That doesn’t look comfortable

Hunter S. Thomcat does not want to be disturbed.

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  1. It has it marked private! Let the rest of us SEEEEEEEEE……

    Your internet stalkers

    claris recently posted drive vlog: fatigue, parking, sephora and paleo..

  2. LOLS! No private! naughty naughty!

    Cora recently posted I'm gonna need some more Xanax....

  3. Stalky stalky stalk stalk.

    Cassondra recently posted Why would I ever do this again?.

  4. It’s private? Fix iiit 🙁 I need my daily kitten-fix

  5. A private video is the best way to ensure not being disturbed.

    Carrie - Cannibalistic Nerd recently posted What a Discovery.

  6. It’s private! 🙁

    Brandi @ String Cheese Runner recently posted Back to Basics.

  7. But..but…kitty snoozing!! *pouts*

    Erin recently posted Doro Wat (Stove Top).

  8. It’s private 🙁 I neeeeeed my daily kitten-fix

    Niven recently posted Truly.

  9. It’s a trick, I tell ya! 😉

    Hanan recently posted Our #2daysinSeattle Trip – Part 2.

  10. Aw da kitty can not be seen!

  11. As Joan Rivers would say, “Can we talk?”

    Aging Gal recently posted Let’s Talk Menopause.

  12. Apparently it is just a tease.

  13. Not sure if anyone mentioned this or not…..but the video is “private”.

  14. He is too cute! Cuteness squared even. He needs a kitty night mask. hahaha

  15. I’m in love with Hunter S. Thomcat.

    whiskeypants recently posted Thank You.

  16. What a wonderfully weird little creature HST is!!

  17. I am so envious of Hunter S. Thomcat. I’m waiting to have a baby and apparently sleep is not something I need. Also, he is way cuter than I am right now.

    Veronica recently posted Progressively expanding.

  18. Yay! Fixed and I really wish I could sleep that soundly.

  19. It’s playing now – Too funny!!

    MA recently posted Purple Giraffe Logic.

  20. OMG…that was the cutest thing ever!

  21. Whew, I sure am glad this wasn’t set to private. That would be a horrible tease! Thank you, Jenny!

    Tony recently posted Standing In Line PoliSci 101.

  22. Hunter S. Thomcat is way too cute.

    J recently posted (Image).

  23. Weirdly enough…this is how I sleep. Which is why I think Hunter S. Tomcat and I would be great friends.

    Hannah recently posted If I’m Famous, Prepare for Some Shenanigans.

  24. Gosh, I wish!

    AlwaysARedhead recently posted How I tried to go on strike and failed.

  25. He’s so flipping adorable. i want a snuggly kitten now!

    Eri recently posted I'm gonna need some more Xanax....


    The most wunnerful thing about kittens, is kittens are wunnerful things.

  27. Ah, come on that’s so cute! He’s a little, tired baby 🙂

  28. 29
    Melissa J.

    You’re a brave soul. If I tried that with my evil kitty, I would come back with a stump for a hand.

  29. I want a new kitty, so adorable!

    Sarah @dearbabyg recently posted The orgasm edition - FFS Friday.

  30. Unemployment has given me an unfortunate case of insomnia, so I’ll have whatever he had, times two. 😀

  31. AAAAAHHHHHH, to be able to sleep with my butt in the air like that.

    Just Keepin' It Real Folks recently posted A Die Hard NASCAR Fan!.

  32. He’s actually multi-tasking. Doing yoga and sleeping takes a lot of concentration.

  33. Simply adorable as always!

    Bailey recently posted 7 years together.

  34. I wants him! I wants to put him in my pockets and feed him cheeses and take him out to make me smile. 😀

    Lesley recently posted Scary Cops are Scary Part TWO.

  35. No yoga position is as relaxing as downward cat.

    Cris recently posted Pon Farr: Why I Love Being Married to a Geek.

  36. Becoming ‘one’ with the furniture…

    XLMIC recently posted Two and a Quarter.

  37. Cats sleep in the strangest positions!

  38. Life is awesome because ORANGE KITTENS.
    Holy shit, that’s adorable

    Banana Stickers recently posted SPIDER SEX! Alternate title: Fun With Windows Paint!.

  39. LOL! Too cute!

    Devon recently posted Fire In Ice by Devon Stewart.

  40. I LOVE THIS! My siamese kitten does a similar thing when he sleeps. He’s like the Egyptian Sphynx but with his forehead on the ground. His other favorite pose is on his back with his legs akimbo and his little kitty mouth hanging open. You can’t wake him. Tug his feet, tickle his belly – NOTHING. My kids call him the “kitten who sleeps like the dead”.

  41. Awww kitttty.

    Mayor Gia recently posted Thwarted!.

  42. (It’s somehow appropriate that this space has turned into a cat blog.) Clearly, HST has been into your medicine cabinet – look at that hangover face!

    Ellie Di recently posted SOS – Save Our Self: How cutting my own hair brought me back to life.

  43. Just FYI, I do know how to speak correctly. 😀 But you can’t NOT speak kittenese when you see cuteness like this! <3 Also I think he's saying: MOOOOOOMMMMM!!! Leave me'lone! I'm trying to sleeps!

    Lesley recently posted Scary Cops are Scary Part TWO.

  44. OMG. He is so cute! He looks just like our X-Ray Cat.

  45. I mean… wouldn’t you sleep on your head like that if you’d gone on a catnip binge? This is Hunter S. Thomcat we’re talking about.

    nikkiana recently posted 20SB Summer Vacation Blog Swap: Sarah.

  46. Ginger kitty is a hoot.

    Steven M. Schwartz recently posted I live in a Human Sous-vide.

  47. Cuteness overload!

    Sandy recently posted Comment on I WANT!! I WANT!! by Sandy.

  48. kittens are so adorable!

    Jaime recently posted a small reprive.

  49. He is too cute for words, thank you for sharing! Our Stella often sleeps with her paws over her eyes, but not in that cute of a position. Hmmm. I see a future training session with her daddy-o, Sugar, coming up.

    Cakers recently posted Riding Along.

  50. I love cats. This is why.

  51. GOOD GOD I just keeled over from cute overdose. And I’m the one who doesn’t like cats. Fackin’ wizard, Jenny.

    Kristen Mae recently posted I Used to Be a Really Good Violist.

  52. Why you gotta be botherin’ me when I’m sleepin’?

    tokenblogger recently posted I read Jayne’s….

  53. But Mooooooooommmmmmmmm! Just 5 more minutes! I was having that dream about the catnip.

  54. Does he think he’s an ostrich?

  55. I loves Hunter! I miss having a kitten 🙁 Thanks for sharing Hunter’s adventures!

  56. Awww….I wish I could sleep on my head while standing up! Too cute!

    DogsDontPurr recently posted Web Cam Girl.

  57. Serious cuteness overload! How on earth can he do that?!?

    Liz D recently posted Happy 1st Anniversary Kristen & Stacy!.

  58. He’s….I’m not sure there’s an accurate adjective. Oddly adorable?

    Karen Sanders recently posted The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly: Pregnancy.

  59. Man, just think of the hangover that cat’s gonna have.

    Jon Jones recently posted MEET THE SPORTSRACERS - # 2 - AwedJob Pt. 2.

  60. 62
    DVaders Bitch

    I’ve actually slept that soundly, I was drunker than shit….does that count?

  61. 63
    a Book for My Daughter

    What a sweet cat. (p.s. I love the upholstery!)

    a Book for My Daughter recently posted Top Ten List: Things that Turn Me Into a Raving Lunatic.

  62. Question- How long will a reader sit and stare at a black screen waiting for a photo to load?
    Answer- I’m not sure yet. I’m up to 15 minutes, but I’ll have to get back to you on the final minute count!

    Chris Dean recently posted Wings And The Birth Of The SAG!.

  63. I am so in love with your cat I can hardly stand it. Makes me want an orange kitty of my own SO bad.

    Beth recently posted Slackity Slack Slack.

  64. I love that way too much! Maybe HST will start a new sleeping trend 🙂

    jessie marie recently posted I'm glad at least CBS Cares....

  65. Since my Morgan is an incredibly prey driven dog and tried to eat the kitten I brought home last weekend (and have since returned to the rescue group), I will have to live vicariously through you and Hunter’s kitten cuteness.

    Kara recently posted Moms Mabley Documentary.

  66. And here I thought mine slept weird. He stretches out beside me on his back, curled up in my arm and sleeps. Then he stretches his back legs out like he’s a little kitteh stripper. It’s the cutest thing.

  67. This is completely awesome!!!

    Bridget recently posted What's wrong with us?.

  68. That reminds me of how my girls used to sleep when they were babies- face down with their little bottoms sticking up in the air.

  69. That is one strange cat.

  70. The very talented Hunter S. Tomcat seems to be adept at doing yoga in his sleep. This would be a modified headstand (Salamba Sirsasana).

  71. I think this is a case of sudden cat nap attack

  72. 74
    Jennifer W.

    That cat is too incredibly cute for words.

  73. How do you not just pick him up and go, “smoooooooochsmoochsmoochsmooch”. That’s what I’d hafta do.

    Robin recently posted Chick-Fil-A-OK… Unless You’re Gay?.

  74. Cats are the sh*t.

    downfromtheledge recently posted Shit.

  75. Your yoga cat is freaking adorable. What did you give him to sleep like that?

    Sarah B. recently posted A Few Random Things.

  76. Was I the only one expecting him to whip around in a furious storm of teeth and claws and teach a lesson about why we do not disturb? …maybe I’ve just had meaner cats? He seems pretty chilled out!

    Patti B recently posted Adventures in Dyeing.

  77. my son does that… I call it downward facing baby

  78. Awww!! So cute!

  79. Our girl Joon was like that at the shelter. We thought we might like her, but she wouldn’t be budged from inside the kitty condo so we had to come back later that day. A few years later and interrupting naptime is still not met with good results.

    Dangerous Lilly recently posted Waiting for a good sale on sex toys? Here’s one!.

  80. I’m more into dogs, but you’re pretty sassy and cool, so I’ll let it slide. 😉

  81. I think your kitten has a condition known as cerebellar hypoplasia. The cerebellum helps a body know which way is up and coordinate motion, hypoplasia means it didn’t develop normally and he can’t figure out which way is up. It usually happens when the queen is infected with the panleukopenia virus while pregnant.

    Something interesting to know and share at cocktail parties….

  82. There is nothing in the world more helpless and irresponsible and depraved than a cat in the depths of an ether binge.

    Melissa recently posted You do plan to have dinosaurs on your dinosaur tour, right?.

  83. Kitten sleep is an awesome time to mess with them: He doesn’t sleep like that anymore, but sleeps in weirder positions, for sure…

  84. 86
    Alexis Redmond

    How did you get so lucky to get a friendly kitty with so much personality? Mine are 7 now and still anti-social.


    I just read the part again about the sex concussion.

    You are my hero.

    Stephanie C | Seriously? Really?? Seriously? recently posted Whoever said "change is good" clearly doesn't have an anxiety disorder....

  86. My cat used to do cute stuff like that… now she just sleeps a lot and looks at the kids like, “f&ck off kids, I’m napping”.

    Alyssa recently posted It rained, wow!.

  87. 89
    Lynne Thomas

    HST has obviously already found the liquor cabinet.

  88. Kittens are their own kind of cute-crazy!

    Jen recently posted Product Review: Kong Squeezz.

  89. I love him. Love. Him.

  90. Cutest sleepy guy.

  91. He has a clear conscience.

    Becki recently posted The Beauty Rituals of The American Male: Mansome.

  92. Hi Jenny,
    Just finished Let’s Pretend This Never Happened which is how I found your blog. I LOVE it! Thank you so much for sharing all of your wonderful stories.

  93. Just showed hubby and he said the closes thing I’m going to get to a new kitty is Labiaplasty


    Sarah @dearbabyg recently posted The orgasm edition - FFS Friday.

  94. Holllleeeeee bendy comfy long legged cat who hides his eyeballs. Lurve.

  95. Awesome. I love this! And Hunter.

    Busy Mom of Twins recently posted How do you find the right babysitter for your family?.

  96. Daawwwww. Kitten narcolepsy is always heartwarming.

  97. So adorable

    Chooplah recently posted Is He Marriage Material? A Quiz.

  98. He kind of looks like he fell asleep while practicing kitty-yoga.

    Nikki Nicholas Mohamed recently posted Forgive but Not Forget.

  99. I can just hear the rhythmic purring that accompanied. Jealous!

  100. So cute!

    Korinthia Klein recently posted The latest chapter of be careful what you wish for.

  101. Does Victor know that you’re leaving 75% of the estate to the cats?

    VPJ recently posted Are the Street Signs in Auckland made of Brass?.

  102. Oh my GOD that’s the cutest thing ever. So very sleepy.

    Mom Off Meth recently posted I'm Cured!.

  103. Sooo adorable!

    yetisaurus recently posted Pony Parties and Smartassery.

  104. The Mogwai, our fat cat, sleeps like she’s playing dead – on her back, all four paws sprawled out. My daughter, though, slept just like Hunter when she was a toddler.

    There’s probably something not quite right about this family.

    Jen @ Bible Belt to Boulder recently posted The joys of automated customer service.

  105. Bitch… I’m sleeping!

  106. Looks like kitty yoga to me.

    Morgan Eckstein recently posted Book Review Mathers Last Secret.

  107. I SUPER-LIKE him.

  108. Kitty appears to act like I do in the mornings. Sigh… Maybe Kitty and I should meet and exchange notes? 🙂

  109. 111
    Franny ;0)))

    OMG he’s so adorable ! Way better than anything”stuffed” or taxidermied!!! (sp?, word even?!?!?) ;0)))

  110. 112
    Lady Penelope

    Looks just like me at 4AM this morning being woken by my own ‘Victor’.

    Hunter S Thomcat – I feel your pain ….

  111. Thanks for entertaining my dog. And getting dog snot on my laptop.

    Lisa recently posted 02. My bitch likes to watch TV.

  112. His meditative ability in the face of great external distraction is quite impressive.

    SarcasticNinja recently posted Temptation Is A Hollow Fish-Hat Circus.

  113. Cats are ALWAYS comfortable. It’s, like, a paw of physics or something. I meant to type “law”, but the typo seemed fitting 🙂

  114. Downward Dog Kitteh.

    Kelly@Sublurban Mama recently posted An Ode to the Commode in my Abode.

  115. So I got one to add to the list of things you don’t talk about at dinner parties… How your hampsters teeth grew into it’s eyeballs… yeah, there’s no way outa that one…

  116. yes, I “like” dogs, but I am sooooo a cat person. this vid is a WIN for everyone

  117. I have a survival instinct that has me hitting the ceiling at the slightest touch. I can’t even imagine being that relaxed! =S

    Janika recently posted I have this chicken thing.

  118. I had no idea he was into yoga! A TSH is a well rounded kitten! Can’t wait for his book.

  119. Oh I want to be able to sleep that soundly!

    Katy recently posted week one: a (awful, painful, sweaty, dirty and humbling) story of how I survived.

  120. So THAT’s a cat nap. I always wondered…

    Amy recently posted How NOT to Fix an Air Conditioning Unit.

  121. My husband and I travel a lot so we really don’t want the added responsibilities of pets so I am enjoying all your pictures of your cats. Enjoy them!

  122. As my husband and I always say, “F%&*ing cats.” I wish I wasn’t allergic, because I want to watch kitty silliness all day in my house.

  123. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Havana recently posted I love Lady Gaga but she owes me 10 bucks.

  124. I’ve seen our cat Pukey do that. Clearly cats are mentally ill.

    Smokeynall recently posted The First Goalie Post..

  125. 127
    Debs (Findawe)

    Well you’ve actually done it – I am getting kittens! I’m turning 30 soon & I have always wanted kittens & I realised they are my red dress. Except i won’t wear them. Except maybe on my shoulder. By the way, I think my husband wants a word with you about having the whole flat turned upside-down for “kitten proofing”.

  126. I could eat him with a spork, he’s so danged cute. I wish there was some star trekkie thing that you could zap them with and keep them kittenish forever. I loves him!!!!!

  127. He’s so cute. And also weird. But mostly cute.

    Courtney recently posted Photo.

  128. 130

    Lots of babies sleep like that, with their butts in the air. LOL

  129. maybe his front end is supertired, but his back end is ready to party.

    steph gas recently posted bittersweet.

  130. He is so cute!

  131. That’s cute but I’m allergic to cats. 🙁

  132. This kitty is totally true to his name.

    Judging by his lumpiness — as in the concept of being a lump — we suspect HST has been into the pharmaceuticals.

    So just keep him away from machetes.

    And watch your back.

    Be aware: cuteness kills.

    HogsAteMySister recently posted 10 App Ideas GUARANTEED to make you $1 million (and I only want a 90% commission).

  133. He’s a long-leggedy little cuss, isn’t he?!

    Meetzorp recently posted Platitudes, Vandalism, and Animosity.

  134. OMG Jenny! You could have a matching set!!

  135. Ikea Cat is missing some screws….

  136. Holy crap that is ridiculously cute!! Makes me want to leave work right now and pet my two kitties.

  137. 141
    Bionic Woman

    Awww Hunter is so adorable lol he’s committed to staying in that position. At least he has loads of personality that’s a plus!

  138. I thought only bulldogs slept standing up!

  139. We all feel that way sometimes, right?

  140. That is adorable cute!! I love when he puts his paws back over his face!

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