And that’s why I love twitter

This isn’t a real post.  It’s just an example of why I love twitter:


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  1. You’ve got to know when to hold ’em…and know when to fold ’em, alright.

    The Dose of Reality recently posted Pinterest Nightmare #472: Ryan Gosling Mini Bust.

  2. Well, I’m off to find my space squirrel to keep this party going!

    Chris recently posted How Canadians Learn To Ride A Bicycle.

  3. Yes! And awwww. That baby!

    Punky Coletta recently posted I showed you mine, now you show me yours!.

  4. You know you lost if you have a squirrel that doesn’t carry a gun.

  5. How did the world survive before Twitter? Someone tell me.

    Julie Chenell DeNeen recently posted A Sangria Hangover and a Weekly Wrap Up.

  6. Seriously want a squirrel to be Toot’s companion.

  7. there is a whole museum up here in alberta…

  8. That squirrel is hardcore!

    Stephanie recently posted Guest Posters, I Want You!.

  9. and it just keeps getting better y’all. If you just follow @TheBloggess that’s enough to make it worth the money

    Kari recently posted Rule 32 of Zombieland: Enjoy the Little Things.

  10. Jenny I freaking LOVE YOU!!! I agree with Stephanie! That squirrel is hardcore! 🙂

    Candy @ Candypolooza recently posted Saturday errr Sunday Shots.

  11. We had a pet squirrel once until the neighbor lured him away with Sun Chips.

    Vanessa recently posted Don't Make Me Flip My Bitch Switch..

  12. well played.

  13. Well, yours is a Texas squirrel.

    Sherry Carr-Smith recently posted BlissDom 2013: The Good, The Very Good, and The Awesome.

  14. So, my apartment complex keeps telling us not to feed the squirrels. I wonder if they would mind me giving them tiny guns. I’ll let you know how it goes.

    LisaR @ Who Stole My Baby? recently posted My couch has self-esteem issues and is also not very nice..

  15. ROFL at the hardcore squirrel.

    Courtney recently posted Almost there..

  16. I feel like twitter is a big inside joke. Still new at it, so I think I get this. Maybe…

    Tanessa recently posted Flying South.

  17. You win. That is all.

    Ashleigh recently posted Breaking?.

  18. It’s an evolution: Mama nurtures the baby squirrel, enrolls him in violin so that he’ll grow up cultured and intellectual. He rebels, like all young squirrels do at some time in their lives, and ends up a bandit with a gambling problem. Sure, he still carries around the violin case, only what’s inside these days makes a different kind of music…

    Hj recently posted Pujol - Dinner of a lifetime*.

  19. holy mother

    Todd recently posted I just like this one.

  20. I do believe you’ve out-squirreled yourself, ma’am. (of course it’s a thing) 😉

    Gina Fenton recently posted Daily Love Quote: #11 (Fyodor Dostoyevsky).

  21. Mine drinks beer, and I missed the Squirrel Twitter party. Now I’M drinking beer. And my squirrel is crying and yelling, “You NEVER let me hang out with the Twitter squirrels!!”

    Julie the Wife recently posted It’s Whoreticulture Friday! Issue 93.

  22. That’s pretty epic right there.

    Courtney recently posted It’s TOTALLY like Parcheesi {You know, but not}.

  23. Officially jealous…

    Danielle recently posted Funny. Even if it's just funny to me..

  24. There once was a young man called Cyril
    Who lived in a wood near South Wirrel
    Preserve wildlife they said
    But it went to his head
    So he promptly pickled a squirrel

  25. When I was just a baby my mama told me. Son,
    Gather up your acorns, don’t ever play with guns.
    But one day I shot a rodent just to watch him die.

    Laura @ Unlikely Explanations recently posted These Writing Tips Will Change Your Life.

  26. Pfft.
    Who brings a violin to a gunfight?

  27. I so don’t get Twitter. You get all of this awesomeness and I get a list of boringness.

    Shawn Walter recently posted How to organize plastic lids, kind of..

  28. So that’s what squirrels are such nasty, fearless little creatures. They’ll pop a tiny little cap in you if you don’t hand over the nuts. Mystery solved.

  29. Personally I have a love hate relationship with twitter but those fall on the love side….

    Corey Feldman recently posted Tonights Radio interview 4-4-13.

  30. one time i saw a squirrel climbing a telephone pole with a giant slice of pizza in his mouth. now that’s my kind of squirrel.

    Simone recently posted Am I for fucking real?.

  31. I do not get Twitter, so am not 100% sure to whom the props belong – but whomever stated “well … that escalated quickly” …. Oh. My. God. Winning!!

  32. 33
    Auntie Meme

    Our squirrels on our balcony in DC lined their nest with used condoms. Next stop, Etsy!

  33. I am seriously following the wrong Twitter crowd. I’m worse at picking people to follow than I am at picking the right checkout line at the grocery store.

    whatimeant2say recently posted What You Can Do While You Wait For Your Daughter to Become the Next Synchronized Swimming Champion.

  34. OK, now I want a baby squirrel!

  35. I really feel the need to write a soap opera about those squirrels and how one of them was cheating on the either and then ended up having a baby, and that drove one of them to a life of violence and crime.

    Holly Folly recently posted Repairing the Struts: The Bitter Taste of Defeat..

  36. Now I’m wondering what hand he’s holding, I’m guessing aces and eights. You peeked, didn’t you? I know I would have.

    Kellie @ Delightfully Ludicrous recently posted F is for Fandoms: I'm a fangirl, ask me how....

  37. I want a squirrel that plays a fiddle.

    Morgan Eckstein recently posted Ciceros in Toronto July 2013.

  38. Really cool squirrels play viola.

    Korinthia Klein recently posted Virtually Friends.



    leanne tankel recently posted Family Matters/ Pug Particulars.

  40. OMG I love animals playing instruments! I would consider owning a taxidermied (is that spelled right?) rodent if it were playing a tiny instrument.

    Dawnie recently posted SOC: This is what you gave me, whether you meant to or not.

  41. I love the baby one. so cute.

    Keaven recently posted Tunisian Crochet Afghans.

  42. I need to have followers like you on twitter. Would be so much more entertaining!

  43. 44
    Caroline Blake

    My Sweetpea shared this video with me this morning. I hate when my kid is cooler than me. Even though that’s like, always.

  44. What if you had an entire ballet troupe of squirrels performing Swan Lake… and one could be the Black Swan. Now that is something for the Christmas List. OR THE NUTCRACKER! Sorry, I had a lot of coffee today. Loved those pictures.

    Jean recently posted Embarrassing Things I Learned As An Adult.

  45. We once killed some baby mice by pitching a tent on them.

    Like little fuzzy gummy bears they were. In my weaker moments, that memory still draws a tear :'(

    thedavidcmurphy recently posted Picture Perfect.

  46. I thought of you today, because I was driving back to Houston from San Antonio and saw a billboard advertising a taxidermist. It had a picture of a deer. Now I’m thinking he might get more business if he had a picture of a squirrel with a gun.

    Alison from Everything I Need to Know, I Learned from Scottish Folk Music recently posted A simple shopping trip? Not if I'm involved..

  47. I saw a taxidermist while driving through Texas. It was called Stuff It Taxidermy. It made me smile and think of you.

    Karen Peterson recently posted I always figured I'd get blocked on Facebook eventually, but for something more interesting..

  48. Ha ha. I miss seeing squirrels running about now that I no longer live in TX.

    Check out these little guys (or gals)…
    {Scenes of squirrels in everyday life}

    Weird, but cute. Lol

    KC White recently posted Live With Purpose: Create a Vision Board.

  49. I never realized that baby squirrels were so tiny and adorable!

    Also, my best friend’s mom has a stuffed squirrel that protects her candy bowl. It would be creepy and ward me off if I wasn’t a candy fiend who would easily push aside a dead squirrel to eat 3-7 Almond Joys.

    Quirky Chrissy recently posted Comment on Brian Shares Saturday: Dolphins, Sloth in Space and Creepy Koala by Quirky Chrissy.

  50. Ok, Jenny, you win…I’m getting on the Twitter train (it’s a train, right?) but FOR THE RECORD I avoided this for 7 years! I told myself I would never do it but I just can’t stand to miss gems like this.

    Also last Wednesday I got barked at by a whole goddamn GANG of squirrels! I was walking in a person’s yard and they were all “get off ma lawn, young whipper-snapper!” Now if THEY had had guns, I’d be scared for sure because they would have teached me a lesson that day! I never thought I’d meet a whole gang of old man squirrels. I guess I’ll scratch that off the bucket list!

    Rooski recently posted When your life blows up, don't get a tattoo.

  51. I saw this as it happened and it was glorious. It took my mind off the squirrel in my neighbor’s tree that hasn’t moved for a few days. (RIP Squirrelly.)

  52. 53
    Lady Penelope

    Touche, Madam Bloggess, touche.

  53. 54
    No one in particular

    If you were a squirrel
    And I was your lady
    Would you marry me anyway
    Would you carry my baby
    In your mouth

  54. that settles it. i have a “man cave” all of my own now. muahahahah and there shall be some kind of mounted taximdermied rodent playing cards. or sports. or politics, i haven’t decided what just yet. but this space is mine.

    YES I’m forbidden to have a giant metal chicken out front by the Lovely Missus. YES there’s probably some local regulation forbidding it too (small metal chickens are apparently a gray area). But this, THIS my dear heroine is something I shall, nay, MUST have.

    and some sleep. Clearly i need that too. i’ll try that first.

  55. That squirrel must have been holding aces and eights, though.

    See you, space cowboy…..

  56. Awesomeness, I totally need to work out Twitter.

    Kattie recently posted Exhaustion.

  57. Oh, Twitter… However, I wouldn’t say that is so much an escalation as evolution! Brace yourself, the squirrels are coming.

    Amelia recently posted NaNoWriMo (Why picking the right metaphor will always win an argument).

  58. If I had the photos without comments I would of course known which squirrel is yours Jenny. Your creatures are always gangster.

    Vivian recently posted Deviant Dogs.

  59. This is why I love the net. Especially places like ‘cuz you get to see and experience the most random crap out there. Where else would I get to see cats falling off tables and so forth.
    I wonder what kind of after taste carrying a baby squirrel around in your mouth would leave?

    The Cheeky Daddy

    Jason recently posted The Ultimate Blog Party 2013 - A Bit About The Cheeky Daddy.

  60. Squirrels are EVIL. They have a vast conspiracy to crash the powergrid and wreck our economy.

  61. OMG I really love your twitter feed! But I got really confused when you said Victor bought a house when you were touring in California? Because just a few days ago you’d tweeted how you have like a new house with fences to keep your stalker away? Is this like a second house?

    Okay, I’m beginning to sound like the stalker now. But I’m really scared of your squirrel….he’s totally badass so you have *nothing* to worry about!!

    (It’s a second house until the one we’re in now sells, but considering this one will be empty of all furniture it won’t be a very functional second house. We’ve been looking for something for awhile, but pulled the trigger on the house that we’d both seen and liked. Now to pack. ~ Jenny)

    Miss Gee recently posted Making The Trivial Count..

  62. Reading your book now, laughing till we had to pull over and pee at the what’s burger in Desoto! Not kidding! Thanks

  63. Looks like mama is about to dine on her offspring. Hee hee her

  64. That is one BAD AZZ Squirrel!!! NOW, you playin this hand or what?

    TheFeelGoodDepot recently posted 2 year Old Picks Lock to Steal Sister’s Toys @ The Feel Good Depot.

  65. NICE!!! Rootin Tootin Cowboy!!! lol

  66. Twiitter squirrels…brilliant!

    Holly from 300 Pounds Down recently posted Unplugging from the Food Matrix.

  67. Baby squirrels look remarkably like baby gerbils. Do you suppose we could swap the babies out and the squirrels/gerbils would be any wiser? THAT’S the ‘switched at birth’ story I want to see. They both go to the same high school. The squirrel is an all-star cheerleader, on par for a full-ride college scholarship. The gerbil is the least acrobatic member of her family and must be the water girl while her family performs aerial feats. At night she cries into her pillow. Then one day, the lawyers for the hospital come forward and their whole lives change.

    Allison recently posted The Friday Five - I Have My Reasons.

  68. Now I want to pet a squirrel… 🙂 Thanks!

  69. These are almost too horrible to laugh at.

  70. Aww, baby squirrel is so cute. I kind of want a stuffed squirrel to keep in my office since squirrels are kind of the unofficial mascot of the school I work at. But I think it would horrify people just a little too much.

    Alison recently posted a Foolish thing I did for Fabulous Food.

  71. I started humming “The Gambler” to the card playing squirrel. Kenny Rogers was in order for that one.

  72. Jenny, I think you’d love the Gopher Hole museum in Torrington, Alberta.

  73. I think you are slowly wearing me down on the taxidermied animal question. Instead of “Why the hell would I want one in my house” it is morphing into “How many can I put in my one house.”

  74. My hard-core raccoons could totally beat your hard-core squirrel in a banjo duel.

    Kathy Lynn Harris recently posted Things That Happen to Me That Don’t Happen to Other People.

  75. Ah, the internet…. Bringing all the weirdness of the world right into our living rooms.

    Emelie recently posted I’m Pretty Sure It Was Clark Kent in the Squirrel Costume..

  76. So many funny comments. I would miss all of this if I didn’t follow you on Twitter and your blog.

    Squirrels are very clever. When I was growing up in Iowa, there was a squirrel that knew exactly how high up the big tree our dachshund could reach and would stay one inch about that level and chitter while the dog barked his head off in frustration.

    Sue recently posted I will not rent out the space in my head..

  77. Can I borrow the gun-totin’ poker-playin’ squirrel for Poker Night?

    Darcy Perdu recently posted Sex in a Pan.

  78. There is not a better critter with better personality for random props and taxidermy poses than a squirrel. Seriously.

    Kp recently posted No Regrets!.

  79. smoking kills, squirrely!

    monica recently posted Let's hope unicorning pays well..

  80. You have an online community of joke taxidermy photography?
    Twitter is just a tool. This is the Power of the Internet.

    CM recently posted High school reunion.

  81. And…that’s why I will be doubling my Ambien dosage this evening.

    Here’s to hoping I don’t have nightmares about squirrels raising human fetuses.

    Okay, part of me wants that to happen.

    Lisa Newlin recently posted Why I love Opening Day and Cardinals baseball.

  82. The armed, Western, poker-playing squirrel is the bomb. I hope your taxidermied menagerie gets their very own room in the next house.

  83. 84
    Josette Russon

    We need your masterful taxidermy makeover skills here in Colorado to freshen up the musty props at the Buckhorn Exchange!

  84. 85
    kathi wright

    my all-time favorite item when i was a child was a tiny taxidermied squirrel that i took with me everywhere. i loved that thing. it was beautiful. i would sit it on my shoulder while we drove in the car… one day it disappeared. i suspect my father threw it away, thinking that dolls were a better toy.

  85. Long time no see, Grover Cleveland. Sorry about that time my cats ate your face. Hope there are no hard feelings.

    Jenny, when I met you in Boston last year, I totally blanked on telling you how flattered and elated I was that you wrote about me and that dead (sexy) squirrel in your book. Sometimes when I’m in bookstores, I pull your book off the shelf, open to p. 289 and then nod knowingly to shoppers standing nearby. I haven’t been arrested. Yet.

    alonewithcats recently posted This is why I shouldn’t be allowed to meet celebrities.

  86. The story how a squirrel gets born become a violinist and turns into a gun man… evolution? or pollution?

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