Writer’s block

I’m having a bit of writer’s block so I’m phoning it in with pictures of Hunter S. Thomcat (and friends).

PicMonkey Collage

You’re welcome, America.

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  1. I love kittens! Hubby has told me when our 15-year-old cat goes to cat heaven, we aren’t having any more pets! 🙁 But kittens aren’t pets, right? They’re just little love bundles. I love the sweet photo of Hunter and your daughter. Sweet!

  2. They are so cute. ‘And friend’ looks less than impressed, just sayin’
    I’ve had the same problem all week. Must the summer vacation lack of routine getting to us. 🙂


    Seriously, though, gorgeous cat! The middle-right picture is my favorite. I just love kitty toes.

  4. Wow…how adorable! Kitten cuddles with Hailey! Phoning it in is most acceptable. Just sayin’!

  5. He looks disgruntled about the fact that his tail got away from him, but happy to snuggle/be snuggled!

  6. This is a most acceptable way of phoning it in. Love the pics of HST, especially the one of him snuggling with the toy. So cute!

  7. Cats are awesome. My wife wants a dog, but I would rather have cats. Lower maintenance – you can’t tell a dog “hey, we’re taking off for a couple of days, there’s food and water in the basement. peace out.”

    You have the best cat names ever. I thought I was pretty clever when I named my cat “Five”…Five –> Cat Five –> which is what geeks like me call Category Five network cable, the standard networking cable for PCs.

  8. What is he cuddling with in the second row, left photo? It looks like a chicken. Or a ferret. Or the inevitably lovable crossbreed of a chicken and a ferret.

    But seriously. What is that?

  9. I love him cuddling with the mousy, and with Hailey! How is Ferris Mewler taking the introduction of an interloper?

  10. Holy snapping arseholes!! He is going to be a big boy! Gorgeous! We would love to see a little vid of him in full ginja mode… Pleeeeeeeeaaaaaasssseeeee?

  11. too frikkin adorable! i <3 my ginger kitties.. always have favored them for some reason.. but i love all my kitties, ginger or not, especially when they cuddle on the couch with me.

  12. I’m digging it. There is just no going wrong with kitten pics. And Ferris is obviously teaching him the “Eric Northman” as shown in middle right photo.

  13. It’s a serious problem that writers block. See. I suffer from it too and so far my favorite thing to do when I don’t do what I’m supposed to do, has been reading your blog.
    So get over it will ya. Some of us depend on you 😉

  14. I am not a cat person. That being said . . . HOLY CRAP that is an adorable kitty. The one with Hailey is the cutest thing. Damnit . . . now you made me actually say Awwwww.

  15. Writer’s Block: Ring Ring
    Jenny: Hello?.
    Writer’s Block: Hey, Jen. It’s me. That little kitten is too cute, I can’t take it, I’m outta here.
    Jenny: The power of Kitten foils you, Motherfucker.
    Writer’s Block: *sigh

  16. Thank you. I needed that this morning. First you made me insanely happy with that name (if you hadn’t named the kitteh that, I might have had to adopt an owl like my friend did just so I could name the owl after Hunter S. Thompson and I don’t have that kind of money right now) and now you have given me cute kitten pictures. The last two are my favorites.

  17. I forgive you for your writers block when I see those pictures.
    Though if cute little kittens can’t help you…I’m not sure what can…

  18. I just fininshed your book…frickin hilarious….everytime i think of you with that alligator on the plane saying…my son would like to tour the cockpit…so so funny..thanks for the smile

  19. The picture of Hailey hugging Hunter makes my heart melt. Kittens rule.

  20. My husband is perfect. Except that he is allergic to cats. And he’s not a ginger.

    I encourage more pictures of this incredibly charming gingercat.

  21. I just keep singing the “Soft Kitty” Song from Big Bang Theory every time I see pictures of that little dude. He’s awesome.

    I wish a hearty “fuck off” to your writer’s block.

  22. Oh, so sweet!

    Hang in there. Possibly adopting some of the fabulous yoga poses of the cats would release the appropriate chakras/energy and solve the writer’s block.

    Or you might just fart.

  23. My blog post today is about my pets too. Plus, if you don’t like cute animal photos, you don’t have a soul and are probably really mean.

  24. awww! cute kitties 😀 i love to snuggle them..but they’re not allowed to stay in my house.
    hope your block disappears soon!

  25. Aww. I used to have a kitty that looked just like H.S.T.C. He was a snuggle bug too. Damn, I seem to have got something in my eye…

  26. I think you should just write a kids book about the adventures (make believe or otherwise) of all your furry friends, past and present.

    Your kitten pictures are making me want a cat. I’ve never had a cat. I may have to move in with you all to learn about owning a cat. I’ll cook in exchange for room, board and cat training. Thanks.

  27. I had writer’s block too, but I put shit up anyhow. No cats, but a boob might have fallen out of a shirt. It didn’t, but it might have. Do you dare to look? Click the link at the bottom. Mwahahaha

  28. Hey Pat, number 6 comment: Get a kitten BEFORE your 15 year old cat goes to heaven. Then you haven’t broken ANY rules!!!!!

  29. It goes against my principles to comment on internet pictures of cats. But my cat is currently sitting in front of my screen so I apparently have no choice. My cat say he’s glad your kitten is not here. He (my cat) doesn’t need the cuteness competition.

    OK…my cat has moved on the catch the non-existent bug he is sure lives in the kitchen drawer (truth is we torture the cat with a robotic bug).

  30. What a sweet little scoop of awesome cuddliness! Thank you for phoning it in. I needed this!

  31. I went and visited the kitties at Petsmart that needed adopting and totally wanted to take home this one tabby that had lost her right eye, she was so sweet and loving. I could get her a little eye patch and give her a pirate name. These ginja kitty pics are not helping….I cannot get a kitteh. I have a big doggie that does not like kittehs…she likes to try to eat them 🙁

  32. My heart thanks you. This made me giggle and my heart smile. I miss having a kitten in the house. Our kitten went insane at a year old and now stalks around the house and if you catch her off guard she jumps around like an insane Tigger. She has her moments of sweetness, but the moments of insanity are much more and last longer. 🙂

  33. Awww! He’s a real cutie! When I have problems deciding I post cat staff too, so I’m glad to see I’m in good company. 🙂

  34. 90% of the internet is kittens anyway! Always good to add more to keep up the appropriate cuteness ratio!

  35. Lol! @Kelly…you’re right!!
    Cute kittens have taken over everything…
    I’m just waiting for Google to make their logo a bunch of cute furry kittens that act surprised when you click on them!

  36. Maybe Hunter S. Thomcat could be your ghost-writer. I would say that if posts about dead mice start showing up, we’d know it was him…but that’s just normal for you!

  37. i hope ferris mewler is tolerating hunter s. thomcat well. we have three cats right now, our oldest was put to sleep last march at the ripe age of 16.5. i was trying to convince awesome husband that another cat would fit in well. but then my youngest and most aggressive cat, jake, started a fight and awesome husband gave me a look.

  38. The one with him hugging the mouse is my favorite! My boy has mice just like that. 🙂

  39. Oh Jenny, please don’t encourage the spread of the kittynet. As a successful author, you now carry great influence on your many followers. Remember… with great power comes great responsibility.

  40. LOVE that you also purchase the freaky Frederico Ferret cat toy with real rabbit fur.

  41. You are obviously getting to much rest. My best writing happens in the morning when I still have an elevated blood alcohol content.

  42. I do this! But I’m a florist so I just have to post pretty pictures of flowers and call it done 🙂

  43. I just want to rub the cute little kitty belly. Reminds me of my cat when he was tiny. Sadly, he is now 26 pounds and not so “playful”.

  44. Love these. Hunter S. looks all “That’s right bitch, I’m playing with my tail. What?” badassery, but he’ll still snuggle with Hailey.

    My cuddler is a 145lb great pyrenees (dog in the shape of a small polar bear), so there’s more drool and less picking-up-of-animals-to-snuggle in my house. 😀 Usually he just sits on your feet, pinning you to the floor, and leans in.

  45. oh my god, dude, your new kitty is so freakin cute it makes my allergic self want to try to have one again….

  46. That first picture of Ferris (looking slightly haughty and annoyed) and Hunter (sleeping like a…kitten) looks so much like what’s going on at my house it’s scary. Adorable!

  47. My husband refused to let me adopt a really smart kitten last week on the basis that I wanted to name him Meowbert Einstein. If he keeps yanking my dreams from me like this my life will end up on a made for t.v. movie starring Cher as my angry mother and him as a “Dead Guy #2”.

  48. Awww!! My Little Joe (tuxedo kitty) loves to rub his mouse toys on his face too. They are sososososoooo cute!

  49. Ok, that’s it. I’ve decided to tell everyone I know that you are TECHNICALLY my best friend ever, but you are bound, for legal reasons, never to tell anyone. I mean, who else but my BEST FRIEND would know how much I love cats and sloths. (SLOTHS – how awesome is it to have a DEADLY SIN named after you!?! I’ve been begging for them to add one for me, but they keep throwing holy water at me hoping I’ll leave.)

  50. Your little kitten looks just like my little Remy! What a sweet addition to your family 🙂

  51. Hunter has feet like the wallaby you tried to sneak into your home zoo.

  52. So you have writers block…. Looks like Ferris has PLENTY to say. Let him have a go at the keyboard and let him blog about the new “menace” – no Kitten in the house…..

    He looks quite annoyed with it.

  53. My beloved grandmother used to call kittens “little time stealers”. That’s about the most descriptive phrase that truly nails it on the head!

  54. Uh Oh. Ferris Mewler has been relegated to the “and friends” category. Looks like he knows he’s been upstaged and he is not pleased. I’d be watching my shoes very very carefully.

  55. In my “Blogging For Dummies” book it suggests putting pictures of cats on your blog (seriously) because cats attract readers. I don’t know why blog readers love cats so much, but apparently it’s been scientifically proven or something. I have two cats who aren’t very photogenic mostly because one is old and one is an attack animal. Your cats are like movie stars! I am super jealous because my cat pictures have not attracted any new readers. Not even one. If only blog readers liked dogs instead.

  56. Over 100 comments in just a few hours, just for kitty pictures – that is how you know you’re queen of the internet.
    Also, if my husband gets in a tizzy because I crack and just come home with a kitten one day, I’m blaming you.

  57. Ohhh, sweet ginger kitty. I have one myself, and he only has 3 legs, so he’s slightly cuter. (That’s just how it works, I’m sorry.)

  58. That was actually totally perfect. Made my crappy Monday better. MOAR KITTEH PICS!

  59. Considering I’m primarily a dog blogger, a post full of pet pictures is entirely acceptable!

  60. I am a sucker for a kitten on it’s back looking all adorable and sniftacular….

    I don’t want said kittens, but I do want to sniff them!

  61. Looks like your daughter is in love with kitten!
    I just finished reading your book and I LOVED it…it just needs a warning: do not read around others.

  62. Ferris Mewler seems thoroughly annoyed to have a small excitable friend. 🙂

  63. What is that white thing he’s snuggling with? It’s not something taxidermied, is it? By the way, I just read your book on my Kindle while at the beach. Hilarious! I read the part about the raccoons in pants aloud to my family, and showed them the picture.

  64. If Shakespeare had had cats and an iPhone, he would have never gotten past “to be or…”

    Ooh, aren’t the kitties being cute.

    Better photo bomb.

    Now, what was I on about?

    “To be or …some shit… never mind… Kitties!

  65. Awesome. I fill space by posting pictures I find on Flikcr. I call them Flickr Finds. That is copyrighted, by the way.

  66. Love your couch. I gave evryone of my girlfriends your gift. That’s 8. 8 people but , I’m related to a lot of them. They ALL loved it.

    Thanks !!!

  67. Such a cute baby and Ferris is so mellow about him! If those were individual pics, I would have done the caption myself and posted the finished product, but since it’s a collage, let me just suggest- Middle Row, photo on the right needs to say: “This foot isn’t going to lick itself.”

  68. In other news, I bought your book today at Target! So excited to read it!

  69. Does he chase his tail like he is a giant lizard… or it’s a snake. Because I have a feeling that it’s a little of both.

    He is as adorable as he is secret evil mastermind.



  70. You post pictures of a kitten and get 152 comments? I write posts that I think are thought-provoking, timely, and not incidentally, side-splittingly funny and I get… one. Blogging – I’m doing it wrong! ;D

  71. I wish I had the creative genius to think of that. Sorely I am lacking in that department but I am blogging vicariously through you so I think I will be ok and can claim this as my own. lol

  72. Awwwwww…. and… awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww….. what’s even cuter than the kitty? Haley in that picture holding the kitty 🙂

  73. It´s such a lovely photo. So cute. I got a big smile on my face!

  74. Adorable! Looks like Ferris is on board, but how is Rolly adjusting? And, uh, yeah, I’m weirdly obsessed with your cats.

  75. …you mean I could have a CAT named Hunter S. Thom(pson)cat? I went the more expensive route and named my child Hunter Speed Thompson. Therapy sessions have not yet started, but I’m sure they will. $$$

  76. Please feel free use pictures of your cats to cover for writers-block moments. Because the internet loves cats. Even if they’re assholes. (They are, you know it, but we all still love them anyway. Somehow…)

    -The End.

  77. I needed that bit of AWWWWW SOO CUTE today. Thank you for phoning it in kittehs know how to make your grumpy mood disappear.

  78. Being pinned under the Writer’s Block really sucks, right? At least you don’t have to worry about your junk being crushed….

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