I kind of want to make this into a t-shirt

I don’t get many negative comments, but the ones that I do get are so hysterical that I always suspect that people are leaving them on purpose just to cheer me up.

For example, I just got a comment a few minutes ago saying that I deserve to be angrily divorced for buying a giant metal chicken (which is not an entirely invalid argument), but the guy ended his rant with…

“when your wrong, your wrong.”


I can’t even stop giggling, you guys.

Updated:  As requested, t-shirts.

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  1. hahahahhahahaha the sad part is so many people wouldn’t even get it.

    Stephanie recently posted IBAM Online.

  2. Tshirt, please.

    Lori recently posted Stop Worrying.

  3. Well, when your rite, your rite.

    Backpacking Dad recently posted Heckler.

  4. I don’t have any idea what the hell to say or think about this. But I thought it was cool to be the first one to respond.

  5. holy fucking hell!! That is hilarious. And if you tried to explain…he wouldn’t get it..which is even more funny. Perhaps he should stick with ‘ur’

  6. thank you for the giggle share!

  7. Very nice. “Their” dum.

    It said “0” Comments!! WTF?

  9. We need a T-shirt. Or bumper sticker. And THAT guy needs to have it tattooed on his forehead.

    Corinne recently posted I'm going to Panama in January, and need your help!.

  10. BWAHAHA! Ok, just printed this out for daily giggles, thanks.

  11. HA HA! LOVE IT! That is hilarious!

    I love my 5 foot metal chicken. Love me. Love my chicken.

    Cheryl recently posted Everything I learned about painting I learned from Bob Burridge - Intentions & Journaling.

  12. Damn straight it’s my wrong!

  13. I need that on a beer mug.

  14. The first step is admitting your having a problem!

  15. hahahahah I’d get it. Along with the mini Beyonce I am about to order. Viva la Madness!

    Nikki recently posted Man, I love college.

  16. The copy editor in my loves you so hard right now. I would definitely consider buying a shirt that said this.

    Misty @ The Family Math recently posted Thinner Thursdays: Starting again.

  17. Dammit, Burns, you stole my line.

    avasmommy recently posted On Personal Blogging.

  18. I would like that as a bumper sticker. I’d put it on my laptop. It would make class debates infinitely more interesting.

    (T-shirt works too.)

    Emmy recently posted This is where I've been all summer..

  19. I would buy that shirt!

    I don’t understand what the problem is with the metal chicken – reading that post brightened my day for a whole week….though I still need to buy towels.

  20. I will totally buy this t-shirt.

  21. (*snorfle!*) If you’re wrong, he’s, um, wronger. 😉

    Lori Whitwam recently posted Final Countdown.

  22. :snort: Man, I love those kind of errors. It completely nullifies the impact of whatever statement is being made. I’d totally buy that shirt, except that, as a professional editor, I’d cry every time someone didn’t get it.

  23. Sometimes you feel like a nut.

    Sometimes, your wrong.

    (that guy’s nuttier than a bag of almond joys.)

    Jordan @ food, sweat, and beers recently posted Foothills Brewing + City Beverage: Winston Salem Beer Scene.

  24. What’s you’re deal, lady? They’re are a lot of nice people in the world, but your not one of them.

    (Man, it’s a lot harder to come up with sentences that have your/you’re they’re/their/there than I thought. Too bad I give up on things easily.)

    Veronica recently posted Strangeness in My Twitter-verse (it's a word).

  25. haha! A giant rooster is grounds for a diamond effing ring! Get it right rude spammer!

  26. Great. Now I’m laughing hysterically in a coffee shop.

    There goes my “I’m on a lap top drinking a skinny, half-pump vanilla latte” preteniousness.

    Thanks a lot.

    AndreaClaire recently posted Shoot for the Moon. Earth's Gravitational Pull Will Prevent You From Obtaining Orbit But Maybe You'll Land Somewhere Interesting..

  27. I dont no what to right. Their just isnt anything I could say that wood make that funnyer.

    Annadanna (from Canada) recently posted I'm a guest poster!.

  28. PLEEEEEEEAAAAAAAASSSSSSSSEEEEEEEEEE make this a t-shirt! I’ll buy 5!!!

  29. That is two funny. You should right him back and tell him how write he is. 😉

  30. When I’m wrong, I own it!

  31. 31
    Dustin Mueller

    There crazy. Ewe dew knot knead two bee upset.

  32. I’d buy one, and wear it proudly. You might add the chicken somewhere too.

    Jamie (tr0ubs) recently posted Wordless Wednesday (with words).

  33. sew wrong

    William recently posted Mr. Moyer.

  34. No wonder he’s angry. He probably just got fired from Old Navy.


    Ken Wheaton recently posted Oh No Katydidn’t!.

  35. I’m just happy to see people are still getting all crazed over your chicken antics. I mean you’re. Or yore. Yor.

    Craftwhack recently posted A Little Haiku.

  36. There’s double entendra funny going on in that brief fragment…

  37. I can definitely see good marketing value with that, for sure.
    But then again, I’m a t-shirt whore.

    Lady Estrogen recently posted Cock-A-Doodle...Purple.

  38. Please do it! Sign it “Love, the Idiot’s”

  39. This is the awesomest thing I’ve read all day. Really cheered me up too!

    Erik recently posted Story a Week 27 - Thaw Deal.

  40. Make it so. Now.

    Lewy recently posted It's me!.

  41. snort. what a douche. Even my husband goes “knock, knock mother fucker” every once in awhile. lol

  42. Hahaha. I would wear that shirt. With pride.

    People like that make the world more interesting for the rest of us.

    Domestic Debbie recently posted General Public Dressing.

  43. Well, whose wrong is it then?

    Lynne recently posted But I Have Cooler Slippers..

  44. Can we read the rant? I’d really like to read the rant, especially if it’s full of apostrophe crimes…..

    Erin recently posted Muppet Thor!.

  45. hahahaha…OK…that is precious. Really, really precious.

    Elisabeth recently posted Friday Five.

  46. AND he needs grammar lessons. So maybe some edits in purple (because red might hurt his feelings) on the T-shirt. I’ll take mine in an extra large. Black, please 🙂

    kellypea recently posted Slow Cooked Beef Short Ribs for BBQ Sliders.

  47. OMG That post was the funniest EVER! Still laugh just thinking about it. My husband thought it was funny too. No divorce here. Guess that guy just didn’t have a sense of humor.

  48. HAHAHA HAHAHA! So awesome. I’d wear that t-shirt.

    Heather recently posted Friday’s Five Books: Recommendations From Sunset Brown of Homegrowne….

  49. I sure hope you learned you’re lesson.

    I don’t know where some people get the nerve. Some marriages are barely holding together by the power of a giant metal chicken. And yet yours flourishes in spite of this.

    Rev. Back It On Up 13 recently posted Captain Bananaloaf.

  50. I’m sorry…it was my understanding you deserved to be elected President of the United States And Also The World if you do what you did in giving Beyonce a loving home…

  51. Damn, I wish I was married to that guy. Just to find Beyonce’s body in the pool and her head in the bed. And if I did wake up and he and his stuff were gone? PARTY.

  52. Their just jealous that your a fabulous blogger!

    My English-teacher cousin would love the t-shirt, so I’d totally buy one too.

  53. If you have an angry divorce you are more than welcome to marry me!!!

  54. Complete perfection twinged with just a touch of sadness that he probably has no idea! I have to go with the beer mug logo, fits in all the right ways!

    Jeane recently posted Friday favorites: A cadaver is just a cadaver unless it is a zombie!.

  55. Do eeeet! Make that shit available for purchase ASAP!

    Lex recently posted Random Tuesday Thoughts Vol. 42 -- Why won't Munchkin sleep?!!?.

  56. had to post this on my girl friend’s FB wall. She just got a metal chicken…

  57. I dunno. Butt I’d shur love too ware it ~ on a wife beader tea.

  58. This is about six different kinds of awesome.

  59. A ding dang dong, when your wrong your wrong.
    oh wholly knight, that boy ain’t wright!

  60. was it Victor who left the comment?

    Taren recently posted I might as well buy Depends now!!.

  61. GROAN

    EG recently posted In Motion.

  62. I would wear that shirt. For reals. Best tshirt idea I’ve seen in ages!


  63. Truer words have ne’er been written.

    Gretchen @ Honey, I Shrunk the Gretchen! recently posted Got Merch? (Giveaway!).

  64. I would totally bye that shirt!

  65. Please, please, please do this!!!

  66. Yes…. there should be a T-shirt. I’d totally buy that.

  67. Yes, it did take me a couple of reads to get it. I are normaly more smarter then this.

    Also, T-SHIRT, T-SHIRT, T-SHIRT!?!

  68. All true wisdom is found on T-shirts.

    Smooth recently posted My rig.

  69. Ahahaha do it!! That would be an amazing shirt!!

  70. Ow! My brain!

  71. I would so buy this t-shirt!

  72. I think this commenter was heavily influenced by Jerry Orbach at the end of Dirty Dancing: “When I’m wrong, I say I’m wrong.” Except in this scenario the commenter is Baby and you’re Jerry Orbach but Baby stole your line and flubbed it, too. Ok, that comparison got away from me.

  73. Whell, you shud admint wen your wrong you no.

  74. Reminds me of when a worker quit by writing a note that said “I quiet.”
    He was quiet…after he quit.

  75. Would wear with pride…

  76. t-shirt, t-shirt, T-shirt, T-Shirt, T-SHIRT, T-SHIRT!!!!

  77. LOVE IT! Reminds me of the time we were following a pickup truck on the highway with a piece of plywood bungee corded to the bed. In giant spray paint letters it said, “If you don’t vote, don’t complane.”

    DH looked at me and said, “That’s why this country’s going to hell in a handbasket. He’s the one voting!”

    Jen recently posted Hosting the WannaBees.

  78. I thought it was sweet and considerate of you to buy him that chicken.

  79. Awww. Bless his heart. Good thing he set you and your chicken strait.

    lisahgolden recently posted Shift into freewheeling and let them follow.

  80. yeah, a lot of people are sitting as I type, going “WTF? WTF is she laughing at?” NO CLUE

    Gina recently posted What a waste of time & A BeeKeeper's Quilt.

  81. How do I order one?

  82. It’s all about perspective. Like, who’s wrong here? If Victor hadn’t been a weenie about buying new towels Beyonce wouldn’t be an issue. Personally, I’m glad he said no to the towels because Beyonce reminds me of all that is good in the world. And, she’s a teaching tool.

    And can the shirt say, “when you’re wrong, you’re wrong, muthafuckahhhhh” ?

    kim recently posted freedom.

  83. Your my favorite blogger.

    He’s probably not married, because bad grammar is downright unattractive.

  84. along the same line “@SethMacFarlane: RT @AlexShowfield: Most said line in Family Guy “oh my god, your right!” @SethMacFarlane / This may be accurate. (Without the misspelling)”

  85. Why do I have a sneaking suspicion that man is single?

  86. That. Is Funny.

    Mike D recently posted Tastes Like Butter Chicken.

    You make it, and it will sell…sale…sell. HELL! or HAIL! EYE GIVE UP!

    Aunt J-Me recently posted Family Night--Ice Cream.

  88. LOL I’m going to find that comment and reply to it. bwahahahahaha

    Teresa recently posted Recap and Google is on Acid.

  89. I’d like a bumper sticker as well as a t-shirt!

    Tracy recently posted This Little Piggy.

  90. Ugh. “Your/you’re” is #2 on my list of annoying dumb ass grammatical errors – just after “lose/loose”, but before “alot”. What’s worse is when YOU’RE an adult and you think YOU’RE incredibly smart giving the smackdown to someone. It seriously undercuts the effectiveness of YOUR message when you sound like an idiot. I can’t even read YouTube or Facebook comments anymore without cringing. Is it really that hard?!?!?!

    Is it wrong that most of us harped on that, and not on the fact that some guy needs to stay the fuck out of your marriage? Does it really kill some old biddy that the world isn’t run the way he sees fit? He must be a towel salesman.

    We should introduce him to my mother, they’d get along fine carving their laws in stone.

  91. Oh the schadenfreude when I’m not the one who made a mistake like that. Especially when it’s done in such righteous anger! Thanks for sharing.

    Kristin recently posted Lee Siegel Wants Us to Shake The Sillies Out.

  92. I think I peed a little. I also want this on a shirt, and I will lord my cleverosity over others.

  93. I would by this shirt. Their is definately a market for this, you guy’s.

  94. My grammatically challenged foreign-born husband fully supported you in your giant metal chicken purchase, I’ll have you know. And laughed!
    But I think he might need that shirt.

  95. If giant metal chickens are wrong, then I don’t wanna be right.

  96. Their you go, hatin’ on they’re grammar, ah ha ha.

    Eric recently posted My First LibGuide.

  97. I’d buy it!!!

  98. Hmm…I would like to know what it would be, to be, “angrily” divorced. That damn chicken story is the freaking funniest thing I’ve EVER read/seen. And, after the reading the monkey story to my own “Victor”, I catch him giving me a look like, “oh shit, I didn’t just say that…please don’t blog about it.” …when he says really ridiculous things.

    Bottom line, thank goodness for people like your commenter, for setting the world straight again. I mean, we got the right to vote didn’t we? Shouldn’t that be enough? Who wants to hear a funny woman call her man out and have an opinion in this country?

    Oh wait…I do. Still laughing about the chicken. I love him.

  99. Maybe we should all learn another language to see if we are any better in that, as so many of us clearly have problems with English. Although I’m a hairy Scotsman, well except on ‘ma heed’ where very little grows. But sureLY Mr Prat Knew he was responding to a young lady word-smith and it may just be that his illiteration is as a result of being a completE NUMPTY.

    On a personal note I prefer my chickens ‘well burnt’ as we say in Scotland…

  100. I’m a teacher and would wear that to school. Brilliant!

  101. Delightful. It’d be nice on a coffee mug, too. Kind of a pop quiz for those who see you drinking from it. If they get it, they will laugh. If they don’t get it, you will laugh. Either way there’s laughter and joy. Win-win.

    Ally Bean recently posted Currently….

  102. If I buy my husband one does that mean I should be angrily divorced? Would I be saying he is wrong, or would I be admitting I am wrong?

    stacey@Havoc&Mayhem recently posted I can’t talk really about it.

  103. I too would buy a tshirt with that phrase on it. I would also respectfully request a tshirt with a photo of Beyonce the metal chicken and the phrase “I don’t want to be right” on it. (too much for a tshirt? a magnet then.)

  104. You’re alwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaays right.


    (This never gets old… to me, anyway)


    StephanieC @ Seriously?? Really? Seriously? recently posted Dear Puppy: Goddammit!!.

  105. He’s S-M-R-T, just like Homer Simpson…

    Eileen @ Bringing Up Bronwyn recently posted Having it all.

  106. True story:

    You know you’re an asshole when you’re sexting with your girlfriend and she texts you:

    “Your so dirty”…and you reply, “you’re.”

    moooooog35 recently posted Motivational Filler - Exaggeration.

  107. Do you think he got it yet?
    Maybe this will help.

    When your umbrella, your umbrella.

  108. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! Idiot.

  109. LOL That’s awesome. I had one of my customers recently tell me that she’s coming up on her 15th wedding anniversary. I told her the appropriate gift was a giant metal chicken and referred her to your blog 🙂 She laughed and said she’d look you up. I hope she did because that story is hysterical!

    Theresa E. recently posted Daily Mission: What’s your “home” route? (8-4-11).

  110. Obviously, he’s a divorce lawyer with a spelling problem. This poor guy was probably trying to drum up some business for himself.

    Some daze are better than others.

  111. That’s like music to my cold, dead ears.

    People on the internet never cease to amuse me.

    Except the ones I want to stab. Or angrily divorce.

    Amanda recently posted Why is My Tummy Lopsided?.

  112. Absolutely LOVE this. Sign me up for the t-shirt. Or mug. Or magnet. I’m in.

  113. I also think it should be known that my husband has been forewarned. He can’t call me a hoarder or demand I not buy more baby things, lest he end up with a big metal chicken in the living room.

    To which he responded, “That would be kind of rad.”

    So, when your wrong, your wrong. Right?

    Amanda recently posted Why is My Tummy Lopsided?.

  114. If loving Beyonce is wrong, I don’t want to be right.

    Rachel recently posted Best use of a new camera...EVER!.

  115. I love you so hard. Only you could have developed a seriously badass sense of humour that laughs in the face of tirades of grammatically incorrect trolls. <3

    (Well, okay, not JUST you, but you're my favourite.)

    Ms Hazard recently posted Why My Mom Sometimes Thinks I’m A Lesbian.

  116. I keep giggling…

  117. Wait, a giant metal chicken is grounds for separation?

    No wonder I can’t land a guy.

    Penguin recently posted The Enthusiastic Lizard Strikes Again.

  118. Oh the irony… it’s beaaautiful!

    Let me rephrase:

    its beaaautiful!

  119. what a turd

  120. The best part is that he signed in as himself–linked right back to his facebook account, so you can personally tell him how famous his apostrophe crime has made him!

    Erin recently posted Muppet Thor!.

  121. I do not wear t-shirts with words on them… but I would totally wear this. I would also time travel back to the English class I used to teach to wear it there.

  122. I kinda want to buy that tshirt. No. I REALLY want to buy that tshirt.

  123. I want that tshirt.

  124. Even when you’re wrong, you’re ooooooooh so right. I am still pissed at myself for not stopping for the Beyonces on James Island in SC. Oh giant metal chickens….I heart thee.

    Kat recently posted Dear So and So...Just A Few Things.

  125. Best. Comment. Tshirt. Ever.

    I bet the commenter has no idea what’s wrong with it.

    Kernut the Blond recently posted Give It Until It Hurts So Good.

  126. I mean what rong with that?

    Your rite, you should make a t shirt.

    OMG, it hurts me to type like that. WILL NOT DO AGAIN. OW, bad grammar hurts brains.

    Leslie recently posted Phineas and Ferbtastic Night!!.

  127. That is seriously AWESOME!! Can you troll him back for that? He might get mad with your correcting his grammar and all but it might be worth it. And btw I have been watching a couple of “beyonce’s” on ebay for myself. My husband just might get one for Christmas.

  128. You’re negative comment just cheered me up! It’s like the gift that keeps on giving!

    (See how I did that? I put “You ARE negative comment…” BAAHHHHAAAA!!! God, I love this.)

    Phoenix Rising recently posted What do families talk about at Thanksgiving if they're not snarky?.

  129. While the grammatical error in his insult is absolutely hysterical… I couldn’t help but notice the model for your t-shirt has awkward arm hair. Look at the back view. The upper arm on the right has no hair! Compare it to the left. *Hawkward* 🙂

    Jordan Schipul recently posted Careening Into Stars.

  130. Just pinned the shirt onto my happy stuff board. Love you so much.

    Wendy recently posted My Not So New Job.

  131. Guess he told you! Hahahahaha!

  132. I would TOTALLY buy that t-shirt.

  133. So then I was all like, http://thebloggess.com/2011/06/and-thats-why-you-should-learn-to-pick-your-battles/#comment-113122 in my comment.

    I refrained from using terms like asshat, under-endowed, dumbass.

    Teresa recently posted Recap and Google is on Acid.

  134. wow. i am going to assume you are right, and this guy wrote the above negative comment just to make us all laugh on a tediously slllooow friday afternoon. surely no one can be that big of a douche on accident.

  135. Well, their rite, you know.

    Melissa recently posted She’s Leaving…On a Midnight Plane to Denver.

  136. Yes.

    I run a child care facility and the state sends a supremely bitchy lady in here to tell me how to do my job on a regular basis. We were “discussing” over e-mail yesterday what I thought were previously amended rules regarding transportation forms. She informed me, “No, these was just given to us yesterday.”

    I wanted to tear my eyeballs out. UGH!

    Meg recently posted Knock knock, motherfucker!.

  137. My favorite Zazzle model, Darren, looks fantastic in this T shirt. It coordinates so nicely with his hemp necklace.

    Jen Maselli recently posted Hey! I knew I left that blog somewhere..

  138. I’d buy that shirt in a heartbeat!

    Also, YOUR awesome!

  139. His comment makes me want a metal chicken even more than before…I might have to run over to the HEB this weekend in hopes to incite more poor grammar

  140. The sad part is most people won’t get the irony in that shirt.

    Lindsey recently posted The Karate Kid.

  141. PS– I’m fairly certain the model for that shirt is the bartender up the street from me… weird.

    Meg recently posted Knock knock, motherfucker!.

  142. I see a Bloggess/Backpacking Dad partnership. Your slogan on the front, his on the back.

    Melanie recently posted Age Appropriate Books | More on Raising a Reader.

  143. And I Googled it, and it doesn’t appear that anyone else has thought of this. Doo eet.

  144. He made himself look like a total douchecanoe by not using proper grammar. Negates the whole rant.

    Courtney recently posted Photo.

  145. When my wrong, my wrong does what? Well, we know two wrongs don’t make a right. Maybe my two wrongs made a left. At Albuquerque?

  146. I could almost pee myself i’m laffing so hard.


  147. Well….he right.

    Him done did prove it.

    Obviously a southern reader of yours.

    Ed Adams recently posted It's Like I'm Fabio's Illegitimate English-Speaking Son!.

  148. It’s possible that I will be buying one for everyone in my marketing department. And for our copy editor.

  149. Send that guy a desk-sized Beyonce! And he will think it’s an apology, but still.
    The Kidless Kronicles
    Wag More, Bark….

    Nicole recently posted Regarding: Toys……..

  150. As a retired English teacher, I can tell you I am not surprised. And, what is even worse: were you to confront the cretin, they would not understand why you were pointing it out.

  151. Bwahhahahahaha.
    I’d buy a tshirt, accept people might think my edumacation is better than theres. They’res. Whatevs.

    Jenn recently posted Disappointed…Again.

  152. And you should write, “when you’re stupid, you’re wrong.” If you want to put someone in their place, at least get your grammar correct!

  153. Isn’t there some scientific law that the hilarity of the comments on a blog post increases exponentially with their number? My favorite *by far* was that man who called you “stubborned” and said that you run your family with “bitter taste and satirical love.”

    THAT’S what my life has been missing- satirical love!

  154. Such truth is hard to come by. That man should get the first t-shirt off the press.

    Gina recently posted Welcome to the Neighborhood: The Realities of Homeownership.

  155. Did you relationship-check him?

    My money is this guy is either single. On on his own quick path to being “angrily divorced.”

    The Queer Next Door recently posted Where the Hell Have I Been??.


    Tazer Warrior Princess recently posted FYF: Laws that should be….

  157. There should definitely be some blood dripping from the “your” on that t-shirt. Let’s say, that’s irony dripping and some scary person holding a knife right above the word.

    So many people make that mistake on the Internet and every time I just want to make fun of them or stab them. Whichever is best suited for the person and their relationship with me. Ha!

    Karen Maeby recently posted This book nerd is very happy!.

  158. Their so write.

    Amanda recently posted Be Aspirational.

  159. do it. make it. need it.

    Kate recently posted F Yeah Friday.

  160. Did you politely reply “My wrong what? I believe you left off part of your thought.”

    Christy recently posted I like my coffee like I like my software….

  161. Oh, that’s so awesome! What a wanker!

  162. Grammar 101, motherfucker!

    In two weeks, I start my first online copy editing class. I am *so* buying this shirt for to wear while studying, despite teh twitchies it’ll give me in my red pen hand.


  163. I’m not completely sure, but I think this may have been my ex-husband. He’s well known for his illogical rants and sloppy grammar.

    Suz recently posted He Survived....

  164. My spouse and I agreed that any man, particularly one who’s been married for 15 years, who tells his wife, “You are not allowed to…” deserves whatever response they get. Beyonce was a reasonable, rational, and hilarious response! Keep listening to your inner voice – you rock!

  165. I’m sure someone has beat me to this punch, but who can wade through ALL your many comments?

    When you’re write, you’re write!!!

    I would like to pre-order the bumper sticker, please.

  166. 166
    Mary, professional writer and editor

    I are a college graduate.

  167. so need a t-shirt for that! And then you need small Beyonce on the back or on the sleeve!

  168. Why don’t you just create a line of t-shirts? (The first, of course, should say “Knock, knock, MotherFucker”!)
    And that guy needs to pull Beyonce’s head out of his ass…sheesh!!

  169. Did you see that you can customize the shirts? I think this would be nice with a small ‘knock knock, motherfucker’ in small print at the top of the shirt back. or perhaps a picture of a rooster…

  170. Yep, Jen, “when your wrong your wrong”. aaargh I am having to type this one handed so that I don’t correct his quote.

    kim(frogpondsrock) recently posted Things I know….

  171. wow. Just wow. He needs a good smack upside the head for being mean to you. People who don’t read your blog just shouldn’t comment. They do not know the dynamics. That being said, he should also go back to school…perhaps 4th grade would be a good place to start.

    Lesley recently posted Fairy Tales: Irene really was the Plagues!!! At least 3...maybe....

  172. My favorite part of your zazzle listing is your title. ha ha ha ha

    You rock.

  173. That is hilarious! Can’t stop giggling!!!! I love the “when your rite, your rite”

  174. I love it! And I would totally buy that shirt.

  175. Beautiful. Also, a giant metal chicken is a reason to stay together, not to get divorced. Or, too get divorced. Or, two get divorced. Whichever you prefer.

  176. Is that supposed to be a variant on the phrase “my bad!”? You know, “my bad!” “your wrong”. Your mistake. I’m just trying to make sense of all the functional illiteracy in America…

  177. You need to have a Beyonce/t-shirt combo available on Zazzle. Free anniversary towel with every purchase.

    Becky recently posted What I Bleeped in School Today.

  178. HA! 🙂 Sharing this with an English teacher friend who will NEED the t-shirt.

    Make. the. t-shirt. Please. 🙂

    Hot Coco recently posted Water and Whoa.

  179. I cried a little. With laughter, of course.

  180. And here is a good reason to know capitalization rules:

    Capitalization is the difference between helping your Uncle Jack off a
    horse and helping your uncle jack off a horse.

  181. When Ur Right, Your Right.

    Laurie F. recently posted The Longest I'd Want to Live without Internet.

  182. That’s up there with “Your So Stupid”

    David recently posted New Music Tuesday: David Guetta, Esperanza Spalding and More.

  183. HAAAAA! It’s just too damn bad SO many people wouldn’t catch the irony of the shirt when I wear it.
    But fuck em, I’m buying that shirt STAT.

    Sarcasm in Action recently posted The One in Which Bad Toilet Paper Sends me on a Downward Spiral..

  184. my fave is-“fuck you. I’ve got enough friends”

  185. The only thing that would make that shirt PERFECT would be a picture of Beyonce. I’m just saying…

  186. I swear my redneck neighbor just posted that rant!

    Jamie recently posted Spa Day.

  187. i am definitely getting this on a t-shirt.
    let’s see how long it takes for my english class to get it.

  188. Please send mine ASAP and have them write on the back
    “Ha ha, your stupid.”

    Tattoo My Heart recently posted Back. The Fuck. Up. (part 1).

  189. It made me laugh. I’ll take too shirt please. 😉

    Micah recently posted Hi, I'm here to pick up the copies of the National Enquirer that I special ordered..

  190. 191
    The Grammar Nazi

    OK. Perhaps the funniest things was reading the comments and seeing Susan, the “professional editor” saying, “I really love those kind of errors.” I used to say my university students couldn’t write because their high school teachers couldn’t write. Apparently, neither can the professional editors. “Those kinds” or “that kind”: take your pick, but ya just can’t mix singular & plural.

  191. <3 this made my day. Thank you, oh stupid people of the world.

  192. But it feels to right to be so wrong… 😉

  193. Whene yo’ure ronge, your’e sough rong. Sew their two!


    EdT. recently posted AWW: Teeth, Toes, and WORM..

  194. What a jerk! He deserves to have his picture on the shirt for being so completely WRONG!!! This is bananas….laughing very hard and going to call my sisters to tell them.

    Dana recently posted Goals, going out, and being happy!.

  195. Jenny, please keep posting these kind of comments… 🙂

    Dana recently posted It's Finally Friday.....

  196. OMG…Sometimes the comments are as funny as the posts…Hilarious.

    I puffy pink heart love Beyonce the chicken. Seriously. Every marriage has one.

  197. Wow, all I can think to say to him is “oh my, your a clever one!” Idiot.

    Jenny, you’re the clever one girl, keep’m coming!

  198. Classic. Wonder if you’d have to give him royalties?

  199. When your wrong, your wrong… so just sit there in you’re wrong-ness and be… well… wrong!

    Storm Dweller recently posted Out of the Proverbial Woods.

  200. Ahhh hahahahaha! I was so caught up in defending Beyonce I totally missed the grammatical error!! NOW I get it.

    kim recently posted freedom.

  201. This guy obviously didn’t get the message that sometimes something that is so wrong just feels (and therefore is) sooooooo right:) LOL PS my husband has joyfully indulged my recent chicken infatuation. He knows a happy wife is a good thing:) Oh and he bought me towels too:)

  202. If it’s not your wrong, whose wrong is it?

  203. Ooh, I’m so getting that t-shirt when you make it!

    non-girlfriend recently posted Next Time, I'll Shove A Bomb Pop Up Your Ass.

  204. Hee hee, I love it!!!!

  205. Oh, the irony. I think you should put it on a sign, and hang it around Beyonce’s neck.

    Lisa recently posted Is It Autumn Yet?.

  206. Haha yes! I love it!

    Ashley recently posted TLC’s Big Sexy.

  207. I weep for the past, present, and future of education in this country. If you made that a t-shirt of bumper sticker, more than half the population wouldn’t get it.

    Karen (SubMommy) recently posted 504. It's not just a number. (Or, learn from our mistakes and get your hearing-impaired child one early).

  208. Love the shirt. Dave Grohl has really put on the pounds.

  209. My husband says to remind you of copyright / copyrite / copywrite / copywright / laws – make sure you put the dork’s name on the t-shirt as the person quoted – credit where credit’s due please :p

  210. Dear Bloggess Readers:

    Jenny came up with the perfect t-shirt. You cannot ‘help her’ by adding anything to it. Because her line is the punchline. Your line is you trying to be funnier than her.

    And failing.

    Suzy recently posted It's Everybody Can Bite Me Friday!.

  211. You are so totally my hero.

    Rock On.


    Kait (Tampon In A Teacup) recently posted In which Jenny Lewis leads to greater self-awareness..

  212. 213
    Michelle Crist

    OMG, you gotta love it. . . .

  213. If loving your is wrong, I don’t wanna be right.
    Jughugs, K

    Kirsten recently posted i’m sexy anyway.

  214. Bless his heart.

  215. So apparently, you own the wrong. All yours. Or you’res. Or you’re’s. I don’t know.

    Chelle recently posted No More Advertising!.

  216. I once met a guy who had “and then there gone” tatooed on his arm. I didn’t have the heart to tell him it was wrong.

  217. Shirt? Now.

    Kim at Let Me Start By Saying recently posted 16 Things I Said This Week.

  218. He’s jealous of Victor because he doesn’t have a big metal chicken of his very own. Or, he wants to marry Victor, and wants you GONE. Have you ever thought of that? 😛

  219. Don’t take it personally. This person is mad at their spouse and most likely just needs to get laid. Unfortunately, that won’t fix his spelling problem.

    Mrs MacKenzie recently posted 4 Reasons Why You Should Be Happy That Its September.

  220. I would buy this T-shirt immediately for my friend the AP High School English teacher who is coming to dinner tonight. She will now be a fan of yours!

    Mary recently posted What Wine Makes Possible.

  221. I am in love with the t-shirt idea! I am also very appreciative of the grammatically challenged people on this earth that give me something to giggle at daily!

  222. I am soooo buying this t-shirt for my friend for Christmas…and for myself! Hilarious!! Only the back needs to say…”and when your write, your write!”

  223. what i would not GIVE for people around me to understand that this is a grammar joke!
    unfortunately, i’m surrounded by people who Do Not Get It.
    the terrible fate of english/writing majors everywhere… *le sigh*

  224. What a stupid asshole! HAHAHAHAHA

    PS I think leaving Beyonce on his door step is a reasonable response.

    Carri recently posted Meet World Moms Blog’s Newest Writer.

  225. I showed the post to my husband. He laughed. I asked him if he knew what was wrong. He did not. I laughed at him. Thanks for the joy, Jenny.

    Diana recently posted Wordless Wednesday: Why Not You?.

  226. I’d like one in medium and one in large. Please.

  227. Actually we all believe when you’re right, you’re OH SO RIGHT 🙂

  228. Damn. Kinda makes you realize that there really *are* people who are too stupid to live. First, why rant about a chicken that isn’t his. Second, obviously someone shouldn’t have passed second or third grade. Wow.

    Thank you for the laugh. I needed it today. 🙂

  229. Impulse-purchased with great delight.

    Patrick recently posted book report: x-treme dungeon mastery.

  230. I’ll admit… it took me a minute… but THEN I laughed hysterically 🙂 Thanks for the chuckle

    Shelley (@momma_oz) recently posted Obscene – Wordless Wednesday.

  231. i think this guy is lacking the love a giant metal rooster can bring to a person. jagged edges, potential tetanus (sp?) its like a fun -will i receive bodily harm from my home decor today?- game.
    what a douche

  232. Wow, that is so good it makes me laugh and hurts my head all at once.

  233. I love it!!! You are (your/ you’re/ ur) a ray of sunshine in my life, Jenny!!! 🙂

  234. Oh Lord. Its (sic) fabulous. 🙂

    Anna Barlowe recently posted Chakra Shakedown.

  235. I hope your [sic] entertained. What in the world could you have been wrong about?

    Michele recently posted Cheesy.

  236. Men: Their so silly. They’re grammar sucks.

  237. God, your hilarious.


  238. That’s jus RONG! RONG IS RONG.

    GirltoMom- Heidi recently posted Wild Unbridled Date Night.

  239. I would TOTALLY buy that shirt. And probably several more for my grammar-minded friends.

  240. And when you’re write, you’re write.

    I’m sure that this fellow’s rage has turned to happiness knowing about all the fat cash you’re going to make on your awesome shirts.

  241. When you’re a hater, you’re also probably a troll. When you’re a man-troll, you probably have a short penis to match your height.

    Rico Swaff recently posted No Offense, but You’re Good (I’ve Been Feeling Older).

  242. HA! I would so buy that.

    I only wish mine were that ironic. The last one I received said, “Your an Eskimo racist.”

    I had no idea such a thing even existed, but apparently my am one.

    bschooled recently posted Presenting Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman, In Her First Rap Battle EVAH! (OR Alternative Title: Eight Mile, Uphill Both Ways, Carrying a Horse).

  243. I would respond, “When you’re wrong online, the world mocks you.”

  244. To funny!

  245. Don’t have time to read the comments so I may be repeating here but….that’s fucking hysterical!

  246. Oh that person is going to LOVE what I mailed you today.

    amy recently posted Dear The Oatmeal (Matt Inman) – Thank you for the Autographed Book.

  247. I’m about to pee my pants from laughing. I’d buy it!

    Holly aka Toy recently posted ~ As Summer winds down… ~.

  248. This made my sucky day not suck so much anymore. Brilliant T-shirt!

  249. Someone somewhere has that exact quote tattooed on some body part.

  250. PMSL – I bet when that person sees their quote on here, they won’t get why it’s so funny!

    btw – did anyone else triple check their spelling before posting a comment?? 😉

    Danielle Daws recently posted Card Photography Part #1.

  251. It makes sense, I thought about divorcing my husband because your homicidal monkey story didn’t make him giggle like Anderson Cooper.

  252. I HEART YOU!!!!!

  253. This is so going on my “When I Have a Million Dollars or $22.25 + S/H” list.

    Chibi Jeebs recently posted Has @bandback2gether helped you in some way?.

  254. I started my day in a hotel with 5 kids due to a chicken cooking incident, kids puking in the car on the way to school, and then I read about the metal chicken, turned my whole day around! Thank you for making me laugh (and anyone else I could find).

    Could you add a chicken to the t-shirt?


  255. Most awesome comment ever!

  256. this is shit you can’t make up. I would put money on the fact that his significant other gave him botulism from poorly prepared chicken.

    A tshirt like this would be epic, only to be improved upon by a track of chicken feet running across the letters.

  257. I’m sorry, but when he’s wrong, he’s wrong… What ISN’T right about a giant metal chicken? *blink* *blink* Having been divorced, I don’t recall seeing “purchased giant metal chicken in lieu of bath towels” as one of the choices on my paper work. Of course, I’m from California, so I’m pretty sure if I’d had a giant metal chicken, my divorce would have taken even longer, because we would have been fighting for custody of it. As it was, we fought for six months over a small cement pig. Which I totally got. BOOYAH. WINNAHHHH! (Oh yeah… I got the kids, too. But we actually fought longer about the pig. Sad but true.)

    Dani recently posted facebooking from the edge...: Grosscondimentophobia.

  258. 260
    ChiTown Rich

    With a comment like that, and this being the Friday of a holiday weekend, could life possibly be more perfect?

    And, yes, it does warrant a t-shirt.

  259. First of all, I adore the irony in that statement! One would hope that he spelled “you’re” like “Your” on purpose just for the delicious irony. Second of all, my husband fails to understand why any man wouldn’t want a giant metal chicken. He thinks the idea is fantastic. I love that. I want one of these T-Shirts. You should sell them. 🙂

    Crystal recently posted Over-Emotional, Melodramatic, Talkative, and.... Weird.

  260. @Yasmel, I love the Alot a lot!

    I was thinking, since Beyonce already comes complete with “motherfucker”, why not (with apologies to Samuel L. Jackson) make a new shirt/bumpersticker/plaque reading “English, motherfucker! Do you speak it?”

    Dawne recently posted Actually, if you think about it, it's sort of correct....

  261. Truer words were never written!

  262. I was going to say, “The sad part about that is there are more people who won’t even get that than will,” but I saw someone else said something similar. So unoriginal.

    Laura@Catharsis recently posted May I Interest You In Some Awesome Sauce?.

  263. The shirt is sheer awesomeness! Made my day!

  264. I LOVE laughing at other people’s poor grammar skills! Someone recently wrote to me to say, “ur a idiot.” That was through a dating site though.

    Brooke Farmer recently posted A good life..

  265. Sometimes people should keep there opinions to themselves.

    Lori Stefanac (Lola) recently posted Out Of Gas…What An Ass!.

  266. Well, I have this to say.
    If Victor divorces you because of the huge metal chicken, then I will marry you (if lesbo marriage were legal). Anyone that would divorce someone over a huge metal chicken should have their head examined – after all, the vows do say “for better or worse”. And if you think this is the better part and Victor thinks it’s the worse part – who cares – it’s in the vows dude – you gotta deal with it.

    ps – does the huge metal chicken also have huge metal chicken boy parts? Or since it’s Beyonce does it have a huge metal hoo-hoo? Just wondering….

  267. REALLY hoping the Grammar Nazi was being facetious.

    And Suzy – get outta my head!

  268. Hah! I love that shirt!
    And my god, people are STILL bitching about Beyonce? Do they not appreciate the love Beyonce provides? The dialogue?

    Besides, divorce was the option if you bought TOWELS, not a big metal chicken.

  269. Maybe he meant to say “When your (ownership of a giant metal chicken is) wrong, your (lust for towels could never be) wrong” but shortened it for brevity’s sake?

    Melissa recently posted Canadian Doppelganger.

  270. What’s terrifying is that many, many folks won’t get why that’s funny at all.
    Silly old spelling lists just get in the way of folks having fun in elementary school.

    For #267, boy chickens keep their “hoo-hoos” hidden like cats do.

    CeeCee recently posted A Question of Genetics.

  271. Love it!!! I want one for the OtherHalf:-)
    That is going to be THE.BEST ANNIVERSARY PRESENT.EVER. unless I can find a Beyonce between now and November!!!

    Jenny recently posted Out of the mouths of Babes!.

  272. I wish you would also do an alternate version with red correction marks. You know, for those of us who find the actual version too painful.

  273. This so brings to mind an old Friends Episode.

  274. I can’t believe this guy is taking his micropeener frustrations out on an innocent giant metal chicken

    cathy recently posted F Scott Fitzgerald Made Ernest Hemingway Look at His Naughty Bits.

  275. dumbass.

    Especially since I just found the “jay-z” to your beloved and hilariously perfect Beyonce:

  276. 278

    Ah, yes. Raging arrogance and pitiful ignorance. Classic combo.

  277. So he’s not only wrong, but repetitive.

    And redundant.

    (Symbol crash)

    OhanaMama recently posted Progress, Not Perfection.

  278. The culprit has likely read this and thought, I don’t get it.

    He sounds quite dumb.

    Kristen recently posted Can we all agree that bare mattresses are a little rapey?.

  279. OMG yes

  280. All man are not stoopids.

    hogsatemysister recently posted 7 Times I Almost Changed the World.

  281. Why doesn’t Beyonce has his own twitter account??? I need the many moods and insights of Beyonce (only the giant metal rooster) to inspire me from every angle of media out there.

    Also it just hit me… why is is he Beyonce the giant metal chicken and not rooster??? Is he transgendered?

  282. Spelling Mother Fucker! S-p-e-l-l-i-n-g!!!!!! Not only does he not get it, he can’t fucking spell! This is why we have so many problems in the world.

    Keri recently posted FO Friday – This Deserves Finished Object Status.

  283. My hugest pet peeve on the planet!! SPELLING!! Fucking moron.

  284. 286

    what a mucking foron.

  285. I want that shirt!

    Amber @ NotMommy recently posted Pregnant at Disney – Guest Post @ Claudia Poirier.

  286. I just like the “angrily” divorced part. I’m going to do all things angrily for the day, in honour of Asshats everywhere!

  287. That is hysterical, the whole sentence or lack there of I would buy a shirt. But I would So buy the when your wrong, your wrong. Cause that is just priceless gold right there. But “angrily divorced for buying a giant metal chicken” that too is gold. LOL.

    Kristin recently posted I CAN'T QUIT You!!!.

  288. I kinda wanna make this a sampler.

    Sarah recently posted HI!! My name is Star and I'm a Sh*tbag!.

  289. Send the metal chicken to poke him in the eye. I am sure his point of view will drastically change.

    Peace, Love and Chocolate,

    Tiffany recently posted I Think I May Have To Shoot Myself....

  290. 292
    bitchy smurf

    All I really wanna know is this: What exactly is this idiot’s problem with Beyonce? Gian metal chickens totally freakin RULE!

  291. Inspired by you, I got my own chicken. I’m pretty sure my boyfriend is in love with her. No angry divorce here. When that guy’s wrong, he’s wrong.

    beth recently posted Drunken Chicken = Baseball Luck Charm.

  292. That would be the best t-shirt since my all-time favorite: “Remember the victims, Nicole and Mitch.” It was sold outside of the courthouse during the OJ Simpson trial.

  293. LMAO, that is awesomely awful. I can’t stop giggling either.

  294. Okay. I’ve been laughing so hard I can barely breathe. But now I think I can type okay. What I want to know…is why is this guy feeling so threatened by Beyonce? What does it say about him? Well clearly he has absolultely no sense of humor.

  295. Aren’t people wonderful? =D

    Courtney recently posted Reason #4: Sweet Salamanders and Other Pets.

  296. Reminds me of a sign in our local area that read: Ho Made Pies for Sale!!!
    Now THAT was hilarious!!!!!!!

    Mama249 recently posted The Bend in the Road.

  297. I dont git it?

  298. I have no words. Except that I would totally buy that t-shirt.

  299. Your such a nitpicketer!
    All of your for sale items are on my christmas wish list

    I was a little sensitive, thought, as after working into the night and then waking early to get a crazy job done, then having my boss ask me to do five things as once, I whipped off a quick email, only to get the response “You’re confusing your with you’re due to your fatigue!” Thank you for that bit of critical information 🙂

  300. a shirt weed be proud to where!

  301. When your dum your dum…d du dum

  302. Wow. He really wanted you to OWN that wrong, didn’t he? :0

    KidLit aka Tracey recently posted Blogger M.I.A..

  303. what’s the story behind it? i don’t understand. why is life so complicated?

    Kathy recently posted RIP: My Last Body Toning Update.

  304. Oh, the irony!

  305. I had an angry divorce so I’m kinda
    liking that for a t-shirt. “Angrily Divorced!”

  306. Does two “Your wrong”s make a “Your right” ??

  307. It sounds like HE needs a big metal chicken!

  308. Loved the commenter who said “he must be a towel salesman.” Priceless!

  309. 311
    Vivvy Walker

    Angrily divorced? Seriously? My Nana gave me some sage advice, “Some people are happy being unhappy. Don’t waste your time w/ these people. Leave them be. It is not ur type of happiness. Don’t judge them. Just distance urself.” I spent years trying to turn them around. It is futile. I found this rather long quote in my post-marriage phase. Gives me a giggle. Thought this was a perfect place to pass it along:
    Congratulations! You’re not perfect! It’s ridiculous to want to be perfect anyway. But then, everybody’s ridiculous sometimes, except perfect people. You know what perfect is? Perfect is not eating or drinking or talking or moving a muscle or making even the teensiest mistake. Perfect is never doing anything wrong – which means never doing anything at all. Perfect is boring! So you’re not perfect! Wonderful! Have fun! Eat things that give you bad breath! Trip over your own shoelaces! Laugh! Let somebody else laugh at you! Perfect people never do any of those things. All they do is sit around and sip weak tea and think about how perfect they are. But they’re really not one-hundred-percent perfect anyway. You should see them when they get the hiccups! Phooey! Who needs ’em? You can drink pickle juice and imitate gorillas and do silly dances and sing stupid songs and wear funny hats and be as imperfect as you please and still be a good person. Good people are hard to find nowadays. And they’re a lot more fun than perfect people any day of the week. ~Stephen Manes, Be a Perfect Person in Just Three Days!

  310. Oh, so that’s where I was going wrong… I mean right… I mean wrong…

    My head hurts. I think I’ll have to write that one down.

    Lisa recently posted One more for the road....

  311. Ha ha ha ha! Best part of it for me is that your going to make money off one one of you’re reader’s snarky comments! Ha ha ha! (It’s fun pretending to be dumb.)

    -Some guy named Andy

    HowToBeADad recently posted Fatherhood Friday’s #8: The Revenge of More (NSFW).

  312. Oooooh yes, this definitely needs to be on a T-shirt! And on the back it should say, “When your rite, your rite.” Maybe that would give some of the people who won’t get the front of it a hint?? But it would be REALLY sad if they STILL didn’t get it! And Beyonce should be on it somewhere too.
    Also, I’m with the person who posted that they can’t even read the comments on YouTube any more because of all the bad grammar – makes me cringe too! And may I just say, I SO enjoy reading the comments on your blog too – SO funny! Sew their! (Well, I had to stick one in there, didn’t I?)

  313. Is it just me, or do all the people who leave negative comments need serious English and spelling lessons? I mean, it’s not like misspelled words get highlighted or anything.

    Oh, wait, they do? Doh!

    Cheryl @ Coffee with Cheryl recently posted 30 Day Blog Challenge – #27, #28, #29 & #30.

  314. You’re post always make me laugh! Your the best!

  315. irregardless of the fact your wrong its not nice to teeshirt him.
    howevertheless I will bye one.

  316. Lol, I would so buy these as Christmas gifts!

    Shan recently posted The Second.

  317. Whenever I’m feeling blue, I picture Beyonce waiting patiently at your front door, her delicate little feet stabilized by cement/rock, think, “Knock, knock, motherfucker!” and suddenly all is right with my world.

    More than marriages are being held together by that big metal chicken.

  318. Hilarious! That could spawn an entire line of t-shirts…but for now, let’s start with that one with a teeny, tiny line (that people have to come really close and peer at your solar plexus to read) underneath…”Carry on, motherfucker.”

    You’re welcome. XO

    "Susan Says..." recently posted Hurricane Irene: Powerless and Yet, Oddly, Empowered.

  319. I feel safe saying that most of your readers would get it, as they tend to be smarter than the average asshats. And my inner copy editor *loves* that t-shirt! Also, the not-inner-but-now-older me who spent 7 years editing copy that had exactly that sort of error? Yep, she loves it too! We’d both wear it with snarky pride.

    It reminds me of a t-shirt my 15-year-old son wears with the same snarky pride. The shirt says (and I paraphrase), “I’m right 97% of the time. The other 4% doesn’t matter.” I feel safe saying probably more than 4% of the population wouldn’t get that one either… possibly the same people. Pardon me a moment while I construct a Venn diagram in my imagination of those two population subsets… and giggle! (Why, yes, I *am* a nerd/geek/grammar Nazi. Wolverine!)

    toni in florida recently posted A WIP (work in progress): Don’t Shoot! I’m Dead Already!.

  320. Sounds like someone has “giant chicken envy”

  321. It’s Karma biting a big ass. I think it would be your biggest seller.

    Karen Hawks recently posted The Yang to My Yin.

  322. Self-ritous jurk. God, I love this blog. I am guaranteed at least one smile (if not a genuine laugh-out-loud) per day.

  323. Don’t ya love the idiots? They’re just so stupid you just gotta laugh.

    Bodaciousboomer recently posted Who ever heard of a cow with an Uzi?.

  324. This is awesome! Too thumbs up!

    Jennifer recently posted That Bitch!.

  325. Oh man, now I want a divorce so that instead of “irreconcilable differences” the reason can be “giant metal chicken”. But I guess I have to find the chicken first. And then convince my husband to divorce me because of it. But knowing him, he’d think it was awesome to have a giant metal chicken. Darn!

  326. The t-shirt needs to have the photo of the chicken at the front door on the back. My husband agrees. Amazing.

  327. THAT is amazing. Right up there with O I C and U no… (oh I see and you know). Not to mention the whole 2/to/too/two wars. I HAVE to buy this shirt, and I’m going to wear it around. I wonder if anyone I’m around will actually understand it…

    Karen recently posted The Old Cat Lady..

  328. T-shirt tiiiiiiime!!!!!!!

    GourmetOnADiet recently posted They ARE coexisting.

  329. Hilarious! The t-shirt should have the quote WITH this guy’s name or email address – after all you want to give credit where credit is due – even if he does not understand why. I definitely want a t-shirt either way, it is a great way to judge whether you want to get to know someone – do they get it or not…..are they an idiot or not…

  330. I have an old friend who constantly mixes the words “our” and “are” when he emails me. Maddening. The best part is that he’s a f**king DOCTOR!!! Medical school for what….50 years and he can’t spell!!?? He never says “their” but always types “there” instead…and forget about “to, too, or two.” Unbelievable…..a DOCTOR. I started to insert the word “yer” in place of “you’re” just to needle him politely but he didn’t pick up on it. Did I mention he was a DOCTOR!!!!!

  331. I used to have a shirts that said

    “Life’s hard. It’s even harder when your stupid.”

    No one ever got it.

  332. Okay, I seriously want this on a bumper sticker so I can stick it on my net book. Please, start selling! (I’ll take 3.)

    Maeve recently posted I Need A New Calendar.

  333. T-Shirts! Yes – Their our sum for awl!

  334. wut a dum azzz

    Tracey recently posted Teach Me How To Dougie.

  335. You don’t get many people leaving negative comments? You’re doing something wrong then…

  336. As an English grad, I FREAKING love this.

    thehaughtylibrarian recently posted Are the cops chasing you?.

  337. Well… at least he spelled wrong right.

  338. that. is. awesome. lol

    christina recently posted Beautiful You - Day 17.

  339. Oh man – even your haters are funny!

    Vesta Vayne recently posted Gin + Antioxidants = Not as bad as just Gin.

  340. Is that ironic, or just unfortunate?

  341. As a 4th grade teacher, I could not appreciate this more. I keep trying to explain to my students (in as nice a way as possible) that if they don’t fix it now, they’re going to end up looking like one of these idiot adults. I bring in pieces of mail and things like that with errors to show them examples. I don’t think I’ll be sharing your blog with them, however.

  342. It should say:

    When your cluckin’ wrong, your cluckin’ wrong!! LOL

    Yep, put me down for 3 of ’em! ha…

    T:) recently posted Help Wanted: Nudist Colony Receptionist.....NO LIE..This was an ad in our local paper...HAD TO CALL.

  343. 346
    Lisa Strowd Goldberg

    Just so you know, “your” my go-to girl for a guaranteed guffaw at the end of a soul-sucking day. Thank you for existing. Seriously.

  344. umm, please PLEASE make that into a tee-shirt? That would be, well, beyond amazing. 😀

  345. I really hope you get a red pen and edit his comment and send it back. Because that would be fucking funny.

  346. It would be nice if he would at least spell it right, for crying out loud. You rock, and don’t let them tell you different. Plus, Beyonce is a teaching tool. Of course men aren’t going to like it. They don’t want to learn!!!

    Julie Nemitz recently posted Weekend Progress and More.

  347. hahahahaha
    you should totally do it!

  348. bahahahaha!!!

    If you correct him, he’ll probably say that is yet another reason you should be bitterly divorced.

  349. Absolutely stellar!!!!

    Jenny V recently posted Facebook Game.

  350. LUV ETT, scroll to top…Blough23…your 1st comment set up your 2nd comment…’your’ still zero…duh.
    T-shirt, Odd by won two. Knot sure odd where it.
    Really need a giant metal chicken though. Wood settle for a t-shirt with Beyonce pic…XXL or XXXL (need enough space for Beyonce).
    COMMENT number 348 a day late.

  351. I can’t believe you deleted my post. It was funny.

  352. Seriously?!!?? Wow. just wow. Do it! When I receive comments like that, one thing comes to mind: Consider the source. This was priceless!

  353. if you do make t-shirts, it really should be a sleeveless half shirt. and please consider a mesh version.

    Simone recently posted Purple haze and pinkish hues.

  354. “the dictionary says: knock knock mother fucker”

  355. haha!!! That is funny. 🙂 I love ending my evenings on stuff like this. Thanks so much for posting.


  356. Moments like that are to be truly reveled in…..at least you know you’re doing better than that guy….and you probably made him feel all famous because you’re so nice as to give his ” intelligence” the recognition it deserves 😉

  357. I would so wear that t-shirt. Of course, I’ll have to sleep with one eye open so my grammer-nazi child doesn’t murder me for it! Don’t know where he got that tendency (oh wait, I used to correct my sisters’ letters and mail them back to her…)

    Susan recently posted Helping friends.

  358. oh, get off you’re grammar high horse. hahaha

    yes, make it into a t-shirt! i’ll take 3, please. 🙂

    Whitney Soup recently posted Mindy Kaling Took My Celebrity @Reply Virginity.

  359. I am a self-confessed comment whore. And there’s nothing worse than people complaining about the post only to have a bunch of typos. Seriously, people. The message gets lost in the delivery!!
    Anywhoodles – this is just awesome.

    Cathy recently posted It’s a battle of wills.

  360. Oh…it’s like a hug.

  361. HA! God that is pregnant with symbolism and irony. Spellchecker offers equality for the stupid but not in this case. Love your blog.

  362. Your so smart for putting this on a t-shirt. Your going to make a lot of money.

    (that was harder to type than I had anticipated)

  363. Oh shoot, I missed my opportunity to say “alot.”

    Your going to make alot of money.

  364. By the way, you’re websight is really slow today.

    OK I’ll stop now.

  365. I had to stop reading the comments, I was cringing so hard.

    I think I need the rapy.

    Mr Farty recently posted When Aliens Attack.

  366. 369
    Nathan Quinn

    The best part about the t-shirt is the douche bag model wearing the shirt! Lol 😀 What’s funny is just how many people don’t get it. Thanks for making my day!

  367. Don’t post this as your facebook status… you will receive 20 messages from people correcting your use of your… although I have used it as a way to cull friends.

  368. Need to print “when your wrong your wrong” on a wife beater (it’s a shirt, Mr. Lojo; don’t get your panties in a wad).

  369. I’m totally asking for that shirt for Christmas. Done.

    Ryan (The Woven Moments) recently posted Stuff I Dig :: Lost and Found.

  370. LOL, I just read this entry to my friend Julie, and we decided that if you and Victor get divorced over Beyonce, you have to take her to court as a witness. Also, to be fair, he DIDN’T tell you you couldn’t bring home a giant metal chicken.

    Julie Nemitz recently posted Weekend Progress and More.

  371. Reminds me of the student notes I intercept sometimes. One of the more hilarious misspellings was when one called another a “feggin bicth.” I’ll treasure that memory. 🙂

    Damien Riley recently posted Reminds me of College.

  372. That should go on the front, and “Backpacking Dad”‘s comment (#3) should be on the back 🙂

  373. Purfict! Heehee!

    Susie Klein recently posted Just Asking.

  374. Buying a giant metal chicken is more of a marriage helper than a marriage breaker don’t you think? I mean my husband and I are toally jealous of Beyonce!

    Paula @ thewilyweez recently posted F*ck You Fridays.

  375. So do all marriages end at 15 years? I mean, isn’t that the traditional gift?!

    John B recently posted the terminal: where class goes to die.

  376. Can you find out where he lives and leave Chicken on his doorstep. Leave it with a note that says, “Knock, knock. You’re right motherfucker.”


    Julie recently posted Household chores to avoid during pregnancy..

  377. I’m embarrassed for people who are angry and trying to make a point but forget to check their grammar before posting. I want that shirt lol

    Abby recently posted Say My Name, Say My Name.

  378. Yesterday I was at a local Fall festival, and saw a gaggle of teenage girls wearing sweatshirts that read “Your jealous! We’re the best!” I’m not sure which was more appalling -the total lack of grammar, or the fact that several people approved that before putting it on a bunch of sweatshirts for school children to wear. Which am I supposed to be more jealous of? The grammar skills, their spectacular school system, or their bright futures? Still not sure.

    Katie recently posted 10 Day Challenge: Five Foods.

  379. LOVE it! Please make a shirt, or beer coozie or something!!!

  380. Need a mug so I can have it at work, where I argue with people about language.

  381. Purchased! Along with the ‘Don’t worry It’s not mine” bloody tshirt and the “Be nice or I will Stab you” T-shirt.

    They’ll be perfect attire in my local where people have started to call me stabby. Especially because football season has started and by wearing these shirts perhaps the men will leave me alone so I can just watch the frickin’ game in peace!


  382. I am mortified to say that neither my college student, nor my high school student got it. When I explained it, they chalked it up to “Textglish”. I am truly broken-hearted.

    But, in reading the comments, this particular one caught my eye and my funny bone …

    “The Grammar Nazi September 2, 2011 at 2:24 pm
    OK. Perhaps the funniest things was reading the comments and seeing Susan, the “professional editor” saying, “I really love those kind of errors.”

    “the funniest things was”

    I guess I don’t need to say more?

  383. I just ordered this for my husband. He said he’d like it because it’d be “giving the finger to ignorance”. He is a fantastic guy! When I read him the original beyonce blog and then asked him if he’d like me to get him a giant metal chicken he said “I’d rather you just bought towels”. He puts up with a lot from me.

  384. T-shirt! Actually, the tee shirt should have a picture of the 5 ft. metal chicken wearing a tee shirt that says, “when your wrong, your wrong”.

  385. Can you please post this guys rant, i am awfully confused about why buying Beyonce = Divorce

    Rebecca S recently posted Personal Post: Portraits of Meows.

  386. The sad thing is I don’t think my Hubby would get it. Oh well, I didn’t marry him for his brains.

    Mrs. Right recently posted Am I the only one?.

  387. The following is a Facebook post from someone I went to high school with:

    The boys had there snack and I gave them a peace of licorice and they made mouthgaurds out of them lmao and are sayin reay set hike hike lol


  388. I’m wondering if the people the people that copied the tee word-for-word cringed?

    Annalee recently posted Northern Lights Address Label from Zazzle.com.

  389. Bahahaha!
    I would totally bye that shirt. Their is nothing funnier then when people admonish you in grammatically incorrect ways, am I write?

    Sarcasm Goddess recently posted I'm (Probably Not) Dying.

  390. I think of you everytime I go to HEB lately. The temptation to buy one of their 5 ft tall Chickens is so strong. My hubby wouldn’t understand anymore than yours did. But then, maybe he would. I used to have chickens and it almost killed me when hubster had to kill the rooster because he was sick. I should have sent him to hub’s best friend…who is a taxidermist.

  391. And when you are right you are really right. What a dumbass, the metal chicken was freaking hysterical.

    Joanna recently posted I need a job.

  392. One of my favorite quotes: – A good wife always forgives her husband when she’s wrong. ~ Milton Berle

  393. I can’t read all of the comments, so I’m just going to beg here. PLEASE make a Beyonce t-shirt. KNOCK KNOCK. I will buy several, I can’t stop laughing whenever I think of her. I’ll keep checking Zazzle. Please please please!

  394. *sigh* If only people proofread being hitting submit. Wait, then you wouldn’t be able to giggle at them.

    Steph B. recently posted The Often Forgotten MMC Member.

  395. And I just did it… Hope you make that into a t-shit…. haha

    Steph B. recently posted The Often Forgotten MMC Member.

  396. Epic fail. Epic fail.

    Steph B. recently posted The Often Forgotten MMC Member.

  397. and when you’re dumb, you’re really effing stupid.

    Amanda Cole recently posted new kid on the (kickboxing) block….

  398. 401
    dale in denver

    My t-shirt makes me furiously happy – except when it is in the wash and I can’t wear it. It is my favorite! A lot of people smirk and might even comment that they like it. Upon questioning, what I’ve learned is people think I’m wearing it as kind of an arrogant, Tom Cruise wearing his name on the front of his t-shirt, kind of way. They tell me it is fitting for me, which naturally I take as a compliment. Not one of them has really “gotten” it.

  399. Bwaaahhahahahahah!!!

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