I just wrote a very long, vaguely witty post and then the electricity went off and it now it’s gone.


Let’s try this again…

Last night’s book club meeting was probably my favorite, mainly because I was wearing my lucky fake nipple and had several people sweet enough to point it out.  That’s how you know that have friends on the internet:  when hundreds of well-meaning strangers don’t let you inadvertantly live stream your nipple.


In other news, I got nothin’.

Except for this.  Several people asked me what they story was with my icon picture.  “Why are you wearing curlers?”  “Who took the picture?”  “Is that you?”  “Is that a real nipple?”  And the answers to these questions are here.  Except for the nipple question, which I already answered.  Try to keep up, people.

Yes, that’s me up there in the curlers.  Six years ago I was blow drying my hair and I thought “I wonder how long I’ve actually spent standing in front of a mirror styling my hair just to wake up again to tomorrow and start all over again?” and after doing the math I figured that I’d spent almost 2 years doing my hair.  Which is ri-damn-diculous.  It was at that moment that I decided to take a picture of myself blow-drying my hair to use as my icon, because then at least that time wouldn’t have been completely wasted, as I’d at least have gotten a good banner picture out of the deal.  I still have one of the original color pictures that shows the top of the camera:

The camera, nightgown and house are all gone now. I still have the blow dryer though.

Tonight is the last night of #BloggessBookClub and I’ll be doing a reading and giving out prizes so please come. Pretty please? Just check my twitter feed at 7pm central and I’ll give you the link.

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  1. In college I was at the end of a 18-page paper, the night before it was due, of course, when my computer went blank. I lost everything. Que me running through the computer lab pulling my hair up from my head and yelling, “FUCK! FUCK! FUCK!” yeah, no one thought I was crazy. At All…

  2. “The camera, nightgown and house are all gone now. I still have the blow dryer though.” But do you still have the CURLERS??? Cause those are stylin’!!!

  3. My lucky nipple is now the left one because the right one was removed last week. And so was the breast. But your book club has been the best mastectomy-recovery therapy ever!

  4. I’m surprised nobody offered you suggestions of doctors who could put that nipple in the correct place. I’m scared.

  5. I love that you walk around with your fake nipple lol! That’s just so funny. Also, nice to know the background on the hair dryer picture – I’ve always wondered 🙂

    Thanks for the laughs – as always! 🙂

  6. My hair is now so long that it takes about 40 minutes to get it ready after it’s washed. Which is why I wash it about twice a week. Win.

  7. Ah, yes… electricity is awesome. Two stories: I was in our local WalMart the other day & the power went out. Completely. Like no security lights, nothing. So the staff had to herd everyone in the store to the front doors, using only the light from our cellphones as a guide. Turns out the main power line was cut by the construction guys working on the expansion… way to go, guys!

    Back when I was a graphic designer at a local newspaper, I learned the hard way to save more than ‘occasionally’ during a particularly nasty thunderstorm. Not only did I lose power, but I lost the issue of the paper I was working on. Just gone. The massive amount of overtime I got for recreating the paper made it all better though 🙂

  8. Is it odd that I never once have wondered about that picture? It just seemed completely normal for a woman to be standing in her nightgown wearing curler and holding a blowdryer…Odd.
    And the fake nippe is awesome and all, but the accidental “topless” skype beats it by a mile!

  9. We were floored last night to read that you hadn’t crashed twitpic. Then this morning on the news they said, “What made twitter crash? We’ll tell you after this.” I laughed and my husband whipped his head around and says, “Did Jenny crash twitter AGAIN?” I was laughing so hard after that I had a hard time answering that no, I was fairly certain it wasn’t you unless you had been up to some serious very late night shenanigans of which I was unaware. That was a long sentence. I love you honey, you’re doing a great job!

  10. True Story:

    In high school, I had to have a breast reduction. The doctor said “and of course we”ll move your nipples”. Oh, well yeah, duh. He “moved them” a liiiiiittle to much to the north, and there is a real and present danger of my revealing an actual nipple if I were wearing the shirt you were wearing…

    Moral of the Story: don’t make decisions about relocating body parts until they’re “settled”.

  11. I am turning off the phone so I don’t miss tonight. My parents can just wait til after bookclub to have an “emergency”. I bailed them out last night – serisously how critical is it to be able to get the keys out of the ignition and turn the alarm off while the car is sitting in your own driveway? Aren’t old folks deaf anyway?

  12. I will be there but I will be late. I get off work at the exact time it starts and have at least a 20 minute drive home but I will be there. It’s been working so far this week, except when I wasn’t able to figure out time zones and almost missed the whole thing on Tuesday. I don’t like missing the first half but at least I can still see some of it. Now I’m rambling because it is what I do when i finally get a chance to speak, and then I edit myself and now I need to shut up. I will be there is what I’m saying! (c:

  13. I used to have a nipple that you could stretch over the top of a beer can. I should probably clarify that this was a rubber nipple and not physically attached to my body. Or maybe I shouldn’t. I need coffee. I’ll let you decide.

  14. Sad to see the book club series end. You are the only one who can pull off the curler look and still look glamorous. I bought 2 copies and gave them to friends that I know will love you figuring how can life be complete without exposure to your humor? Thanks for making us all look crazy in car lines, waiting rooms, etc. by making us laugh out loud hysterically.

  15. If you would just leave the curlers in, you’d never have to do your hair again. but EVERYONE would recognize you. You wouldn’t be able to leave the house (……bonus?)

  16. There is an awesome Seinfeld episode where Elaine accidentally shows her nipple in a picture that goes out on her Christmas cards. ; ) (I’m noticing lately I know way too many Seinfeld references).

    I managed to catch the last ten minutes last night. Tonight, my daughter has a theatre performance until 5, everyone in my house shall go home and eat dinner in an efficient manner and I am determined to be at my computer at 7.

    I’d like to catch just one full episode as the Lawsbians unite.

  17. I wish I could participate but I am an asshole who prefers to sleep! FYI I have pimped your book to everyone I know! It’s horribly funny.

  18. is there a video of the previous nights twitcam? or is it saved anywhere? I would really like to go back and watch it on the hubs computer since I can’t watch the twitcam on ipad.

  19. Even your fake nipple gives me a lady boner, I mean “man boner”. Oh god, I’ve said too much. Please just have a look at my pictures, you’ll see what I mean. Haha, I’m just joking. I was trying to trick you into going to look at our wedding party pics from my recent marriage to the luckiest girl in the world. Seriously. I’m pretty great… and modest.

  20. Wow, that’s like when they scan paintings by old masters and show the sketches beneath the paint.

  21. Oh MAN! I’ll be driving to my mother-in-law’s house during book club. And we had baseball games during the other ones. WHEN AM I GOING TO STOP GIVING TO THIS FAMILY AND ADDRESS MY NEEDS? However, my mother-in-law is making French Dips and buys my favorite Malbec, so I guess it’s a wash. Love the original Bloggess pic.

  22. Have you tried using Evernote to write in? It does a great job of saving while you are typing and it syncs across all devices so you can write or edit anywhere. I haven’t tried copy/pasting it into WordPress yet but I’d imagine it’s similar to how you would if you were using Word to write. Anyway, it’s free and once you screw around with it a bit it becomes rather useful I’ve found. 🙂

  23. Glad to hear you still have the blow dryer. Good ones are hard to find!

  24. Now I realize I should take pictures to commemorate the nonwastefulness of me doing the random shit that wastes my time all day. Like peeing. Total get up and walk, sit down, get back up time waster.

  25. On the camera from our end via the web, it looked oddly like a real nipple. Very very odd. 🙂 Now I can see it’s fake and quite amusing.

  26. Hottest chick in curlers that I’ve ever seen….

    You know, in a purely platonic way, of course. Unless you’re into that…. 😉

  27. This is why I still perm my hair – the 2-3 hours twice a year sitting in the salon with icky stuff on my head is more than offset by the 6 months of NOT HAVING TO DO ANYTHING WITH MY HAIR IN THE MORNING!!! Towel-dry, a little gel, and a comb.

  28. I would really like to try wearing a fake nipple into a bar some time. I wonder if it would help…………… it’s almost like a nipple corsage or something.

  29. Blow dryers are like the cockroaches of stuff…

    Can someone explain to me, again, why exposing your (third) nipple is such a bad thing?

  30. It just occurred to me that “the power went out” is probably sort of like a 21st century “the dog ate my homework.” And now it just occurred to me that I am probably the last one that this has occurred to. Oh well. Love the nipple though!

  31. And my fiance wonders why I don’t blowdry my hair more often. The man who shaves his head. I tell him it’s a waste of time and my hair will dry on its own anyway. He sighs.

  32. One of the most startling experiences of my childhood was helping move my grandma to a new apartment and coming upon a box that contained fake nipples and a “condom cap” hat. My gram really liked mail-order gag gifts. It’s possible that my love for inappropriately hilarious things has a hereditary component.

  33. D-amn. Your blow dryer has lasted 6 years? Mine usually catch fire after about 2. Am I doing something wrong?

  34. ditto on the request for hitting the record button tonight ~ and can you post the video from last night also? please and thanks!

  35. You’re right, 2 years of hairstyling is ridiculous. I would do the math for myself, but since I’m terrible at math it would probably take me an hour just to figure out HOW to figure it, so it’s probably better to just stay in the dark.

  36. Twittercam is a truly impressive invention. I was surprised at how immediately the comments showed up in the stream — and how you were able to read and respond to them in live-time. Do authors do those all the time? They should.

    Anyway. You know your fans are dedicated when they’re politely pointing out your nip-slip while acting like it’s totally cool and not at all strange that you’d have a nipple right under your collarbone.

  37. I’m in a very exclusive book club where the only member is me. Sometimes it takes us two months to read one stupid book, but we’re ok with that schedule.

  38. I wrote a paper on Frankenstein in high school, and it was one of the best damn papers I’d ever written, probably because it’s Frankenstein and he’s a monster and I like monsters. The computer crashed, and paper was lost forever. True story. I cursed. A lot. Anyway, love the nipple (how can you not love hearing people tell you that?), love the original pic, and what can be seen of the nightgown looks pretty cute. If you hadn’t said it was gone, I’d ask where you got. Oh well.

  39. When I was in high school the battery in our Mac went while I was writing an essay. I didn’t even know that desktop computers had batteries, but they do. My teacher didn’t believe me so I got a zero on the essay. Looking back, I couldn’t have hand written it, but that would be giving the man the power.

    Also, I finally got your book. I’ve been holding off because I know that once I read it for the first time, the first time will be over, and I will be sad that I don’t have reading your book for the first time to look forward to. And then what would I have? NOTHING!

  40. i would really like to be able to join in the last of the book club meetings but i don’t have a twitter account – do i have to? since you work on the internet and admittedly don’t necessarily understand how it works i don’t feel oh too very silly for asking this question….

  41. I love learning the stories behind iconic (haha) photos! My most iconic personal photo (seen here) was taken at the Super Mega Furniture Stop Mart (aka Furniture and Things, but they have a giant stop sign on their building next to the words “Super Mega Furniture Mart” so I call it the SMFSM) in Anoka, MN. I am standing on a bar stool next to a giant plastic velociraptor, which is incorrectly labeled as a T-Rex on its price tag. I had a lot of hair then.

  42. Jenny, had so much during the Twitter Feed. Thanks once again for providing an evening of laughs. I know there is probably a joke in there somewhere but I’m going to leave it alone.

  43. 1- I love you, Jenny! And your Lawsonians, too!
    2- I wish your comment section had those thumb up or thumbs down like Regretsy’s, because some of these comments seriously need some thumbs up.
    3- Will you come over to G+, pretty please with a fake nipple on top? It’s really not that hard, and there are folks over there who are Lawsonians and THEY DON’T EVEN KNOW IT YET. I KNOW.

  44. Word of the day is ri-dam-riculous. Maybe word of the year. I still say son of a dammit. My nephew said it once. love you.

  45. Shoot! I spelled it wrong. Always re-read your comment before hitting submit. I’m telling myself. Anyway, it’s ri-damn-diculous. Which now that I think about it sounds like a cool way to call someone a dick. I hope Wil Wheaton notices this.

  46. And in other news… (from the GOOP website)
    “Books on a Plane
    Indulging in a rom-com on a long flight can be fun, but often times it’s even better to get lost in a great new book. We asked Jo Rodgers, a literary agent in London, for some insider scoop on the best of the newly-released novels for your flight this season.
    Jo says:
    “I savor my flight time. The forced respite from email makes me feel puckish and delinquent, like I’ve skipped class, and I usually compound the mischief by reading something that has nothing to do with work. Here are three books I wouldn’t hesitate to wedge into my carry-on.”

    #1 Let’s Pretend This Never Happened
    by Jenny Lawson”

  47. Crap, we were going to do a zombie theme for our Sea Witch party in the fall, but now my husband wants to do multiple fake nipples (our 5 year old grandson is going to LOVE this), so I have to find them. And then make them all zombie. What fun!

  48. I loved getting to see the last two nights! Unfortunately, I’ll miss tonight because I’ve chosen to go see Jaws on the big screen the day before I go to the beach because I make good decisions like that.

  49. Damn it! Now I have to do the math and figure out how much time I’ve spent in front of the mirror doing my hair… I’m sure it’s been a long amount of time. Just think of what I could have done with my life if I’d only shaved my head!

  50. As you mentioned favourite words last night, I’d thought I’d mention that putting one word inside another like “ri-damn-diculous” is called Tmesis (which I may have spelt wrong), which is Stephen Fry’s favourite word, and the only one in the english language that begins tm.

    Also, if you do still have the curlers I bet you could auction them on ebay for a fortune. Or at least enough to buy a taxidermied llama.

  51. I think you can watch twit cam even if you don’t have a twitter account. Just look at my account and it’ll tell you where to go.

    Sadly, I didn’t get to video the other book club sessions because it crashed before I could. Maybe tonight though.

  52. My mom actually had a third nipple under one of her breasts. I was always secretly jealous I didn’t genetically inherit a third nipple as well. Love the classic photo!

  53. You have mentioned in your book your struggles (pre-marriage) with an eating disorder. Could you flesh that out a bit (I see you, wordplay), if you are comfortable? What was the duration of it? What do you see as the cause(s), speaking for yourself? What helped you to deal successfully eventually with it? And other questions like that. Thank you.

  54. I was curious about the curlers too. Guess now I know and can quit pondering the significance now.
    Now I have room to add something else inappropriate to ponder.

    Yeah ME and Yeah You!!

  55. Were you aware that your book made the GOOP newsletter on 6/21 (Do: Fly Better) as recommended reading while flying? I wholeheartedly agree as it accompanied me to Italy via Nook last month 🙂

  56. I guess that’s one of the joys of not working, not having to do my hair and makeup every morning. I love makeup actually, but since I’m just here at home, why bother, no one sees me all day. I do covet your third nipple however.

  57. Thanks Jenny!
    You’re right, you can totally watch the live stream without being an account holder, but you have to have a decent connection speed. (of which I do not) Wednesday night’s second attempt was actually recorded and I was able to do about 30 minutes of catching up. Yay!

    As I get further into the book, the more I understand why this tribe is forming. You have done a great job at pulling out the tangled mess inside of my head and putting it into words. There are lots of great insights and I will definitely be sharing this book with my husband so he can better understand why I am the way I am.

  58. I also have a third nipple, temporarily I hope. It’s a giant mosquito bite between my armpit and chest. But I just finished a historical fiction book where a woman in Japan with a third nipple was locked up in a brothel for 20 years and then murdered. Thank goodness we live in a society where third nipples can be celebrated, and not just by horny men who turn out to be killers.

  59. Love the background story on the banner photo! And the fake nipple. We were at a resort last weekend and met some people in the hot tub (this story is more innocent than it sounds – we were with the kids, people. Mind out of the gutters). Anyway, this one mom we met was wearing a bikini and I swear to you she had a 3rd nipple that didn’t make its way into the bikini top. Or it was a nipple-like mole. Either way, I couldn’t stop staring at it. It was almost as awkward as this comment I’m posting. Better run. Bye.

  60. You probably know this already and maybe don’t care, but your book was recommended on the GOOP (gweneth paltrow….or however you spell her name) email yesterday as a “summer read”…

    P.S. your awesomeness rules the world.

  61. I ? the iconic hair-curlers look. One dreary day last fall I came home to find my boyfriend raising hell in Saints Row 3 with a machine gun- wielding lady gangster in a pink bathrobe, bunny slippers, and awesome hair curlers. As he was punching someone in the face to steal their scooter, he announced with a smug grin that The Bloggess was taking over Stilwater.

    Mind you, my boyfriend doesn’t even read your blog. He just has it read to him whenever I need to prove that he’s not the only long-suffering male in the world. (“See? Giant metal chicken! Fashionably taxidermied animals! And Victor hasn’t killed her yet.”)

  62. I always wondered how that photo came about. Thanks for shedding light on the mystery.
    To Stacy: I worked at a newspaper too, and it seemed like most of the time our computers went down, we were on deadline. As in a File It In The Next Hour Or You’re Fired kind of deadline. We learned that under pressure, the brain can perform amazing feats of recall. As soon as the power’s back, an entire 1800-word story that had disappeared will jet out from your fingertips at warp speed. But it only works on extreme deadline. If the computer goes down and you haven’t saved and you’re NOT on deadline, your story is gone forever.

  63. I might do my hair more often if I looked as cute as you do while blow drying it. Sadly, I have curly hair. So it looks like a poodle got stuck in a light socket after being blown dry until I do something else with it. Air drying does not bring forth said electrocuted poodle look, so laziness wins out most of the time. OH WELL.

  64. So you are a legend in our office! I received a link to your blog out of the blue from a friend and the note said “almost peed my pants” It was of course Beyonce. That blog went viral from my desktop. i sent it to everyone I knew. Then one day I came into my office and what do I find? A desktop tin chicken in the middle of my desk! He has a lanyard around his neck with sticky notes that allows for ‘instant messaging’ to match the current situation. He is the traveling chicken (btw we named him M.F. Jones) and you never know when he’s going to end up on your desk.
    I then received the most special gift on my birthday from one of my best friends, it is was a copy of your book. I couldn’t put it down! I subscribe to your feed so it will be in my Inbox waiting to start my morning off with a bang. There are days that I’m sitting here at my desk and out of nowhere a Bloggess Quote will jump into my mind (lately it’s been ‘make me some basketti’) and I will LOL all alone in my office. Everyone pretty much expects it though as I’m the ‘crazy chick in the office by the entrance’ It’s nice to have a title.

  65. Do you know what makes me sad? All of the “when I was in high school, I didn’t save my essay nearly often enough, and I lost it, too…” comments. I am getting old. I don’t even have that excuse from my time in university. I am THAT old.

  66. 1. Losing things on your computer is the reason Nerds invented the SAVE BUTTON…yeah I may be judging you.

    2. I would love to join you all tonight, but I live in Seattle and while you are all giggling and laughing over your most wonderful book I will be stuck on the ViaDuct trying to get home from work during rush hour. And because this will be a reality three days in a row…I am judging you in number 1.

    3. I hope when you finish your next book…and if I am still alive because I am old and 11 years….probably dead…but if I should by chance be around…please take in consideration the West Coast…on some level. Even though Seattle is trying to encourage Texas to secede from the Union.

    4. I date a woman once with three breasts, two in the front, one in the back, she wasn’t much to look at but she was great to dance with.

  67. I would not have asked “is that your nipple?” I would have asked “when did your nipple migrate to the top of your boob?”

  68. I didn’t say anything about Jenny’s nipple because I didn’t notice it until a couple of other people pointed it out & I was thinking, no it can’t be her nipple, it’s an odd place for a nipple. . . . totally forgetting about the previous night when she talked about having a fake nipple in her purse. THAT is why Jenny’s book club is so much fun. So sad that tonight is the last night.

  69. Totally non-sequitur to this post, but…

    LPTNH *finally* arrived today! I saw the postman drop it off in my postbox and — I am NOT making this up — I ran out screaming, “THE NEW PHONE BOOK IS HERE! THE NEW PHONE BOOK IS HERE!”

    I *might* have scared the neighbors. And the old guy walking his corgi. (But not the corgi ’cause that poosh is super-friendly and totally bad-ass.)

    Am already crying with laughter. Cheers!


  70. I can’t use twit am on an iPad. Whaaaa! It’s all I have! I don’t even have my own internet. I’m stealing my neighbors.

  71. You always wear such cute clothes; where do you shop?! Not that I’d try to steal your style or anything.

    Just kidding, I would.

  72. I think your link broke Twitter. I opened it and it isn’t loading but the page title is flashing back and forth quickly between “Twitter” and “”. And I tested it more than once.
    Yay! Even twitter is broken now! Is there a prize for breaking too many websites?

  73. I read that last bit as “I’ll be giving out pizza” I got super excited, then confused, then sad because I cant come tonight. Then I realized its the internets, and how do you give out pizza? Then I realized it said prizes. Still sad I cant come!

  74. Wow, I don’t know how I’ve never noticed this before, but you have really adorable ears. Well, ear, since i can only really see one of them hiding between those two rollers. They are so cute. But I’m sure you get that a lot. My ears are kind of pointy, and because I’m pretty smart, at school everyone said I was like the next evolved being, and that my kids would end up being whatever Spock is. Is that how you spell it? Anyway, I’m rambling, I’ll finish by saying that I love your nipple. In a totally normal way.

  75. I wish I could join you, but I second the individual from Seattle. Not because I live in Seattle, but because I live in the same time zone. I’m going to blame that, and not the fact that I’ve had plans every single day this week after I get off work at 5:00. (Seriosuly, friends, BACK OFF already!) I loved your book, though! I read clips of it out loud to my partner and he laughed. He loved your drug chapter the most.

  76. Oh dear God. You just made my head explode from trying to figure out just how many hours I have spent trying to make this curly hair straight! Probably like 10 years. *sigh* Learn to to love the curls – learn to LOVE the curls. That should be my new mantra.

  77. Love the nipple. Do they make them in a darker shade of brown as the lighter shade wouldn’t go with my olive complexion.

  78. Ps. The curlers bring back traumatic memories as my mother always made me put hers in. I never quite got the hang of it and eventually bought her a curling iron.

  79. Why does it have to be over? Can’t we like meet together one a week or once a month or once a something? Like you call a meeting and we all show up?

  80. Still reading, still wishing there really will be a secret word, still thinking that if you and Lisa Lutz were to join forces you could rule the world. Now wondering if you would be the benevolent sort of dictators.

  81. I wish I could be there, but it is a bit late, my side of the pond as I’m 7 hours ahead of you. If I was going to be there, I’d ask what a wine slushie is and how to make one :p

  82. I love this picture! It’s funny how something so disenchanting can take on so much meaning later on… not to mention it is now a pretty iconic picture all over the Internets.

  83. Hey….just caught the end of your live chat. You reminded me of Julia Louis Dreyfus in some ways. Great fun! (And it allowed me to procrastinate on vacuuming and laundry a bit longer!)

  84. I all honesty, your fake nipple is way sexier than Madonna’s entire Turkey breast.

    As to your curlers…

    The repelled me from your blog for awhile.

    My older sister wore HUGE curlers.

    And, as older sisters always do, she tortured me.

    With Aqua Net Hairspray of Doom.

    And evil boyfriends.

    But I’m over the curler loathing thing now.

    Possibly thanks to your fake nipple.

    And to Beyonce, who I love but who seems to have gone missing of late.

    Or was she murdered by all the small Juanita-come-lately stuffed vermin?

    Bring Back Beyonce!

    Do you feel the groundswell?

    Maybe it’s just gas.

    That will pass.

  85. I’ve always loved your banner. It’s distinctive.

    Sadly I missed the bookclub. Life got in the way. *shakes fist at it* However your bookclub has the distinction of taking down several major internet sites. That’s so very awesome. Douglas Adams, who used to chat with fans on IRC and various BBS’s back in a day, would be proud if he were alive to hear about it.

  86. Well thanks for pointing out how much time we spend re-doing our hair every day… now that I’m aware, I will feel like I’m wasting precious time every time I stand in front of the mirror, trying to brush, heat, and ultimately glue my hair into submission. Oh ignorance was such sweet bliss. :/

  87. I need to get a photo of myself very carefully shaving everything by that fun patch under my lip, which everyone hates but which my two-year old daughter loves. She calls it my “little beard.” I’ll use it for my banner page, maybe.

  88. At one point I calculated how much I get paid per year to poop at work, based on the estimate that I poop once a day and that each poop takes 5 minutes.

    The answer?


    Not too shabby.

  89. Two things:

    A) I always loved that picture of you in the curlers. Totally awesome. I can’t even begin to explain why I love it, I just do.

    B) The blue top you’re wearing? I have the same one. I live in it. Nice choice.

    Wish I could have made it to the last two nights of the readings but my husband has been extremely uncooperative in being home from worl at a decent time.

  90. We didn’t get back from our circular tour of Central Arizona until nearly 7 pm our time — I missed out on tonight! I hope we do it again, the first two nights were AWESOME.

    Loved hearing the story about the banner pic — I never could take that much time on my hair, so the invention of the inexpensive flat iron was heaven-sent.

  91. As a baby blogger, I am thankful the blogspot auto saves. I need it, A LOT. I have a bad habit of hitting the back space to much and instead of erasing the sentence I go back two web sites.

  92. The whole “losing things when shit happens to the computer” business is getting obsolete. I think almost every program I write in autosaves and can be recovered on crash… Open Office sure does it. Livejournal and Dreamwidth both do. Google Docs is a beast for this, I swear it autosaves every 2 seconds.

  93. I am watching the Live stream from yesterday and you answered my question about wine slushies 🙂 Joy! I am so gonna make one tonight and I am so gonna send a cheer to you. You. Are. The. Best!

  94. I love the fake nipple. It’s totally gonna be a new fashion trend.

    Except for those who are already with 3rd nipple. Now they’ll by accepted by society.




  95. Bridget #134 I do that all. the. time.

    Jenny, thanks for the curler background. I always wondered. As always, the comments are totally worth the trip over here every day.

    We love you!!!!!

  96. I laugh out loud on the fake nipple, I cannot get over it. And one of my favorite thing to do is to used curls and blow dry.

  97. Your hair dryer reminds me of one I used at a friend’s house last winter, which I declared eligible for the appliance hall of history. I’m impressed that yours is still with you, and, I assume, functional. 🙂

  98. I missed all of the chats… can you do more sometime? I’m crazy excited to meet more Lawsbians.

    Question: Do you still have the rollers?

  99. I am reading your book and have to sympathize with the loss of your pug, Barnaby Jones Pickles. My family has 2 pugs and my husband and I are already strategizing about how we will handle the death of Lunchy (8 yrs old) and Bella (not our name choice, she was rejected twice before we took her in) with our kids. Having pugs is like living with real cartoons. I often wonder if they know they’re not real, and then I think it’s cruel that they still die and suffer heat prostration even though they are actually cartoons. So, sorry about the Barnaby. I haven’t finished your book so if you get another pug, good for you.

  100. This is very much long-after-the-fact, but I always wondered why you chose that image of yourself. Thanks for explaining and damn all that time we waste to be presentable!

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