Pimp out your shit. Not literally though. Unless you’re selling feces. Then you might have a problem.

Just a quick thank you.  The cost to keep this blog up are stupid expensive but I’m incredibly lucky that so many people support the blog by buying space in the sidebars.  Lots of them are writers and bloggers themselves and you should totally do yourself a favor and check them out because they’re lovely, and also because they are better than chocolate tacos.  Chocotacos. Great.  Now I want a chocotaco.

Also, the people who buy ads here keep me from having to do irritating things like break up posts into several pages, or having pop-up ads, or slide-shows to artificially manipulate page views.  We owe them all a drink.  Or five.

A regular blog post is coming but this morning I just want to say thanks to anyone who has ever supported this blog, either by advertising, by supporting my advertisers, by buying a book or something from my store, or who simply left fabulous comments which vigorously disprove the “DON’T READ THE COMMENTS” law of the internet.  I love you guys.

Also, I realize that lots of you know of or have fascinating shit that you’d probably like to pimp out and so today I’m opening up comments to let you pimp out whatever thing you think needs more attention.  Charities, kick-starters, books you love, etsy shops, your favorite blog post, videos that make you laugh, something you made that you’re really proud of, whatever.   (Try to limit it to less than 3 sentences though because most of us have ADD here.)

And seriously, thank you.  You keep my world going around.  Someone bring me a chocotaco.

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  1. Can I pimp someone else? Elan Morgan has something called Five Star Friday. It helps lift up great writing that we the people nominate. In a sea of linkbait, she brings the real deal. Nominate someone, read something. http://www.schmutzie.com/submit-an-entry/

    (I LOVE Five Star Friday. ~ Jenny)

  2. Get 15% off at the Atlanta Lady Thrashers Women’s Hockey store with coupon code “UPSET”! Check out LadyThrashers.com

  3. Ha! I am alllll about pimpin’ (you know, when I’m not lying around watching Netflix)… and this reminded me that I need to email about ad space 😉 But, you know, in the meantime, if you like dark, psychological stories with boy bands, or historical fiction with ice boats and screwed up family trees, you can check out my books here: http://cynthiahillbooks.com/about-the-books/

  4. All I’ve done lately I’m really proud of is thousands of words of Dean/Cas fanfiction…which I’m understandably hesitant to link to under my real name. But guys, it’s REALLY GOOD.

  5. I just have to say, your book is freaking hilarious. But I can only read it in places where I am alone. I started it at an airport and in an airplane (from audiobooks) and people probably thought I was legitimately insane. I was laughing and crying, and looking all sorts of crazy. With that said, read my lame blog that I don’t update nearly enough….

  6. My blog scrappiemomma.org. 3 words????? Good Lawd thaz worse than Twitter.
    I blog about, my oxymoronic personality bc I luv Joel Osteen & bass~thumpin twerkin~bootie~music. I swear when I pray. Ex this morning: “shit shit shitJesus Please please let me effin find the top of this coffee pot oh God bc I will freaking die this am w/o coffee..” I try to be funny & heartfelt. Somex it works. Sometimes people think im angry.

  7. Your local library! Your local literacy program! Your local kid’s club! Mentors and tutors and teachers! YEEEHAAAAW!!

  8. I’m a writer (in progress…not yet published) and an artist with Muscular Dystrophy.

    Always love having new friends at @GulfCoastStudio on Twitter, or you can follow me at http://facebook.com/ugottafriend on FB.

    Thank you kindly and happy taco Tuesday (pass me a chocotaco)!

  9. I draw cartoon portraits of peoples pets. Dogs, cats, derpy taxidermied deer, whatever you like. 🙂
    <a href=”http://www.etsy.com/shop/mydogsaid”

  10. This is very generous of you. Thank you, Jenny! I am pretty proud of my last two blog posts- talking with young children about race, sex, swearing, etc… Trying to reduce stigma.

  11. As luck would have it, my post today features a fake picture of me and the lovely and talented Bloggess. I mostly talk about books, because BOOKS. Pimp Pimp, Pimpity Pimp.

  12. My friend Jules has pretty cool shit in a funky little shop in Medicine Park, OK. She’s also an alchemist and makes super delicious lotions, potions and such. Her shop sponsors a roller derby team! How much cooler can you get than that?! https://www.facebook.com/lunajoon

  13. Thank you Jenny! Do you like science fiction? Like webcomics? Check out http://www.cryo-joe.com ! The comic follows the adventures Joe Kelsey and a group of explorers who set out on a mission of exploration to a near star and get more than they bargained for…

  14. April 12 at the SunSet Lounge in Escondido, California. 9 pm – 2 am

    We are having a “Fuck Cancer” Fund Raiser. I just beat cancer so that kicked off the idea. Lots of prizes. Good music. Good times. Best of all, the funds raised are going to cancer research.

    Fuck Cancer.

  15. I’m fundraising for Girls on the Run — a local organization that uses running as a tool to support the growth of strong, confident, and healthy young women. I love how running makes me feel inside and out and this program encourages just that to young girls.

    Whether small, large, or just in spirit, I appreciate your support!

  16. Awesome job now the pregnant lady wants a chocotaco too and in this tiny part of northern NJ there isn’t any to be had!!! I guess hubby’s going on a chocotaco expedition:)

  17. This ii not my blog but its an awesome one for anyone TTC, going through infertility, adoption or know anyone who is.

    Shit its really just a funny ass blog I like to read cause it talks about vajayjays and swimmers and I enjoy 2nd grade humor.


  18. I figured it might be a good idea to promote Nerd HQ here, since Jenny is a wonderfully passionate nerd herself! Actor Zachary Levi and his company The Nerd Machine hold Nerd HQ every year during Comic-Con and help a charity called Operation Smile raise hundreds of thousands of dollars for operations for children with cleft lips and/or pallets while holding some awesome parties and panels for fans. Due to some sponsorship issues, they need our help funding this event, and they’re only asking for $5- for more information and/or to donate, please go to IWantMyNerdHQ.com.

  19. Do you guys know about Amazon Smile?

    Register and choose your favorite charity or no -profit, and they gey a tiny percentage of your purchase price. Yeah, it’s a really small percentage, but it’s shit you were going to buy anyway.

    My charity of choice is the Red Door shelter here in Chicago. One of the few groups that works with abandoned rabbits, and since Easter is coming and the world is full of irresponsible assholed

  20. If you’re a blogger you should really join me, Baby Sideburns, Jen from People I Want to Punch in the Throat, and so many others at BlogU this June. It’s small, affordable, and you’ll learn a crapload of awesome stuff. And NickMom is sponsoring an open bar for our Saturday night party. So there’s that, too.


  21. Thank you for the opportunity. I work helping cancer patients whenever they have problems with their health insurance. From coverage ending due to being unable to work to challenges the families experience with their existing coverage, I try to give them the peace of mind they deserve and recognize the survivor’s efforts.

    I’ve been raising funds selling tacos and salsas (my Instagram @mexicanity has some of my weekly experiments) but any extra help will be appreciated. Even one dollar goes a long way. Thanks in advance for your kindness!


  22. I write a blog. Lately, I’ve been posting every 2 weeks as I made a deal with a friend to give one another “friendly reminders” if we forget to post. It seems to be working well so far. I’ve remembered every time, and she… well, lets just say she’s gotten quite a few “friendly reminder” e-mails. 🙂
    My favorite post: “Gandalf The Grey, But Not So Wise.” http://jeanietortoisefly.blogspot.ca/2011/11/gandolf-grey-but-not-so-wise.html

  23. My theater company, Retro Productions, is working on this amazing new play (for your NYC readers and anyone else who can make it to NYC the first two weeks of May) called AN APPEAL TO THE WOMAN OF THE HOUSE by Christie Perfetti Williams. It runs May 3-17, 2014.

    What would you do if history knocked on your door?
    It is just after midnight in May, 1961 when David and his fellow lost Freedom Riders knock on the door seeking assistance in the form of a phone and a place to stay until daylight. But Gideon, who knows this is Klan country, is reluctant to let in this band of mixed race college kids until Rose forces him to open the door with the acknowledgement that “they’re just babies.” What follows is a touching story of race, love, acceptance and learning how to stand up for what you believe.

    FB PAGE: https://www.facebook.com/RetrosAppeal
    Fundraising page (our video is up there too): http://thefield.org/sa/550733

  24. http://www.Kiva.org. Loan to entrepreneurs world-wide, helping folks work their way out of poverty; when your loan is repaid you can loan the money out again. Win-Win! (thanks for sharing the pimp space Jenny!)

  25. In the spirit of this post I visited your advertiser, Silk Words. It reminded me a lot of any Nora Roberts romance.

  26. Five Points. It’s the revenge of the roadkill. With puppets, and a Bradley Cooper lookalike. It’s like I made it for the People of the Bloggess. (Which kinda, I did.)

  27. If you’re in Downers Grove (outside of Chicago), stop by my awesome spice & tea shop to buy some yummy things! Mention Beyonce or Jenny and I’ll give you 20% off your order. 🙂

    Spice Merchants
    5225 Main Street
    Downers Grove, IL 60515

  28. I’m pimping out the dog rescue that saved me when I was depressed. Through them I gained friends, dogs of my own, and I formed happy little dog families all over the state of Arizona: Arizona Boston Terrier Rescue. http://www.azbtrescue.org.

    They can always use donations or volunteers.

  29. I volunteer for Diamond Dachshund Rescue and we are having a wine tasting on April 4th in Boerne, Texas. It’s called Wine for Wiener Dogs. Not sure it gets any better than tasting wine to benefit rescuing dachshunds! We will even have a brewery there. If you can attend, please do. If you’d like to buy a ticket as a donation, that is also welcomed. Thanks for considering it!


  30. Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy is the leading genetic killer in children. Urge the FDA to Say YES to Accelerated Approval for safe, effective therapies for children with Duchenne. We need 100,000 signatures by midnight on March 29th. http://t.co/QFvDW7iPkf

  31. I have about a zillion tabs open right now thanks to all of you commenters. Thank you, Jenny, for giving your readers an opportunity to pimp themselves. Gonna go read/shop/donate/sign petitions now.

  32. I don’t sell anything, I just started a blog about my family’s life on a gulf island in Canada. I’m a graphic design student, we own a hair salon (the hubs is a stylist), I’m a proud soccer mom, and I’m writing my memoirs about being a hippie kid & growing up in an apostolic Pentecostal “cult” fundamentalist community… And then finding my place in the world outside of religion… I’ll be sharing some of those amusing stories on my blog too… http://islandsneezer.com

  33. Thank YOU for being so fabulously hilarious and candid and crazy 🙂 I’ve recommended your book to at least 5 people since I read it, and they all bought and loved it!

    I’d like to pimp out my blog, The Memorist (www.thememorist.com)!

  34. Chicago Knits Magazine. A new quarterly print magazine devoted to the irreverent Chicago yarn arts.

    Subscriptions and ad rates available on our website.



  35. I love the song “Happy”….I play it everyday. Pharrell Williams or WOTE(Walk Off The Earth) versions…I love them both. I am sure in 6 months I will hate this song.

  36. It’s Chocolate Peanut Butter Day on the blog: http://www.foodlustpeoplelove.com – Thirty-one recipes for chocolate and peanut butter deliciousness plus giveaways from OXO, King Arthur Flour and Peanut Butter & Co. Thanks for letting us pimp our stuff today, Jenny, and to the rest of you, thanks for stopping by. 🙂

  37. Thanks Jenny for the room to pimp! You blog and book is awese and can’t wait to the next one!!
    Here is my shameless plug! Make one of a kind coffee scoops to add a little bling to your usuall morning coffee routine! Check out my Etsy shop:) http://www.shesacrafty1.etsy.com
    Thanks again!!

  38. I make jewelry! Not a lot of people buy it, probably because I’m not so good at the mainstream thing. Some of my stuff is cute-weird and I love it, but no one else does. But i’mma pimp it out anyway because my student loans are coming due soon and I’m afraid of them. So check my store now, and then come back in a couple days, because I just bought a bag of silver cat charms and things will happen:


  39. I sell photographic prints and sex toys. But not together. Because that’d be weird. Photography is the Zenfolio link; Passion Parties is the sex toy link. jennessasby.com

  40. We own a small, local family business in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and we manufacture thermal break aluminum windows, vinyl windows and commercial store front systems. . Check us out if you’re in the tri state area at http://www.romatherm.com.

    Thanks so much Jenny!!!

  41. Everyone is invited to the 2014 Texas Wine & Rogue Art Fest in Salado, Texas this weekend, March 29 & 30. Not my event to pimp out but I so worthy of a shout out. They are Rock Stars at Salado Wine Seller! They grow it, make it and know how to celebrate it. Check out their story on the website and get a look at all the cool artists that will be at the event. 20 small wineries and some truly a-freakin-mazing artists, mixed with great food and cool music.

  42. If you are a woman of child bearing years, please make sure you get a full days requirement of folic acid (in orange juice and commercial bread) to avoid Spina Bifida and neural tube defects. The defect occurs before you even know you are pregnant.

  43. https://www.bookbub.com/home/
    This place is awesome. Free books, cheap books, so many books! I am literally backed up on my reading for at least the next 2 years with the amount of books i have gotten for FREE! Name one person who doesn’t like free stuff……See! You can’t, cuz everyone does!

  44. What a majorly cool thing to do, Jenny! I’ve found all sorts of wonderful things to support here. 🙂 And now I’ll pimp my books ’cause I’m proud of them. I used to hang out with Rock stars, party with them, even made out with a few. So my Rock romances have real Rock guys who do real Rock stuff. Plus, the books will get you all hot (in a good way!) http://julipagemorgan.com/books

  45. My latest blog post: How do you react when your young kids (6 & 10) are watching a TV show and the subject of sex change surgery comes up? If you’re me, you stall and distract and hope they forget.

  46. How fun! I’m pimping out my embroidery and it is definitely not feces…double checks Nope, no poo. etsy.com/shop/StitchFreakOnline
    Thanks, Jenny!

  47. My stepdad’s artwork/sculptures! http://www.vanderwegesculpture.com/

    I love his work – whimsical and fun, including several pieces that make me think of Dr. Seuss books, and always with a lot of thought and reflection on the world put into it. He’s a dyslexic art history professor who sculpts largely using bicycles as his medium, and I think everyone should see his stuff. 🙂

  48. Check out Nadia Bolz-Weber – a female, tattoo-covered Lutheran pastor who brings an amazing amount of clarity and insight into our relationships with God, established religion, and each other. While I am good with God & Jesus, I’ve never had much patience for dour, judgy church-people. If you feel the same, you will really enjoy this woman!!!

  49. I was one of tehe VM movie backers, so I ask fans to go see the movie in theaters this week while it’s still out. And then maybe buy the digital download or VOD. There is also a book, a soundtrack and a score you can purchase, plus all 3 seasons. By supporting the movie, you support the fans who helped make it happen, and that can only lead to sequel(s). Thanks!


  50. Nothing to pimp and I’m too old and worn out to be trying to pimp myself.
    Just want to Thank You for always making an old geezer geek’s day a little better with your humor and candid blog posts and tweets.

  51. After pimping my site, I just wanted to leave a second comment to thank you and everyone else who comments here for being an antidote to the “want to rip the commenter out of the screen and slap them around a bit” kind of comment sections you find in too many other places. (Like the one place where someone actually claimed that people suffering from depression could just “decide to be happy.” Where’s the “drop an anvil on the commenter’s head” link?)

  52. I once made a giant hostess cupcake for a website called “pimp your snack”. In an unrelated note, I’m pimping my etsy shop, although it’s a bit sparse at the moment. More nerdy jewelry and superhero bags will be added soon.

  53. Professional theatrical costume designer and technician – sharing my portfolio. If anyone is looking to commission anything from a Halloween costume to a wedding gown, take a peek. I’d love to make you something fun and funky! http://www.MarciAgnes.com

  54. Aw, how lovely of you! I’d love to buy an ad off you sometime in the next year. 🙂 Some of the sites I’ve visited through your ads have given me hours of entertainment (or envy at the shiny things!)
    In the meantime; I’m a freelance writer (writingbyapril.co.uk) and I write elsewhere too (http://wizzley.com/authors/April_M/ for instance).

    And so as not to be entirely selfish, I’d like to pimp Maggies, who support people with cancer and people affected by cancer, including friends and family of those with it. https://www.maggiescentres.org/

  55. Jenny, you are awesome for giving people the opportunity to do this. And for many, many other reasons. Your book was one of the best purchases I ever made, and I buy a lot of stuff. The only thing I want to promote is senior shelter pet adoption. <3 Thanks!

  56. Thank YOU!

    I guess I’ll pimp myself. I don’t blog about personal stuff very often, but at the end of every month I post a media update in which I review every book I read and movie I watched. Occasionally there’s also a video game review. I can be found here: http://sairentohiru.blogspot.com/

    On the non-selfish front, I would like to pimp Meaty by Samantha Irby (hysterical memoir) and The Fall (breathtakingly beautiful and achingly sad movie starring Lee Pace).

  57. Oh god, so many blogs links and etsy stores for me to click on. I’m like a kid in a candy store (or a john cruising up a street lined with hookers, to keep Jenny’s metaphor going).

    And while we’re at it, I’ll pimp out my own Noble Squid Workshop. We design wedding invitations exclusively for you: http://www.noblesquid.com.

  58. I am promoting my blog design/resume/virtual assistant business. Why? Because my daughter needs braces and a tongue cradle and our dental insurance covers very little of it. If I don’t get her the braces soon, she will need jaw surgery. She’s nine and gets made fun of at school because of her teeth. Skewed Design Studios

  59. Thanks! I’d like to bring attention to Noonday Collection, a company that uses fashion & design to create economic opportunity for the vulnerable. For our artisans, we provide dignified jobs at living wages, no-interest loans, scholarship programs, emergency assistance and long-term trade. You create a marketplace for our artisans so they can earn more and work less and keep their families together. We also give a portion of our sales to place orphans in forever families. http://www.gracemiller.noondaycollection.com

  60. Three year old girl who called Gov Christie out on her house not being fixed yet from Hurricane Sandy cannot live in the RV they’ve spent the last 16 months in anymore. She has a disease that at any time can grow tumors along her nerve endings. Recently, a Go Fund Me has been set up so one of the rental properties the family owns can be fixed up enough to move into. Please share:


    Oh, and I’m a boudoir photographer in San Jose, CA. Will travel. 🙂

  61. Authors…. If you’re looking for a book cover, I would love to talk to you. I still have a few openings in April. But they’ll go quickly!


  62. My husband’s fishing blog. Someone should read it since I don’t! fishthebaja.com

  63. I have an Etsy shop, though it’s kind of pathetic and really well-named.


    Also, as a mother who knows what it’s like to unnecessarily lose a child to adoption, I’ve gotten to the point that I really want to help other moms who don’t really want to give up their children but are being forced/coerced/pushed by circumstances/nicely browbeaten with stupid propaganda by self-serving people, into doing so. I’m not sure where to begin and already had one false start but if I come up with an answer before you do another of these posts I am totally going to pimp it here because one person’s heartbreak doesn’t justify causing another’s, period–and wow, I did limit myself to three sentences, runon as they are. 🙂

  64. Nothing to pimp out…just wanted to say that I’m pretty sure you’re a lost member of my family. Okay not really, but you’d fit in really well. 🙂

  65. I would love for anyone who has any extra money at all to consider donating to either:
    Make a Wish @ http://wish.org/
    4Paws for Ability @ http://4pawsforability.org/

    We all know the amazing work that Make a Wish does and my daughter just had her wished fulfilled for a seizure alert dog thru Make a Wish and 4Paws for Ability. 4Paws is the only licensed service dog facility in the country that will give a service dog to kids with the level of disabilities that my daughter has. Along with providing amazing service dogs to kids with special needs, they give the to our Veterans who need some extra help after coming home from war. They are just amazing. Thanks for looking!

  66. Six weeks ago, I got knocked up by a stranger who lives 3,000 miles away and a nurse with a steady hand. Shit got even realer when I found out there’s TWO feti up in there. I’m writing a blog, which will eventually become a memoir. Check it out if you like that kind of shit.

  67. Buy Allie Brosh’s book HYPERBOLE AND A HALF. For when you have read and re-read THE BLOGGESS, and her book, and it is late, and you need something funny and meaningful to read.

  68. I forgot my url! Here it is again in a nutshell and sorry I’m posting twice!
    Help a girl activate her #limitlesspotential by donating to Girls on the Run Boston! I love how running makes me feel inside and out and this program encourages just that to young girls.

  69. BTW: I’m going to click on every link in the comments and see what I can bookmark, like, comment on, or buy. Thanks for giving me something to do today that’s more fun than cleaning up after our new puppy, who is adorable, but still… Shopping is way better than picking up poop.

  70. I want to “pimp out” my non-profit afterschool program. It’s called The Mini Mermaid Running Club and it’s all about empowering young girls to value themselves and appreciate their uniqueness, learn to love movement, and to learn how to advocate for themselves and see the truth and lies we are constantly bombarded with as women about who and what we are supposed to act like/look like/be like. We offer the program at no cost to schools with greater than 65% of students receiving free or reduced priced lunch.


  71. Leukemia/Lymphoma patients often need bone marrow transplants to save their lives – and it’s not the big scary needle in the back type surgery dramatic tv shows would have you believe! You can sign up online to be sent a DNA cheek swab test which will then add you to the online worldwide registry that is used to search for bone marrow matches – if you do match, you do a simple blood draw which is used to CURE PEOPLE OF CANCER. Incredible!

    Sign up here:
  72. I’m Director of Programming for Norwescon, the Pacific Northwest’s premier science fiction and fantasy convention. We’re all-volunteer, non-profit, and a heck of a good time if you’re into that kind of thing. Our next convention is Easter weekend, and we’ve got an awesome lineup if I do say so myself: http://www.norwescon.org/

  73. I’m pimping out myself (but not like that)… because I want to go on 50 first dates during the next 12 months. Why not?

  74. I write a humor blog that I’d love for you to check out! My Hubs and I are childfree by choice, so don’t expect a mommy blog.

  75. My brother wanted to learn to make apps & I like to drink… Lickety Shots was born! Try them out. They make your day better & increase your popularity at work (except with the boss)!
    Love you Jenny! Pimpin’ ain’t easy but you make it look like it is!

  76. First of all, your book is phenomenal, I loved it. When’s the second one coming? And second, I’m a proud consultant for Rodan + Fields and would love to help your readers find BEAUTIFUL skin (boys AND girls alike!). Thanks for always keeping us laughing 😀

  77. Kids’ book about special needs puppy “Poppy the Three-Legged Puppy” by Sue Sewell available on Amazon! Great for all kids 2-8.

  78. I love that you have decided to allow us to pimp ourselves out in recognition for supporting your site! I love that you don’t do all the crazy ad things like other sites!

    I would love to share my newly formed Etsy shop: blurredlinesofsanity.etsy.com I only have one Doctor Who themed item up as of now, but I am working away in a dark room making more things I promise!!

  79. Nothing to sell.. yet. I have a book I’m working on that was practically born (created?) to be advertised on The Bloggess side bar, but I’m still writing.

    That said, this is cool. Thanks Jenny!

  80. I am a volunteer with Impact Bay Area, a grassroots nonprofit that teaches full force self-defense and verbal boundary setting to women, teens, and little kids. http://www.impactbayarea.org/

    They are awesome and are developing LGBTQ classes this year, and if you give them money it turns into scholarships so no one ever gets turned away due to lack of funds.

  81. I’m an avid stalker of your blog, but I don’t comment because apparently my social anxiety extends to the internets. All that to say, you always help me feel brave so I thought today was as good a day as any to post, since it not only scares me to comment but to put my blog out there…

  82. I actually JUST got back from selling at a convention! My friend makes custom etched glass and barware- and all of it is geeky! There’s a lot on the site now, and more is going up as soon as we photograph is. She also takes commissions- really she can put almost anything on a glass. And since we’re big nerds, we won’t look at you funny when you make a request!

  83. World Vision just decided to hire (or not discriminate against hiring) people in homosexual relationships. As a result a lot of far right “christians” are dropping their support for the children World Vision helps. If you would like to counteract this ridiculous stance of taking money away from hungry kids because of a stupid doctrine debate – go sponsor a child here:

  84. Today the student athletes at Ryerson University are running a Twitter campaign to raise awareness and funds for mental wellbeing and the Do it for Daron program at The Royal in Ottawa, a youth-driven initiative focused on raising awareness and inspiring conversations about youth mental health. Tweet & RT the hashtag #RamsTalk and the Ryerson Rams will donate five cents. As of 12:00 there had been 7,907 #RamsTalk tweets, $395.35 and counting! http://www.difd.com/ #DepressionLies

  85. I want recognize Canine Companions for Independence and the great work they do! Please visit their site and read about them. Also, for anyone in the Atlanta area, there will be a charity fundraiser: http://www.cci.org/faf/home/default.asp?ievent=1077173&lis=0&kntae1077173=651F3F8FE80A4D9CB296D58D0539FAD8
    If you want to donate to the event or participate, here’s another link: http://www.cci.org/faf/donorReg/donorPledge.asp?ievent=1077173&supid=390044438
    Thank you Jenny for the opportunity to post this!

  86. I don’t know about chocotacos — but I’ll testify to the glory of salty nacho chips with vanilla icing.
    This discovery had nothing to do with trying to keep myself from eating my daughter’s chocolate-dipped pretzels. Really.

  87. I just want to thank everyone who has ever jumped over to my blog after I’ve commented here – I hope I haven’t disappointed anyone. Hugs, Jenny!

  88. Oops…Hey, Jenny, the first comment I posted (that didn’t seem to appear) is showing up now. I didn’t mean to comment twice. The first comment, number 123, could probably be deleted if you get a chance/want to. Thank you and I’m sorry.

  89. i don’t have a site or anything, but…

    Jenny, i saw you when i was just starting to write my Master’s thesis, and i saw you again the day before i submitted it. And the thing i have to pimp out is… my thesis was named the Outstanding Thesis of my College for 2014. i didn’t win the overall University prize… but seriously being told my thesis was good enough to beat out all the other theses from all the other department in my college (social sciences), not to mention the fact that my department wanted to nominate it in the first place, is the biggest victory i could ever have dreamed of.

    And you honestly, really, helped me through it. i don’t know how i could have done it without the lovely distractions you supplied me with, plus the blanket encouragements, and those wise words from Neil Gaiman “Pretend you’re awesome.” I did. and i guess now i kind of am.

    So i guess in pimping myself, i’m pimping you too. Wait. That sounds wrong. But seriously. Thank you.

  90. I’m actually about to do a charity!!!! I’ll give u details when I get it started. I’ve decided I can’t help everybody—but I CAN help one person!! That’s my new charity motto.

  91. I’ll pimp out one of my favorite charities that helps dogs and kitties get adopted. I live all the way across the country but they are family supporting family and 100% go to the animals! http://projectpearlnc.org

    Love how you care for animals and find the awesome in their personalities! Check them out of FB too people!!

  92. And also I will plug Merimask… https://www.etsy.com/shop/Merimask who I had the fun of discovering at a local event when she was selling leather butterflies. SPECIFIC SPECIES butterflies, mind you. If/when we ever move to a bigger home, I want one of her masks like she designed for Cirque de Soleil!

  93. There is a really cool small monkey business who did a really cool thing for kids this past week. The owner opened up and shared her money with a children’s charity so I want to take this chance to share her “page” with you! It’s super awesome and I would have shared anyway even if she wasn’t sharing anything, I just thought I’d throw that in! http://www.facebook.com/themonkeyshow1 (There is a website too that connects from the page but I don’t remember it)

  94. Jenny, I love your blog, and love your book. Hurry up and get that next one out so my wife and I can almost die laughing again. And for all your other faithful followers: anyone that has a small business, or is trying to start one, the company I work for is giving away 10 All-in-One printers and 3 five packs of ink with each printer. All you have to do is fill out a form that tells a little about your business and future goals. Full contest info can be found at the inkfarm.com blog.

  95. Kickstarter for Small Town Witch – an amazing book written by amazing writer and gorgeously illustrated by awesome ladies that’s finishing in a couple of hours and I want it to hit the last stretch goal because then we’ll get an audio drama! :O (I can’t wait to get my hands on my copy of this book!)

    And while I’m here, you may want to check out my free mystery-fantasy webcomic which is going kind of slow right now because I’m working on my portfolio to get a job (anyone want to hire me? I draw pretty art!): http://morethanahunch.smackjeeves.com/ ;p

  96. I am terrible at self promotion so I am using this excuse to get out of comfort zone. Plugging my blog, The Married Writer. Thanks for inspiring me!

  97. I draw owls and frequently other animals having horrible/awesome adventures and trying to eat ice cream. I also rant pretty frequently. Maybe don’t read it, actually.

  98. I always get a couple of hits on my blog when I post here, so I will shamelessly promote it given your generous permission. Read about my experiences working as a TV extra (and other nerdy stuff) at http://nosmorex.wordpress.com. Leave a nice comment if you like it.

    Thanks for everything you do, Jenny. You’re the bestest.

  99. I have nothing to pimp out except my blog, and I think there’s been enough of that already on this comment thread. So I’ll just tell you to keep being awesome.

  100. You make a great pimp Jenny! Does this mean you are going to start wearing a dodgy velour sweatsuit and gold chains?
    I am pimping out my blog of style & travel, Wandering Chic, please check it out and comment! Love to hear where I can improve

  101. This tweet seriously cracked me up this morning:
    @_blotty “U think ID EVER be UR friend? HAHA ur a SHORT, HAIRY LOSER. The light leaves my dog’s eyes. I’ve established myself as leader. But at what cost?”

  102. Jenny, first off I want to say that I love you and your blog. I literally laughed so hard that a little pee came out when I read your post about the giant metal chicken.

    Today I want to pimp out my friend’s Go Fund Me page. He’s battling Lou Gehrig’s Disease and has spent the three years since his diagnosis raising and then giving away $100,000 through his charity. 100% of the money he collects is donated to other families battling Lough Gehrig’s disease, even as his own family struggles to make ends meet. Now his family needs money to pay for a stem cell treatment that will drastically improve his quality of life and even prolong his time left. Check out http://www.gofundme.com/7s3tdo and consider giving a few bucks to a good guy who needs to catch a break.

  103. My blog is ending in 5 days because I can’t afford it, but it was not as cool as yours. Just a way for me to talk some things out. I will miss it. I will cheerfully read yours though!

  104. We dip your sh*t!
    Custom Hydro-graphics to bling your gear!
    Anything from guns and cars to cabinets and wine racks.
    Hundreds of prints to choose from including camo, animal design, marble, etc.
    DeadEye Liquid Graphics
    Find us on Facebook or check out our website.

  105. Silence in the Library Publishing is putting out a science fiction anthology featuring over 30 top authors, including Gene Wolfe, to benefit author CJ Henderson, who is battling cancer for the second time. Check it out here: http://igg.me/at/monkey-around Thanks!!

  106. Sentence the first: CthulhuSlippers is a comic (illustrated by yours truly) about what happens when Great Old Ones try to run a Mega-corporation.

    Sentence the second: I made a shirt about warm bread because everyone loves warm bread (except probably gluten allergic folks unless it’s rice bread which is also best served warm).

    Sentence the third: All the rest of my silly creations can be found over at my blog <a href=”http://www.thefuzzyslug.com>The Fuzzy Slug.

    Thanks Jenny! 🙂

  107. Umm… I recently took third place in adult women’s freestyle archery for the entire state of California…. And that made me pretty furiously happy….

  108. I’m pimping out my writers’ group in the Seattle area: Green River Writers’ Group. We are mostly novel-writing people, but we do short stories and non-fiction as well. We meet every other Tuesday at Panera in Kent, WA at 6 pm. Our next meeting is April 1st. I promise it’s not an April Fool’s joke.

  109. I paint things in chalk pastels, mostly flowers, sometimes they don’t look too vagina-y. 🙂
    My Facespaces…

    My Website…

    And you can follow me on Twitter (danastrotheide) or Instagram (also danastrotheide)

  110. I’m pimping out my writing group. We meet every other Tuesday at 6 pm-ish at Panera in Kent, WA. We are mostly novelists of all genres, but we also have some short story-ists and will even take non-fiction. Next meeting is April 1. I swear it’s not an April Fool’s joke.

  111. Out of the Darkness walks for the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention. It’s just a good cause. Donate to the cause, walk yourself, or help a team or individual meet the (very tough) $1000 minimum. http://www.theovernight.org

  112. I have no idea how Ann would feel about this pimping, but if anyone is in Southeast Texas I would love for you to check out our local Listen to Your Mother Show that is happening on May 4th. Click my name for a link to the details.

    Thanks Jenny.

  113. I will pimp my hometown, New Orleans. It’s spring, the weather is gorgeous and we love to have visitors! NOLA is a city where we celebrate the crazy, weird and flamboyant. Come on down!

  114. My blog of places I’ve been (Amazon cruise to the the local park), crafts and garden/cooking.

  115. I’ve got one: Support your local ballet company!
    Track them down and INSIST on going to see a production. It’s fun! Or go and take class. That’s even more fun!

    This is the company to which I belong. They are terrific people, and Lois Ellyn, former George Ballanchine protegé, is a genius.


    (Local to Fullerton, in southern California. But there must be one near you! TO THE INTERNETS!)

    – Patrick

  116. I’m not here to pimp, only to ask: Am I still supportive of you if I stole your book from my brother’s girlfriend because she isn’t cool enough to love and respect your sense of humor? She doesn’t know I have it yet….its been 4 months….anyways, love you, despite my cheapness.

  117. Oh my goodness! There’s do many comments, no one is going to read this one. The women at {she crew} are planning an awesome summer program for teen girls in Chicago and they are in the midst of raising money for their program. Go here to read a vastly more eloquent summary and to donate: https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/she-crew

  118. I make lace boleros to wear on your wedding day. B/c you don’t want grandma to know you have “strategically placed” tattoos. Or you have a weird rash on your arms known as “Chicken Rash” (look it up). Or you need to hide your side boob cleavage b/c you went to happy hour instead of the gym. (This is a valid choice. Wine is good for your health. Start good habits now for a happy marriage.) https://www.etsy.com/shop/AlisaBenay

  119. I will use this opportunity to first THANK YOU Jenny for being awesome and helping me understand why my job in Intensive Mental Health Crisis services is so important and how far reaching the problem really is. and second to solicite donatings for the American Cancer Society!!You can donate here http://main.acsevents.org/site/TR/RelayForLife/RFLCY14NE?px=35879597&pg=personal&fr_id=59785&__utma=2443503.54979858.1392136053.1395417577.1395768976.12&__utmb=2443503.11.9.1395770659803&__utmc=2443503&__utmx=-&__utmz=2443503.1395768976.12.4.utmcsr=AR_Donation_Received_CY14_blackbaud|utmccn=Relay_For_Life|utmcmd=email&__utmv=-&__utmk=18517562

  120. I pimp you frequently on my blog because you are part of the Trinity of Bloggers. If you must know the other two, duh, Insane in the Mom-Brain and Moms Who Drink and Swear. If you want to see your store at the bottom of posts and what not… http://www.dribblesngrits.com

    I also blog at (If I have to scream no more calling each other poopies to my kids one more time)
    http://bellafontsblog.blogspot.com/ It’s more about what I’m learning about blogging as I blog.

  121. Not my shit, but something I just found:
    Come Out of the Dark is a campaign to begin a better, richer national conversation about depression. Sign up for their e-newsletter and they will mail you a free glow in the dark wristband.

  122. I have nothing to pimp out, but I did want to share one of my favorite sunrise photos…. I am obsessed with sunrises and sunsets. I took this photo by my home in Corpus Christi, Texas….can y’all say “Ahhhhhh” in your most relaxed tone of voice? http://t.co/SoJEo5qp4P

  123. Just in case there’s anyone in the Bay Area, I’d like to pimp the used bookstore where I work. Everyone who works here is really great, and the books are awesome! Our twitter: @knowknewbooks

    Thanks, Bloggess! Yours is one of the few places online where comments don’t make me angry.

  124. Something I’m really proud of…I know a lot of people say it, and Jenny you do have an awesome one, but my three children are amazing. I seriously got lucky with them. They give me headaches, but the hugs, humor, intelligence, and sticky kisses on my cheek are so wonderful!

  125. Shameless Self Promotion: 24problems.com

    I give advice and make observations. Unfortunately, I am not qualified for it.


    In 1970 a 2-year-old orca whale was taken from Puget Sound (Washington State) and has been performing for over 40 years in Miami in the smallest marine mammal tank in North America. The comment period to grant her endangered species status like the rest of the orcas from Puget Sound ends in 3 days… It’s time to bring her home and support those people that haven’t given up. http://www.orcanetwork.org/Main/index.php?categories_file=Lolita

  127. Thank you for this, Jenny!

    And thanks to everyone who pimped out their stuff today. I’ve spent the day reading, laughing, thinking, sympathizing, and absolutely not getting any work done. I call that a win. This is such a weird and wonderful tribe!

  128. Thanks Jenny! How about some afterlife reading? Spirits…They Are Present, by Janet Mayer. Your loved ones, including pets live on ya know! Taxidermied pets included! (Included, meaning they live on, not included with the book!) Just wanted to clarify that!

  129. Not pimping but just wanted to say something.
    I love your blog, and love your book, and love your pics and attitude.
    My wife and I flick each other links to your site when life is getting us down.
    I have to say though I am sick of “mainstream society’s” predilection to downgrade mental illness into some form of joke currency, such as everyone is a bit autistic,depressed, anxious, or OCD.
    As someone who has to live with these and other issues on a day to day basis, I’d love to see anyone have to live my experience just for one day and see just how funny it is when these things colour your perception and rule your behaviour; even trying to avoid these behaviours feels like falling into the trap of acknowledging and allowing for it.
    That’s all; love the site, love your work, and love the majority of the comments.
    Oh, and the next time I’m feeling a bit Bipolar (yet to be formally diagnosed, but I think it’s in the mix somewhere), I’m going to town on your shop, love the shirts, and totally relate to “feeling stabby”.

  130. Nearly forgot- this time of year, make sure your friends know not to get rabbits/ ducks/ chicks as Easter gifts. Most Easter bunnies (who should live 7-12 years) die before their first birthday due to improper care.
    http://makeminechocolate.org/ (National Campaign based in Columbus, Ohio)
    http://magichappensrescue.com/ (Baton Rouge area rescue on whose board I’m proud to serve)

  131. One of your advertisers, Sandrandan Jewelry, makes me happy every time I open the earring drawers in my very large jewelry armoire. The jewelry is FABULOUS and quite inexpensive. And each piece comes in its own cute little box with a stretchy gold ribbon. I’ve given many pairs of earrings as gifts and kept many, many, many for myself! Check it out, people!

  132. This is my friend Jen’s shop-

    She makes incredible, geeky, and AMAZEBALLS knitted stuff. It is seriously worth a look if you are in the market for adorable baby stuffs, cool hats, etc.

  133. Wow, I think this is the most commenting I’ve ever seen on a single blog post!

    I think we have a similar reader group, so here’s my thing I’d like to PIMP THE SHIT out of:


    Life. Love. Travel. And everything else post baby. It’s really incredible how such small little beings can change every single facet of your life. Hope you’ll all join me on this journey of randomness.

    New Post: Off the Yucatan

  134. I already advertise here, and have for a long time, but I’ll pimp my shit anyway!

    If everyone person who reads this blog would buy just one piece of jewelry a year from https://sandrandan.etsy.com/, I could retire from my soul-sucking day job and spend my days designing and making wonderful things. Anyway, I predict that I will be famous someday, so consider the bragging rights you’ll have when you own an original “Sandrandan” piece!

  135. I want to pimp out Gabriel Dunston who’s an artist and writer. He’s publishing his next book, Purgatory Pub (first two chapters are on his site at http://www.firelightsmedia.com) which is about what happens when your shoulder angel and demon have a beer and talk about you.

  136. Thanks Jenny! I sell Stella & Dot and I’m going to pimp out my Facebook page because we have an Autism Boutique starting April 1, for which 100% of profits go to the HollyRod Foundation which helps families dealing with Autism and is just an amazing charity. http://www.facebook.com/larasmithstelladot

    P.S. – OMG I have to work today – but I’ve already clicked through some of the links – it’s gonna take MONTHS to get through all the great stuff on here! I love this tribe!