Probably the best PR team ever

If you’ve read me for more than a few minutes you know I have quite a reputation for shaming terrible PR pitches.  In fact, I suggest taking me off of all of your mailing lists unless you are the people I’m about to talk about, who have finally cracked the code to amazing PR.

Yesterday I got an enormous, 30 pound box in the mail.  I opened it up to find a splintered crate nailed shut from “Blithe Hollow Cemetery”.

Inside the box was a layer of sod, a tiny shovel, and a ton of graveyard dirt.  After a half hour of digging I found all sorts of bricks and meters and strange paperwork, and in the center I found a burlap-wrapped, hand-harved wooden coffin.

Even Hunter S. Thomcat was freaked out.
So awesome.

And inside the coffin I found the most bad-ass, handmade, wire skeletoned zombie I’ve ever been sent anonymously in the mail.

Meet Amelia.

Inside the coffin were remarks from the funeral director and a special note to me explaining that I’d been sent this box in commemoration of the opening of the movie, “ParaNorman,” which the creators thought celebrated the joy of weirdness just as much as my blog and book do.  This, people.  This is how you do PR.


Juanita and Amelia. It's like they were made for each other.


And, in unrelated news, it’s time for the weekly wrap up.

What you missed on Ill-Advised:

What you missed in my shop (tentatively called “Eight pounds of uncut cocaine” so that your credit card bill will be more interesting.):

What you missed on the internets:

This week on shit-I-didn’t-come-up-with-but-wish-I-did-because-it’s-kind-of-awesome:

This week’s wrap-up sponsored by my friend, Caitlin Moran, who wrote one of the best books I’ve ever read.  True story.Caitlin Moran puts a new face on feminism, cutting to the heart of women’s issues today with her irreverent, transcendent, and hilarious How to Be a Woman. “Half memoir, half polemic, and entirely necessary

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  1. Yay! I had wondered if you were going to get one. Since certainly, you can attest that Weird Wins.

    She and Juanita do look like they’re going to be best friends. Or something.

  2. That is so totally awesome (I love how Hunter S. Thomcat is all “I never thought they’d find the body! Now what’s this doing here?)

  3. Before, I wanted to be you when I get around to growing up (maybe 33’s the charm?) because you are amazing, talented, and brave.

    Now I wanna be you when I grow up so I can get cool shit in the mail.

  4. Wow, that’s bloody brilliant! Wish someone would mail me a zombie. The closest I’ve got was a dessicated muffin.

  5. I had the good fortune of hearing from them as well.

    Success has a thousand fathers and failure is an orphan. These people are the greatest foster parents ever.

    That made no sense. Carry on.


  6. Holy cow, that’s so cool. I love that there’s no explanation til you’ve dug through all the weird!

  7. OMG, I’m dying here! I just scared my house guest, who now thinks I’m insane for laughing at a box of dirt. She doesn’t get it. Her loss.

  8. They are geniuses. I totally want to see ParaNorman now because they were so awesome and clever.

  9. They should make replicas of all of it. Sell them in miniature. Because I want a coffin and a zombie on my desk at work.

  10. Took my kids to see that last weekend. It was awesome. With John Goodman. I can’t get enough of him.

  11. One of the most fun girls I’ve ever met worked in PR. I guess the ones who are good are really, really good!

  12. That is THE best PR package ever. The other companies have a lot to live up to now. Whoever did that campaign is just beyond awesome.

  13. That is awesome, and you know what, they are right. I think Paranorman, not to mention getting you to dig up your own zombie does fit in perfectly with the randomness and awesome around here

  14. I want one. :). So awesome. My daughter and her boyfriend are anxious for the movie to come out. They thought this was awesome too.

  15. That is freaking awesome! If I wasn’t you…which I’m not, clearly, it might freak me out. Good thing your you, instead of me!

  16. I think that looks less like a zombie and more like a yawning dinosaur elf. Or something.

  17. Well, that is super awesome, and I can certainly understand your excitement, but let’s go back to the part where you actually OPENED that box when it got there. Have the terrorists taught you nothing?

    You really need your own X-ray machine or something. Works on mummies, too. You have some, right?? I’m just assuming. 🙂

  18. A.M.A.Z.I.N.G

    Haha from start to finish there is nothing not to love about that – I cannot imagine receiving it in that mail but I have to say I think I would go through 1001 emotions opening it!!

    End of LOVE IT!!!


  19. #1 More people should send hand made wire zombies in the mail, it just makes things better. All things. #2 I have a four year old and tried the tip about yelling “I’M BORED” at him for once, It totally works. Plus he’s afraid to talk to me now for the fear of me reading his mind, which I told him I do all the time.

  20. that is awesome. I want one.
    Better make that two….took the 12YrOld to see ParaNorman today, and we loved it.

    P.S. I’m concerned for the box o’graveyard dirt. Methinks HST is eyeing it as a potential litterbox option.

  21. I laughed so hard I peed a little. And by little I mean a lot. And by a lot I mean I have to explain why I’m doing laundry again. In order to explain this happening again (so recently after reading your book for the 9,000th time), I just pulled up a picture of Juanita and my husband nodded understandingly.

    You Rock The Internet.

  22. That beats the $100 worth of smoke-less electronic cigarette stuff I recently got in the mail. I don’t smoke, naturally.

    It’s still sitting in a drawer. A better man would have sent it back.

    If anybody wants it, you can have it. Oh, and the company would like a blog post and permanent link on your homepage – ha.

  23. Apparently it worked! I clicked thru the links and now I wanna see it!!!

    Lucky you for getting Your Very Own Zombie, though!!! (my blog is too lame to warrant cool freebies like that!)

    Congrats – and THANKS for posting the link!

  24. I am insanely jealous of your good fortune. You have eclipsed tiny samples of detergent and breakfast cereal. You are my inspiration.

  25. Agreed, very PReative.

    But if the coffin had included, oh, I don’t know, a real hand, WTF?

    I recall writing a story about an errant hand once for the Waco Trivial Herald.

    Even Juanita would freak out at that.

    Victor would be ropeable,

  26. Excellent zombie in the coolest packaging. You are a lucky lady, not mention BRAVE for trusting there would be something awesome in that coffin and not a giant hissing cockroach.

  27. Love it! They’re targeting the right people. I’ve heard that movie is way too scary for kids, though…

  28. OMG THAT IS THE BEST PR GIFT EVER! I’m shouting out of excitement. So jealous but happy for you. I know that gift brought a smile to your face which in my book makes it even that much more cool. Love ya!!!

  29. Hopefully you have now gone and seen the movie, if not do, we LOVED it, oh and you now need the zombie slippers that go so well with the character you got. My daughter won a pair at the screening we were invited too. Great movie, great PR, but expected nothing less from this creative force.

  30. I am unbelievably jealous of you receiving a zombie package. I was already excited to see that movie after this I NEED to see it right now.. or once this Tropical Storm lets up.

  31. So obviously, you are going to go see ParaNorman immediately, and then tell us how it was, right? Because based on this, it seems AWESOME.

  32. I AM SO JEALOUS! Neil Gaiman and Felicia Day got one too! (One each, not one to share, that might be strange since I bet they don’t know each other and Felicia lives in California and Neil lives in Minnesota or somewhere cold). ParaNorman was kinda cute, kinda sad, I give it a solid 3/5 stars. (And I didn’t even get a zombie for saying that)

  33. Please don’t take this the wrong way, but my daughter and I are currently fighting over who wants to be you more right now. Congrats on the coolest thing ever!

  34. I took the kids to see Paranorman last week. It was pretty good. The animation was particularly impressive. The youtube “making of” featurettes are really interesting too. They 3D printed all the faces. Very geeky stuff.

    Coincidentally, my last couple of comics have featured zombies. 😀

  35. Laika Studios does the COOLEST blogger PR for their movies <3

    Also, I saw ParaNorman this morning and it was an excellent movie. Human + zombie = 4 thumbs up.

  36. I always thought flowers and a Hoops&YOYO card was the ultimate. I do not know why you have so much good karma to have all the wonders you have – you know the list – but Paranorman goes way beyond fantastic or any words. I would love to know how I could get one even though my karma sucks the big one.

  37. I love it!!! Absolutely the best PR ever. My kids have been dying to see this movie, and I have to say, this makes it even more appealing.

  38. With the whole cemetery and coffin thing going on, I think I would’ve shit myself and thought, “Who wants me dead now?” 🙂 And I would have been pissed if that crap got all over my clean floors. But yeah…good PR.

  39. Dear Jenny,
    This is my mantra during my bouts with the black dog. It seems simplistic, but it’s not at all. It is actually very solid and effective advice.
    ‘The trick is to keep breathing’.
    That is all you have to remember. Breathe. Keep breathing. Keep breathing until you no longer need to remind yourself to do so.
    With a ton of love,

  40. OH, I just saw “ParaNorman” last night and LOVED it! I am so, so, so jealous of you. Although I just bought myself a zombie figurine at a local art festival, so not TOO jealous.

  41. Is it weird that I wish someone would send me a box of dirt so I could dig up a coffin with a zombie inside?

    Comb through the dirt carefully; Neil Gaiman found an awesome mask in his box of graveyard dirt.

  42. Yay for awesome zombies in the mail. I won’t see this film, but that’s because I love great films and those don’t come from here any more, once folks forgot how to tell stories (as near as I can tell, this happened some time in the 1970s). Thailand and Korea don’t seem to have forgotten yet, so we watch a lot of their films on NF these days, and otherwise hope for wins like the used Blu-Ray Dr. No and the DVD of Ralph Meeker in Kiss Me Deadly that we turned up yesterday.

    Thank you for wonderful links to wonderful things. And give Victor a hug for us.

  43. OH! AWESOME!!!
    I remember reading about this on Neil Gaiman’s tumblr. The studio created forty-nine of these zombies in all, and sent them out to people would love creepy/awesome things (Neil Gaiman, and Felicia Day, among others) for move PR. Which number is yours, and what other awesome stuff did you find in the graveyard dirt?
    Also: insanely jealous of your awesome for having gotten this to add to your collection.

  44. I get that there’s help, but how do I get someone to get help who has a lifetime of brainwashing about mental illness and just cannot accept it…… 🙁

  45. So nice to see that some people do their research! Who is maybe possibly going to see ParaNorman now? This girl!

  46. Holy crap! That is the best PR team ever. Awesome zombie!!! I want one!!!

    Great weekly wrap up. The depression article from CNN brought tears to my eyes, as did the tweets.

  47. These are awesome! This is the second one I’ve seen (via pictures). The ladies over at The Mary Sue got one before the movie opened and in addition to the coffin they found all sorts of little things buried in that dirt. Their note also said something pretty cool, too, IIRC. Happy to see ya got one of these and love it!

  48. That is totally awesome and I was enjoying it until I clicked on the link on about dangerous teenage trends. Kids are using gummy bears and tampons to consume alcohol. That is fucked up. So depressed now I need I drink. Maybe I’ll try vodka eyeballing.

  49. THAT is the COOLEST THING EVER. If I didn’t already want to see the movie, now I’d go just because they did that.

  50. I’m doing a live round-webcast for the NY Times on Thursday….I don’t think they’ll send me anything that cool!

    BTW….loving the book!

  51. That is an awesome promo gift.

    Hunter looks as though he`s thinking `get that thing out of my new litter box, it`s in my way`. I wouldn’t let him use it. It`s far too kewl.

    Hope you`re feeling better soon, lady. R&R and Ativan are my tools when I can`t get out of my head.


    I read Neil Gaiman`s “The Graveyeard Book` and it was fabulous.

  52. well, that didn’t come out right.

    I’m doing a live round table webcast for the NY Times on Thursday….not a live round which has a whole ‘nother connotation!

    (clearly, i can’t fix typos in comments either.)

  53. At first, it looked like Juanita was screaming in terror at the Amelia-zombie. Then I realized that isn’t terror – they’re belting out a tune and kicking ass at karaoke!

  54. The clip i watched looked pretty scarey for kids. If i saw
    that bathroom clip as a kid, i never would have been toilet trained.

  55. Clearly a PR win.

    Just finished Caitlin’s book. SO. GOOD.
    Anything else I have to say about it would be TMI.
    Read it, people!

  56. wonder if it’s the same company that did something similar for Coraline. I remember Cleolinda got an amazing box with a tiny coraline doll and a code that led to an online video of how they did the micro-knitting for the stop-motion figures. Bloggers were supposed to write about it and post the code, and readers could find all the bloggers to get all the codes and if you entered all of them (I think) you could access some hidden behind-the-scenes video prior to the film opening

  57. On the plus side, now you can display those motherf-ing snake bits in your new cemetery tableau.

  58. Holy Crap! That is just about the coolest thing I have ever seen IN. MY. LIFE. You are so awesome! And so are the makers of Paranorman. Which I am now going to see and review!

  59. Okay, first post after years of reading (i am odd). Jenny, Paranorman is scored by Jon Brion, who is a musical god much in the way that you are a bent-but-in-the-best-way goddess. Movie may or may not suck, but trust me, the music will be amazing. So it’s an odd-as-hell honor that you were deemed worthy of a coffin.

    God, we live in peculiar times.

  60. okay, just FYI, I do work for a kids charity and was also sent promotional material for Paranorman, and my package was a business-sized envelope containing a bunch of family passes to an advance screening of the show. There were no zombies whatsoever, and I just ran out to the mailbox in case I had overlooked any. You rate even higher than disabled kids and they’re pretty much untouchable. You Jenny, are royalty!

  61. I so want to see that movie…but my daughter said no. It’s too scary for her. Guess I’ll have to wait for DVD!

  62. I thought of you when I saw that movie last night. So – when that first picture appeared in my browser window I thought how serendipitous! That is an utterly fantastic thing to get in the mail. I’m jealous!

  63. Wow. That is seriously the coolest package ever! It probably would have freaked me the fuck out at first but totally worth it in the end. Kind of like I assume finding out you’re pregnat is! Lol

    The link to There is help is seriously beautiful. It’s crazy how many people out there struggle with the same thing and yet it’s such a taboo subject. I’ve just recently gotten help for a depression/anxiety disorder I didn’t even know I had! Only after getting help did I even realize something was wrong. It’s amazing what having people’s support and understanding will do for you. I hope everyone is lucky enough to find an amazing community of people like I have been 🙂

  64. Love the Zombie but now I am traumatized by your Indigo minute because my almost 2 and a half year old (who should be in bed but an ill-timed nap made her hit her 2nd wind around 7) was sitting on my lap and kept pointing at you and saying, “Mommy, Mommy.” and I told her it wasn’t Mommy and she got all pissed off at me, screamed and then ran to her Daddy and said, “Mommy on ‘puter!”

    So she thinks we look alike. Hmmn, brunettes with similar glasses and good racks. I can see where she got the idea, but seriously, she knows what I look like, she was on my damn lap. What the hell was that about??

    So I had to share.

  65. I am so fucking jealous rigjt now!
    Nobody ever mails me a coffin and graveyard dirt
    And I own two REAL hearses!

  66. I find the word ‘awesome’ is generally overused but it is the only word that came to mind when reading this post.
    Hats off to the PR team.
    I like it *nearly* as much as your business card offering free blow jobs …

  67. I was almost hoping this was a new shop that actually sent you an original hand made zombie this way. How much would people pay for that, it’s flipping AWESOME!

  68. Very cool. I’m beyond jealous. I don’t get cool things like that in the mail! I only get someone emailing me, asking me to plug a drug that makes women horny.

    I wish I were kidding.

  69. Too bad ParaNorman kinda blew, that PR package is the most awesome thing ever.

  70. The best way to do this is to get on the PR and publicist lists in the fashion industry, which will guarantee you entrance into fashion events and parties. Read on for tips on how to get on the PR and publicist lists in the fashion industry.

  71. I hope you still have the box cause everyone else got little snacks and other props from the movie. coolest stunt EVER, I will so go see ParaNorman now. As always, begging desperately for more Hunter S Thomcat

  72. That gift is freaking awesome! I checked out the trailer too…I really hope it shows in the theaters here in Korea so that I can watch it.

  73. Wow! That totally makes the pen & window sticker I got in the post look really shit….Oh wait, that’s because it is…….Vonnie, I don’t even get sent lady pee pads. 🙁 My life sucks.

  74. Although, I did get sent a post card which read: “To Snookums” & was signed my a J Lawson.. So that was very awesome.. 🙂

  75. Awesome, and they say unsolicited post/mail/parcel/packages are never good can you ask then to send one over to Essex for delivery when I’m not in, Ishbel would freak at this as she wants to be cremated; something about the thought of all those creepy crawlies eating her when in the coffin, still even after I promise to make sure she is actually dead before I bury her, she still isn’t having it

    And anyway, how will you know I am actually dead, says she

    Easy says I, I wont take my hands from around your neck until I am 100% certain you aint coming back

  76. Much like the people at Barnes & Noble Annapolis, these people get you. You need to see ParaNorman. It’s a great movie.

  77. Damn. That was good. For a second there I thought the kitten had popped out of there, and thought now that is REALLY IMPRESSIVE, but quickly realized that’s your kitten eyeing up a promising new litter box.

  78. Wow you got a coffin in the mail and it wasn’t an ominous death threat! This is usually how horror movies start, thank goodness it is only PR!

  79. That is so freaking awesome. I now love those PR people. Please, watch the movie and review it for us? I feel like I should automatically watch it now because they did such a great effort, and because they obviously think you’re awesome, just like me, so they can’t be all bad.

  80. Zombies in the mail. That’s the sign you’ve made it as a blogger. I hope the zombie gets to do a meme with Juanita.

  81. Perhaps the box AND its content would make a great litterbox. If something like that came in my mail I would freak out. How gross can a package be? With a “0” star review, this movie is definitely off my view list.

  82. This is when you know you’ve hit the big time. Ah, one day I, too, hope to receive such fabulous gifts in the mail. . . Yes, I dare to dream.

  83. We LOVED Paranorman! I recognized Amelia right away. ??? Seriously, though, it’s a fantastic movie. Hie thee to the local cinema at once!

  84. I saw ParaNorman this past weekend. I’m so jealous you got one of the zombies!! I guess I’ll just have to become web-famous to get a coffin in the mail.

  85. That’s fricken fantastic promotional work, right there. And giving Juanita a bony partner is even better.

  86. The coolest thing about your whole gig is that you get outrageously awesome free stuff in the mail. I’m tempted to be jealous, but I’d be afraid of booby traps. 😉 I love reading your blog. <3

  87. I am so jealous! That is, seriously, the BEST PR I’ve ever seen. I wasn’t really “into” ParaNorman from the previews, but that tiny coffin just sealed it. 🙂

  88. I will go see ParaNorman JUST because of that. And I did not even get a cool coffin in the mail. Well done PR folks, well done.

  89. Were there any little burlap sacks? I’ve seen 3 of these opened and 1 had little burlap sacks that they almost missed in the dirt, with little props!

  90. Did you did all the way down past the coffin? I saw someone else’s post about this and there were more little goodies buried below.

  91. This is AMAZING!!!! You should see the movie, it was similarly amazing! My husband heard about these PR stunts and has been dying to see/get his hands on one. He will be so jealous! 🙂

  92. It’s obvious these people actually read and understand your blog. Kudos to their savvy marketing department.

  93. I knew you were going to get one of these! *smug* Truly, this is one of the best PR campaigns I’ve ever seen, probably because it’s something that resonates with me, with the whole “You were probably a weird kid and now you’re an awesomely weird adult and will totes get this!” thing they’ve got going on.

  94. I’m a little jealous, and yet kind of glad I don’t get weird packages like this in the mail…Amelia is the perfect name, by the way.

  95. I couldn’t even get through all the comments (which are sometimes close to be as amazing as the topic at hand) before I had to comment myself..I’m not just too dead sure I’ve ever seen anything cooler arrive in the mail. Seriously. You must be awesome to the nth power. Amelia is the perfect zombie..And I’m just now reading your book (shame, shame) and

  96. I met you in Minneapolis and showed you a picture of my Burger Baby. I’m tempted to send to you, because she’d (he’d?? It???) fit in quite well on your shelf!

  97. That. Is. Awesome-sauce!!

    I hope the brainiac behind that got a nice bonus!

    p.s. I think HST is wondering when *he* gets to dig in that nice dig-able dirt ;0)

  98. That is truly awesome PR…but weren’t you afraid to open a box like that? And I’d have been running after getting to the coffin component.

  99. I dunno who came up with this, but they are brilliant and obviously love your blog. Awesome. Seriously, if Tim Burton was intelligent, he’d send you stuff every time a movie of his came out. No one buys movie tickets like The Unicorn Success Club!

    -The ENd

  100. I gotta say, Juanita looks much less shreiky and much more like she’s singing. Probably a really morbid song… But singing nonetheless. I guess that’s what happens when you find a new best friend 🙂

  101. Jenny… your blog is going around my office like wild fire… the Phoenix fan base is growing by leaps and bounds – and I’ve been buying extra copies of your books to give as gifts. Just keep swimming, just keep swimming…

  102. I read “How To Be A Woman” and it is (IMO) a piece of trash compared to Jenny’s book. Ms. Moran is very funny at times, but her political (feminist) ideas are lame and trite.

  103. Hey! That zombies teeth are modeled from my 4th grade school picture. I wonder if I can sue for something. SOMETHING.

    Also, that coffin… you should have a contest to get ideas for the best use of it. I say use it as a cigarette box ala Mad Men, but perhaps that’s too obvious. Maybe a storage container for headless Barbies? Oh, there must be a million ways to organize your home using a wooden coffin like that!!

  104. It’s so good to hear from you again – we all should have known that digging up a small coffin containing a hand-made zombie would be just what you needed. Hopefully you are feeling much much better!

  105. THAT is the most awesome PR stunt ever. Mostly? Because it was unsolicited. Some people just thought you’d like a box of graveyard dirt with a zombie in a coffin! SO COOL.

  106. So jealous of the gift from Laika! I post about ParaNorman (amazing movie) for over a month and all I got was a rock.

  107. O.M.G. You are totally right!! Best PR ever!!! Kinda makes me want to see the movie now. My daughter will probably love it since she loved Coraline. 😀

  108. That. Is. Awesome! Okay, I have to say I read your book while on vacation in June and that’s actually what lead me to your blog, which I’ve been reading ever since. And. I. Can’t. Get. Enough! Love love loved your book and can’t wait for your next one. Hope you get your energy back asap!

  109. This is when it is appropriate to say: “PR Company – FTW!!!”

    Finally…getting the respect you deserve. Kudos.

  110. That is no less than amazing! I need one! haha Though, it would have to sleep outside. It has serious creep factor. In a delightful, but “you can sleep out there” type of way.

  111. That’s awesome. At first I thought it was going to be from a funeral home, which would still be awesome. My kids would have loved receiving that little package in the mail & going on a little dig. And, it came right in time for halloween.

  112. This was awesome! I sure would like a surprise like that. The person making that pitch up should win the Nobel Prize. I pity the mail – person who had to deliver that shit to your place though…

  113. Zombie… in a coffin… in a CRATE! Damn. That is way freakin’ kick booty. I am impressed.

    BTW, my daughter totally loves the idea of this kind of animation. Thanks for the links!

  114. That is the most genius movie promo ever. I wish I was the person who thought of that idea. Kind of jealous right now.

  115. I have never gotten a coffin in the mail. I’ve actually never gotten interactive mail before. So now I wonder what’s wrong with me. *sigh*

    Thanks for letting me live vicariously, Jenny!

  116. I’m totally going to see that movie now! I wish someone would send me something like that!

  117. Oh yes that is the way to do PR!! Lucky you to get such a cool package.
    Today I saw on the Yarn Harlot’s blog some cool felted or knitted animal heads and
    of course thought of you. Scroll down and enjoy!

  118. You are BIG TIME now! Cory Doctorow got one, too, and ranted about how incredibly cool it was 🙂

  119. Didn’t know about Hunter S. Thomcat!

    And in this political season, if anybody hasn’t read Hunter S. Thompson’s Fear And Loathing On the Campaign Trail, then give it a try.

    I was just thinking this morning how much I’d like to hear his take on the Republican Convention.

    Moral: Don’t off yourself. You’ll be needed.

  120. Thank you for sharing Going Public with Depression. I just found out that my cousin had her first severe bout of depression, the one that is the wake up call that there is something more than just feeling down. She’s a bright and beautiful mother of two small children. She has gotten help, but after watching her mother suffer from depression all of her life, I am sure that the thought of becoming like her mom is terrifying. I love her mother, but she has let depression define her life, not told depression that she is in charge and will survive what ever it throws at her. I will send her this article so that she can and tell her to keep going, no matter what. I’ll also point her to you, because you are an amazing woman!

    Thank you.

  121. I am SO jealous! Why does no one ever send me anonymous random zombies in the mail!?!

  122. In my neck of the woods, that package have been deemed suspicious and blown up by the bomb squad long before anyone found out what it was. The PR could have been even more spectacular.

  123. Jenny I salute you, and thought you might appreciate what transpired over this last weekend as I related it to fellow bloggess fan Michelle.

    me: Good morning…. so this is the conversation that took place in Costco this weekend: Den and I are looking at slacks for him. Den: do you prefer me in a pleated front or a flat front? Me: Pleated because you stuff your front pockets full of crap and the pleat hides it more, but I know that you prefer the flat front but you look all buldgie and NOT in an impressive way. Some guy standing near us just fell out laughing.
    Sent at 8:17 AM on Tuesday
    Michelle: Lol!
    Sent at 8:19 AM on Tuesday
    me: yeah I think Jenny Lawson is really starting to rub off on me
    Michelle: Thats not a bad thing
    me: Smiley face

  124. The only thing that would make it better is if the coffin was made of dark chocolate. Yum!!

  125. I saw someone else’s too,they’re all different and suuuper cool! To be honest, I didn’t give a crap about this movie until I saw these showing up for people. Man, so cool.

  126. I am insanely jealous! Not in the “I’m going to come break into your house and steal it, and maybe Hunter S. Thomcat as well” kind of insanely jealous way, just in the “I’m going to sit here and cry and wish I was cool enough to get one of my own” way.

  127. off topic – but MUST read Amazon reviews for the Bic for Her pens
    These reviewers are cleary Bloggess followers; or should be ASAP.

  128. @ Kerry … I’ve been reading the reviews on Amazon for the “Bic for Her” pen. This one particularly this one in link below.. apparently I’m not going to be getting any more work done today.

  129. I have many regrets in life..but I will sincerely regret never getting to read your daughter’s book.

  130. Holy cow, I’m totally going to see ParaNorman. Never heard of it before your post, but I just looked up some reviews and regardless of anything else, such PR brilliance deserves to be rewarded.

  131. “I want a zombie Daddy!”

    “Yes, Baby. Wonka! How much for the zombie?”

    “The zombie is not for sale. She can’t have one.”

    “What?! Name your price! She MUST have that zombie!”

    “Daddy! What does he MEAN I can’t have the zombie? I WANT THAT ZOMBIE!!!”

  132. I just want to thank you for your incredible, brave candor about your own depression and posting relevant links. Following your blog has helped me understand depression much better, which is important to me because I have a brother who is battling it now and lives a hard life. I want so badly to help him and I do – part of how I do it is by understanding what he experiences and I learn a lot about that here. Thank you for posting There is Help. Thank you for being honest about what you experience. Thank you.

  133. Off topic, but I just want to say again that you are awesome, Jenny Lawson. Your appearance at Powell’s was beautiful. And you are always an inspiration.
    When it was my turn I was too much of a spaz to speak clearly, but if you would for some reason like to know the extent of my fan-girling I just wrote a blog post about that night. If you don’t have time these are the things I tried to say to you:

    1. I DID buy your book! Just the audio version, and that is why I only had a picture, not a book, for signing. I am going to frame it and make people jealous, all the people will be jealous!
    2. You should totally be able to pick up BITCH Magazine at Book People in Austin, but you have to ask for it.
    3. You are awesome. Your insights about writing, through pain, anxiety, and depression give me a weapon to beat my current career depressions and insecurities with.
    Thank you for being you,
    Sincerely, Epiphany

  134. That. Is. AWESOME!!!!!!

    BTW, been out reading your book in public … getting great looks and even comments from people about my laughing!! You just can’t help it tho! 🙂

  135. YOU MUST SAVE THE GRAVE DIRT. It’s a well-known fact that grave dirt is a defense against zombies. Or maybe it’s vampires. Hell, I don’t know. I think I read it in a comic book. Maybe it’s a defense against Spider-man.

  136. I am CRACKING up because my daughter AMELIA has been complaining for 3 days because Halloween is getting close and they are starting to put the “scary” stuff back in the stores…and here you are naming scary stuff Amelia. The only positive is that she is 7 and obsessed with Plants Vs. Zombies, so this may actually be seen as a huge complement to you;)

  137. So proud of Laika, the studio here in Portland, OR who created ParaNorman. They’re really doing great work, and I don’t know if this PR piece was in house or done by a local vendor (after all Wieden + Kennedy is also here in town), this is a great bit of PR. Really inspired.

    On another note, hope you’re finding your way out of the rabbit hole. It is so exhausting to be down there.

  138. You are very brave! I would have made my boyfriend open it for me. He is often my sexy sacrificial lamb.

  139. I was nervous to see what’d be in there considering I’m often freaked out by your rodents. But you just opened it. Brave lady 🙂 you are loved you are cherished you are special and this too shall pass

  140. I loved ParaNorman 3 D – My husband didn’t understand why we had to see a ‘kids movie’ but I loved the heck out of it.

    I have to say if I were given a box of this sort, I would be afraid to open it!

  141. I just realized how expensive reading this post got for me….I ordered How to be a Woman AND I’ll be paying to see ParaNorman in the theater, which is a rare splurge. Both totally worth it, I’m sure!

  142. I showed this to my wife and LOVED IT! Now I think she wants to by a 6 ft Zombie for the living room. She seems to think it would be a great conversation piece.

  143. I have a dead cat in my backyard that I can dig up and send to you as PR for my blog, if that would help. Except that my blog isn’t about dead cats. But you do seem to like dead animals…although I guess they’re usually stuffed and given that Spook died 8 years ago…I’m guessing it’s too late to stuff him. Plus once I did him up I’d probably start crying all over again because I REALLY FUCKING LOVED THAT CAT. How about if I just send you a bottle of my meds? Since you’ve admitted to beind depressed and since I write a lot about ME being depressed in what I have been told is HILARIOUS fashion by several notable critics (ok, my husband and my sister). Only thing is you’d have to send the pills back cuz I REALLY REALLY NEED those fuckers or I will totally spiral out of control.

    Okay, clearly I need to work on my own PR pitch. Ooh! How about I send you one of my kids? I write about them too, and they’re alive and well and not stuffed (except with food), and you could send them back whenever you’re ready! Which I’m guessing would be way before I’M ready, but okay, I can work with you on this…

    Get back to me on that. Stat.

  144. Gotta love the effort that went into this. It’s amazing the creative brilliance that goes on in some peoples minds.

    I am not digging up anything but if I did, I would totally send it along if it was as cool as that.

  145. Jenny, I just finished watching your Indigo moment and I felt compelled to tell you how much your laugh makes me smile. Not in a creepy way though. Just because you have a nice laugh.

  146. Paranorman was pretty dang awesome. Adorably cute movie with adorably cute zombies. There’s just not enough adorable zombies in the world. Especially, adorably puritan zombies. Just saying.

    I’m jealous of your awesome zombie-flavored perk! Too cool.

  147. Ohmigosh – my 20-yr-old son with autism would fight zombies himself to get one of those! He made me take him opening day to the film (and has Monster Hotel and Frankenweenie marked on the calender, too.) Have you seen them for sale anywhere?

  148. Wow, the PR guys promoting this movie are incredibly creative. Not only is it awesome sculpt its also a unique experience. I am sure none of us have had to dig to find cool merch.

  149. Jenny- the Going Public With Depression link had some amazing other links at the end of it- Stephan Fry’s letter to a fan particularly touched me. Thank you so much! The sun will come out again. It WILL. XOXO

  150. Juanita and Amelia are awesome! The dolls in the photo, however…are creepy. All you need to complete that scene is a doll with a porcelain head with those icky rolling eyelids and an old-timey nightgown and sleeping hat on. Brrrrr! I just got the willies!

  151. This is the most brilliant promotional piece EVAH! They obviously “get” you. So glad you wrote about it; gives the movie a little extra push and rewards outstanding behavior. This one makes up for a lot of the stupid ones (not all, but the number is significantly diminished, in my opinion).

    Regarding the updates: the piece on depression was revelatory and I bookmarked it to go back to again and again. Also loved – loved – loved the “pretty” poetry slam on your Pintrest board. So glad you’re feeling a little better; you’ve been through a lot lately and deserve some downtime. Sending you positive vibes from Michigan.

  152. Holy crap, I just picked up How To Be A Woman!! I mean before I read this post. It’s like you’re living in my head silently guiding me to brilliant behavior. I am blessed.

    But seriously, I’m looking forward to reading it. I may choose it as my plane trip to my vacation in, of all places, Austin TX (I love my friends and am excited to be visiting them, but really? TX?).

  153. Bahahahahhahaha! that picture of Amelia and Juanita! I truly did laugh out loud…and almost peed my pants 😛

  154. Seriously. Every single time I read about your new gifts or mail or purchases, I have to wonder around my house and tell my husband how fucking awful we are at life for not having things that are dead, bizarre or creepy hanging around. I wish you’d rent a room out at your house as a B&B. I’d like to stay, just for a night. Too weird?

  155. Hi Kat,

    I was very moved by your CNN post about going public with depression. I clicked through to it because I recently went public with mine, too.

    You requested that people submit articles along the same theme. Here’s my post…I’d be honored if you read it.

    Thanks for your bravery and humor!

    With light,

  156. OMG, my daughter’s name is Amelia, and that zombie matches her personality so perfectly!

    ParaNorman: Sold

  157. Just catching up on your last posts. (tardy to the party – that’s me!) That zombie is freakin’ fantastic!!!! Even more fantastic than the “phantom of the opera” duck figurine I got last weekend. You are a lucky, lucky, zombified woman!!! 🙂 Take care!!!

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