I love Lady Gaga but she owes me 10 bucks

They say that there is nothing new under the sun, and that might be true, but I’d just like to point this out:

Me going to a movie in 2011. Lady Gaga starring in a movie in 2012.

Conclusion:  Wolf Blitzer and I need a lawyer.

PS.  Wolf Blitzer died of kidney disease so you can’t yell at me, PETA.

PPS.  I’m referring to Wolf Blitzer my dead wolf companion.  Not Wolf Blitzer the news guy.  The news guy is still alive and has all his kidneys.  As far as I know.  I didn’t really research him as well as I should.  He seems fine though.  Exuberant even.

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  1. This keeps happening to you, doesn’t it? Do you perchance live in the future?

    Andreas Heinakroon recently posted The limbic society.

  2. Lady Gaga just wishes she could be you…

    Erin recently posted Delayed Posting.

  3. They should just replace Gaga with you in the film! Now that’s a film is go to see!!!

  4. Did you wear Wolf Blitzer to the movie?? Did he scare many children? I can only hope so.

    Tricia recently posted GET ON MY BELLY!.

  5. They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. Obviously Lady Gaga wants to be just like you. 🙂

    karifur recently posted Farting shoes, biting carabiners & other lesser-known hazards of rock climbing.

  6. You are such the trend setter Jenny. First Morgan now Gaga? IMPRESSED.

    Dangerous Lilly recently posted Waiting for a good sale on sex toys? Here’s one!.

  7. Looks better on you, as you’re more of a winter wolf and she is more of a spring…as you can tell by the disgusted look on her wolf’s face.

    Melissa recently posted Robin Williams syndrome, camel toe and rinsing brain out with soap...all in all, normal day..

  8. wolf blitzer is an asshole. the news guy, not your dead wolf companion.

  9. Proof that fantabulous minds think alike, by which I mean you and Lady Gaga’s costume designer.

    Reneesance recently posted Vintage 1950s Sweet Pink Medallion Cotton Print 1.33 yards by Reneesance.

  10. you wore it better! 😉

  11. Also, if I may say so, I think he looks better on you.

    karifur recently posted Farting shoes, biting carabiners & other lesser-known hazards of rock climbing.

  12. You did it first and BETTER!

    MA recently posted Purple Giraffe Logic.

  13. imitation is the sincerest form of flattery

  14. Why is everyone stealing my comments before I post them? Stop reading my mind, people!

  15. Gaga did Wolf Blitzer a disservice by coordinating him with yellow. NOT his color.

  16. Definitely lawyer up. This needs to stop! 🙂

    Ari recently posted Why Oregon?.

  17. Everyone wants to be like you, even Lady Gaga. Who can blame her, you make that wolf look HOTT!

    Rea recently posted ...and then I growled at my child.

  18. That picture of you is very sultry, Jenny. You’re a natural. Lady Gaga looks like she’s trying too hard.

    Niven recently posted Truly.

  19. I will start calling some copyright/trademark attorney friends right now for ya 😉

    Michele C. recently posted Just One of Those Weeks.

  20. I think Wolf Biltzer suits you much better. Lady Gaga should stick to balloons and stuffies.

  21. You should go see her movie in a meat suit. Give her a taste of her own meaty medicine.

  22. You are such a trendsetter!

    Sheila recently posted 10 Thoughts for Tuesday... What? It's Wednesday??.

  23. She totally copied your style! I wish I could have gone with you to whatever movie that was. Amazing.

    Krissie J @ A Philly Nerd Girl recently posted On Games.

  24. Imitation = flattery…or something like that. It feels a lot like “stealing a great idea” to me.

    *WE* all know who had this amazing look first – let us know if you require witnesses once you’ve got the ‘legal ball rolling.’ =)

    Shell recently posted Abracadabra.

  25. Well…at least Lady Gaga’s wearing fur, not meat? I’m not sure that’s a plus.

    You’re at least two steps up on her anyway: none of your names sound like drunken baby talk. 🙂

    Jess recently posted Why Kristen Stewart isn't the devil.

  26. In GaGa’s defense – she is starring as La Chameleon, which probably means that she just camouflaged herself to look like you, since she is a chameleon and all. I’m not sure you can sue a chameleon. I would expect PETA would have a case against her though – because everyone knows that she probably ripped her wolf apart with her bare hands, and then used the insides to make a dress.

  27. This wolf fashion makes my polar bear feather boa look outdated.

    moooooog35 recently posted 2012: A Tattoo Odyssey.

  28. Having seen the Katy Perry movie with a brief cameo by Lady Gaga I don’t think she will care. She seems very unconcerned about anyone but herself. Sorry to be the bearer of this bad news.
    Hope the real Wolf Blitzer can help you.

    thedoseofreality recently posted Nora Ephron Made Me Think.

  29. Nerd porn!

    Jack recently posted 2012 Q2 Browser Shares.

  30. imitation is the sincerest form of flattery

    (see, I’m imitating all your comments, which should just flatter you.)

    Stephanie recently posted Thoughts on Herndon.

  31. The price of being a trendsetter La Bloggess:) <3

    Karen recently posted Karen The Bus Monitor.

  32. The beautiful and funny Bloggess is a trailblazer! <3

  33. Wolf Blitzer is so much better than Lady Gaga’s wolf though. He looks mad, and that’s stupid. Wolf Blitzer isn’t mad, even though he’s going to see a Twilight movie!

    Amanda recently posted in which a customer steps on my feelings.

  34. It should be noted that Gaga’s wolf is looking at you with certain jealousy. Look at it — green with envy, it is. I suspect Gaga’s wolf’s bitterness stems from a) not having a name, as all dead things should, and b) having just been shot in the head (see smoking gun) by a famous actress instead of dying of natural causes like WB did.

    Shall we give Lady Gaga’s wolf a name? Might I suggest Toby McTimberson?

    Shannon recently posted Why you should never own an expensive car in France.

  35. And I bet her wolf didn’t die of natural causes, either. In fact, I wonder if she shot it herself with that gun.

    Carrie - Cannibalistic Nerd recently posted What a Discovery.

  36. Frankly, you look way sexier than she does. What can you say? It takes a real fashion daredevil to pull off the whole “Large-Animal-Taxidermy” look, and you’ve got it going on. You look totally fierce. Lady Gaga should have tried something a bit more classic and understated, like ferrets. Stick to what you know, M’Lady.

    She’s really gonna be in trouble when you introduce the “Kodiak-Bear-That-Died-of-Heart-Arrhythmia” look next spring.

  37. I smell a lawsuit bigger than $10…

    Ashley recently posted Do you like fish sticks?.

  38. Banana… two comments up.. nerd porn … lmao

    Kerry :) recently posted … I didn’t forget … I just haven’t been here…..

  39. You work the wolf so much better than Gaga! Just saying!

  40. If only you could get Wolf Blitzer to dress up as Wolf Blitzer. In whatever permutation is required for the picture.

    Ellie Di recently posted SOS – Save Our Self: How cutting my own hair brought me back to life.

  41. I disagree with you Jenny, I think this is much more a “parody” of the Tarantino & Rodriguez Grindhouse films. Great. Now that I’ve taken a contrarian side to this do I need a lowyer?

    daniel recently posted On Fatherhood.

  42. Machete doesn’t kill, The Bloggess does.

    ilikebeerandbabies recently posted Advice Under the Influence.

  43. Apparently you are the cutting edge of fashion….Stupid rest of the world is going on about the Sept issue of Vogue being so huge. I bet they don’t even show kitten hats/mittens or wolf-wear. You’re practically the scary boss lady from Devil Wears Prada!! (and now I’m a little scared of you)

  44. It’s uncanny, really. It’s like RR looked at your blog for inspiration.

    Jell Jell @ I'll Sleep When They're Grown recently posted A day trip through Twilight country: Port Angeles, Forks, and La Push beach..

  45. You – and Wolf Blitzer – are way sexier!

  46. She copies Madonna and you. Plain and simple.

    Mom Off Meth recently posted Babysitters.

  47. If Gaga was holding a spatula instead of a gun, you might have a case. Either way, you wear it better.

    Becky recently posted A Magic Girls Night Out.

  48. Consolation: I bet her dead wolf doesn’t even HAVE a name, let alone one as cool as Wolf Blitzer.

    Melissa B recently posted Jesus Buns.

  49. What a bitch!
    What? No, I don’t mean either of the wolves.

    Patrick recently posted Sometimes I’m being sarcastic.

  50. That’s not even a gun she’s holding– it’s a Conair hair dryer from 1991!! This is so “Single White Wolf Female.”
    I have chills.

    Rach recently posted Housewife Hoedown!.

  51. You are a total trend setter! I’m a little afraid…

    Queen of All Things Good recently posted Because Peanut Butter Is A Food Group.

  52. Talk about a wear-wolf…maybe you were both equally inspired by the moon?

    SarcasticNinja recently posted Temptation Is A Hollow Fish-Hat Circus.

  53. She is just jealous you names your giant metal chicken Beyonce and is desperately trying to attract your attention.

    Joanna recently posted Well isn't that Pinteresting.

  54. 54
    The Original Lisa

    Good luck with that. Lady Gaga owes me $25 for stealing my meat suit. Bacon’s not cheap these days. Bitch won’t pay.

  55. Shit…typos…I meant *named* your chicken.

    Joanna recently posted Well isn't that Pinteresting.

  56. Sweet Hookers Alive that bitch stole your look!
    I say you should turn the tables on her once again and wear a fake Lady Gaga shawl (a real one is a bit too Buffalo Bill… not that you wouldn’t thrive in prison, obviously you would somehow become head bitch, I’m just saying that maybe stick with blowup dolls) just to scare the shit out of her and let her know you aren’t messing around.

    Lady B recently posted Advice for 16 year old girls and my new dog..

  57. Clearly a story for the Fashion Police: Who wore it better?

    alaina recently posted Young Love..

  58. You made it classy!

  59. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery?

    Kat Rowley recently posted I Fly Like Paper, Get High Like Planes.

  60. You really need to upgrade your cardboard TARDIS to a real one. It will help you avoid situations like this.

    condoblues recently posted One Small Green Change Use an Electric Razor.

  61. This proves one thing: You are edgier than Lady Gaga. Rock on, Jenny…Rock on.

  62. Lady Gaga is no Bloggess! She wishes. Just goes to show that you’re bringing Sexy Wolf back, baby!

    Mod Mom Beyond IndieDom recently posted Wordless Wednesday: Llamas Who Lunch.

  63. This is too cool. =D

    Janika recently posted I have this chicken thing.

  64. You sure that Wolf Blitzer isn’t stepping out on you? Maybe that isn’t imitation but accessory adultery. I’ll bet Robert Pattinson would know how you feel.

    Charles Kuffner recently posted Trudi Smith: What’s going on with Buffalo Bayou.

  65. Your legs are WAAAY sexier than Gaga’s.
    Just thought you should know. 🙂

    Claire J recently posted The London Adventure.

  66. Yeah, it’s pretty clear who is REALLY rocking the wolf-scarf-hoodie-thingy.

    Emily Guy Birken recently posted Is That a Diaper in Your Pocketbook, Or...?.

  67. 67
    Scarlett Angell

    Like Cassandra doomed to foresee the future but never have anyone believe her…its kind of like that huh?

  68. Ugh. Annoying. Her wolf probably didn’t die of kidney failure but from choking on her meat dress. Send PETA her way!

  69. This was clearly deliberate, and I truly hope you pursue legal action.

    Nic recently posted Wilson Cruz Responds to Prada Post; Nic Cheats on Chipotle with Lesser-Known Sandwich Shop ‘Wichcraft.

  70. Day-maker! Can we please get a shot of Lady Gaga in a red dress, holding twine? I have to feeling she’s a supporter.

    bob recently posted warmth.

  71. Is it wrong that I was really okay, quite fine actually, when I thought you *were* talking about the CNN Blitzer?

    Am I a bad person?

    Yeah, I know I am. You don’t need to bother answering that.

    And isn’t everything Gaga does a rip-off of someone else’e brilliance, at least most of the time??


    Stephanie C | Seriously? Really?? Seriously? recently posted Whoever said "change is good" clearly doesn't have an anxiety disorder....

  72. The poster says La Chameleon, but she is clearly a wolf. Truth in advertising, Gaga. Learn about it.

    Julie the Wife recently posted Be Careful What You Search For….

  73. You have nice legs, Jenny. Being a trendsetter and all, please always remember: Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, but it still sucks when somebody steals your great ideas.

    Kathy M.

  74. You know, if you weren’t such a flippin’ trend setter this wouldn’t keep happening!
    You just can’t help it that everyone wants to be you. I guess it’s just your burden to bear…

    Chris Dean recently posted Dear Underwear Industry Guys....

  75. Shouldn’t she be holding a dead lizard? She’s in a movie called La Chameleon, not Twilight. Clearly us Lawsbians need to save up and buy her a taxidermied lizard. She can wear it as a scarf.

    Renee recently posted Snaaakes.

  76. What I want to know is why she won’t wear her wolf on her head…I mean, if you’re going to wear a dead animal, you really should commit to it. You’re the real deal, Jenny 🙂

    TriGirl recently posted Some Michiganders and a Californian-My Rock 'n' Roll Weekend.

  77. You’d look sexier in that photo. Also, you’re a trendsetter!

  78. Jenny, I can verify that news guy Wolf Blitzer has both his kidneys. Also, that his kisses are scratchy due to his facial hair.

    Kara recently posted Spam spam spam spam.

  79. I think gaga in incapable of having an original idea.

    Ashley recently posted Can men and women be just friends?.

  80. Not so much copycat as copywolf. Did you lend her Wolf Blitzer? Perhaps he has a career….

    SharonCville recently posted Nostalgia.

  81. No way is that ethically taxidermied.

    Cindy Reed recently posted And then the dog tried to kill me..

  82. You are prescient (and also rockin it better)

    Julie | A Clear Sign recently posted The Most Amazing and Impressive Sign and Synchronicity Ever.

  83. I bet that is the carcass from the meat suit she wore.

    Amanda Taylor recently posted Chicken Alfredo Recipe: Healthier Alternatives with Spaghetti Squash & Wheat Pasta.

  84. Sue her ass off

    and can I just say, you have a fine set of pins …….

    Tom Stronach recently posted Mr Fat has an idea!.

  85. Might I just say that you look hot with Wolf Blitzer. I never look that classy going to a movie, nice gams.

    Lace recently posted Google: Pubic Hair.

  86. Where does all of your trend-setting brilliance come from?! You are amazing, and I’m sure Lady Gaga would love to give you credit.

    a Book for My Daughter recently posted Top Ten List: Things that Turn Me Into a Raving Lunatic.

  87. OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG!!!!!!! I LOVE IT! and I thik it’s really funny that you named you bear companion Wolf Blitzer and then told PETA not to yell at you.

    Havana recently posted I love Lady Gaga but she owes me 10 bucks.

  88. Every time you talk about Wolf, all I can think of is: “This is Wolf Blitzer reporting from under the table. We are under the table…”

    Mom In Two Cultures recently posted Proving Once Again that Ren is Actually a Superhero in Disguise.

  89. Wow. Just wow.

    Devon recently posted Fire In Ice by Devon Stewart.

  90. 90


  91. First Morgan Freeman and now Gaga?! Your life is filled with so many odd occurrences. Seriously, you couldn’t make this shit up. LOL

    Mary recently posted Dinner time in the land of crazy.

  92. I agree with bob from above….Lady Gaga OWES you a pic of her holding twine. No amount of money will fix this outrage…..but Gaga holding twine. Yes.

  93. Gaga’s got nothing on you. You can probably pull off wearing all manner of creatures. Way to rock it, as usual!

    Denise Malloy recently posted Exaggeration – It’s All in the Family.

  94. Your picture is the better one, obviously.

    Danielle recently posted How a home remodel may turn into divorce papers..

  95. She owes you more than 10 bucks. That is clearly a sartorial forgery right there.

    The Mommist recently posted The Impact of Materialism on Kids Today.

  96. Only you. ONLY. YOU.

    That is all.

    Ashley Austrew recently posted Like Mother, Like Daughter.

  97. The reason I absolutely love your blog is encapsulated in your final sentence.. “Exuberant Even.” Totally unnecessary, yet makes me laugh out loud.

  98. Lady Gaga does totally owe you money. I do think that you should write a strong letter.

    Jen recently posted Product Review: Kong Squeezz.

  99. You look way classier than that Gaga bloke, Jenny. He is just copying you.

    Sam recently posted Just how well did you think that one through?.

  100. A wolf with a lawyer – isn’t that kind of a synonym?

    Diane Donovan recently posted The Boston Tea Party’s Act II.

  101. I think you and Gaga need to do a special duet and post it on your blog. She owes you that much, at least.

  102. Wolf, not Wolf. Got it.

    Robert K. Blechman recently posted Robert Barry Francos gives "Thumbs Up!" to Executive Severance!.

  103. I’ve been trying to think of something suitably cracked out to wear for if I manage to actually get through the throngs in Seattle to say hi to you, and I think my wolf hat will do it. It’s not nearly as good, but it HAS got ears, and you’ll at least recognize the theme. :p I shall pair it with the ever classic giant red skirt and purple corset. HAWT.

    P.S. Your legs are totally better than Gaga’s.

    Adrasteia recently posted This post brought to you by Ambien.

  104. You’re just ahead of your time. 🙂

    Kelly at Cibatarian recently posted Cookie Cup!.

  105. 105

    I love you Bloggess, but I also love Gaga and I must point out that Gaga pioneered the animal-skin-as-outerwear look in the Bad Romance video, which was released in November 2009…

    BUT for the record, in the side by side comparison here, you rock it far better than Gaga.


    Next thing you know, she’ll be advertising her latest album on a stuffed pony and making souffle in a frilly apron.

    Christine recently posted Do Hicks Wear Ed Hardy?.

  107. 107
    Natalie the Singingfool

    You look so much more natural in Wolf. Lady Gaga is trying WAY too hard.

  108. You know she’ll just say she was born this way. (Bah dum chick.) Oh, hey, that reminds me of a joke a six-year-old told me I thought was pretty funny.

    How do you make Lady Gaga mad?
    Poke ‘er face.

    Dana the Biped recently posted A Whole New Meaning to the Phrase "Double-Tap".

  109. 109
    Star Austin

    Have you ever seen the Celebrity Jeopardy with the actual Wolf Blitzer? He is hands-down the dumbest motherfucker on the face of the planet.

  110. Only $10??? Yeah, I’d be charging a WHOLE heck of a lot more.

    Keaven Neely recently posted What would you do with your last day on earth?.

  111. You’re so ahead of your time that everyone else seriously needs a Tardis just to keep up with you.

    So 2000 and late, Gaga. So 2,000 and late.

  112. I needed this. Thank you. <3

    Bailey recently posted 7 years together.

  113. That was one of my favorite things you’ve ever done. Boy oh boy. I like you too much.

    Melanie recently posted Hope 2012: A Blog Relay.

  114. Do you mean ten dollars, or ten male deer? And if deer, do you mean live, taxidermied, or giant and metal?

  115. Only you could make Lady Gaga seem average.

    Lily from Itsadomelife recently posted Adventures In Albuquerque: Am I A Country Mouse Or A City Mouse?.

  116. Oh. My. God. Just when I think there is nothing you can surprise me with, there’s this. I’m relatively new to your blog, so I hadn’t seen the original Wolf Blitzer post.

    And where do you get to watch a movie AND get drunk?? I want to go to a theater like that!

    As always, thanks for the laugh. You are single-handedly increasing my life span!

    Mary, QoE recently posted $5 in a wallet, or a forgotten notebook. . . .either way a find.

  117. I am feeling very left out in this obviously popular wolf pack, but feel at a loss as to how I can acquire my own wolf cape. I shall forever live with my disapointment, or perhaps check on Etsy.

  118. 118

    Unrelated: I really really hope you’ve seen this.

    I wish you could have been there.

  119. Copyright that shit. Lock it down.

    Melissa recently posted You do plan to have dinosaurs on your dinosaur tour, right?.

  120. Didn’t Kevin Costner wear something similar in dances with wolves?

    Chooplah recently posted Is He Marriage Material? A Quiz.

  121. If you really wore that to the movies I am going to be SO PISSED because that is EXACTLY the kind of thing I do and I think if we do it TOGETHER, we could get a TV show. I mean, fuck, Snooki, J-Woww, Paris and Nicole, what the hell do THEY do? They get loads of money for just being STUPID. WE, are smart…and HILARIOUS. Which I think is way more entertaining. It would be great to have someone else to do this crap with because frankly my kids are beginning to find me embarrassing and my husband has lost all hope, because every time he asks me what the hell is wrong with me I just blame it on the meds and then HE says well clearly they’re not working because they’re supposed to STOP you from being crazy and then I say that they ARE working because now I can let the crazy OUT and not give a shit and THAT was really the problem. As you can tell there is a huge disagreement brewing and it might blow into divorce proportions in which case all I’m praying that you have a guest room for my kids and a couch I can sleep on and I’ll help with the book tour and with dusting all the various dead animals. Live-in help, man. It’s awesome.

    Leila recently posted There Are Some Things in Life that Should Be Hard.

  122. For what it’s worth… you wore it better.


    I work for the company that funded Machete – it’s all very boring and high stress… UNTIL TODAY! When my favorite blogger posts about our upcoming movie! NOW I can completely justify the time spent reading your blog while at work! RESEARCH!

    Nicki recently posted Lake Balboa Bungalow.

  124. I think I have an attention defecit problem, because I spent a solid 5 frantic minutes scouring the web for news of Wolf Blitzer’s death until I scrolled to your next paragraph and realized there was a Wolf Blitzer 2.0. Which is comforting now, because I couldn’t figure out how a dead Wolf Blitzer managed to “Hammer Obama Supporters over Biden’s Attack on Romney” all the way from the grave.

    P.S. Blitzer Jr. is tres chic

  125. Look at Gaga copying you. You’re a trend setter!

    Courtney recently posted Photo.

  126. So does that make her Team Jacob or Team Edward? Wonder if she actually read the books or just watched the movie. Guess it does not matter… Sue, sue, sue! Oh, for the love of Wolf Blitzer (the wrap, not the newsguy).

    John recently posted Croptastic Observations.

  127. Like I said yesterday…she’s wearing it wrong. If your book thing doesn’t pan out, she should hire you as her stylist 😉

    XLMIC recently posted Two and a Quarter.

  128. Lady Gaga copied me too! She walked around in one of her concerts with a blue muff. And everyone knows I did the Fraggle Rock Blue Thunder first.

    We need to start charging for our outrageousness.

    Redneck Mommy recently posted I Swear I’m Not an Alcoholic. I Only Appear To be One.

  129. 129
    Jennie from the Block

    Can I please just tell you THANK YOU. Seriously. Thank you for making me laugh, thank you for making me smile. Thank you for giving me a place, that for 5 mintues, I can forget my mom has terminal brain cancer, or that the bills need to be paid, or that pretty soon I will be an orphan. Thank you from the bottom of my heart because your blog lets me escape this world in moments when I really need it and think I can not go on. PS sorry my comment is not funny. I promise next time I will reference mini goats and porn.

  130. First, she copied Madonna. Now, you. Clearly an improvement.

    Barbara recently posted Not safe anywhere?.

    You need this (spoiler alert: dead squirrel drink cozies!)

    Denise recently posted super easy curry.

  132. well, you could just go with ‘imitation is the sincerest form of flattery’. or you and wolf could lawyer up.

    (please tell me your lawyer is a stuffed chipmunk in a suit. or perhaps a stuffed kimodo dragon in a suit. either.)

    steph gas recently posted bittersweet.

  133. I would really love to hear your reasoning on why Lady Gaga owes you exactly 10 dollars for this [clear-cut and very obvious] infringement on your creativity.

    Kp recently posted Bridezilla..

  134. you predict the future!!!

    Rachel recently posted Protect Your Skin with Eucerin.

  135. Wolf Blitzer looks better on you anyway.

  136. You are SO much more normal than Lady Gaga, in an un-normal way, of course!

    Mary recently posted Zolo Malbec.

  137. 137

    I think Wolf Blitzer is stepping out on ya … it looks like the same flippin wolf!

  138. I saw this picture of Lady Gaga this morning and the very first thing I thought was “That crazy whore stole Wolf Blitzer from the Bloggess!” I kid you not.

    Get a lawyer. At the very least you could sue for her wolf and then you and the hubby can go to movies in a matching pair.

  139. There is nothing lower than a wolf-napper.

    Unless the wolf-napper was a midget.

    That would be the lowest.

    HogsAteMySister recently posted 10 App Ideas GUARANTEED to make you $1 million (and I only want a 90% commission).

  140. totally thought of you and WB at Science City in KC today, where they have a “can you identify the pelt?” exhibit and it included a wolf hide. i tried to get a picture of me wearing it, but my mom was a bit horrified.

  141. You make me smile…even on days when things seem overwhelming. Thanks:)

  142. Seriously, you are way more awesome than Lady Gaga (whose songs I do like, at least a few of them, not all, but some) and you totally rock that wolf beyond anything she could do.

    Eppy recently posted I swear this is not going to turn into a makeup journal.

  143. LEGS! *melts*

    Gadiac recently posted Doctor Who - Four Chords of Time.

  144. Wolf Blitzer is like totally better looking.

    Anna recently posted Let the Math Games Begin! Great Ideas for Olympic Math with Kids.

  145. I wanted to tweet this, but it’s way more than 140 characters.

    I was visiting my parents last week in Spokane, WA, and was driving by a vacant lot on the corner of a main road. There was a couple parked in the lot, selling items from a back of a pickup truck. I don’t know what else they were selling, but they were definitely selling animal furs. Because they both were wearing furs just like Wolf Blitzer, and dancing around the sidewalk, waving at the cars.

    To realize the full bizarrity (is that a word?), one must remember that it was July in Spokane, and therefore very very hot and sunny. I almost crashed my car laughing.

  146. How awesome are you that Lady Gaga is copying your look? Holy shit. That is big time stuff.

    Vanessa recently posted And now my family can't show their faces in town....

  147. You totally look so much better!

    AMummysLife recently posted Just some thoughts.

  148. Pretty sure you should be getting royalties off her…maybe she can make up for it by writing a song about you?

  149. I am looking forward to the movie as well. Been a fan of Robert Rodriguez ever since I saw his stunning debut film “El Mariachi”.

    Nolens Volens recently posted Backyard TNH.

  150. Where’s your tattoo? By the by, just red your book and loved it. Made me leak a few tears and LOL, sometimes at the same time! Go girl.

    Susan Hogan recently posted Busy doing Little.....

  151. That’s read your book! Sorry for the typo

    Susan Hogan recently posted Busy doing Little.....

  152. HOly dude that is possibly the most awesome thing ever

    Lori recently posted The Whole Chicken Gay thing..

  153. I just finished taking the bar exam yesterday so if we can somehow make Ohio an appropriate jurisdiction …

  154. Looks to me like you need a good copyright lawyer! You keep running into these issues! 😀 hahah!

    Laura recently posted Musical Frustrations.....

  155. 155
    Robyn Webb

    I can see these two pictures in a gossip magazine with the caption, “Who wore it better?”

    P.S. I definitely think you did, because you were wearing it to be awesome whereas she was wearing it for a promotion.

  156. Fur porn!


  157. *sigh*. Once again, Lady Gaga is sooo unoriginal. Remember the year she copied your meat dress??

    Jen @ Bible Belt to Boulder recently posted The joys of automated customer service.

  158. My dear! I do believer you’ve been gifted with the rare gift of prophesy! O.o

    You could very well be the next “Mentalist” 😉 …

  159. I’m reading your book right now and never was the expression ‘achingly funny’ more appropriate. So good! I’m loving it.

  160. AHHHH I just saw this tonight on littlemonsters.com and TOTALLY thought of YOU. So awesome I Love you both!

  161. 161

    You are obviously an icon to the celebrity cult. I think you should roll with it. Add it to your business card. Dress famous people for photo shoots… then they HAVE to pay you!!! Hell, maybe you’re even their secret goddess, you could ask for sacrifices! You could get paid with FUNNY PORN!!!

  162. There have been days when I wanted to wear Wolf Blitzer’s skin…the news guy…not the carnivore. And I just realized how creepy that sounds. Let me start over. There have been days when I wanted Lady Gaga to wear me like a second skin…nope…even creepier. Seems you bring out the worst in me. BTW ‘exuberant’ is an excellent choice of word.

    Jonah Gibson (@aimlessjonah) recently posted REPEALING COMPASSION: TRUTH, JUSTICE, AND THE AMERICAN WAY.

  163. I thought Wolf Blitzer died? The real one. Maybe I should research it myself.

    Brandi @ String Cheese Runner recently posted Listening To My Body..

  164. Wolf Blitzer went to my high school. For real. Well.. not at the same time as me, but he did, graduated class of ’66. His picture is up in the hall on a plaque that says “Journalist, Senior Correspondent, Role Model”
    I do not have a plaque…. and I’m pretty sure there won’t be one that calls me a role model.

    kelly recently posted Well.. wait, I have boobs too....

  165. Look up that comic dog act on YouTube where he goes the RNC and makes fun of Wolf Blitzer. Comic gold.

  166. Your wolf companion, multi-media artist Jana sterbak’s meat dress, madonna’s…. Everything else….. You are in incredibly creative company.

  167. Maybe she could hire you as her stylist as you apparently have something on her current one. Lady GaGa that look has been DONE!

  168. You look so fabulous, god I am jealous, I could never pull this look off. Gaga has nothing on you.

    Ginger Blog Man recently posted An Ode to a Sister.

  169. WILD!

    Luna recently posted I am the nosferatu.

  170. You and Lady Gaga are very much alike. You both expresses yourselves in every way you can be. But of course she have to pay 10 bucks! LOl!

    Born27 recently posted Contact.

  171. haha she blatantly stole the look from you!!

    Joshua recently posted The Olympic Week!.

  172. I saw Lady GaGa’s poster on Facebook before I read your post, and I totally thought she was imitating you. It’s sooo obvious. You DID do it FIRST and BETTER!

  173. You are the hipster queen of wolf pelt fashion!

  174. Can we start a fund to get Lady Gaga some therapy? Or maybe we should just get her laid?
    There’s something wrong with that chick….

    The Hook recently posted The Hook Dodges A Bullet – Barely!.

  175. You rock a dead wolf pelt better than Gaga could ever HOPE to, PLUS your legs are way better.

    Patti recently posted The End is Near.

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