Okay, if you aren’t an avid reader of this blog this will make no sense at all so just skip to the post I wrote this morning about taxidermy robot mice instead.

For everyone else who has been here long enough to understand The Great Twine Debacle of 2012 please read on…

I’m just now catching up on last week’s Doctor Who, and there’s a scene at the beginning where he’s being searched and exactly what comes out of his pocket?

The Doctor's Pockets. Which would make an excellent episode, now that I think about it. Please get on this, Neil Gaiman.
The Doctor: "I would like a receipt for that."
You know what that is? THAT'S TWINE, MOTHERFUCKERS.

Is it a random coincidence?  Possibly.  Except that most Whovians agree there are no random coincidences when it comes to Doctor Who.  Only awesomeness.  And twine.

Also, it’s ridiculous how happy this bit of random nonsense makes me and I choose to believe that it is a special message to all of us about the importance of being ridiculously silly whenever possible.

Thank you, Doctor.  You have no idea how much I needed that.

I don't know who made this image so I can't credit them, but this is one of my favorite Doctor quotes ever and it fits so damn well here. (ETA: The artist is Mel Siermaczeski. Click image for link.)

PS. For fellow Whovians, tomorrow is Impossible Astronaut Day.  Thought you should know:

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  1. WHERE is Nathan Fillion?! Summon him, immediately, if not sooner. He may change his position, now that we have new information.

  2. They never explained the doll, which I am completely amused by. I love how he always has exactly what he needs in his pockets. HE’S LIKE MACGYVER BUT BETTER. HE HAS TWINE.

  3. You know how they always work future companions into past shows in clever ways…This could be your nod! In two years, the Doctor might have a companion who’s always getting side tracked by ethically taxidermied aliens!

  4. Twine! Of course The Doctor would have twine, and, of course, we all know there are NO coincidences.

  5. Speaking of TWINE – I watched Saving Private Ryan yesterday. I don’t recommend it. But while I was watching I couldn’t help but notice that Nathan Fillion was in the movie. SPOILER ALERT: He was blown to smithereens. Serves him right for being a douche-nugget for not sending you of him holding a spool of twine…even if it WAS in the movies.

    In my heart, I was adding another tally mark to my “THE BLOGGESS WINS” spreadsheet. It’s a hypothetical spreadsheet…but I instantly thought of you…so that’s gotta count for something, right?

  6. I totally watched that episode!! The minute I saw the twine I thought of you and cheered for joy. My husband was very confused.

  7. “Never ignore a coincidence. Unless you’re busy in which case always ignore a coincidence.” -The Pandorica Opens

    See? It’s practically like Moffett himself WROTE YOU INTO THE SCRIPT. Now *you* are welcome.

  8. Jenny,
    Some might ask WHY? But those of us in the know, will surely say WHY NOT? Keep on, keeping on. When is book number 2 coming out? Love, Laurie F.

  9. I wish I could understand the allure of Dr. Who. 🙁 I don’t get it. But everybody’s on it.

  10. omg. If only Nathan Fillion was making a guest appearance, and played the role as the captain…..that would be brilliant!

  11. See, I thought “yarn” first after “The Wedding of River Song” where he is observed sitting in a chair and reading a book that I think was entitled Knitting For Girls.

    BUT. It can be twine. That would make me ridiculously happy too.

  12. Ok, my first thought when I saw your tweet was….OMGOSH, HE FINALLY SENT YOU A PICTURE?!?!?! Then I had a small sad, when I didn’t see Nathan on the page…..but then I had a happy because, THE DOCTOR was there instead! And thank you for the info on tomorrow! I only know one person that I see on a regular basis that would get it, but I think I’m going to have to do it anyhow!!

  13. I screamed it on the couch “TWINE!!!!!!!” my family just didn’t understand….

  14. I’m going to get looks and questions at work and school, but dammit, I’m putting marks on my arms for The Impossible Astronaut day.

  15. Just make sure, when people ask about the tally marks, that you act surprised that they’re there, suddenly afraid, and excuse yourself muttering something about “the Silence.”

  16. Fantastic! This entire season of watching for tidbits from previous Doctors has been such fun, how did I miss the twine?

  17. Childish implies tantrums due to an object of affection not posting a photo with twine just to appease you.
    Child-like is being filled with joy at random twine being in the pocket of another object of affection, even a fictional one. You know the difference, the poster does not.

  18. Those in the know understand the importance of twine. Hence the Dr. has some.

  19. That is such a fantastic version of a shout out!!
    Kind of like the news anchor on channel 9 who is somehow able to slip me personal directives in between stories. Man she’s had me do some crazy crap haha!

  20. I actually saw that last week and thought of you! I thought everyone else would think me crazy so said nothing. I also saw someone else begging for Simon Pegg to be the next Doctor. Was that you too?

  21. I saw that and totally thought of you! Screw NC, you’ve got The Doctor and twine.

  22. Mary Tyler Mom had a dream about Twine……so weird… if Nathan F. would accidently hold twine it would make my week

  23. ahhh, of course it was mother fucking twine. how about that nate fillion? i bet he secretly hates being such a twine-downer.

  24. Twine. I love that word (and I love every single time we discuss it on this site).
    And I love the word parcels.
    Because of course the Doctor has twine with which to tie up parcels.
    (Is that a Barbie?)

  25. Never seen Dr. Who. But on a side note, I live within an hour’s drive of the largest ball of twine. You can be alone in the room with said twine. Sign the guestbook, visit the gift shop. Darwin, Minnesota 🙂

  26. It is also my son’s 14th birthday. He happens to be a Whovian. I may wrap his gifts with twine….

  27. I’m tempted to mark myself tomorrow but I work in an office where I have to be “professional.” I may have to wear long sleeves so I can roll them up randomly during the day and have more added each time.

  28. Could the Doctor possibly rock any harder?
    I think not.
    If you liked The Cold War, Jenny, then this week’s ep must have rocked your socks off! Thanks for the Impossible Astronaut Day tip, by the way.
    You’re a Whovian’s best friend!

  29. Maybe you can get various Doctors to hold twine for you…I bet Matt Smith would. David Tennant probably would…I’m not so sure about Christopher Eccleston though.


    Also, you better believe I’m going to be walking around all day with a sharpee and marks on my arms. I also have an OB appt tomorrow… wonder if I should put some marks on my belly to freak her out.

  31. Well, we all must grow older and all. But that doesn’t mean we should not keep our inner child alive.

  32. I was yelling, “TWINE!!” at the TV and my husband thought nothing of it. He’s barely even phased by my crazy anymore. Sad.

    Tomorrow, along with the tally marks, I’ll be talking into my hand like I have a nano recorder – just to add to the fun.

  33. I’m glad Nathan failed to come through with the twine photo, because if he had then we’d all be momentarily all “Yay! Nathan with twine!!” and then go on about our lives. But since he refused we all get to experience random moments of happiness at seeing other people with twine. Moments we never would have had without Nathan turning the twine down. We could have had a single happy moment. Instead we get many many moments.

  34. I was going to say he is just like Macgyver with everything he pulls our of his pockets but somebody beat me to it already.

  35. I have never watched dr. Who (please don’t throw things) but this twine business has sold me on it.

  36. Twine – so much better than celery.

    Also, the artist of that poster is Theadora Mansueto –

    If you go to google image search and click on the camera icon in the search bar, you can search by an image’s URL and google will tell you where else on the internet that image appears. Great for finding sources 😉

  37. When the twine came out of his pocket I literally screamed “If The Doctor can do it why can’t you Nathan Fillion, WHY CAN’T YOU!!”

  38. Any good Whovian should know that in Genesis of The Daleks the Doctor was asked to empty his pockets, and he proceeded to fill a box with all sorts of bizarre things (including an etheric beam locator). At the time he didn’t pull out any twine, but I’m almost certain he had some on his person–perhaps hidden in one of his shoes. Because, of all people, the Doctor would know you can get along without an etheric beam locator but without twine you’re in trouble.

  39. The Doctor’s Pockets – oh yes. That would be a scary, emotional episode I would love to see!

  40. I’m afraid I’m no Whovian (I tend to be commitmentphobic about things I know I’ll love because I feel like I just can’t give the time to my potential new obsession that said potential new obsession deserves, and so I hide from awesomeness in order to protect my precious meandering-around-on-Facebook time that I really don’t need to spend).

    However, I am a twine-hard (twine-o-phile? twiner?). I decided to include an homage to you Bloggess, on my website last year:

  41. When I saw this, I did think of you. Of course, I did. I have a feeling, though, that this twine in the pocket thing is a nod to Tom Baker’s Doctor. The sets and quality of those shows are now very dated, but, if you can stand that, I recommend you find those episodes. You’ll find Sarah Jane in them as well as K-9.

  42. I too laughed at the twine in the Doctor’s pocket and I totally thought of you. I’m glad I didn’t tweet something at you, I would have spoiled it for you.

    Also, there is clearly a connection: Matt Smith’s next movie, “How to Catch a Monster” is also starring Christina Hendricks who was in Firefly (Yo-Saph-Bridge) with NATHAN FILLION!!! The Doctor was clearly sending you a signal that he supports you in the great twine debacle. Also, it’s a dual message: to Nathan to man up and send you a photo of some goddamn twine already.

    Shhh. I’ve said too much.

  43. I don’t even watch Dr. Who but of course I got happy when I saw the Dr. with twine. Take that Nathan Fillion!!!

  44. Uh, duh. the awesome of this cannot be stated in mere words. uh, duh…

  45. I need a crash course in Dr. Who crap and a point in the right direction for getting started on this series (what tv channel does it come on?).

  46. I’m secretly praying that Nathan Fillion’s next film director will make him hold twine for artistic reasons.

  47. I noticed that when his pockets were emptied. And honestly you were the first thought I had!

  48. On a somewhat unrelated but Whovian note…I was at a work event for admitted students on Friday (I work at a university), and one of the parents attending was very tall and thin, with sort of sticky-up hair, and was wearing a very snazzy blue striped blazer. We’d just finished watching the last David Tennant episode, and I was feeling very sad about it…and this guy looked so much like the Doctor! Then, in the second half of the event he asked a question…and he was BRITISH. I SO, SO wanted to ask him where he was hiding the Tardis, but it would have been completely inappropriate. But maybe it’s better this way…I can just pretend he really was the Doctor.

  49. I noticed that when I watched it last night! I thought it was yarn as I was watching it in itty bitty format on my laptop. Thanks for clarifying! Now I’m just excited. 😀 I Love the Doctor!!!!!

  50. ALL twine references are a nod to you Jenny, especially in Whoville. No, wait, that’s somewhere else entirely. Lol

  51. Wasn’t there a picture of Matt and Nathan floating around Facebook last week? Hmmm

    When I saw the twine, I felt like it had to have meant something, but I didn’t make the connection. Makes total sense.

  52. you just made a whovian out of me… something my boyfriend has been attempting for years… but you madam… you just converted me

  53. WOOOOO HOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!! Made of WIN! (Or twine – they’re the same really.)

  54. Guys, you need to ease up on Nathan. It is starting to be distressingly like bullying. Leave him alone. Glad that there was a nice bit for The Bloggess in Who (although like some others, I thought it was yarn, let’s just say it was twine because that’s better).

  55. This is obviously the universe’s way of telling you something. I don’t know what it’s telling you, but it’s probably something.

    Fricking twine!

  56. No coincidences at. all. That is TWINE! Time Lord Twine. It doesn’t get better than that. (Unless Nathan Fillion is the next Doctor and then HE finds TWINE. OMG. The awesomeness will explode everyone’s mind.)

  57. I have officially corrupted my daughter and I would like to thank you for your assistance. She and I have a similar sense of humor. I often show her your blog posts and we have both read your book. (Laughed hysterically to the point of tears on multiple occasions by the way.) She was just telling me about The Impossible Astronaut day not 10 minutes before I pulled up today’s post. She is now even more your fan! A fellow Whovian, she is even more amazed at your overwhelming awesomeness.

  58. I forgive you now, Nathan Fillion because the Doctor holding twine is far more epic than one little photo ever could have been.

  59. I have been reading your blog since last year, but I read it like I’d read a book, right from the very beginning….and this? makes so much of perfect cosmic sense? that you shouldn’t even be calling it “being silly”!!! 🙂 This cheered me up a LOT as well!

  60. Holy moly. I was just thinking about the twine situation! Earlier today. It’s like I read this post via the ethers!!

  61. Impossible Astronaut Day?! Woohoo. I’m a little worried that if I draw tally marks on my arms I won’t run into anyone smart enough to understand what it means… oh well, you have totake chances sometimes, right?

    There are no coincidences. That’s probably meant to be in his pocket. Very peculiar. Also, I miss River Song–I like Clara, but I do miss her. Let’s hope she shows up soon.

  62. Damn the time difference: sometimes it doesn’t pay to be hours ahead of the USA. I totally missed Impossible Astronaut day (& it’s a bit too late to head out now)…

  63. Oh, thank you for the reminder! I am now festooned with tally marks.

    I am guessing that I was all up on the tally mark thing this morning while I was getting ready, but was looking at a Silence as I was thinking about it, then lowered my eyes to take a sip of coffee and you know what happened then.

  64. Oh. My. Gawd. The Doctor is real, AND HE READS YOUR BLOG! Also, to those suggesting it must be yarn because the Doctor might knit? He’s the DOCTOR, FGS. He wouldtotally knit with twine.

    Now you must excuse me, I have hashmarks to draw.

  65. I did this and no one was freaked out. I asked Big Tuna why and he’s said it’s cause I do weird shit all the time so who would notice. Touche Big Tuna, touche!

  66. Jenny…I love that you’ve created this world of followers who seemingly randomly get excited whenever they see twine. Brilliant. I admit that I think of you every time I need to use twine, or see twine. Also, I dream about walking onto the set of Castle and sticking a roll of twine in the pocket of Nathan Fillion’s jacket, and then following him around with a camera until he ‘finds’ it. That sounds pretty stalker-ish now that it is out of my head.

  67. I’m going to the Dallas Comic-Con next month to see Nathan Fillion. Think I can find some twine jewelry to sneak into the photo?

  68. As a non-Whovian (I have watched Dr. Who but it was ages ago and haven’t had time to really get back into it – I’M SO SORRY) are the marks like a secret high five to one another?

    I want to be freaked out but right now I’m just mildly confused.

  69. Can’t help but mix my fantastical fiction: “What has it got in its pocketses?”

  70. Thought of you when I watched this!

    I think you need a taxidermy tour of London with Arthur Darvill as well!

  71. Jenny, can you tell me how to share the tardis photo about growing up and childish? I would like it for myself and to share with others who continue to tell me “don’t be childish”. Thanks.

  72. Forehead slap. I totally missed the significance of the twine. Too bad the picture isn’t the Doctor holding the twine.

    I would love to see an episode about the Doctor’s pockets. I’m anxious to see the upcoming one that explores the Tardis. The Doctor’s Wife is one of my favorite episodes. That episode really emphasized that the Tardis is alive.

  73. I know I love that one Sue. Although I do so look forward to each episode and love most of them.
    On a completely different note; my sister kept getting her lunch stolen at work. So I planted the idea to put a note in it saying she had poisoned something in the lunch. So far it has worked like a charm. I wanted to thank you for the idea and thought that would make a wonderful lunch box, but that is up to you.

  74. DUDE! I just nominated you for a “Sunshine Award” because we can’t get enough Sunshine this time of year and also – that’s what you are to me. Sunshine. There are instructions on what to do about this award on my blog and if you are so inclined, check it out and nominate your own favorite peeps to get it.

    Wow – this seems like spam. It’s not…

    It’s just me, Carm…awarding you with an award because I love the fucking SHIT out of you.

  75. I am so with you on this. No way is that a coincidence! I promise when I am a famous writer instead of a HR Pro and a writer, I will so send you a picture of me with twine!

  76. OMG! That is so very awesome and I can’t believe I missed it while watching it!

  77. Jenny – I wondered if anyone had brought this to your attention yet: a blog called “Live Granades – like a blog, but explodier” (which leads me to suspect that the blogger, Stephen Granade, is a fan of YOURS – as well he should be!). His entry from 4/18/2013 is titled: “Even If You Don’t Blink, The Weeping Angels Will Still Get You”.


  78. Jenny – Have you seen this? Very awesome.

  79. OH. MY. GOD. So hoping you’re onto something here.
    That’s one of my favourite things about Doctor Who, the millions of amazing little details they weave into, so many that you usually don’t notice them at first, without someone pointing them out…but once they have, WOAH WOW OMG.
    (PS. Even though I detest my current school, I was almost disappointed that Australia is in school holidays right now, so I couldn’t really do the tally-mark thing because it doesn’t work when you see no one else that day but your brother, and he’s equally obsessed with Doctor Who and the internet.)

  80. You are responsible, once again, for my children thinking that I have gone crazy. The teaser on Facebook for this post led me to shout, “Nater Tater caved!” But, alas, no Nathan Fillion (whom I had never heard of before the Twine Episodes).

    Still, pretty cool stuff. And no great harm done, my kids already thought I was crazy. They did make me promise never to shout anything like “Nater Tater caved!” when their friends are visiting.

  81. When I saw people wandering around San Diego on Tuesday with hash marks on their arms, I was completely unaware of the Dr. Who reference, so I assumed they were all avid Batman Detective Comics fans. Do a quick search for “Batman tallyman” and it suddenly becomes a much creepier form of cosplay!

  82. I’m bookmarking this so I can visit it whenever I’m about to go off the rails at work. The hysterical laughter it elicits is fine. Everyone here already thinks I’m nuts.

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