. Or maybe it should protest circumcision…did anyone consider that Rumple-Foreskin is a bad guy?

    Jodi recently posted A Sad Day.

  26. What kind of foreskin costs $86 million?

    Karen recently posted Not even a prehistoric fish eating a detached penis could save this piece of shit.

  27. This was short, sweet with a side of hillarious. 🙂 Thanks

    Rebecca recently posted The Uncomfortable Facebook Friend Request.

  28. Rumple-Foreskin is such a dick…

    Brent recently posted Ethans Run Half Marathon - COMPLETE!.

  29. I don’t like that it gives you two options. Which is it, spellcheck?

    Stacey recently posted Every Goodbye.

  30. That’s a porno that’s just begging to be made. I mean…not that I know anything about porn, because I don’t. Ever. In my life. Porn.

    Also, in 2007 there was a band:

    Jessica (Hey Lola) recently posted How to be Married.

  31. What’s “learn spelling” do?

    Thank goodness for urban dictionary because now I know what rumple foreskins are. (Remember that joke about the guy with “Wendy” tattooed on his penis? When erect, it read, “Welcome to Washington, D.C.! Have a nice day!”) I looked up “hyphen” there, too, just to be sure I wasn’t assuming Google’s intention in adding it. You know how Google likes to sneak profound thoughts into our lives. Anyway, I’m glad I did that because it adds a new level of meaning to a flaccid uncircumsized penis with a type of dance which involves a juking or grinding move while holding your hand up high and the other hand smacking the buttocks.

    I always knew that Google was kinky.

    mrtl recently posted Shakes.

  32. Do you think Nancy W. Kappes, paralegal, uses her afterlife powers to fuck with your spell check, just so you know she’s still around?

    Sarah P recently posted Yay! I won the most passive-aggressive award ever!.

  33. Spell Check AND Auto Correct….making me look like an idiot on a Daily Basis….
    It could be that blasted ENTER button, too…..
    Mostly I blame Rice Pudding…for everything….STILL, for no real reason

  34. I think I went to his Bris …

    Betty Fokker recently posted Crouching Titties- Hidden Skinfolds.

  35. Rumple-foreskin . . . isn’t that the married couple we avoid at Open House?

    Suniverse recently posted Its Question Mark Friday!.

  36. If I had $86.4 million, I’d happily send it to you, even though I don’t know what rumple foreskin is. What’s your paypal address?

    Barbara recently posted Sayonara- Sheridan.

  37. what were you originally trying to spell?

    Simone recently posted Go text yourself.

  38. Word suggested that Lakia (a woman i worked with) was really labia. I’m very glad that I caught it

  39. Fuck the foreskin, rumpled or not. Bahaha! *I actually just threw up in my mouth a little.*
    $86.4 million huh? Clearly this stay at home mom gig is the wrong “profession”.

    Johi recently posted and this is why I dont go anywhere.

  40. I NEED the gentile midget that will spin the pubes into gold! I never learned that fairy tale growing up. Damn parents…..

    Dana recently posted Everybodys UPS Guy Recognizes Them Out And About- Right.

  41. Geez, you’d think spell check would grow up already

    Windsor Grace recently posted I was sucked into an art school vortext.

  42. For realz. 🙂

    Marisa recently posted Things that are happening in the world.

  43. I’m very interested in the rest of this email. It sounds like you are writing to the same millionaire prince who keeps sending me letters, and his meddling lackey who thinks my penis isn’t big enough. Given its nonexistence, he’s probably right, but it’s still a sensitive issue for me. Maybe if it were bigger, I’d have my money by now? I think you may be on to something, will you let me know if it works?

  44. What were you trying to spell??

  45. I’m actually more curious as to what you’re writing in that email back there…

  46. See? Computers are mocking us, right now.

    Zoey @ Good Goog recently posted 142-365 Point and Shoot An Adventure.

  47. What did spellcheck make of Angry Thor’s Hammer?

    Your Friendly Neighborhood Stalker.

    Mr Farty recently posted Do As We Say- Not As We Do- Urges UK Government.

  48. Oh goodie! Now I have new nicknames for my uncircumcised brothers to whip out (pun intended) at the next family gathering.

    Elly Lou recently posted I Would Uke Everything I Own for a zombie sock puppet.

  49. spell check and auto correct, I believe they are just someones big idea to make us depending on looking like we can spell, but now they are making it so we look really stupid, without us noticing.. Its all a big computer conspericy… See see what I mean?! They know we know!!!!
    I have just come to rely on computers more then I would like to admit..
    eh either way, this is the stuff that makes my day!

    jessica recently posted Asking For Help- Very Hard For Me.

  50. LOL Then again…maybe spell check really knows you well. 😉

  51. Rumple-foreskin? Ouch. That can’t end well….

    I just discovered by way of a VERY embarrassing text that when you type just the letter ‘A’ my predictive text defaults not to just the word “a” but to ‘asshole.’ That’s a good way to get a guy to ask you out. “Where should we go for dinner, I was thinking asshole Italian place might be nice…”

    He was less than impressed. Maybe his foreskin was rumpled.

    buffi recently posted House Huntersmarital bliss.

  52. Don’t hold your breath for the $$ kiddo. They’ve owed me a paltry $6.42M for 4 years now and I’ve yet to see one thin dime.

  53. Next they might offer you a stuffed one, on a plaque, for your office wall. 🙂

    Momiss recently posted The old bait and switchfeminism revisited.

  54. I have a follower on Twitter named Rumpleforeskin… oh wait, nevermind. It’s Rimpelskinslut. I have nothing to add to this after all.

    Judy Doojie recently posted Poor man’s stain glass.

  55. So who is going to be the one to post a cartoon on their blog of the character Rumple Foreskin? i think it goes something like…the king ordered the young maiden to craft him golden condoms and each night Rumple Foreskin came and made them for her because she could not. The first night he took, in return for his hard work, she gave him her bra, the second her panties, and the third night she had nothing else to give him from beneath her sleeping gown. he asked in return that, when the time came, she would give her his virginity. the king, enamored with the maiden, married her and soon the girl was with child and bore a little boy with a rumpled foreskin. The king, looking down at his own wavy foreskin, realized that there was no way this could be his child and he hunted down Rumple Foreskin, because who other than he had a rumpled foreskin? Entering the cave where Rumple lived, he saw his own wife’s bra and panties strewn about the earthen floor. Red with fury, he stormed back to punish his queen. She sat at her throne and when he spat that she had lied to him, she calmly replied: you were so taken with the golden condoms that you never took them off, so what was I to do but provide you with a child by any means that I could? The king unsheathed his sword and held it skyward, his eyes bloodshot and glaring, the queen held her breath, eyes squeezed shut. With a hard shriek, he brought the sword down with a vengeance…into his own heart. Rumple Foreskin, came out of the shadows, took the hand of the maiden and together, with baby Rumple, they vanished into the night.

    stacebird recently posted Belated.

  56. I don’t think you can blame spell check for this one. I fault all of those people that have mixed up Rumplestilskin with rumpleforeskin and then SAVED it like it was a correct spelling until spell check finally said fuck it, it must be right. This is why robots cannot take over the world, people.

    Dani recently posted Sunday Sweats- Surprise! We Were Burgalarizedor Were We.

  57. Rumpled foreskin- that is what happens when you forget to hang yourself out to dry.

  58. I’m really hoping that you post that e-mail that you were writing – I’m curious as to who you were asking for $86 million and threatening with lawyers??! Please share.

    Lyndsey recently posted How I Discovered My Boob Is A Periscope For My Bladder.

  59. Is this the politically correct way to say someone isn’t circumcised? Like how we call midgets “little people” now? Rumpled foreskin rolls off the lips; it’s the way to apply PC gloss to the uncut men of this world.

    Tara recently posted The road less traveled.

  60. my biggest beef here is with the hyphen. Why would you want a hyphened rumple foreskin….??

    Deidre recently posted I made a cake and Inspector Climate ate it too4-100.

  61. I wish I could see the rest of this email.

    Madelon recently posted Broke as Fuck RECIPE OF THE DAY!.

  62. Might that be the new name for you etsy store?

    Amanda recently posted .

  63. –>Now, will you Please kindly send ME 86.4 million dollars?

    WebSavvyMom recently posted Wordless Wednesday - Go- Dog Go!.

  64. Dammit Jenny! What were you writing?!? No matter how hard I try to peek around that box I still cant get the rest of it.

    Tellllll meeeeeeee! Pllleeeeaaaaaaasssseeeeee!!!!!!!

  65. Was there a Rumple-Bris as well?

    Naturally Alise recently posted Billy Ocean and other randomness….

  66. Gah. I hate to think of what’s coming out of THAT guy’s spinning wheel.

    moooooog35 recently posted Wrapping Up the Week - February 13- 2011.

  67. Ah yes, Rumpleforeskin. If you can guess the name of his VD he will return your virginity.

  68. PS – If you string together all of your comments “Last posts” you have a hell of a story.

    Tanya recently posted Last Minute Free Valentines For Kids!.

  69. Nothing to see here. Move along.

  70. Hahah Learn Spelling was funny! Ive got a bunch of funny things on my site aswell so click my nickname and check it out.

  71. 71

    Just out of curiosity…how many of you have been to: ? It really is a hilarious site. 😉

  72. Better than “cheesy-coated foreskin”… right?



    Okay, just checking.

    StephanieC @ Seriously?? Really? Seriously? recently posted Oscar The Grouch Gets A Poop Slushy.

  73. 73
    Jim, an orygun follower (stalker?)

    You’re a Mac user! Somehow I knew that already.

    No milk out the nose THIS time.

  74. Not gonna lie, this made me take a look at my penis to determine whether or not my foreskin was indeed rumpled. Then I remembered that my foreskin was snipped 30 years ago.

    Too soon? Should we have had a drink first?

    Pablo recently posted Bieber to Break Chamberlain’s Sex Record.

  75. Rumple-foreskin (yes, the hyphenated spelling is the correct one) is the young lad who led/kidnapped all the village’s children by playing the skin flute. Wait…that was the Pied Papsmear. My bad…

    Mrs. P recently posted You are my life now.

  76. Just curious, what do you lawyers think when you call them concerning Rumple Foreskin and other mythical dicks?


    EdT. recently posted Top Chef All-Stars- Arrivederci Ciao Addio.

  77. Well don’t keep us in suspense. What did your lawyer have to say?

    kyknoord recently posted With all its sham- drudgery- and broken dreams- it is still a beautiful world.

  78. God, I hope they make a topical cream for that.

    hoodyhoo recently posted That’s My Dear Sweet Mama!.

  79. Has it slept a long time?

    Lookie Lou, Web TV for Pet Lovers recently posted Funny Pet Video! Dog sings to plush toy for Valentine’s Day.

  80. I used to have one of those, but I found this little Jewish elf creature who turned it into gold.

    the muskrat recently posted thief.

  81. Jenny, don’t have them send all of that money to your PayPal account. Do you have any idea how much of that you’ll have to give up in taxes?! I don’t either, except that it’s a lot.

    Megan recently posted megan-maria- Suck it- @JustinBieber.

  82. Well, well, well look who has dipped their toe into my marketplace… Well, The Bloggess, if that is your real name. I accept your challenge and will lower my prices on photos of my rumpled testicles to a mere $2. I hope you understand the training and preparation in rumpled testicle photography requires.

    Oh, rats and cannonballs, will you look at that? This whole post was about a spellcheck faux pas, not any sort of testicle photography. I am embarrassed yet again at another false alarm over testicle photography. Well, I’ll just backspace over all that part and hit submit. There we go…

    furiousrumpledBalls recently posted Vote for Abbe and I for TMZ’s Perfect Proposal Contest.

  83. Shouldn’t it be ‘rumpled foreskin’ without the hyphen? I heard hyphens were out. Well, that’s what tje copy writer said. Maybe he meant hymens.

    Kernut the Blond recently posted I Joined Matchcom Again I Blame The Cold Medicine.

  84. Mine kept wanting to change dreidel to dreaded.

    AmyBlam recently posted Internets- I hate you.

  85. That is insane/awesome/terrifying. Not to mention, I don’t even think that would need to be hyphenated. Double fail, Spellcheck.

    John B recently posted Childhood Trauma- Part VII - A pox on Valentines.

  86. At least it didn’t suggest rumplemintz.

    latenac recently posted Other Life List Things- Teach The Girl How to Eat Lobster.

  87. Why would the Spellcheck just assume the foreskin is rumpled? How about the clean-lined, smooth, circumcised kind? I smell a bit antisemitism going on if you ask me. Hipster Hitler is probably behind this…

    subWOW recently posted The Antidote to VD.

  88. In answer to your questions, the word I was trying to spell was actually rumpleforeskin. Which Spellcheck still says is not a real word. Here’s the full letter:

  89. 89
    Heather Greywolf

    Today I brew, tomorrow I bake;
    And then the prepuce I will take;
    For no one knows my little game
    That Rumpleforeskin is my name!

  90. Really not interested in finding out what a rumpled foreskin looks like in the Spotlight. What are these people thinking?

    sandrine recently posted Let them bleed.

  91. Is it very wrong that I am turned on right now?

    Susan recently posted .

  92. Actually, I’m equally interested in your email regarding your $86.4 million dollar windfall that you’ll be getting through paypal. *SO* excited for you! I just won one million pounds. *Twice*.

    carolyn recently posted An Interview With - The Bloggess!.

  93. I can only imagine how the tale of Rumpleforeskin differs. That’s going to make one hell of a porn for some aspiring young director. Just sayin’.

    Dangerboy recently posted Brilliance in Advertising.

  94. I am so happy for the link to the letter. I really was going to be tortured with the wondering why, why are we spelling that?

    Angi recently posted Birdseed Bauble Bumble.

  95. oh ok. i thought the 86.4 million had something to do with a botched circumcision.

    pattypunker recently posted voices in my head.

  96. Almost forgot…wanted to wish all of you, rumpled foreskins or not, a very happy Valentine’s Day. This puts a whole new spin on the day for me….and a mental image with which I am not 100% at ease….

    But, when in doubt, simply–Carry on, motherfuckers!

    Susan recently posted .

  97. Seriously … rumpled foreskin is so 70s porn!

    Holly B recently posted If Youre Husband Gave You An Enema- Would You Let Him Know Your Weight.

  98. It’s not all wrong, just a little overly descriptive. Have you ever seen neatly folded foreskin? No, it’s rumpled, ergo…

    It’s right on the nose more than it gets credit for.
    the latest version offers ‘did you intend’ and if you put in ‘ridiculous woman’ it offers ‘Palin’
    Put in ‘psycotic sniper’ and it offers CUPID

    If I were God... recently posted 9 Celebrities who would shoot Cupid on sight.

  99. Spell check is like the friend that constantly makes you second guess yourself, even when you know your right.

    Jessica Rolin recently posted Love overload And viruses too.

  100. …this shit is seriously funny because I was thinking practically the same thing!

    “I can only imagine how the tale of Rumpleforeskin differs. That’s going to make one hell of a porn for some aspiring young director. Just sayin’.”

    Jenn recently posted Thanks for the Holiday…Sorry You Lost Your Head.

  101. Almost as annoying as iPod/Pad/Phone ‘s autocorrect. I try not to use spell check or autocorrect. Probably why no one reads my blog. I probably read like I had a stroke.

    melistress recently posted Anxiety Is.

  102. What does rumple mean? Isn’t that what the Hamburglar used to say? Or did he say, “rabble, rabble, rabble.” Rumple-foreskin could mean something hilarious…..pending on what rumple means.

    Rico Swaff recently posted Follow Up to My Daughter Hasn’t Arrived Yet- but I am Already World’s Dumbest Dad.

  103. Rumpleforeskin. Now there’s a fairytale that does not have a happy ending.

    Alexandra Dare recently posted The Four Stages of Bieber Fever.

  104. Best spellcheck error at work. Big Big Big report for client. Prepared in NY. Emailed to Puerto Rico. PR office runs spellcheck. Says yes to every replace option. Report was on biosolids (wastewater solids aka sludge). Report goes to client. Client calls meeting. At meeting a presentation board is put up with enlarged pages from report. On that page certain words/phrases were circled in RED with ???? next to them.

    Why? Because spellcheck replaced Biosolids with Beastiality. Phrases that were to be “Managing your biosolids can be challenging…” became “Managing your beastiality can be challenging..” Instead of telling our clients how to solve a wastewater issue, we were in a whole other area of the “gutter”.

  105. I would really like to see the rest of that nasty email you were drafting…

    Krista J. recently posted Unidentified Member.

  106. Well, I’m thoroughly enjoying no foreskin over here, so I don’t really care how they spell it….unless it becomes “ruffled foreskin”….then I might be interested.

    Trish@Show and Tell recently posted Show and Tell.

  107. Spell check strikes again!! That’s fantastic.

    Desi recently posted V-Day in the Not-Perfect House.

  108. It’s when spell check doesn’t catch it that can be really funny. We had the maintenance guy at work send out an email to about 20 people apologizing for any incontinence that he may have caused!

  109. Your post is funny, but I think some of the comments are funnier. Wait, I’m a first time commenter. That wasn’t very nice of me. I’m surprised no one brought up circumcision.

  110. Foreskins are highly overrated, rumpled or not.

    Mary @ Holy Mackerel recently posted I am old- and theres nothing more to say.

  111. Rumple Foreskin was the worst fairy tale ever. Especially at the end when you have to say RUMPLE FORESKIN RUMPLE FORESKIN RUMPLE FORESKIN! at the end.

  112. Why doesn’t comment love work for me

  113. Now it is

  114. No it isn’t. Ignore me. I’m obnoxious.

    (You have your blog listed at Is that right? ~ Jenny)

  115. Ugh, the pro-circ/genital mutilation movement wins again.

    E Tu, spell check?

  116. It’s like a porno. A porno I would never, ever watch. Gives a whole new meaning to Fractured Fairy Tale. Ay oh!

    Beesus recently posted HAPPY DAY VALENTINES- WHORES!.

  117. I’d rather be rumpleforeskin than rumplefourballs anyday.
    I lose enough time just scratching two.

    If I Were God... recently posted 9 Celebrities who would shoot Cupid on sight.

  118. When I was in college, I used to joke that I’d start a band called Rumpleforeskin. That or Urethra Franklin.

    Ah, youth.

    Hersteria recently posted I’m Working on a Master’s in Making Out.

  119. What I’d like to know is, what was going on in that email you were typing? 86.4 million? lawyers? And why does stuff like that always happen to you??

  120. It’s like some kind of fairy-tale porn star… Bleugh!

    Jo and the Novelist recently posted My phone thinks that I keep trying to look at porn….

  121. I should stop mentioning porn so much on the internet.

    Jo and the Novelist recently posted My phone thinks that I keep trying to look at porn….

  122. That’s the best porn fairytale name ever. 🙂

    Tershbango recently posted McWeddings.

  123. That should not be allowed. I love that it is.

    Katie recently posted call me ken.

  124. Thanks for the laugh! I needed it :).

  125. I randomly came across this entry and I almost laughed aloud in my class because a) it was funny and b) it reminded me about how my boyfriend calls Rumpelstiltskin from the show Once Upon a Time, Rumpled-Foreskin, which made it even funnier.

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