If it's Wednesday this must be New Jersey

Today I’m in New Jersey doing a reading and signing for my book.  Come see me?  Pretty please?

While I’m gone this week I’m phoning it in by rehashing old posts you’ve probably never seen before, like this one, which is 5 years old and was the first comic strip I ever wrote:

first cartoon

Does it count as “writing a comic strip” if I made up my own captions over free clip art?  Because it should.

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  1. Hahaha love the comic strip, and WOOOHOOO jersey!!!! (Sorry, my people hail from there)

    Mayor Gia recently posted First World Problems and Zombies.

  2. *snort.

    Enjoy New Jersey!

    Amanda recently posted It's June 4th and I Can Finally Wear White Pants....

  3. Considering some of the “professional” comics out there – it totally counts.

    Deirdre recently posted deirdrebeth: RT @TheGoalieGuild: Nothing in the world is more gorgeous to me than a girl that loves hockey, has other passions as well...and always f ....

  4. That’s the best comic I’ve read all day. Coin tricks AND cancer? It’s, like, THE winning combination.

    Queen Gen recently posted Yes, actually, it *is* a French word..

  5. I just realised that it seems like I’m up crazy early reading blogs like those few other crazy people there and I just want to make it clear that I am not. It’s almost 10pm here. Your book signing is probably over by now. (It was awesome). Welcome to the future. It’s dark and raining now.

    Queen Gen recently posted Yes, actually, it *is* a French word..

  6. I’ll see you tonight! Really hope I get to meet you at the book signing!

  7. This comic killed me. hahaha. I’m still saying you need to visit OKC!

    Brandi recently posted 500 days of cuteness..

  8. You’re still not in Pittsburgh. *waits*

    Funny strip.

    Jim W. recently posted Zombie Bath Salt Epidemic Hits Home.

  9. Totally counts! You should see some of the “illustrations” on my blog!

  10. OK, so your comic strip just reminded me of a true story that I must share with you:

    I had this old bio teacher in high school. He was perpetually in a fed-up state about how we were always being told this causes cancer and that causes cancer and everything everywhere causes cancer. So he’d say, you see this? (rubbing his two index fingers together). THAT can cause cancer!

    Years later, we heard the old man died.

    Of cancer.

  11. Oh, it counts!

    Welcome to NJ, I’ll be there tonight with bells on! (Note to self: buy some bells.)

    Robin recently posted On The Road Again, or: Off To See The Bloggess.

  12. You are delightful. My plan is to bring husband and kids to Printers Row, where we can all gaze upon you!

    Does the book come with a guarantee that I won’t die laughing? Wait a minute! It would be good to die laughing. (Better than choking on a dime, eh?)

    Kathleen recently posted Poetry Porch: Bridges.

  13. oh it counts. have fun touring! xo

    danielle recently posted My Enemy Has a Face (on my wrist and is being surgically removed).

  14. If the dinosaur comics can get away with it, you can too.

    Holly Folly recently posted A Chipper Shredingly Good Time..

  15. Please tell me that writing comic strips is going to be your new side job. When you have a gift like that, you can’t squander it.

    Ashley recently posted What's my age again?.

  16. Yes, it counts. I just want to thank you for the power you brought into the room at BEA Bloggers. It was more than inspiring. You have the women bloggers there a sense of where our true power comes from–from being real, being in community and being our beautiful creative selves (which includes having a great sense of humor, in your case!).

  17. Yeah. Totally counts. It’s pretty much all I do. 🙂

    Steve D recently posted #379 Search Me.

  18. On the next leg of your book tour, please make another detour to South Florida.I promise I won’t be sick this time.

    And yes, consider yourself a cartoonist. I call myself a chef, even though I call the pizza place to deliver our dinner. It’s all about perspective.

    Rhana @ Dumb {Squared} recently posted I am Florence fucking Nightingale, dammit! Fear me!.

  19. Yep. Counts.

    Is the snarky cancer-dad girl drinking lemonade the whole time she’s talking? And not even offering the other girl anything? Bitch.

    Melanie recently posted In Case You Were Sad. . ..

  20. 21

    Yup. it counts. Now you have an entire NEW way to entertain us!

    Another Melanie

  21. So, the next book will actually be a comic strip entitled

    “The Bloggess, The menagerie, and Victor Goes Apeshit, Again”

    Tom Stronach recently posted Fish and Prawn Curry.

  22. It completely counts! I think most comic strip writers keep reusing their same cartoons and using new verbiage, although I question if they reuse some stuff and change it slightly. For instance, maybe it was a penny.

    Vicky recently posted Sharing bodies.

  23. All well that ends well, I always say.*

    * I don’t ever say that, actually.

    Andreas Heinakroon recently posted The end of the world.

  24. I’ve heard New Jersey is lovely this time of year.

    Luda recently posted Disproving female stereotypes one gym visit at a time..

  25. Of course it counts… why would it not?

    Hope recently posted Wordless Wednesday 6-6-12.

  26. So excited to see you tonight!!! Jersey KKMFs gonna represent!!! I am bringing my Beyonce to meet you as well, he is very excited. Beyonce that is. My camera is charged up and I can’t wait to hear what section of your book you decide to read…my fingers are crossed for Jenkins, You Mother Fucker but anything you read will be beyond awesome!

    Jennifer C. recently posted So many happy things going on....

  27. That is awesome. Black gallows humor at a young age. Clearly, I need a new strategy for parenting my children to achieve this.

    Cindy ~ The Reedster Speaks recently posted The Land of Tea, Part 2.

  28. Hahahaha! Perfect.

    Lacey recently posted Why I’d Fail (or succeed) in Advertising.

  29. I thought I’d leave a comment but I don’t have anything useful to add to this conversation, unfortunately. Except, if people can buy chia pet kits, then you can totally make a cartoon with clip art. Hell, you could even call it “art” art if you want to. Kind of like the guy who picked up random objects like urinals and hung them in art galleries? And I mean that in the nicest possible way.

    Christina recently posted Book Review: Mockingjay.

  30. Hope you and Ro have fun today. She has always seemed like a cool person to hang out with. Could you tell her thanks for all her work getting the word out on Harry Potter and on eBay. I greatly appreciate both! 🙂

    Kara recently posted Boys Don’t Lie, A History of Shoes.

  31. I would consider it a comic strip! I loved the humour too. Reminded me of cyanide and happiness.

    Amanda recently posted jurassic park: the only possible wedding theme.

  32. Totally Humorous in that Blogess kind of way!!!

    TheFeelGoodDepot recently posted Boy With Disability Becomes a Unifying Inspiration – The Feel Good Depot Way.

  33. I would love to see you tonight, but I can’t get a ticket. You’re a hotter ticket than the superbowl. Please don’t hold it against me that I’m from Jersey.

    Ilene recently posted Lucky.

  34. But, but…Seattle…or Spokane…hell, even Boise! I have no taxidermied friends with which to bribe you, but my wife can make you a balloon animal out of yarn that she hand-spun and died! 😀

    Star Wars Dad recently posted Kids Can Be So Cruel (or My Daughter Learns the Force Isn't Real...from a Certain Point of View).

  35. You should come to SOUTH Jersey next time. It’s a different state. And our accents are better.

    kelly @kellynaturally recently posted Fruit and Yogurt Smoothie with Chia Seeds.

  36. Wrong on so many levels, yet oh, so right!
    My Dad always said he wanted to live long enough to be a burden to his childre. Not sure about the burden part, but he’s achieved pain-in-the-ass status!

    Chris Dean recently posted Bitter, Party Of One!.

  37. Even when you phone it in it’s good. Don’t worry about the re-post– it’s all new to me because I drink heavily. Also, thanks for not using the term “ACK!” in your comic strip. I see big things in your future. (metal chickens, mostly)

    Rach recently posted Doggie Style.

  38. Of course it counts – something as Bloggessy as that cartoon is evidently all your own.
    Enjoy Jersey (not that there’s much to enjoy about the place, really). Don’t go too crazy on The Shore…!

    Claire J recently posted Fixed.

  39. I’m pretty sure captions over clipart is the default now. In other news, I’m really hoping to see you in Brookline this week, but it’s not looking good on the ride front. I’ll be there in spirit anyway, so if you see any misty clouds that don’t photograph well, that’s me.

    Jeff Clough recently posted Bicycles and the Post-Apocalypse.

  40. My grandfather-in-law was fond of the “my last check is going to bounce” comment. He was a douchecanoe. He actually convinced my father-in-law to cosign on a loan for a new RV months before he died, and now my in-laws are stuck with the payment. Of course they’re douchecanoes too, so fuck ’em.

    Heretic Husband recently posted Will the real Christians please stand up?.

  41. Oh.My.God. I am so excited because I LIVE in New Jersey (enter generic Jersey joke here) and you are IN New Jersey! And the best part is that you are so super close to where I live! I just need to ditch my kids and hubs and I’m off to meet you!

  42. YEA NEW JERSEY!!! Wachung is a serious trek for me but I’m there in spirit!

    The cominc totally counts!

    Crazy Tragic Almost Magic recently posted I Dreamed A Dream.

  43. Oh Come on!!! NEW JERSEY??? Who is planning this!! SALT. LAKE. CITY!

  44. Well hell. You’re in my neck of the woods and i can’t get there. Damn it.
    Hope it’s a rowdy success. You know, you could stay in Jersey. We can be friends. It’s not that bad here. I promise.

    Tracey recently posted Transitions & Transmissions.

  45. I’m told that I swallowed a nickel when I was an infant and I almost died. The story always gets a good laugh. Nothing better than an infant turning blue story. Except maybe cancer.

    Jen W recently posted Touché Tuesday Advice Column: Job Interviews and ....

  46. it absolutely counts

  47. Oh my god, that’s hilarious. I hope you’re having a great time in New Jersey!

    Jena recently posted By Golly I actually completed some goals!.

  48. Your comment section is like a talent show.

  49. 50

    It totally counts- you win.

  50. 51
    Lady Macbeth

    I’m throwing in with the other Southerners here. Please visit the South? Tennessee? Kentucky? North Carolina? Georgia? Any/all of the above? I live a mere 45 minutes from Mr. William Shatner (not that I know the man personally or even impersonally, nor have I ever seen him in town; I’m just sayin’)…


  51. Love starting my day with some Jenny Lawson humor.

    See ya in Brookline on Friday. I’ll be with the Boston Parent Bloggers contingent. Can’t wait!

    JD @ Honest Mom recently posted This is what depression looks like..

  52. Welcome to NJ! We made sure the weather would be perfect (or close to it) for you today. If the planets are aligned correctly, I hope to be at your book signing tonight.

  53. dang, i wish I had time to get down there today! And yes, quotes over clip art counts as a comic strip 😉 Enjoy the Garden State, I live about 8 miles north of the NJ border in NY, and was just “over the border” this morning to get gas. Gas in Jersey is cheap. And it’s only full service. Heavenly 😉

    Michele C. recently posted Well-Being Wednesday ~ Project 10 ~ June 6, 2012.

  54. For some reason I love that she’s drinking a glass of lemonade. It’s like she still got that damn dime and spent it on something nice for herself.

    Carrie - Cannibalistic Nerd recently posted The All-New Super Friends Round Up S2 Ep4C – “Day of the Plant Creatures”.

  55. Enjoy being out of Texas because it’s HOT here. And has been since March, ugh, I’m ready for winter.

  56. Can’t wait till Bean Town! Still not 100% sure why they call it Bean town…. Maybe they drink alot of coffee?? Or pass alot of gas?? TO THE WIKIPEDIA-MOBILE!

    … Researching … Researching …

    Wikipedia has failed me….. TO THE GOOGLE-MOBILE!

    … Researching … Researching …

    Huh… found it on Yahoo: The site explains that in Colonial days, Boston was part of the triangular trade, in which “slaves in the Caribbean grew sugar cane to be shipped to Boston to be made into rum to be sent to West Africa to buy more slaves to send to the West Indies.” Confusing, isn’t it? Because of this trade, the area was chock-full of molasses, and beans baked in the gooey syrup became very popular in Boston, thereby earning the city the nickname “Beantown.”


    -The enD

  57. 58
    Terri in SF

    This was *snort* worthy. And my mom died of cancer! A sense of humor is a wonderful thing…you have yourself a great time in New Jersey. Loved your book!

  58. Wow…the tour goes on, huh? I hope you get some time to relax while you ride the whirlwind!

    …and it serves me right for moving away from your new leg of the tour.

    Red recently posted Kreativ-ity Counts!.

  59. Totally counts!! Enjoy New Jersey!

    Rebecca recently posted Six More Years….

  60. In mostly unrelated news, please tell me you’ve seen this:

    Three words: Taxidermied. Cat. Helicopter.

    That is all.

  61. Meh. That’s how lolcats does it.

    KMarrs recently posted Ours.

  62. May I draw your attention to this: http://www.qwantz.com/index.php?comic=2220
    Because ghosts and zombies and clip art dinosaurs.

  63. I’ve been reading your blog forever and have never posted here, but I am too excited about meeting you tonight to keep up the lurking trend. SEE YOU SOON! 🙂

  64. I remember that! Also, I am TOTALLY counting down til Friday. I get to see YOU, and may also convince the friend I’m staying with to take me back to that sex shop we went to that one time. I have a shopping list.

    Anyway…yay for Friday!!!

    markira recently posted Prom 2012--Part 3.

  65. Writing captions is a lost art and really shouldn’t be ‘frowned upon at the Louvre’.

    Mrs. P recently posted We’ll start the bidding at $150,00.

  66. I’ll be there!!!!

    I’m sad you won’t be able to sign my battleaxe though. :o(



    Valerie recently posted Epic Conversations in my Household.

  67. Is it just me, or do those two girls look like they’re attracted to each other?

    Chooplah recently posted 16 Hipster Headstones - Because Irony Never Dies.

  68. Where is everyone? Stephen Colbert, last night, reported on the Zombie Apocalypse!!!! I swear, he did. He even had Fox News clips and a statement from the CDC, both on the Zombie Apocalypse!

    I really don’t think I’m hallucinating and I’m pretty sure I’m awake and that’s what I saw. I have some good drugs in the house (Ativan — panic attacks) but I haven’t used any tonight. Really. I’m not in a panic about the Zombie Apocalypse, oddly.

    I’m just excited for the Bloggess and everyone who loves her, because I know this will excite you all.

    Teresa Hill recently posted My First Five Books….

  69. You had me at “he choked on a dime.” The extra little punchline was COMPLETELY innapropriate, and therefore hilarious. You need to do more of these. 🙂

    Kristen Mae recently posted Diary of a Mad Woman: How Not to Be An Asshole When You Grow Up.

  70. IT TOTALLY counts. Also after seeing this and the Hitler cartoon from the book, I am devastated that we don’t get comics more often on the blog. DO IT, JENNY! <3

    Bekka recently posted Micro Grants Project.

  71. So happy about your NJ stop. I can’t wait! Will also be at Blog World Expo tomorrow.

    Cris recently posted In Which I Remember to Think First.

  72. Just an FYI New Jersey is passing a new Law that all pets of any kind MUST now be seat belted while traveling in vehicles. Pets are no longer allowed to travel in the bed of a pick up and in no way possible are you to allow your pet to hang its head out the window. Fines are pretty steep. More so than if you are caught now wearing your seat belt! True story I saw on Fox News last night.

    Tina recently posted The Happiest Place on Earth....

  73. Don’t forget to pick up your assless pants while your there.

    Bodaciousboomer recently posted By compare to these wackos I am a paragon of sanity….

  74. I laughed. And then I wondered, is it appropriate to laugh? But I couldn’t stop. And that is why you are awesome!

    Christene recently posted Wordless Wednesday.

  75. My favorite thing about it being Wednesday? It’s almost Sunday. So you’re almost in Chicago.

    Also… I’m working the event AS a volunteer, BECAUSE i want to meet you. For you, I give up tonight for volunteer training and also Sunday to spend all day hanging out at Chicago’s best Nerd Fest… because I just think you’re awesome.

    So… so there’s that. Certainly.

  76. Stumbled across this craigslist ad on a different blog, and for some reason totally thought of you:


    Please, please give them a home! I could probably come up with some period costumes for me if you email their measurements to me: nicijeanevans(at)hotmail[dot]com .

    Denise recently posted Different Work: Moving from I Should to I Love My Work..

  77. i AM COMING TO SEE YOU! yAY! And its my hometown, and I’m a Jersey Girl and Go! New Jersey!……I think I’m a wee bit too excited….

  78. Tee hee hee!

    I wish I was in NJ! Or I wish I woulda found you when you toured CA! I think that must have been the first leg of your tour.. le sigh.
    Enjoy the east side!

    Adriana recently posted Ramblings.

  79. So excited to meet you tonight! Though I’m going to have to figure out something for you to sign, because I already have a signed book plate in my copy of the book. Hmm… maybe a cat? But I’m open to suggestions.

    Jennifer recently posted Top Ten Tuesday Rewind.

  80. Totally counts. Funny comic. But, the question is, is it fair to call something a comic if it’s not funny? That’s what my wife asks about the comics on my blog.

    neal recently posted On poop.

  81. Totally counts and as usual hilarious.

    Monica recently posted Shopping Bathing Suits 2012.

  82. Love it! Also, I concur with the above, it totally counts!

    Jeanie TTF recently posted Ray Bradbury.

  83. It counts because it’s full of lol

    Banana Stickers recently posted Everyone, please stop what you are doing and palpate your privates..

  84. Did the second comic strip feature anime ferrets and a giant chicken?

    That would be awesome.

    When you are through with you dalliance with writing, you might have a real career in cartooning.

    Your local paper might pay you even $5 a piece.

    Steady income… Think how proud your parents would be.

    And Victor as a comic strip character? Too funny.

  85. I’m pretty sure that’s how the real comics do it, anyway. And if not, who cares? Start your own thing! Could be a big deal. Just saying.

    Carrie recently posted So, is the Cancer Gone?.

  86. Welcome to our humble and sometimes wacky state! If you see a woman with a face like a handbag, please decline her invitation to accompany her to the local tanning salon. Also, if you see a bunch of crazy housewives and one of them is named Theresa – don’t sit at a table wid huh. She will most likely dump the whole thing over and leave you wearing your dinner. Also…if you happen to come across a man in a suit landing a helicopter next to the local hot dog stand, pay him no mind. That’s just our governor. Other than that – enjoy your stay! I wish I could be there, I’m so bummed, but I raise a chicken in your honor, Oh Bloggess!

    Mod Mom Beyond IndieDom recently posted Siri: My New Robot BFF.


    If it is all the same to you I am sending this photo to my phone as the new screen saver!

    Sweety Darlin recently posted 50 Shades of WHAT COLOR?!?!?.

  88. This cartoon is an example of why we all love you so much.

    Morgan Eckstein recently posted Zealots Dictionary (Blast from the Past).

  89. Also, if you can handle the adult themes, the Ghastly Comic author did an entire series of comics using the same graphics with just different text. His “Blog is Hell” series: http://www.webcomicsnation.com/ghastly/bih/series.php

  90. Works for me!

    tokenblogger recently posted I am not the best….

  91. That is hilarious. I love the way your mind works. I think it has something to do with the time you spent in HR

    Corey Feldman recently posted Server Crash, platonic friendships and synchronicity.

  92. I was very sad to learn that your signing tonight costs $25 and that I will not, therefore, be meeting you. I still think you’re great though and just hope that someday you have a free signing in the NJ area!

    Jennifer recently posted Top Ten Tuesday Rewind.

  93. 94

    Unfortunately, I honestly got obsessed with this blog and read literally ALL of it. Because I have no life. Or friends. I even read ALL of the stuff from five years ago, even though, if we’re being honest, some of it was not… the best. But I still read it all. Because I love you.

  94. you could even just update the word balloons, leaving the girls right there, and post it as a NEW comic over and over and over.

    See: Dinosaur Comics

  95. I just snorted a little bit of coffee out of my nose…I can only imagine you are delirious from being on the road for so long. I know I would be. Have fun in NJ 🙂

    Heidi recently posted Parenting differences....

  96. While in NJ, get some bagels, pork roll, and pizza. You won’t get it better anywhere else!

    alaina recently posted Creepy Crawlers..

  97. 98

    Sorry to miss your nj signing…I live about a half mile from watching booksellers but I’m home with stomach bug–I’m sure it’s a great night!
    Enjoy the rest of your book tour!

  98. Ah, New Jersey, my homeland. Enjoy the smog at Exit 11 of the NJ Turnpike..it is most refreshing.

    Rob R recently posted How to Pack for Vacation Like A Man.

  99. Yes, I do believe it does. My husband does it regularly, here: partiallyclips.com

    Kim recently posted Turn Down the Suck Yellow Speed Knob and Sterling Ring - Made in YOUR SIZE by manicmetals.

  100. My husband has the unmitigated gall to pass away three years ago today …of a very fast moving cancer. 9 weeks from diagnosis to demise. And he would’ve loved that cartoon. That just made me smile on an other wise horseshit day.

    Thanks, Bloggess; I owe you one.

    Sj recently posted Roast Fingers - It's What's For Dinner!.

  101. Oh, man, you are maybe 10 minutes from my childhood home and I’m missing it.

    suburbancorrespondent recently posted United We Stand.

  102. 103
    E M Foster

    Totally counts!! Hilarious in a twisted sort of way, but if it wasn’t it wouldn’t be you. Have I mentioned lately how awesome you are? Well, you are completely awesome, Jenny!! 😀

  103. So I completely misread this and thought you said you wrote this comic when you were five years old. And I was somewhere between “wow” and “whoa” about that.

  104. I should have known you could make your humor turn on a dime!

    Robert K. Blechman recently posted Executive Severance at The 13th Annual Media Ecology Association Convention.

  105. hilarious!
    say hi to snookie!

  106. Just kidding. It was cancer. 2 sentences I never expected to see together, especially since it kinda gives you the feeling that the cancer was a better choice, and everyone should have a sigh of relief. LOL It’s perfection.

    Vanessa recently posted I'm not a prude, but my eyes might be..

  107. 108

    I came to see you tonight!! I never post but since I was so stupidly tongue tied when you signed my book I just wanted to tell you that I think you’re awesome and I’m forever grateful to my friend Dana (also there tonight) for posting your blog about Beyonce on fb and getting me totally hooked on anything your write. My husband just started stalking you on twitter and now thinks you’re even cooler bc “she’s into Neil Gaiman, and not many girls are”. Your blog has made me cry with laughter on days that I could barely muster a smile!! I love that I can come to this blog on a down day and reread some of my faves to make myself forget whatever bullshit was going on 🙂
    –the tall redhead of the twine and spatula trio in Montclair

  108. Just kidding. It was diarrhea….and AIDS….and the dreaded (and rare) Pepto-Bismol Black Tongue Disease 😉

    So glad I got a chance to see/meet you tonight! Loved the reading & thanks so much for stopping by the “Garden” State!

    Heather recently posted The Stress is Contaminating My Dreams.

  109. It counts. I want whatever drink the girl on the right has. I like her sass. Maybe she gets her sass from the drink. How does one consume a sass-drink from clip art?

    Melissa recently posted Search engine terms I never thought I’d see.

  110. Have fun in Jersey!

    Funny comic strip!

    Cheryl D. recently posted Mary's Little Cha Cha.

  111. Loved the cartoon.

  112. 113
    Wendy the Ta2dlady

    Jenny, it was wonderful to hear you read and meet you last evening. You are so gracious and sweet – and to think you came in with Rosie O!!! We were happy fangirls/guys last night!

  113. 114
    Lady Macbeth

    @WalrusTopHat: Never fear. I have no life and few (carbon-based) friends. And I’ve plowed my way through a lot of this blog (and others when I ran out of archives to read here) to occupy my time; it was time well spent. Jenny’s real strength lies in dialogue, and I can never get enough of her conversations with her husband. Sometimes, to amuse myself, I like to picture Bill Nighy’s character Victor from the “Underworld” series conversing with our Bloggess about taxidermied weasels and mice. I never claimed to be normal.

    P.S. We can be friends…? 🙂

  114. Of course I saw it, if it was in the archives, I’ve seen it.
    Have fun in New Jersey!!!

    Julie recently posted Upstream-ing..

  115. HI-larious comic!! Yes, it counts as writing a comic strip, so long as the words are yours–which we can all tell they *are*.

    And when the heck’s your tour coming to Tucson? It would rock my socks right on off if I had your Herbie Hancock in my copy of “Let’s Pretend…”


  116. You so need to come to Ann Arbor, MI. I promise free room & board if you do!

  117. of course it counts! dinosaur comics rings a bell? also, your comic would totally fit with the guys of cyanide and happiness.

    erosan recently posted Veggies and bacon.

  118. Initially I misread this as the first comic you wrote when you were 5 years old. I’m kind of relieved that I was wrong.

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