We set a record, you guys.

We set a record last night, taking down twitcam in a whopping 47 minutes.  Conclusion:  I think we’ve just found the best format for doing the #bloggessbookclub.  I’m tempted to take down Google + tonight but I don’t know enough about Google + to even open it correctly.  It’s sort of shocking that I work on the internet and know so little about the internet.

We’ve got tonight and tomorrow to finish up the BloggessBookClub and tonight we’re going on through chapter 22 (I Am the Wizard of Oz of Housewives {In That I Am Both “Great and Terrible” and Because I Sometimes Hide Behind the Curtains}) and I’ll be doing a reading if I don’t get to nervous and sweaty.

Also, a few people suggested that if you think the phrase “Lawsbians” is too much for you then you could drop the “b” but then it’s just “Lawsians”, which just sounds a lot like “lozenge”.  I’m not a big fan over everyone calling themselves Lozenges but it’s up to you.  That’s the beauty of living in a democratic society.  You get to name yourself after cough drops if you want.


If you want in again for tonight just check my twitter stream at 7p central and I’ll give you the link.

See you tonight?  Pretty please?

PS.  I had several people who asked if they could see my office.  And yes!  You totally can.  It’s not normally this clean.  Also, turnabout is fair play so if you want to share links to pics of your desk in the comments that would be awesome.  If it was dirty it would make me feel much better about myself.  Just saying.

pics by Maile Wilson

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  1. Offensive? I’m confused? Is it because it sounds too much like “lesbian” and does that mean that the word lesbian is offensive? ummmmmmm….HUH??
    #lawsbian works for me

  2. If you look that gorgeous every day in your office, I think I may cry a little. If I worked at home, I’d live in ratty pj’s and ponytails. Just saying’.

    (I’m mostly wearing pajamas that just because pajamas because they were too gross to wear outside of the house. I knw Mailey was coming over so I got dressed up. ~ Jenny)

  3. Um, excellent photo session. Wow, takes naughty secretary to a whole new level. 😉

    Also, I’m Proud to be a Lawsbian.

  4. I can’t find my desk under all the crap so I do 95% of my blogging from my phone.
    True story.

  5. I came late to the party and missed it. 🙁 Babies refusing to sleep does mess up my social life sometimes. And yes, the entirety of my social life seems to be hanging out in a virtual world.

    Your shirt is totally cute btw. You look GREAT. And I love your office. A picture of mine right now wouldn’t even look like one, because you can’t see the desk under all the mail and laundry and junk.

  6. You’re wonderful, and I will see you at the bookclub tonight!

    I’d send you a picture of my desk, but it’d just be a photograph of my lap, because I have a laptop and use it balanced on my knees. So it’d be a pretty awkward photo. Just sayin’.

  7. True story – My cats got into a fight behind my computer screen so now the wall behind my desk and the lamp look like props from a Quentin Tarentino movie, so I’m not sharing photos because NCIS would be all over that.

    Cats in bubble wrap. It’s the only answer.

  8. I don’t have a pic of my office, but I will say that it is slightly messy (organized chaos) and I hang a pirate flag up as a makeshift door. Not just any pirate flag either – Blackbeard’s.

  9. *GASP* I’m experiencing total desk envy! (And BOOT envy, omg, the boots!) My desk is not this full of awesome. It’s just a rickety old thing from IKEA (which mean it’s also ridiculously small. Or Smallsk, I guess). But, see, if my desk was super cool, I’d just stare at it all day and not get any writing done, so I guess it works for the time being. 🙂

  10. I haven’t actually seen the top of my desk in over a year, when I got too sick to actually sit at the desk, and switched to using a lap desk from my bed or the couch. But – I shall be a good sport and take a pic of it anyway so that you can feel better about being able to at least see yours.

  11. How about “Lawsonians”? Makes everyone sound architectural but avoids a lot of embarrassing questions. Or “The Fellowship of the Lawson”? Or “Bloggessologists”.

    Hey, I’m trying here.

  12. Love the chippy blue desk. I could really be inspired there!

    (Victor and I made it. It was a cheap black desk theta we painted blue. Then we sanded it down and I put some wall decorative stickers on it. ~ Jenny)

  13. How about Lawsonians (Law-sown-ee-ans) for a name? Just thought I’d toss that out there.

  14. The mess on my desk would terrify you (it terrifies me). But if I take a picture you will be able to see at least four of my TARDISes.

    I do most of my work on the laptop in the living room…

  15. Oh, hey. If I read the comments before adding my own I’d see that I has the same idea as Stoic. Great minds and all that.

  16. For information on the rules of the Bloggess Book Club you must refer to the official ByLaws of the Lawsbians.

    Gabe (keeper of the ByLaws for the Bloggess Book Club) #GabeByLawsbians

  17. What in the hell is a desk? Staying home with toddlers has me hiding around corners with a laptop in my lap.

  18. I’m cool with being called a Lawsbian. Also, I thought the book club was once a week, not once a day? Did I miss that memo somewhere? I just got the book and am only on chapter 7 or so! It’s fantastic and I’m finding it hard to put it down but, still, I’m not THAT fast! I hope you redo the book club for those of us who happen to be a bit behind…

    (It’s once a day for the rest of the week. After that we just wing it when a great book comes along. ~ Jenny)

  19. My desk is not near as cute as yours. It’s at work. The sodas are totally unusual because I don’t drink caffeine except on rare occasions that I am fighting migraines. My “calming jar” is on the right….mostly it’s where I blog and pinterest and facebook.

  20. Is it okay if I am now coverting your office? I really want your office, complete with the stuffed animals.

  21. I have so much office envy right now. I write at a long white Ikea table in my bedroom, which is where my boyfriend also works when he’s home. The table’s white top is so scarred and coffee-stained that I am quite sure that hobos will reject it–both as a work space and as a potential house.

  22. Lawsbian sounds fine to me. I’m a Lawsbian trapped in a man’s body.

    I have no idea what that means.

  23. I love lawsbians and I think that if people are offended by it, they are no longer allowed to be called lawbians.
    I’ll have to take a picture of my office later. You can’t even see my desk right now because there’s so many papers cluttering it up. Loved last night and I’m looking forward to tonight!

  24. Will you come to my house and make me a cool office? becasue it’s obvious you have my kind of taste. Right now I’ve got a loveseat and an end table. That’s about it!

  25. I am among the deskless. Actually, that’s untrue, I DO have a desk, but it’s currently being used as a printer-that’s-out-of-ink, cords-that-I-don’t-have-a-home-for, looseleaf-paper-the-kids-need-for-homework, and pens-that-I-can’t-ever-find-when-I-actually-need-one holder, and my laptop usually can be found on the dining room table.

  26. Cute boots…cute shots…I aspire to your office. Mine is currently a series of folding tables, but SOME DAY.

  27. You do not want to see my desk. It’s, well, a mess. Also not nearly as cool as yours. Also X2 an ergonomic abomination. But it has Toast Chees.

    I also agree that #Lawsbian is okay by me!

  28. I’m going to seriously suggest using IRC (internet relay chat) While you can’t do video over it, you can type to your heart’s content without crashing stuff! There are multiple free programs to download, or you can use something like mibbit on the web and download nothing. All you have to do is tell folks which server you want to use and what room name. So, it could be something like Server: Sorcery.net, Room: #TheBloggess.


  29. You. Look. Stunning. Have you lost weight? I’m not kissing your ass, you really do look great.

  30. I am usually just looking just looking at that pic of you in the hair rollers, so sometimes I forget that you are absolutely freaking adorable. These photos are great, your office looks awesome.

  31. You know many a guy has a fantasy of watching two Lawsbians at once. Little do some of them know that they could see a whack of Lawbians at once if they went to the book club.

  32. That was so much fun last night – but you kept me up until 3am! So tired… probably won’t make it tonight since I actually have to be productive tomorrow.

    In case you missed it – here’s my adorable dog named Paxil: http://padogsuk.org/dog6.png Since we moved to the UK, nobody gets the joke any more because they use generic drug names over here.

    No pictures of my office, but trust me – its filthy. Just go ahead and feel better about yourself regardless of the lack of photographic evidence.

  33. I’m impressed…mine has shit everywhere! My goal this weekend is to clean it using only a bottle of wine and microfiber towel. You have inspired me, yet again!

  34. My desk isn’t dirty. It’s just “differently organized.” And yes, those papers from months ago that I never look at are totally important to keep on top of the desk. I just can’t reveal what that purpose is. Top secret and all. (This way I sound all super-spy secretive when in fact I’m just too busy/lazy to clean it up.)

  35. I think you are absolutely beautiful!!
    I also have no issue with being called a lawsbian, however, I also have no issue with being called a lozenge but mainly because I enjoy being in someones mouth… or rather, parts of me do.

  36. My office is whatever coffee shop has the cheapest coffee and the most electrical outlets. I can’t work from home because I would spend my entire day thinking what a shame it is that I don’t know everything there is to know about being a band manager (because someone once said I’d prob be good at it) and then I think Thank God I have the internet! and my ends with me knowing way to much about managing bands and no work completed. I’d also probably be day drunk. Which also happens in the coffee shops.

  37. Those pictures are gorgeous! I’m too jealous! My office is all Hello Kitty, but I do all my writing in my bed. So much for an office!

  38. Coincidentally I just posted about my new writing room a few days ago. It’s awfully bare so far and I’m on a treasure hunt for a kick-ass desk to start with, but nevertheless, here’s a link to take a peek:

    Haven’t bothered trying to join the book club since you just keep crashing everything. I figure if any more people try to join you’re going to crash the whole internet. I’m just trying to save you from that embarrassment (not to mention, probably a very big lawsuit).

    I’m about to start chapter, “It Wasn’t Even My Crack”. Which surprised me Jenny. I didn’t know you ever worked as a plumber.

  39. What the hell is wrong with being a Lawsbian?? Are y’all some kinda bigots or something? You are the reason all of us lawsbians can’t get married, aren’t you? For shame.

    That is a rad office. Mine is shoved into the corner of my bedroom, and the only reason there is a desk is because the previous owners of the house didn’t want to dismantle the massive thing taking up half the alcove. I hardly ever even work there. Usually I set up in my favorite chair in the living room while watching TV. Travelling office, FTW!

  40. I need a personal photographer to take gorgeous pictures of me under my desk too. Except that the legs are coming off of my desk, so I might get a concussion… OR WORSE. Lawsbians forever. (Yes, spellchecker, IT’S A WORD.)

  41. How do the dolls not freak you out? I can’t imagine writing anything with dolls staring at me! Like, what if they came alive and started attacking me? Or what if they came alive during the night while I was sleeping and hid so when I came into the office all bleary eyed in the morning, they’d catch me unaware and stab me to death with their pointy, clawlike hands? Jenny, your office creeps me out.

    And I loved your book!

  42. Jenny, how many viewers did you get before twitcam crashed? Send me email. I’d really like to get you into a G+ Hangout and would like to check with the Hangouts on Air team about capacity planning.

    (About 350 at the most. ~ Jenny)


    also i wish my home office was that cool. my home office is actually just a laptop. it sits on my coffee table and sometimes i write on it while i’m watching tv. i’m not very productive.

    (Thanks! It’s actually a dress that just looks like a shirt and skirt. I can’t be trusted to wear separate shirts. ~ Jenny)

  44. The picture on the bottom right seriously looks like it belongs on a home/design blog. ps you’re GORGEOUS and I love your entire outfit AND particularly your lipstick (does that come off as creepy? oops)

  45. Lawsbian is FINE.
    although my thought was “Lawsonist”. minds me of “arsonist”. which now seems apt given your proclivity to crash and burn websites. >:D

  46. My desk is my dining room table and no one wants to see that. Or eat at it b/c you’d have to first move the papers and we do this every day yet no one works hard enough to actually get rid of the damn papers what is wrong with my family? I’m a proud Lawsbian forever and I get lesbians wanting their name/title (neither? Maybe they just want to make sure we aren’t usurping any action — I would totally let a fellow Lawsbian feel me up if I had any boob or ass worth groping I AM HELPING!) to themselves but come on, did Wesley Snipes get angry when that porno was made with a guy named Wesley Pipes? I think not, lesbians, I think not.

  47. I tweeted this but I figured I’ll post it because I have no shame.


    It’s a total and utter mess and I didn’t move anything before taking the picture. I like chaos. I also am lazy.

    What you’ll find in this mess of a desk:
    • iPad because I can’t play draw something on my iPhone
    • multiple grocery list type pads of paper for notes and grocery lists.
    • Prince Edward Island guide to lighthouses, New England guide to lighthouses (plotting trip for October)
    • Tylenol PM because sometimes I can’t turn my brain off for bed.
    • Flash drives to load with wedding pictures for my clients
    • Free can of can food coupon, because I love my cat
    • Bills. I seem to can’t get them to stop.
    • Rescue Beauty Lounge Aqua Lily nail polish which I adore more in the bottle than on.
    • other random polishes, top coats and quick dry drops because I paint my nails when waiting for weddings to upload.
    • earrings that I keep meaning to fix.
    • Mexican Coca Cola because it’s the best shiznit ever.
    • QXD card reader that came with my camera but I’ll never use unless disaster strikes
    • empty water bottle. Who doesn’t have this?
    • lots of random lotions
    • a rew random recipes
    • No cool stuffed dead things. 🙁

    PS: You’re pretty

  48. Oh dear…my office is SO much less clean/organized/gorgeous than that, but I’ll get a pic later and post it. It won’t have a babe under the desk, though. Go you!

    I’ve managed to resist the evil pull of Twitterdom for ever so long…but I’m missing all the good book club stuff. Congratulations Jenny: you lured me to the dark side. There better be cookies, that’s all I’m sayin.

  49. You are looking drop-dead gorgeous!

    I don’t have an office, or a desk. I hope to get one(a desk, that is), but as it is my living room table or my lap function as my desk

  50. I. covet. your. office. Also, the dolls. I love the dolls. And your desk. Wait, I just said I covet your office. That should suffice, right?

    I don’t have a desk, currently. It is still covered in crap from when we moved into our house six…months ago. We are rectifying that at some point in the near future, but even then, I”m pretty sure my desk will continue to be my lap. Maybe. I mean, the office/guest room is upstairs and doesn’t have HD cable in it. HOW CAN I WATCH BRIDEZILLAS IN STANDARD DEFINITION?

    *ahem* Sorry bout that.

  51. I just love you so much. You’re full of hero shit, Lawson. I hope you’re feeling awesome & not like a shrinking turd today. XOXO

  52. Yay! Love your desk, love the photo session, and love the #bloggessbookclub! I tweeted pics of my office… and used the book club hashtag so any of you awesome people can find them! 🙂

    Thanks Jenny for being so amazing and sharing a few hours each day this week with us! And thanks to Victor for sharing you too…. he’s so sexy! Does he have a brother?! ;o) That was awesome last night!

  53. I was all set and ready to go for tonight.Made a giant vodka slushee and everything. Then I remembered I work, which is weird that I forgot since I work every Thursday. Seriously considering telling my boss that I have a sudden case of epic-cholera or mega-dysentery or a sore finger so I can go home and partake.

  54. My cat, Mayhem, is missing from the bottom corner of the bed but otherwise this is what it always looks like.

    My desk is an donated chair at the edge of my bed. The bed is my chair. Currently I have a bra, undershirt & a jacket hanging off the back of the chair for that classy touch.

    I think your office might be prettier than my chair.

  55. These are lovely, LOVELY photos. I so very much enjoy when people who are so beautiful on the inside are beautiful on the outside. THAT SHIT SHINES THROUGH!

  56. I love love love love LOVE your work space. So much light! And everything about it – you most of all – is so beautiful.

  57. I don’t have an office – I only have 2 1/2 rooms in my flat so I keep my laptop on a plastic folding table. Totally not worth photographing.

    And I miss the bookclub because your 7pm is my 1am 🙁 The downside of having an actual job in an actual office for an actual organisation.

  58. OMG! I love your office. I have been a bit Lawst & haven’t been able to participate as a Lawsbian this week. 🙁

    Here is a part of Cubicle Caverns (my office) where my toys live. You’re looking at a William Shatner bobblehead, Grow a Boyfriend, Mr. Wonderful, a picture of firemen from the 1940s and a Gatorade Trophy (I won it making Gatorade for 140 kids). http://twitpic.com/60fo0v

  59. Oh please for the love of god take down Google +. With all the crap Google has put me through recently I love it if you took them down. Give em teh servers I have teh hunger!

  60. P.S. Just realized my link above might look like I tried to pull a fast one. You have to scroll down. Also, my writing room has yellow wallpaper. Yellow is (supposedly) the color of insanity. I might need an intervention.

  61. 1 – Damn, girl, you’re pretty! And I totally am jealous of your office.

    2 – new tag line: “We break the interwebs”.

  62. 1. You look super gorgeous in your pictures

    2. I think I am in love with the chair behind you in your office…

  63. I missed last night because I had to work. I thought about taking it out on the works of art but eventually didn’t.

    I did yell at Admiral Ackbarand then stuffed him back in my messenger bag for the rest of the night.

  64. Have you finally broken Twitter? Because it hasn’t come up for me in about a half hour… not that I’m getting twitchy or anything… *cough*

    I actually just tidied up my desk, sort of…
    from the bottom up we have stash of fiber and a less than amused kitteh
    mid level where most of the “action” is
    nicknacks, whatnots, and all the papers from Kindergarten to be gone thru

  65. Y’all are killing me with your home offices and neat little desks with pictures and decorations and stuff. My desk is crammed into a corner of the living room in my tiny apartment and right now it’s covered in crap. Not literally crap, but from where I’m sitting I can see: 6 paperback books my kid bought at the library’s used book sale yesterday, a package of water balloons, a plastic Wal-Mart bag that may or may not be empty, a basket filled with markers and crayons, a deck of cards, a baggy full of Silly Bandz, the cover to my cell phone that keeps falling off, a bunch of books with Yankee Candle candles as book ends, and one of those drink carriers from McDonald’s.

    I don’t think it can even be considered a desk at this point.

    Also, Jenny, if you need help moderating the Goodreads group, let me know. I’ve been on Goodreads for a while and I check it every day. It’s my Facebook.

  66. My husband and I share a home office. My desk is usually covered in stuff for school, so I often invade his nice, clean desk to get actual work done. It works great… he cleans his desk, and mine can be as messy as I like… until I lose something on it and I have to clean it to find it.

    I missed all of the book club stuff so far because I’m taking a night class, but I love reading about it the next day. The book was awesome too. If I thought I could keep from giggling, I’d sit in the back of the room and log in tonight, but I’m pretty sure my professor would notice since there are only 10 of us in the class. And it’s a statistics course… not likely to induce giggles on its own!

  67. You’re adorable and Lawsbian is the word. ITS PERFECT! And plus, so what it sounds like lesbian…in my opinion, that’s what makes it work.

  68. You look far too chipper, girl : ) Way to rock the stripes!

    I’m totally envious of the home office. We use the kitchen table, and there is usually a very overweight calico cat perched on top of the laptop, and other cats flopped around on the table. Total cat flophouse (reminiscent of those old “got milk” commercials). Obviously we eat in the living room (or over the sink or ice cream right from the carton)!!!

    BTW, you can call me a Lawsbian, Lawsonian, whatever!!! I do believe that usually the first idea is the one that sticks, however, so we are probably all Lawsbians. Law-abiding Lawsbians : )) I think Jenny-ites carries a certain Amish/Mennonite mystique though….

  69. I need to find the time zone conversion table website. I can’t remember how Texas time relates to California time. I keep missing out 🙁

  70. I think our new tagline should be:

    “Lawsbians: Taking down the internet one server at a time.”

  71. In my mind, you put those red boots on when you have writers block and stomp around in the office until you come up with something.
    That’s what I would do with them.

  72. Your office is beautiful! I love it.

    I work at my dining room table. My house is small, and so the dining table is where we eat, and where I write, and work as a business writer/project manager, and homeschool my kids. It is a chronic state of chaos but the only thing more stressful than looking at it is trying to clean it and so it stays.

  73. Amazing space . . . and I must say, you are looking pretty darn hot! Gorgeous outfit and I love the red lipstick!

  74. PS. I’m so glad to know you can’t be trusted to wear separate shirts and skirts. It took me so many years of my life to learn to buy only dresses for the rare instances I need to dress up, so I don’t have to figure out what goes together.

  75. Love your workspace and your style in general. Also, how perfect is it that you have a fainting chaise…can just see you pretending that you’re a Victorian Brit or a fluttery southern belle when you are overcome with one disorder or another my advice is to sink gracefully down, drape a dramatic arm over your eyes and ring for Victor to attend you.
    Then again, perhaps it’s just where your pony dozes while you work…

    On a sad note, this Lawsbian (skeletalsculptr on the twitter account that was created just for your bookclub) most likely won’t make it tonight. I kind of managed to follow Goodreads; couldn’t make the infernal video or audio work on twitter and felt horribly left out reading the tantalizing tweets from those who were lucky enough to see and hear you. Guess my pony, Pulchritude and I will just have to make a road trip to some book signing…have fun tonight, and toast absent Lawsbians with a cake vodka slushy!

  76. You look prettier than usual in these office pics. Since I can pick my own name, I’ll go with “Lawsonians”. And to the people who think that complaints about “Lawsbains” are in any way homphobic, that probably isn’t the case. Even if you’re a gay-rights promoting, Prop 8 hating straight person, having to constantly explain a t-shirt that says “Lawsbian” is tedious at best. But that’s just my opinion.

  77. I like the “B”!!! The B is just about the best part of all words!!! Without a B…. “Bitch” would just be “Itch” … and “Baboon” would just be “aoon”… what kinda word is Aoon? Honestly people?! And what about the word “Breakfast”? I mean… then it would just be “Reakfast” which sounds like we should all be raking leaves…. no one wants to do that. Although… in fairness if you DID want to rake leaves… You’d wanna do that without B’s.

  78. Wow, you’re office is awesome, and I’m totally not sending a pic of mine. Partially b/c it’s surrounded by moving boxes – though I could use that as an excuse for the fact that you can’t see the top of my desk, but that would be greatly deceitful since that’s the norm.

    Looking at your picture, now I have an idea of how I want to re-decorate my office area at my new house. My partner might not be terribly happy with you. ; )

  79. I shared on Twitter, but for the rest who won’t see it there [mostly because Twitter’s being mean and won’t let me on (I think we broke it guys/gals)] Here is MY desk:


    It’s not REALLY a desk, it’s more like a pile of crap I found at the trash when the neighbors moved out and I thought it was cool and didn’t know what to do with it and it just sat on my back porch getting dirty until one day I got tired of sitting on the floor looking at my computer and thought, “I bet I could use all that crap to make a desk!” kind of thing. <<< really bad run-on sentence. (I tend to type like I talk, oops)

  80. Jenny, You are beautiful, cute and adorable! What great photos and a lovely spacious working area!

    You have NOTHING to worry about… this is my desk… total mess =(. I can never seem to keep it clear!!!
    I have no idea how yours looks so pretty and clear!!!

    I hope this makes you feel better… ALOT BETTER!!!

    Love you!!


  81. Are you always this perfectly appareled, coiffed, and made-up to work in your home office?!? Holy crap, I’m at the office in a tee shirt and jeans, although my hair is clean and I do have on make-up but that’s so I don’t look like a greasy spotted wrinkled something-or-other. My desk is covered in paper although I did clean it up a few months ago only to find stuff from 2007 so it was a little past due and I don’t feel compelled to do that again for at least a couple of years…

  82. So totally jealous of your space! It’s lovely & bright! And you are simply beautiful.

    My work desk is my favorite.. but I love my office-

    When hubby built our family computer desk to fit 3 in a row..

    Not current monitor, and kitty is much bigger now, but you get the jist..

    Hubby with 2 helpers while he raids (games)

    Before I got a flat screen.. this was her favorite place-

    We actually have 5 cats… but I’ll stop at 3…lol.

  83. I am in the middle of reading your book right now. I’m constantly laughing. Thought I would never stop laughing about the incident of the raccoon on your sister’s face. “You’re going down Bitch!”. Oh my God. Thought I would never stop laughing. Ikept going back to it.

  84. I don’t think that there is anything wrong with “Lawsbians”. I also like the tag line posted above:
    “Lawsbians: Taking down the internet one server at a time.”

  85. Jenny, 350 simultaneous viewers is a total no-brainer. Please let me help you try a G+ hangout. Please please please please!

  86. I cannot believe this is the first time I’ve found you – and I really really can’t believe that it’s because of Gwyneth’s Paltrow’s site GOOP (no, I don’t follow that site obsessively and have a girl crush on GP…uh hum). This is genius. I need to catch-up to all the other smart people already reading you!

  87. Dear Jennifer – when you moderate the above, can you please correct my comment for the glaring grammatical error(Gwyneth’s Paltrow’s)?
    signed – mortified.

  88. That desk is amazing and good! And you look fantabulous! Rock on Jenny!!!!!!

  89. Are the character figures on your desk Ellowynes from Wilde Imagination? So happy someone else out there is a collector of character figures (not the d-word) too!

  90. I got no problem with Lawsbians. It’s perfect in practically every way. Anyone who reads your blog/book would totally get it.

  91. I am so sad that I can’t participate, but when I get home in the evenings I have to do all the super mommy crap and can’t possibly get people to leave me alone to participate in things. It’s like a conspiracy against me having a life.

  92. That outfit is effing gorgeous and I hate you like only someone who doesn’t actually hate you at all only could.

  93. My home office does not look like your home office. In fact, some people mistake it for a kids’ play area and diaper changing station. It’s all about perspective, I guess. Also, I don’t look as happy as you do in your home office. Perhaps if I actually brushed my hair and put on normal clothing instead of being a sloth wearing PJs one size too small… Oh, a girl can dream, right? (I’m not including a pic of my home office because somehow, my mom would see it, then she would threaten to come visit and she’d end up moving in).

  94. Hey Jenny,

    Your book was just mentioned on Goop…Gwyenth Paltrow’s “lifestyle” blog. You’re like, totally A-list now. She’s a Lawsbian!! Nicely done!

  95. Cube Sweet Cube
    – Stress sign along right side
    – “Support Search & Rescue – Get Lost” bumper sticker on back desk
    – bulliten board above my monitors is all stuff that makes me smile

  96. OMG, your office is awesome. I feel very bad for essentially missing out on the entire book club because of Symphony commitments. (Yes, I said Symphony. I’m super-cultured. Like moldy cheese.)

    Oh, also, I don’t tweet, although I am considered by many to be a giant twit.

    MY home office (Though my work one? Just as nutty. Just in red.):
    What’s behind my chair:
    And, just because:

  97. Even if it’s not normally that tidy: your office is awesome. That’s a really cool looking room, and an excellent desk. I expected more taxidermy though. (It’s okay: the dolls and that awesome dress make up for it.)

  98. Your office is PERFECTION. I want the rug and the bookshelves and the ottoman. And the desk. I’ll email you my shipping address, thanks. Oh — and the dress. Everything is just so pretty!

  99. Gorgeous office. Lawsbian is awesome and I’d be proud to wear it on my chest! I like provocative material. I can’t wear it to work (2nd grade teacher), but I can wear it to the grocery store!

  100. you know – if they go by Lawsians then I just imagine them walking around, fanning themselves and saying “lawsy mercy”

  101. Worky space:

    Of note: Disco ball surrounded by Dunnies on rotatey platform. 4 foot painting that lives here because waaaaaay too big for home. Way too many toys and lamps. Limited-edition (i.e. fake) Reindeer Fur Yankee Candle.

    What you can’t see: Branches covered in black glitter. Cat pencil sharpener that meows when a pencil is placed in its hindquarters. A furry tail of….something. On a keyring!

  102. Oh, well, good gravy. My first comment is awaiting moderation, but my second one went through. That means my first comment will make NO sense.

    As opposed to the 1% of sense it would otherwise make.

  103. I don’t have an office, but I’m sure my craft desk would make you feel much much better about yourself…

  104. I love that the picture with Jaunita Weasel also has the monkey hands in the background that look like they are participating in the shot. Monkey hand photo bomb?
    I also love all these people who are saying that their desks are So! Messy! Not even close folks. Not even close.


    The sign says, “We get too soon oldt and too late schmart” with an Amish couple on it. Wood and iron. The painting is an original. 🙂

  105. Beautiful!!! Both you and your office.

    Lason’s Lawless-bians,is more like it. Lawless in la la land. 🙂

  106. I vote for Lawsbian. I love it!

    I can’t come tonight 🙁 I promised my friend I’d go to her jewlery show. HMMMM maybe I should evaluate how much I like her???

  107. What terrific photos! I love the one of you under the desk (nice cowboy boots!) Beautiful office. I would love to have floor to ceiling book shelves like that – tres cool!

  108. Girl, you are way too cute in your office. I look like a hobo. I’d post a picture of where I work, but they sort of discourage that, so I won’t. Imagine a desk with science junk all over it. And a rubber duck, actually.

  109. You are so gorgeous (inside AND out!) and I <3 you. Thanks for writing this blog. It keeps me sane and laughing and well…. just sane 🙂

  110. Lawsbian is fine by me. My only request is that if we make a crest that the drunken Unicorn have some meat on its bones. I’m tired of skinny fucking unicorns! Btw, I totally have to miss the next two nights because of my stupid family and our stupid family lake vacation. Have fun!

  111. G’day – read your book at work last night – and now I wanna play too – so please can someone tell me what 7pm Central means in Eastern Australian Time??????

  112. You look ridiculously pretty in your office photos – and I adored your book! Thanks for being so awesome and honest all the time!

  113. I’d send you a pic of my desk. But I don’t have one. I’m currently slummin it on my mother’s couch and have about 6 totes I am living out of. I. Am. Awesome.

    (And if this posts a shit ton of times, I apologize. DSL is the bane (bain? baine?) of my existence and I want to stab whoever invented it in the thigh.)

  114. Holy shit, you guys could hire yourselves out as an elite ninja strike team capable of bringing down any social media site at any time!

    That would be awesome (obviously, since ninjas are awesome).

    I wasn’t going to comment on the pictures (being a guy I figured it would sound creepy) but since comments were requested…can I just say that in addition to being hilarious and a great writer, you are also very, very good looking?

  115. My home is clutter central. I share a desk with neat freak, so you’d get no true image. You look fantastic hiding under your desk.

  116. Ha! My kid felt bad after my last comment about all of the crap that was on my desk so she cleaned it off for me. http://i.imgur.com/hjdUf.jpg Now the mess is down to just my “candles as book ends”, some papers and books, my Kindle, my Wonder Woman glass that no one is allowed to touch, and the Wii/Netflix remote plus a couple of Happy Meal toys because those things are everywhere. Also, that’s tape wrapped around the “stem” part of my chair to keep Stupid Cat from clawing at it.

  117. You look amazingly beautiful in those pictures! I guess those people who say a photo catches your soul are right.

  118. For some reason I thought your office would have a lot more stuffed dead things in it and that it would be way messier and darker; I didn’t really expect it to be so chic and well-lit with only a spattering of dead things. I’m at my dirty-ass kitchen table surrounded by uncapped markers and three screaming children. Now I feel inadequate.


  119. You are beautiful, Jenny! And an inspiration too. Loved your book, which actually led me to your blog and the wonderful lawsbian world. Such a great place to be! My husband keeps catching me reading and by now asks, “not the blogess again!” ;))

  120. I love that I haven’t managed to get into any of your book club meetings because the system keeps crashing before I remember what’s going on… they’re going to need a bigger Internet for you!

  121. Hi!
    first of all, I speak french and then write in french too. So excuse my bad english, thanks and sorry. I was just participating to The Bloggess Book Club, and I came back to look to my twitter line, and I realize that all that I wrote was also seen by ALL my 67 followers. I felt so bad and (again) inadequate. Tweets about nipples, Copernicus, swearing etc. I felt like all along I’ll have my skirt caught in my panties. And 1 of my followers ask me :”Who’s that woman?; @TheBloggess”. I tought you would understand how I’m feeling that’s why I’m sharing with you.

  122. Holy Crap! I’m such a mental mess I missed last night’s AND tonight’s book club. I am loving your book and I don’t have to figure put time zone differences to read it. If I were a time traveler, life would be SO much easier.

  123. My office is my laundry room at the moment… meaning my office is where I’m throwing all my clean clothes until I feel like folding them… which probably won’t happen until they’re worn and washed again.

    I missed book club AGAIN. could someone call me to remind me? Or twitter me or something?

  124. pissed i missed the party…AGAIN. it’s too damn early for me. and i am also proud to be a lawsbian. no offense here – although i do sometimes like being offensive. ;o) you are gorgeous in your office.

  125. How about a photo of my daughter’s desk? Because mine is too embarrassing with 12 red solo cups half full…and it would require me getting up off my bum to get a photo of it.

    We used about 12 cans of spray paint on this:

    Oh, and we did not kill and stuff a unicorn…..although I think your dad might be proud of the faux-taxidermy…..and that would make my year.

    Congrats on being on GOOP today!!!

  126. My goodness you are gorgeous. 🙂

    I wish I had an office. Right now I just blog from my couch. I need an office in my house.

  127. It’s awesome and not awesome that we can unite and crash everything.

    Awesome because… I mean, DUH!! WE FUCKING ROCK!!! Not awesome because our secret meetings would never go through. Like, if we needed to translate something to one another that was really important.

    For example: DON’T GO TO CLUBHOUSE 12 BECAUSE THERE ARE DRUG SNIFFING LLAMAS ABOUT. IF YOU HAVE A DEAD HOOKER AND AN 8 BALL IN YOUR TRUNK DON’T SHOW UP. But instead, the sight goes down before the valuable piece of information goes through. We all show up at said randevu spot and BLAM! 65% of us are arrested.

    With great power comes great responsibility… indeed.



  128. OMG you look gorgeous! I love that outfit and unless I’m crazy and blind someone has been working out- u go girl! Much love to my nutty sista.(you)

  129. You look very skinny and pretty underneath the desk…I’d spend a lot of my time under there too.

  130. Holy Shit Beyonce! You made GOOP! Soon you and Victor will be hanging out with Gwyneth and Chris and Jay Z and the real Beyonce. You are one serious badass.

  131. The jewelry show was NOT fun. The woman were loud and obnoxious. The jewelry was SO expensive, there was no way I was buying any. I missed book club for this???

  132. As you can tell by some of my mobile uploaded photos I have had some interesting findings in my office recently. One day I came in to find 2 naked barbies on my chair. I mean how do the barbies always lose their clothes? If I had a Ken doll would this happen? Is Barbie a lesbian? Not that there is anything wrong with it but Ken really should know…….Then one day I found Shrek sitting in my waiting room, which didn’t strike me as odd until I realized he was sitting on a giant teddy bears lap. Weird.

  133. Today is my Big Metal Chicken Anniversary, but I’m here because I’m a Lawsbian. You look *amazing* in those pics, you hot Mama! *hugs*

  134. Jenny, I actually went to a book store today (I get all my books on iBooks usually) and bought a hard copy of your book (it was right there at the front, on the ‘best sellers’ table!). I wrote my name and email in it and put instructions for anyone reading it to do the same and pass it on to someone else. I gave it to my BFF (also named Jenny). She is an Army wife whos hubby is in Afghanistan so I hope this thing to bring her some much needed laughter and distance from her real life. I also expect it to really make some rounds, being in a military circle.
    Also, I think that your book bringing me into that book store was a blessing. The lady that checked me out saw my pink ribbon tattoo on my wrist and literally broke down. She told me how this is her one year anniversary of her breast cancer diagnosis and had been thinking of getting some kind of tattoo. She loved mine and I highly recommended the location on the body for the significant symbol of awareness and support. I am pretty sure she will have one by this time next week, and when I left there she all but hugged my neck thanking me for “the sign”. That was pretty cool, I think, and I credit you a little, or a lot… 🙂 You are changing lives in ways you don’t even know about! Love you! Devan

  135. I would totally share a picture of my desk, even though it’s terribly messy and covered in crayon shavings, latex gloves, and ripped out book pages, but my husband is currently asleep on the holey air mattress in there right now because I started cleaning our bedroom two weeks ago and the bed is still covered in purses and pajamas and panties.

    Maybe after he wakes up and I can open the window and turn on the lights.

    I don’t even know how my life got to this point.

  136. I don’t have a desk yet. Just moved (from Odessa, TX) to New Hampshire and still don’t have a set-up. Also even in a Democratic(?) society such as ours, nicknames are generally given. If Lawsbian it is, then Lawsbian it shall be. People who have such an issue with it shouldn’t be reading so much about your vagina anyway…

  137. Um, you look absolutely GORGEOUS. And I’d hide under my desk, but it’s full of shoes.

  138. First and foremost that gigantic (It looks it anyway) red chair behind you looks awesome!
    Here are my desks. http://imgur.com/a/k6eOh
    The top one is where I read Mon-Fri and the bottom is where I check in on the weekends, very quickly as it’s vanity that hasn’t hit its full potential yet! Being 5’10” sitting on that tiny chair just isn’t working!

  139. I love your office! It’s so much tidier than mine! And I remeber way back in the archives of this blog where you talked about building the walls around your office and showed pictures of where they would be… then you never showed pictures of it finished! 😀 Glad to see the final office!
    You have a great sense of style. My office is drab and practical and crammed in a corner of the living room, my one touch of whimsy is my Tardis and My Little Pony collection.

  140. http://instagr.am/p/MMsExxt-uv/

    My desk features permanent Christmas lights, a Juanita puppet, several web comics, a tiny voodoo doll, and a certificate from my first tandem skydive, among other decorations. Not shown: two pairs of shoes and one pair of leopard print slippers

  141. Two things! First lawsbians =awesome! Love it! Second you look GORGEOUS!

  142. Whoa! What’s with the creepy dolls? My Madame Alexander Dolls my mother tortured me with are packed safely in the garage where they belong. 🙂

  143. I downloaded the book last week when you announced we would be doing this and then I haven’t made it on for even one of the sessions, yet. Ugh! Mommy duties have been getting in the way.

    You look too cute in the picture under your desk. Adorable!

    I vote for lawsbians over lawsians.

  144. That is a FANTASTIC outfit you’re wearing in these photos. Just wanted to let you know you look stunning. 🙂

  145. seriously dude, I almost cried when I realised I’d missed the bloggess book club. I haven’t been online in MONTHS and I’ve fulfilled my addiction by buying your book. and then reading it 3 times. and then lending it to one friend who’s lent it to another who’s lent it to ANOTHER because even though I know you want the sales, we have no money and really, they need to read that shit. because your writing sounds exactly like me and Kels talking. only with more pills. or maybe less booze. one can never really tell.

  146. I want your shirt! OMG I love it.
    Also, my desk is boring and brown…and in an office. So. I’m sure you get the visual. And then when you have the visual…add my purse, glasses, bag of chips and post its.

  147. I like “knockers” over “lawsbians”.

    Y’ know, as in “knock, knock, motherfucker” and, well *knockers*. And then you can sell knocker knickers.

  148. These pictures are great. They show how beautiful you are, inside and out. Gorgeous.

  149. Gah!! Love your office! Love your bookcases!!! I HAVE BOOKCASE ENVY. Also, are those ball jointed dolls I see there…..?????

  150. Is it bad that I zeroed in on your fabulous boots? What can a Texas girls say? Of course you look amazing too! But those boots…
    Thanks for keeping the rest of us on our toes- and laughing our rears off in the process. And a girl can never have too many pairs of boots!

  151. I’m very much johnny-latecomer here.. but i’m just adding to the ‘lawsbians’ idea.. Maybe this is a closed topic and you already have the monogrammed baseball jersey’s already printed and shipped… but on the off chance that input is still accpeted/tolerated/encouraged…. what about :

    and.. as a state of being.. lawsanity

  152. Hi! I’m new here…I’m a doll collector WAIT DON’T RUN! Ok, I’m a doll collector and the mother of two shelties (still there? good). I couldn’t help but notice the dolls on your shelf and I was wondering where you got them and who the doll artist is. Helen Kish? Anyway, they kind of resemble some of mine (no, I won’t say how many I have). Love, love, love your audio book; I’m listening to it on my drive back and forth to work. I’m a librawsian (does that work?) (librarian) and I’ll be visiting as often as I can.

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