Submitted without comment…

…Except that I’m totally going to comment because I can’t shut up.  If you weren’t reading here a year and a half ago you are totally not going to understand this but I can’t really explain it because I sort of implied that I wouldn’t talk about it anymore, but there is no fucking way that I can’t post this, so let me just say that 1) I love Nathan Fillion and no one should fuck with him or even mention this to him because I think it makes him sad and even God cries when Captain Mal is sad, and 2) celebrities holding random, bizarre things for the joy of being silly automatically soaks up oil spills and makes kitten’s eyes extra shiny.

And so, without further ado, a 51st-century rogue time agent (slash) Doctor’s companion just being fucking awesome:

The man manages to make everything look sexy. I’m pretty sure he impregnated that spool just by holding it.

PS.  Special thanks to the fantastic John Barrowman and to my sweet friend Maria.

PPS.  This doesn’t count as a real post.  I’ll post something real in a minute after you’ve had a second to fist-pump with glee and/or be extremely confused.

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  1. As if John Barrowman wasn’t already awesome enough! You keep rocking my world with the stars with random objects series. 🙂

  2. He never ages…I think he took home the T.A.R.D.I.S. and didn’t tell anyone.

  3. So fucking handsome. And such a delight to his fans at conventions. And so funny on the live Nerdist podcast from Comic Con last year. I love this dude.


    John Barrowman is so awesome! (So is Nathan)

  5. I love this. LOVE. Also, this exemplifies why Captain Jack will forever and always be my favorite Doctor Who companion.

  6. Dare I say that this is even better than the time that Matthew Broderick and Brian Boitano sent you pictures of themselves holding spatulas and ice-cream sandwiches?

    Because I just said it.

    And Nathan Fillion is still the man.

  7. OMG!!! JEALOUS!!! also, was he wearing pants? He tends to like to show off his underoos at conventions.

  8. I just started watching Doctor Who and I’m so happy I get this. However, part of me hopes/dreads the day you get David Tennant holding something because I’d squeal and die at the same time. My poor body wouldn’t be able to handle the hot awesomeness that would come from a Tennant picture.

  9. I need to start watching Doctor Who. But when? Aren’t there a lot of them? How does a girl know which one is the right one? Is there a beginning? For the love of all that is Holy, somebody help a girl out! 😉

    (If you really want to commit, start with the 2005 reboot, but you do have to watch several cheesy episodes before it gets good. If you want to just try one out I suggest “Blink”. ~ Jenny)

  10. I love me some Captain Mal, but Captain Jack is equally good. Maybe even better. MAYBE.

  11. He is so amazing that there appears to be a Haze Of Amazingness around him in that photo. He was also rather nasty/crazy & kick-ass in the sub-par-yet-muscle-filled first season of Arrow. Did I mention that this is AMAZING?!

  12. There are so many people fist pumping with glee right now. We may knock the earth of its axis. (PS is that a real thing? Can that actually happen? Holy shit stop fist pumping! STOP FIST PUMPING.)

  13. Day. Made.

    And my love for Barrowman expands ten-fold.

    I’m pretty sure I’m impregnated just looking at the picture.

  14. Squeeeee!!!! John Barrowman is the sexiest man on the planet and at the very top of my Christmas morning list.

  15. I’ve gotten my kids hooked on Doctor Who. They’re at the end of the second season. (Goodbye to Rose.). They liked Captain Jack and don’t know he’ll return.

    Well my oldest knows because we bought him a Doctor Who encyclopedia and he proceeded to read it cover to cover, memorizing all the facts within. He’s a chip off the geek block and I couldn’t be prouder!

    (For me, David Tennant and Donna Noble marked the best era of Doctor Who, so far. It always makes me jealous when I meet people who haven’t gotten there yet and still have it in front of them. ~ Jenny)

  16. I love it. And I love that I’ve blog-stalked you just enough to understand it. Being on the inside of an inside joke is the BEST! Yay for today!!!

  17. That episode of Torchwood with John Barrowman and James Marsters… I squeed like a 12 year old girl at a Justin Bieber concert. For, like, the full 40 minutes.

  18. Srsly, Barrowman, you are delicious.

    I had to stop myself from licking the screen. We can keep him I think.

  19. I went all hot and sweaty and shaky when I first saw this. This post made me that happy. So shaky that I couldn’t tap my tablet without repeatly stabbing at it.

    As stated before: I love you. Your writing hurts in such a good way. I adore Mal, Nathan Fillion, Captain Jack and John Barrowman.

    And, you, sweet and scary Jenny, you pulled it all together. With fuckin twine!

  20. Oh…lordy Cap’n Jack Harkness. I LOVE that man…there were so many excellent flirtations on Torchwood. Also, did you ever see his Travel Channel series on great castles/houses/estates in Europe? Quite the…energetic…host. It was great.

    Thanks for this: made my day.

  21. Oh my GOD, that’s hilarious! Me and my sister are happy-dancing around the living room! FURIOUSLY HAPPY!

  22. If you actually did submit without comment it would make me very sad. I count on you having something to say about, well, everything! Thank you for not disappointing.

  23. John Barrowman is one of the most beautiful men on the planet no matter which way you swing. I am so jealous of your twine picture.

  24. Since Nathan Fillion IS a friend/fan of John Barrowman, perhaps Captain Jack can convince Mal to FINALLY hold the twine for you.

  25. Delicious AND game for a laugh? Be still my heart.

    I don’t think I could ever meet him, there are so many inappropriate things I would want to do…

  26. Thank you for the hook up! I am bored to tears sitting in Boston Children’s Hospital trying to find the source of pain in a non-verbal child. I NEEDED this! 😀

  27. For just a minute, my heart almost stopped because I thought it was Nathan. Then it started again and I looked at the picture carefully and my heart almost stopped again because…. DAMN he’s SO cute!!

  28. Holy shit, I am so excited by this picture it’s actually embarrassing. Nathan who? I think I may have been impregnated just by looking at that picture for too long.

  29. seeing the post from FB and I just WHOOPED in my cubicle and came to read about it! some sweet ass twine

  30. I wonder… where exactly is his thumb? Must be how he impregnated the spool. In keeping, I just shot a wad of frozen yogourt on my screen. Thanks, Jenny!!

  31. Why was my immediate physical reaction nausea? That picture is so fucking awesome that it very nearly made me sick. I love him. Torchwood 4eva.

  32. So, how many pictures do you now have of famous people holding string?

    (Less than 10. I’m not a hoarder. ~ Jenny)

  33. What makes this even better is that it looks like one of those bad yearbook pictures from the 80s. Rouge Twine Agent indeed.

  34. It’s no Captain Hal, but this space man holding twine is close enough. I’m fist pumping with you.

  35. I’m headed to a convention in Atlanta where John is a guest. I’ll make sure to thank him for his wonderfulness.

  36. Matthew Broderick still wins this random war for me although Brian Boitano also comes in as a close second. This is quite awesome though!

  37. Love Capt Jack Harkness… and the fact that he’s got that sexi smile while he fondles the twine… yum to the millionth power. Thanks for making my good day even better!

  38. Captain Jack!! (the new face of Bo) Only true Who fans will get that. Love love love!!!

  39. Love it. So. so. much. Even tho I’ve never watched Dr. Who. Love Nathan Fillion too, even when he’s difficult about twiney things ;-).

  40. Okay I love Captain Mal, but no one is cooler than a companion of the Doctor! This owns Mal-twine any day. You are now only one degree of separation from the Doctor.

  41. Captain Jack! Love that man! Now if it were him and James Marsters making out while holding twine I’d just die on the spot. That’s all I really want from life right now.

  42. I just love him! It would be even better if he and his husband were holding the twine but you know, I’ll take any pics I can get of John. Oh, and I’m sitting watching Torchwood while working on the world’s most mind-numbingly boring project ever, so I love that random pics of John Barrowman have populated my FB feed all morning.

  43. John Barrowman came to the same Naperville bookstore (Anderson’s) that you came to…this is becoming very meta for me, as your event and John’s were the only two events that I went to at Anderson’s last year. This has now reached exponential awesomeness.

  44. Thank you for making my day almost as much as that pic made your day! The saga continues…As The Twine Rolls… 🙂

  45. What made him change his mind? He was so haughty before? (not that we blame him at all) but he kinda reminded me of the guy who dissed Oprah…..and then came back. Don’t diss Oprah. Don’t diss our Jenny. Have no clue who he is other than by your DEDICATION but he’s kinda cute in a Tom Cruise kind of way. Kudos.

    (That was a different guy. But they’re both hot sic-fi Captains so it’s easy to confuse them. ~ Jenny)

  46. Captain Jack with string!!! This makes me so happy!! Thank you John Barrowman & you Jenny for bringing joy to my day.

    The whole NF thing might have gotten a bit f-ed up there at the end but the overall ramifications of it and the numerous good natured celebrities that have played along have brought a good deal of fun to bunch of lives.

  47. I’m new to your blog. As in two days ago new. I honestly don’t know what half your entries are referring to most of the time. That fact has yet to stop the uproarious laughter, so I’ve taken great pleasure in riffling through your tags and miscellaneous reference links in order to fully grasp and understand the often magical tales woven throughout your years of blogging.

    This. One. Is. By. Far. My. Favorite.

    I too am a fan of such things as Nathan Fillion (all the way from the Buffy days, y’all!), Captain Harkness, Will Wheaton, and all things twine (because who doesn’t fucking love some twine, right?!)

    This was the best unraveling (pun intended) of a Bloggess Tale I’ve come across so far.

    Thanks for the laughs.

  48. OMG You did it. I think this is my first comment, which is ironic because I’m speechless.

    YAY, YOU!

  49. OMG thank you for making my smile till my face hurts…Captain Jack and twine…

  50. OMG!! CAPT. JACK!! SEXIEST MAN ALIVE – ANY TIME, ANY WHERE!! WITH STRING!! OMG!! I KNOW I’M SHOUTING AND I CAN’T STOP! IT’S THE BARROWMAN!! Ok, Ok, calming down… calming down. This is just too much for an elderly lady. But he’s just sooo fucking AWESOME! And The Bloggess is the Queen of Everything, damn it! This proves it!!

  51. John Barrowman is a God. I was sad to see him posing with Nathan at Comic Con because I felt that Nathan was unworthy of Johns awesomeness. But I see JB has come forward to make up for Fillions douchieness. I will try to allow a little of my bitterness to go away because if John likes him there must be at least something decent about the guy. I must also say that Johns husband Scott is just as hot as he is. Smoking hot!!! I always listen to Johns music in my car on the way to and from work.

  52. As if I didn’t already love John Barrowman enough – this is just icing. too funny!!!

  53. You need to create a “Hall of Awesomeness” that has all of the incredible celebrities holding random stuff 🙂

  54. I literally swooned the first time I laid eyes on Captain Jack in the “Empty Child” episode. It’s my favorite Who episode, and I have such a romantic notion of the WWII pilots, which I blame on the movie “Memphis Belle.” I love John Barrowman so much. I have a Captain Jack figurine in my cubicle, and I was so lucky to be able to see him in La Cages in London 4 years ago. This is the best photo ever! Love, love, love this.

  55. First it was Wil Weaton collating paper
    Then Jeri’s spatula joined in the caper
    Now Captain Jack Harkness is posing with string
    These are a few of my favorite things!

    When PR sends
    Jet Li with things
    I simply send them Captain Jack holding string
    and then I don’t feeeeeeel….SO baaaaad!

    I’m sorry. I’m so, so sorry. I had to. I can’t explain.

  56. I am officially fist-pumping with glee (and simultaneously snorting my coffee). Yay!

  57. Captain Jack….*swoon*…holding twine…SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEE…on your blog….

    Excuse me, I need a momen…

    Oops. Never mind.

    It’s been awhile, ya know?

    ****afterglow ecstasy****

  58. This man makes my heart bust! I love him so very much! You want a REAL idea of how awesome he is? Read his biographies!!!! Seriously y’all. He’s a superior human being

  59. He does manage to look amazing & sexy holding that spool. I expect it to give birth to little bobbins any day now.

  60. Awesome. I also share your delight in celebrities holding random, bizarre things for the joy of being silly. You are an inspiration to so many people in so many different, beneficial ways.

  61. This. Is. Amazing.

    I mean, let’s face it: You were pretty small-time until this happened. I’m pretty sure that your career is going to start taking off now!

    (I couldn’t type that without laughing. I tried really hard, but then I snorted out loud and it scared the dog and he ran into the patio door. Now my dog likely has brain damage but it’s ok because JOHN BARROWMAN IS HOLDING TWINE. Swoon.)

  62. Nathan and John are both awesome beyond words. You know as a fellow Texas John Barrowman is going to be in Dallas this October for the Dallas Comic con fandays. If you haven’t met him it should be alot of fun

  63. Argh! I just finished watching Torchwood: Miracle Day onDemand, and I need Russell Davis to get on the ball!

  64. My day has turned from being craptastic to f’ing wonderful. Even Aunt Flo can’t beat down the joy that is Barrowman holding twine.

  65. Awww…I didn’t even start reading, just saw a guy with twine and got super excited it was NF. Oh wells. This is still pretty good. I guess. Pft.

  66. So, because of this post I went back and dragged up the amazing post of eleventy billion and lkjadtfdhasfg updates, and BEHOLD IF THERE WEREN’T MORE PICTURES!

    I had not seen Brian Boitano holding ice cream and tongs, or Sean Maher. <3 Bless them both. And Matthew Broderick, BECAUSE WE KNOW YOU READ THIS! <3 <3

  67. Love love love Captain Jack! My kids are watching Doctor Who now and I love getting to watch them all again. In fact we are watching Utopia right now with the wonderful Captain.

  68. How do I get pictures of hot men holding random things?! Thanks Jenny for letting us all live vicariously through you.

  69. He’s showing his handsome husband what he’s going to do to him later…

  70. Oh. My. GAWD! As if John Barrowman wasn’t already super awesome to his fans and funny and adorable and smart and hotter than any man on the planet should be . . . I lurve him even more now.

  71. I squealed when I saw this. Squealed like a 12-year-old girl at a Justin Bieber concert.

    Damn you, Captain Jack.

  72. OMG he is holding twine! I want to be famous simply so I can hold twine in a picture!

  73. Anything with John Barrowman in it is definitely worth making an entire post. 🙂 All I can say is the world needs more Captain Jack.

  74. And you know that Captain Jack could totally save the universe (and time itself) with that spool of twine! Also, I named my boy kitty after Captain Jack, so he’s extra awesome (both are big, handsome, quite naughty, charming, and love the lovin’s).

  75. John Barrowman is the coolest guy ever. The picture was taken at this year’s Chicago Comic-Con on a Friday and the next day I was waiting in line for him to sign our picture together (in case you’re curious) that was taken right after the twine pic) when my friend, who has an autoimmune disease, arrived and overestimated her recovery, which resulted in a fall. John stopped signing, came to her rescue, helped her get up, found her a chair so she could wait until it was her time, and went, “Would you like a vodka tonic?” My friend was in such shock, she only realized Captain Jack had rescued her when another kid in line (whom she’d never met) gave her a bear hug and went, “OMG!! Captain Jack came to your rescue!”

  76. The only way this could be better would be if it was a video and he was singing to you!

  77. So now that we have a Captain holding twine, what’s your next random celebrity holding something wish. Because I would totally work to make it happen.
    Dreams do come true!

  78. /Users/Family/Desktop/1236481_592897870748899_1470428163_n.jpg

    I really hope you can see this photo…

    (I can’t. Sorry! ~Jenny)

  79. Everything I have read about him just reiterates how awesome he is.
    I have a photo of him pretending to “die” at C2E2 when confronted by an adorable 6 yr old in a dalek dress. Now that’s class.

  80. Okay, okay. Captain Jack just convinced me to forgive Nathan for being such a spoilsport. Your silly twine BS is healing the world, Jenny. ROCK ON, LADY.

  81. Me: Hi Jack. Is that a cock in that spool of twine ,or are you just happy to see me?
    I hope its cock…
    Jack: Any thing for you Debbie.
    Me: Alrighty! Can I tie you up with that twine, and see what this cock is all about?
    Jack: Oh yeah baby!

    That is the scene that just played out in my mind. Oh dear. I have to go home now. I can’t work any more.
    Fuck. Damn it. Jack Harkness. Remember that time I saw your naked bum on Torchwood? Hmmm…
    I’m going home.

  82. as someone who has read but not commented, this moment of fist-pumping with glee seems the right moment to change that. this absolutely just made my day.

  83. Oh, my God. Captain Jack!!!! I adore him.
    The only guys who could top this, IMHO, are Matt Smith or (gulp) David Tennant. Mmm. David Tennant.

  84. Barrowman, you just took a giant leap up the awesomeness scale. And, you were pretty dang awesome to begin with.

  85. Oh my god, I love Captain Jack! He’s so full of awesome. Did you ask him to do this or was this a totally random coincidence?

  86. He is so gorgeous in person. Hubby and I met him at Fan Expo in Toronto last year. After talking to him and gazing upon his gorgeousness my hubby turned to me and said ‘I get it’. Get what I asked him? He said for the first time in my life I get how man can be attracted to another man. I literally dropped to the floor laughing!

    I then paid to meet him again but this time a personalized photo-op. He was entertaining the whole time people were waiting their turn for hours to meet him. When it was my turn he asked what pose I wanted. I asked him to pretend I was the most beautiful woman in the world. Without hesitation he reached under my long skirt to scoop me up. I SHRIEKED as I felt his hands get higher and yelled ‘STOP- I haven’t shaved that far up my legs today!!’. He nearly dropped me when his legs buckled from laughter. I explained ‘Listen- I’m Canadian. We only shave where necessary- the rest is for warmth’. He told me that was the funniest thing he heard in weeks. I was so turned on by that I made out with him hardcore and did all kinds of naughty things that had mothers covering their children’s eyes. Not really but in my head that’s how it ended.

    It’s my fave picture ever! Okay maybe after my kid’s newborn photos and my wedding pictures. Maybe.

  87. This? Right here? This is WAY better than that other guy that is frightened of twine. Because Captain Jack Harkness is the face of Bo. Also, he is pretty as a boy AND pretty as a girl. He is pretty much perfect in every way. I am so excited about this. I just. I can’t even.

  88. I LOVE CAPTAIN JACK!! So hot, especially dancing with Rose. Mostly I love anything Dr. Who / David Tennant related, but Captain Jack has a special place in my SUPERHOT category.

  89. The awesome of this moment cured my ear infection!

    OK, not really. But the thought of Captains Mal and Jack having a beer in a seedy space bar makes me feel better.

  90. I squee’d alot over this picture.
    This has made my entire week. It doesn’t matter if Nathan Fillion ever holds twine…Captain Jack just made him irrelevant 🙂

  91. This SO counts as a real post. When anyone says “Captain Jack,” I never think Sparrow. I always go to the heart of Harkness. Go Team Barrowman!

  92. I LOVE John Barrowman. And I’m completely jealous of the spool of string in his gorgeous hands.

  93. That looks like one of those backdrops from a cheap photography place… Did he go have his photo professionally made with some twine.

  94. I KNEW John Barrowman was awesomeness incarnate…and this proves it.

  95. I visited my family in England about 2 years ago and my cousin introduced me to a few key episodes of Doctor Who (I fully intent to start watching but I haven’t started yet). One of the episodes had Captain Jack Harkness in it (was it the “are you my mummy one?”). It is the coolest thing ever to see his picture here holding twine. Complete and total awesomeness.

  96. This is the time when I wish I could “like” blog posts, Facebook-style. I would like this so hard.

  97. This made me giggle after an incredibly crappy day. Thank you for posting and thank you to Mr Adorable for posing 🙂

  98. Oh my… That divine man is holding the twine like a boss. I think everyone is winning right now.

  99. }}} The man manages to make everything look sexy. I’m pretty sure he impregnated that spool just by holding it.

    Y’all ladies drooling over him DO know he’s gay, right? Very much so, in a long-term kinda way.

    I hate ta bustya bubble and all that… well, not exactly… 😀

    (Hot, gay, married men are just as sexy and unavailable as hot, straight, married men. Possibly even hotter. I can’t explain it but I think most women feel the same way. ~ Jenny)

  100. Wonderful! That is who I think of when someone says “Captain Jack”….not that other guy whatshisname.

  101. }}} If you want to just try one out I suggest “Blink”. ~ Jenny)


    Since my opinion matters so very much to you, I’ll just note you gained quite a few points there. 😀

  102. P.S., in case any of you fans of Cap’n Jack are unaware, Barrowman also has a signifcant role in CW’s Arrow (i.e., “Green Arrow”). It starts out fairly small, but you’ll see over time that it’s actually a pretty big role.

  103. I ADORE John Barrowman. I’m a huge Doctor Who fan and this post made my day. I also live in Atlanta and am seriously contemplating buying tickets to Dragon-Con just because John Barrowman is going to be there.

  104. This is one of the most amazing pictures ever. I love John Barrowman

  105. So, I wanted to go to Comic-Con Chicago this year and get John Barrowman VIP tickets just so I could try to turn him straight. Ended up not going and possibly missed the most epic moment of my (and his) life… *le sigh*

    P.S. My husband was totally for this and gave me a pass if I accomplished it.

  106. So freaking awesome that Captain Jack has joined Will Wheaton et al in the hall of fame of holding up random objects, where’s his spatula right?

  107. Thanks Jenny, that is _______ (I couldn’t come up with an adjective that was good enough yet not overused) !!! Re NF, I thought of you/him/twine when I watched the latest Percy Jackson movie, where he cameos as Hermes (“rockin’ these shorts”)UPS style. 🙂

  108. I fucking love John Barrowman. I just saw his panel at Chicago Comic Con, and he was incredible. Instead of sitting at a table like most people do, he bounced around the stage and spent the entire time answering questions from the audience. I adore him.

  109. That moment when you know that your celebrity crush is worth every time that someone has told you that you are not his type and you had to tell them that was okay because he is just glorious and you will be content to admire from him from afar for ever and ever with a few visits from him in your dreams? Now.

    And the next dream he might be holding twine! And maybe Nathan Fillion will be with him because he also makes me smile big… dreams are so gonna rock.

  110. I’m really not sure if I now love you more because HOLY SHIT! You got Captain Jack holding twine!!! Or do I now live John Barrowman more because holy shit Captain Jack held twine for Jenny!! I guess now I love you both more than ever. Amazing job, Jenny!

  111. I saw this and I immediately said, “Wait, that’s not Nathan Fillion!” (Whom I will forever love, even if he won’t hold your twine!) John Barrowman has risen in my estimation. Seriously, I was going to skip the latest season of “Torchwood”, but now want to see it, just so I can imagine him holding the string. I’m sure he’s just gained a new legion of fans! The picture of Mr Wil Wheaton collating papers is still my favorite though. Wheaton just “gets it”.

  112. I think the gift of this post – and the whole twine photo experience – is that you have people who are famous and people who are not famous participating in something fun and silly, just because. And sometimes it’s nice to have people having fun without making fun of someone or hurting someone to do it. There is nothing about this that makes anyone small, but lots of ways that it makes people huge (as stars, as fans, as human beings). I have been impressed with John Barrowman for a long time, so this totally fits into my expectation of him. Congratulations!

  113. Ohmygosh, I saw the personality quiz post first and was going to comment on it about how my answers are never listed on those quizzes either but then scrolled down a little farther and . . . wait . . . what were we talking about?

    I have never more wanted to be a spool of twine. Or at least the cardboard tube in the center of the twine. That man makes me smile every single time I see him. And he’s so full of joy and kindness, I expect he would even if he wasn’t so smoking hot my smoke detector just went off.

  114. Yeah, I know, a guy posting here, whodathunk? 😉

    RE: your response to Joanne. While I totally agree that “Blink” is perhaps the greatest episode of the new series (only Neil Gaiman’s stuff in s6 and 7 compares IMHO), one does not simply skip Nine. Considering that the entirely-too-awesome Mr. Barrowman is the subject here, I think a better place to start would be Empty Child/The Doctor Dances from S1. That is, after all, Capt Jack’s first appearance, and the point where I personally fell in love with The Doctor. In a totally bromantic way, of course. ::blush::

    PS, did I mention that Barrowman is awesome? Yes. Did it need to be said again? Indeed.

  115. I’ve been lurking forever but this? This? You have outdone yourself. I’m speechless yet compelled to comment. Also deliriously happy.

  116. My panties hit the floor so hard they hit China.

    One hot twine holding guy at a time. I see a deck of playing cards……hmmmm

  117. I heart him from the bottom of my heart. He’s amazeballs times a million. And he’s sweet for sharing his love of twine with you.

  118. The fact that I don’t actually need any explanation to understand?
    Proof that I’ve been reading your blog awhile, and paying attention. 🙂

  119. You made my day! Thanks for posting that photo.

    Sigh, I miss Captain Jack. I hope Barrowman’s character on Scandal gets expanded in the upcoming season.

  120. and Maria, you story about him rescuing your friend just made me that much more in love with him. I had a similar experience with James Marsters at a signing. The woman in front of me in line was clearly mentally disabled and very, very excited to meet “Spike”. When her turn came to get her photo signed she was so excited she couldn’t talk and just kept stuttering (and spraying quite a bit of saliva), and he got up, came around the table, hugged her, patted her back, and just sort of rocked back and forth with her a little until she calmed down. Then he signed her photo and let her friends take photos of the two of them together instead of making her get in another line and pay another fee to get a photo with him. I was smitten.

  121. I think he looks like Mark Harmon from NCIS. I’m not a Dr. Who girls so thats who I thought it was at first. Either way, he can impregnate my spool anytime he wants.

  122. Awesome! Him, and the pic! And you for posting the pic! and you for being you…Everything about this post is awesome!

  123. This man just refuses to not be loved by me. I’ve tried, but he’s not having it. WELL FINE, BARROWMAN, YOU HAVE MY HEART NOW ARE YOU HAPPY?!

  124. I totally got it! <–walking bloggess cliffnotes …. that makes me fucking awesome.

  125. LOVE IT!!! Swoon. And can he tie ME up please???

    I do think you need to do a photo montage of all the celebs holding random objects. Just to see them all at once.

  126. Love Torchwood and adore John Barrowman. I know he’s gay, but I still lust after him. Maybe just having him around the house would be enough.

  127. So many aliens, so little time.
    Sigh. SWOON! [beg – pick me pick me pick me!!!!!!!!}

  128. This is awesome. But I don’t want to give up on Captain Mal. Perhaps now that twine has been done he’d be willing to hold some other object or objects. I’m proposing those Russian nesting dolls. Unless he also collects taxidermy. Then, model’s choice.

  129. I love this guy. I listen to him sing “Night and Day” over and over. Thanks to you and twine incident, I looked him up in IMDb, etc. AND DISCOVERED THAT WE LIVED IN THE SAME STATE for a while!! I taught at the university he left! Er, hmm. Ponder. Anyway, neato!!

  130. This is awesome, but I still love Matthew Broderick ….

  131. Don’t mess with Captain Jack, he is the Face of Bo! And Nathan Fillion can do no wrong!

    “I was just saying Hi”
    “For you that’s flirting”

    Chris =]

  132. I came to bed to relax and catch up on my favorite blogs. RELAX?! Surely, I’ve fallen asleep and I’m dreaming! THE Captain holding twine!’ I had to come out if Lurkdom-well, because You did it! You’ve generated one of the sexiest photos on the Internet. Thanks for all the fun and laughs. AND Surprises?! The captain holding twine! He’s never looked so good! Don’t pinch me. Just in case. I don’t want to wake up.

  133. I never thought he was attractive, but NOW that he’s gotten in on the fun….

  134. Oh. My. Legos.
    That is so freaking awesome. I mean. Sheesh. Totally made my morning!

  135. If it were just John Barrowman holding twine this would be unbelievably awesome, but it’s not just John Barrowman holding twine. It’s John Barrowman holding twine in a picture that looks like one of those cheesy portrait photos you used to get done at the mall where the photographer was a guy who looked sort of like Sonny Bono and had his powder blue silk shirt half open so you could see that his chest looked like shag carpeting, and that he was wearing a big gold medallion. Also he was wearing so much Brut that if you lit a match in there the entire mall would explode.

  136. Just had to reread these. Now I want a bumper sticker that reads “No bueno, Satan”. Or a sticker of a picture of a stop-sign with No Bueno, Satan (Diablo) spray painted on it. Can some talented person with Photoshop skills make one for us?

  137. John Barrowman. Captain Jack. Sigh. I want more Torchwood. Or Captain Jack needs to be on with the 12th Doctor.

  138. Nathan Fillion is in “Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters” and owns OPS – Olympus Parcel Service. He is total greatness as Hermes! And the entire time he was in the OPS warehouse holding random thnigs, I kept HOPING and HOPING he would pick up a ball of twine just for you! He did pick up a cool tape gun that made things disappear. Can we count that???

  139. Head=exploded. I can’t even begin to comprehend the awesomeness of this photo. John Barrowman just makes everything perfect.

  140. I wanted to thank you and your sweet friend, Maria, for this post. (& JB, of course!)

    And for the comment that included the words “douche canoier.”

    My brain was so thrilled, it kept waking me up last night. <– We're still *that happy!* 🙂

  141. Oh, this so counts as a real post! You got a photo of uber-sexy John Barrowman holding string! Wow, that is totally awesome and Nathan Filson has missed a great opportunity to be silly and therefore, loved.

  142. I just texted my friend “The Bloggess has a picture of Captain Jack holding twine.”

    And then I realized just how bizarre my life/interests are and how happy I am that my friends get it.

  143. I love both of the Captains but JESUS CHRIST JUST WHEN I THOUGHT BARROWMAN COULDN’T BE COOLER! BARROWMAN! *shakes fist*

  144. Fist pumping with glee! That is so awesome. I knew John Barrowman was cool but now he’s been elevated to amazing.

  145. *sigh*

    Intended to post yesterday, but have been unconsious for the last 24 hours due to the share AWESOMENESS of this pic.
    *sigh* (thunk…hits head on floor.)

  146. Glad you got this going for you. Frankly, I think the Karma police struck Nathan down with conjunctivitis for not holding your twine so he couldn’t make Dallas Comic Con this past year. That’s what I choose to believe anyway.

  147. This was my dream for you…that you would get this picture. I am so happy for you Jenn!

  148. Okay. I love it. I cannot help it. I have this sadness in my heart that NF wouldn’t hold twine for you. This so almost makes up for it! 😉

  149. So, I read the other post first, and if he was at the stop sign, would you stop?

    Fantastic picture!

  150. You need to make this into a Christmas card! With a witty saying, like -‘wrapped up just in Time’, or ‘You can tie me up any Holiday’, or ‘Look, I found the end of String Theory’ or SOMETHING! Just like Moses needed Macaroni pictures, I NEED X-MAS CARDS WITH THIS!!!!

  151. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE him. John Barrowman is the bestest! This just goes to show he’s as cool as the characters he plays.

  152. SUCCESS! I never doubted you, but this is just a delightful surprise.

    It’s a Labor Day miracle, even though it’s not Labor Day yet.

    Whatever. It’s still a miracle, despite the post directly above it that talks about Satan.

  153. OMG, some of these comments are too funny! “He is so hot, he impregnated the string just by looking at it” followed by ” You do know he is gay right?”

    OH! Because if he were straight then him impregnating twine would make SO MUCH MORE SENSE!

    And p.s. yes, I agree with your follow up comment – hot gay men, hot straight men, who cares? It’s all just a fantasy. Who cares? We are just appreciating beauty. And in this particular case, swooning over how the inner beauty matches the outer!

  154. OMG!!! SO MUCH WIN!!!!

    That was amazing. I’ve forced myself to stop freaking out now. My husband is still asleep or was until I started acting ridiculous.

  155. When I was a teen, I was on my way home in the wee hours of the morning. I was late for curfew (again), so when I came to a red light and did not see a car ANYWHERE, I went ahead and blew through it. I then noticed some headlights in my rearview mirror (I hadn’t thought to check behind me before becoming a law breaker). As I made my way home, the car kept following me — closely. I was freaking out, thinking it was a cop or a serial killer(I couldn’t decide which was worse at that point). When I turned into my driveway and the car followed me, the hyperventilation kicked into high gear. Then the garage door opened the car pulled around me and into the garage. It was way worse than a copy or serial killer. It was my dad — a doctor who had been called into the hospital and was on his way home — and caught me running a red AND breaking curfew. As you can imagine, I didn’t drive for awhile after that.

  156. Just realized that my comment would have made MUCH more sense had I actually attached it to your post about blowing through stop signs instead of the one about Cap’n Jack’s twine — unless he or his twine have also disregarded public safety. But I don’t think there are stop signs or red lights to consider when you are in a TARDIS.

  157. John Barrowman is awesome. The photo of holding some twine (or string, as we say in Blightly) is awesome. Captain Jack is awesome. But most of all, Tthe Bloggess is awesome and constantly inspires me.

  158. I so love him!! Had it been David Tennant, it would have been about 30x as amazing but, John Borrowman is pretty freakin’ sweet! Take that Tater!

  159. Okay, Jenny, you just won a debate for me. Have been introducing my boys to Dr Who this summer while my (military) husband was gone for a month, so when he got home he decided he wanted to start watching them. Three episodes into Eccleston’s Doctor, he was ready to give up. I told him it gets better about episode 6 or so and then continues being progressively more awesome, but he was skeptical. I read him your comment up there and he is willing to continue watching.

    Because you are the ultimate authority on all worthwhile things.

  160. A bloggess / captain jack mashup? Perfection. I did not know how much I needed this in my life until now

  161. I’m sitting in the break room at work and just exclaimed “omigawd YES!!” When i saw this just now. Holy hell john barrowman is awesome!

  162. If you have not read Diana Gaboldon’s “Outlander” series… I really think you might kinda love it.

  163. Awww…I can only say, awww. I heart him – and you. But I’ve “known” him longer, so I might have to heart him a little more. Plus I have a picture with him from 1990 and I don’t have any pictures of us together. Maybe next book tour and then I can heart you equally.

  164. First, because of you I finally started watching Dr. Who and Torchwood this summer. (My 8 year old is now totally in love with David Tennant)

    So, I completely love this. I think it needs to be my new screensaver.

  165. I swear after all you went through with Shatner you could probably get him to Twerk for you….but don’t…please don’t.

  166. There…are not words….to describ

  167. Oh I just want to hug the man! I love how much of a fanboy of Doctor Who he is. This just makes him even cooler!

  168. Honestly, I would rather meet John Barrowman any day over Nathan Fillion. Nathan has left a poor impression on me and friends. I respect his work, but I don’t have care if ever meet him.

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