And then I met Katie Couric (in the future.)

I haven’t had the okay to write about this until just now but guess who’s going to be on the Katie Couric Show?  That’s right.  Hunter S. Thomcat.  Mainly because he sat on my shoulder the entire time we did pre filming at my house.

He's like a tiny parrot.

Also, right now you’re probably saying to yourself “AWESOME,” followed quickly by “Katie Couric has a show?”  And the answer is no, she doesn’t.  But she will, soon.  And I will be on it.  Probably.

And maybe you’ll be on it too because they’re doing a segment about the traveling red dress and they’re wanting to hear your stories of sharing or wearing one of the dresses.  If you’ve bought a red dress for yourself or someone else, or if you’ve worn one yourself then just email a few sentences about what it meant to you at and be sure to include your name and the best way to contact you (and a pic of you in the dress if you have one).

If Hunter and I can do it, you can too.

I look terrified. Hunter could *not* give a shit. He's much better on camera.

PS.  During the lighting process the interviewer (who was awesome and mostly known for interviewing serial killers) tried to depose HST.  He was unshakable.

Hunter actually fell asleep during interrogation. We could all take a lesson from that cat.

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  1. Awesome! Can’t wait for the segment! Wish I had a red dress story to share. Someday.

  2. CUTENESS. I’ll have you know that Mel and I are headed back to Petsmart today to look at a kitten we saw yesterday. He was sleeping. He also only has 3 legs. I may become a kitty mama because of your Ginger Ninja and all his adorableness.

    Also, congrats on the Katie Couric gig. 🙂

  3. I wish we has a nice, head-one closeup of Hunter from the “don’t give a shit” pic. The look on his face appears to be beyond priceless.

  4. Hunter has CLEARLY found his spot in your life and your shoulder! He looks so very sweet! I hope he’s fitting in well and that Juanita doesn’t play too many tricks on him and try to scare him. Congrats on the spot! You are such a superstar!!

  5. Hunter is so freakin adorable. And apparently has a career in show biz in his future.

  6. Like a tiny, furry parrot…with an agenda. I suspect we’ll be seeing Hunter around the interwebz in one of those cat memes just as soon as you get a particularly crazy picture of him.

    Also? I love that he sat on your shoulder! I’m allergic to cats, but he’s so quirky cute it makes me want one.

  7. I’ve never wanted to wear a red dress. However I did buy a Metallica t-shirt in college, which was a pretty bold statement for me. And I always wanted my own website – which I have now!

    I always wanted to run an electronic BBS in high school, but I never did. There were girls I wanted to ask out but never did (which on the one hand is OK because I’m married and happy now, but regrets still suck).

    What I really, really want is to write a book. Or a movie. Or a TV show. Preferably all three. I hope that even if it doesn’t happen, I will at least be able to say I gave it my best shot.

  8. OMG he is so adorable! My kitten Bosco (7 months) likes to sit on my husbands shoulder while he plays World of Tanks on the laptop. Ok, so maybe I like to put Bosco on his shoulder while he plays World of Tanks on the laptop… but it’s only because Bosco likes to groom said husband and I think if the cat wants to groom him then that can only be a good thing! He free clean husband!

  9. Katie best include you since you’re helping her ratings.

    Parrot cat is fabulous!

  10. I can’t wait to see Hunter’s interview. I’m glad you’ll be there too but I love me a gorgeous ginger cat!

  11. I have one red dress that is 15 years old and now 3 sizes too small for me. I am willing to go all out like Posh Spice and eat -300 calories a day to wear it just so I can have a chance.

    They will totes fly me from Oz, right?

  12. I love Hunter and I want a Hunter for myself now. I also love how he’s the size of an M&M and couldn’t be bothered with all the hoopla going on around him. Yes, we all do need to take a page from his book.

  13. You seriously look like some sort of Egyptian Goddess with a cat on your shoulder like that!


  14. Woot! So exciting! I can’t wait to see the show. HST will be awesome. Oh, and you will, too.

    PS – I have your book with me – I’m at the beach – and everyone is wicked jealous that you signed it. I I. Am. So. Cool. At least for today.

  15. OMG. You and Katie Couric. Together? I may have just jizzed in my pants. Is that okay to say on here? Jizz? Maybe I should have said “semen”. Oh, the anxiety of it all. God I’m dirty. No wonder nobody reads my blog. (except you, if you click the link)

  16. I was once interviewed while cooking at the Ronald McDonald House at Christmas time and burned myself on camera….am I smooth or what? Ahhh..if we cool on camera as Thomas! But did they interview the big metal chicken?

  17. That is adorable. I wasn’t going to watch KATIE!! (or whatever the title to her new show is), but knowing that you’ll have a segment will at least make me watch that day (I tried to watch Anderson, but it was just mostly drivel). HST reminds me of our Leo so much. And Ginger Ninjas don’t break under intense interrogation.

  18. Amazing! Congrats Fabulous! Huge fan since I first found you while searching for a taxidermied pet : )

    Keep on being Fearless!

  19. That pic with him on your shoulder is priceless! He is definitely unflappable under interrogation – a definite plus in a ginja cat. Congrats on the spot!

  20. Yay! I am so happy for you. I do my best to spread the joy and love of The Bloggess, but this is epic. You will reach millions of people that have needed something in their lives without knowing that it was you. I am *furiously Happy* for you. And what a cutie pie assistant interviewee you have. purrrrr

  21. Fantastic cat! My version of HST was Gizmo – the smartest cat I have ever had the pleasure of meeting. They know their shit and aren’t afraid of anyone, even chicks who interview serial killers.

  22. Classic serial killer move, falling asleep during interrogation. Well played, Sir Thomcat. It’s all gonna go to shit, though, once it’s realized that Hunter is the head zombie and we’re all but he was so tiny and cute and shoulder perched and he’s all you ignorant humans, apocalypseseses are known for their surprises, bitches!

  23. Do you have any idea how happy you make me ? I have never even met you but you are responsible for most of the laughter in my life. I cant tell you how truly happy i am for all the successes in your life. Please never stop blogging . Also? Loved loved the book! – be well,amy

  24. i’ve been meaning to bring this up.

    i have a red dress. it was a bridesmaid’s dress, and it actually looks pretty good, and i neither have a need for it nor fit into it anymore. it has been cleaned and resides in the bag from the cleaner. i want to send it to someone who is in need of a red dress. i can’t recall the size (it might be a 12?), but i will check when i get home if anyone has any interest in it.

    so…does anyone want it?

    Look up “traveling red dress” Facebook and you’ll see a place where you can share your dress with the world. You rock! ~Jenny)

  25. When you started your blog, did you ever dream that it would result in this? How absolutely wonderful for you! Congrats, for you have earned every minute of it.

  26. I am totally in love with the new kitty. Adorable! Mine won’t do that NOW, but they used to when they were itty bitty like him.

    Anyways, so awesome that HST will be on with Katie Couric at some point in the future! And you. =)
    My red dress story is more traumatic, and not enlightening or uplifting, so I don’t think I’d include it for them… but if you want to hear about social awkwardness.. just ask about my red dress. >.<

  27. How cool!! You don’t look terrified, you look beautiful! I wish I had a red dress story to tell!

  28. Jenny, you are always one of the bright spots in my day. The world is a better place because of you and this blog … nowhere else have I met such a collection of miscreants who so totally “get” my sense of humor and simultaneously understand the depths of my despair. Congratulations on the interview – can’t wait to see it!!!

    Hunter is the most adorable sidekick ever … and you, my dear, ROCK. OUT. LOUD.

  29. That kitty is so darn cute! I also wish I had a red dress story to share, but I really have no where to wear one. Unless I start cleaning the bathroom with a dress on…

    (Honestly? It’s one of the BEST places to wear a red dress. ~Jenny)

  30. I’m trying to figure out how you got your new kitten to behave better than my new 3 year old. Aren’t humans supposed to be smarter and all that? Can’t wait to see the interview. I’m sure you’ll be fabulous!

  31. Lol!
    Seriously…that cat needs his own show.
    And I don’t mean a YouTube channel.
    Someone get Ryan Seacrest on the phone…move over Kardashians, this here is the new cat’s meow…literally.

  32. Someday, I’ll have a Red Dress story. While I’ve had red dresses in my past and had incidences of feeling beautiful/confidant/goddamn radiant, they’ve never actually collided. Perhaps it’s time for me to be on a mission…

  33. Cool! You look gorgeous – but your cat is much too sophisticated for my taste.

    What is this red dress thing I’m just now hearing about. Sometimes I feel like I live on another planet instead of in France.

  34. Hunter is such a badass!

    I feel like he needs to wear a top hat at all times. But then again, his badassness will grown with age to the point that he’ll be too amazing for a top hat. A top hat will be beneath him.

    Because he’ll be sitting on the top hat. Because the top hat will be his bitch. Just like everyone else.

    Who kicks ass? Hunter S. Thomcat.

  35. Why does the e-mail address end with “tristate”? I’m assuming they only want people from the NY/NJ/Conn. area?

    (They did at first but then they decided they wanted to hear everyones stories. ~ Jenny)

  36. You’re one funny chick. And you’ve been making us laugh since back before the days of Beyonce and Copernicus. But your Red Dress project is one of the coolest things you’ve ever done — glad it’s getting more press. Thumbs up!

    Frame that cat interrogation photo. That is hilarious.

  37. That’s fantastic! And I love that not only are YOU a super star, but also your pets. That’s true fame, girl. Bravo!

  38. That is so exciting! I will have to make sure to pay attention, so I know when it is aired. You lead such an interesting and exciting life!

  39. HST is adorable and congrats on the tv show appearance (maybe). You deserve it, you and the red dress project (an your book) are awesome!

  40. I mentioned the red dress idea to a friend of mine who is a photographer…we’re waiting for our schedules to sync up. I don’t have any awe inspiring reason or deserving need for wearing it. I just really like the idea and totally support the idea that we need to boost our own self-confidence before expecting others to do it for us. soooooo I have a red/blk corset and a red/blk skirt I am going to do some pics in. Just. For. Me. Because I want to remind myself I am worth those fun exuberant over the top for the hell of it moments 🙂
    so thank you Jenny, for helping me find the starting point for that!
    and HST is one rockin badass kitty. I second the allergy ridden commenter above, he’d be on the top of my list if I could do it!

  41. Wait, wait. Is your interview just going to be on it, or are YOU going to be a guest? Because I don’t watch Katie Couric, but just might have to go to this show…

    (Supposed I’m going to be a guest. ~ Jenny)

  42. He’s so cute! He’s the cutest parrot I’ve ever seen. Way better than my Uncle’s parrot. That one used to scare the hell out of me. The parrot, although the uncle was a close second. And he was pretty smelly. That one was just the parrot.

  43. Just read the original red dress posts and they made me cry. You rock. So does HST. Just…thanks. 🙂

  44. @Birdman
    My dog’s name is Jizz! 😉 (My cats are Spunk and Spoof)

    Congrats to Hunter S. on the cameo!

  45. thanks for the info, Jenny. i’ll toss my post up there after i find the size. 🙂

  46. 1. Hunter is clearly awesome.
    2. You look gorgeous in that dress.
    3. This is such cool news–congratulations!
    4. I’m totally jealous that I haven’t had my red dress moment yet. But someday.

  47. What I wouldn’t do for a kitten on my shoulder! Though I do have an 80 pound golden retriever who attempts to perch there regularly. Can’t wait to see the interview!

  48. Your cat = awesome. Mine would’ve been hiding someone, not perched on my shoulder.

  49. How do you train your cats to sit on you like that? I also love the pictures of your gray cat on your head from a while back. My kitty just likes to sit on the back of the couch behind me and lick my head.

    We’re all so proud of you. You rock!

  50. How awesome, I can’t wait to see the segment. And go you. I would be terrified sitting there with cameras in my face.

  51. so cool! and hunter looks very appropriate on your shoulder. my first thought was he needed an eyepatch like a pirate, but then i thought he needed a teensy fedora. it’s more fitting with his name.

  52. OMG! Are you allowed to tell us when you’re shooting so we can request tickets?? Because now I have to try and go.
    Also, I’m going to try to email the Anderson team and suggest you for the show (if I can even do that) …because I’m IN LOVE with him and would probably go and see him anyways, so if you were on it, it’d just make my entire life <3

  53. I’d love a red dress. But a 2 year old and no money means I’d be wearing that dress on the bus to walmart to pick up diapers. 😛

  54. I am in love with Hunter. He makes me want another kitty. But my two spoiled rotten cats might not get over a new family member.

    Congrats on the Katie interview! I hope lots of people share red dress stories!!

    Love you! xoxoxoxo

  55. So stinkin adorable…Now I need a kitten 🙂 Oh, and Congrats on the TV interview. Your kitty is adorable.

  56. I think Hunter must be channeling Hunter. S. Thompson more then we thought. I bet he fell asleep during a few interviews too.

  57. That is a ridiculously cute cat. I never participated in wearing a red dress, but my “red dress” has been running – something I never thought I could do but as it turns out, I can.

  58. I love Katie Couric, and you will be fabulous with her!!! Trust Katie to be the one to break the Red Dress Story on national T.V. (I knew it would be her or Oprah!) Congrats.

  59. More people would watch TV interviews if all the interviewees had such adorable shoulder jewelry. Way to be awesome, Jenny.

  60. You got a tiny little cat that can sit on your shoulder. I got a giant dog that tries to push me down the stairs. One of us is doing this wrong.

    Congrats on the upcoming Red Dress story. You and the topic deserve the coverage.

    PS. My red dress is mixed martial arts.

  61. OH THE HST darlingness!
    p.s. What IS IT with Ginger Kittens on shoulders? Ours did that too – till he got too big.

  62. That is so exciting. I was told I might be on it too, but that is a long story and no one has called me. But then again, that could change. Or not. They like my druggy past. I hope they don’t call until September because in my mind I can magically lose 30 pounds by doing nothing. Haha.

  63. Every time I read your blog I start to adore you even more! Hunter S. Thomcat is adorable, and I’m glad he was there to keep you company for your interview. He looks like an angel in that last picture. 🙂
    I received your book for my birthday and I’m having trouble not reading it (I’m saving it for vacation). I was wondering – after I finish reading it would I be able to mail it to you to autograph?
    Thank you for being AWESOME! 🙂

  64. I never thought a kitten would have the power to make me feel inadequate, but HST has proven me wrong. He is IDEAL.

  65. You’re forcing me to like a cat. Mostly unfamiliar territory for me. I will be setting my DVR to record this, for sure, and then I will play it for everyone who comes over to mooch my booze.

  66. I lost my dear cat, Bud E. Love of 19 years , a few months back. I felt I could never have another cat as he was so awesome. Your cats have convinced me I can get another rescue cat–maybe two!

  67. How fab is it that Hunter S. Thomcat is willing to share his spotlight with you? I’m not part of the wonderfulness that is the Traveling Red Dress thingy (somehow I just wound up feeling like a misfit among the misfits), but I truly look forward to viewing the segment. Also, did I miss a final update – does Pony Danza have a forever home with Juanita?

  68. Aw yeah. Your *ahem* kitty is going to be famous! Now you can proudly join the ranks of women who can say they’ve shown their kitty on television!

  69. One more thing I don’t have, a cat (still no takers on the allergic teen), and now a red dress story. *sigh* We all want to be you, Jenny. . .

  70. Orange kitties are the best! We have a little orange girl 12 weeks old that we adopted recently, she sweetness in fur.

  71. We used to have a kitten that liked to sit on Hubby’s shoulder that way. The problem was, she grew into a 10 pound cat who still wanted to sit on his shoulder that way. The real fun came when we were in the process of moving and she sneaked up onto the top of a box spring that was leaning against the wall and waited. Until he made the mistake of passing by. She leaped and sort of made it. Well, her front feet made it anyway. And the rest of her made it once she managed to get traction with her back feet on his back. Kicking like a rabbit. Repeatedly. Quite amusing for the rest of us to watch. For him? Not so much.

    Sorry. I am so pleased to see your fame and that of HST’s increase. Could you advise me please? Would a red kilt be acceptable?

  73. Tell HST I said that he was absolutely right to stare – that woman should NOT be wearing flip-flops with a suit jacket. Might be the right choice to interview a serial killer, but c’mon – she should know better than to dress for Copernicus when she’s getting the HST up in here.

  74. That kitten is DA BOMB!!! I wish I could hold up like that when my husband starts interrogating me about where all the money went.

    Wish I had a red dress story. I had a red dress REASON, but I never got around to getting the red dress. Probably because I was too busy being devastated by the reason for the red dress. Oh well. Maybe soon?

    You don’t look terrified. You look awesome. Congratulations – you so deserve it!

  75. I was once interviewed on local TV with a rat on my shoulder.

    It’s like we’re soul mates.

  76. So I guess I’m the only one thinking “Mashed potatoes and gravy, Marie”?
    The set reminds me of What About Bob? – in a very good way. I almost want you to put Hunter S. in a Don’t Hassle Me, I’m Local shirt! 🙂

  77. I always confuse her with some strange presenter we used to have on TV over here years ago.

    Thank goodness for Wiki. Anywho, well done you! The travelling red dress is a fantastic idea. Although, to be honest, I was more overwhelmed with awesome for your house! Amazing!! I am to become the single white female of interior design.

  78. Um…how is Ferris Mewler doing with HST in his former spotlight???

  79. Is is bad that I’m overly focused on the kitten here? Totally focused on the kitten. We need another cat like – yeah, we don’t need another cat.

  80. I know that one day, cats will be our new overlords. I have accepted that. Looking at the picture of you and HST, I think it’s safe to say we have found the leader.

    And congrats on being on Katie’s show!

  81. I’m telling you… that cat… he’s medicine for the soul. Seriously, every Hunter S. Thomcat pic I see makes my heart smile.

  82. I am SO damn excited for you and HST!

    Wish I had a Traveling Red Dress story to share. Someday. 🙂 (((hugs!)))

  83. I’m not too keen on this red dress shit although I do own an awesome pair of red shoes. With chunky heels. Patent leather.

  84. I think you could ask cats the same questions you ask serial killers. For example, what did you do with his head?

  85. I for one am so proud of you! Do you realize that once again you have yet again done something you once said you were terrified of, which was getting in front of television cameras…

  86. As anyone whose ever watched a cop show can tell you, when they fall asleep in the interrogation room it’s a sign they’re guilty.

  87. Your dress looked like it has a giant red Texas on it. I thought you were really gung-ho about your state for a minute and then I realized it was just an inadvertent boob sculpture.

  88. Jenny, you look awesome…don’t underestimate yourself. I just want to give you and Hunter a great big hug!! BTW, my cats like to sit on my shoulder too…thankfully, only one at a time!!

  89. So awesome…. you rock as always… I will even watch the sure-to-suck, way-too-perky Katie Couric show to see this. Unless she is up against Rachel Ray in my market, then screw that, I will watch it online.

    Katie is back, huh? Who’s next to come back, Larry King? Oh hell he is coming back….

  90. So, your dress is awesome, as are you. I don’t know how you get such cool cats – my cat would still be hiding from all the PEOPLE IN HER HOUSE OH MY GOD!

  91. Hunter S. Thompson’s birthday was yesterday, 18 July. To celebrate the birthday and your new kitty who seems ready to become your business manager, I give you my favorite HST quote. “When the going gets weird, the weird turn pro.”

  92. personally i think you look fabulous and like someone i’d like to visit with, wee kitty is cute too remines me of my big 20 lb orange white fella who started out that wee and has the biggest purr in the world. one head bonkie from him and all worries fall away as he purrs he loves me

  93. You have to get Keith Morrison to talk to Hunter. He can make anyone breakdown. And it makes him LAUGH.

  94. HST is your confidence kitty! He sits on your shoulder and looks menacingly at anyone who comes near you. (Which, BTW, is totally how he looks in that picture). I love it! You could register him as a therapy cat, for your anxiety, and take him with you wherever you go. He would OWN those bathroom parties.

  95. It’s the ginger genes that make him so unflappable, not to mention a badass. Everybody knows us gingers have the rare chromosome that induces a constant state of Couldn’t-Possibly-Be-Bothered-To-Give-A-Fuck to be disrupted with short, sudden, violent bursts of I WILL FUCK YOU UP. It’s a gift. And you’re welcome.

    P.S. In the interest of full disclosure, I am a fiercly dedicated cat-hater, thanks to a she-devil bitch calico my parents had when I was a kid, but there’s something about this one that warms the icy cat-hating cockles of my heart . . . barely . . . if you tell anybody I said that, bad, bad things will happen . . .

  96. “He was unshakable.” Because of you, I almost like cats. BTW I can’t be blamed for not liking cats; my cousin’s psycho cat repeatedly sprayed my son’s toys when we used to live with her. And when we closed his toys in a spare room the cat sprayed the door instead. He was a hateful, jealous asshole. Obviously not like HST. <3

    Can't wait to see the show!

  97. I love love love your clock! I would love to tour your house.. haha I bet there are lots of interesting things to look at.

  98. I can’t help it. I am looking at you and going “Where is the jewelry?” It’s just how I roll.
    You know that after this airs Hunter S. is going to want his own P.R. (Pronounced “Purr”) People, a fur assistant,
    a personal scratcheuse and such.


    Doc Brassy

  99. I once had to Photoshop Katie Couric. CBS sent me instructions on what to fix & everything. True story.
    (Of course, if her stylist would have put her in clothes that fit properly I wouldn’t have had to fix a thing.)
    That’s how I developed my mad twine-‘shoppin skills: Katie Couric.

  100. I’d love to say something clever and/or congratulatory, but I’m too distracted by the awesomeness of your dress. You look amazing!

  101. My 10 year old calico cat started shoulder sitting as a wee kitten and still prefers to perch on shoulders when she’s not sitting mysteriously under shrubbery or shredding our hands into confetti. Wish I had a picture to share, but she’s usually on my shoulder, which makes it hard for me to take a picture.

  102. For you, I’m exceedingly happy.
    But Katie!?! WTF? Doing ‘hard news’ didn’t work out, so you’re going back to the “girl” topics of hair and makeup? Geez, buck up.

  103. Wait – I’m confused how this works…. Do you actually get to meet Katie? Or does someone from her staff do the whole interview and then they air that? Or was this just a practice interview? Or do they splice in videos of Katie asking questions with the video of you answering questions asked by her staff member? I’m totally interested in how this works now. Please explain!

  104. I have a boring storee about Hunter S. Thomcat’s activities:
    In my neck o’ the woods (which is really just inside my house), we call that type of shoulder-riding “Shirtling.” (shur-duh-ling) Here’s why – my cats did that all the time as kittens. One would crawl up a person to get to the shoulder, the other would take a running leap and bounce across a series of ever-height-increasing objects until she reached the shoulder in question. My nephew, around three at the time, saw this phenomenon one day and was totally floored. Because he couldn’t make sense of what happened and because he sometimes had (and still has) difficulties putting words to thoughts, he pointed at the cat and yelled, very loudly, “THAT CAT IS ON YOUR…YOUR…YOUR SHIRTLE!” (shoulder + shirt = shirtle) (rhymes with the Pokemon Squirtle). I have a degree in English so I am authorized and licensed (in this case, the license is called a BA) to misuse words at my discretion and so I turned his shiny new word into a verb that describes the act of a cat sitting on one’s shoulder (and shirt)
    The end.

  105. Hunter is giving the interviewer the “I will cut you bitch” look from your shoulder in picture #2.
    LOVE it.
    You got an attack cat on your hands. Better put up a sign

  106. HST is a pretty cool kitty. I wish my dogs were like that but mostly they just mooch food and look at me like I’m purposefully keeping them awake, lol. Congrats on the interview!

  107. Hunter S. Thomcat is full of awesome, but shouldn’t he be sitting on your head? 🙂

  108. So cute! When my kitten was smaller, she would perch on my husbands shoulder while he played video games! Shes too big for that now. Take lots of pictures while it lasts.

  109. I’m pretty sure I love that cat.

    You – of course I already knew I love YOU, but cats can be shady and you have to really get a feel for them before you can decide to love one. Heartbreakers.

  110. He continues to make his namesake proud! I wish I had his coolness. No doubt, I could be completely innocent and would crack like a little girl in an interrogation. Luckily, that time I was arrested during undergrad didn’t involve interrogation … ; )

    And congratulations to you! The travelling red dress was an awesome idea, and inherently full of generosity. Love that it’s getting even more publicity.

    Hunter S. Thomcat will be very famous now! Looks like he’ll clearly roll with it, though.

  111. Just saying hooray for you! One more reason I’m excited for the show. (Also, damn good makeup, girl. Put her on retainer.)

  112. Off topic, but I just spent the last couple of weeks reading your blog in its entirety (I have a lot of spare time at work. Although looking back, I don’t ACTUALLY recommend reading your blog at work because my co-workers all think I have severe asthma due to the noise I make when I’m trying really hard not to laugh out loud).

    I’m not sure I have words for the experience, but I have now shared your blog with just about everyone I know even if they looked at me funny when I gave them some examples of your posts. They can’t judge.

  113. Ummmm. Hunter S. is beyond adorable and obviously met for stardom…just look at that face….on a side note…I totally want a red dress!!

  114. HST looks like he is sending a mental message = “I will ginga you if you get too close” 🙂 – Can’t wait to see your awesome self on national TV!! It is live so they will have to set up the 3 second delay.

  115. I am sad. I bought three copies of your book, one pre-order and two on the release date, so excited to help put you on the bestseller list. And now I can’t come meet you at Changing Hands bookstore in Tempe because only people who buy a book from them get a seat ticket to see you. :::inconsolable weeping:::

  116. “Hunter actually fell asleep during interrogation. We could all take a lesson from that cat.”
    I’ve heard that falling asleep during an interrogation usually indicates guilt, so maybe we should not follow his example too closely. I wonder what he is guilty of? Evil-cuteness? Yeah, it’s gotta be that.

  117. Great post. I don’t see US TV here in France, but whenever you’re on I hope it will be uploaded on the internet.

    I have a red dress story or three. One involves a passionate kiss with a red-headed man (actually, he had much the same marmalade colour hair as Hunter) and the other, a pagan rite to gregorian music (oddly, the same red dress. I have others). I will have to dig around for photos.

  118. Your cat is adorable. That is all.

    PS – Nice dress. I have the same one. 😉

  119. Of course Katie Couric has a show. Of. Course. Because why be the only ex-anchor without her own talk show? That being said, I will still watch it. For you. And Hunter. And possibly because I am a whore for daytime TV.

  120. Awesomeness. You are WAY cuter than Katie Couric; and don’t tell anyone tell you otherwise.

  121. I LOVE what you are wearing!!!! Where did you get that? That’s our beloved state peaking out of the foliage on the front, right? WANT IT!!!!

  122. Karma or what?

    Katie and you both:
    — got your breaks in “the business” when you got your arms and a turkey baster stuck up a cow’s vagina.
    — were trapped inside the carcass of a dead animal
    — got sex concussions in bunk beds (though her’s was on Air Force One).

    We cannot wait for this cosmically awesome interview to air.

    And, BTW, did you think you and Katie might actually be twins separated at birth?

  123. How is it that Hunter is already happily sitting on your shoulder? In front of lights and strangers too?

    Are you a Cat Whisperer?

  124. Katie Couric is almost as cool and hip as you. Almost.

    (Give the girl some pointers. And possibly a metal chicken.)

  125. I didn’t get to participate in the traveling red dress phenomenon, but my family is going on vacation soon and I bought my first new swimming suit in (probably 10) years. I thought of the amazing red dress, and bought my dream swimming suit, which is red and makes me feel like a 40’s pin up girl. Thank you for giving me the courage to step out of my comfort zone and go with what I wanted, not what I felt like I should buy.

  126. I find it amazing how reading about your cat can be such fun. And this coming from someone who hates cats. Oops. I said that out loud.

    Good luck in the show! 🙂

  127. The Red Kitten Project! 🙂 If you ever want to send him over, I would absolutely wear him. Who says you need a special occasion for something like that?

    Seriously, thank you for inspiring so many people to live their dreams. I want to find a beautiful red ball gown, and wear it from this bed, and tell this illness that it can’t take away all of the beauty in my life.

  128. Unflappable. I would describe him as unflappable. It’s how cats should be, really… anything else, and it makes you start to wonder if they’re really a CAT.

    Congrats on the Katie Couric Show stuff!! 🙂

  129. I was wondering where you got the dress that you are wearing for the interview? It is wonderful (and so are you) and I especially like the kitten as accesory – a look I wear myself from time to time

  130. Hunter S. Thomcat is so teeny!! I love him.

    How exciting that Katie Couric is doing a segment on your amazing red dress project. I can’t wait to see it!

  131. WOW! Hunter S. Thomcat (squeeeee—sooo cute!!!!) is really taking to the Bloggessterverse by storm! Good for him. Can you train him to wear an eyepatch or something…not that he needs a gimmick or anything…just thinking outloud…

    Congrats on the show–I HOPE you are more than a snippet as I could not imagine seeking out the show except to see you and your Taxi-derm-ominence…just sayin’.

    Wish I had a “Traveling Red Dress” story to share–*maybe* I need to create one. (will check out the Facebook page).

    Just buying a 10th (I think) copy of your book for someone. Can I be President of the Book-Fan Club???

  132. Yes, Katie Couric DOES have a show, and now I learn YOU are going to be on it WITH HST? Motherfuck! I hope HULU carries it because I don’t have a TV or TIVO. HST is my new hero! Never quit, never give up, never give in, Hunter S. Tomkat!

  133. I don’t consider myself a cat person, but Hunter is seriously making me change my mind. I hope you get to be on Katie’s new show!! I’ll TiVo it since we rarely watch anything in real time here. 😀

  134. Cats love lights…because they are warm, and your shoulder is a perfect place to feel the heat!! Purrrrrr

  135. I love HST 🙂 My own kitten and his mother like to sit across your neck if you are working on the computer or at a desk. I assume it’s very bad for my back but I feel so evil making them move. They also have a tendency to climb over my shoulder, then continue climbing onto my back, and when I lean over to horizontalise myself for them they go to sleep. Great. Now I just need to walk around bent 90 degrees at the middle.

  136. Fabulous. I have a fun run 5K coming up called the Red Carpet Run (because you dress up for it) and I have been searching everywhere for a red dress. Because, being a woman who has lost 105 pounds after having 4 kids, the red dress would make me look on the outside the way I feel on the inside.

  137. Woot! Can’t wait for the show!

    And you nailed my thoughts: ‘Awesome’ and ‘Katie Couric has a show?’ Just promise you won’t write what else I’m thinking, ok?

  138. Congratulations on getting on Katie Couric’s new show! You don’t look terrified, you look gorgeous!

  139. That is a fucking cool cat. Since Hunter S. Thompson is one of my ultimate heroes, I applaud your choice of names.
    And all those other things about you of course.

  140. I need you to train my cats. Because I can train dogs like nobody’s business, including my own assistance dog, but cats? Forget about it.

    And I’m still waiting for my own red dress moment…

  141. Ok so this is not really about this post, but it’s something I wanted to say to you about your book & it won’t fit on twitter! Pretend I cleverly linked it in somehow.
    One thing that struck me is how affectionate the book is towards your family  – there’s a real warmth even when you’re writing about things which were probably not so funny at the time.  I think some people would try to blame their family for their mental health issues if they had grown up with dead squirrel hand puppets. It’s kind of fashionable to write the “my childhood sucked, my parents screwed me up” story, whereas you  paint a picture of a genuinely loving & happy childhood, with a whole lot of crazy thrown in. The book’s very positive in general – despite your fertility problems & health issues there’s no self-pity in the book or any attempt to pin blame for any of the bad things in your life, you just seem to celebrate the good & the bizarre. That’s really inspiring. You mentioned in a blog post that Hailey took what came & made it into joy – I think she learnt that from you.

  142. Scarlett posted:

    Not that anyone will read this far down into the comments, but if you do, go to this page of Katie’s website
    and nominate Jenny for The Women Who Should Be Famous segment. I’m guessing that’s the segment Jenny will be on when she airs, but it would be cool for Katie’s producers to realize just what kind of rabid following Jenny has.


  143. As a past wearer of your super-ridiculously-fantastic-life-changing-dress-of-awesomeness, I am proud and excited about this beyond explanation! xoxoxox

  144. I’m sure there was stuff of substance in this post but I’m completely transfixed on your clock trying to figure out what time it is.

    I mean, the big hand is on the 12, but the little hand is between 10 and 11.

    I guess that makes it, what? At first I was thinking it’s 10-1/2 O’clock but that is literally 10:30 and in this case the positioning of the big hand is totally wrong unless ‘ish’ is actually a time in Texas. 30 minutes before 1/2 past 10:30? My head is about to explode.

    Now I’m left wondering I’m wondering if you’re just living in some weird time-space vortex would explain the motionless cat.

  145. Hunter is gooorgeous, does he often hang out on your shoulder? Congrats in getting on Katie Couric’s new show by the way

  146. I had a hard time staying focused on the words in your post because that cat on the shoulder trick is so frickin’ awesome. You really should have worn an eye patch during the interview to provide the full effect.

  147. I don’t know if anybody’s mentioned it cause I’ve only skimmed the 200 comments on here but has anybody realized that the red part of your dress in the shape of Texas in that close up photo of you and Hunter? Are you doing things like this on purpose? Is there a hidden Texas in every photo you post that I need to be looking for? Do I get a prize? Like a pony? I’ve always wanted a pony.

  148. I don’t have a red dress, but the country store/gift shop down the road just posted o their FB page that they have BIG METAL CHICKENS in stock! They say they are “great garden accents”. If I get one of those and name it Solange, can I be on the Katie Couric show with you?

  149. I have the same dress as the one you are wearing in this interview. 40% off at Sears. It’s okay to be jealous.

  150. Love the traveling red dress idea! I once had a red dress. It was a power dress I wore to my first job interview with a big aerospace manufacturer. I was scared to death but the dress gave me confidence. It was a male dominated industry and I wanted to prove I could hold my own so during the interview I told the two male interviewers, “I’m not afraid to step on anyone’s toes.” One of them replied, “Here, they’ll step on your face.” I was surprised when I got the job. Then, just before I was due to start the company closed down. I never stepped on anyone’s toes . . .

  151. Your cats seem to enjoy an upper-body perch for optimum viewing of their serfdom. Or dominating you. Maybe both.

  152. I do not really like her all that much, but if she has you on her show I will make sure to tell my future self to watch it!

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