Okay, I’m still raising ads for Pony Danza but we need to take a time out right now because, YOU GUYS.

This is a picture of the lovely Anne Wheaton (who once made me nachos) being pleasantly manhandled by Nathan Fillion as Wil Wheaton photo bombs the whole thing.


What makes this already perfect picture a thousand times better?  Wil assures me that his pockets totally were stuffed with twine at the time.  Thus, we now have the first picture of Nathan Fillion with twine.  Granted, the twine isn’t visible, but I think the magnificent photo bomb makes up for that, don’t you?

Never change, Wil Wheaton.

Never change.

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  1. I hear Wil’s been making his own meme of photobombing, lately. Perhaps there are hundreds of pictures of him with celebrities with twine!

  2. That is outstanding. I especially like the part where Wil Wheaton looks like some kind of velociraptor with a stone in his shoe.


    … I dunno, though. The photo is of him holding Anne Wheaton, we can’t actually SEE the twine. But if you’re willing to accept it, I guess I don’t see what’s wrong with it.

  4. Oh, THAT’S Nathan Fillion. I know who he is. Now I’m wishing he showed up at the book signing in Annapolis. Actually, I think I would have preferred Wil Wheaton. He’s my people.

  5. Saw Nathan Fillion on the Comic-Con TV broadcast and immediately thought of you! And instantly angered at the absence of twine…
    Great pic 🙂

  6. There is an aura around this picture. A golden glow of holy light. Frame it, dear Jenny, frame it in twine and hang it beneath James Garfield.

  7. Damn Wheaton, you couldn’t just have held up a piece of twine? That photo is awesome, though!

  8. FINALLY! Oh Wil Wheaton, what was Sheldon Cooper ever thinking putting you on his list of mortal enemies.

  9. I love wil Wheaton. I loved him when I was 12 and watched Stand By Me over and over again on VHS at my friend Amy’s house, then I forgot about him for a long time. Now I love him again. That is all.

  10. Is it just me or is Wil totally channeling Calvin from Calvin & Hobbes in this picture?

  11. Well done Wil and Anne. Fabulous shot and the photo bomb is just….perfect!

  12. Holy. Shitballs. THAT PHOTO IS AWESOMESAUCE.

    I was also thinking, what if Nater Tater is ALLERGIC to twine?! Maybe THAT is why won’t hold it. Because he would have anaphylaxis and almost die. And the world can’t lose Nater Tater.

  13. It looks like Anne is waving twine- that’s why her hand is blurry!

  14. Those two guys (and Anne too I’m sure) seem like such incredibly nice guys. And that picture definitely made me giggle.

  15. This is FABULOUS!! If Nathan Fillion wasn’t holding on to the lovely Anne Wheaton so tightly, I’d swear he was a cardboard cutout.

    And Wil Wheaton FOR. THE. WIN.

  16. I just need to add that my daughter met Nathan *ohmygodheissodamncute* Fillion at Comic Con this last weekend. He shook her hand and called her Sweetness and she got his autograph.
    Because this is all about ME, I was excited to say that part of MY DNA resided on Mr. Fillion the entire freaking day, since I’m sure he didn’t wash his hands.
    Sadly, he had no twine but his presence was enough–even if I only experienced it via my daughter. Sigh.

  17. Looks like someone just won the internet today! Congrat’s Jenny, the world conspires for you to get invisible twine. <3

  18. Wil and Anne are amazing!! They make me laugh almost every day!!!

  19. Nathan looks like he is a complete douchecanoe. Seriously, who smirks like that when taking pictures. Douche.Canoe.

    Wil on the other hand, is fvcking AWESOME.

    I’d love to know what the person taking the picture thought. 😀

  20. If I hadn’t already insisted that my husband get a vasectomy, I would totally name my next kid Wil Wheaton. Or Pocket Full of Twine.

  21. You seriously need to create some type of Bloggess Awards. Though, I’m quite sure, Wil Wheaton would win EVERY. SINGLE. ONE! (Probably just for this picture alone!)

    <3 <3 <3

  22. That is photobombing squared. The twine is bombing Wil Wheaton (because, surely, he does not walk around with twine in his pockets and it was in fact the cosmos that crammed his pockets full of twine when his proximity to Nathan Fillion was sensed), and Wil Wheaton is photobombing Nathan Fillion. I don’t know what you call that thing Nathon Fillion is doing…but it looks uncomfortable.

  23. I got a pocket,
    got a pocket full of brown twine
    I’ve got some twine and I know that it’s all mine…

  24. @ Anna- I thought exactly the same thing !! BUT .. remember.. no memaw’s.

  25. Yay!!! Life dreams like Nathan with twine well it’s important! Wil Wheaton you are way better than Brett Spiner!

  26. There were a bunch of us on Twitter when Wil first posted about Anne’s photo op with Nathan that gave him a hard time for not forcing him to hold some twine… but if he says his pockets were stuffed with twine, I’ll accept it… but I’m still gonna need a photo of him HOLDING the ball of twine to hang next to my photos of Wil collating paper, Beyonce, Hamlet, and Juanita Weasel. 🙂

  27. A) I love you.
    B) This made my day
    C) I love Wil Wheaton
    D) I love Nathan Fillion
    in that order. Full. of. Awexome. (it’s with an X because it’s extra awesomness in a bottle)

  28. I swear this is one of the funniest things I have ever seen! Thank you soo much for posting this Belly-Laugh picture.

  29. This picture may be the best thing that has ever happened to the internet. And BY GAWD Nathan is just so damn hot.

  30. How did he learn to look into the camera with such ferocious come-hitherness??

  31. I’m now at peace. I feel as though world order has been restored, and we can carry on and live happy lives.
    I’m also permanently infatuated with Wil Wheaton for his awesomeness.

    And I love you!

  32. I think the thing that makes me the happiest about this is that the Wheatons clearly planned it ahead of time. And giggled for the rest of the day.

  33. Mind Blown! That is the kind of awesome that opens up worm-holes. Should we be concerned?

  34. Jenny you win at twitter, etc. This made me smile and I can’t even explain it to anyone !! THANK YOU!

  35. I just almost had my Taco Bell “Drive-Thru Diet” selection coming shooting out my nose from this comment
    “It looks as though she is wearing a tiny Wil Wheaton as a backpack, and he is being viciously squeezed by Nathan Fillion’s twiny arms.” Thank you Killhouse Van Boutin’
    But thank YOU dear Bloggess for creating Inception-proportion memes that make me furiously happy!
    I wonder if Nater Tater wonders why fans keep giving him twine at personal appearances…?

  36. Why is it that the characters that Wil Wheaton plays on tv are always such jerks, when he himself seems like such a wonderful, kind, funny guy?

  37. Yeah pocket full of twine sounded tongue and cheek to me too lol.
    I’m curious the photo bomb of Wheaton….why? Not against it at all because I was a closet trekkie kid but maybe you were, too, Jenny?

  38. Thank you! Some days i just need the Bloggess. You make me smile no matter what else is going on in my life–and I didn’t even know who Nathan Fillion was before your blog (that is how out of touch I am)!! Thank you!

  39. Will looks totally like the cars. com commercial when the guy’s “confidence” comes out of his shoulder and starts singing.

  40. Wouldn’t take much photoshop to put your head on Anne’s body. Just sayin’…

  41. Kudos to Wil and Anne for cornering Nathan! From the background I would guess this may have been taken this past weekend at Comic-Con in San Diego. How fun!

  42. I am fangirling out over here! That picture is full of more awesome than cute cats on the interwebz. PS. still hoping you get Pony Danza, for it is your destiny…

  43. Wil looks just like Calvin from Calvin and Hobbes (with beard, of course.)

  44. I have the motivation today of a dead, napping turtle, but then I saw a picture of Wil Wheaton, with the stealthy twine, and well…life has meaning once again. The world is united in this perfectly delicious inside joke. Wil Wheaton is awesome coated awesome with awesome filling.

  45. I own an embarressing amount of copies of your book…and plug the genius that is your blog routinely. One question, why do some posts apear not to have the ” pin it”or “facebook share” option button? Rock on jenny we love you ! Any chance you will be at the nyc comic con october? Or any other events you might be attending or seen at ? Big fan of you and everything you do is magic !!!

  46. Wil Wheaton is so full of win. That makes you full of win, because he is your fan and sends you pictures full of awesome.

  47. Now I want an entire gallery of Wil Wheaton photobombing other celebrities posing with his lovely wife. You see? Your fans are never satisfied.

  48. That photo is dripping with awesomeness.

    Now we just need to get Nathan Fillion to do a guest role in the new Arrested Development show that’s coming out where he plays Michael and Lindsay’s long lost triplet…because he and Jason Bateman look too much alike to not play brothers.

  49. Anne’s hand is time traveling to boot. Was future Anne’s hand coming back to knock that twine out of NF’s pocket? We’ll never know.

  50. My quest for Fillion fodder is failing miserably. Damn you and your reclusive ways, Captain Reynolds! I fear I shall have to turn my stalking. . .err. . .I mean, appreciation toward Jeremy Renner now. He seems like the giving type and I wouldn’t object to him getting all up in my Hurt Locker.

  51. Does anyone else feel like there’s going to be a follow-up of Matthew Broderick with his arm around a life-sized cut-out of Brian Boitano while holding a picture of Wil Wheaton collating papers while he’s got an ice-cream sandwich in his back pocket?

  52. it would appear that Wil brought the wormhole device with him from the set of Eureka… that’s the only explanation I can come up with for why Anne’s hand is missing…

  53. Wait, I’m confused – the way this is stated, maybe Wil had the twine in his pockets… in fact, this makes way more sense – Wil had the twine in his pockets, told you there was twine in pockets to make you happy, and Nathan’s still a twineless fool. (Sorry, I know you like Nathan, but anyone who doesn’t like twine is creepy in my books.)

    (Wil was the keeper of the twine.~ Jenny)

  54. This is fabulous and probably more so because of the photo bomb face Wil’s making but even more more more so because Nathan Fillion looks like he’s about to do a voice over for erectile dysfunction drugs with a horrible tagline like get your sexy back, you sexy mens, something that sadly, twine can’t fix. Or, shit, wait! CAN IT?

    And then more more more more so betterer if he grabbed his twine filled pockets a la a gangsta rapper grabbing his pants friend and said to Nathan Fillion, twine motherfucker! (And then taped your picture to his forehead).

  55. Well, it was a long time coming, but I’m glad to see all your hard work paid off. And Wil Wheaton rules forever.

  56. That is so awesome! Jenny- if you didn’t think you were famous after your book tour you officially are girl!!!!
    Go Wil!!!!! and uh… thanks for having a pocket full of twine Nathan????? LOL 🙂

  57. I knew it! Nathan’s totally anti-twine. Every time I watch Serenity, it pops in my head, “That man doesn’t like twine,” but since I watch it for River, I can live with that.

    I bet you Matt Smith would hold twine…

  58. @Elizabeth M.
    ” Nathan looks like he is a complete douchecanoe. Seriously, who smirks like that when taking pictures. Douche.Canoe.”
    Guess self-aware people with a sense of humor might let themselves smirk like that when taking pictures. Canoes don’t have balls to do that though and prefer morosely sitting at home, indulging in excessive use of the word “canoe” over the interwebs.

  59. Love it…but still need to know about Pony Danza!

    Please check out my latest post, I’m trying to help get the Boy Scouts to see how ridiculous they are.

  60. I believe on the Nerdist Podcast TV show, Wil admitted to Nathan that he was one of his wife’s freebies (the list of people you are allowed to sleep with if you get the chance). Just sayin’… 🙂

  61. OMG It’s like she is wearing a tiny little taxidermied Wil Wheaton back pack! How creepily awesome (or awesomely creepy) is that?!?!?!

  62. I never thought these words would come from my mouth but I’m going to say it… I AM IN LOVE WITH WIL WHEATON!

  63. Oh my GOD that’s the most fabulous thing I’ve seen on the interwebz today. GO ANNE, who is ever so much cooler than her husband as of this moment in my eyes (because I’m sure she gives a shit about what I think). 🙂

    Anne Wheaton bent Nathan Fillion to her will…wait…Wil? eww and mwahahahaha!

  64. Aww… When I first opened the page, I could only see Nater’s top half. I totally thought he was holding twine. 🙁

  65. The Women’s Room sign, and the brightly-lit portal behind it–looking like the entry to another dimension–make this picture awesome cubed (actually WW & Anne & Nathan & twine & photo-bombing & awesome restroom doorway, I guess it would be to the 6th power, but I don’t know the word for that….)

  66. Will and Anne should carry twine with them at all times, just in case this kind of thing happens again. which it probably will.

  67. He must’ve wrapped his invisible twine around her forearm. He is actually holding her captive (look at her face! She’s frightened) and Wil is just goofing off. Oh, Nathan… are a sly one.

  68. BWAH-HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!*snort!*!!!*gasp!*!!!

    I especially like the part where Leora comments, “I especially like the part where Wil Wheaton looks like some kind of velociraptor with a stone in his shoe.”

    Oh holy hells, I think I just pee’d meself. Day has been made, this is Officially TEH. AWSUM.
    Thanks, ever’body!!

  69. You know I wasn’t sure about that Wil Wheaton after how he behaved on The Big Bang Theory….but now that I see how amazingly awesome he is in real life (through your lovely eyes!) HE ROCKS! tee hee

  70. I had the biggest crush on Wil when he was Wesley on ST: NG and now I feel that crush coming back four fold!!

    Just be glad I’m married Anne cause I can cyber stalk like no ones business.

  71. I gotta say though… how hot is Nathan here? Doing the Fillion eyebrow-raise and all. Pow! That is one sexy, twine bombed, man!

  72. Obviously, Anne or Wil must change their middle names to “Twine” right now! Then the photo would be correct retroactively.

  73. This picture is full of just so much win that I think the world imploded a little bit.

  74. I love Will Wheaton more than words can say. Even more than anyone could ever love Nathan Fillion.

    I really hope he just walked up to Fillion and was like, “Dude. Don’t be a dick. Hold this twine for a minute when you are done fondling my wife. Cool, thanks.”

  75. That is the most awesome photo ever! Wil pulled through just like the champ he really is!

  76. Even with the best Photoshop software, one could not have created something even more magical, more awesome, than this.

    Ok, maybe photoshopping in some twines in his bulging pockets…

  77. All I could see was that beautiful hunk of a man, Nathan. Then I noticed Wil in the photo and I almost spit coffee all over my screen. Awesome! Love this photo.

  78. That photo is official proof that dreams CAN come true, even without Oprah or Extreme Home Makeover getting involved. Love it to the nth.

  79. This post is merely exhibit 1,684,156 of your wizardish sorcery. Now you should make people pose with samurai swords, since then it would at least be quasi-relatable to your life (unless there are some twine and spatula stories I missed). But then the nonsensical appeal would be lost… and people might get hurt. So maybe not.

  80. I can’t even be sure that Will is wearing pants let alone has pockets full of twine. This is the best thing I’ve seen all day.

  81. It should be noted that Nathan Fillion is a super classy, stand up dude. He handed out pre-signed cards at comiccon with a special note for anyone who might have wanted his autograph because he knew that his comiccon schedule wouldn’t have allowed him the time to sign for everyone.

  82. Dear Nathan,
    Is that twine in your pockets, or are you just happy to see us?!
    I heart you, Jenny and Wil and Anne and Nathan!!!
    Your faithful Lawsbian,

  83. Crying so hard!! Wil looks like a little toy action figure in Nathan’s hand, getting squeezed in all the wrong places!

  84. i don’t know (and never do) what to expect when i open your new posts ( i think my favorite surprise before today was the glorious happiness of the sloth hug 😉 but that WAS MY FAVORITE SURPRISE YET! did not expect nathan filion at all, but wil wheaton pulling Bill the Cat photo bomb?! holy corkin priceless, oh my goodness…

  85. The only thing that could have made that picture more awesome, would have been Wil Wheaton holding a giant ball of time over Nathan Fillian’s head.

  86. this is almost too much awesome and has completely made my week. Wil Wheaton really is the shiz. (as are you!)

  87. My favorite part of the picture is how Wil Wheaton is positioned. It looks like he’s either springing out of Anne’s back like an alien, or like she has a super awesome Wil Wheaton backpack.

  88. My favorite part of the picture is how Wil Wheaton is positioned. It looks like he’s either springing out of Anne’s back like an alien, or like she has a super awesome Wil Wheaton backpack.

  89. Here is the beauty of you: you give us all hope that someday if we stalk someone long enough (in a friendly fashion), s/he will eventually be our bestie. Or our betsie, since I accidentally typed that first. 😉

  90. Made. My. DAY.
    Nathan’s smarmy eyebrow makes it all the more awesome. <3

  91. Wil Wheaton is way cooler than anyone gives him credit for! Well done Wil, well done!

    We WILL get visible twine and Nathan Fillion in a photo one day.

  92. Wil Wheaton for the WIN! Awesomesauce on the photo bomb. Twine in his pocket, eh? *snicker*

  93. Maybe it’s a guy thing.

    But Nathan could be very insulted by this, Jenny.

    It’s quite all right to say, “Do you have a gun in your pocket or are you just happy to see me.”

    But to imply that Nathan has “twine in his pocket”, well, you can see how this could give a man a complex.

    We’re very sensitive about our twine.

    Even stars like Nathan and Pony Danza.

  94. Now that this has happened, I think you need to immediately drop Nathan Fillion. I think he engaged in some sort of reverse marketing thing where by NOT doing what you asked, he made himself more popular. Or famous. He needs YOU, not the other way around.

    Wil Wheaton, on the other hand, is a total keeper.

  95. The only possible way that pic could have been better would be for Wil to be wearing his kilt from The Guild. Oh, wait, Nathan could have been wearing one, too. That would be all kinds of pretty… OOOO! And Pony Danza could be there, too!!! ALSO WEARING A KILT!!!

    Now the pic just makes me sad…

  96. Is Wil Wheaton circumcised? I know you two have never “collated paper” together, but I thought since your such good friends and all you could ask him for me. And paper cuts while collating naked don’t count.

    Love, a stalker fan (Of Wil. Not you. But I do like you)

  97. I’m willing to accept the twine on faith, but where’s the lovely Anne’s right forearm and hand? Something very peculiar happened to it. Twine accident? Or something more sinister?

  98. This is so funny and completely awesome! I love Nathan Fillion. Not sure if I mentioned on the other post about Nathan Fillion, but my son actually got “invited” to a party at his house. He went to a showing of The Change Up, Nathan Fillion was there (my son has a picture with a blurry Nathan Fillion in the back ground). My son was with my sister-in-law and she knows an actress that is friends with Nathan Fillion. They asked my son what he wanted to do after then movie and he said he was tired and wanted to go home. On their way back to my SIL’s place they mention that they could have gone to a party at Nathan Fillion’s house. My son wanted to know why they didn’t tell him sooner. He came home to tell me he got invited to a party at Castle’s house! Too funny!

  99. I will officially watch any show or movie with Mr. Wheaton until the end of time. He is awesome wrapped in wonderful and dripping in fabulous.

  100. Oh. My. God. I wish I could meet Wil Wheaton! I may have to actually go to a Comic Con someday just so I can try to get a photo bomb like this one. Everyone in this picture is magical.

  101. This honeslty made my shitty day so much better! Thank you. Love all 3 of them and completely jealous you got to meet Mr and Mrs Wheaton. Just saying..

  102. The only way Anne and Wil could have made this better would have been to hand Nathan a spool of twine first (la sneaky!), but as it is, the awesomeness is breathtaking!

    The Wheatons are good people!

  103. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! OMG.

  104. This is full of awesome! I have to say it has made my day! I never thought I would see the day when Nathan would have a pocket full of twine… 😉

  105. Forget the twine….Wil’s photobombing efforts totally make up for it! Completely awesomesauce!

  106. I am so terribly jealous. I walked up to my husband, put twine in his pockets and waited for the satisfaction…it did not happen. Please don’t tell him.

  107. This is full of fecking awesome-sauce I can hardly contain myself! Nathan Fillion! Will Wheaton! TWINE!

    I have to go sit down. I’m getting light-headed.

  108. That’s awesome! Her hand disappearing into the carpet, however, is totaly freeky.

  109. If I finally get to go to Comic-Con next year and if NF is there again (11 years in a row) and if I get to meet him and get my picture taken, I PROMISE to have twine in my hand for when I shake his and have our picture taken together. Pinky-swear.

  110. I don’t think I’ve ever seen Wil Wheaton in anything (I’m so sorry about that) but yet he’s like my favorite celebrity in the history of ever.

  111. you take the ridiculous and embrace the absurd. Your stories make me laugh until I cry sometimes….I forgot for a moment that I have my own anxiety issues and a daughter and husband and job. When I read your work it helps, it also triggers issues but I suppress it because the more I can laugh about it the better… Thank you. Wine helps and so do you. You are an excellent wine in my mind… Better than a woodbridge, obviously… More like a Châteauneuf-du-Pape! I believe this sums it up:
    Châteauneuf-du-Pape red wTines are often described as earthy with gamy flavors that have hints of tar and leather.[4] The wines are considered tough and tannic in theiJr youth but maintain their rich spiciness as they age.[1] The wines often exhibit aromas of dried herbs common in Provence under the name of garrigue. Châteauneuf-du-Pape dominated by Mourvèdre tend to be higher in tannin and requiring longer cellaring before being approachable.[3]

  112. *cry* Wil Wheaton will be at GenCon next month and all of the passes are already sold out! I must get a VIG pass from Gen Con Indy!

    PS: August 16th is my birthday. No joke. This makes meeting Wil Wheaton even MORE special!

  113. I got to see Wil at comic con, missed out on seeing Nathan. 🙁

    But this all I can say is Wil is awesome and Anne is gorgeous! Nathan, well… sexy as always. And Jenny, well you are just amazing! I love your site.

  114. I think that photo should win a Pulitzer. How do you beat a Wil Wheaton photo bomb with Nathan Fillion AND TWINE? And the Mrs. Wheaton, of course. How she puts up with the menfolk is a miracle in and of itself 😉

  115. That is a pretty rad picture!

    Though maybe Mrs. Wheaton could’ve gotten in on the act. Macrame’d a headband or something. Out of twine. So that Nathan Fillion was trapped.

  116. Oh Holy Mother Of Bloggessdom!!!! Eureka!!!! I am doing a dance, a very Happy Dance in celebration of this monumental occasion. HURRAY!!!!!!

  117. All right, then. I’m going to be buying your book. Kindle version. Available for immediate download. Right after I finish cooking this fish that’s staring at me. Right after that. I swear.

  118. I don’t know. I saw him at Comc-Con and his pockets did not seem to be filled with twine.

    However, Will Wheaton is AWESOME for doing this for you. My questions till remains: Why can’t Nathan Fillion just hold a ball of twine and have his picture taken for you? The invisible twine thing isn’t flying for me, can you tell?

    And Will Wheaton’s photo bombing? PRICELESS.

  119. Both Wil & Anne are AWESOME! A few weekends ago whilst I was on a real down, I spent a Saturday evening exchanging tweets with Anne, lovely lady & very down to earth, she really cheered me up!

  120. Wil Wheaton ROCKS!! So awesome!!
    (I am quite freaked out by Anne’s hand missing! Loved the comment about a la back to the future and the deLorean)

  121. ….see…. you SHOULD HAVE BEEN THERE dressed as the ball of twine! Double photo bomb!

  122. Until this moment I could really take or leave Wil Wheaton- I thought he was a good sport and all, but this photo- I am now in love! Only a truely awesome person ca pull that off!

  123. When they cancelled Firefly pretty much anyone who isnt a clueless moron cried out in pain. Dont be a clueless moron. Watch the entire Firefly series (on Netflix or rent it) and then watch the movie. DO NOT WATCH THE MOVIE FIRST.

  124. I hope the day will come that scientists will discover a way to clone people’s personalities and that, if they want to, Wil and Anne will allow theirs to be cloned. This world needs more good and awesome people like them. They are the best!

  125. The Wheaton’s are good people. We need more of them in this world.

  126. I think I just wet myself after screaming with laughter when I saw this pic. YOU have some awesome friends. Jenny, don’t you change either!

  127. i want to edit wil wheaton photobombing into ALL of my photos!!!! need to spice up a pic of you and your friends? just add wil wheaton:D

  128. I have just become highly addicted to photobombs.

    I don’t know how I ever lived before. And THIS pic? Fabulously perfect.

    I need a cigarette now.

  129. Wil just keeps getting better and better in my books, the man is priceless!

  130. I have that same shirt that Anne Wheaton is wearing. It looks nothing like that on me. Sigh.

  131. You realise you have ruined me right? On Big Bang Theory Sheldon was hating on Wil Wheaton and I started screaming at the TV even though I usually like and totally agree with Sheldon…
    Now my new neighbours are scared of me.

  132. Wil Wheaton can photobomb my pics anytime! Also, Fillion can manhandle me any..time….*blush*

  133. Will really must start carrying twine on his person all all times because of his super uber actor status. He gets to see all these really cool sci-fi actors and actresses right? He should twinebomb! Similar to photobombing but with TWINE! How cool would that be? Then we could collect the mother load of all actors with twine. Patrick Stewart! Brent Spiner! Jim Parsons! Hugh Jackman! Joe Manganello shirtless holding twine! <—-Hey I totally consider True Blood to be kinds sci-fi, right?

  134. This is quite possibly the *best* photobomb I have ever seen in my 29 years of existence. You can tell he really means that face.

  135. Long time reader, first time commenter. I don’t know if you check Saturday Morning breakfast cereal, but it is a fantastic daily webcomic. Today’s was screaming for me to share with you! Be sure to mouse over the red dot just below the comic itself. Enjoy!


  136. Take that Nathan Fillion! Bwahahahah!

    p.s. I still hate him! Jerk! You should send H.S.T. to go all ninja on his ass!

  137. Hi! What an awesome, cool blog and what an awesome, cool cat. Hunter S. Thomcat! Quick story here, a late cellist friend of mine saw me reading “Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas,” once when we were on a road trip; I’m a violist. He asked me, “who is this Huntress Thompson?” After I made fun of him for 15 minutes, I explained. He was a good sport. I miss him, God rest his soul. Anyway. I’m here because Andi-Roo highly recommends you and I know she has walloping good taste. I already love your blog and if you live oh, say within 2000 miles of me, you better put Hunter S. under armed guard. Just kidding. Thanks for the tea. I’ll be back to visit. Next time I’ll bring cat toys.

  138. I must say that I too am concerned for Ann — does she know she’s lost a hand?

  139. If we add ST:TNG, The Bloggess, and Big Bang Theory, Wil Wheaton is the biggest nerd badass ever. EVER!

    -The End

  140. Do you think that Wil Wheaton knows it makes him sexy when he does crap like that? Just Awesome!!

  141. it looks like Nathon has Anne and Will in a one arm hug and Will is having the bejeezus squeezed out of him – it wasn’t a photo bomb! He’s clearly in pain!

  142. There is so much stinkin’ awesome in this picture I can’t stand it. I wish I could make a life size version of myself and paste it to my wall. And photoshop me instead of Anne. (No offense! But mmm… Nathan Fillion)

  143. I need Wil Wheaton to mention tacos on one of his many shows. I don’t really know why, it’s for my brother, Thurman. He asked me to have the girls in my girl scout troop mention tacos if they made a PSA video. I think it would be much cooler if Wil mentioned tacos………….

  144. So I’m staring at the picture with my mouth hanging open, wondering where the HELL is the twine, when I realize that Wil is in the background doing an amazing Calvin impression and nearly wake my entire family with uncontrollable scream-laughter! omfg!!!!!!!!!! and I thought I could not love Mr. Wheaton any more, but, I do. Made my day awesome. Nater Tater can’t help being so shiny and purty, perhaps he had a traumatic experience with twine when he was young?

  145. Ok, who do I ask for permission to print this picture and have him autography it at GenCon in 2 weeks? This is FANTASTIC!

  146. You know the world is messed up when Nathan Fillion is the scariest thing in a picture that includes Wil Wheaton….

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