My deliriously irreverent friend, Noa, supports my xanax addiction and has taught me everything I know about creative profanity.  I heartily recommend.  Go read her front page you will be instantly hooked and/or terribly offended.  Either way, you’re entertained.

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  1. I initially read “deliciously irreverent”, not “deliriously irreverent”, but both work in Noa’s case. Go write a book, Jenny. <3

  2. I just read “I DON’T THINK YOU’RE A BORING WHORE” and I can’t stop laughing. The spiderman graphics made the sale though. Subscribed.

  3. This is unrelated, but how did you get Helvetica Neue Light as your font for your posts? I WOULD FREAKING KILL FOR HELVETICA NEUE LIGHT.

    Blogger lets me have Arial if I really want it but WHO DOES, let’s be honest. Arial is the like the uglier, dumber, but somehow more popular cousin of Helvetica.

    Is it because you don’t have the “” thing?

    I’ve just realized that when you’re up at 2am asking someone with a bajillion followers why her blog has Helvetica Neue Light on it, you ought to seriously consider where your life’s going.

    You don’t have to answer, I guess.

    Anyway, love your blog. Keep it up.

    Brian, your friend from Popcorn Day.

  4. That girl is bat shit crazy. Guano crazy. In the good way. Like in a Helena Bonham Carter kinda way. Not a Mel Gibson kinda way. Look a pony!

  5. I don’t know, my grandma is pretty freaking funny….who am I kidding, I’m still gonna check it out.

  6. Oooooh, she is very very fun. In a sick demented, and totally cool kind of way!

    I want to post my ads on your page, but first I have to figure out how to actually wrangle chupacabras so I can go into business for myself. So it might be a while. . .

  7. I found NOA last week when I Googled ‘funniest active blogs’ and got a list of 10 from someone that I don’t remember because he was nowhere near as funny as the bloggers on his list. I put her in the sidebar list on my blog of blogs I actually read and enjoy. Now my sidebar is full to overflowing with profanity, sexual innuendo and scatological references that are seriously eroding my credibility as a commentator on faith and morals. Not all NOA’s fault, but she isn’t helping any. I’m pretty sure that I am going to have to come up with some kind of warning flag to keep my nieces and nephews from reading my shit now. Double lives suck eggs.

  8. Thank you for adding ads to your blog. They make procrastination so much better, and whenever I find a new awesome blog, it makes me slightly less sad that this blog does not have something new every time I click on it. Which would be pretty impossible. You do a stellar job. Thank you.

  9. Thank you Noa for teaching thebloggess about creative profanity. It entertains me everyday!

  10. Your blog friends are awesome. I want to stalk them and be besties.

  11. Reading Noa’s blog has inspired me to start a Hooker-of-the-month gift package and now I can’t figure out who to send it to. But I think she’s one of my new favorite people. I am very glad she paid you to put her here because now I have another awesome blog to read when I don’t want to do the stuff I should be doing.

  12. Given your recommendations and the agreement above, I would love to read Noa’s website. Is it only me that sees it as a black background with nearly black writing? I’ll I’m getting is a blur, headings, and some amusing pictures of Bill Nye. And a vase made of boobies, which made the visit worth it even if it’s my last.

  13. Double lives suck eggs. Subscribed. I found NOA last week when I Googled ‘funniest active blogs’ and got a list of 10 from someone that I don’t remember because he was nowhere near as funny as the bloggers on his list. I am laughing.

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