My misspellings all make perfect sense now that I sdkfjsdkjjlallllllll

It’s literally his favorite scratching post.


Bonus Hunter S. Thomcat and Ferris Mewler pictures:

PS. I swear I’m not turning into the crazy cat lady. In a few months he won’t be a kitten anymore and I will stop inundating you with kitten pictures. Pinky promise. Probably.

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  1. Tabby cats are the best. And orange tabbies are the best of the best. I volunteered at the shelter and they were always the most gregarious and fun.

  2. CUTENESS!!!!

    And yes, that’s why they exist. One of my fatty catty-boys likes to lay on my arms while I type. And yeah. That’s fun stuff. 😉

  3. I’m serious… if Hunter S. Thomcat goes missing, check my twitter to make sure I’m not in San Antonio. =P

  4. I recently found myself wanting a kitten again. I then shook my head, thought about the 3 adult cats I currently have in my house and how I absolutely cannot afford another, and suppressed the urge. I think, maybe in a decade or so, I might try living in a house without pets. I imagine it’ll last all of about a day or so.

  5. I’ve seen big ears and long legs like that before. On mine. That cat is going to be HUGE. I hope Ferris Mewler won’t be intimidated. 😉

    P.S. I’m at stage 2 of crazy cat lady. Keep the kitty pics coming! I love them!

  6. You could be a dyslexic crazy cat lady. Then a hoarder. Then get more face time on tv. Until you go crazy and believe your stuffed mouse is talking to you behind the cats’ backs. Hmm. Scratch that.

  7. My cat prefers my computer’s colors to be inverted and the screen to be zoomed in. He obviously has bad eye sight.

  8. I am beginning to think that Victor actually had HST bio-engineered to sabotage you and then brought him home and was all “he’ll help you feel better” about angel kitty. Well played, husband. Well played.

  9. I had a cat like Hunter S Thomcat when I was a kid. His name was Ferdinand and although I swear he was part dog, I adored him. I love the cat pics.

  10. Keep the pictures coming! I love your kitties. All of them. And this newest addition has the best facial expressions ever!

  11. I certainly don’t mind the baby …er kitten pictures. I’m so glad I have my Poca’s baby pictures. They make me laugh when I’m feeling down.

    Lovin’ me some Hunter S. Thomcat!

    PS: My DH accidentally said Thomcat instead of Thompson during out discussion of Gonzo journalism last week. Kitties rule!

  12. Why stop? He is SOOO cute. You can’t help but love him. We have 5 fur babies. So continue updating us with his antics.

  13. Sorry, that was my daughter using my keyboard as a scratc.l nh ,mtrfrgufcfbhjhgfr vvgty

  14. Holy cat — I’ve never seen cat paws all… splatted out like that. Nice trick, Hunter.

    On another note — I’m sure people are suggesting this to you all over the place, but I just had the thought for the first time: You should be on BROADWAY! Remember when Joan Didion’s “Year of Magical Thinking” (yes, I know, totally different mood there) was turned into a one-woman play/reading? “Let’s Pretend…” would be HUGE on stage. Think about how everyone cracks up when you do the live readings in bookstores. Hmm? I would buy a ticket to that.

  15. I’ve never had a cat and don’t know if I’d like them.

    Although pretty much anything is good covered in Picante sauce.

  16. So much cuteness! Thanks for sharing. It’s been a long time since I had a kitty in the house and I miss all those funny antics.

  17. Dollface, don’t worry about writer’s block. It happens to all of us. Enjoy the time. Love, your friend, Laurie F.

  18. Are you SURE we won’t find you dead and half-eaten by your animals one day? Maybe you should come up with a Tweeter code word so that people know to get you out. Or perhaps does Life Alert provide a “Help, I’m being love to death — LITERALLY — by my 49 cats and I can’t get up” option? If so, you *might* want to look into that. Just sayin’…

  19. I am still taking pictures of my orange and white ball of fur! Love my little guy, and I am sure Hunter is just as loved!

  20. Jenny…. LOOK AT YOUR AUDIENCE! If Hunter had his own facebook page, there would probably be a million followers by now. Scratch that, A BILLION!

  21. I love the pictures! Hunter S. looks like a hazel-eyed (and male) version of the cat I had when I was in my teens. She died 4 years ago, but whenever I see another ginger cat it makes me smile.

  22. At least you don’t have to yell “Stop humping your brother!” It’s a daily outburst to the dogs in my house. The fricken Pyrenees humps the air as he walks behind the shepherd… Snort.

  23. I relish your every kitten photo post, which is especially strange as I typically don’t even like cats, but he is so damn cute.

  24. As a woman who probably has more recent photos of her kitten than her kids, I see no problem with your photography habits. *grin* (Hey, the kitten’s cuter and doesn’t back-talk! Don’t judge…)

  25. Love it love it love it!

    And from this day forward I blame my dog Alfred for any typos of bad grammar or other violations of “Eats Shoots Leaves” that are tossed back at me… hello any stupid stuff I write… that damn little dog!

  26. Jenny – the Internet was funded by the US Govt for the purpose of circulating cat pictures/videos, so as to take peoples’ minds off of just what a fscked up mess the government has made of things. (Also, to provide a marketplace for porn.) So, keep on doing Your Patriotic Duty! POST MOAR PUSSEH!

    (of the feline variety, that is.)


  27. Don’t stop with the kitten pictures!! And, I totally have you beat on the crazy cat lady thing. My husband and I currently have two adult cats, and next week we’ll be adopting three kittens and kitten-sitting the fourth sister for my mom until early August. It’s going to be mayhem. I can’t wait!

  28. I am so afraid that I will walk into a shelter and get an impulse kitten and then my rescue collie will think that I have lost my mind to bring him such a difficult snack to eat. I am the crazy cat lady, sans puss ;o( I guess I am just crazy. The cat part makes it slightly less crazy. Not by much. I have met me. Trust me on this one.

  29. I love HST. Cutest kitten ever. I pulled your blog up on my iPhone yesterday to show a friend how freakin’ adorable he is. Clearly it’s easier for me to show off your cat to my friends if you post pics of him every day.

    N.B. I am, sadly, cat-less. I have a husband who is not a fan of cats. It’s him or a cat. Some days the choice is difficult. Keep those cat pics coming. . . .

  30. I’ve got an adorable 4 week old orange tabby female coming for fostering tomorrow night. Does HST need a girlfriend?

  31. I’m a total cat person and if I were single, I’d probably have more than 4 (husbands tend to kill the whole “cat-collecting mojo) so I totally adore kitten pictures. I have a girl orange tabby and well, she’s a total bitch but hey, Hunter is young yet. I think there is hope for him.

  32. I actually wish I had taken more pics of my dog Fred when we first got him now. HST is adorbs! Fred too

  33. Seriously, WHAT IS THE CAMERA THAT YOU USE??? Please, please, please mention it in a next post. Caz my kittens are crying out why their pictures are all unprofessional.

  34. OMG I love orange tabbies… He reminds me SO much of one I had years ago named William Butler Yeats…

  35. It is only appropriate that Hunter would stretch himself over a Mac keyboard. That is such total class.

  36. Kitty!!!! Our orange tabby recently died. We’re down to four. I’m resisting the urge to replace him with another orange tabby because I don’t want to keep my Crazy Cat Lady status forever.

    Your new friend is adorable.

  37. At least HST just scratches your keyboard. *Someone* broke a full glass of wine over my laptop two days ago.

  38. My husband extends his thanks to you, Hunter S. Thomcat and Ferris Mewler for making me consider getting a kitten to go with our two dogs. I am soooo lying, he’s pissed and having a small heart attack. But I’m definitely getting a kitten.

  39. you make me feel guilty cuz I haven’t taken ANY kitten pictures of Skia….. I must rectify this immediately.. (heehee I said rectify)

  40. I love the kitten pictures! I think you should include at least one random kitten picture in every blog from now on.

  41. I love that Ferris Mewler loves the kitten enough to clean him! Best big brother ever. Don’t ever stop posting cat photos, they are too cute!

  42. He’s adorable!! My husband’s cat sleeps on his keyboard all the time! I think she’s sending out rave invites when we’re not looking…

  43. If you started a blog for Hunter S. Thomcat then you would never have to give up posting cute kitten pictures :). And Ferris Mueller could do guest posts ………

  44. Oh, and can totally relate to the shlljoiilmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, as I have a 26 lb cat who loves to lounge on the keyboard (but only when I’m working). Funny when his typing winds up in the search engine box and Google is searching like mad for bklmlgjlhjjjjjjjjjjjj.

  45. He reminds me of cats we had when I was a kid, orange tabbie siblings. We couldn’t have them in the house because mom was allergic (although we snuck them in a lot 😉 ). Cute!

  46. Inundate away.

    I’m what I like to call “The Lonely Grandparent Crazy Cat Lady.” I attack anyone who indulges in coNversation with me by shouting, “LET ME SHOW YOU PICTURES OF MY CATS!”

  47. Love ’em!! Keep them coming!! Although I’d love to blame the typo’s on my cat, I’m pretty sure 99.99999999% of mine are a result of my laziness.

  48. Being a Crazy Cat Lady isn’t so bad. I’m just a Level 1 with my one cat, but I aspire to being a Level 2 soon.

  49. ORANGE cats are by far the funniest. and i was thinking, you probably could rent out Pony Danza for childrens parties, although it would be a pretty dull and creepy pony ride…

  50. We can see him growing right in front of our eyes!
    Cherish this time, it goes by so quickly.

  51. I love you. I would totally stalk you until you agreed to be my friend if we were closer. I’m sure you are thankful for that.

  52. I AM a crazy cat lady, and I LOVE all the crazy kitten photos. Keep ’em coming.

  53. Here’s a way to keep your promise: when he’s no longer a kitten, stop posting kitten pictures. Because all the pictures you take at that point will be CAT pictures. C:

  54. Kittens are utterly adorable. I forgive you for kitten pics.

    We just adopted a kitten last month, too, and I’ve been posting pictures like crazy. He’s growing like a weed, but he continues to do things I need to immortalize. I actually need to upload the latest batch from the camera.

  55. He is so flipping cute! I’d be bombarding everybody with pictures of his adorableness, too! Can’t wait to see you on Katie Couric!!!

  56. My dog used to sleep like that when she was a puppy. It’s like she was all legs and couldn’t coordinate them into a ball.

  57. Oh, my dearest Bloggess…you now have a red cat, the entertainment will only increase.

  58. I LOVE the pics! One of my kitties looks just like Hunter S. Thomcat – he was all little and orange and stupid. Now he’s larger and orange and stupid. But adorable, and all mine.

  59. I think I was just murdered with Adorable. Thanks for that, it’s not like I had responsibilities or anything. No really, doing the dishes and laundry sucks. Oooh, just had a thought! Since I’m typing this *after* proclaiming that I died…I must be a freshly decomposing Zombie. Way to go on ushering in the Apocalypse with your cute Hunter S. Thompson pics. I’m not entirely sure if it’s you I should blame for posting them, or Hunter S. for being so darn adorable.

  60. I have a new kitten that found me about a month ago. . . so cute and full of energy! Why, I am wondering right this moment how to get Scentsy wax off the wall!

  61. I can’t believe you had the lightning-fast reflexes to capture that pic of him all clawed-out on the keyboard before he moved! I always miss those awesome poses when I try to grab my phone/camera! Nobody minds pictures of kittens… even people who don’t like cats. 🙂

  62. I eventually learned to embrace my crazy cat lady-ness. I figure, without the cats, I’d be the scarier sort of crazy and people would find me off-putting. Now I can pretend they avoid me because they have allergies. Little Hunter is quite adorable and I don’t see any reason why you shouldn’t post pics of him.

    Oh- sometimes when you leave the house, you should leave your computer on with a word document open. When you get home, you’ll often find that your feline friends have left you “poetry”.

  63. Thank you for sharing Hunter. I just lost myhere two boys 9 days apart and i could use the kitty love right now.

  64. My BoyCat uses my laptop keyboard as a scratching post. Which is why I have to type the letter L on an on-screen keyboard.

    Also, he has recently become proficient in turning off the computer and/or shutting down Firefox with his ass.

  65. Don’t stop posting! He reminds me of my little ginger buddy, Charlie, who I miss SO much. Cats are hilarious!

  66. I love them! I too have a “special” kitty. She had a rough start and was rescued. Now I feel comforted knowing I am not the only one. During rough days at work these cheer me up.

  67. Kitty pictures brighten even the darkest day … I hope they don’t stop even in a few months. With sad national news and nearly having a panic/anxiety attack for wearing a swimsuit in public for the first time in five years even though I hate my body for what others see as imaginary flaws …. Kitty pictures finally let me smile and breathe again.

  68. I love all the crazy kitten pictures. I especially love the nap-origami that cats (and sometimes dogs) fold themselves into.

  69. Well, as a crazy cat lady, I love the pictures. I work with a bunch of attorneys. Each of my animals is named after one. (its an honor that they fight over) One, name Stevie (named after a Steven until sex was known, oh well) loves to sleep in the strangest positions. Usually with all four legs in the air. Never fails to make us laugh.

  70. Don’t you dare stop! We will up and torture you with adoration and attention until we get more kitten picts! I’m serious lady, like a fucking heart attack. Serious. SERIOUS!!

  71. That’s all right. I love kittens and cat pictures. Especially cute ones 🙂

  72. well, now i need to go back and check to make sure that nobody else posted the appropriate First World Cat Problems picture…

  73. I love the cat photos! (am living vikittieously as we don’t have space for a cat in my apartment)

  74. My fat cat’s love for my keyboard, i.e. jacking with me when I don’t pay enough attention to her, resulted in a very unfortunate e-mail to my boss. I’ve explained to her the problems that causes but she remains unconcerned.

    And I thought the blindfold pic was adorable!

  75. Ha! I totally thought that was some Scandinavian word you were just casually tossing in there. Your kitties are super cute.

  76. as someone from Aurora Co it has been a shitty day… You made me laugh for the first time tonight and i greatly appreciate you!!
    Bring on the cute kitty pics!!!

  77. The little kids walk by my house and say, “That’s the cat house!” Not in the “I’m a madam” sort of way either…I have four kitties, but all the neighborhood kitties hang out with me! Lots of treats, catnip and lemonade… 🙂 I love your kitties! You could post pictures of them everyday!

  78. Hahaha! The sleeping position pic is the best. It looks like when you’re camping and you break down the tent and you’re trying to figure out how to get it back in the bag. Just a pile of sticks.

  79. I love the sleeping pose – bambi legs everywhere. Seriously, I am forcing my husband to move house just so we can get a kitten!

  80. So, I’d talked myself out of a kitten and you do this to me. (And, my husband is out of the house for 5 hours…) I can kitten proof Me’s room and head over to Petsmart to see which kittens are left for adoption. Why would you do this to me?

    Anyway, I am amused that Hunter S Thomcat is so adept at downward dog.

  81. I have no room to mock.
    My phone is filled with pictures of my most beautiful kitten in the whole world Piper. She is my elegant black beauty….who climbs curtains, chases flies, eats dog biscuits, eats chick peas, attacks feet/heads/climbs backs. Everything you could ask for in a cat 😛

    I think Hunter is freakin adorable 🙂

    All this said…I need some funds raised and I wondered if you could help? It’s for something pretty geeky. I want to take my 8 year old daughter to GenCon in August….but it’s in Indy and we live in Kentucky. Also it’s so my BFF, who is sick and lives in Indy (and happens to be a crazy cat lady and a huge fan of yours), can have us go to GenCon with her for her first time and dress up in CosPlay outfits.

    Shoot me an email if you think there is anything you can do. We really just need the gas money to get there.
    We <3 you and think you are a goddess!

  82. Off topic, but nice interview of you in the Philadelphia Inquirer today!

  83. I think you should start while he’s young and dress him in cool costumes. Badassedness is not just for those who’ve died of natural causes. Plus when you do become a crazy cat lady your cat children should be properly dresses it will make for a better photo op. lady with 55 cats all dressed as dead authors.

  84. Crazy cat lady…there are worse things to be! Besides, I have dibs on that title. At least for Illinois.
    Keep the bebe pics coming! They are adorable and I can’t get enough!

  85. They hate it when you pay too much attention to ANYTHING other than them…My dog sits on my laptop constantly.

  86. Just promise me one thing… when he becomes of age please put him in a red and gold scarf and a pair of glasses. He needs to be dressed up as Harry Potter. BECAUSE HE DESERVES IT!!!



  87. Oh thanks… I want a kitten. Awesome. I’m sure my pride of cats will just LOVE that. Plus my husband says I’m only one cat short of crazy cat lady as it is.

    I’m blaming you when I end up on hoarders

  88. I frequently come home to “Windows Cannot find //////////////////uatuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuwe. Would you like to look for something else?” Kitty pictures are awesome. I especially love the blindfold. Has Ferris tried picking up Hunter in his mouth yet?

  89. My cat has changed the orientation on my screen to “portrait,” and changed my desktop background to clouds (maybe blue is her favorite color). Recently I heard someone talking and walked to my desk where my cat was getting help setting up “Ease of Access.” I’m waiting for the day that the 18-wheeler carrying a load of Greenies backs up the driveway and the driver hands me the bill for the whole shebang, saying it’s an online order placed by Daphne Clementine St. Mark Katz. (Yes, my cat has a confirmation name, and yes, I’m a crazy cat lady.)

  90. There is absolutely nothing wrong with being a cat lady! Now, if only there were more enablers like Victor. Or cat-men (though that sounds a little strange). Cat-dudes…cat-guys, cat-fellas. These all sound like bad super-hero groups. Like the Ninja Turtles, or Thundercats (not that those are bad. I was just spitting examples).

  91. Personally I love the pictures of Hunter S Thomcat. His little snarly face expression makes me feel better about life. I’m happy if you post his picture every stinking day. (For the record, I’m not a crazy cat lady. I don’t even have a cat.)

  92. Your cats are adorable. I love your book and noticed it just after my sister and I had started our blog about our crazy mother and her Far From Normal behavior. I hope you can check it out. There’s room for lots of dysfunctional parents on the web.

  93. HST is adorable. There are few things that create more joy than silly kittens. Fewer side-effects than psychotropic meds, too (except for the occasional accidental cat scratch). I say that they’re thera-purr-tic.

    I just broke both ankles on Tuesday (fell down the stairs), and now that I’m sleeping on the couch in the living room, I’m constantly covered in kitties. Now that they’ve figured out that it’s a bad thing to step on the ace wraps, they rotate in who lies at my feet and who cuddles on my chest. Which is great, except that the vicodin is making me feel really hot and being covered in kitties is making me sweat like a whore in church.

  94. I do not have a blog site – just not smart or interesting enough. You, however, are a natural just by being yourself and have a great way of communicating. I love your book. I made special notes to myself at the end of You Can’t Go Home Again. I had a pretty awful life so far ( I am only 64 ) but the future does not look to have a pot of gold at the end. You are refreshing. Oh, do not stop posting pictures of your cat – kittens are always funny unless people dress them in funny outfits. Do you do that? Thanks for being you and sharing your life and sense of humor.

  95. I was actually just thinking that i’d like to see more kitty pictures! Hunter S. Thompson is adorable and I am living vicariously through you since I can’t get a new kitten yet :(. (Not that I don’t love the kitty I have, but I love him so much I WANT MORE).

  96. Yeah, my cat likes to sleep on the keyboard. Although I have also found her trying to buy the uber-expensive premium catfood at the online grocer (too bad for her she hasn’t found my credit cards yet).

    My Aiming Low post is about how the cat likes to pee on my bed (among other things). Yeah. my cat is a bit of an asshole. But also a cute one, and she lets my autistic son manhandle (boyhandle?) her all day long so I guess we have to keep her. (Also I just plain love her, so there’s that too.)

  97. I should mention; I get really, really, really, really stupid over little red and white, ginger, or yellow kittens. They are my very favorite. We’ve had dozens. Just not all at once.

  98. Hunter S. Thomcat is adorable, keep the pics coming. Maybe he thinks he has great blog ideas that he wants to share with you? Or, he simply wants to take over your blog. Watch out.

  99. There are never too many adorable cat/kitten pictures. Bring ’em on. 🙂

  100. Crazy Cat Lady is single and childless so you’re safe. That’s also why I won’t get a cat.

    …therefore there is no such thing as too many kitty pics…because some of us can’t get one or we’ll become the crazy cat lady!

  101. Sweet new kitty! Totally makes me want to get one. Except every time we got a second kitty when I was young it made the first kitty start peeing on EVERYTHING. And then they were sent to the farm. Reallly, we have friends with a farm.

  102. I can’t speak for everyone, though it seems pretty unanimous–no one wants the kitteh pictures to stop.

    Hunter S. Thomcat is the bee’s knees, even if he IS a mean drunk. =P

  103. I’m not a HUGE cat lover since I generally end up in the hospital after an encounter with one (Thank you Severe Asthma) But that is one way cute cat. Also… It’s like having a new baby… except for 9 months of pregnancy and hours of labor and all the pain and recovery and having to wipe a dirty ass for a couple years and teaching them how to not accidentally kill themselves and all that other crap… just like having a new baby. And you know how annoying people can be with pictures of new babies… Not saying that you’re being annoying. Like I said… that is one cute cat. Yeah. Bring on the HST pics.

  104. I am not a cat person.
    It’s next to impossible to sleep when I stay over at my SIL who has 2 of these scratchy little beggars.
    The bedroom door MUST be shut so neither of them can creep in and sleep on my face.
    Or foot of the bed.
    Or wardrobe cupboard in a pile of jumpers.

    Still, your incessant moggie pictures do not alarm me. Nor will I cease to read your blog because of them.

    Besides, they seem pretty far away – an ocean or two if my geography serves correct …


  105. There can never be enough cat pictures on the internet *insert eye rolling*. As a dog lover yours is actually semi cute. highest cat complement I’m capable of paying.

  106. Really, though, can anyone blame you? Only an evil, corrupted, blind-since-birth guy who had that creepy disease where you can’t feel anything could not like HST. And even that would be a stretch.

  107. There can NEVER be too many kitten pictures! We adopted a kitten that had three legs and one eye. Whatever happened to her stunted her growth and she will ALWAYS look like a kitten. In fact her name was Sparrow (get it, pirate, no eye or leg) but Kitten (in a really high pitched voice) is still her name and she comes RUNNING (and she can run, very well in fact). Keep posting, kittens or cats are always awesome 🙂

  108. Who doesn’t love kitten pictures? Too soon he will be a sedate, adult cat.

    As the new owner of a young Great Dane, I understand your fascination with HST’s antics. My dog is too big to be “cute”, but he’s goofy and makes me laugh. Fortunately, my friends tolerate my stories.

  109. I love it when kittens are in that gangly teenage stage when they’re all legs and silliness. Kitty pictures from all stages of life are most welcome on my Internets!

  110. I can’t stand it!!! I’ve had to keep clicking over here because I am so totally addicted to the cuteness!!! And I even have my own cat! Kitten addiction is a serious addiction.

  111. Totally love the pics of the cats. I am not a crazy cat lady either, in fact I don’t even own a cat….still love the photos

  112. Oh dear…I wish I could have a cat so that I could have the perfect excuse for misspellings. Unfortunately, this is not the case. Sigh…

  113. This? This is the reason my second cat is named Typo. Well, that, and my husband wrote me about needing a new CAR, but he hit the T instead of the R, and I held him to it.

  114. And that keyboard picture right there is EXACTLY why I am not allowed to raid or run dungeons with my guildies while Oreo is in the room. He’s no kitten (quite the contrary at 3ft long and close to 20 lbs)… so when he decides that I’m paying more attention to my PC than to him, he will walk all over my keyboard or sit on my mouse, which ultimately sends arrows or bullets into a large mob of creatures that in turn kills my entire group… Sigh. But, I love that black cat… even if he always gets me killed in WOW.

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