Do-it-yourself cat costume

I wanted to buy costumes for the cats but they were really expensive so instead I decided to just make some because I am very crafty.  I wanted to glue six googley eyes to the cat so he could be a spider, but then Victor said that most spiders also have eight legs and I pointed out that (obviously) this would be a spider who’d been involved in an accident with a shoe, and then Victor hid the hot glue gun, so I had to come up with something else.  I decided to make a cat costume for the cat because it was kind of “ironic” and Victor said that it was “stupid” and I pointed out that those two things are not mutually exclusive.  I eventually decided to go with a tiger, because technically when people dress up for Halloween they usually dress as creepier hominids like vampires and zombies so technically cats would probably choose to dress as creepier felines.  This all makes perfect sense and I wish you’d stop questioning me, Victor.

How to make a cat costume for the cat:

1.  Take one stuffed animal:

I went for a cat that looks suspiciously like Hobbes. (The tiger, not the philosopher.)

2.  Rip his face off.  Don’t do this in front of small children, as it will scar them for life (but will also probably get them to clean their room the first time you ask.)

It's like "The Scream". But with tigers.

3.  Stick your cat’s head through the slightly mutilated animal face hole:

So, so happy.


He's actually fine with the costume, but he doesn't like having his ears covered so he pulls the hood behind him and it becomes a cat scarf. Keeping cats warm and's what I do.

PS.  Ferris Mewler got a costume too but he was a bit upset with it.  Probably because it wasn’t home-made:

He's a pumpkin.

In unrelated news, it’s time for the weekly wrap up.

What you missed in my shop (tentatively called “Eight pounds of uncut cocaine” so that your credit card bill will be more interesting.):

This week on shit-I-didn’t-come-up-with-but-wish-I-did-because-it’s-kind-of-awesome:

This week’s round-up sponsored by Hyland’s Homeopathy.  You can enter their Halloween contest by uploading cute photos of their kids in costumes.  The person with the most votes will win the Grand prize that includes a $100 Visa Gift Card, Cold Weather Products from Hyland’s & a backpack.  Or if you don’t have kids you could probably just dress up some cats.  And if you don’t have any cats you could steal some.  That’s what I’d do.

PS.  Hyland’s does not support the kidnapping of cats.  That was my idea.  Apparently I need to clarify that for some reason.

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  1. To my toddler:

    “That’s right, we’re going to dress you up as your favorite bunny for Halloween! Avert your eyes while I do a little surgery with these scissors.”

    Screaming and sobbing, just as Halloween requires.

  2. Oh my god you are the best thing that ever happened to those cats. Clearly they adore you.

  3. I dressed my dog as a wolf dressed as a granny.

    …yeah, it was complicated. And then he sat on his dollar store glasses and ruined Halloween. (not really. we got plenty of pictures out of it.)

  4. My brother put a shirt on my dog once and took a million pictures of it with my phone.

    My dog is afraid of clothes now.

    It’s a little hard to deal with.

  5. Okay that is both creative and totally cute, however the pic of the stuffed animal with his face ripped out is simply creepy…

    I just put our dog Alfie into his costume for Halloween to take pics — he did not enjoy it. But cute as hell, and I fed him cheese and meatballs during the process….

  6. Cats are WAY more fun in costume. Although, I really think you should have given it a dog (or wolf) costume, because that is way scarier to a cat than a tiger is.
    I wonder how the cats feel when they see themselves in the mirror, in costume?

  7. I got my kitten that same pumpkin costume! She won’t let me take it off once I put it on, but she acted the same with a tiny cape so I think she thinks she’s a superhero.

  8. Ah, genius! I tried cat costumes last year- unfortunately it was an unmitigated failure, because no neighborhood children showed up to trick or treat, hence, there was no one to laugh at my poor kitty victims.
    At least I got a few silly pics out of it.

  9. I had to hide my computer screen so that the six year old didn’t get any ideas about dressing up our cats. They’re farm cats and I can’t imagine they’d be impressed with us.

  10. I’d try the whole costuming my cat thing if I didn’t think she’d rip my face off as easily as you ripped off that stuffed tiger’s. :o/

  11. I am STILL amazed! If I tried this with any of our cats, I’d need more bandages than I’d have places to put them! Ginzu knives with fur…Now the rooster, on the other hand, is maskerading as a human. *grin*

  12. Ferris Mewler looks incredibly insulted by your lack of costume creativity. He feels you are stifling him with prefabricated attire.

  13. Admitted cat-stealer as well. How could I not? The poor thing was named “Donkey.” I mean, come on. Who names their kitten Donkey? Yes, a kitten. They got a puppy shortly after the kitten. The puppy was getting all the attention. The mom chased the kids into the house with a broom. And did I mention they named him Donkey? A friend of those kids saw the newly-named Marley on my balcony and called up, “Hey, that’s our friends’ cat.” I, shamefully, retorted, “Not anymore!”

  14. It looks like taxadermy does run in your blood…just no humanely dead animals in your version.

  15. Excellent idea for recycling stuffed animals! And those beanie babies that were supposed to finance our kids’ college educations….

  16. FREAKING AWESOME!!! And the idea of children cleaning their rooms out of sheer terror that we, the Moms, will disembowel the stuffed animals one by one if it is NOT really clean…TOTAL ADDED BONUS!!! Let’s all go do some shots of vodka (Mommie’s water) to celebrate.

  17. Now I know what I’m doing for my cat’s Halloween costume, so thanks. Now I just need an oversize stuffed cat for my pit bull’s costume…
    And no, I have no qualms about poaching your idea. That’s what the internet is for – to steal everyone’s great ideas.

  18. The ‘make it rain’ button on the cat-bounce is fun.
    I love the cat costume. I had to kill and skin a stuffed animal for my son’s werewolf costume last year. I was surprisingly upset by

  19. I tend to dress as a different version of myself- one that my present company doesn’t know as well. Last year I was a cowgirl, complete with chaps. This year, I’m going to be a hunter and just wear my hunting clothes. It’s cheap and easy. Unlike me.

  20. Why would we have pictures of Hylands kids in costumes? Sounds like they are trying to catch a creepy Halloween stalker via a Bloggess contest!

  21. I absolutely love the Cat Bounce. First time I have smiled today (and it is almost 5pm). Thank you for posting that!

  22. This is such a great idea. I’m going to have to find two gigantic stuffed wolves to dress up my Siberian Huskies. I might actually hollow out the bodies and make them wear that part, too.

  23. One time I put a pink Barbie furry stole around my semi-feral cat’s neck it was hilariously cute until he got REALLY pissed off about it. So there was this furious tabby cat seething behind a couch with a fabulous pink stole on. It was great.

  24. I dressed my Standard Poodle as a squirrel, but we have a taxidermied squirrel in the house, so he was understandably jumpy all night long. Stopped his tampon-eating habit though, so it’s in the win column.

  25. Thank you for that I was just about to go to bed here in the UK but ended up laughing so much I am now not tired, just as well the clocks go back tonight so I won’t really miss out on my sleep and anyway as a report out today says that as we may feel the benefit of the extra hour in bed on the first day by the end of the first week of winter time it will so have disrupted your sleep pattern anyway we won’t recover until the spring so in reality you have done me a favour. How clever are you …….

  26. For a second I thought that was a Hobbes doll, but then I remembered there’s never been any Calvin and Hobbes Merch.

  27. HST is like the most laid back cat ever.

    Also – look at my link. I find it amusing that I blogged about the LPTNH book trailer this morning only to witness via Twitter you stalking @wilw at the Con this afternoon. Then I came home to find my Wil Wheaton plushie in the mail. It’s been a Jenny and Wil filled day – except for the part where my husband broke 2 toes on his computer but that’s a whole ‘nother thing…

  28. I forgot to say that I thought you were going to cut down the tummy and destuff it so that it would be a cat cape. That way the legs and and arms would hang down. Especially useful if you revisit the spider idea.

  29. I love your blog, and I love you and your family like mad. You guys are awesome. Which is why I’m disappointed you are accepting advertising from frauds and con artists. That Hyland’s Homeopathy company isn’t even a little shy about being shady. In the “drug facts” on their “infant cough syrup” they cite: ““HPUS” indicates that the active ingredients are in the official Homeopathic Pharmacopoeia of the United States.” as their source for how to determine the “dose” of each “active ingredient”, which is purposely supposed to make it sound as official as the United States Pharmacopeia, who set the dosage recommendations etc. for actual FDA approved drugs, and who are actually answerable to the FDA. They’re selling magic water–for babies–and using blatantly fraudulent marketing gimmicks, and you’re advertising for them. It won’t keep me from reading the blog or anything, I just wanted you to know who you’re accepting money from. I guess you might be aware, but I’m not sure that’s not worse.

    (Fair enough. I’ve no idea if their stuff works or not but I know they’re having a cute costume contest. Hard to argue with that one. ~ Jenny)

  30. Holy shitsnacks, that made me howl (or MEOW) with laughter! My mission is now to mutiliate one of my kids’ old stuffed animals and create the perfect cat halloween costume. Thank you for being so very crafty.

  31. Jenny – I’m new to following you, and so far I haven’t been disappointed. I loved your audio book, because seriously, it’s 100 times better in your voice than the voice in my head, and I even find myself leaving post it notes to my boyfriend who doesn’t think they are nearly as funny as I do. I don’t consider myself a groupie, and generally frown on people who think you care to read their comments. But I had to comment on this because THIS IS THE FUNNIEST SHIT I’VE EVER SEEN!!! THANK YOU!!!

  32. “You can enter their Halloween contest by uploading cute photos of their kids in costumes.”

    So if I’m reading that right, its:
    Step 1- Kidnap kids of the people at Hyland’s.
    Step 2- Dress then up in a costume and take a picture.
    Step 3- PROFIT.

  33. Jeezum crow, woman! I fear your brilliance will be showing up on the shelves of gas stations in the near future.

    By the way, who started putting costumes on pets? Because really? That person’s brain is scary, but then that would mean your brain is scary.

    I wish I had a scary brain.

    That is all.

  34. I’ve been feeling crappy today, and “Step 2: Rip his face off” is the only thing that made me laugh all day. I totally should have done that with a stuffed Elmo instead of making Precocious Daughter a hipster Elmo costume from scratch…it would have been easier and enormously satisfying.

  35. Don’t know if you’ve seen it, but thought this link to “How to Tell if Your Cat is Plotting to Kill You” might come in handy. I think Ferris Mewler might be a little pissed off he’s a pumpkin instead of something cool like a sabre tooth tiger.

  36. You are totally crazy .. “in a good way”. I love the way your mind works. Completely off the subject, but something I would like to share with everyone because I am a vegetarian and other vegetarians and vegans should know this. This is the honest-to-god truth. Vanilla is made from the crushed anal glands of beavers. Look it up. Don’t you wish you had some nice vanilla ice cream right now. I don’t think I have to explain what anal glands are but we all have them.

  37. YOU BUTCHERED HOBBES, YOU HIDEOUS BITCH!!! And I’d be a hell of a lot more pissed off if I wasn’t an avid Calvin devotee, because he? Is gonna do real bad things to you….

  38. Your cats are spoiled. Maybe I should do that for my cat. She might kill me in my sleep though since she doesn’t even like collars…

  39. One year we were trying to decide between angel and devil for the Basset hound. Husband said you have to *dress up* for Halloween, so she got the angel. Other dog (dressed as clown), ate the halo. True story.

  40. Love the costumes! LOL My sweetie says for a good spider/cat costume, you just need to hot glue both cats together. Then you’ve got all the legs, and half the eyes already.

  41. I just decided today to make a ninja costume for my 4 year old. I’m not telling him until it’s done in case it sucks. Or I get too drunk to sew. Whichever.

  42. Aw look, Hunter S. Thomcat has a cat suit, just like Buffalo Bill was building a girl suit!

    “It puts the catnip in the basket or it gets the hose again!”

  43. I so wish my cats would wear costumes. My German Shepherd mix loves wearing stuff at least.

    I am totally using the rip-the-face-off, stuffed animal/clean your room idea. Hecks yeah. But Iwill not pay for the counseling necessary afterwards.

  44. Two other folks said this but it’s important enough that I will echo it – while you, Jenny, are both fabulously awesome and awesomely fabulous, please, please do not use those power for evil, which is to say, by promoting homeopathy in even the most slight way, cute animal costume or no. Homeopathy is a sad profession based on hopeful thinking and not at all on science, and it preys on the sick, needy, and uneducated.

    The others offered useful links, I will point out one more to strike at the heart of you, Jenn – if you Google Tim Minchin and Homeopathy you will get his blog post:

    And his spoken-word piece:

    Tim Minchin knows that homeopathy is bullshit, Jenny – isn’t that all you need to know?

  45. I love reading your blog, but I’m very disappointed with your chosen sponsor for this one. Homeopathy is a known con. 🙁

  46. I just referenced you yesterday over at my place (with a link, it’s the polite thing to do), because I included a picture of a dressed up dog.
    (My daughter works in a grooming salon, they can do those things to strangers.)

    Great costumes, even if I don’t care for non-dogs. They are YOUR non-dogs, so they get a pass.

    (This is the witchy Julie, just to be clear. I know, I haven’t commented in a while, but I’ve been keeping up. Pretty much. See? I’m all current!)

  47. Awesome. Love it. My is unenthusiastic about costumes. Just tries to slink backwards out of them.

    Now: I must know where that Hobbes look-a-like came from. As mentioned above, there is no Calvin and Hobbes merchandise but my kid really must have a Hobbes!

  48. HST now does have the requisite 8 spider legs, along with his tiger stripes. He’s a Spiger! Terrifying!!!

  49. So…ripping the face off a stuffed toy scars small children, but it’s perfectly fine for them to see their friend the household kitty cat (or one of them at least) wearing the mutilated corpse of said stuffed animal, and looking fabulous at the same time?
    Good to know.
    I feel sorry for Ferris, he must be so jealous of HST.

  50. This reminds me of a story my mother-in-law told me about her sons. When my husband was a toddler he spent a lot of time in the hospital. He had a tracheostomy, a feeding tube and IV’s. To make him feel more normal she decided to make him a doll that had all the same things. So she’s in the kitchen stabbing the doll in the throat (for dolly’s new tracheostomy) when my husband’s then 5 year old brother walks in. Scarred for life. I need to get her to send me a picture. That doll is creepy as shit. You would love it.

  51. “You can enter their Halloween contest by uploading cute photos of their kids in costumes. ”

    Umm, I’m a little concerned here, because I don’t know who their kids are. And don’t you think it would be weird to follow them around with a camera asking them to put on costumes?

  52. @Tom 35, TELL me the dog was eating fresh new one still in the wrapper. Because if not, I think I may lose the will to live.

    And look on the bright side. If you’re kidnapping the Hylands kids and photographing them in costume, at least you’re saving them from homeopathy.

    Meanwhile, we in Austin wish Wil a happy, collation-free weekend at the con.

  53. My husband bought that exact tiger for our 19 month old daughter. Seeing it’s face ripped off did something funny to my insides… not sure what though…………….

  54. Can you try turning it around so the face is on his rear? That would be way funnier, a butt faced cat!

  55. That cat is so damn photogenic. And he has an awesome name. If I were you I’d be careful he doesn’t figure this out and start demanding money for his future appearances…

  56. At first I thought you were going to be cutting up Hobbes to make a sort of Hobbes jacket for Hunter. Kinda like Silence of the Lambs when he makes that women suit. Except reenacted by cats. You know what? That sounds like the best idea ever. Somebody should get on that.

  57. Hunter is truly your soul mate and is the most patient cat I’ve seen to date. I can only hope that there is a Hunter book in the works, perhaps an advice book or fashion commentary tome.

  58. Seriously, how can a cat actually be as laid back and cool as Hunter??? If I tried to put ANYTHING on my cat (say – a feather) – she would scratch me into confetti!!


  59. I just showed my cat the pictures of your cats and said, “See I am SO not the craziest cat mom there is!” Thanks for that:)

  60. That adorable tiger from Target will never ever look the same when I see it again at the store.

    HST does look rather natural with another body hanging from his head. What a weird and fun little cat. He’s meant to be yours.

  61. You should be extremely careful. Most cats are vengeful. They will get you back. When they go out at night, you think they’re prowling. They are not prowling. The younger ones are attending Tae Kwon DO classes. Read their eyes. The animal depicted in your first picture does look stuffed but look at his eyes in the second photo. I can hear him saying, “My God, half my damned face is gone! What has she done to me? I can’t see my nose!” In the third picture, the cat’s eyes are dark, foreboding and reflecting a false illusion of permissiveness. By the fourth picture, you have made a cat-scarf out of the costume and you say “He’s fine with the costume…..It’s what I do. The cat’s eyes do not say he’s fine with the costume, his eyes say, “Wait until you go to sleep, darling, then I’ll show you what the hell it is that I do!” In the last photo Ferris Mewler’s eyes are easy to read. Ferris is simply saying, “Pay back is hell, Mama!”

  62. That is so cute <3 Btw, this also works with dogs..and little brothers when they forget there halloween costume. Obviously it was a bigger toy. Slightly.

  63. There was a philosopher named Hobbes?? I will now have to go back and reread Calvin and Hobbes. I bet it is so much more interesting knowing that piece of information!

  64. To clarify: Calvin and Hobbes was always enjoyable. I just love when there’s a new layer to discover in my entertainment.

  65. I’m considering putting our cat in a coffin costume. Just to try it on for size. Oh, just kidding. I like it when he shreds my calf for his own pleasure. Nice kitty.

  66. Pets in costume seems unusually cruel … until you have one of your own.
    Then it’s a riot!

    (or a lonely Friday night)

  67. I think I might have developed a girl-blogger-crush on you because of this post. And the fact that my dog is going to be “the Hulk” on Halloween has absolutely nothing to do with it…

  68. Oh wow… I came on here to say how great this was and how perfectly the bouncing cats reflect my kitten’s activity when she is not sleeping. And then I started reading comments. Vanilla from anal glands, homeopathy is quackery, blah blah blah.

    Two things: 1) Don’t eat processed foods, or buy only vanilla stuff made with vanilla beans. (It is a bean in real life.)
    2) I don’t know about Hyland in particular, but people who are all superior about how homeopathy is BS need to do some real research and stop believing the internets. As Tesla said, “The day science begins to study non-physical phenomena, it will make more progress in one decade than in all the previous centuries of its existence.” In other words, no medical expert will claim to fully understand how and why the human body works the way it does, or why homeopathy, in fact, does work.

  69. Loving the cat bounce – just how long can I watch it ? At twenty minutes they are pretty much in a pile . . . am I going to have to find another way to spend my evening? Nah, I’ll just start them again and again and again : )

  70. I reallllllllllllllllly needed this laugh tonight, even at the expense of your cats. Thank you so much!! The spider would have been awesome too. Clearly, Victor isn’t very imaginative!!

  71. Halloween isn’t so big in the UK, but I have bought my kitties little xmas hats. They are going to love them. When they’re asleep.

  72. Oh.My.God you are actually so flippin funny. Like, can I be your best friend? or your cats friend? fjsduifsdn i’m so pumped I discovered you! if you are ever bored (ima kidding myself) check out my blog! yo da bomb!

  73. Do you have those Build a bear shops in America? It is interesting to note that the clothes designed for the teddy bears in those places are just the right size for a cat. I discovered this a couple of years ago and may or may not have dressed my cat up in a high school musical jacket and sun glassess… *walks away whistling*

  74. I am making bat wings for my girl puppy and and a pharoah’s head dress for my boy puppy. You have to see my pups to understand how well it going to work.

  75. Okay, are you going to rename this blog ‘I have Anxiety and LOTS AND LOTS OF FUCKING CATS!’ Cuz I am the anxiety-prone cat lady. Not crazy, just anxious.

    You have lost the funny 🙁

  76. The pictures of H.S.T. are helping me so much with hurricane anxiety. I love your blog and check it every day for new kitty pics.

  77. Sadly my levels of craftiness, when it comes to fabric, is limited to what hot glue and staples can accomplish. If not for this, my Yoda cat would have a Yoda costume, and it would be EPIC. See, my yoda cat is a sphynx, and naked as naked can be. Between that and the huge ears and all the wrinkles, he’s about as close to a pet alien as one can get.

  78. Well at least you didn’t go with a slutty cat costume. Like a skanky feline stewardess or a fishnet stockinged whore. Your cats have more self respect than most women I see on Halloween!

  79. Where on earth did you get that stuffed tiger? I’ve been hunting for one for ages!!!

    (Target – $9.99 ~Jenny)

  80. O. M. G. my head and stomach hurt from laughing so hard at HST with the costume on. You made my day. Thank you.

  81. This is at least the third time that your adorable child is wearing something that my adorable child also owns. Yay Target shoppers!
    My adorable child also loves putting the cat in costumes, so I guess taxidermy is next?

  82. omgomgomgomgomg! You have either just validated or completely annihilated my Hobbes theory; either way, I’m ok with it because my Tiger is on your blog! (Faceless and stretched over a cat, but beggars can’t be choosers). The first time I saw that Tiger I desperately wanted one. I tried to find pics of it online to post on Facebook… and they don’t exist. Nowhere. Not on the Target website, not on Amazon, not on Google images, not on a Circo website… nowhere. And no-one I know had any idea what I was talking about because they apparently don’t shop for stuffed animals because they’re well-adjusted adults or something. So I started thinking… maybe only *I* can see him. Maybe it really IS Hobbes and he only shows up at the store I’m at, just waiting for me to buy him! (And a part of my brain died a little that I would think, and then admit to others, that amazingly childish thought. And another part of my brain thought I was awesome and fairy-tale special. Another part of my brain wanted a drink, but that’s slightly unrelated.) And then I showed it to my husband when we were out together and he bought it the next day for my birthday and now I have Hobbes! And we haven’t seen a single other one at any Target since (we’ve checked three to get one for a friend’s baby). So the question is, are you and I specially selected by Hobbes to be his best friend, and if so, do we assume he knew he’d be part cat once you received him? And more importantly, do we start a club or keep our awesomeness a secret… in the comments on your blog…

  83. Brilliant. Ferris Mewler’s ear posture is priceless. And thanks for the heads-up on the costume contest. I may have to send in a photo of my two-year-old’s creation for our neighbor’s Halloween party. He decided to accent his Darth Maul make-up with a Winne the Pooh costume. Not quite what we planned, but it turned out to be a show-stopper. There’s a picture on my blog …

  84. Great, awesome, let’s go, my kids will love it, it’s wonderful!

    BTW : “Chatterbox i am, chatterbox i will stay…”

  85. I dropped off more stuff at the local humane society this weekend, and visited the polydactyl cat. I though he just had an extra toe… turns out he has a completely EXTRA PAW on each foot. It’s turned in, so you don’t realize it’s an extra paw until you unfurl it. Some completely unimaginative humane society volunteer named him Pawley. If he were my cat (which wouldn’t happen [probably] because I’m allergic), I would name him Hemingway. Then I would also adopt the cat I met a few weeks ago by the name of Fitzgerald. Then I’d be surrounded by great writers (my dog is already Winston Churchill).

  86. I’m a big fan of cat costumes. But with all those itty bitty kitty wigs you have, you could have taken this to the next level of PERFECTION!

  87. Heyyyy I have that tiger!! i saw him at Target and was like OMG HOBBES, WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE???

    Luckily my husband had the same reaction an didn’t argue when I insisted on bringing him home.

  88. Please please pretty please tell me where you bought Hobbes! I’m having a baby next march and I want him to have one!! Pleaseeeee

  89. I think one of my favourite parts of your blog is reading your comments to people’s comments & the fact that Cory Feldman regularly posts comments. I often just scroll through the comments to see if you have replied to any.

  90. Long time reader, first time poster asks,
    Is it wrong of me to have expected a full-scale gutting of fluffy tiger from the child of a taxidermist?
    *Hangs head in shame*

    Your sister in cistern-hood (I spent the summer of my 8th year in our cistern)

  91. I had a house full of teens after our Halloween party and they were all howling (with laughter) at these pics. Congratulations you’re kid awesome too (yay)

  92. Your cat looks like he just murdered Tigger and is now wearing the mutilated corpse as a tuxedo-and-neckwarmer-combo. Kind of like a feline version of that serial murderer character in Con Air? To your credit, the effect is pretty creepy. (Although you should probably resolve to keep him away from planes and/or Nick Cage in the future if at all possible.)

  93. Oh my gosh!! I laughed so hard at HST in the tiger costume! Hilarious. Then Ferris Mewler – that poor cat looks significantly traumatized, poor kitty.

  94. I thought I’d share our version of your Hunter S. Tomcat. This is Woodstock the cat…also known as Jerkstock when he’s anywhere near butter, our two older cats, or when he’s just tired of being pet like he’s actually just a cat. So, for your viewing pleasure, Woodstock (Woody) Levon Timmy Mike Bang-Bang.

    Erg. I can’t copy and paste a picture…if you know how I can send you a pic I know you were totally appreciate, let me know how to do that….

    By the way, I look forward to your blog every day. You help me through many a day. Can’t wait for your next book. : )

  95. I was reading this to my fiancé and he goes, “Huh, now that cat does technically have eight legs.” You succeed after all.

  96. I love it!! Because I bought little pet costumes for my cats at Target this year, and took test photos of them so I would know how they will show up when we take our ACTUAL holiday photos. Brian said the torture must stop. I said call the photographer.

  97. it reminds me of when my brother dressed up his pet ferret with a green sock with the toes cut off. it was an inchworm costume. for a very unhappy ferret!

  98. Oh my god someone please tell me who makes that tiger because it really does look like Hobbes, and I want it so bad now!!

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