Just ignore me while I geek out

Unless you’re my mother (or someone who’s as geeky as I am) you can just ignore this post.  Honestly.  Unless you know what a graphic novel is you should just come back tomorrow.

All the normal people out of the room?  Good.  Because I’m about to geek out, because I’m in a comic book.  And granted, it’s a comic book made by two guys who I love, and no one really knows about it, and it’s made in Europe, and I’m not getting paid for it or anything, but still? I’m in a comic book. Well, on the back cover of a comic book, technically.  You know what?  I’m going to stop talking about it because it’s taking away the magic of me being in a comic book.  But if I had a life list?  This would be on it.

It's not that fuzzy in real life. I'm just not good at photography.

Also, James Garfield and Victor are in it.  Awesome.  You should buy one.  Unless you’re my mom, in which case I already have one for you.  The comic is called Taroch & Short and (aside from the back cover) it’s a darkly beautiful and disturbing tale that you really should read.

I don’t really have a funny way to end this.  I apologize.  I’m a little drunk and easily excited.

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  1. OH MY GOD! The writing at the bottom is SO you! This is insane and awesome and all sorts of other amazing adjectives I can not think of right now!

  2. As someone who watched your xtranormal video about 92 times and made others watch with me I am also excited that you are in a comic. You should curb your enthusiasm not one bit.

  3. That is incredibly, awesomely wonderfully geeky! Now I have another thing to add to my life’s list (not that I have one).

  4. I wanna be in a comic book! Is it weird that I sorta want to be a female superhero with outrageously big boobs and a cutout window in my costume to display said breasts as prominently as possible?

    Yeah. I sorta figured.

  5. That’s fabulous!

    It’s a little different when you’re drawing a comic and using yourself and hapless bystanders as characters, but having somebody else do it for you is really sweet. And did I mention it’s awesome?

  6. Jenny………..you’re a CARTOON..?!?!!?!?!

    I smell Action Figure !!!!

    Bazooka wrapper …!!!

    Crackerjacks insert….!!!

    Bathroom stall graffiti ….!!!! Ohhhhh,….that one’s probably already covered.

    I smell success ….!!!!!! or something. Might be the cat.

  7. Are you kidding me? I would totally geek out too!!! And be drunk! (Which hopefully I will be after I polish off this bottle of wine.)

    Do you have any superpowers? Like shapeshifting, or laser blasts from the eyes, or the ability to merge two beings into a single being which would result in the creation of a completely new being with double the alcohol tolerance?

    If it was me I’d probably pick shapeshifting. (Only because I pride myself on being a cheap drunk.)

  8. Someone drew me as a comic once…or so I thought. Turned out to be a wanted poster hanging in the post office. That’s when I shaved my beard…and head.

  9. I want to see the episode about the camera who was victimized by a ghost comicized – how effing cool Jen!

  10. Congrats…serious life achievement and testament to the native intelligence and impeccable taste taste of the guys who conceptualized, penciled, inked, and scripted this comic.

  11. Even without sleep you are impressive. Man. And it doesn’t matter if the photo is blurry because we all read that post. 😀

  12. OMFG. I love that they illustrated you with your curlers in. As a woman whose mother used to force her to sleep in sponge curlers EVERY Saturday night for church, you are my new hero. Those things are fucking horrible. And really, sausage curls don’t look good on anyone, even small Catholic girls who get kicked out of Catechism for calling the Virgin Mary a liar.

  13. I think these guys are just trying to your pants! I could be wrong but I see them in the corner fighting over corderoys!

  14. OH MY GOD. That is SO SO COOL.

    I am putting ‘be in a comic’ on my life list now. See? You’re helping people.

  15. I’m jealous as hell. My best friend (and roommate of 3 years) from college WRITES comic books and I’ve never appeared in one.

  16. Officially jealous now. Yes, I’m as green as Spock’s blood. That is probably one of the coolest things EVER.

  17. I am jealous. You should totally scan that shit in so we can all read it. I could only make out the bottom part and I assume the rest is equally hilarious. Are they making a full The Bloggess comic? Because they should. I’d buy that.

  18. W00t!! That is completely fabulous! I hope there is a whole series coming. Your friends are full of awesome. Enjoy, enjoy.

    P.S. Perhaps all the booze you’ve consumed to celebrate will finally allow you to get some sleep. Fingers crossed.

  19. Okay, maybe I need to revise my life list. Because I already have write & draw a graphic novel. Also get all the cartoons in my head out on to paper. But I didn’t have BE IN a graphic novel. ::facepalm::

    This is sooooo cool. Congrats to you, Victor & James Garfield.

  20. Holy. Fucking. Shit. That is so badass. Between this and your close personal collating relationship with WW, the king of the interwebs, pretty sure this makes you Queen of the geeks. Which means by feudal law, you now own the rights to all my lands and I am required to purchase said comic. Well played.

  21. I actually *do* have a life list and I am totally adding this to it.

    Also, ahhhh… graphic novels. Sin City. Sandman. It’s been so many years. (I totally feel like a geek now.)

  22. While you are appearing in a comic book, I am being stalked by a retarded troll who thinks “idiot” is a four letter word. I feel so connected to you and I’m pretty sure we’re on the same path. High five!

  23. I’m pretty sure you’ve just stolen my dream.

    I was in a comic book once… Granted it never got sold… Or seen by anyone that hadn’t made it… Which was me.

  24. Jenny’s in a comic! And, it isn’t a hentai!

    Night Squirrels. Totally worse than zombies.

    The only thing worse? Zombie Night Squirrels.


  25. Several things come to mind.

    First, not geeky at all. (Of course this comes from a girl whose full school name ended with School for the Intellectually Gifted…)

    Second, you’ve been in a comic book. That means you can now be a guest at all the Comic Cons there are.

    Third, being a guest at a Comic Con means you will get to spend time with Wil Wheaton. You should make sure you all are always seated next to each other so that we can get pics of you with him while he collates pictures of himself collating papers.

    Forth, we now know that your insomnia is all the fault of those damn night squirrels.

  26. Seeing as how they’re making movies out of all the comic books, it’s fitting there should be a “The Bloggess” movie soon, right? Question is who would play you?

    I want these guys to make you your own book, though, not just the back of another one. And I’m waiting for the “Bloggess vs. William Shatner” episode.

  27. Congratulations! Fantastic!

    Saw this and thought of you. Firstly, why they gotta hate on Fillion? Secondly, I think it’s awesome that he even knows what a photobomb is. I went through the first 35 years of my life not knowing that, but then I’m not very observant generally. My favorite photo is the last one, behind the guy with the wood. Sounds dirty, isn’t.


    Happy weekend, Jenny! And again, congrats!

  28. There is nuthin’ geeky about comic books! Now if you’d written that you were going to featured on a series of airbrushed extra-large t-shirts holding a litter of kittens, there would be reason for concern…

  29. I want to be in a comic/graphic novel! Is that how one knows that they’ve ‘made it’? Will you now be at Comic Con? Can people now dress up like the Bloggess at Comic Con?

  30. Woot! I think that is really cool. Of course, I think Knights of the Dinner Table are really funny, so I am not sure my opinion counts.

  31. Congratulations!!! Now that you have been featured on the back of the comic, the next logical step is a The Bloggess graphic novel? Right? Right??? Right. Not only would it be super cool but when I try to explain the awesomeness and hilarity of your blog to someone and some eavesdropper says “Ugh, you read blogs. Do people still do that?” I can totally smack them in the face with your graphic novel.

  32. shit, being on a comic book just got on my not-yet-written life list. thanks a lot… can I get in contact with your european friends?

    PS that totally rocks

  33. You are a cartoon…
    You are in a comic?
    YOU ARE IN A COMIC!!!!!!
    That is so ffin fantastic!
    Congrats to-the-umpteenth-degree!!
    But I can’t read it… I WANNA READ IT!!!
    Ah, mousebert left a link: forever grateful!
    …still want to see the actual page though… please, could you scan and post! Please please PLEASE!!
    Waiting for the sequel as well… so exciting!
    Well done!

  34. Do we HAVE to ignore you? Can’t we all geek out together? Hell, we should be having a party celebrating this complete with all geekary. And we are going to say Mother. Fucker. A lot.

  35. Where in Europe?

    I don’t like comic books, but my (adorable) geeky French husband has the entire Mad Magazine collection, and the Lucky Luc, and …

  36. i’m just as excited for JAMES GARFIELD as i am for you. is that wrong? i should probably be excited for VICTOR, as well, i know, but let’s face it, VICTOR is probably tired of all this attention and wishes we’d all just go geek and squeal and throw our bags of pot at someone else already. And now he’s IMMORTALIZED on a European comic. But more importantly, YOU and JAMES GARFIELD have crossed the shores in print. As a graphic novel! I just knew amazing things would happen when you went back and retrieved that WARTHOG. He truly is the WARTHOG MAGIC FAIRY.

  37. I am so amazed….and jealous…and eager to read it….and jealous….

    I’m going to go cry into my martini now, since I’ll never be cool enough to be in a comic.


  38. Even though I didn’t leave the room when you said ‘graphic novel’…I still think this is awesome for you! Congratulations, Jenny!

  39. That is totally wicked cool! I think it would be a riot to have it in the states so that everyone can know your awesomeness!!


  40. They got both you and James Garfield into the comic and it didn’t spontaneously combust? I didn’t think one page could handle that much awesome.

  41. I’m not even a comic book fan and I think that’s AWESOME! Go you!

    PS I’m still haunted by the idea of a waterbed for cats…

  42. I’ve always said I want to be the subject of a journal article about strange medical conditions (don’t ask), but now that I’ve seen this, I want to be comic book more.

    p.s.You really ought to be given royalties, though. Just sayin’.

  43. DUDE. That is so awesome! I wanna be in a comic! I suspect that in order for me to be in comic, I’ll have to write, draw and publish it. Congrats on being in a comic without having to be the creator! Because it’s so much more legit that way. That’s you all over – too legit to quit.

  44. I bought one. I hope they don’t base their next run on the sales of this one, because the next (blogess-less) issue is going to totally underwhelm them with sales.

    Just saying..

  45. So…did they decide to do this, or is there a website where you can write in and get your shit into a comic book? Because I would be way into that. They seem to have you down pat, too. Very nice.

  46. If I had a super power it would be the ability to smack people upside the head to make them stop being idiots. Change a bigot’s worldview? SMACK! Stop someone from mouthing off? SMACK! I would have to make special trips to all the world leaders to give them smacks.
    Your superpower is awesomeness and the ability to get drawn in comic books. Congrats 🙂 That’s super awesome.

  47. “I don’t really have a funny way to end this. I apologize. I’m a little drunk and easily excited.”

    So in other words, it’s Friday?

    Congrats on the comic book. Totally cool!

  48. Congratulations! That is soooo awesome! As a fellow geek who LOVES graphic novels, I totally understand your excitement. EMBRACE your geekiness! Revel in it! Be one with the force! 😀

  49. Srsly. I’m 50 and I own tons of graphic novels. Including all of the Walking Dead. Way cool, Jenny.

  50. Hey guys. I am the writer on Taroch. It was a pleasure to bring Jenny into our comic book. I have been a huge fan of hers for years. The comic will be 12 issues, published quarterly with a main story running through all 12, a one off back up strip in every issue and then a 1 page Bloggess strip in each too. We self publish in the UK with a few stockists in London and plans to distribute more widely. We also sell across the world on our website http://www.tarochcomic.com

    Let’s face it though, this is only a small step on Jenny’s path to total world domination. I for one welcome our future Queen…

  51. Guess what came in the mail today? I’d post a pic if I could figure out how to do it. Love comic Jenny!!

  52. You don’t have to be a geek to enjoy comic book. Right? I mean right? I’m not a geek or anything. I mean… Oh shit…

  53. Totally off topic, but I am so bummed-I stumbled upon your blog last week and i have been working my way back through the archives (after I figured out how to find the archives, because I must be blog impaired…but I don’t know if it’s chronic, b/c your is the first I’ve read…sad I know) and now I’ve gotten back at the beginning. I love your humor, your honesty and your slightly slanted outlook. I’m definitely introducing my friends to you-you’d fit right in with us. Hope Victor’s arm is better, my son broke both his arms 4 weeks ago so I can empathize. I’ll pray you don’t actually go all stabby on him (I love that word-it sounds so happy even in context)

  54. Ok-clarification…I’m bummed that I’ve run out of blog entries to read, not that I found your blog. Its 3 in the morning so my fingers aren’t actually listening to my brain.

  55. THAT is beyond fucking awesome. A total dream come true. A life list item I wouldn’t have even thought of but now know it must be on there! Congrats.
    Excellent, hysterical blog. Thank you.

  56. That’s like getting to eat chocolate cake for breakfast. That is SO SO COOL. I’m not a geek or anything. i’m just as excited for JAMES GARFIELD as i am for you.

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