Okay, so last night we started the first ever #BloggessBookClub and promptly crashed Goodreads within 17 minutes.  That’s got to be a new record.  One I need to apologize for, probably.  Then someone started a chat and it was so busy I felt like I’d walked into the matrix.  I was kicked out within 6 minutes.  This is why we can’t have nice things.  It’s also why we could easily take over the world (or at least a small city) if so many of us weren’t so easily distrac….look, dust!

One good thing that did come out of last night is that a ton of people met other people just like them (yay!) and also a discussion was started amongst readers about what to call each other (like how Doctor Who fans are Whovians) and they settled on Lawsbians, which is kind of awesome.  And, of course, there is a t-shirt.

In the end I think we discovered that there aren’t many places that we can’t crash so we’re trying a new one tonight (at 7pm central). It’s called twit cam and all you have to do is log onto twitter and click on the link I give you at 7p, and then you can leave comments on the side (using twitter) and ask questions and I can talk to you via webcam.  I’ve heard it’s very resilient.  I give it 20 minutes before we crash the whole system.

So if you want to look at last night’s chat (it’s a bit of a chaotic, overwhelming mess – but in the best way possible) you can click here.  If you want to meet up with other Lawsbians (or come up with a better name for us) you can click here to share your twitter handle, blog info.  If you want to leave a question for tonight you can do that in the comments section here and I’ll start with you.  Please leave questions or else I’ll just be weirdly talking to myself.  Or maybe I’ll do a live reading.  Or maybe I’ll panic and flash the camera.  GOD ONLY KNOWS, PEOPLE.

As a reminder, tonight we focus on the book through chapter 7 (Draw Me a Fucking Dog) but there are no real rules because none of us could be expected to follow them.

As always, you guys rock.

Thank you.  Seriously.

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  1. Lawsbians is the perfect name for your group of followers. You could probably have your own convention. Only people that have bought your book or been to your signing would be able to attend.

  2. I have a handshake that I need to teach you, Jenny. It’s sparkles & unicorns & glitter & rainbows & ends with “FABULOUS!” It will just add to the Lawsbian mystique!

  3. I’m so happy that you coined the term lawsbian so that the legal network can’t use it. I’ve seen my fair share of lady-lawyers, and from what I gather, the term would be overused (appropriately) by day two.

  4. If twitcam doesn’t work out, you might try Google+ “on air” hangouts. Nice thing about that is it ties in to your YouTube account and can post the session as a video when you’re done.

  5. 8. Minutes, that is. Till y’all crash another world. And laugh manically…or a lot, whichever. ;D

  6. So I was following all the madness last night, and thought the whole time that “Lawsbian” referred to lesbian lawyers. Or lawyers who worked primarily in GLBT rights. Evidently I wasn’t the only one!

  7. You could always try a G+ hangout on the air (G+ hangout only allows 10 people in but one “on the air” can have many many people watching). In addition it’d be really amazing if you could crash Google! LOL

  8. Lawsbians does sound right for your male followers.

    Since your name is Jenny, and Jenny is also a female donkey, and what kine of male follows Jennies?


    That doesn’t sound right either.

  9. I was totally unaware of Lawsbians… and it is now my FAVORITE thing in the world. Also, I need that t-shirt (husband, are you listening? T-shirt. Buy it. Birthday is in approximately 1 month kthx.)

  10. If your involvement means the death of things (websites crashing, etc) I will have to remember you if I ever become blog-suicidal.

    Hey Jenny! Go read my blog! Comment! Recommend! Retweet! And *BOOM* it’s gone…

  11. Awww, sad, I think I’m going to have to miss it, like I missed the first one. I’M SORRY I FAILED YOU, JENNY!

    But I did already buy and read the book, and I loved it. Truly.

    Have fun tonight, everyone!!

  12. My husband and I were discussing last night your potential as a cyber terrorist, but more Manson style. You make the “suggestions” and your followers obey. We firmly believe that you could crash ANY website, worldwide, with the mere suggestion that your followers (heretofore to be called minions) visit it. I vote we take down the national news stations on election day. I also vote we start with Fox ‘News’. And I use the term “News” loosely. Your minions await…
    It is a good thing that you don’t use this power for evil…..like I would…..

  13. Lawsbian = Perfection. Though, I probably can’t use it in front of my Dad, since he’d fall to his knees in elation that surely that’s what I meant to say all those years ago. 😉

  14. The Peeps can start their own support group… Hello… My name is…. and I am a Lawsbian!!! Hilarious!!!
    It is amazing the popularity you have. Tell Oprah to give you a call and between the 2 of you, you could try to take down Amazon kindle site… just for the fun of it.

    Keep trucking!!

  15. And now I feel like a horrible parent because for a moment I considered skipping my son’s tee ball game in order to attend the book club meeting….

  16. So I was thinking, now that we have admitted we are Lawsbians, do we need something to come out of? Whovians come out of the TARDIS, Lesbians come out of the closet, Trekkies come out of the… transporter room… Maybe we come out of the Wine Cellar?

    Although, why would anyone want to leave the wine cellar?

  17. Totally love the name and the T-shirt. I was totally there as we were crashing things, and it was kind of wonderful. I think you should get a medal for something like that..maybe like the Pure Awesome Award. I’m not sure. Anyway, I will hopefully be attending tonight again.

    Oh, also can’t remember if I did or not, but I wanted to tell you my copy of Let’s Pretend This Never Happened was swabbed at the airport. It apparently looked suspicious. It kind of made me laugh.

  18. Last night was all kinds of fun and I officially need a Lawsbian shirt (hmm, or maybe just a sticker or mousepad) and some cake vodka. See you tonight!

  19. I still wanna know the answer to a question asked last night. Do you think it’s creepy to have so many people show up to your book-signings thinking we are or totally could be your BFF? Cause I totally thought so, and it sounds like I wasn’t the only one 😀 At least we now have a name. Ah, Lawsbians, sounds so much better than delusional stalkers 🙂

  20. Don’t be ashamed of being a horrible parent in light of the awesomeness that was last night. I refused to wipe my son’s butt a second time. I hope he figured it out. If not, he is three, you gotta learn sometime.
    As far as my husband was concerned, he is a little nervous about the whole “Lawsbian” thing and he thinks I am scoping Craigslists for lovers now. Le sigh…

    Two Questions: (This may have already been done, I am a little behind on the blog) Have you ever considered a theater style play with all your furry friends? I would be willing to write a love story for it. And, (on a serious note) I lost a baby last year to Trisomy 18 and was touched by the chapter on your experiences. Did you ever feel whole again?

    Oh and by the way, cake vodka mixed with pineapple juice tastes like an upside down cake. You’re welcome.

  21. 1) Yet another t-shirt I want that my kids won’t order for me. 2) Yet another great reason to join twitter, though I will probably still fail to do so (sorry, but…we’ll see. 3) Ah, so I was not the only one kicked off the Internet! (Lawsbian schadenfreude)

  22. maybe we should try taking out Google+ tomorrow, just as a display of our strength. After that we will rule the internet through fear & intimidation.

    “Don’t make us come over there and have a book club meeting Facebook. The Lawsbians will DESTROY you!”

  23. Lawsbians for the win!

    I can now proudly say that I am a Lawsbian.

    Announcing this to my boyfriend will make him excited (thinking a threesome is now in the cards), upset (realizing that lesbians actually don’t want to have threesomes with a sausage in the mix, and that I will have to leave him), confused (when he catches on that my pronunciation of lesbians is not my usual mix of French accent and seemingly-drunken slurring), and finally disapproval (because I will inevitably embarrass him when I announce this in public). But that’s the usual stages of his emotions when I share my great ideas.

  24. Must buy Lawsbians T-shirt, to go with my Vagina tote bags. Possibly not to display on first dates with timid menfolk.

    Weeping bitter tears that I cannot join Twitter thingie tonight – have crit group – but I’ve named my new shero Jenny, so that’s gotta count for sumthin. (No, not a crazed stalker here, really.)

  25. I don’t usually wear too many t-shirts, but I want this one so bad right now! I don’t ‘tweet’ either, so I guess I’ll just read about your Lawsbian adventures on your blog. *sob, sniff*

  26. I can’t join tonight, so sad 🙁 My FIL is coming tomorrow morning to help change floor laminates and he likes to start early. Sadly that means I have to not only be awake, but relatively sane and safe to be around…

    Will there be more of this insane life-giving Lawsbian funness next week?

  27. I connected for your first test within five seconds of you tweeting the link. There was a fifteen second ad in the video and by the time I saw you, the count of other viewers was up around sixty and kept right on spinning too fast to read the ones digit.

    I think 20 minutes until crash is optimistic. 😉

  28. Frickin’ sweet! I just finished Draw Me A Fucking Dog last night, at about 3 am while I was sitting on the floor of my shower trying to avoid barfing. Strangely, Jenny’s description of how the Doors kept her from barfing while on an acid trip was strangely helpful in my own quest to avoid blowing chunks. I think this is a concept we should really thresh out tonight.

  29. Am I still a Lawsbian if I signed up to do the chat and then fell asleep out of pure nervousness? Which sounds weird, but my brain helped me out of my nervous state by turning off. I’ve always known I was a Lawsbian, even when I was little I knew it.

  30. I’ll be buying one of these once I get paid next month. And I’m so excited about tonight, I can hardly stand it.

  31. Crashing stuff last night was WAAAAAAYYYYY awesome! It was so awesome it was LAWSOME! I love being a lawsbian, it’s too fun! Needs that shirt like I need air! *GASP*
    Let’s see what we can crash tonight! MUWAHAHHAHA!!!

  32. Melissa– When I first tried Cake Vodka (I’m the girl who started the frenzy last night) it was with pineapple juice. I also suggest adding a touch of sprite for a fun drink, or doing pineapple juice and cherry juice syrup! (in the ice cream sprinkles aisle) Last night I had it with Dr. pepper, Diet Pepsi… or nothing. Dr. pepper makes it VERY easy to chug. Warning!!!

  33. How about calling ourselves “Lawsonians”? Sounds a bit more regal as we sit here blogging in our tiaras with our magical, imaginary ponies, drinking our wine slushies (made from the highest quality box wine, of course!) out of a plastic red Solo cup!

  34. I have rehearsal tonight, so I can’t attend. At least, I can’t attend unless you’re still going around 9:00pm eastern when I should get home. Also, I’m not on twitter. Hm. This might almost be a good enough reason to get on twitter.

    Anyway, I hope you crash the hell out of it. I give you 12 minutes.

  35. When you said that someone opened up a chat, did you mean in Facebook? I know it means that there are people who may not be able to use it (if they don’t have facebook, but even my 75 yr old grandpa and my 65 yr old German Aunt have it, so I assume everyone does due to those facts alone). I used a chat session on there for jewelry makers once and it didn’t crash. Maybe try that?

  36. I haven’t read all the comments, so maybe someone has already suggested this. But, why don’t you use Google+ for this. You can do a hang-out. That’s what the service was built for and there’s no way you could crash the servers at Google (hopefully). Just a thought.

  37. Jenni- Um. You have blown my mind. I have a bottle of Three Olives en route. Yes, I get it delivered to me, there has to be a meeting in my near future.

    “Hi, my name is Melissa…”

  38. Lawsbians is an awesome title…it’s like Whovians, Vernians, & Lesbians all rolled into one. If anyone gets offended maybe you could drop the “b” and just be Lawsians, but that might already be a thing? I dunno, sounds familiar…anyway, YOU ROCK! oh my tweeter(yes, I spelled it that way on purpose) tag is @mystqfae but I’m boring, so no one should follow me, except you Jenny, don’t unfollow me…please

  39. Melissa– You are some kind of fantastic. Is the Three Olives kind decent? I opt for Pinnacle to save a few bucks, so I don’t feel bad when I spill it on myself. Have you tried Three Olives “Loopy”? It’s boozey fruit loop flavor in a bottle. SO AMAZING. Good with sprite, splash of grenadine.

  40. Does anyone know how to Storify? That could be beyond awesome for something like this, especially with the crashes.

  41. I’m so bummed that I can’t make these (they’re at 2 a.m. my time, so my ability to interact would be highly impaired even if I could manage to not fall asleep on my computer keyboard). Your book was fantastic, though (I believe the exact words I used when describing it were “made of awesome”).

    Cheers from Scotland!

  42. By the way, I’m totally taking partial credit for the “Lawsbians” thing, since I was the first to mention the lesbian crush. It’s only fair. 😀

  43. United isn’t much better. They moved my daughter’s seat 3 rows back from my husband and me for our upcoming trip. The excuse: plane change or something. Good luck to the suckers sitting next to that 3-year-old.

  44. Don’t be afraid to panic, Jenny.
    Some of my best moments have been when I freaked out.
    First time meeting an editor I flashed her via Skype.
    First date with uber handsome guy, I slipped on ice and got trapped under his parked car.
    First time with a one night stand I got herp…oh, wait not quite a best moment.
    Embrace the panic, Jenny!

  45. Please tell us more about your children’s book. I started my blog as something for agents to Google when I queried them with my YA and middle-grade novels … and then promptly started swearing like a sailor in my posts since I don’t know how to blog without trying to be funny, and don’t know how to be funny without fuckwords. Thank you so much for shifting this situation from being “what probably scares agents away” into “something I have in common with Jenny Lawson.”

  46. Last night was crazy. I grabbed ahold of that rope and was swung from site to site trying to follow (no way to keep up)! Can’t wait to do it again tonight!

  47. Dear Jenny,
    Im probably being WAY to personal here, but I tend not to “get” societal boundaries anyways so I will just ask. I have depression and anxiety and am wondering what drugs you find that work best for you?
    I ask this because you seem to do all these awesome things with your life WHILST suffering from mental illness. I am most interested in the anxiety meds as I seem to have the depression under control.
    AND Im probably asking this question in the wrong forum. Please forgive me Lawsbians!
    Peace Out,

  48. I read most of the “book discussion” this morning as my toddler didn’t accept the on-line chat as a suitable reason for why I wouldn’t read him a story. Chaotic doesn’t even begin to describe what I found there. 🙂 Fun, though, as usual.
    Personally, I like my vodka spicy. That cake stuff is pretty awful. . .though, that might make it an appropriate beverage for the chapter in question. . .

  49. We definitely are coming out of the BATHROOM (credit to Jenni) whether we are Lawsbians, Lawsonians, or merely b dropping Lawsians. Do we get to vote? I want the coming out part on the t-shirt too.

  50. Why do we not all just march to you? Crash Texas, they won’t mind. “Don’t mess with Lawsibians”

  51. I can’t come to this because my birthday is coming up and your book was on the top of the list of things I asked for .(long sentence) Library has it and I won’t check it out . Anticipation !

  52. it was awesome and it was crazy and it was chaotic and twirly…and I loved it! I wonder if Goodreads has figured out what hit them yet.

  53. Imma gonna feel really old saying this, but you might want to consider going to IRC. It used to be able to handle thousands and you can use your own client (chatzilla, mIrc, ircII, etc). It’s old, but it’s reliable and it’s real time. Just let everyone know what server to meet on and you’re golden.

  54. I think “We crashed in 17 minutes” should be the tshirts’ tag line.

  55. I have been laughing out loud all afternoon. I am home quite a bit these days nursing my broken arm. It was not broken by a cow’s vagina, but it did involve a former bull rider landing on my shoulder. It seems gals that get married on the Fourth of July are firecrackers.

  56. I blame work for having to miss this awesomeness twice in a row now… Since I work at an educational institution maybe I can argue that I doing personal development to promote literacy… lets see how far that gets me.

  57. Lawsbians. I like it. On to Lawsbians becoming a universally known verb (which will be nice because then I can explain stuff I do with just one word)!

  58. Just purchased your book for the Nook. Go ahead without me, I’ll catch up.

  59. Jenny,
    A question for tonight.. What was the least cliche’d question you were asked on your book tour?

  60. Damn full time job…and DAMN Pacific Time Zone. I’ll try to find y’all when I get home anyway. Luv.Love.LOVED. the book and have already sent it to several friends as gifts. How does one go about getting jumped into this Lawsbian Gang anyway?????

  61. Jenny-QUESTION FOR TONIGHT- I suffer from depression and self-harm. It fucks me up. Makes me want to abandon my family, my life or cut up a bitch (meaning me). I read your book recently and it momentarily saved me. It put things in perspective for me. I know you have received many emails from people who are on suicidal row-how do you, someone who suffers from depression and self-harm, handle that?

    PS:There are so many people who are inspired by you and you are bringing much laughter and joy to otherwise lonely sad people. You are important. And we fucking love you.

  62. Can you post instructions about how to use Twit Cam so we don’t miss out? When I open Twitter I don’t see a link for it … and when I go onto the Twit Cam (yep … still sounds like a porn thing no matter how many times I try to convince myself otherwise) — it wants me to broadcast myself.

    What to do?

    ps – We are so gonna crash this thing in 10 minutes. Which, while awesome, still makes me sad. So… um, sadface followed by happyface. Which equals neutralface, which is kinda creepy. So double happyface and we’ll end with that 🙂 🙂

  63. as a lesbian lawyer Lawson book lover, “Lawsbian” works for me on ALL LEVELS!!!!

  64. Is there a way to chat and not have it tweet into my stream? anyone know? or hell… I guess it doesnt matter if people hear about my phobias of taxidermy

  65. Seriously, I just said this over on Twitter, but I’ll say it again here in way more than 140 characters – I never belonged to a sorority or a sisterhood of any sort, especially not the kind that includes boys…ok, come to think of it, I’ve only belonged to boy clubs…but, Jenny, you have (probably inadvertently) managed to gather the neatest, most-amazing, hilarious bunch of people and after being part of last night’s crazyinsane, fast-paced-black-belt-action, fabulously delightful and fun book club, thus becoming a Lawsbian (why would anyone NOT want that name???), I finally feel like I am really a part of a larger group. I feel like I belong to something and that I finally fit in and I freakin’ LOVE IT!

  66. Ya know this actually kinda makes me happy that y’all crashed and have to reschedule b/c I had to miss last night b/c I’d already committed to a service project at my church (dang children’s crisis center, dissin’ my chi) so YAY its tonight and I can participate!! Have y’all tried a Skype chat room? I’ve never seen one of those crash… (But theres a first for everything!)

  67. Jenni- I keep hearing about the Fruit Loop Vodka! Like. All. The. Time. (tells you a bit about my social circle) but I haven’t tried it yet! It is on my list. I have only had Three Olives, so I am up to try any brand! And I do mean ANY brand! It is good though. Of course, I was pretty flabbergasted by there just being cake vodka. I am easily entertained.

  68. I thought that was some good, clean, chaotic, effed up fun last night! Looking forward to more tonight. Proud to be a Lawsbian! “We’re hear – we’ve got beer – get used to it!”

  69. I am so proud to be a Lawsbian! Sad that I won’t be able to join in tonight though, damn my non-traditional work schedule! I’ll be listening to the audiobook in honor of the event, though, and will toast you with my Diet Dew. SIGH.

  70. I’ve suggested your book to my own book club, but in the meantime I am reading it to my 3-month-old son while breastfeeding, because it is important to learn how to multitask.

  71. OMG, when we take over the world, can I be a princess?????

    Lawsbians if the awesomeist name EVER. Does the T-shirt come in big girl sizes???

  72. While I did not have cake vodka, I did have raspberry vodka, which I added to my MudJito/ *

    (A proper mojito instructs you to muddle the mint leaves. I have a LOT of fresh mint in my garden, so I got the idea that I could make a whole bunch of mojitos by muddling the mint and sugar with my food processor, and then straining it.

    Except even after straining, the resulting liquid looked like a bit pitcher of swamp water. Tasty tasty swamp water, but kind of nasty-looking. Overnight it seems to have settled, which I’m not sure is an improvement. Anyway, it’s stupid-hot in Chicago today, so I plan to indulge with a raspberry mudjito and see what we can crash tonight

  73. Yay! Here’s my question: How did your in-laws react to their depiction in the book? Are they still as stand-off ish as they were when you got married?

  74. I was out last night stalking (nothing specific, just stalking) and then doing some standup comedy. Tonight I will pass on the stalking but will again be doing standup. Which is sad because it sounds like WAY more fun to crash stuff than to hope people laugh at me. And cake vodka sounds VERY tempting!

  75. I hope I can figure put twitter to the point of seeing if you get to answer this question tonight, Jenny…in your book, you mention sharing a bed with your sister; I did, too. Said bed was in a small room with fake knotty pine paneling and not close enough to a radiator or fireplace when getting dressed in winter; we’d set our school clothes out the night before and pull them under the covers in the morning to warm up before we would dress under the blankets and emerge fully clothed.
    Anyway, my sister and I would pile all of the covers in the middle of the bed and pull what we could get on the count of three. My sister (being older and bigger) fixed the count every damn time and I was left huddling and shivering with my pitiful sliver of blanket. Also, my sister went through a bed wetting phase and that was a rather unpleasant way to wake up…
    Do you have any good stories specifically related to having to share not only a room, but also a bed? Btw, my version of your childhood sensory deprivation tank/converted toy box was to sneak into my daddy’s ancient caddilac convertible (the ultimate and necessary outward symbol of success for any hillbilly who makes it out of the holler) and stretch out in the hammock-like space for the convertible top when it was folded down. It was close and quiet and I would lie there reading or cross my arms over my chest like a vampire and daydream…it rocked. Especially when I could hear them looking for me 😉

  76. Hmmm, so, I just scanned my comment/question and realized my grammatical error…to clarify, I shared a bed with *my* sister, not yours. Don’t Panic…Lisa did not wait, feigning sleep, until you drifted off, to slip out and hitchhike to Tennessee in order to share my bed while you slept on, blissfully unaware. Of course, sharing my bed would be totally worth the effort…

  77. I love “Lawsbians”! That is awesome.
    I missed last night for totally carnal reasons, and will miss tonight because I am an anonymous blogger and can’t very well dismiss myself from the family “movie night” without possibly outing myself.

    Once this club has a regular meeting time, I will be able to make excuses in advance and find a secluded corner where I won’t be frowned upon. I know I’m full of excuses today, but I love you anyway!

  78. So, who is playing you in the musical version of the book? May I be the first to audition?

  79. I can’t be there but hopefully I will be able to see the answer to my 2 questions anyway:

    I am curious to know if you had to deal with the “mean girl” cliques in high school since you were 1 of exactly 2 goth girls in the entire populace. I don’t remember this being mentioned in your memoirs but as the majority of us who don’t fit in seem to be singled out for bullying of one kind or another I wondered if this was true for you.

    Does Victor still have that awesome head of hair or has he torn it out yet? I kept feeling twinges of envy for you that you have a husband with a great sense of humor (I’d love to have an extended debate with someone over the sex of Frankenberry) who loves you unconditionally. I’m married, but ahem, enough said. Except for this: I have a dog and when my husband asks me why I spend more time with her than him my stock reply is: because she’s nicer to me than you are.

    Hope you have an opportunity to respond. Thanks,

  80. Wanted to let y’all know…. Zazzle has 50% off shirts tonight (Weds) only!

  81. Should I watch/attend the chat tonight (I am not 100% on the proper verb there) or go to urgent care? I am having crazy chest pains I am concerned it might be bronchitis or maybe a heart attack (I am 27 so its highly unlikely that it is a heart attack but WebMD suggested that was a possibility). Anyway, can someone have bronchitis without a cough? Sorry. My boyfriend is trying to figure out how to block WebMD on my computer. He thinks it is just another panic attack (I know, no one who has ever had a panic attack would say “just another panic attack”). But it feels different from my usual panic attack. Anyway, I think I am going to stay but I wanted to let you know how much I am enjoying the book and have laughed so hard that I have cried multiple times. It is relatable and amazing in too many ways to list.

    P.S. My boyfriend and I are listening to the audio book on our commute and he is really concerned you are about to move back to Wall.

  82. Question: Are you more like your mother or your father? Was your own parents’ marriage an example for you?

    Question: I’d also like to know about the anti anxiety medication. I have anti depressants that work but I don’t even know how to ask for anti anxiety meds. And my anxiety has been spinning out of control lately.

    Thank You,

  83. Ummm… am I the only, uh … mental midget that read that as “Twat Cam?” ‘Cause when I next read it was resilient, I thought it’s got to be—it’s for porn. And then I reread it and was bummed. I really didn’t want to succumb to Twitter… it means a whole ‘nother sign-in/up dealio.


  84. Just an FYI if your #BloggessBookClub keeps crashing. Go over to Justin TV and create a channel and do a live stream. It’s free for you and your readers. People can sign into your live chat. Instead of typing your answers, you can just answer them live from your webcam while others instant message their questions to you. I know this might cause some anxiety, but at least you won’t be crashing. The web address is: http://www.justintv.com

  85. Just discovered your blog through the book. Loving your writing. Plus Lawsbians… priceless. We don’t have to get matching short haircuts, wear khaki cargo shorts, and flannel together right? 🙂

  86. Thanks Jenny for the Live Stream.

    Tomorrow, please please please use your crashing power on LinkedIn.

    I have to go hang the laundry now, so, later…

    P.S. Does Victor have to hang the laundry, or am I totally getting screwed here?

  87. Thanks Jenny, that was great, if not always easy to follow. My only stress was, once I’d built up the courage to to say something… the damn thing then posted to twitter as well. For EVERYONE to see. Or at least, all 36 internet friends.

    And then I got retweeted, so I’m not sure whether to be happy now, or panic.

  88. Last night was fun! Crazy, but fun! I showed up late, but still got to party.. sorry can’t join in tonight.. I have to clean my house before the company arrives and thinks I am a total slob.. which I am, but that’s not their business, and besides I don’t twitter… I refuse to get sucked in… I pinterest, facebook, and follow your blog and that is it!

  89. I swear I will stop calling Jesus a drunken party animal if you flash the camera. I’m joining this club, damnit! p.s. Your book is Still a staff pick/best reads choice in my local Chapters in little Spruce Grove, Alberta! Good on ya.

  90. hubby is jealous that i am a lawsbian (i’ve always dreamed of being one). awesome! and, damnit – i’ve missed both chats. boo. i am catching the next one come hell or high water.

  91. Fuckinay! I missed it too, because I was refinishing an armoire and didn’t check for new posts!! Dammit! 🙁

    Ah well, next one.

  92. Wow! I knew we were a big following, but I never imagined we could break the internet! Yay us!

    On an unrelated note….I know you are a busy woman and probably get asked for advice all the time, but I need some very badly. It is directly related to my mental state and I was hoping you could help me out. My email is in the comment form obviously, so if you have some time please email me.

    You are awesome! And I’m proud to be a Lawsbian!

  93. This just got added to my birthday wish list. Your t-shirt+tardis coffee cup= best b.day presents ever! 🙂

  94. @Kristin Mae – having read about your armoire tale a couple of days ago, I cracked up when I read your comment about missing the book club. 🙂

  95. When I saw this video, I thought of you, Jenny, because it made me furiously happy! Teary eyes and all. (I have no idea how to embed it, so you may have to cut-n-paste to your browser. Believe me, it’s worth it. So much joy!)

  96. Dangit, missed tonight. Of course that was because i ended up reading the whole book.

    After buying it last night. Um, whoops?

    Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. For being you. For being brave in telling your journey. For having the courage to share. Thank you.

  97. Why not try G+ Hangouts? I’ve done a few of them, and they’re pretty good. There is a limit to the number of people you can have in one hangout, but there are plenty of apps for them and moderation tools, not that you’ll need those! Also, you can live stream to youtube and have your hangout recorded. For posterity!

  98. Lawsonians: If you say it with a posh, British accent it sounds like a museum (and who wouldn’t want to see these exhibits??)

  99. I don’t have a question – I just wish I could be there. . .but unfortunately, 7pm CST time is 12 noon NZ time (presuming that CST time is the same as Texas time) and I’m getting ready for work at that time. . .suckyupalis. . .I like Lawsbians. . .but then, I also like Lawsonians. . .
    I’m voting Lawsbian. . .
    I think. . . .

  100. I know you didn’t ask, but I liked the GoodReads board better because it didn’t tweet every freaking comment I typed like the TwitCam did. We need a way to turn off that feature. I’d definitely be more chatty. 🙂 Also, TwitCam didn’t keep the comments current — I think we maybe almost-crashed it, but not quite.

    ANYWAY, I’d like to know if you have plans to offer plushies of your critters. I got Juanita, but she’s tiny and not really huggable, ya know?

    And are you getting your questions from here? We were confused last night on TwitCam. Maybe that was the booze slush, though.

    May we please discuss Stanley tonight? He is the stuff of nightmares.

    Thanks, and LOVE YOUR SHOW, BABE!

  101. Melissa June 20, 2012 at 11:13 am
    Wow. this is all more that just kind of awesome. this is Lawesome.

    HAHA *snort* Love this!

  102. I need a recap! I had a birthday party so missed the Lawesomeness last night.
    How did it go? Was it a wild rumpus like the first night?

  103. I just got your book on my kindle 🙂 So far all I have to say is I am 8 months pregnant and I may have to put off reading it because on a good day I am in danger of peeing my pants! LOL But really Im not going to deny myself so perhaps I will look into depends.

  104. I CANNOT freaking wait to buy one of these shirts. I’m also getting ready to make you a name plate and send it to you… so yeah… I’ll need your address… promise not to stalk you.

    If you see a short girl with purple hair outside your window… just ignore her. she’s not stalking you because she promised not to!

  105. That is too funny, I have an icon my husband swears I have to get tattooed, preferably on my forehead.

    “I’m not random, I just have many tho… oh squirrel!!”

    I got him back with it one day. I walked out on the porch and mid word went oh squirrel and he said “yes dear it is funny how ADD you are now finish your sentence like a big girl” and I said “no motherfucker there is a squirrel on the porch and we both startled each other, and oh squirrel was the politest thing I could think of on the spot.” He didn’t believe me he had to come see.

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