Well that was disappointing.

Conversation with Victor:

Victor:  What are all these?

me:  I liked my Beyonce/Copernicus ornament so much that I decided to make ornaments with Hailey on them so we could give them out as presents.  Because I’m brilliant and think ahead.

Victor:  Huh.  Why do they all say “2010” on them?

me:  Because…wait.  What year is this?

Victor:  You bought half a dozen ornaments with the wrong year on them?  

me:  Motherfucker.

Victor:  Wow.  That is…so classic you.

me:  You know what? It’s fine because if her grandparents/great-grandparents notice it’s the wrong year then I can just say that this was all just an elaborate test to make sure that they don’t need to be put into a nursing home.  And they passed.  MERRY CHRISTMAS, EVERYONE.  Honestly, it’s almost like I planned this.

Victor:  Or like you ordered a whole bunch of fucked-up ornaments because you don’t know what year it is.

me:  I’d like to think it’s a little of both.

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  1. I never know what day it is, or what time it is. But I usually know what year it is. Unless it’s January or the beginning of February.

  2. I’m just gonna go ahead and admit that I didn’t immediately see a problem with the ornaments.

    Does this mean I have to go to the nursing home early?

  3. I love that I always “hear” these conversations between you and Victor, but I’ve never heard Victor’s voice, and yours only through random interviews. Does that make me crazy?

  4. I’m sorry, I think this means that Victor just believes Hailey is growing up faster than is reasonable . OBVIOUSLY, if it’s 2011 then she’s a year older and he’s NOT EVEN TRYING to make sure that she doesn’t go through childhood too quickly.

    It’s like he doesn’t EVEN CARE.

  5. Wait… what?

    Old people think steak is broccoli. They think “scrod” is an actual fish.

    anything with 20** is the future. Warp speed on my command… I’ll have the veal. Can I have the garlic-mashed with that???

  6. It IS difficult remembering what year it is – and they keep changing it every, well, year I guess. I find it a little rude, to be honest.

    I also find it difficult to remember how old I am (and NO, I’m not THAT old!); I keep having to count the years from when I was born, which is not made any easier by not remembering what year it is. Dammit, this is almost as confusing and complicated as that time zone thing!

  7. It’s always interesting to see the things that apparently qualify you as old enough to be put in a nursing home. I totally didn’t notice so is there like a summer program I can sign up for or mailing list or what? Do I just show up with a duffel bag full of underwear? How do nursing homes operate here, exactly?

  8. If people are more focused on the wrong year than your daughter’s adorable cuteness, then they are asshats.
    Seriously, she’s fucking adorable.

  9. Really, who cares if it’s 2011, it has been a crappy year….2010 was so much better….and in all honestly the grandparents probably will not even notice;-)

  10. I was in a store yesterday that had all the Canadian Olympic 2010 stuff for sale and not on clearance. I’m not totally convinced Victor is right…

  11. No one will notice(except Victor of course), all eyes will be on your daughter and how that was just a great idea to make ornaments with her pic on them. Or one could just hope that is the case.

  12. Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahah hahahahahahahahahahuahahahaha
    Wow. Blame it on meds or something.

  13. Oh Jenny! This is so classic. Your conversations with Victor almost make me want to remarry. Wait…and that feeling passed. Honestly, thanks for sharing snippets of your obviously hilarious life 🙂 And Merry Christmas 2010!!

  14. your daughter is freakin’ hilarious.
    and the date being wrong only adds a little bit of humor to life.
    It is a PERFECT gift idea! <3

    Merry Christmas!

  15. wow, I meant freakin’ ADORABLE … hilarious? that is you. I must be tired. I should probably go to bed now. LOL

  16. Just pretend the 2010 is embroidered on the couch. I hear foreign manufacturers do that sometimes…no…I don’t know if I did actually hear that. I did once see a picture frame at the dollar store that had the days of the week printed on it when I was about eight. I asked my mom why the dollar store people had spelled it “Mondag.” She told me sometimes people mix up y’s and g’s. My eight year old mind couldn’t fathom it. I guess they mix up 2010’s with 2011’s as well; ruining everyone’s Christmas in the process.

  17. If it’s 2011 then where are all of the flying cars and jet packs, huh?! Can Victor answer that?!

  18. That’s okay, 20 years from now it will cause great confusion until (or maybe “unless”) someone remembers it has the wrong year on there. At that point, it really will be a “are you ready for the Home yet?” test. 🙂

  19. Getting the year wrong is a rite of passage for most people. I celebrated my parents 24 and 11 month anniversary with an engraved silver plate. Why? Because I could, that’s why. Sure, the plate has their anniversary wrong. But who would remember their 24th and 11th month anniversary without a commiserative(wow spell check got that one wrong, I am leaving it incorrect on purpose) plate. I have just accepted that even my mistakes are awesome. Delusions of grander tendencies my ass


  20. My dad wouldn’t notice that! He has Alzheimer’s though. I’m sure you’ll have enough family members to pawn those off on. Actually, your daughter is so cute, who’d notice the year anyway?

  21. I usually learn to write the correct year sometime in may, which means that for 5/12ths of the year I am wrong every time I write a date. I can totally relate to your situation.

  22. This is the first thing that made me laugh out loud this morning thanks funny lady. And shame, it’ll be 2012 soon. Actually a cool gift idea too ..

  23. See, hilariously funny, My Jenny is back from the brink. Ishbel went to deliver early Christmas baking to our son yesterday and so, on my own this AM, and you have made me laugh on this lonely morning.

    Does it count towards getting closer to confinement that I keep getting my 5 grand children’s names confused and should they be confined now too as the right one always responds to me even when called a totally random name?

  24. Victor, lighten up. A mistake involving a dozen Christmas ornaments is no big deal. No need to belittle your wife over it. Laugh, give her a hug, and make a joke. Just like she did. It’s the healthiest thing to do.

  25. Funniest ever. Unless you put the wrong name on your daughter in the card…which I would do. Since Ihave fraternal twins and every one thinks they are identical (which is obvious they are not) so I call them by the wrongs names just to fuck everyone else up. So I guess I need ornaments. Also ordered your metal chicken ornament for my girlfriend because she linked me to you so SHE ROCKS!

  26. Reminds me of how proud I was to finally finish my oldest’s baby book and I gave shutterfly the wrong birth day AND year! He’ll probably use it as proof that I need to be put in a nursing home some day.

  27. You kill me. This reminds me of the time that I didn’t know how old I was and sincerely asked my sister. xd.

  28. I love the logic behind the test for a nursing home! I also think, when it comes to grandparents and gifts for them, they really don’t pay attention to details as long as they see the grandchild’s face.
    Besides, 2010 was a WAY better year (for me) than 2011, so I’d have used that as my excuse.

  29. Oh My God, this is amazing!!! i looked at them thinking: hmm, if only i had a kid to put on one of these, it would be my present for everyone i know.. does the neighbours cat work?

    (the year is just a detail)

    love K

  30. Didn’t you come up with the idea in 2010 to have one incredibly cute ornament liver on for many years to come? That’s went you printed those tiny stickers with the years 2011 – 2050. Right?

    I think since you thought ahead so many years your are actually really thrifty!

  31. That Totally sounds like something i’d do!! We’ve all got the year wrong at some point, it’s better than getting your own name wrong, which i’ve also done 🙂 Just tell everyone you were feeling nostalgic

  32. All those great actresses had it right when they (or their agents) lied about their ages but never stuck with a fixed year. All the conflicting dates kept everyone confused, and no one wanted to admit they were wrong. You’re just laying the groundwork for Haley’s future. Such wise and thoughtful mother. When you (and Victor) are sitting by the pool on the estate she’ll buy you, you can remind him.

    And she rocks that ornament.

  33. Have this conversation again in a few years and you might convince him you really DID get this ornament in 2010.

    I have faith in your abilities.

  34. The other day I had some weird sort of seizure thing. (My housemates are nurses.. and they looked after me, so it was all cool:o) It was pretty funny in retrospect. I was laughing hysterically during the convulsions, too (my pals were distracting me by joking about how gay Edward is from Twilight because he sparkles.) Everything seems funnier when you’re convulsing. It’s a bit like you don’t even have to do the work, cos your body’s laughing for you! you can just say ‘haaa’ and it come out like laughter. Plus, for some reason, it gives you awesome abs.

    And I was trying to say ‘my room is really yellow’, because that seemed really important to say at the time, and also to explain that ‘my brain is going zing’, which it was. But the two thoughts got mushed together, and all I could say was ‘my brain is yellow’. Which I think is a fair bit awesomer.

    Anyway, the point….. yeah there sort of isn’t a point. But it’s a kind of a kick-ass story. I think your story is scared of my story. So just laugh at yourself and if anyone challenges you, give them the stink eye and tell them your brain is yellow.

  35. 2010, 2011…it’s all SUCH a blur. I seriously remember more about drunk-all-the-time college than I do about last week. Goddamn kids.

  36. I’ve honestly started writing years as 19– as recently as this month.
    Dates are so subjective anyway. I refuse to believe February is an actual month, and that sets us back a bit.

  37. TipEx and permemant black marker pen. Old folks with bad eyesight totally won’t notice the correction.
    Alternatively, if you tell them that it IS in fact 2010…they might well buy it. (Most of your commentors admit to difficulty working out which year they are in…)

  38. You know those really cool stickers you have? Now you have a use for them. Or just use the Mr. Yuck stickers that you never got around to putting on the bottles under the sink. I am sure that no one should be licking/eating those ornaments. It is all another test for the nursing home.

  39. It’s not a year. 2 for the you and your husband, 0 for the number of emus in the house, 1 is is for your daughter and the 0 is an o for “Oh my God, this is an AWESOME ornament.”

  40. 2010 isn’t the year….it’s a magic number! Just tell everyone you are wishing them 2010 magical incantations that have been ripening for readiness at the moment 2012 arrives. This is a deep and mystic thing!

  41. The world did end in 2010, the last three years a dream running in the Matrix. Soon, we will reboot. OK, yeah, that’s strange.

  42. If this happened on Tuesday, it’s is totally not your fault!! Did you know Tuesdays are now masquerading as Mondays? The calendar still says Tuesday, but you’re really getting a Monday. I know because the last two or three Tuesdays have been Mondays through and through. Seriously, this sounds like something I would totally do. Who keeps track of what year it is? It changes every 365 (or 366 if it’s a leap year) days so why keep track of it? 😉

  43. I don’t know what the finish is like but you could either artfully sand off or spraypaint the side with date and get your kid to write merry Christmas grandma & grandpa or love hailey perhaps in a glitter? If she can be trusted to name the year reliably she could add that too. Hell even decoupage could fix such a well placed minor problem. Of course you’re giving a bit of a craftier item than you perhaps intended. It who’s to know. Merry Christmas!

  44. That is classic. I could see myself doing that. I wrote three checks this year and put 2010 on all of them.

  45. Um…I could use those. I have a few people that won’t notice the year or the fact that they have no idea who the little girl is…

  46. I was hella-depressed on my twenty-ninth birthday because I wasn’t ready to turn thirty, my husband had to show me my driver’s license to snap me out of it. Like Victor, he thought he was so smart just because he knew what year it was. Whatever. Like Hailey and You, I think the ornaments are beautiful.

  47. Easy mistake to make. I’ve been jumping the gun and writing 2012 on things for about three months now. No cheques, though, thankfully. That would have pissed people off.

  48. I have to admit, it took me a full 2 minutes to understand what Victor was talking about. Pshaw. Husbands.

    When I was fetching my little guy from his seat yesterday, I actually stood there and argued with the bus driver that I would see them next Tuesday. Because it’s THURSDAY today. Thursday. Thursday. Thursday.

    And then reality set in. And I’m now very, very aware that there’s never, ever a good time to exclaim “OH, FUCK!” in front of your child’s bus.

  49. I never know what day it is so I’m not far off. On the bright side, the New Year is coming and everyone writes the wrong year in January. You’re just ahead of the game (or so far behind that you think you’re first). Either way, it is winning in my book.
    Happy St. Patty’s Day.

  50. On the bright side, by turning back the clock you just inadvertently pushed off the end of the world another year. Thanks for saving humanity.

  51. Just tell everyone you’re a member of the TSWC Society and then watch them twist in the wind as they try to figure out a) what the TSWC is and b) how do they get an invite.

    (pssssst….now, don’t tell anyone but the TSWC stands for the the Time-Space-Warp-Continuum and members can travel back and forth through time…but, remember it’s a super-secret society and only the most time-space-warped minds are allowed in)

  52. I would have just said that’s the year the picture was taken and made it seem like I did it on purpose

    Me = 1
    Ornament = 0

  53. That is something I would totally do.

    And that is something my husband would totally say.

    They just don’t get it, you know?

  54. Just cross out 2010 with a sharpie and write in 2011…then you can say you “personalized” them!

  55. lol don’t feel bad. I forgot so much crap all the time that my husband called me the other day while he was at work and said to me “Your name is Kathy and you are at home” I guess at least I know he will help me out when I go totally batty.

  56. Yeah, it’s just like when the new year comes and you’re writing the previous year on everything. Since it’s a couple of weeks before the new year, you are way ahead. Or almost a year behind.

  57. I’m a lot worse with the days of the week. Honestly, if I didn’t keep checking my phone on a regular basis, my exam week would be completely fucked up, and I’d be failing across the board.

  58. I have the same issue. Something about the 10-11-12 combo. I’m always thinking “wait, is it 2010 and I’m anticipating next year is 11, or is it 12 and I’m still in 11 mode?” Somehow 11 never stuck right. I wonder if people had the same problem in 1911.

  59. I think you should just add a 9 to the photo. “20109,” and it could look like a zip code. I went and looked it up (because I wasn’t already wasting enough time on the internet), and 20109 is in Manassas, VA. You could even tell people that it’s a project where you parody “90210.” Now you just have to get more ornaments made with the other cast members.

  60. You could say you found a limited trove of VINTAGE CLASSIC COLLECTABLE (insert exciting marketing descriptor here) 2010 ornaments. THESE ARE NOW COLLECTABLE! WORTH 10X their original price! Get ’em before they’re gone! You saw what happened to the price of gold! These are like that! The Franklin Mint aint got nothin’ on us! We are authorized to release to the public a LIMITED SUPPLY of classic Hailey Ornaments!

  61. What I love most about your posts is the fact that you say “Motherfucker” a lot.

    I wish I could say Motherfucker in my posts!

  62. At a certain point, don’t kids look the same every year anyways? Are you going to look at that ornament in ten years and be like, “Whoa, that’s DEFINITELY not what Hailey looked like in 2010.” Probably not. Or, act like it’s a joke nobody gets. Be sure to shout, “GET IT?!?!?!” when you pass them out.

  63. Next year put a random kid on the ornament with the correct year just to keep them on their toes. New tradition!

  64. If it makes you feel any better I never know how old I am. I’m always a year ahead of myself. About halfway through the year I start rounding up and by the time I get to my birthday I think I am turning a whole year older than I actually am. On the up side, I get to give myself a whole other year for my birthday. Yay me!

  65. Whoa. It DOES say 2010.

    Victor is either really good or you totally missed an opportunity to convince him otherwise.

    My money would have been on you. And who cares if that money would have been pulled from my purse under my nursing home bed.

    THAT’S not the point.

  66. I commissioned a friend to embroider the first 3 lines of my brother’s and sister-in-law’s wedding song (Blue Sky by the Allman Bros) on a quilt (called the Sun and Blue sky quilt, hence the connection), and on the fourth side their names (which I did get right) and the date — which I got wrong by two days. Did I mention that I was *in* the wedding and love them both, so it wasn’t passive aggressive? Not sure which was more embarrassing, presenting it to them for their first anniversary, in front of the family, or going back to my friend to get it corrected…. you are in GREAT company here! It’s the grand idea that counts, not the piddling details!

  67. Love it. Dates are totally mental constructs anyway. You can tell everyone you were being ironic and that real art doesn’t subscribe to society’s ideas of “time” or “year” or any of that corporate nonsense and that they should probably stop being so limited.

  68. I am decidedly of the opinion that leaving the year off is a good rule of thumb. A.) You never have to be embarrassed, B.) You can still give relatives a hard time in the years to come when they cannot figure out how old she was in the picture C.) You don’t have numbers spoiling that picture of your lovely daughter. D.) It can be a guessing game you play at every Christmas morning and those who lose don’t get the good presents.

  69. I just recently started using 2011 on my checks at the store. It’s crazy, it’s like they don’t even look at these things anymore. I think I’m going to start making them all out to “Larry The Cable Guy” and see if they complain.

  70. Modge Podge a sticker with her name on it right over that date & no one will ever know! Love your blog!!!

  71. I have recently written 1997 on documents and it is part of my job as a lab instructor as well as clinical scientist to DAILY write down the full date. I have no idea what is wrong with me other than I wish I were a teenager again. Wait, 35-2011, hold the….fuck. I have no idea how old I was. I am sure it was fun though.

  72. Jenny, you just tell Victor that you are a lucky girl to live in America where you CAN forget what year it is, and forgetting can be the biggest problem you have to deal with all day! We should all have such problems. And honestly, I don’t see what the difference is anyway, because if they remember it at all, it will be the memory of the year Jenny got the wrong date on the ornaments, which will be a good Christmas memory, and will just add to your family store of memories. Which is always good!

  73. Every year on my birthday, if I’m writing the date, I write the year of my birth instead of the actual year… Yup. Go me.

  74. Play it off as a picture from last year…of course that means next year you also have to give everyone ornaments with the wrong year…just make sure they say 2011!

  75. Just get a permanent marker and scribble out the zero and put a 1 next to it. If anyone asks you can tell them they don’t know what is cool is. “It is called RECYCLING y’all. Cause I am EARTH CONSCIOUS and you apparently aren’t. Way to go destroying the earth!” Feel free to steal that. 😉

  76. I posted my Halloween pics this year with Halloween 2012. Someone asked me what I was thinking putting 2012 on them and I had no idea what they were complaining about. Um yeah. Long live 2010!

  77. If it makes you feel any better, it took me 3 years to notice my daughter’s personalized stocking was spelled wrong.

  78. For about 30 seconds I didn’t get it. I thought, hmmm, it’s 2010 so maybe Jenny meant she was buying these ornaments for next years gifts. Then I reread it and thought and still didn’t get it.

    It’s too early for these complicated word games, Jenny. Just too early.

  79. This is hysterical.

    I totally ordered a 2010 ornament on amazon this year for my boyfriend’s sister, and noticed just in the nick of time to cancel the order.

    We should not be given options to buy things with past dates on them!

  80. Obviously its not the date. Its her score…Out of a possible 1000 she scored 20 and 10 points!! Very impressive, Hailey, Very impressive indeed!!

  81. That’s why they have black Sharpies….underneath write 2011, 2012, etc. That should do the trick for years. You won’t have to buy presents for a really long time. We all make mistakes. Good one Victor, you must admit. Laurie F.

  82. You really should just adopt the no card/holiday letter trend. It’s all the rage..and less prone to screw ups ;). I barely like receiving cards so I don’t bother sending them anymore.

  83. I ordered Christmas books with my twins pictures in them and inside I put the wrong year they were born.
    They just got in today. Just now. I’m screwed.

  84. crap, it’s off to the nursing home for me. i was all, huh? what’s wrong with it? 2010, 2011, whatever. it’s kinda all just the same after awhile.

  85. You are not alone. The CEO of our company sent out a Happy Holidays letter to everyone that started with, “As we look back on the year 2010. . . . ” I actually had to ask everyone in the room what year it was. Everyone was confused. We had to check the wall calender to make sure. I’m starting to wonder if 2011 actually happend.

    Maybe it was all the wine.

  86. I would do that. I do stuff like that all the time. Don’t feel bad. (makes the best holiday stories) “Remember that time mom got all those messed up ornaments…” LOL.

  87. Just so you have time to prepare….Februrary is going to have 29 days this time around!

  88. I say when you go to deliver them to people, you make sure they “accidentally” fall when they reach their hands. Then you can blame them for breaking the gift you spent so long making AND you can kick the little piece with the 0 on it under a rug or something.

  89. – Hands down funniest thing ever….I know everyone says that it is something they would do….but honestly, for me? It isn’t. Unless I am writing a check. Then thats a different story.

    – I mean who writes checks nowadays right? Yeah…me. Thats how I run. Old school awesome style.

    – In other news…why do they say hands down?

    – in other other news? This just proves how freaking awesome you are. True story. Your brain new you needed a new story to tell us so boom…it made you order the in correct year.

  90. Just tell Victor that time is just an elaborate illusion created to distract us humans from remembering what is truly important in life…….PRESENTS!!!! Err, I mean peace, love and joy. Yeah, yeah, I’ll go with that one.

  91. I love that you have the power to reverse time…kind of like Superman did to bring Lois Lane back to life. So — in essence — your ornament proves you are a super hero. Suck on that, Victor!

  92. Sometimes, I wish Victor blogged. But I’m guessing if he did the marriage wouldn’t work out the way it does. And then you probably wouldn’t blog the way you do. So, in retrospect, things are perfect. Carry-on.

  93. I failed that test. I guess I’m getting a cane and a housecoat for Christmas. To go with my new nursing home, of course. I don’t know if the $27.43 in my 401(k) will support this. Maybe I’ll find a rich guy in the home?

  94. Yesterday, I was doing a project for my office that involved printing out 6 months of calender pages and writing what patients showed up on what day to see how our insurance spread looked. Yeah, I printed out 2010 instead of 2011. Also, for some reason for the past several months I have been writing 2018 as the year. Maybe one day I will learn what year it is, but I don’t plan on holding my breath until that happens!

  95. This year, true story, I forgot how old I was turning on my birthday. I literally had to do some math to figure it out and I HATE math.

    The bad news is that I’m only 27 and already need to be in a nursing home.

    Also I’m an accountant that hates math.

  96. Oh thank goodness. I thought I was one of the only people who could get to December and STILL be writing the wrong year. Guess not! 😀

  97. Oh, my. Well, it’s a good story at least. Call the company you ordered them from and be all, “I think someone made a mistake.”

  98. It sucks because they were Christmas presents, but I did that, once, with Senior Pictures for a client. Put the wrong year on about 7 sets of wallets. Sure did make me look like an idiot…but whatevs. It’s par for the course, I suppose. Happy Christmas, 2010, everybody! Woooo!

  99. When I ordered my Road ID bracelet (for accidents while cycling or running), I put MY OWN cell phone number as the emergency contact. And my husband is the one who noticed it on the engraved plate. I can just see the paramedics saying “Why is her bike bag ringing?”

  100. Look at him with squinty eyes for a moment and then open them up wide, while shouting “Oh My God!!! It’s 2011??? Then the aliens really did abduct me!”

  101. I gave out ornaments to all of our friends, with the year and their names and our names written on them in Sharpie. I made several ornaments that said 2012 on them before I noticed…. sigh.

  102. I’m SO glad I’m not the only one who at the end of whatever the hell year this is has never quite gotten the year straight.

    I’ve thought its been both 2010 and 2012 in the last couple months. I now have to depend on my technological devices to not only tell me the time, but also the date, and the YEAR.

    But I’m not alone. Which is a small amount of relief.

  103. That is hilarious. I’m glad I’m not the only one that does crap like that.

  104. You know this isn’t your fault…its the companies fault that made them for you. Your paying them to make nice ornaments meant for presents, WHY WOULD YOU WANT THE WRONG DATE? Its their fault, they should have caught that, and then fixed it without telling you so you would think you were right and designed kickass ornaments…its just bad business

  105. I am laughing so hard I started to cry, reading through the comments. Especially daffodil’s story about her brain being yellow. I don’t know why, but that one really got to me. My coworkers already thought I have issues…..

  106. Don’t feel too bad. I just submitted a final paper for a class, one I have been working on for weeks….and forgot to change the date. *sigh* may’ve my prof won’t notice?

  107. Know what I love the most about reading your blog?

    The warm fuzzy feeling I get when I realize that I’m not the only one out there who does stuff like this, has convos like you do and similar thought processes.

    Thanks for being you!!!

  108. Sent out a couple letters yesterday dated 2010 – THANK G-D I am not the only one!!!! Not sure what is going to happen next year….(2012, right???)
    Also, forget my age. All the time.

  109. this makes me feel so much better about the fact that I keep forgetting where I parked my car…and I keep forgetting to use the app I downloaded to remember where I parked my car. I need an app to remind me to use my app – do they make those?

  110. This is soooo something I would do. Almost did, in fact. When purchasing ornaments for this year during Black Friday the woman asked if I wanted the year to be put on them. I said, yes. When we picked them up I said to my daughter, “Man! She put the wrong year on them”. My daughter just looked at me as if I were crazy. Or, needed to be put in a nursing home. Yep. I figured it out. Big oops!

  111. I can relate. I filled out a bunch of paperwork yesterday and put down 2012 as the year on every page. WTF, right?

  112. I have a hard time realizing that 1990 was over two decades ago. In my head, it was 10 at MOST. And I don’t mean because of nostalgia, or “my the time does fly” stuff. I mean that in my head, i think, “today is the 2000s” and subtract 1990 from this concept of “the 2000s” and come up with “about 10 years ago.”

    In light of that type of math, your ornaments are more than acceptable.

  113. No one is going to look at the date, it’ll be fine. Besides, in a couple years it won’t matter anyway, it’ll just be another keepsake ornament.

  114. those ornaments are awesome… who cares if they have the wrong year on them? In 10 years do you think anyone is going to remember that the year was wrong? NO.. or if they do it’ll just be a funny story to remember… we threw my dad a 50th birthday party on his 49th birthday… and it was so hilarious that we did it again 10 years later and threw him a 60th birthday party on his 59th birthday… cuz we’re awesome like that.

  115. One friend proudly got her Christmas cards ready to send out early one year – until someone pointed out that she had signed them with the wrong names – she got 2 of the 3 kids right but swapped the 3rd for another friend’s child.

    Same friend also had a family calendar made with family photos for each month, and everyone’s birthdays pre-printed on the calendar. Only for her twin-aunts, she had given them birthdays occurring in different months.

    I love her dearly – she makes me feel normal 🙂

  116. See, the wrong year thing will just make them more endearing, really. And now that you’ve posted this, they’ll probably become valuable collector’s items. Some day people will start making knock-off wrong-year ornaments and saying that they bought an original from one of your friends who got the original, and they’ll command a huge price.

  117. I think you need to contact the maker of these said ornaments.

    I mean, WHO wouldn’t warn you about the year already being gone?

    Wait. Maybe they knew who they were dealing with. You think?

  118. Well this is teriffic. You were just look like you could see into the future, last year. Congratulations on your abilities! Hope your ovary is not still being an asshole.

  119. Until a week or so ago my brain has not been able to accept that it’s 2011. I have messed this up ALL YEAR. Way for my brain to engage just when it’s time to start all over.

  120. You need a “Random” button that would pull up a post from somewhere along the space/time continuum of blogging.

  121. Just write “It’s not” above the 2010. everyone will get a little fact on their ornament. It’ll be educational.

  122. My solution to the ornament conundrum is to leave the country. Preferably for a Hindu country like Bali where they don’t have Christmas.

  123. Awww…. and they’re such cute ornaments. Just tell them they’re from last year and you forgot to give them out.
    I always know what year it is. How else would I be able to figure out my age? (Because yes I do forget.)

  124. Christmas is looking jolly here as I recieved two packages from Zazzle today. It can only mean one thing. Who knew my kid read his email.

  125. That Hailey is growing into a real beauty. I can’t WAIT to see your blogs once she’s old enough to date! But I’ll need to wear Depends to read them.

  126. In five years they’ll forget the mistake anyway, because they’ll actually be in the nursing home. Until then, tell them you forgot last year’s gifts and they’ll probably buy it 😀

  127. Whoever processed that order should have caught that and at least ask you about it. Because they had to know that was a mistake. I blame someone other than you, Jenny. Assholes.

  128. I guess I’m in need of a nursing home too. Just think how much fun it will be there. We’ll give em hell. Side note: I’m watching Big Bang reruns and Wil Wheaton is on!!!!! Though he’s not collating, just bowling.

  129. Love it! Basically because after the earthquake that hit the East Coast this August, I posted on my Facebook wall: I survived the Great Earthquake of 2012! Someone had to point out to me that it was actually 2011. So apparently I’m a psychic, and get ready people, for the earthquake that’s coming next summer. You know, in 2013.

  130. This is something I would totally do. Also, I’m pretty sure we have the exact same couch. I’m looking at it right now…and I think we are twins in our furniture choice 🙂 Awesome…maybe we were sisters in another life???

  131. I win. I’ve looked around for our telephone for ages, ripping the house apart, flinging couch cushions, taking everything out of the freezer. We don’t have a phone.

  132. And you know, in retrospect I should have put actual family members in the holiday cards. Curse you, Guy at Applebees behind the dumpster…I thought you CARED!

  133. Looks like my comment is awaiting something. We clearly have a feud here, because I kind of love your blogginess. Check the ‘I’m Right dictionary’. Pretty sure we are both candidates.
    Is ‘Blogginess’ a word? Well no. But now it is.

    Carry on.

    (Don’t Spell Check. It’s not worth it)

  134. At first I was concerned that you were selling an ornament of your daughter to the general public. I was like “nahhh Jenny is far too smart to do that” … Then I saw the comment about the year… And, quite frankly, I looked at that ornament at least twice and the year being wrong never even occurred to me…

    Maybe I belong in a nursing home.

    P.S. She’s so lovely, just like her Mom!

  135. Just take a sharpie and write “Party like it’s” above the 2010 and problem fixed. BOOYAH!

  136. Yep. We almost did that on our wedding programs. Disaster averted at T-minus one second. From now on, I think I’ll just write down a year ahead of what I think it is, so that I’ll be ahead of schedule instead of behind the times. Then I can say, “This check came from the FUTURE. It’s worth twice as much because of that.”

  137. Do not feel bad! On any given day it can be any year from 2009 to 2013 for me! Time is so relative. I think I just quoted Albert Einstein, right? Because he was smart, and that would make it okay.

  138. my dad probably wouldn’t notice it. When my wife showed him her new “J” tattoo after I showed my new “C” tattoo he asked her what the J stood for. Lol he has the same name as me.

  139. I made a scrapbook of our summer vacation this summer & I put 2010 on it. I didn’t think of telling people it was a test, but I will now. Thanks for the suggestion!

  140. I just randomly wrote 1997 on a check the other day. I’m not sure what’s weirder–writing a check, or being over a decade off.

  141. Yup, I’ve done that. And on a sort of related note, I have the exact same couch as you! I’m not sure why I find that so awesome but I do.

  142. I am so glad you posted this because I had to ask my students last week what year it was. I was filling out birthday party invitations for my son’s party in January and got REALLY confused! Yes, I am a teacher!!!

  143. The fact that you ordered Christmas ornaments with your child on them at ALL says that you are more organized and thoughtful than the average person, even if you did get the year wrong. Screw those haters, anyways! Way to go, Jenny! 😀

  144. Don’t feel too bad, I once spent 2 hours cutting and and hand-drawing a “Happy Birthday” badge for a friend, only to realize it said “Birtday” just before I gave it to her. Sigh.

  145. SHIT! It’s not 2010? I still haven’t gotten that straight. I have to double-check every single time I write the date. Damn you, date gods!*

    (*Gods of numerical-year-esque dates, not the ones that grow on palm trees. Although frankly, I don’t care for the fruit-date gods either, the smug little leafy fellas.)

  146. You could always sneak them into their house and ask where they are as you bought them last year, then magically ‘find’ them?
    Maybe thats just me…

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