And that’s why I can’t get any work done. That and the fact that Doctor Who is on.

A picture of my (previously abandoned) office immediately after I start blogging:

All the cats in the house, present and fucking shit up. Each trying to typing as soon as I type. Sitting on the escape key. Screechy cat fights erupt behind computer within seconds of a good idea. UNWORKABLE.

And that’s why I’m not working for the rest of the week.  Because none of these cats understands how important my job is.  And also because I really want to watch Doctor Who.  And because I’m tired and sort of whiney.  And because I’m going to see my parents for a few days so I can eat out of a chuck wagon in full 1800’s period clothes in the middle of an abandoned and (hopefully) haunted fort.  On purpose.  It’s sort of a long story.  I’d explain it all here but I can’t because I’m taking the rest of the week off.

PS.  Is this the most pointless blog post in the history of ever?  Probably.  

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  1. Possibly, but the picture of those gorgeous cats makes it all worthwhile. Plus I wish that my office looked like yours. Hell, who am I kidding, I don’t even have an office. I just perch on the sofa with my laptop balanced on my knee. Got cats to keep me company (oh and a toddler) though, so it’s not so bad. Have a good break, enjoy the chuck wagon.

  2. I have to type around a 3 year old who likes to plant his cute little ass on my laptop no matter how often I tell him not to. Also – I can see from your picture that I really really need more disembodied heads in my workspace. Have some good time off! 🙂

  3. Is that a blow-up doll’s face on your wall? And what are all those Post-Its about?

    Anyway, enjoy your week off, and may you find a prairie home companion to take back to your house!

  4. Where’s Copernicus? I don’t see Copernicus. OH MY GOODNESS did you LOSE Copernicus? Make sure he’s not in your suitcase before you leave. Or make sure he is. Just make sure he’s accounted for, or none of us will sleep for the next week.

  5. My cats are constantly trying to turn on something called “caret browsing” on my computer. I have no idea why. They’ll do every single chance they get, whether I am at the computer or not. At first I assumed it was an accident. Now I’m thinking it’s a cat plot of some sort…

  6. This is why the cats are not allowed in the room while I write. They’re all “lovemelovemeLOVEME! Fine, I’m sitting on the keyboard.” Also, I’m glad mine isn’t the only desk completely surrounded by a vomit of random.

  7. BAH! I just saw you on FB and was all……..WHOA!!!!!! And then POOF – you were gone.
    Must suck to be such a celebrity.

  8. i started sneezing immediately when i saw this.

    Good a reason as any to take the rest off. I fire myself about once a month, then my wife hires me back in a few days.

    Schizo? yes. Works? yes.
    Ahhhh the self employed life is grand.

  9. My one cat is a big enough asshole to keep me from doing anything, I can’t imagine how much trouble three is. And I also wouldn’t be able to work with a detached doll baby head staring at me, either.

  10. Never pointless…. and enjoy the time off with Ma and Pa and the chuckwagon. We’ll see if we can get the Tardis nd the Dr to pop in and take the cats away for a holiday of their own to Gallifrey while you are away….

  11. Actually…this pic makes me feel better. I need to have perfect working conditions to write..always the procrastinator…So NOT a pointless blog.

  12. Wow – your office is cleaner than mine. Jealous now. About the clean, not the cats. I have my own. Cats that is. And not pointless, because now you made me feel inadequate. Your job here is done for the week.

  13. Which period costume did you devise to go with? Can’t wait for more pics!!! 🙂

  14. My cats have no respect for my work. If they need love, they need love. Walk across my keyboard, knock my hands off the keys, even plop down on the keys like they’re a cat bed.
    No respect at all.
    Where do they think the money to buy cat food comes from?

  15. That is the most hilariously adorable truth-in-a-photo I have ever seen, and I’m not just saying that because everything is stacked on one side of my desk because the other side belongs to The Sleeping Cat Of The Moment (you know, when he isn’t kicking the answering machine off the desk or treadling my plasma monitor screen with untrimmed claws…)

  16. I think it’s in the cat code of conduct. Trixie does the exact same thing – walking in front of my laptop and putting her bum in my face. Thanks, Cat, that’s just what I needed for inspiration.

    Also, thank goodness for the Mexican bobble-head dragon on my desk, which occasionally distracts said feline. Though she somehow still manages to get her bum in my face.

  17. Not useless. Makes you human just like the rest of us with our cats sitting on our keyboards. I am slightly jealous that you’re going to a haunted fort, and going to dress if full 1800 regalia and eat out of a chuck wagon, and I think you’ll miss us, and come home full of wonderful, witty, obnoxious stories to make us all laugh and laugh and laugh.

  18. While you are gone, I am going to redecorate my office. Perhaps as a pioneer era chuck-wagon. I was just waiting for inspiration. P

  19. My cat horked a giant hairball on my keyboard this morning…resulting in me horking my breakfast into the sink…but you have severed doll heads, so you win! 🙂

  20. My cat horked a giant hairball on my keyboard this morning…resulting in me horking my breakfast into the sink…but you have severed doll heads, so you win!

  21. I see potential trouble, cats – dolls on shelf, followed by dolls not on shelf, broken glass, chewed dolls, alligator, mouse etc.

  22. amazing that what you yourself call a ‘pointless’ post – you still get oodles of comments. probably because you are refreshingly honest and so darn funny:)

  23. This post made me laugh! Right before I got distracted by this post, I was writing a blog post with my cat, Lemon, walking across the keyboard on my laptop, batting at my hands as I typed, and rubbing up on the screen. My cats just know when I are trying to get something done and they must try to annoy me into deciding that it is not as important as giving attention to them.

  24. I agree with what seems to be the majority here, It’s never pointless when cats are involved. It’s always about the cats!

  25. I love your desk!

    You need to spray cat repellent around a 3 foot radius (unless you’re looking for a reason to procrastinate). Why is it that cats think “work time” is actually “sit and stare at you intently” time?

  26. Pointless? No! Very relatable. I feel the same way. Except instead of a cat I have a dog that is sometimes very cat-like Can I come to your parents and wear the clothes and eat the food, too? Baguette will stay at home because she refuses to wear jackets and let’s face it, 19th century clothes are pretty much all jackety. Which is fine with me, but good lord, that girl hates wearing jackets.

  27. OMG are those ball jointed dolls? I would love you forever if they are, I collect them.

    (They are. Soul dolls from Korea. You must love me forever now. ~ Jenny)

  28. You need to tell those cats that they’ll have to do some work to earn their keep. Can they do light proofreading? Do they have any basic HTML/CSS skills? Do they even know how to do a screen capture?

    Because right now it looks like all they’re doing now is getting fur in the keyboard and knocking the Stickies off your monitor. Maybe you could send them off to a training seminar.

  29. At least you have an office, even if it is cat infested. My “office” is a bookshelf between the kitchen and the laundry room. Actually it’s really in the kitchen but I can smell the laundry room and only have to take 3 steps to change the laundry. At least you can throw cats. I can’t throw my two year old when she insists on helping. I told her as soon as she can spell her name she can help mommy blog. I hope she forgets before then.

  30. cats just have no concept of work, I mean they just lay in the sun, and eat, then stink up the litter box. Kind of describes most infants too doesn’t it?

  31. I couldn’t work the other night because my puggle figured out how to climb up on my desk. It’s not your fault, dude. it’s all part of the animals’ plan to take over the world by undermining productivity one owner at a time.

  32. The question is which period outfit did you decide to wear????!!! Also, I think every cat should be forced to come along in hoop skirts. Not the right period? Who the hell cares? It will be funny.

  33. It makes me happy that even super big-time, uber-famous, way-more-cool-than-me bloggers still do their writing at tiny, regular desks with regular computers. I always picture grand, executive office-style desks and sleek little laptops surrounding by lots of official-looking file folders and filing cabinets. And a telephone with multiple lines. Your workspace is very normal and very inspiring to me and my desk (which is currently covered in dirty dishes and bills.)


  35. As long as the disembodied doll head doesn’t start whispering evil plans for the cats to carry out, you’ll be fine.

  36. Those are actually some incredibly well-behaved cats. I’d have thought they’d be eating the post-it notes, batting things off the walls, and leaving hairballs on the keyboard.
    Of course, if they’re the ones who left all the post-its in the first place, then they’re very bad cats, actually.

  37. i can safely say your cats are teh reason I cannot work either, as well, too, also. To hell with it!

  38. Cats have very important things to say, you know. Like “feed me!”, “pet me!”, “play with me!”. Unfortunately they can’t *actually* type, they just like to play like they can. But it would be so lovely if they could so that my lamp didn’t fall on my head at 3 in the morning. (true story, this morning) *sigh*

  39. Great, thanks for providing me with the exact location of Hamlet von Schnitzel. (Not that I plan on stealing him or anything, it’s just nice to see where he hangs out.)

  40. Yes, my cats are about this helpful as well, usually laying down on my keyboard or blocking my screen or actually climbing onto me. I love them, but some days, I think they would make really warm, soft mittens.

  41. Enjoy the Dr. Who and your parents anniversary party 🙂 We’ll be needing pictures when you get back home to us!

  42. So you pretty much just stole my excuse for never posting blogs either. My cats choose to either sit on my laptop completely while I type or, (if I’m laying on my back propping my laptop up with my knees) they decide that my chest is the perfect spot to take a nap. Which completely restricts my airways while also blocking my view of the computer screen. Multi tasking at it’s best, clearly.

  43. Cats are such assholes… before you know it, they’re going to eat those post-its. Especially the important ones (unless, deep down, you want a break…. in that case, they’re sweet little furry bundles of awesome).

  44. Wow, a cat monitor stand, how clever.

    Want pictures of you in the 1800s clothes and/or eating out of a chuckwagon. My guess is it’s some sort of re-enactment –Civil War perhaps?

  45. id like a picture of the cats wearing buckle shoes.

    also, please do not get burned at the stake as a witch. Pretty much anyone who was totally awesome back then did.

  46. That looks just like my life. JUST. LIKE. Minus the cats and the dolls, but with the attitude of the cats and the dolls nevertheless.

  47. I notice Ferris Mewler’s heinie there. I think he might have a psychic cat-connection with Cheddy, one of our cats. We see him in that position a lot.

  48. Nice office!

    I guess I’m lucky, my cat basically sees me typing and just wants to sit on my lap and make imprints of her paws in my thighs to show me how much she loves me. It slows me down as I then have to take a ten minute petting break from whatever I’m doing but I figure the tradeoff is worth it.

  49. Did you know they sell doll heads, just the heads, at Hobby Lobby. The possibilities are ENDLESS!

  50. Doctor Who is an excellent reason to stop working. I wonder if I could call in Doctor Who from work? “Sorry, I can’t come in today, Doctor Who is on.”

    (Also, I am in love with your work area, even if it is covered in cats.)

  51. Honestly, there are so many other things going on in that photo that I didn’t even SEE the cats until I read that they were there.

  52. Oh I have seen way more pointless posts than this …
    My blogging space is laptop on sofa in front of TV. Large bag of popcorn balanced on computer. Large farting dog on one side of me, small snoring dog on other side. Classy.,,

  53. I’m not sure which cat is which but the one on the chair looks very guilty.

    “What Jenny? I’m blogging now and plan to take over the office. I dare you to try to stop me. First order of business is to remove the ridiculous mouse pad with a CAT on it. It’s called a MOUSE PAD!!! For fucks sake. “

  54. It’s their friendly style. They are being helpful. Plus they are probably protecting you from robotigers.

    While I typed, there was a distant tyre screech followed by thumps and now a horn is going nonstop. I kind of think an accident just happened… quite some distance away. Which I can almost certainly do nothing useful about… barring to get in the way, or take awkward gawker photos.

    But I think it’s a better excuse for not writing than simply hanging around an 18th century haunted fort in full regalia. Holy whatever. There are definitely sirens now.

  55. I am totally jealous about the staying in the (hopefully) haunted fort!!! I got to stay in a haunted hotel in Eureka Springs (there is something there. The Ghost Hunters totally caught something freaky on camera!) the weekend after my husband and I got engaged. Enjoy your time off, Jenny!! 😀

  56. Seriously, this picture is just wrong. Where are the mountains of bills to be paid? Or the empty candybar wrappers? How about last night’s margarita glass? This is OBVIOUSLY not a working desk and just there for show.

  57. When I first looked at this picture I saw ONE cat.. And every time I kept looking at it again a new one seemed to appear. Looks like a fun workstation, ha! 🙂

  58. Even though I have all of Doctor Who, I still stop working on stuff when it’s on the TV. It’s addictive, but we can all take the time off together and hang out. Have a great weekend!

  59. ohmygodohmygodohmygod!!! that cat – it’s identical to our cat of unknown origin that my husband has spent the last decade trying to determine what kind he is! do you know what yours is???

  60. My cats will come along and sit in my lap while at the sewing machine, or lay on the fabric that’s spread out to the side of the machine that’s supposed to be able to you know… move? Or play with the fabric that’s dangling over the edge of the cutting table.

  61. I’m jealous about your upcoming visit, because I totally want to “eat out of a chuck wagon in full 1800?s period clothes in the middle of an abandoned and (hopefully) haunted fort.”

    If we don’t get details and pics of these events, I will cry.

  62. They are waiting to edit your work….Posey and Ferris are brainstorming your next blog topic! Oh…and they said they need you to bring the coffee they have a lot of work to do!!

  63. I wish I could hire you to decorate my new apartment. It would be full of whimsy. And freaky stuffed animals. And doll body parts.

  64. I can’t believe you didn’t already know this about blogging, but I’ll gladly be the first to tell you.

    A blog post about cats is NEVER pointless. ever.

    P.S. Seriously. Meow.

  65. If this post is pointless, just how important is my fucking comment? OK – important enough to keep me from doing any work.

  66. I have a similar situation with my cats here. I would also have a problem with that scary eyeless face to the left of your computer. That thing is terrifying.

  67. Are you going to the paranormal thingy? Yeah, super specific, I know… I have friends in TX somewhere, and they are hosting (or working?) there. ^_^

  68. Um, are you watching ALL of Doctor Who? Because that shit has been on for like 27 years. Is this your way of dumping us forever?

  69. Hey! You’re using the desk! Sometimes when I close my eyes I can see y’all sanding it saying “This is the closest Victor and I have ever gotten to ironing.”


  70. I’m still trying to figure out a way to use my cats to gain wealth and fame, especially since they’re always walking all over my computer and my lap interrupting my work and my goofing off. I mean, if they’re gonna fuck everything up they might as well make me some money, right? But they have no hidden talents such as mauling Christmas trees or wearing fruit on their heads. And if I try to interest them in feather wands or lasers, they play for about 5 seconds, and then they’re all, meh. So much for my dreams of fame and fortune.

  71. The cats are all totally “I can haz attention pls?”
    Looking at the photo of your working space you really come off as one of those crazy cat ladies. But in a good way!

  72. Yay cats! I currently have one attempting to sit on my right arm as I type. Another one just sneezed all over my screen. Two more are staring at me from across the room… oh, wait, one just yawned.

    Yup. Cats are highly distracting.

  73. Jenny, you are so wonderfully weird. I love the doll heads, but I think they would creep me out. I have cutesy little bears and bunnies on my desk. What can I say? My development arrested at age 14.

  74. You totally deserve a week off! We all take vacations from work, why not you?
    Party on with your 1800s-period self!

  75. The cats are JUST TRYING TO HELP, thank you very much. They were planning to write your blog for you, so that you could start watching Dr. Who even faster. But do they get any thanks? Not a one. Honestly, how you get anything done at all without their able assistance is just stunning. For their tireless work, they definitely deserve an extra helping of kitty treats, and would it kill you to open a tuna can now and then for them?

    (This has been a paid presentation by the United Cat Workers of the World.)

  76. Dear Victor: Jenny needs a larger desk, to accommodate the cats. If you care enough to deny Jenny a candelabra because the cats are flammable, then you should care enough to give them more space to stretch out. And a little bit of extra work space for Jenny, too.

  77. But it has CATS!!!

    The one on the right behind the monitor looks suspiciously like one of ours…

  78. Oh, great. Now we’re going to have a week of bloggers vying to out-pointless this post (and one-another’s pointless posts).

    The bolgosphere is going to go to Hel in a hand-basket.

    That’s a pretty amazing week of “no work.”

  79. That’s why I have a dog. And guinea pigs. Their all assholes but at least they don’t flaunt it the way cats do.

  80. I love you office, love your cats, but find the dolls a bit creepy. Enjoy the chuck wagon and period costumes.

  81. Yay cats! Yay Dr. Who!
    Wait…is that a velociraptor in a doctors jacket up there? You have the best office EVER!

  82. This made my day! I too am whiney and mopey and would rather be watching Dr. Who that writing applications and grading essays, the essays my cat is currently claiming as her personal property.

  83. A) how is it possible that this post already has 127 comments in less than an hour?
    B) How I wish I could blame my writer’s block on cats. Totally jealous.

  84. Not pointless at all because we got to see Posey! Plus the anticipation of the post about eating from the back of a chuck wagon in 1800 regalia. Wow, I say Wow!

  85. Oh the irony what with your having numerous severed heads on display…yet your pets appear to be decapitated.

  86. having just started hanging around here I was wondering if any of the cats were taxidermy or if they were all real (all I’ve “met” so far is Mr. Mewler) Being as they are all live I can see where it gets distracting. But then given Jenny they could be just as distracting (if not more so) if they were stuffed!
    Enjoy the party. Will be waiting to hear how it turns out. I’m currently working with two older sisters (who both live outside of town) to plan our parents 50th and I’m being the well behaved one!
    Mom is planning on an intervention rather than an anniversary party.

  87. LOL at the timeliness of your Doctor Who comment – thought of you this morning sitting in traffic as I was stuck behind a car with a bumper sticker that said “My other car is a TARDIS”. Classic.

  88. Which Souldoll models are those? I can’t tell from the pictures! (I have a Hye myself.)

  89. oh crap, I don’t see a big stinkin problem… grab a handful of kitty treats, yell “eat treats!”” and throw the treats in Victor’s office. then shut his door. how simple is that?

  90. Took me a full 2 minutes to realize there were other cats behind the monitor. *rubs eyes* and maybe I’m still seeing things but that is the smallest keyboard I have ever witnessed. No wonder the cat was fucking with you. He couldn’t believe it either.

  91. Not pointless at all. I only have 2 cats, and I go through the same thing. I home school and one cat sits on top of my sons desk and sleeps across the keyboard as he tries to work. The other (pain in the butt kitten, who is over weight because he doesn’t let the other cat eat) jumps up and down on my desk standing in front of the screen. The leaps from one desk to the other to attack the sleeping cat. So I sympathize with your situation and wish I could take the week off because I can’t teach with hissing, growling and fur flying about the room! By the way I love your blog! Makes my morning tea go down better as I laugh!

  92. OOOOOH I love to see where other people work! And other things I love about this are the 2 cat butts sticking out from behind the computer, and the creepy baby head. My husband makes creepy baby head sculptures and sells them on Etsy, and I always wonder who else likes creepy baby heads. Now I know.

  93. This is my world every day! Three cats who are seriously jealous of the keyboard! Or, alternately two cats having “wild cat time” during team meetings or online trainings with customers! And by the way, it seems as though your big fluffy orange kitty has a doppleganger at my house. My orange and white boy is named Loki, Norse God of Mischief – never has a cat been so appropriately named.

  94. Jesus women they are trying to tell you to get a real chair that doesn’t make your arse feel like it’s sitting on a log for hours on end.

  95. i see you purchased one of those doll heads on a stick minus the stick….

  96. Jenny! Have you watched the BBC series Sherlock? It’s 6 episodes so far over two seasons (three a year because that’s how we do things over here). From some of the people behind Doctor Who and is in my opinion the most watchable British telly for years.

  97. that’s why I have dogs, they don’t fit on the escape key…

    Have a wonderful time off, enjoy Dr Who and your time with your folks 🙂

  98. Why is your cat staring at me like that! It’s like he is daring you to try and get some work done!

    Enjoy some time off, but hurry back with the chuck wagon stories!

  99. So… we will be waiting for the chuckwagon story post- Because that shit can only really happen to you. And mayby Victor. Enjoy!

  100. Love love love Dr Who. We’re actually going into London on Thursday to go to the Dr. Who Experience.

  101. I think you fail to realize just how absolutely un-pointless all your posts are—every single one is chock full of delight!

    Enjoy the rest of your week & I hope the fort is haunted!!!

  102. Dude, your computer screen has TWO cat butts!!! My laptop never has more than one on it. Totally jealous. (okay, not really, not jealous at all) Have fun at the chuckwagon. Hope you find a totally creepy ghost at the fort. Or a really sneaky cat who sounds like a ghost. That would probably be just as scary.

  103. I blame you, you know, entirely. I started to read your blog a few months ago, and now, I have just posted a photo of me with “Fuck off” written on my head. I blame you, because I refuse to blame me. Please don’t change 😉

  104. Can I be honest? I was initially so wowed by the dolls head and other interesting knick knacks on your desk, I didn’t see the cats. I’ve heard somewhere cats don’t like citrus peel … something to try when Dr Who’s over.

  105. I understand the home office computer, post-it notes and doll heads, but why do you need the cats?

    Oh, right, to fend off the giant chicken.

    Better to have a wild duck.

    Like the one in my front yard that terrified the Crack Puppy this morning.

    Need to double her meds to get her through this honkin trauma.

  106. I have the same issue, but it’s when I’m trying to eat. Just as annoying. Except probably more annoying, because I’m EATING and they think it’s sharing time.

  107. I will never get that minute back or the one I am responding with… But my thumbs are full exercised… Winning!


  108. I won’t be surprised if your cats blog for you while you’re away. Mine answered a customer service survey from the cable company.

  109. I love the dolls on the shelf. The legless one looks shy/nervous, while the other one is giving her a YOU HAVE DISAPPOINTED ME look. And the tiny one is just sitting there with her I HAVE NO SOUL stare. I applaud you on your decoration.

  110. You should get some mice to help take care of your cat problem. Oh, and if I were you I would bring the cardboard Tardis to the get together, and then you can pretend you just time travelled back in it…

  111. If you think for one moment that I believe your lame story about “visiting your parents” and that I am not onto the fact that Victor perfected the formula for Robotigers and that you are taking next week to assemble your army then you are sadly mistaken! Kudos for telling us the fort is “haunted” to mask the reason for their howls, but was not sharp enough to fool me! So, sorry to let the cat out of the bag ( or in this case ‘fort’) … but I think now I have no choice but to also log off for a week so I am well prepared to defend Canada from your beasts via my soon to be newly acquired mad chess skills ….

  112. I bet you the fort will be haunted by cats and every time you’re suitably inspired by a bloggy thought there’ll be a huge ectoplasmic cat fight. Undead hairballs ruin creative thought – fact.

  113. Good for you kiddo. Enjoy your R&R and recharge your batteries. Your loyal hoard will be awaiting your return.

    Besides you might come across another taxidermied soul to add to your menagerie while you’re away. You haven’t added to your pack since you got Copernicus have you?

  114. Feline Computer Cozies! Yes, I too am infested! THEY are the reason my online bill paying is behind; my family members get slow email replies; and all my fb friends have no clue what i’m up to. Their fault! sigh. going for a drink. THEY see me right now and THEY are closing in. Enjoy your week away.

  115. No wonder you have office problems… that keyboard is way too small for a cat to properly lie across.

  116. I’m guessing “1800s period clothes” includes some kind of extendable corset to accommodate for bloating, or black absorbent bloomers……………

  117. Nothing quite says “I love you” like all the cats fucking everything up at once, within two feet of you. Have fun in your fort!

  118. Work sabotaging cats? Never pointless.

    My fiance and I were surrounding by a gang of roving squirrels on my college campus the other day. Scary as shit. I wish I got a picture.

  119. I {heart} the picture of your work/writing/creative space…LOVE IT! But then, I’m a sucker for pictures of spaces where women are inspired and create art!

    My space includes tons of bird feathers, acorns, books, glitter and pens, dresses displayed like artwork, and candles…

    Thank you for sharing…as Mary Oliver recently said, “Pay attention, be astonished, tell about it.” Looks like your desk is a perfect place to do that.

    Prevail~Tattoo Girl (sending Goddess blessings, Magic, and Light flowing strongly your way)

  120. Am I mistaken or is this NOT what you have Mary for? Isn’t she your assistant? Can’t you get her to play with the cats while you blog? Can’t you get her to fix you up a nice little office area while you are away for a few days?

    Well, however it works out as long as everyone has fun and no one gets hurt. Enjoy!

  121. Dr Who!, this is in no relation to your post. There is a shop on Etsy called LegendaryCrafts, by Dortha Gibbs. she makes a Dr. Who knitted hat that carries your Ood brain safely. I thought of you immediately!

  122. As someone who used to have a cat, that picture looks like everything is as it should be. It’s when they stop “helping” you when you’re at the computer and when they stop sticking their ass in your face, that you know something is wrong.

    Have a great time with Dr. Who, your family, the chuck wagon and the ghosts.

  123. At least you have a chair and a table. I’m sprawled out on the floor with surrounded by ABC blocks and what might be a poop-filled diaper from 2 weeks ago that I am not going to get any closer to.

  124. I like that the reflection in the mirror shows that we are all actually being watched by a very powerful witch… or… my mom. One of those two…

  125. Ta da! I’m here now! I’m officially the last blogger on Earth to find you, via The Empress. My husband has a (blonde in a bad way) cousin who claims that she doesn’t know what a fax machine is. That’s how I feel right now, stumbling into your little corner of bloggy heaven, wondering how the hell I missed finding you sooner.

    Screaming cat fights behind your monitor? I’ve got random dog fights breaking out sporadically in MY office, but thank God the 100 pound Rottweilers sort their disputes out on the floor and not on top of my desk!

  126. you can never have too many cats on your desk.. well unless you have 100. LOL…

    I was reading Ladies Home Journal today at work and was thrilled to see your Giant Metal Chicken story in there 🙂

  127. This isn’t the most pointless blog post ever because: 1) you’re hilarious, and 2) it has a picture with cats, which means it (at least somewhat) wins the internet. Also, we like seeing weird little corners of your home! 🙂

  128. The two behind the monitor are using that infamous cat tactic of “If I can’t see you, surely you can’t see me!!!” hilarious. I love it.

    1800s…..? Yeah, you gotta write about that.

  129. Oh no…I didn’t expect it to be such a sad post…but I guess you deserve a break… :/ especially since you have a Coraline doll. I need to get myself one of those. Also, why do ALL cats seem to enjoy sitting on the keyboard (or for my cats, sprawling across them) whenever you sit down to type anything? Oh and anything else that’s important, they enjoy lying across those too. I had my brushes case open the other day while I was doing makeup and my cat jumps up and collapses right on top of it…then every time I tried to open another bag that contained some new makeup items I had just bought…she’d slap it out of my hand and start trying to consume the bag. I’d like to think that it’s her way of telling me I look good enough without makeup but I don’t think that’s the case.

  130. You got one of Shana’s “Believe” wall hangings? I also got one, too! Such a nice surprise to see something made by a (mutual?) friend in your photo. :o)

  131. Your computer has two tails… you should get that looked at.

    Have fun with your parents!!! Record some EVP, OK? Show Zak Bagins who’s boss.

  132. At least you HAVE an excuse for not blogging. I can’t even blame my dog. p.s. That’s a lot of creepy doll heads, there.

  133. Right now my cat and my 90 lb “puppy” are scrapping with each other next to my desk. Whole lotta awesome.

  134. Ohmygosh there is totally a ghost in the mirror. Quick somebody call ghostbusters. Unless you want the ghost there…. hey, to each their own :o)

  135. I hope you come back with scary ghost stories! Or at least funny stories about 1800’s clothes and chuck wagon food. Have a great time!

  136. Where are you in the Who series? All I have to say is that it just keeps getting better. : ) Have you watched “Blink” yet? Best episode EVER! I still scream every time I watch it. Creepy ass angel statues. Once you are caught up with the recent reboot, I recommend going back and watching earlier Who episodes. To quote another fabulous Brit show, Miranda, “Such fun!” Seriously, I think you’d love Miranda. There are some similarities between you two, and it’s a good thing!

  137. I wouldn’t say the post is pointless. It offers an interesting glimps (glemps? dsfdsa dfsaf s why does this dumb thing not have a spell checker. GAWD. Have to use google for everything… GLIMPSE!! THERE WE GO!) glimpse into your private life. Plus cats!

    I see at least 4 cats in the photo. Is your desktop background picture a cat? If so, that would make it 5 cats, and makes you a shoe-in for “Crazy Cat Czar of the Century.”


    The End.

  138. one cat (Rasputin) will plop down on my hands/arms when I’m writing. When he isn’t doing that our other kitty (Csonka) will sit on the side of the computer and try to lick my fingers anytime they get near her while typing.

  139. Dang! I was wondering what to do this weekend, and chuckwagon chowing in an abandoned fort didn’t even occur to me. Awesome.

    If it’s any consolation, I also have three cats, all equally unhelpful. Love your office space.

  140. Is the doll head on the desk from Sid’s room? (Toy Story) Gives me the shivers. Mostly, I’m really curious about what’s written on the wall-mounted satchel. Very cool.

  141. Get the bigger keyboard!! The one with the numbers on the side! You can take your small keyboard back to the Apple store and request the bigger one (it’s free) and they’ll also let you keep the smaller one.

  142. Love the cats, and they obviously love you … but the really PRESSING question is: What does the sign-on-the-suitcase over your desk actually SAY? Inquiring minds need to know — xoxoxo

  143. Is that an alligator in a detective coat?!

    Cats are asses but I cant really blame them…..I would totally be standing on your chair/desk to look through all the cool shit you have all over! And probobly breaking some of it as I fell :/

  144. Ergonomic rant: That tiny keyboard *can’t* be doing anything good for your wrists and the tendons in your forearms. Please consider bashing people at the Apple Store over the head with it until they give you a bigger one, you could be doing serious damage to your hands…

  145. Why are my two cats preventing you from working? They’re supposed to be in my stairwell, sh!tting on the carpet.

  146. No, this post is not pointless… otherwise all week long we’d all be like, “WHERE THE FUCK, JENNY?!?!” But in the oh so eloquent words of GI Joe, “knowing is half the battle,” so now that we KNOW that you’re on some Oregon Trail/Donner Party-style excursion (which sound magnificent, btw, as long as there are modern toilets and showers), we won’t have to worry. Have fun forging rivers with oxen, and don’t die of dysentery or eat your fellow travelers!

  147. Blame the cats.

    And the single-celled parasites from the protozoan family.

    That they put into your brain.

    We are not making this up.

    Which is why Ferris Meuller always has that ‘look’.

    You know what I am talking about.

  148. Um, no. Robobcats was MUCH more pointless. Wait. Is that right? Much most pointless? More pointless less? Less than more pointless? Gah. Gah. I could use a Robobcat about now.

  149. Ummm… I’m thinking that your cats were trying to tell you that you needed to take the rest of the week off with their annoying behavior. On the surface it seems annoying, but the true message (once figured out) is brilliant!
    Fucking. Love. Cats.

  150. What’s in the suitcase on the wall? Inquiring minds want to know….. Nosy minds want to know, too!

  151. I recognize the doll with the long blue hair and light blue dress from somewhere… And it’s driving me insane trying to remember where that’s from. I’d ask for help from your cats since they’re hanging out there, but they look just about as helpful as mine.
    Have fun on your vacation! I’m going to sit here and bang my head against the wall trying to dredge up memories. It sucks getting old.

  152. Pointless? Maybe.

    But all my doll friends and I just went nuts trying to identify which BJD they are on your shelf, we’ve got as far as MSD size LOL

    Thus you confirmed to my friend Kathy you need to be our best friend forever!

  153. CORALINE!

    Sorry. I got distracted there. Because Coraline is the shit. I cosplayed her at D*Con and was SO SAD that nobody recognized me.

  154. That’s how cats help….similar to mine who help me wake up by meowing in my face then chill on my pillow and lick my hair to pretty me up for the day. Of course, this all happens two hours before my alarm is set to go off but it is selfish of me not to get up at 3AM to feed the little darlings.

  155. Yeah it’s like a “count the cats” photo. Btw Bloggess, personal is never pointless. But wow that’s some baroque kind of workspace you have going there.

  156. No way I could work with all of those dolls staring at me. The souls of dead, naughty children from London sweatshops, every one of them…

  157. My cat Henry today did an excellent job in thwarting me about writing about the National Foreclosure Settlement today. But not so good that I didn’t finish it, so THERE, Henry. In any event, he didn’t thwart me from My Main Goal, which is to have you come do a booksigning at my house in Minneapolis for A Lot of People. To reprise, I can offer:
    No Nathan Fillion
    A cat named Victor (for Victorious, because that asshole thinks he’s always right)
    Clean litterboxes, AND

    TIARAS for everyone who forgets to bring one of their own. Yes, I will provide tiaras. Even for the cats.

  158. You need a decoy work area. Sit at it for awhile, they’ll congregate, you sneak on over to your real computer. Everyone’s happy.

  159. Have an awesome week off, Jenny. Sounds like it will give you plenty of fodder for new posts. Just to be safe, you might want to bring your zombie survival kit. I’ve got a strange feeling about this trip.

  160. I love your office space – cats included! I’ve been looking all over for some kind of a desk like that to put in my office at work. No-go. Sadface.

    1800s period clothing, haunted fort? Uh yes please! I’m already there. 🙂

  161. I totally see where the robo-tigers almost seem preferable to these felines in a way…stopping work flow, hitting random keys…what a cat-tastrophe.

  162. Just leave the computer on and we can enjoy MeOwwww posts til you get back. Cute kitties; creepy dolls heads.
    Enjoy your time away.

  163. Not pointless. I have the same cat problem, only I have 5 (2 are my”husbands”;) And they all love mom’s computer. Enjoy Dr. Who. I love it but due to trying to save money we cut our tv package to minimum and I lost my Dr. Who channel. Will have to catch reruns sometime in the future. I also go camping in funny cloths(medieval recreation) so I hope you have fun there, say “hi” to any ghost you find in the fort:)

  164. I recently went on one of those trail ride / chuckwagon / Donner Party expeditions here in Oregon. It was magical. . .and by magical I mean both educational and profoundly disturbing. It may have entailed me running around telling everyone “You have just died of dysentary” and chortling at my own witticism like a coked-up whore. My family is so proud.

  165. So I have been following your weekend adventures on Twitter, and I am pretty sure that we all missed an awesome party. I am in northwestern Arkansas awaiting the snow storm that kept you at the Dairy Queen! Hoping it results in me getting a spare day to stay home and accomplish things. Hope you make it home safe!

  166. Adding to the people who love you cause you collect BJD’s. YAY SOUL DOLL. They have the most detailed outfits in the business, I swear.

    Luts owns my soul though. We should have a doll tea party. Maybe a long-distance one. I’ll send you pictures. D:

  167. I adore your voice, and general point of view, but the cat thing could be a bigger problem than you suspect.

    You are one of the lucky ones.



    You’re awesome. Seriously.

  169. kittehz are made to fuck your shit up… we love them anyway, furiously…. my kitteh has destroyed the wallpaper in our place, lucky we are being foreclosed upon at the end of the month (silver lining)

  170. My cat keeps putting my laptop in ‘Airplane’ mode, when I’m not looking.

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