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  1. Feeling like xome champagne tonight.


    Proud of TX women last night.

  2. Thank you!!! I am so, so, so excited for this day. I live in Georgia and it will pretty much be the last state to legalize gay marriage, but my partner of 7 years and I are SUPER excited about this day in history! Changes will be coming very fast and very soon for all the States!

    BIG thanks to Edie Windsor…amazing!

  3. Today was a great day for equality, liberty, and all the other things that make us Americans. I am so, so, so proud of all the work of so many today, and so proud to be a straight ally and member of the HRC. My heart is full, so very, very full. 🙂

  4. I was trying to explain to my six year old why getting rid of DOMA was exciting, and she thinks it means she can marry her uncle, who’s gay. Six year old logic is confusing, but at least she’s happy.

  5. just got a picture from my sister in law of her girlfriend’s son dancing for joy that his mommy’s can get married (thy paraphrased for him). Yeah we’re pretty thrilled

  6. Yeehaw is damn right. There is still much to do. My marriage in Maryland would not be legal in Texas or about 38 other states. But it’s a good start and a better day than yesterday.

  7. Its a great day in America, between the SCOTUS decision and Sen. Davis’ pink sneakers, I’m feeling as giddy as I did when Obama was first elected. There’s hope for America yet.

  8. Such an amazing, joyous day, filled with love. I’ve watched this video before but today it made me tear up. I’m so proud that we are making (tiny) steps forward to equality. Love is love.

  9. It happened!!! A big day today after a late night last night watching the goat rodeo in Texas. #goodnews for so many today.

  10. I follow such wonderful people on my social media sites. They have made me smile, laugh, and weep with their happiness. This is another one of those wonderful moments. This song and video is absolutely beautiful and has made me cry with hope and love.

    Thank you for sharing this. It helps to make my heart overflow.

  11. “no judgement.” this is exactly the right sentiment. and thank you for this. it makes my heart happy.

  12. You made me cry but in a good way. This is an historic day and I am so happy that my friends and my younger brother can finally be married, for good, bad or otherwise, just like everyone else. Plus gay weddings are so much fun, there needs to be more of them. 🙂

  13. So happy for the news today. Still hoping and dreaming of a day when kids in school are learning about all this, and thinking how crazy it was that people were treated as second class citizens just because of who they loved.

  14. That video was great! I cried happy tears watching it and thinking about SCOTUS’ decisions. I know there is still more to do, but today was a great step forward. Also, I LOVE that the video is of an interracial couple. Still dismayed that people would disapprove of my marriage, my daughter, or even my self based on race. Still, today is a great day.

  15. After last night’s Texas debacle, I was waiting to see your reaction to the ruling on DOMA. I’m so happy today turned out to be a good day!!

  16. Apparently Mike Huckabee is saying “Jesus wept.” Of course he did. Who doesn’t cry at the wedding of two people who are in love?

  17. I reposted this with a three hankie warning. I’m verklempt and I don’t even know exactly what that word means.

  18. “No freedom until we’re equal. Damn right I support it.” It’s a beautiful day.

  19. My little brother, who is 21, just came out to us last year. I was so happy for him this morning. Not because he has anyone special in his life right now, but because when he does, nothing will be in their way. They can express their love and commit their lives to each other in the same way that myself and my fiance will be later this year.

  20. Beautiful video, thanks for sharing it. Craig Ferguson begins every show by saying, “It’s a great day for America!” Well, today really is.

  21. THAT’S RIGHT AMERICA !! Because wine!

    My spouse and I plan a very special evening – we are going to shred the power of attorney and other legal documents that both of us carry in our glove compartments in case we are in a car accident and the hospital denies us access to one another. [My mother-in-law had a stroke and I was denied access to her hospital room. My partner had to go in alone while I waited outside.] Our Marriage Certificate is all we need.

    It’s an awesome day.

  22. Amazing video! About damn time!!! I can’t wait to buy some wonderful wedding gifts for some very good friends!!

  23. I’m crying and I’m not even American, but that may be the pregnancy! I don’t live there, but can’t wait to see my best friend walking down the aisle with the man he chooses. Well done ‘Merica! We’re all the same. =)

  24. I was literally tearing up at my desk as the news flashed across my Facebook wall.
    Then I was grinning so hard my face hurt.

    Kind of bummed that I have an out-of-town gig this weekend – because that’s when Chicago’s Pride parade is scheduled, and it’s going to be EPIC!

    And it’s already having legal effect. A Columbian man who is legally married in NY to an American Citizen – his deportation proceedings have been halted. Because now the INS has to admit that he’s married to a citizen.


  25. Congrats to the people of the USA. Well done. Keep moving forward, your work isn’t finished yet.

  26. So many happy tears today. Thank you for posting this and adding to them. <3

  27. This starts to make up for the lost faith in humanity I suffered when my own home state passed Prop 8. I don’t know if I’ll ever be able to forget how absolutely disappointed I was in my fellow Californians as I watched the polls roll in that day after the election. That was truly gutting. These knuckle draggers all better get it together soon’s all I got to say to them.

    Thank you to SCOTUS for doing the right thing. We’ll temporarily overlook the VRA dismantling for today.

  28. Photos are incredible! Have been working outside today away from computer / radio so just heard the news. Crying my eyes out in happiness. The world needs all the love it can get. Love triumphs in the end!!

  29. That video is amazing, it brought tears to my eyes! I’m so happy for all my friends that are now “equal”. Love is love!

  30. Living in California, knowing and loving so many wonderful gay people throughout my life, watching them get shot down over and over, I never thought this would actually happen. I almost can’t even believe it. Way to FINALLY join the 21st century, took you long enough!!

  31. This video made me teary. It was lovely, especially the end bit where they were together until death (intimated).

    As much as gay marriage has been legal in Canada for close to a decade, same sex couples still suffer stigma & persecution here. Which makes my heart ache. I still don’t get why people judge others on their skin colour, sexual orientation, or religion. Different is good. Different is beautiful. Different, when accepted, leads to a better world.

    I thank my Gram for teaching me to accept others as they are, and work hard to be kind every day. She was a generous soul, and a wonderful woman.

    Thanks, Jenny, for making me remember her today.

  32. Woo hoo! I was so thrilled this morning when the announcement finally came!

  33. One more step towards the reality that my children will be adults in a world that says “Wtf? You mean to tell me there was a time when Jane and Melissa were banned from uniting? Guys were really beaten to death for being gay? What was wrong with you people?”

  34. I was very fearful of the ruling, given how the Court had decided cases earlier this week. But when they decided DOMA was unconstitutional today, I was ecstatic!
    That video is beautiful!

  35. Great video, great song, great message…seems like we are finally getting it!

  36. Love you.
    Love this news.
    Love your post.
    Love the video.
    But why does the facebook post for this link say “Pregnancy Calender at Alpha Mom: Amalah’s week-by-week guide to the miracle of pregnancy and all the various indignities that come with it.”?
    so confused…

    (For some reason Facebook sometimes picks up the sidelinks as part of the story. God knows why. ~Jenny)

  37. Yeehaw, y’all! What a beautiful day. Thanks, Jennie, for your post.

  38. Between Wendy Davis last night and SCOTUS today, I’ve been pretty teary eyed all day.

  39. I turned off the volume because I wanted to see the video, but I was also watching a show already, but that made me want to happy-cry even without sound. Truly beautiful!

  40. I hadn’t seen that video. It made me cry. My 72 year old uncle can now marry his partner of 30+ years. It’s a good, good, good day.

  41. There’s much more to be done, but it is truly a wonderful start. That song makes me cry every.single.time.

  42. Beautiful vid.. and I was at work when the word hit. I so wanted to do the ugly cry, I was so happy. Being a receptionist does not make it easy to do the ugly cry >.< Still.. yeeeeeehawwwwwwww

  43. One step side ways on affirmative action, one step backward…..the striking down of article 4 of the Voter Rights Act….. but two steps forward with the striking down of DOMA and the removal of Prop 8.

    ALL of these are civil rights issues. We’ve come a long way, but we have a very long to go. It looks like we may finally be back on the road to civil rights for ALL of We, the People.

  44. The human race just took another step towards adulthood. Thanks gods.

  45. So fiercely happy for the couple of right steps that have been taken, but, yeah… long road still ahead.

  46. No, YOU’RE doing a full-on ugly cry in front of everyone in the break room. I’m so happy right now I can hardly contain it.

  47. Yesterday I came across a FB post written by my own 14 year old son:
    I read a post by I Fucking Love Science that talked about gay flamingos. Then I made the mistake of reading the comments that followed. There were a surprising amount of homophobic comments. Sure I know they exist, but how did those people find the page anyway?

    Dear those people, I think you’re trying to find the page; I Fucking Love What I Think is Science but is Actually The Fucking Bible.

    I was so proud I teared up a little. I fucking love my fucking son. And what do I have to say to Those People? Suck it. The next generation is turning out awesome!

    Justice, reason and Wendy Davis 2016.

  48. 1. “a raucous crowd of chanting, singing, shouting demonstrators effectively took over the Texas Capitol and blocked a bill that abortion rights groups warned would close most abortion clinics in the state” That, ladies and gentlemen, is democracy in action. Wendy Davis = hero.
    2. DOMA is dead.
    3. Pink running shoes = the new MUST-have accessory

    The events of the last 24 hours have been sponsored by: 100% Pure Awesome

  49. Did a major major happy dance when I heard the news. Then I logged onto FB and read all the hate filled screeches from some “Christians” I know. Love is patient, Love is kind.

  50. This really means a lot. I loved that song yesterday, and I love it even more yesterday. I really can’t change, not only if I wanted to or if I tried, but even though I wanted to and even though I tried.

  51. I consider myself a Christian. And, I believe exactly what Mr. Rogers shared throughout his life, regardless of any other factor, “God Loves You Just the Way You Are.” Let’s treat everyone the same legally.

    I suppose he might just make an exception for Hitler, but that’s okay.

  52. yeehaw is right! I’ve waited 31 years for this day.

    We have miles to go. But this feels like a huge step to me. When I think of where we were.

  53. An amazing small step forward. An amazing song. An amazing moment that I just shared with my 15 year old daughter as we sat here together watching and crying.

  54. If the court keeps this up, I’m going to have to forgive them for the whole Al Gore thing.

    It’s a good, good day.

  55. Between Davis, Van de Putte & Watson (and the amazing gallery) kicking all the ass last night, the scuttling of DOMA, it’s mostly good. But the VRA needs its guts back because after the shenanigans that the TX Lege tried to pull in front of 180,000+ viewers, we cannot trust them not to gerrymander the HELL out of the progressive districts in TX — and TX isn’t the only battleground right now. Ohio, North Carolina, Wisconsin — all a bit nuts right now.

    But I’m gonna dance today. Because today, good things have happened.

    But I won’t stop shouting till equality surrounds everyone.

  56. So stinkin excited for today! In the wake of the supreme court ruling, a good friend finally felt comfortable enough to ‘come out’ publicly today.

    I’m so thrilled for everyone!

  57. Knew I wouldn’t make it through the day without tears of joy, this just helped them fall. Today was a win for love.

  58. I’m so happy… and that is such a beautiful video that I’m grateful that I buy tissues in bulk. I finished off a box on happy tears.

    Happy tears are so much nicer then sad, heart broken tears… and I REALLY need to buy stock in whichever company makes Puffs with aloe. 🙂

  59. Now we wait for the day that the hate loses and every state allows equality.

  60. That video was awesome and made me cry. It made me so grateful that so many couples can now have the same rights that my husband and I have. Now just to get my home state of Wisconsin and all the others to legalize same-sex marriage.

  61. Thank you so much for posting that video. I cried like a baby watching it…

  62. wonderful video and wonderful day of celebration! Take that! Baptists!!!

  63. I’m all for gay rights but jeez this scared the crap out of me when I’m sitting at work and have no idea where the music is coming from!

  64. So happy for them! Whether you agree or not, how can you deny a committed couple basic elementary rights like filing a joint tax return, receiving their partner’s social security, or inheriting their house after they die? YOU DON’T HAVE TO AGREE – but if you live, you gotta let live, too.

  65. I found out about this and about Disney introducing a pair of lesbian moms in one of its shows and now my heart is smiling furiously. It doesn’t matter if I’m a girl with no intentions of marrying or having children: seeing “love conquers all” as part of real life (instead of a movie cliché) makes my heart smile.

  66. I clicked to open your page in a new tab from fb… I wasn’t ready to click over yet but I started to hear “Same Love” playing, so I had to (of course). And after reading your quick post I clicked the link and started scrolling through the pictures while the music kept playing in the background. Listening to “Same Love” and looking at the PURE JOY on everyone’s faces in the Jezebel images at the same time? First time I was actually moved to tears over the amendment today. So, thanks for that. 🙂

  67. What a great day, I was so happy as I sat here reading your most recent post and Same Love started playing out of, aparently, no where. Yeeehaw is right.

  68. We here in the Bay Area are celebrating hugely. You can only imagine what Pride will be like this weekend!!!

  69. Today, I feel a little more like I live in that free country they keep telling us about….

  70. It was a great way to start the day; it restored a little of my hope for America! And such a beautiful video Jenny, thank for sharing it!

  71. GOD BLESS YOU, JENNY! Thank you for supporting everyone’s right to LOVE and EQUAL RIGHTS <3

  72. Dancing for joy for all my friends whose beautiful, valid, loving, legitimate marriages are now “legal”!

    LOVE wins!

  73. Love is patient … Love is kind … amen … we should all cherish this day. There will be so many happy people … what a world that will be!

  74. You know, I’m so lucky. I live in DC, and shortly after the decision came down, I went up to the Supreme Court. It was fun, but watching this video, something I saw a lot of really hit me. I passed by a number of parents (mostly straight) up there with their kids, explaining to them that this was such a big moment, that now everyone could marry the person they loved, and the government had to recognize that relationship and family. Of course, it’s more complicated than that, and there’s more work to do to realize that “simple” explanation, but man, seeing those parents talking to their kids…some not even old enough to walk themselves…gives me hope that full equality is within our reach. This is a groundbreaking moment. It’s only one step of many, but it’s the RIGHT step and a BIG step. And the walls came tumbling down, and all…

  75. Also, I was apparently the only person on SCOTUSblog in my office when the decision on DOMA came down. I yelled “YES” loud enough to set the whole office off into hollers after they confirmed via email and IM that my “YES” meant what they thought it did. My gay co-worker in the same cube farm came over and hugged me…and then I took off for the Hill for some pics (he was too busy to come, unfortunately).

  76. So great on so many levels.

    The decision. The ongoing movement to equality.
    Yes there will be the usual backlash – my favourite is “Now THEY have the right to get married, what is to stop someone marrying a poodle – it’s sick, SICK”.

    And yet there is some level of irony surrounding those assertions that sexual preference is a deviance.

    Sick? Sick minded? those that criticize would do well to take a long hard look at themselves for their own “Deviances”.

    My most useful tool in my bag when finding myself in an unpleasant discussion regarding sexuality and relationships, is usually trotted out when the conversation invariably gets to the “But it’s not natural/disgusting” bit.

    I generally look the person in the face, and say something like this:
    “I’m going to ask you a question, a personal one, but I don’t need you to answer it. I just need you to think about it, you up for that?”
    (usually my target is so pumped by their apparently unassailable position, and weight of other supporting opinions at the gathering, that they readily agree.)
    “You are going to ask me a question, but I don’t have to answer?”
    “Fine, ask away.”
    “Now in order for me to make my point, I’d like to ask you to close your eyes, you don’t have to, but if you could humour me….”
    (It’s surprising how many people close their eyes immediately)
    “Okay” they say.
    “Now I just want you to think for a moment, just for yourself and remember you don’t have to tell me….”
    “So here’s my question: Of all the things you’ve ever done, or want to do… what’s the one thing that really gets you off sexually”.

    Not surprisingly if their eyes are closed, they spring back open at this point.

    “That’s personal”.
    “I know it is, but I am not asking you to tell me or anyone else about it, because it’s personal. But think about it, what really floats your boat”

    The response is varied, but ranges from embarrassment to aggression, but I push on.

    “What ever you are thinking, whatever it is that is driving blood to your groin, no matter what level of debauchery it covers, somewhere in this world is a group of people who would put you in prison for it. Because it is deemed unnatural, and sick. In some countries you would be persecuted by neighbours if they found out, maybe even murdered because of the thing, that thing that’s in your head that gets you off.”

    “In supporting actions against people based on sexuality you are agreeing that countries and religions that find what you are thinking abhorrent have the right to act against you.”

    A change of subject often ensues.

    Great video. GREAT video.
    It is the essence of rap and the spoken word.
    Not a bitch or a ho or a prestige car to be seen.
    The writer had a message… and it was a fucking good one.

  77. I have been reading you daily for months and this is my first comment. First, thank you for sharing yourself so freely. I know it’s not easy but I love you for it.

    Since I’m on my lame old phone, I can’t see the video but I know those lyrics. I have been addicted to that song for a month now. The whole album is great but that song… It speaks so deep to my soul. Thank you for sharing it with others.

  78. My husband is British. It means a lot to know I don’t have to choose anymore between my country and being with him.

  79. I was also stuck at work with a lot of folks who were either indifferant or opposed. Couldnt wait to get online and celebrate with like minded folk. I feel good today because the system worked and abad law ceased to exist. And I feel happy for all my friends who will share rights on the federal level at least. On the other hand I live in a state with a constitutional ammendment banning gay marriage so there is a way to go.

  80. Wow….that video touched me…and I’m always a big fan of equality, but like you said it is a *small* step forward. Because what we really need to change is the way certain people think and act. That’s the real tough job. This is giving me hope though, hope for a better world.

  81. The video brought tears to my eyes.
    Damn… I’m proud to be an American today.
    Finally, love isn’t illegal.

  82. My partner and I of 22 years are thrilled by yesterday’s ruling. We live in Georgia, where the bigots are free range…but I have faith that it won’t be long for us now. I would like to thank the GOP, though. When the GOP threw the LGBT community under the bus in 2004, they put the conversation on the constitutional table. Without their craven political maneuver to hang on to the presidency and complete disregard for our civil rights, today would not have been possible. So thank you, GOP. Thank you for proving that letting assholes just be assholes is an effective strategy. We love you, Jenny…thank you for fighting the good fight with us. <3

  83. I love this video!

    I love the fact that I will now be able to marry my lovely partner of 9 years and be able to have federal rights! Thank you for supporting us! I was crying tears of joy yesterday and my beautiful lady said she would marry me!!
    What this ruling does for our military Gay and lesbian couples is amazing! And the legally couples married in California no longer have to worry about their marriages suddenly becoming illegal.

    It is a wonderful day to be gay in America!!!

    Also so proud of your Texas senator Wendy Davis for standing up for Texas women!! I watched that filibuster and was tweeting along with you right up until the end!! You can be proud of being a Texan as well!

    All in all a good week!! Thank you so much for supporting my rights! Love you even more, (if that is even possible)!!

  84. IT IS ABOUT TIME!!!!!! With all that is wrong with this Country, that should be the least of their worries!!
    There are some many wonderful couples/partnerships that long out weigh any hetro releationships, that ithis should have never had to come before the courts.. It should be given!!! Hopefully every state in the US will soon adopt this as a norm!!!! Yeah you for posting!!!

  85. Wonderful, amazing news, it’s a big step in the fight for equality. Beautiful song, everytime I hear it I get chills. “No freedom until we’re equal. Damn right I support it.”

  86. We were in luck. Kennedy, normally happy to ride as the fifth horseman of the apocalypse (painful hangnails), happens to like lgbt equality (he authored the Lawrence decision). So, a day after he helped destroy the VRA, he helped destroy DOMA and Prop Hate.
    This is life in the Empire, where the law is whatever five people think it is.
    So it goes.

  87. “Skip this post if you aren’t for gay rights. No judgement.”

    Thanks Jenny, that’s awesome. I believe that judgement and rejection don’t help, but acceptance of people where they are now might make it easier for them to accept others.

  88. Beautiful day, beautiful video! It brought tears to my eyes. So happy to be bringing my son into a more equal America. An America that will embrace him no matter what path he travels 🙂

  89. This song is the # 1 song played on my iPod and has been for a while. I am so very glad for the decision yesterday. “Victory Day” for those who have been struggling for equality for so long. No one should ever have to feel they cannot be who they are and have everything that they ever wanted just because they do not fit the mold. “No freedom till we’re equal, damn right I support it”!

  90. It’s not gay marriage. it’s marriage. And it’s about time.

    More distance to go, but this is a big step!

  91. Very well done. I had not listened to Macklemore before but will put them in my playlist now.
    Great comment above “It’s not gay marriage. IT”S MARRIAGE.” Amen.

  92. I am glad America is getting their my own country has had it right for many years. Same sex marriages have been properly recognised in South Africa for many years.

  93. Our children’s children will be asking us what it was like to live during a time of such change and cultural growth. Thanks for the song, it brought tears (the good kind).

  94. Lovely, lovely video. Agree with so many of the previous comments!

    (to be read with a great amount of sarcasm) — but now my own marriage is threatened! What will I ever do to defend it, not that the Defense of Marriage Act is gone? (sarcasm over)

    I expect my children will look at their elders as Neaderthals for ever thinking this was really an issue.

  95. I have never been as proud to be an American as I was yesterday. I know its just a start and theres a lot more that needs done but it was a huge step in the right direction. And I love this song and video, thanks for posting it.

  96. The second thing my son said to me (the first was Hi Dad) when I came home from walking a dog and picking his brother up from school was “Hey the Supreme Court ruled for Marriage Equality!” He said it in the way he always talks about things like this – excited because he knows the history that was made, somewhat befuddled because he doesn’t get why it’s even a question.

    It’s not over, and there is more work ahead of us, but I am so happy for those in my family and amongst my friends who are gay that the road looks a lot less rocky ahead.

    “When everyone else
    Is more comfortable
    Remaining voiceless
    Rather than fighting for humans
    That have had their rights stolen
    I might not be the same
    But that’s not important
    No freedom til we’re equal
    Damn right I support it”

    Preach on Macklemore.

  97. I am a Christian; raised Christian and teach my kids the values of this religion. However, and this may piss some people off, I do not teach intolerance or hate that most believers do. I teach love, I believe in love. Who am I to judge who can love who?

    What I don’t understand is why the government felt they could rule over love? Most of my family will not agree or support me in saying this, but I am thrilled that love can be set free to those who feel it and wish to express it. The human race has evolved since existence; so why stop now?

    My favorite quote I have seen on social media: “If you hate gays so much, tell all the straight people to stop having babies – they are the ones making them.” Man is man, woman is woman, love is love.

  98. Thank you Jenny…

    This song has been playing in my head since Feb. It is one of the few songs which helps me get through my dark places.

    I left the USA to follow my heart over six years ago. I can’t move back to my home because my partner can’t come with me. When prop 8 passed in my home state of CA I felt awful. Despite CA being liberal I know many people who are very conservative and if CA won’t allow gay marriage I don’t feel like there’s much hope of me going home.

    In the last six months I’ve been overwhelmed by the many people in my life who have been supportive of the repeal of prop 8. Some are good friends and family, but some are people who I thought might have voted for the amendment in the first place.

    The events of this week mean I might be able to move home! As I celebrate, its knowing there are so many bad a** people like you who support my rights that makes this victory even better.

    So like I said, THANK YOU!

  99. Not gonna lie– this gets me right in the feels. It speaks so much for my heart.

  100. Finally! Now my friends can begin to have the same rights that I have. A small step…hopefully leading to our country running freely across fields, hand in hand.

  101. It’s so sad I live in a state where we are against rights for all. I hope by the time my daughter is an adult she can make a decision based on common sense not what the courts say. As my hubby said, all the old fart have to die off and then it may change.

  102. Yes yes yes…I love and support whatever….BUT this video automatically loads and starts playing EVERY time I look at your website. Argh!! Just thought you should know.

    (I know. I can’t find a way to fix it without just turning it off. The good thing is that it starts off quietly so it give you time to turn down your speakers. I need someone who writes code to fix it. ~ Jenny)

  103. The video made me tear up. I am not harmed by someone else’s marriage – gay or straight. As others have said, Love is love.

  104. I remember in the 80’s I was ridiculed for dating outside of my race. I was called every type of horrid name you can imagine. I had things thrown at me. People picked fights with me. My own family disowned me. All because I loved who I loved. Being with my boyfriend or husband and the types of horrific treatment we endured was inexcusable to say the least. BUT at least we were allowed to be married.

    Love is love.

    You fight for your love. You try to educate those that are curious. You hold your head high. You show compassion for the weak minded idiots that either weren’t taught any better or are just so full of hate that they are afraid to think for themselves.

    I empathize with the LGBT community. It wasn’t very long ago that the gay community was even comfortable in public, and sadly some people still aren’t. I hope that after this step more people will come out and stand up for who they are, they people that love them will continue to love them and that the public in general will learn to accept ALL people at face value.

    No one needs to judge people solely based on one’s color, sexual orientation, religion or other identifying factor. It’s a cop out and an easy way out of examining yourself and your own deficiencies.

    It’s time for everyone to look into their hearts and souls and really determine what’s important in our lives. Love, caring and understanding should be at the top of all of our lists.

  105. How awesome is this song? PLUS IT’S ON THE RADIO! Regular radio here in NC. Plus all the cool kids are blogging about it. By cool kids I mean me and you.

  106. I really do love this song. I already liked the artist, and my mind was blown when i saw him preform this song on The Colbert Report. I was amazed. It’s a beautifull message and he puts it incredibly. I was touched and immediantly went on a rant on instagram about how love is special and rare and STRONG, and it is so wrong to try to take something so unique from somebody and turn it into something wrong and looked down upon. Something they should feel ashamed of. You should never feel ashamed of who you are and who or what you love. I was just so glad that somebody was able to step up and do something so amazing (and dangerous, considering the many people who are completely against the message).

  107. Very awesome, and I’m SO pumped about this decision!!

    And I’m sure the video is awesome, but I can’t watch it because every time I come to your page it starts automatically and it seriously FREAKS ME OUT.

    Please make it stop starting automatically so I can watch it?

    It sounds stupid, I’m aware, but I can’t watch it until it stops freaking me out by auto-starting. 🙁

  108. oh great, great and fantastic! about bloody time…..now for more ‘work’.

  109. my whole family is excited and supports marriage equality. in fact, we’re fans of equality of all kinds. everyone except my 4 y/o son. he’s upset it doesn’t cover marrying his sister, since i’m already taken. he can’t grow out of this one fast enough. this and peeing on walls as artistic expression.

  110. I was so happy for this. I have friends who’ve been waiting for these decisions so they can get married and have the same rights as their straight friends. Both my Facebook and Twitter streams for the day were rainbow-coloured.

  111. Beautiful. Happy for my country, for my son. And I’m wearing my new pink sneakers because, being a strong Texas woman, I #standwithwendy.

  112. That song makes me teary eyed every damn time I hear it! I got to see my Moms’ get married in December when Washington started to allow same sex couples to get married. I think I cried more at their wedding then I did at mine!

  113. Love is love…period. Doesn’t matter if it is between man and woman, man and man, woman and woman….it is LOVE. And it is a very sacred state. Celebrate Love….and forget the prejudices.

  114. Marriage equality? Access to healthcare?
    You Americans are sneaking up on the rest of the civilized world, aren’t you? 🙂
    We’ll be here waiting with open arms (and wine)…

  115. Jenny? thank you for sharing this. I live under a rock made up of Nick Jr., the Fresh Beat band, and Kid’s Place Music on satellite radio. That means I don’t get to hear music not made for the Little People Set until I ignore the dishes and sit down to read your blog. The video is breathtaking and the lyrics are incredible. You made me teary.

  116. I realize I’m a little late to the game, but thanks for posting this it’s really beautiful and poignant. I’m proud to say I’m from Ontario, the first place in North America to allow same sex marriage 10 years ago. It seems that it takes a little longer in the country that espouses equality while institutionalizing inequality. Tolerance baby, I love it.

  117. Thank you for sharing this. Love knows no bounds. If you are lucky enough to find someone to share your life with and they love you back, you’ve got the best gift ever.

  118. I LOVE that song! Heard it for the first time a few weeks ago & had to call the radio station to get the name & artist. So happy for all my friends & family who share Same Love. Thanks for posting!

  119. Thank you for being so awesome and having a great sense of equal rights. As a young, clumsy gay man trying to make it through college so I can get out of Iowa, you rock my socks off and help me get through my internship where I sit on a computer all day and try to look like I’m being productive when I’ve actually never been so bored in my life.

    Unpaid interns are lower than McDonalds, at least you can sneak a fry in your mouth every once in a while there. I just dream about donuts all day. Who’s really the crazy one?

    I just usually answer yes to all of the above. And if you couldn’t tell before I’m leaving this huge ass comment because I’m trying to waste time until I can leave. Cheers to MURICA ya’ll.

  120. The only thing I love more than the news about marriage equality is the tremendous outpour of support and positivity that can be found in these comments. Your readers kick ass, Jenny.

  121. I think it’s ironic that my device shows the box for the video and it says “plugins not supported”. Luckily I know and own the song so I got the reference anyway!

  122. beautiful video, beautiful sentiment.

    i always tel ppl who say gay marriage is destroying marriage: then outlaw divorce!

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