Blogging is dead and I’m awesome at it.

Today Time Magazine came out with its list of Best Blogs of the year and somehow this blog was on it.  I can only assume that someone at Time Magazine was very drunk.  In their defense, they did begin the article with: “For years now, pundits have been knowingly declaring that blogging is dead, rendered irrelevant by alternative means of personal publishing such as Facebook and Twitter.”  And that makes more sense because I pretty much only become successful at stuff right around the time that it becomes completely archaic and obsolete.  In related news, I’m getting slightly less shitty at hacky-sack, and my pog collection is fucking stunning.  

It is actually very nice to be recognized by Time and I really do appreciate it, but I feel like I should just leave a small disclaimer here for people who find this blog for the first time:

Hello.  This blog is totally overrated and seldom makes sense.  It is ridiculous, offensive, and vaguely cult-ish, but in a good way.  If you like weirdness, taxidermied ostriches, cat pictures, profanity, and jokes about dysentery then you are in the right place.  Introduce yourself, or lurk.  The comments are almost always better than the posts, and if you leave a nasty comment I will most likely completely agree with you, or I will edit your comment so that it’s full of cringe-worthy double-negatives and spelling errors.  That way both of us will feel like assholes and balance will be restored to the Force.

Humping you furiously, Jenny”

For those of you who are already long-standing members of this ridiculous community? Congratulations.  Everyone familiar with this blog knows it’s a team effort and that means that you just got recognized by Time Magazine for creating something awesome (and possibly even more useless and unnecessary than it ever was to begin with).  Regardless, this is a big deal, as the best celebrations are for useless and unnecessary things.  Case in point:  I have no idea where my college degree or social security card are, but the certificate I got from the Mayor proclaiming me a Czar of Texas so that I could beat NASA and bring a donkey to an award show is hanging in a place of honor in my office.


I have them.

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  1. I think blogging became obsolete because I started doing it. I’m the guy with a mini-disc player and a betamax VCR.

    But your blog is awesome and your place in blogging lore is well deserved.

  2. It feels awesome to be a part of something so insignificant! Woo Hoo!


  3. As a dedicated lurker on your blog. I say congratulations are well in order, your blog is literally a life saving. Carry on and bring on the taxidermy.

  4. Congratulations! And I’m terribly glad to hear that blogging is obsolete now, because I am doing terribly at it.

  5. Well, THIS is 12 times more awesome than when I was just *quoted* in Time Magazine!!

    How much is this for those of us who knew you back in the day? A lot. Times six milllion :).

    THRILLED for you, friend. I feel like putting on a red dress to celebrate ;).

  6. Just want to say that you’re awesome Jenny! Love you and your ridiculous, offensive, and vaguely cult-ish blog. =-)

  7. Also two terribly’s in one sentence Veronica? GO BACK TO BED. YOU’RE DRUNK.*

    *not actually drunk. But at that point of exhaustion where I might be. YAY ME.

  8. if blogging is obsolete its because men didn’t end up dominating it. That’s kind of how Time magazine rates things that are all new and shiny especially anything involving those Japanese wonder boxes what go on the tubes.

  9. This is the one and only place on the internet where it’s essential to read the comments. Someone usually says something bizarre. Like rutabaga.

  10. While blogging may becoming obsolete the social stigma of depression/xanex/stuffed dead critters is becoming obsolete w/ it! Thank you for giving us all a ‘tribe’ to laugh and cry with… because of this safe-place you have given us your blog is way beyond a blog. It is home. Dusfunctional fucked up home. 🙂

  11. I love when you get recognized by big shots like Time magazine and then I’m all proud and telling people and shit as if I was the only person in the world who ever read your blog and loved it…and clearly knew that I was one step ahead of the world… or at least my world. Anyway…nice work, I’m glad I was right all those times.

  12. Woo Hoo to the strange and outdated awesomeness. Pog, holy shit, I don’t even remember the last time I heard (or read) that word. hehehehe

  13. Congratulations! Time Magazine is completely drunk. Several years ago, one of their reporters contacted me regarding my awesome divorce blog and wanted to cover it when doing a piece on divorce being more awesome than sucky. They interviewed me on the phone for an hour. When the article came out, it was total crap. But my name was in it. But they never once mentioned the blog. It also changed from an awesome sounding article to something stupid piece on a Divorce Registry so that people could buy you shit when you split. Pffft.

    (Awesome former blog I think the shit article is linked on there somewhere.

    But congrats on a much cooler title!!

  14. I have lurked since my friend emailed me the link to the Beyonce post telling me “omg there are more of us!” Yeah, yay for us!

  15. You have no idea how flattered I would be if you would corrupt my thoughts and words. Rawr. 😉

  16. Jenny,

    Well deserved. I don’t comment often, but I do enjoy your blog. Keep up the good work.

  17. Well now, come on now Jenny! We ALL hope to be as funny and fabulous as you are…well, at least I do. My Bloggess love started with a simple, “Knock-knock, Motherfucker.” And ANY time I am having a shitty day I can go right to that favorited site and relive the joy of that single post. Bask in the limelight. You deserve it.

  18. I am going to eat some decadent pastry in your honor tonight. Well, I was going to do it anyway but now I have an excuse. Congratulations!

  19. So, no mention of the Doctor in your disclaimer? You’ve got to warn us that we’ll get mildly addicted (is that a thing?) to it because this blog made us so curious. Two out of three household members would recommend the Doctor (the third really shouldn’t count because one of his favorite movies is The Warriors, so we don’t trust his opinion anyway)!

  20. I am happy for you. Doesn’t it seem odd to have a Best of 2013 list in August, though?

  21. If blogging is dead, and haven’t even started yet, where does that leave me?? Eh, it’s okay, you’re better at it anyway, Jenny. Congratulations! I’ll just go add some blingees to my myspace page.

  22. Accepted with grace, eloquence and style in only the manner you can achieve. Atta girl!! Xox ~Peach

  23. Also a dedicated lurker (mostly), but dear god, Hunter S. Thomcat and Juanita’s mofo souffle make me laugh, usually when I need it most. So I pretty much think you rock. A lot.

    FWIW, I’ve been blogging for years, but I refuse to tell anyone where those blogs are, so I REALLY suck at it.

  24. As a fellow “Lawson” (no relation, of course), I feel led to say CONGRATULATIONS!! Well deserved!

  25. Blogging is dead? Drat, I was just going to start one!

    Jenny, you are awesome! I love your wit, your weirdness and your ability to talk about your anxiety and depression – your words have brought me much comfort.

    On a completely unrelated note, I just saw a commercial for a portable personal hygiene item that ended with “Hail to the V”…I may make that my new motto!

  26. I clicked on the link expecting to find some horrible blog but was surprised and happy when I saw it was you. Weather you think you do or not, you really do deserve it 🙂

  27. Outstanding. Your work and advice to new writers gave me the guts to start my own blog. And of all the things I skip over in my Facebook newsfeed, your posts are never one of them. Congratulations on getting the recognition you truly deserve.

  28. “Pundit”. What a funny word. Is that politician-speak for “Talks-Out-His-Ass”? Myspace is dead. Blogging is not dead or even dying. Considering that I get ALL of my best recipes and advice from blogs and have met the most fabulous people via blogging, I’d say those punders made a blunder.

    Congrats! YOU SO FAMOUS NOW.

  29. Congratulations! Time Magazine obviously doesn’t think blogging is dead or they couldn’t be writing about it… Idiots, who granted, do know talent when they see it . Well Done Jen.

  30. I’m so glad blogging is over. Now I can be all vintagey when I crap a post out. Just trying to recreate the glory days of yesteryear. But Time! That’s neat.

  31. I second that…so glad there are “more of us” This is the only blog I visit regularly

  32. ~Read Tiiiimmmme~~~and Understaaannd~~~ That was a commercial jingle, years ago, when I was like 12. Right ? Wasn’t it ? Back me up on this someone. Please, don’t tell me it’s just a false-memory-auditory-hallucination thing. So, anyhow, Congrats !

  33. I…….LOVE…..YOUR……..AWESOMENESS! Your insanity has help to keep me sane. Thank you!!!!

  34. Um, congratulations Jenny, and community of following friends! I’m happy to know that while bogging may be dead, there is still a czar quite alive; I hope you used that power to tell NASA that Pluto is still a planet.
    Congrats and hugs!

  35. Awesome news to get on a Monday!! My Monday was a heartless bitch again, but she usually is. Whenever anyone who supposedly “knows” something is on its way out, I ignore them because they’re idiots. Kinda like all the TV critics who said The Big Bang Theory wouldn’t last more than a season. I figured they were just jealous turds who couldn’t admit that their IQ wasn’t high enough to understand the humor in the show. I had a point I was going to make, but I’ve forgotten it because my brain likes to do that to me now. CONGRATULATIONS!!!! 😀

  36. I am going to end every single letter I ever write with, “humping you furiously”. Or maybe just my Christmas cards. It is the season of giving. And what better to give than free genital friction?

  37. I grew up in a town that has an annual week-long celebration of a factory that closed 40 years ago (true story – the Wadsworth Ohio Bluetip Festival), so I have to agree that the best and most fun things to celebrate are obsolete! And you are chock full of awesome! Please never stop blogging – knowing my tribe is alive and well helps keep me sane. Ish. Sane-ish.

  38. I love seeing you get recognized! Sure, your blog IS “dark, disturbing and laugh-out-loud funny,” but you also do so much good for those of us dealing with being mentally hilarious (I prefer this term to mental illness…it’s so much happier). Thanks for being the wonderful you and for sharing your struggles with us.

  39. blah blah blah… like we expect any different. Please begin sewing your dress from the velvet curtains, we will work on getting a few donkey to lead your cart to safety. 😀
    A: I bow to you because you didn’t use the word antidisestablishmentarianism or irregardless and this made my heart happy.
    B: Not sure what I meant to say here except that … LOL pog collection…LOL…

    keep on rockin on, missy!
    *stalk…erm…lurking quietly*

  40. I’m glad that they gave you well-deserved recognition, though it would have been better if they’d done it the without snarking about blogs being “dead.” Guess everyone’s blog could be considered a zombie now, though, so that’s an unexpected bonus.

    Btw, I was browsing the taxidermied mice on ebay and I saw an exorcist that reminded me of you. Sadly an incredibly furious looking religious mouse isn’t in my monthly budget, but you might want to go check it out.

  41. Dear Holy Baby Jesus, I hope this link works. It’s true ! there was a jingle. Take that auditory hallucinations ! But I was not 12 in 1983, I am not that old, I was like 15. Just sayin’

    ~~Time puts events….in sharp review….Time brings it allll, right home to yooouu…~~~
    Sing it with me, sisters ! Congrats again, Jenny !!

  42. I’m a lurker. I’ve been a lurker for a long time. But I’m trying to be more of a commenter now than just a lurker. Shout out to my fellow lurkers.

  43. I, like Marisa, was pretty sure I had discovered the newest, funniest author out there when I found your book. Imagine my surprise when I learned that you had a blog and that I could have been reading you for quite sometime. Now you’re telling me that blogging is dead…well crap. I sure missed the boat on all this stuff.

  44. I have no idea what you’re talking about, Pogs are the coolest and most culturally relevant pieces of cardboard I own.

  45. My comment carries no weight, since my blog’s most faithful follower lives in Mountain View and I even at one point got nervous because the visits were so frequent, and was glad I’m down here in New Zealand, but then just discovered last week that Mountain View is where Google lives. But anyway, excellent work, and it’s nice to think of all those Time readers coming here and thinking “?”

  46. And this is my blog, by the way. (No surprises that I forgot the http and the link didn’t appear. One day I might get the hang of this internet thing).

  47. If people wouldn’t point and laugh, I’d have long, spiral-permed hair and mall bangs.
    Anyhoo, congrats. You make my day.

  48. The best way to welcome newbies is to send them down a wormhole.* Nice choice! And congratulations!

    *Of course, we should probably offer them some Judy Garland trail mix for the trip…

  49. Well…so much for the blog I was planning on finally launching. After thinking about it for at least the last five years.

  50. *lurk lurk lurk lurk lurk comes out to say* Whoop! Time has some intelligence! And now I return to my priority…*lurk lurk lurk lurk*

  51. Congrats, Jenny! Well-deserved recognition…let’s just hope it doesn’t bring too many people who just don’t understand the wonder that is this blog to the table. Then again…the edited comments could be hilarious…carry on!

  52. I like Louis C.K. because he says what I’m thinking but am too afraid to say out loud. I like you because you write stuff I couldn’t possibly think of unless I started drinking heavily. I can read your blog and save money on alcohol. Thanks!

  53. All hail her majesty, Queen Jenny of irrelevance! (Bows and curtsies, please, followed by indifference.)


    I seriously tried to discuss them with my co-workers and not ONE of them knew what the heck I was talking about. This further proves that we are of the same tribe.

  55. I’ve been lurking since you went to Japan and wrote very inaproprate things. It has been an awesome ride and I apreciate every moment of it. Thank you for being you and reminding all of us that it’s okay to be us. I love you.

  56. Congratulations. Your blog has been an inspiration. It has inspired me to go ahead and do the things that make me happy even if it does make my husband roll his eyes at me. One such wonderful inspiration was to gift my husband with a giant metal chicken – at his work. Complete with party hat and Christmas wreath (his birthday was just before Christmas after all). A good friend is one that will help you sneak a metal chicken into an office building while your husband is at lunch.

  57. “For years now, pundits have been knowingly declaring that blogging is dead, rendered irrelevant by alternative means of personal publishing such as Facebook and Twitter.”

    Hmm. It’s ironic that a magazine is declaring blogging dead. Pretty soon the newspapers will be calling iTunes ‘a thing of the past’.

    Humping you furiously back,

  58. I just wrote about your blog in a post the other day. I’m pretty sure that’s why Time recognized your blog.

    >.< Congrats! You absolutely deserve to be on that list!

  59. Wait? Blogging is obsolete? What else am I going to read at work when it would be too obvious I wasn’t working if I was reading a book?

  60. Congratulations on making it into Time Magazine! I think they’re saying blogging is dead because they want people to stop blogging so their magazine doesn’t die a slow death. I heard somewhere that they were shutting Time down. Sounds to me like a good reason to take up blogging! Everyone should do it! ……or maybe I was only dreaming.

  61. Blogging is dead… which means that those of us still blogging are undead blogging zombies.

    Now please excuse me. I need to shuffle off to find brains or blogging fodder. Either one.

    *shambles off moaning “blooooog”*

  62. Stupid auto format. That question mark was a heart. Now it looks like I’m questioning the fact that we love you. Or maybe I’m questioning the use of so many !!!!…….

  63. High five, Jenny. But honestly, Time magazine isn’t proclaiming anything new. I think most people already know that yours is one of the top blogs just by the sheer number of comments your posts generate. I wouldn’t be surprised if you had a broader circulation than Time magazine.

  64. I adore you. Beyonce brought me here a couple of years ago, and when friends started posting knock knock motherfucker, I though they were referencing you. I was wrong, but bonus…they now know about you. Do I get a prize for telling people about you? *headtilt*

  65. Blogging is obsolete now, eh? Of course it is, guess it’s a good thing I’m horrible at it. Should I store my log-in info with all the beenie-babies in the attic? Not sure if it’s safe to go up there now that I think of it. I’m 98% certain Jimmy Hoffa is partying with the squirrels up there.

    Oh, and congrats! Maybe more people will join the tribe. Our strange, awesome, and probably mostly drunk, tribe.

  66. I haven’t updated my blog in about 3 years. I think I deserve an award for being a trendsetter at not blogging. 🙂

  67. Congratulations on getting drunk-dialed by Time! Beyonce the giant metal chicken brought me here, and your openness, hilarity, and all-round stellar nature keeps me coming back. Also, I checked your book out from my library (where I also work) and my cat barfed on it, thus allowing me to keep that copy of your book forever, and allowing the staff to purchase another, barf-free copy for the rest of the town. My cat, it turns out, is also a fan and wants to help increase your sales wherever she can.

  68. I used to blog regularly, but it dropped off in the last couple of years. When you feel like nobody reads your blog (few or no comments), it can be a bit lonely. But sometimes ya gotta say what ya gotta say, because your voice matters, even if you’re the only one eho hears it.

  69. I shall put on my Monkees album and dance to your success! Thank you for being the voice of wacky in a boring world.

  70. You do realize that because blogging is dead, you can have it taxidermied and hang it on your wall? Right?

  71. I was declared the benevolent despot of the world and I only know where my social security card is because I had to have one to be the library lady at library camp this summer and had to get a new one for the occasion. But my college diploma umm — I’m not even sure I picked it up.

  72. Oh sure, now that I’m spending so much time blogging I never seem to finish – you know – my actual books, I’m obsolete. Glad to know I’m in good company!

  73. I followed Beyonce down your rabbit hole of insanity, and I love every minute of it! I’m more of a lurker than a commenter. (Spell check is telling me commenter is not a word, nor is commentor, so what is the correct verbiage?)
    Anyway… Kudos to you!

  74. Way to go, Jenny! Look out world, our tribe has arrived!

    Blogging dead? I guess it’s a good thing that we kind of like dead things here. Especially if they can be stuffed and accessorized with glasses and mustaches.

    P. S. Megly Mc, I almost chocked on my nectarine when I read your comment. Viva the free genital friction!

  75. Wait, how did I miss you becoming the Czar of anything??? And bringing a donkey to a meeting?? I so want to do that so I can see my boss’s face when he asks me what the fuck did I think I was doing bringing a donkey to work and I tell him that the donkey just fits in with the rest of the jackasses.

    Also, the pictures of Hunter S. Thomcat attempting to open the pill bottle and getting pissed off at his lack of opposable thumbs makes me giggle when I’m having a crappy day and “time for pilly, pill, pills” has become part of my daily jargon.

  76. Here’s to being absolutely awesome at being almost obsolete. When blogging does finally die its slow and painful death, then I shall visit your blogs’ grave as often as possible.


  77. 9+, The kitten just literally freaking typed that the little a-hole. He obviously gives you a 9+. Anyway, can’t believe my blogs have been snubbed. It’s a freaking travesty. Oh, wait, most reasonable people don’t take their smart phones into the restroom. Those who do usually prefer gaming on their phones so until that becomes a bigger deal by toiletry blogs will remain virtual unknowns.

  78. Congrats Jenny! I’ve just recently discovered blogging and fully support the nod for your the Blogess. Always a good dose of sarcasm and cursing to help me through the day.

  79. Yay!!! Told you so, Hubby! My husband still hates you because every time I see a taxidermy animal now I ask him if it would look good in the house. My daughter wants me to find her an owl!

  80. It’s like Time magazine just called you a dinosaur . However, didn’t you always want to be a dinosaur or own one or since your love of taxidermied critters maybe own a taxidermied one? What I mean to say is you rock you obsolete dinosaur you RAWR! Love your blog and glad Time recognized that you’re AWESOME (like a dinosaur).

  81. Jenny, there’s something to be said about beating areas horse, which is blogging in this case (for the sake of my comment). Fortunately for you (and us), you not only beat that horse, but you are also willing to get it stuffed and dressed fantastically while posing it in an outrageous situation!

  82. My God Jenny!! You have come such a long way…from world’s greatest grampa to Time’s 25 best bloggers! I am so ecstatic for you…There is so much pride to know that I stumbled upon and read the one of the 25 best bloggers! Strange kind of vindication.

  83. Long time lurker!! All I have to say is way to FUCKING GO!!!! You deserve it! When I am in my depths of despair, you help bring a little light to get me through the day.

  84. Wow! Does this mean that I’m finally one of the cool kids! LOL! I am extremely happy that you are being recognized for your work. You truly do deserve it. By letting us all join in on your adventures in on your life. Thank you for being yourself and letting us be our quirky selves

  85. I happen to know that all Texas women rock, especially the ones from West Texas. (As differentiated from West, Texas. Although they are probably awesome, too.)


  86. PMP (peed my pants). You put the awesome in awesomesauce.
    PS – spellcheck tried to change PMP to pampers.

  87. My teenager tells me her father and I sound like you and Victor. She’s probably right. Shitty day from hell, and you just made it better. (As did the rutabaga. And booze.) Congrats. You’ve earned it.

    Oh, and do you know how to make someone who is incarcerated stop calling my cell phone? Any advice would be helpful, as I keep freaking out at the this is a collect call for which you will not be charged from an inmate at (I can’t remember the prison name), and I hang up. I’m almost positive I don’t know anyone in prison. And if I do, I probably don’t want to talk to them.

  88. Yay for you! And for all the commenters, too! I need to confess something – I never read the comments on any of the websites or news articles I read on a regular basis – except for yours. Wish I’d known blogging was dead, though; I wouldn’t have just started one.

  89. As I went through the list I was certain that all the best female bloggers were named “Jenny,” but it was only the first few. (Okay, I didn’t read the ENTIRE list.)

    But of course you deserve it. You make me smile when I need it, and if you’d allow me to, I’d smoosh you to me always. Yay!

  90. How come the new people get humped?! What about the rest of us! I feel like we’re getting neglected and frankly just WHEN was the last time WE got humped? I’m feelin a little hump deprived here.

  91. I am honored to be part of the wonderful insane (in a good way) family! This is right where I belong!

  92. I so wish I could remember who or what twitter post introduced me to you. I would thank them again and again. I know it was the beginning of the Beyonce kafuffle. I haven’t missed a blog since then. I loved your book and saw myself in many of your predicaments (I grew up on a farm that had a slaughterhouse -nuff said – can’t eat lamb or veal to this day).
    Don’t ever stop blogging – you make me smile… A lot!

  93. So wait…someone actually reads TIME MAGAZINE? Sheesh! Retro. Just kidding you…I read it. And I love your Blog and book….hopefully book(s)!

  94. Dear Jenny,

    The people that are saying blogging is dead obviously never found their red dress…or never got any recognition.

    …yup…incredibly self-aware now.


  95. WE’RE #1!!!WE’RE #1!!!WE’RE #1!!!WE’RE #1!!!

    For a second there I thought you claimed to have beaten NASCAR with a donkey and was reminded of an awesome Backyardigans adventure. But NASA’s cool too 🙂

  96. Congrats!! I however can not focus on that right now. I bought your book this weekend and am now on page 229. I have got to figure out how this ends. *Oh and its the softcover if that matters because my man is cheap*

  97. Speaking of cat pictures…. we haven’t seen Hunter S Tomcat in a while….

  98. As I’m pushing the cat’s ass out of my face, and off my laptop, I just wondered if you’ve text Victor yet, does he know?

  99. Congrats! I love love love love your blog and especially your book. You make my day every time I read what you have decided to delight us with each day! I thank you

  100. Well first off congratulations for being awesome!

    And obsolete? Blogging? bahhh. Time needs to reconsider and list ironic beards and crocs as obsolete instead.

    I came to your blog a couple years ago because a friend sent me to the Beyonce story. I laughed so hard I almost peed myself & stuck around because you had the same quirkiness that I did. I felt this immediate sense of ” hurrah someone like me!!” Then your commenters made me stick around because they weren’t jerks.

    Then I decided to try my hand at writing a blog as well because I was tired of not writing anymore. Then I met you in my town a few months ago & you told me that even on the bad days you just have to write SOMETHING. And then I didn’t want to quit trying. So thank you.

    And I almost wrote you yesterday because I published something saturday night that I’m still freaking out about publishing because I swore I never would. But my new motto is “what would Jenny Do?” I figure you don’t hide your past, you’re fearless. So I went ahead and wrote it.

    I’m still chewing my fingernails over it….but I figure sometimes you have publish things that might make you nervous.

  101. I’m a total lurker, mostly because I can never think of any awesome replies to your awesomeness. 😉 Just wanted to say congratulations, you never fail to brighten my day!

  102. Well if blogging is dead, then it’s only a week or two from being retro, and then, it’ll stay cool again until it hits vintage, so we’re good. Congrats!

  103. I’m searching for a new job. I’m pretty sure that (if it’s okay with you) I’m going to close every cover letter with “Humping you furiously” from now on. And, I’m fairly certain if I add that I’m part of the Zune of Blogging to my skills and certification section, that’ll put me at the top of every HR person’s list.
    Thanks for saving the day like always!

  104. I really hope blogging is far from dead because writing mine is the only thing that allows me to clear my head when it spins so mightily the only other alternative is too much of a bad thing – i’m not sure if anyone really reads it, despite those crazy stats. Congratulations to you, Jenny. I read your book on a train from Fez to Rabat (both incredibly beautiful cities in Morocco) last summer and it’s totally legit that you are on this list, that you are published, that you write as you do. thank you!

  105. I’m just can’t get past “humping you furiously.”. I am so proud to be a long(ish) time reader and fan.

  106. Very cool – but Time Magazine should be equally honored that you mentioned them on your blog!

  107. Whoa, Time…that’s some serious shit. Don’t be forgetting us small folk now. Next thing you’ll be riding in a big ole town car and throwing beads and saltwater taffy at us while wearing a tiara and sparkling like a disco ball. I think I may have inhaled too much bleach tonight. Anyway, congrats, the more Lawsbians the better!!

  108. “Humping you furiously” = best valediction ever!
    (I looked up ‘opposite of salutation’…WORD of the DAY = Valediction
    My co-workers frequently use “Best” as a sign-off. Best? What kind of sign-off is that?
    I signed emails to my boss “Top o’ the morning to you” for a while, but he didn’t seem to think it was funny.
    Best, Michelle

  109. maybe you need a corny new tag line….texas-ish….hmm….perhaps…..’Belly up to the bar. It’s the LAW, son!’

    regardless, this blog is all you, your zany, wild, crazy hilarity and take on life. without you, it would be nuthin’.

  110. If my blog is dead, no one told the six people who read it.

    Also, I am with you on catching the wave three seconds before it breaks. Don’t ever tell me about a TV series you like because I will start watching it and BAM! It gets cancelled. I killed Max Headroom, Northern Exposure, Magnum P.I., and The X Files like that. I am Death to TV series.

  111. p.s.and then we would all be drunk bloggers….droggers? droolers? droogers?

  112. Congratulations, Jenny.

    Normally I’m not one to point out these things, but you made it onto a list compiled by a dude who, despite the blogosphere being overwhelmed by women bloggers, managed to pick a male majority anyway- so it’s even bigger that you got on it.

    Who knew that women were so bad at writing that even when they vastly surpass men in numbers, they’re still lagging behind? Ugh.

  113. I was into blogging before it sold out and went corporate. Now I do an obscure thing called toe-logging which is really obscure and you probably haven’t heard of it. It’s *very* underground.

    (more seriously – which isn’t much of an effort, right? – congrats. Very cool – I was on CNN once and this is way cooler.)

  114. Every time I read your blog I congratulate myself for finding you, and have much celebration.

    The reasons I read your blog posts are simple. Your writing makes me laugh (in a good way). It is not easy to make me laugh, something that causes frustration to people who know me. Then, you love Dr. Who and Neil Gaiman and Allie Brosh. I don’t know a single person in this world who loves those three as much as I do, and I think you do. I don’t actually know you, but close enough.

    These things will never be obsolete to me.

  115. Congratulations Jenny! Srsly. I’ve been reading this forEVER and it’s still my favorite blog. FINALLY read your book this last week (been meaning to for a while but have been relegated to the “books about boring work things” section for a while) and it’s so So SO funny.

  116. Yaaaaaaaaay!!!! / Go you!!!!!!
    I’m just pleased as punch that I can say that I met you when you came to MD!
    “Oh, the Bloggess? Yeah, I met her. She is totally cool.”

    Mega congrats to you!

  117. Actually you are pretty fucking hilarious and deserve Time’s Cover as opposed to some list, preferably the picture with hot rollers and a cat on your head. If you really think I’m entertaining, I am only entertaining when I comment on your blog because you are that awe inspiring (imagine your hot roller picture, glow forms behind it, angels are now breaking out into Handel’s Messiah). Kissing your pinky ring.

  118. I had to declare Mondays “No Vodka Mondays” because hangover Tuesdays sucked. Then I had Manhattan Monday today where I had too much Rye Whiskey with my boss & other various co-workers. I felt bad about it until I realized we were all celebrating your Time Magazine mention. Now I feel bad for not being drunk enough. I sowwy Jenny, I’ll drink better for your next award!

  119. I’m a casual lurker since the whole Shatner incident. It was really one of the best things to ever happen on the internet.

  120. Your profane humility and witty voice restores my faith in blogging. It isn’t easy rising to the top of a genre that grows exponentially every day. They say shit floats, and you. are. the. shit! Thanks for making me laugh and root for you in all aspects of your life.

  121. Congrats Jenny! Blogging isn’t dead to people like me who see you as an inspiration. I can always find something on here that makes life suck a little less.

  122. Thanks for the intro. 🙂 I’m new here. A friend recommended you book last week and I bought it on Audible. Totally worth the extra $ to hear the way you read it. Stay strong. Stay you!

  123. Love the Zune ref! My anti apple now convert to everything MAC had us all get a Zune. It was like carrying a brick in your pocket good self defense device. Did anyone here watch Ren & Stimpy a sickly twisted cartoon in the late 90s? Anyway there was a song about a log to the tune from the slinky commercial. So read the next few lines with that tune in mind: it’s bloggess, it’s bloggess, it’s weird, it’s witty, it’s good; it’s bloggess, it’s bloggess, it’s better than bad its good! Everyone get a blog! Come on and get a blog! By JENNY

  124. Humping you furiously is SO MUCH BETTER than a simple “Love” isn’t it?? Might hafta steal that one.


  125. Well, shit, I want to read all the comments, because they live only to magnify the awesome that is you, but I’m all carpal-tunnel-y and my hand hurts from having fucking needles jammed into it to diagnose the fucking carpal-tunnel-y-ness. I’m pretty sure I could have worked one more curse word into that sentence, dammit. Congrats on the props. Now I want to have a pog competition.

  126. Woohoo! Go Jenny! Now I can tell people that when trying to explain your book, cuz usually people just look at me weird. Also, If you really want a boss pog collection, you gotta get the custom pog machine. I had one, totally legit.

    Loyal Lurker

  127. Honey bunny, I realize this honor is very nerve racking for you, but you totally deserve the shout out. Even if you think you don`t. I love* you!

    * In a non-sexual, non-stalking kind of way, of course. Otherwise known as the Kz disclaimer.

  128. Congrats Jenny!
    Cheers to Lawsbians & Unicorn Success Club members everywhere. This mostly medicated tribe of hilarious and highly intelligent insomniacs rocks.
    This I love you man moment was brought to you today by rum.
    On a school night.
    That is all.

  129. (When I comment I feel like one of the pink-font commenters.)
    Now that blogging is dead I feel it might be safe for me to do it.

  130. One of my TV sets has aluminum foil on the rabbit ears. And I have NO IDEA where my marriage certificate is. But my pet rock is still displayed rather prominently. It is a pet punk rock.

  131. Congrats, Jenny. I too struggle with depression, and I always feel better when I read your blog. It started for me with Beyonce, and then about 6 hours of filling in the posts before and after. I really wish you all the best and don’t ever lose your snarkiness!there is a giant metal chicken in front of a bar in my neighborhood, and every time we go by, someone in the car will invariably sayv”Knock, Knock” to be followed by the rest – if my grandson is not in the car. It’s only awkward if we’re coming back from church.

  132. Your blog is the only one where I studiously go through and read as many comments as I can. Which is quite time consuming but highly entertaining. I love this awesome cult of slightly bizarre but hugely awesome folk!

  133. You knock my socks right off my face.

    Congrats and I will continue to support your blog by lurking as much as possible.

  134. As an official lurker, I have to say congrats! And, it all started with a metal chicken!

  135. Way to go, TIME magazine! You rock, Jenny. Pat yourself on the back…preferrably with a stuffed squirrel or something.

  136. You forgot to mention finding this blog when you were really searching Google for dildos. Or Canada.

  137. Pogs are completely archaic and obsolete?! Where was I when this happened? Surely you jest. Pogs will never be obsolete. So if you don’t mind, I’m going to take my pogs, my troll doll, and play some Super Nintendo.

    P.S. Congrats Jenny! You totally deserve it. Your blog and your tribe rock!

  138. What they MEANT to say was that “The ship that houses 4 tonnes of gold and will sail to an individual’s door for no other reason other than said individual has a computer and the ability to wrangle a few words together on a new and unusual thing that is the internet has sunk”

    Back in the day, the long long ago, (I’m referring to the dim and distant dark ages of the early part of this century) blogs were new. And the ones that actually made money weren’t necessarily any good.

    Some were.

    Most were shit BUT they were new, and sparkly, and so NOW.

    Then everyone with a keyboard and an internet connection decide they wanted in on the gravy train (err.. boat), and the blogosphere was born. Some were good, most were (and are) shit.

    The difference here is content. Of course is awesome, primarily due to it’s individual content.

    I suspect that those bleating about blogging being dead are pissed that no-one wants to read their pithy critique of modern/post modern society.

    Sorry, their poorly executed, over wrought, “look at me” take on modern/post modern.

    or beading.

    Topiary for conifers.

    or something.

    Also: Page rank palooza – Don’t write anything that has merit, write only for the google engine.
    Also also: Adwords (only one entity is making a dime from them)

    All hail Thebloggess… may some kind of cash laden ship sail into it’s harbour – because it is worth it.

  139. Firstly, congratulations! Secondly, it goes to show that I would have to be a blogger when blogging has been declared dead – I listened to mix tapes (recorded off the radio) on my Sony Walkman until 2001. I’m only 29 years old. I have no excuse.

  140. If blogging is dead, and you love things that have been taxidermied, then what’s the problem?
    Taxidermied should totally be a word.

  141. I consistently use the phrase Knock Knock Motherfucker and this lets me know who is cool and who is not … because true Bloggess fiends break out in laughter and immediately ask each other if they have read your latest post! Screw those that say Blogging is dead and keep up the GREAT work!

  142. You are a totally awesome person and Time magazine should have featured you years ago.
    Now to go back to what I usually do… *Lurk-lurk…*

  143. This blog totally deserves to be in Time magazine because there is a special kind of person (like all of us) who can read this and get it. I have yet to find someone who likes it as much as I do and to wear matching “Feeling Stabby” shirts with me.

  144. Does this mean you can now give Joel Stein hints on funny? Because that would be really really helpful. Just saying.

  145. Congrats Jenny! But now we have to share you with Time readers? Geezuz….that’s all sorts of fucked up.

  146. Totally excellent and deserving! I don’t comment often because everyone else is so good at it, but I try to read most of them at any rate.

    This is a great blog and a great conversation.

    Welcome to the noobies!

  147. Congratulations, Jenny. Totally deserved. Self-deprecate all you want (please clean up after yourself), but you make a lot of people laugh and cry and feel better about themselves. I don’t come here because it’s trendy — although the number of comments you will get on this post indicates it’s true — I come here because I never leave without a good story. I’m happy for you that you were recognized for your hard work and honest writing. Cheers.

  148. There are many things that I wish would become obsolete: crocs, chia pets, Herpes, clogging…but never your blog! I am still a newbie…just found the cool kids after reading your book. Now I have “Humping You Furiously” in my head replacing the lyrics of “Killing Me Softly” and I had to stop mid-read to see if Hunter S. Thomcat actually exists! HA! You are an evil genius and methinks I love you. Congratulations!!!

  149. Is it wrong that I now judge my friends by if they like your blog or not? When I rave about it and ask (force) them to read it, if they don’t turn into complete converts I seriously rethink if I want to continue to be friends with them. The good news is that almost all of them are totally on board with the epic wierdness that is you, so I haven’t lost too many friends. (And those who don’t get it were not worth my time anyway!)

    Congrats! Well deserved and now I can keep reading Time magazine.

  150. I dont post often, but CONGRATS! You give me belly laughs when i need them most! 🙂
    (I said belly laughs not belly pain….) 😉

  151. Oh my, I didn’t even realize blogging was dead :O How lame does that make me?!? Meh, doesn’t matter.

    CONGRATULATIONS! You’re awesome and will always be so! 😀

  152. But don’t panic, blogging will become ‘trendy’ again at some point. I mean look at flared trousers!! I never stopped wearing them & now I am the hippest chick in the village.. 🙂

    And Time magazine? Do we all get to be on the cover?? i’ve already started planning my pose. I was thinking something along the lines of lounging on an unmade bed braless….in my yoghurt stained t-shirt (with braless boobs resting under my arms) and marmite all round my mouth….Oh! and big knickers!! let me know what you think.

  153. Out of all the things I’ve tried in life, trying to cultivate friends or trying to fit in, this is one of the things where I truly believe I’ve found “my people”. I don’t know what makes you (us) skew this way, but I love it. Thanks for being who you are and congratulations.

  154. This is great news, Jenny. If Time can find you, anyone can find you. My Spinner Baseball league is going gangbusters, by the way.

  155. I honestly cannot imagine being rude to you. You are such a cool person and an amazing writer. Thank you for your blog, your book and your voice. You are making a difference in this world Jenny. Keep up the good work. Keep fighting the funky, awesome, taxidermied fight becuse you rock!!

  156. Think of the world that would be created if all the bloggers in Time’s list were the supreme leaders. I name you the Minister of Apocrisiary. You’re welcome.

  157. It’s good to know that Time Magazine recognizes absurdity as a positive thing. I feel so very normal now. You have dispelled the myth that psychopaths are something to fear. Thanks! I am amazed sometimes at what the blogging world loves to read. I get the most hits when I have conversations with my dog.

  158. Hell yes! Now…when is your cover photo shoot??? We should start a petition for Jenny Lawson as “Person of the year”. Cuz, y’know….petitions get shit DONE.

    Anyway, congrats!!! As each day passes, I am more and more proud to be part of The Tribe.

  159. I just found yoga less than a year ago. Yoga has been around for, well FOREVER!! 36 and just jumped on that band wagon.

  160. I was having a pretty bad mental health week, and I could not find my copy of your book, so despite the fact that I mostly hate going out in public I changed out of my sweatpants and drove myself to the public library, navigated my way through the maze of scary hobos who are always hanging out out front (they can aggressively ask you for money, but they’re not allowed to smoke within 25 feet of the building, speaking of priorities) so that I could check out a copy to read to make myself feel better. Relevance is relative, and you’re very relevant to lots of people.

  161. So blogging is dead in 2013…

    Is that why they printed this in August?

    Congrats on being part of the blogging obituary…..

  162. I kind of have a girl-crush on you…in a I-am-obsessed-with-Joss-Whedon-because-I-love-how-his-brain-works kind of way. It’s not just your writer brain…I do think you’re pretty and have a charming voice (listened to your audio book).

    I just read that back, and it just sounds kind of creepy and stalkerish, which oddly I think you’re okay with.

    Time got it right – congrats!

  163. I am utterly impressed with your time mention… even if my clicking on the link caused my computer to freeze and me to panic as I’m at work and certain that people would frown on my reasons for how I crashed my computer… although it could also lead to the IT department at me work becoming avid Bloggess followers by finding out about the blogger who was mentioned in Time Magazine and then falling in love with all that follows…

    So maybe I should end this comment by saying You’re Welcome?

    I’m unsure.

  164. Hi Jenny, I’m a lurker. I found you when a whole lot of facebook posts had me peeing my pants and I thought my friends had gone crazy and finally realized they were referencing your blog and book and I’ve been hooked ever since. Much to my surprise I also found immense comfort from your open and gut wrenching posts about depression which have helped me get help, get through, and feel slightly more accepting of myself as I am. “Depression lies” has become a mantra for me. Thank you dear lady for your honesty and bat shit crazy antics.
    You may not be our fearless leader but you are our beloved, anxiety prone, xanax popping, wine slushee drinking role model for staying alive and kicking even when it’s way too hard. It’s good to find my tribe. Thank you.

  165. Not only is it totally awesome that you’re on the list, but you’re on the top of the list! Freaking awesome! My heart swells with pride for you as a whole new group of people will recognize your wonderful writing.

  166. Oh, you’ll never be obsolete because you are
    Much-needed! When people tell me I’m “old
    “School”, I just wanna go all Three Stooges on their

  167. Hooray for Jenny! Now I must go reclaim your book from the paws of my 12 year old son, who keeps giggling aloud and repeating all the swear words. On second thought, why should I? If he gets in trouble at school for hollering expletives when he drops his books, they should at least be creative expletives. Right??!!

    Thanks for being you!

  168. Damnable Time Magazine saying that Blogging is dead… Oh the deep smell of irony that I only found your Blog via them (reported at LinkedIn)… As a (nowhere near as popular) British Blogger myself, I hope they’re wrong, I should hate to have to go back to MySpace.

    For now I shall have to be content to bask in your reflected glory,

    Your Servant,

    The Chimping Dandy

  169. “In related news, I’m getting slightly less shitty at hacky-sack, and my pog collection is fucking stunning.”
    This made me laugh so hard, I’m glad my coworkers aren’t in yet.

  170. Congratulations!! And blogging is dead because i only get into things that have passed their prime. like, i cant even deal with twitter and fb and other forms of social media right now, but i can’t wait to be really into it in 10 years.

  171. So thrilled to be recognized for my comments!! Should I just send you my address for the royalty checks or is that in a direct deposit somewhere?

    I’m so giddy over what I will spend all of the extra money on! Maybe a monkey. As long as it isn’t one of those monkeys that makes you fall in love with them for 3 years and then goes ballistic one day because it has hit puberty and eats your friend’s face off. I mean, HELLO? I went through puberty and didn’t eat ONE SINGLE FACE OFF. What is wrong with monkeys?

  172. Super long time lurker here…

    This momentous occasion has finally drawn me out of the woodwork to say:
    You give a massive happy every time, Jenny!

    Oh and i’ve read and love your book too!

  173. Congratulations, Jenny! Very well-deserved. No time to say more – I’m off to Zumba with my Beanie Babies.

  174. I agree with everyone who said your blog is the best on the list, because it is. You’ve been making my days brighter since I decided to click through from a link on Neil Gaiman’s blog… something about a hotel stay in a haunted room I think it was. Thank you for your gloriousness and for reminding me of pogs.

  175. Jenny you are amazing. Well done! For some reason the pog comment literally made me lol. Great way to start the day.

  176. Oh, the irony of a print publication calling blogging dead.

    Whenever the world feels like nothing will be funny ever again, I come to your blog to see that the world is darker there, yet hilarious. You are a G-d send!

  177. I was country when country wasn’t cool.

    Okay, not really. I’m actually a little bit rock’n roll, and you’re just rockin’!


  178. I will now be closing all my emails and letters with “Humping you furiously.”

  179. CONGRATS@!@@@@ I hope you’re celebrating!!
    It’s food for thought. You’re now being embraced by the mainstream and possibly very smart people. I assume that’s who reads TIME magazine…..

    And btw your fans are 24x more insanely dedicated than TIME readers. I tweeted you the pic of my analysis =)))
    We should all be so proud of you and us =))) The collective force … THAT”s what raises funds and sends red dresses traveling and giant metal chickens clucking!!!

    Go Jenny!!!

  180. I haven’t never been double-negatived by someone before, y’all! Do it slowly (True Lies just flashed before my eyes).

    Congrats to you Jenny and to the rest of this funky community. I’m glad I stumbled upon the Epbot blog and saw your blog mentioned on several occasions…it takes a couple of reititerations before my brain traveled to your site. While you may think that your blog is meaningless, it’s a place I can go to to know I’m not the only one plagued by the frailty of the human condition. It’s nice to know I’m not alone when my mind tells me I am.

  181. I mostly lurk, because the idea of someone actually adding more spelling or grammar errors into my comments is pretty damn terrifying.

    Congrats on the mention from Time – you deserve it!

    Enjoying the humping,

  182. I’m mostly a lurker.. but an every day lurker, because the comments here are so funny (just as funny and cooky and and awesome as you posts), and I don’t think I can compete with this amazingness. BUT, I do want to say today congratulations on being recognized. I think you’re great and totally significant!

  183. The next time someone asks how my writing is going and if I’m published yet I totally going to answer
    “Well, no publishing deal yet but I _was_ just recognized by Time Magazine.” (This one might even go on my resume.) Thanks for helping me get noticed by Time…oh and everyone else who comments I guess…but they’re not me so I’m less interested.

  184. Way to go, Jenny! In our household, you are spoken of often, as though you are a family friend, and by family friend, we mean more like nonplatonic love that we love like we love our brother-cousin.

  185. You are courageous, awesome, and hysterically irreverent!

    It takes true courage of the soul to write about depression the way you do. You have saved me (and countless others) from despair many times!

    Your writing is unique and incredibly talented, everyone knows that!!

    And the Beyonce blog lives in my memory as one of the funniest fucking things I have ever read!!!!
    I identified with so many aspects of you and Victor in that epic story, it almost scared me….so happy to be the same kind of crazy as the Bloggess!


  186. Another lurker, here, surfacing to say Congratulations! Well deserved!.

  187. @Cass Gill (#16) I have suspected the same hideous thing, ever since I started seeing derogatory comments about “mommy bloggers”. Personally I place *MUCH* more importance on the subject of raising our children to be healthy, happy, and productive members of society than I do on the subject of [insert nationally televised sport here].
    But of course I don’t have balls so I don’t get the corner office or the raise.
    (Bitter who me?)

  188. From one weirdo to another–thank you for building this community. You are not only the Czar of Texas, but also the Mayor of Whatthefucklandia. The citizens here love you.

  189. OMG – love Dana’s dubbing you of Mayor of Whatthefucklandia. All hail!

    Congrats! Def red dress moment. (I define a red dress moment as any one where you rock just for being YOU!)

    (And I don’t write “def” because I’m cool/hip etc – its because that’s one of the effin words that I cannot for the life of me spell correctly without spell check/auto correct. Just me?)

  190. I have to get over the fact that I earn a living engaging in an obsolete art form. Note to self: book an appointment with friendly neighbourhood career counsellor–who ironically is in the same building as therapist. Coincidence? I think not.

  191. Just wanted to say that I am mostly a lurker. Ok, I really only a lurker except this comment. Congrats and I love your blog and your humor. The taxidermy scares me sometimes but you are hilarous.

  192. WOOT! Next step, the cover of Rolling Stone! Wait, that’s out of fashion this week…. what’s goal can we shoot for? Oh I know, AirBrushed Pouty Jenny on the cover of Cosmo!

    But I must object to you calling this space “vaguely cult-like”. There is absolutely NOTHING vague about our cult!

  193. If blogging is dead and we’re all a part of it, does this mean we’re writing at one another from our mass grave? Because it smells a lot better than I would have imagined in here.

  194. I think the disclaimer seriously undersells the amount of vagina that can be found here. I recently started on the first page of your blog (217 at the time of writing this) and worked my way to current. Don’t judge me, you wrote all this stuff.

    Yup, seriously undersells the vagina content.

  195. Waitjustadamnminute!!!! Did I miss the discussion/dissection of this Capote character?? Where do I go to rant about the white elephant in this blog? If I wanted to see “creepy uncle peter” fly around in a blue box I’d….Well, you see that’s the problem. I DON’T have any desire to see creepy uncle Peter do anything!!!! Bring back young hotness to the Tardis! We need YOUNG HOTNESS!!

  196. So I want to point out that Jenny is a big ole tease. I have recently decided to go back and read all the blog entries prior to when I started reading somewhere around 2010-11ish, mostly because I am wanting to avoid work, and I read this post in which we were promised a story about Jenny’s grave robbing gramma, in her memoirs. Seriously after such a long tease, I cannot believe it wasn’t in LPTNH. What’s the story with the Granny Burke and Hare! It needs to be shared!

  197. And you know what’s even better than you being on this list? (which is awesome, BTW) It’s that f-ing douche-canoe Dooce isn’t! boowahahaha

  198. Blogging may be dead, but vaguely cult-ish stuff is on the rise! You still have us right where you want us. Congrats.

  199. I just wanted to say that I loved!loved! thedavidcmurphy’s response. Me too! But he got to be first (and clever!)!

    Also we truly love you – not just your blog – but you and the way you make us feel like we’re not so terribly alone.
    Thank you!

  200. I don’t know if blogging is dead (although I hope not) but I do know that you’re awesome. Congratulations you rock!!

  201. Suck-up Alert:
    Jenny, you are way more awesomer than you will ever give yourself credit for, and your refusal to self-credit the appropriate amount of awesomeness just proves that in addition to being even more awesomer than Nutella (a nearly impossible level to achieve), you are also bad-ass and fantabulous in epic proportions. You’re like, Nutella and marshmallow fluff on chocolate-chip waffles. That’s the highest compliment I have ever paid to a fellow human, by golly.

    Plagarism Alert:
    I am totally adding “humping you furiously” to all business correspondence. Not really, but I soooo want to!

  202. The best part of the disclaimer? “Humping you furiously.” Forget the hurdle of choosing “Thanks,” or “Take care,” or “Sincerely.” That sign-off clears the hurdle in street shoes. Maybe I should use it in query and cover letters.

  203. I’m with Heidi. It was the chicken…sucked me right into this whirling vortex of insanity…where I fee RIGHT AT HOME. (Says a lot about my state of mind.)

    Jen, if you are not proclaimed Time’s Woman of the Year there is no God. (Well, there is – and He just gave me a BIG DEMERIT for that, but you know what I mean.)

  204. Not so sure about that Time thing, but I’m awful impressed with the old news about being Czar of Texas and bringing a donkey to an awards show. That’s at least as impressive as seeing Barenaked Ladies when they brought out a Llama. Maybe it was an Emu. Whatever, it was still cool. And that czar thing, any title bestowed on you is well-deserved. I think. Personally, I’m partial to “Emperor of the Universe” or maybe “He Who Decides Who Lives and Who Dies.” Yeah, that’s the ticket. Not original, but yeah …

  205. I am totally signing off every correspondence from now on with, “humping you furiously.”
    Congrats on making the list…it is well deserved. 🙂

  206. Who gives a soundless fart what Time thinks (as they are about as relevant as blogs) but it’s quite nice to have anyone appriciate where you spend your energy. Congratulations. I’m more of a reader and not often a contributor, but this is quite a special place with a merry band of misfits who never fail to uplift and entertain

  207. I’m an addicted lurker. When I am having a bad day teaching middle school, I will sneak a read. Now if I am caught, I can truthfully claim I am pursuing award winning information.

  208. If it makes you feel any better … I WORK FOR SOCIAL SECURITY and have NO idea where my Social Security card is!

  209. Long time lurker here. Yippee for you, Jenny. If blogs are dead, why is Time writing about them? Whatever. Your blog is my favorite. And yay for the commenters, too. This blog is my happy place. Congrats!!!!

  210. This makes me feel so much better about my non-smart phone, cd player and still happily functional VCR.

    (Why pay a monthly fee for something I’ve already purchased? )

  211. First time poster, long time lurker here… congrats Jenny, you will never know how happy your blog makes me and others (I’m speaking for others here but based on the comments, I’m not wrong).

    I’ll raise my wine glass tonight to honor the blog and this awesome community of readers/fans!

  212. I used to blog, until I got hacked by a bunch of Russians and had to turn it off for fear of unintentionally pissing people off. You are WAY better at it (the blogging, not the pissing people off, or getting hacked by Russians), and I’m totally glad you won praise by Time magazine. Well deserved – it’s a lot of work!!!!

  213. What’s pog? Is it like poi? Can it fly? Congratulations and thank you for always making us laugh!!!!!

  214. If you could start adding new posts 3 or 4 times a day, that would be great…

    You really have to read that in Lumbergh’s voice.

  215. Oh man! I must really be behind the time…i just started blogging last week. Just when I thought I was starting to be hip and cool. Curses foiled again!

  216. Yay for being archaic! My heart went all fluttery when you mentioned pogs.

    But I’m super jealous, because I have always secretly hoped to be Czar of Texas….

  217. Stand by for a demonstration of relevance. And irreverence. Because you’re both, and it’s beyond awesome:)

  218. I had several dozen pogs..and i wonder where they went.. those tubes we kept them in would be hard to miss, they were pretty phalic. and i also sucked at hackey sack, still do.

  219. Upon reading the phrase, “sack full of kittens..” My first stop was the bookstore to buy another copy for my cousin. My second stop was this blog – and I have been cracking up ever since. H’ray obsolescence! And much love!

  220. You are amazing no matter what kind of article or post someone creates about you. Good is good. That’s it. Stand behind it. Relish it for what it is. Enjoy it. Through all of your ups and downs we have been here. Reading all..yes. Supporting…yes. Commenting…not all the time. Thank you for putting yourself out there. Good. Bad. Ugly. For all to see. We appreciate it. Time appreciates it.

  221. Ridiculous. “Blogging is DEAD!” I think not. A whole bunch of people still do it and don’t get nearly the recognition, let alone paid. Remember when people started yammering how radio was dead? New cars are still made with radios. Disc jockeys still get paid very well to get up and on air by 6 a.m. to regale us with random crap while we stare at the bumpers in front of us.

    Blogging is fun the way playing lawn darts used to be fun. You know, at family gatherings where there might be a lot of beer, someone might get hurt, but are they actually going to die? Yeah, like that. Man I miss lawn darts.

    And hey, if you can make a name for yourself, toss ’em high, lady. Toss ’em high.

  222. Dude. You had me at Beyonce.

    She comes up frequently in conversation, as my best friend has a big metal rooster named after her in her kitchen. Beyonce the transgendered rooster shares coffee and complaining with us almost daily.

    You matter.

  223. Congratulations! You deserve this! You crack me up every day. I always, always look forward to reading your daily post.

    I’m adding “mastering of hacky sack” to my bucket list…or maybe instead a, “capability to mildly engage in hacky-sack for at least 20-seconds.”

    You rock! Please keep being yourself and being funny and making me laugh every day.

  224. Congrats! You’re blog is awesome! I absolutely love your style of writing and find it very inspiring…in an weird offbeat sort of way of course.

  225. Still reading through old blog posts and realized Jenny came up with the Sharknado concept years ago, except with snakes. They might owe her royalties. She should check into that.

  226. Your tribe is large and powerful and will change the world, if we can ever organize ourselves to leave the damn house. Congratulations on the recognition. Let’s celebrate. Taxidermied mice and margaritas for everyone!

  227. Way to go. Jenny!
    I knock myself out and I fail, while you knock it out of the park in a few paragraphs.
    You rule.
    I suck.

  228. Whether or not blogging is dead or dying, it’s awesome recognition for all that you do. Congrats!

    I had forgotten all about the Zune! I had one. And a VideoDisk player (movies on records). I was good at choosing the wrong technology. Now I have an Android phone. I think I’m okay.

  229. Congratulations! I certainly hope blogging isn’t dead, otherwise you’d need to find a suitable, taxidermied version of it to place somewhere in your home.

  230. Just one more giant step towards convincing the world that we are NOT AT ALL like our politicians here in the great state of Texas.

  231. You have redeemed Texas for me. You have redeemed blogging for me. My cat insists that I turn the computer on so that she can see what your cats are doing.

    You have made the Books in Garden list of “Best Blog of the Year”. It is kind of lonely though, you are the only one who made it.

  232. Congrats! I hope this recognition from Time brings more people to the tribe. Although, now there are two Shelley’s who comment on your blog and it freaks me out. I’ll go by Shelley J now, but is it selfish for me to want to be the only Shelley in the tribe?

    As for Time saying blogging is dying? I send a raspberry to Time for thinking it. PPFFFBBBTTTTT!! I depend on a few specific blogs to keep me up-to-date on things like chupacabra sightings, the pending zombie apocalypse and where to get the best adult happy hour drinks in Texas. I NEED TO KNOW THESE THINGS. And I like to hear them from real people like me, which means you, because really, we’re both a little kooky. I think I forgot where I was going with this…

  233. Blogging is far from dead. If that were the case, I wouldn’t have one or devote so much reading others’.

    But I’ve had my website/blog for YEARS… since 1998, actually. I remember when people would ask for the link to my MySpace page (I never had one), and I would dispense with the URL for my website instead. They would look at me like I had three heads, not understanding that the Internet encompassed more than just MySpace. I was also told “blogging was dead” then, and it is still going strong.

    The folks at Time are a bunch of nutters if they think blogging is dead. I want whatever crack they are smoking.

  234. I love your blog!! My friend told me about your blog and book. I was the chick on the plane
    reading your book and crying because I was laughing so hard. My daughter was looking at me
    like I’m crazy. Then I had her read it. Then she was laughing/crying. I really
    enjoyed your book and I always look forward to your blog. So keep it up!
    Thank you from Seattle

  235. Blogs aren’t my art form of choice, but I write one, which is probably the culprit for keeping me up at nights. And I read yours because you let it all hang out, so to speak, without apology. You make the writing seem effortless, and your voice and brand of humor is refreshing. Well done!
    Diane Holcomb recently posted:

  236. I’m so sorry! I’ve been lurking ever since my best friend forwarded me Beyonce’s first appearance. I had no idea I was supposed to introduce myself! Faux pas! I suck at the Internet, I joined Facebook only slightly before my mother did. I’m Liz, I live outside Pittsburgh. You make me laugh, so thanks for that. If you need more information, background check, shoe size, etc please let me know via e-mail. Congrats on all your success, very well-deserved despite what you may think.

  237. Introduce myself? *blinks* I was supposed to do that? Uh, oops? Ummm…… *tries to think of something vaguely witty to say, and fails….*

    I read too much, I do medieval re-creation in the SCA, I role play on Facebook and occasionally on Twitter, I’m on the volunteer staff of our local animecon, and I’ve cosplayed a couple times as Chibitalia — all of which (except the reading) might be a bit off at the best of times, but are definitely weird for someone in their mid-fifties.

    I have a son; I’m in the process of teaching him to drive.

    I’m also diagnosed as bipolar, with some anxiety issues, but that’s unrelated to any of the above, including the driving lessons.

    And they’ve been telling us that books are obsolete, too, for quite a few years. Funny, they still seem to be selling……

  238. I just got a hilarious vision of you completely pwning everyone at Atari….I’ve been lurking too, but I bought your book, and back-reading this blog like someone possessed, and it’s completely made me create my own….something. It’s a blog, but it’s odd and a work in progress. Kind of verbal diarrhoea in a lot of ways, but it’s something for ME! So thank you. You’re the best! *Figured I’d de-lurk to give praise if nothing else.

  239. Your blog saves lives – literally. Except for those lives lost to people who decide taxidermy is awesome and give it a try. So there’s that. Congrats!

  240. I fully support your priorities. Similarly, I have no idea what I’ve done with my driver’s license, but I have my squishy TARDIS within reach and my iPad is queued up to play another episode of Pretty Little Liars because it’s as addictive as … things that get you addicted.

    I can’t even brain anymore.

  241. Your blog is my favorite lurking spot. I’m reading your book atm and loving it too 🙂 I know you don’t like to travel but If you ever decide to do a book tour in Europe, just know you have friends in Amsterdam. Congrats Jenny!

  242. Although I’m excited for your honor, I feel like a little bit of the credit should go to Beyonce the chicken. If it wasn’t for her scrawny legs, we all wouldn’t be here.

    Now I’m craving Kentucky Fried Chicken.

  243. Hi Jenny, I am Meg from New Orleans and I am writing to introduce myself. I collect Dead People Holy Cards at funerals. Dead People don’t have the name of the saint on them — just the name of the dead person at the funeral. So here in New Orleans, we play “Guess the Martyr based on the Implement of Torture” at funerals while we get drunk. This cheers us up immensely. Your posts about St. Agatha are the BEST BLOG POSTS EVER IN THE HISTORY OF THE WORLD. When I die, I am totally going to have a Dead Person Holy Card with St. Agatha and her lawn boobies on a plate.

  244. When I first read you, I told my sister-in-law you were too crazy for me. She was shocked, as no one ever thought this possible. You were going to visit some space station or something. I tried to read it, just too much for me.
    Now I love your stuff. I don’t know what has happened but I guess I’m as crazy assed as you are. I think it’s great and wonder how much I’ve missed.
    Congratulations on your #1 spot. And I love your crazy!

  245. You have to love how I managed to read “donkey show” at the end of this instead of “bring a donkey to an award show.” Although I wouldn’t actually doubt that you would write something about a donkey show. But Congratulations on your blog 😀

  246. Congratulations!! But what I thought when I read this was, “Uh oh, here come the masses.” How selfish am I?? I rode in on the bandwagon after reading your book. It isn’t like I have been here the entire time.

    While I would love for my blog to reach national status, um it would scare the shit out of me. For reals.

    But you are a tough cookie, and have earned it. Cheers to a dead stuffed rodent and the woman who catapulted them both to fame.

  247. Kind of late to the party, but I just wanted to say congratulations. This blog is a thing of beauty.

    Also, if my bunny Oliver wrote blog posts, they would all end in “Humping you furiously, Oliver.”

    Oh wait. Some of them would end with “Starting to hump you then giving up halfway and just sort of hugging your butt, Oliver.”

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