No bunnies died for this picture

Today is Thursday, which is good because this week I’ve been swamped with a combination of editing on the book and insanely strange emotions I blame on the moon.  But since it’s Thursday I can just throw an old picture up here and it counts as a post because it’s Throwback Thursday.  Yay for laziness!

This is Hailey on her first Easter.  They didn’t have cute etsy hats nine years ago so I had to make my own.  I made it by buying a stuffed animal and scalping it and tying it to her head.  This is what we did in the old days before everyone learned to knit and it became easy to make your kids twee.  WE HAD TO WORK AT IT.

"Where did my stuffed animal go?"
“Where did my stuffed bunny go?  Wait.  What’s on my head?  WHAT HAVE YOU DONE?!”

In related news, is everyone feeling as completely out of control and brittle as I do this week?  Is it that blood moon thing?  Did anyone else wake up naked in the front yard the next morning?  Should we be sacrificing virgins?  Are there any virgins left?  These are the questions that keep me up at night.

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  1. It’s definitely a messed up week. I’ve only gotten out of bed by noon twice this week. And it sucked both times. Also, my spaghetti didn’t stick to the ceiling. So yeah…I feel your pain.

  2. Beyond out of control. And, between you and me, I’ve developed some kind of red welt on my face, just above my top lip. I’ve had no idea what it is or how it came to be there until you mentioned that whole blood-moon thing, I’m realizing it looks like I have a blood moon ON MY FACE.
    So, yeah, not just you. Bring on the sacrificial virgins … if you can find any.

  3. i KNOW how to knit, and might sacrifice a stuffed bunny because that’s adorable.
    i’ve been feeling crazy and out-of-control and out-of-sorts, but assumed it was the ‘vacation’ I just took with 2 children and no hubby to a different time zone. but we went to visit grandparents, (therfore: backup) so maybe it is the moon deal. I think it will make me feel better to blame it on the moon regardless 😀

  4. My week started off with an unintentional kale cleanse, so it could only go up from there…..You already sacrificed a virgin bunny for this photo years ago, so things should be getting better soon, in my professional opinion*

    *I’m not a professional. 🙂

  5. I read the post as you bought an ACTUAL animal and scalped it… and that made perfect sense to me.

  6. Adorable picture! And I totally agree about the week. I just got to work and it’s after Noon… 🙁 Also, like Daddyscratches above, I have a big red welt on my upper lip!! freaky!

  7. I had an ear infection for the first time since I was 6. Trip to the Doctor, 2 shots in the butt and three prescriptions later…
    And it was on Tuesday, the full moon. And then yesterday (because of the steriod shot, I assume) I would get all hot and flushed. It’s been a bad week. I’m looking forward to some Easter-ing this weekend, for sure.

  8. That hat is way more twee than anything else out there these days. And I say that as a knitter with an etsy shop. (Who’s never sold anything BUT THAT’S BESIDE THE POINT. It’s probably because I’ve never made a rabbit hat.)

  9. Completely out of control. Had a panic attack for the first time in years. Creeped out by the concept of a “blood moon,” which I did not even bother to go out and see because I didn’t want to get more creeped out. Something odd is going on in the universe, for sure.

    But the picture of Hailey is adorable, and involved stuffed animal scalping, so maybe things are looking up.

  10. The hat is TOOOOO Cute (very creative)! I forgot about the blood moon thing, that’s probably why I’m having so much trouble with my vertigo this week.

  11. Isn’t this how the Ingalls family did in their little house on the prairie to make Carrie twee? Scalping a bunny?
    That picture is both precious and a riot.

  12. I feel the urge to run immediately to the Goodwill and look for stuffed animals with a head size close to mine.

  13. It seems like a lot of people are struggling this week. I’m exhausted and it sucks! My son has a cold, and he never gets sick. Ever. I work retail, and my customers this week have been stranger and more difficult than normal. Even more difficult than on a regular full moon – and that’s saying something! Hopefully it starts easing off soon.

    Love that hat, though!

  14. Adorable… and urelated to this post THANK YOU for introducing me to the work of Brooke Shaden she is amazeing. I am no on a misson to purchas her work and hang it in my office. There is something desturbingly beautiful about her work that speaks to my soul.

  15. SO GLAD there are others who have an out of control week. My method of screaming at the mirror “What the F*&K is going on?!?!?!” hasn’t helped. But if it is not just me, I’ll stop trying to fix myself and wait it out with comfy pants and wine.

  16. Great fucking bunny ears! You are a genius!! Also, your daughter was (and still is) a gorgeous specimen of happy – her smile is megawatt. Happy Bunny Day.

  17. Everyone’s changing passwords — and the new ones are really complicated and require a number, a special character, and the blood of the virgin. So any remaining virgins are in hiding.

    Yes this week has been difficult.

  18. There will always be available virgins to sacrifice but my sympathies to everyone who’s having a terrible week. As my weeks are usually terrible, my surprisingly awesome week should be disseminated for the good of everyone.

    Here, take a little bit of awesome to spruce you up. You deserve it.

  19. Awww. Good thing she’s too young to realize you completely bludgeoned Mr. Bunns in order to fashion her with an adorable Easter bonnet. I think you’ve done a bang up job. Fuck Etsy.

  20. I love that picture.

    Also, completely and totally out of control emotions this week (okay, this month, but definitely this week). And then this morning I woke up and my eyelid was totally swollen. WTFbloodmoon?!

  21. The woman who shares my bed has developed something she calls mushrooms on her legs. I’ve already cracked the one about there being not ‘mush’ room for all of us, and was met with glumness tinted with something some people would regard as hate. I haven’t posted anything remotely funny on my site. I haven’t posted anything remotely on my site. Now there’s something somebody in the world should be thinking of: a remote posting device. Not for remote posts, I can do that already. Trouble is people don’t listen these days. Not like the old days. They didn’t listen with style in the old days.

  22. O. M. G. I feel like the world is spinning way faster than it should be spinning!! I don’t know whether to scream, cry or laugh most of the time. This past week has a thousand times worse. I don’t know what it is. I think we should blame the moon. Lunacy. Period.

    My mom brought me home from the hospital as a baby in a bunny outfit complete with a hood that has ears on it. She gave it to me to put my daughter in. It barely fit her as a newborn because she was a giant compared to me thanks to my giant of a husband. My poor kids.

  23. Did you save the rest of the bunny? If you did, you could have done an entire stuffed animals “Heroes” Season 1 remake.

    Ugh. Hindsight.

  24. My damn boss decided to go on a two month trip and left me in charge. Of course as soon as the damn plane took off everything went to damn hell. So, yes, damn crappy week. But Haley looks so damn adorable with a bunny scalp on!! It helped improve my damn mood and put a damn smile on my face, so thank youuuu!! 😀

  25. It’s been an amazingly rough week. I had three people be rude to me today for asking questions and I about burst into tears at the third one. I’m hiding in my office now and refusing to come out. I’m going straight to bed. But if there’s a ritual to break all this, I’m so there.

  26. Brittle is one word for it. Fighting urges to quit my job and move to another state… I hate my life/I love my life….

  27. I’m starting to think the moon has created a breed a drunk or drugged ninja ants that have managed to get lost into our house and keep trying to escape outside. I’ve been killing them instead.



    TAXIDERMY FAMILY: The Next Generation. (You start em off easy, with TOY rabbits…)

  29. Love that sweet baby bunny angel pie! I’ve had a great week, so I’m thinking the blood moon has worked in my favor. Also, I finished my edits. I have a feeling after you’re finished with yours, you’ll feel amazing.

  30. I have been extremely fragile this week and I’ve been blaming everything on the blood moon.

  31. This week is weird in that I was given waltz lessons for a TV show I was an extra in. Could not possibly have predicted that would happen someday.

  32. I’ve been in constant anxiety mode all week so yes let’s blame the moon. Hopefully the dreaded Easter with my family will go quickly and the stress levels will go back to “the axis of evil works in my building” type levels.

  33. I just realized Sunday’s Easter and I don’t have any time to get creative for the kids, so I may wake up naked in the front yard tomorrow. Thanks.

  34. It’s that bastard moon! Evidently, it causes pneumonia in middle-aged men, too. I would like to take a minute to offer it the middle finger in salute of the misery it has caused me. I’m thinking of cutting the head off of one of my daughter’s stuffed bunnies and wearing it in order to ward off the bad juju from that whole moon business.

  35. This week is totally messed up. i’m having a career freakout and considering leaving the field i’ve spent 15 years and a shitton of money on. So much for a master’s degre…

  36. We got 15″ of snow here within the last 24 hours. I think everyone in the area is ready to scalp something.

  37. *Note to self: STOP clicking on Jenny’s blog post during class. Randomly laughing at both said posts and comments is embarrassing!!

  38. I thought I was going crazy!! Suddenly I got THE URGE TO CLEAN OUR ENTIRE HOUSE! That so isn’t me. And I have been grumpy and sad and happy and then wanting to give my dogs away because they are just being complete assholes all of the sudden. It has to be that damn moon! Me, clean? On purpose? Granted I an a Norwex consultant so I clean other’s homes for free so they buy the amazing stuff, but it’s fun to clean up other’s people’s home. Not mine. 🙂 and I ate a whole back of chocolate covered peanut butter pretzels in one sitting. So not like me. But they were good. Now I am wanting more…DAMN YOU MOON! (Right after I finish laundry and vacuuming and probably cry or yell, or both). Ugh.

  39. I’m glad I’m not the only one having a messed up week. My emotions are going haywire. We should start a club. Only no one is allowed to bring Kool-Aid because I feel like that is a legitimate danger of a club full of wonderful yet unstable people ranting about the moon.

  40. Ps: we should be able to like other’s comments…the moon having a period is GENIUS. And I am totally stealing it.

  41. No more sacrificial virgins??! Dammit the store must be out of stock. Time to start homegrowing mine, I suppose.

  42. I’ve had a really good week at work, which is DEFINITIVE PROOF, that something about this week is off. But, I’m not going to complain.

    Sacrifice a virgin if you need to, I know I’ll be safe. 😉

  43. Definitely having an off week, feeling brittle and crabby and crazier than usual.

    That’s an adorable picture, and good work finding an excuse to scalp a stuffed bunny. :p

  44. this week has been tough. i was sick. also, in looking back over the week, i realized that in my sickness and then not-feeling-up-to-snuffedness, i have not taken my antidepressants since saturday morning. probably going to be a few days before my snuff is back up.

  45. Hailey has such gorgeous eyes!
    Blood Moon must be to blame for my damn gallbladder trying to kill me again… haven’t been able to eat more than saltines since last Friday. Also severe anxiety about moving away from my family in Chicago to Dallas for hubby’s work is making me subconsciously clench my stomach muscles, making it feel like I’m being punched in the gut. Damn blood moon…

  46. I finished reading your book a few days ago. It was wonderful! I laughed til I cried! I’m now onto another book and it’s good but when I see your blogs I feel like I’m cheating on my new book because I love your writing so much more.

  47. OF COURSE!! The blood moon! That explains everything! Just this morning I saw a mallard duck apparently roosting near my house. on. the. street. where the cars go. and at the next block, a jet black squirrel. I know those black squirrels live in some areas, but I have never ever seen one here. We just have grey and brown squirrels.

    Yes, my mood has been off too. sad/angry in general.

  48. this week has been like being branded on one side of your face while some ninja kicks you in the throat and then throws a stack of work at you and says do it by noon…. F you week F you!

  49. Totally brittle. A bit cracked at the edges. Nothing chocolate hasn’t been able to fix. The kids have gone hungry, I’m afraid I’ll burn the house down. I’ve already knocked myself out and given myself a black eye since Monday

  50. That is the most adorable-brilliant-yet-totally-weird thing I’ve ever seen. You are a genius. On that other thing, brittle is exactly the word I would use to describe myself this week. A stiff breeze would cause pieces of me to flake off and blow away and I would just be a stick figure with empty eyes and no clothes. I did not wake up outside naked, but I did wake up with a banana under my pillow. Wtf, moon? (I ate it. The banana, I mean, not the moon.) Also, I woke up at 2 a.m. the morning of the blood moon cause I thought I heard my children calling for me, “mom! Mom!” They were all asleep, so I decided that meant I was the mother of the moon and she wanted me to watch her performance. I watched for a minute, but then told her I was too tired, and went back to sleep, because I’m not that great at the whole motherhood thing. sigh

  51. Jenny- Can I make a suggestion? I LOVE your blog. Like.. totally LOVE in a major way, not all stalkerish way (I won’t show up naked on your front lawn in the middle of the night or anything). BUT the only thing that would maybe make me a teeeeeny tiny bit happier is if I could somehow tell your commenters how much I ‘like’ their comments. Some of them are so fucking funny, it’s just too much. The comments are like the icing on the already delicious cake. What would cake be without icing? Whenever I forward a post to a friend because it makes me think of someone specific, I always write make sure to read the comments- you’ll regret it if you don’t. Your people make my day. If there’s no way to add some kind of ‘I just want to tell you how much I love what you just said’ function, I hope someone reads this and knows that I’m probably talking about them.
    I hope your week gets better!

    (I TOTALLY want to do that, but I haven’t found a good plug-in that works yet. Putting it on my to-do list. ~ Jenny)

  52. Wow, Haley hasn’t changed a bit! Except I doubt she wears a scalped bunny head on a daily basis.

    Brittle is a great way to describe it. I’m having all sorts of rage that I’ve haven’t had since I started being medicated. It’s not fun. I’m very glad to know I’m not alone.

  53. I haven’t been feeling out of control as much as I’ve been feeling out of energy/exhausted. After cleaning for Passover and then going to two Seders which each lasted past midnight, I have no more energy left. Add in a near-fire we had in the basement after I tried fixing our furnace (I’m techy with computers, not house-hold repairs) and my son having surgery tomorrow and I just want to crawl into bed and sleep for 24 hours straight… and then take a short nap to finish it off.

  54. Hailey is either going to hate you or be as nutty as you, I think the latter and if she turns out as funny and crazy as her Mom, god help Victor …… xxxxxx

  55. My emotions and energy have been all over the place this week, and not necessarily in a good way. And apparently Hailey had that beaming beautiful smile even as a baby!

  56. It is definitely a bad week. I have hydrocephalus and I swear it is at high tide. Brutal headaches and terrible balance. On the plus side I got to spend all day yesterday in bed, was brought flowers, and ate a Cadbury Easter Cream egg.

  57. I didn’t know anyone else was having a weird week. I’ve been beyond irritable but grateful I work at a Catholic college where I get Good Friday AND “Easter Monday” off! Nevermind that I’m a heathen! Anyway, thanks for making me feel like part of the cool crowd!

  58. i keep forgetting to take my pills, made my husband cry, and im not sure i washed these pants before i put them on. Just knoddin’ and smilin’ til friday! Happy Easter!

  59. First off, I totally second comment #66. The world needs to make this happen.

    Second, this week has been absolutely awful. My mom worked at a hospital for years and years. She’s not superstitious, but full moons, eclipses, comets… she has too many stories to tell about astronomical events and the ensuing craziness to make one think otherwise.

  60. I just think it’s funny you have the bunny hat on backwards. I blame it on the blood moon retroactively.

  61. Wow- you were crafty before the internet made everyone crafty! Why didn’t you invent Pinterest?! It would have been so much better if you invented it.
    Ditto on the moods, by the way.
    Ditto on #66’s suggestion too!

  62. Not to be contrarian or anything, but it’s been a pretty good week. People didn’t like the snow we got, but it was pretty. I’m glad you broke with family tradition and used a synthetic rabbit. It just means Haley will have to work harder when she writes her memoirs. But I have no doubt you’re laying enough groundwork there.

  63. Your daughter is such a doll! I am suffering from allergies/sinuses this week so brittle doesnt even begin to describe the way I have felt. More like a zombie with an elephant sitting on my face. Boo.

  64. Definitely the blood moon. I say we hunt it down and kill it with fire. Aren’t there like five of them this year? I can’t take any more stress, so let’s bring on the paganism and whatever works is whatever we do from here on out.

  65. I must say I am against the sacrificing virgins idea. I DON’T WANT TO BE SACRIFICED AT THUS MOMENT. But my emotions were so messed up this week I might change my mind. So no, you were not alone in the messed up feelings department thus week, Jenny. <3

  66. And no. I am not a medeival zombie because I wrote “thus” twice by accident.

  67. That is the cutest thing I have ever seen. Fuck Ann Geddes. She has NOTHING on the scalped bunny baby!

  68. The blood moon is a biblical sign so I don’t think we should bring out the paganism quite yet. There is gonna be another in Oct. I think. It’s probably going to be an important day. And BTW, your daughter looks adorable!

  69. I beheaded 2 stuffed dogs and sewed them to a hoodie for a Harry Potter-esqe Fluffy costume for the elder daughter (her head being the 3rd of the dog heads, for those who are counting.)

  70. OMG! The Blood Moon totally explains my cursed bloody diarrhea! I swear I have a demon poop baby trying to claw it’s way out of my intestines! I’m not sure whether I need a doctor or an exorcist… probably both! LOL

  71. I have been feeling completely out of sorts. Obsessing on my suicide plan, car rides feel completely out of control, extreme paranoia. I like blaming it on the moon, makes me feel like it will be over soon.

  72. Got a really passive-aggressive email from my estranged mother this morning and had to have a little cry in my office. Damn you, moon!

  73. Yeah, definitely a weird week. Lots of confusion. What I’m not confused about is how freaking cute Hailey looks in that picture! Makes me want to have children. 😀

    p.s. Virgin here (technically), they still exists. Don’t sacrifice me, please.

  74. It’s a world gone mad. But I think that happened before the moon.

    In other news, I love that little hat you made. Super cute. And that’s one of the great pictures of a baby ever.

  75. My three year old and I were both wide awake that evening/morning of the moon. I have felt off all week too.

  76. Can I just say it is a relief to know other people have felt super off this week? When it is so hard to function and no one in my life seems to understand, reading all your witty and honest comments fills me with warm fuzzies. Now, if that damn moon would calm down I’d be set!

  77. I can’t even tell you how much this post and all of the wonderful, witty comments totally made my day! This has been one clusterfuck of a week! I’ll spare you the tedious details, but it’s so nice to know that I’m not alone in this. Misery really does love company. Plus, as someone else said, blaming it on the moon makes me feel like it will be over soon. So, thank you, Jenny, and thank you, also, to all of the commenters who made me smile, laugh and/or think to myself, “yeah, me, too!” And, yes, I, too, wish we could “Like” the comments. Nothin’ like the validation of a thumbs up! 😉
    And, FTW, Megan, for this comment: “I figure the moon having its period is bad for us all.”
    ‘Nuff said. Now back to work.

  78. I am still recovering from yesterday. I have migraine horrors. I can’t bear to think about the week so far in it’s entirety. Fuck all that noise.

  79. Holy cute hat, Batman! And yes, the blood moon has me all jacked up. Pretty sure it’s responsible for the mysterious bruises on my shins.

  80. Okay usually I view kid shots with the same enthusiasm as I view any other amorphous blob of protoplasm, but that’s a pretty cute shot there.

  81. I went from feeling pretty good for the past couple of weeks to feeling like my body parts were going to fall off and not wanting to get out of bed. Brittle? Very possibly. I hope you feel better soon!

  82. Yep, pretty fragile right now. I am a house call veterinarian and in the past 14 days, I’ve put down 17 animals 🙁

  83. Yep; brittle, falling apart and in considerable pain thanks to my stupid bad back. However, I’m putting all 3 things down to moving house. Luckily I have not yet woken up naked in the front garden. I’m easing the new neighbours in slowly.

  84. I’m not sure, full moons always fuck me up. I don’t know if this one was worse than usual, because crazy doesn’t work that way 🙁

  85. I have gone through every possible negative emotion since the coming and arrival of the fiery red moon (that I totally missed with my naked eye but it made up for it by possessing me with a witch-like rollercoaster ride).

    Now, at the tail end of this ride, I don’t know if I’m still sane. Am I? Can someone tell me?

  86. And here I was thinking that I needed to thank you for making it okay to talk about having a bad day/week/moment/whatever. I had some really bad minutes yesterday, that I could feel leading down a path toward suicidal thoughts. I haven’t had anything like that for nearly a decade. In the midst of it there was a voice in the back of my head screaming obscenities about how Depression is a lying F*ckhead and I should ASK FOR HELP!

    It wasn’t exactly your voice, more like the voice of self-care that has gotten much better about being articulate since I started reading your blog. But it was definitely using language choices you would use. So I reached out in a couple of places, and the amount of love that came pouring back to me from peope I know was immense, and enough to remind me that I matter, and am important and loved. I’m not instantly cured of depression, of course, but it was enough to break the downward spiral of thoughts, so while I’m still feeling fragile emotionally, the core of me feels like it’s been wrapped in a big fluffy blanket and is being snuggled by the love of all those people who replied.

    I wish for you, and all the other commenters who are having a hell of a week, that something would come out that leaves all of you feeling simliarly cherished in the midst of the body chemistry fun that we seem to be going through this week.

  87. This is random, but I’m re-listening to your audiobook today, and had totally forgotten about your chapter on “the dead babies”. I’m bracing myself for possible bad news from my OBGYN tomorrow, I’m only about 5 weeks along but fear I’m about to have a miscarriage. I’ve had one before, a little over a year ago, and we were thrilled when we found out we were pregnant again after trying for so long. Thank you for writing this chapter. It makes it somewhat easier to deal with, knowing that you went through this so many times and can now look back on this and be so thankful for your little girl. I’m trying to remember that in the future, this awful battle will be totally worth it when we can hold, look at and kiss on our babies. Just wanted to say I really appreciate you talking about it.

  88. That bunny hat is much more creative than any knit or crochet deal! And yes, a very whacked out week here in good old Vermont too.

  89. It’s definitely been a rough week or two for the emotions. But then, I have external reasons for feeling lousy that have nothing to do with the moon.

  90. And oddly enough my arthritic knees are acting up so much I can barely walk around the house. It is a very strange week.

    Weird dreams too.

  91. I don’t know what “twee” means, but that’s probably because I’m just not cool.

    I’ve had frenetic– here defined as literally out of control– energy this week. I wonder if we could update virgin sacrifices to mean having sex with virgins? You know, for… the cause.

  92. YES. Everything is fragile and the simple is impossible and the difficult is hell.

    Also – note to Kathleen at comment 104: Oh, honey! So very, very sorry you’ve had to deal with so much grief.

  93. Jenny, can I do a throwback to last Thursday here? The last I actually wrote something, and I think it’s because of the moon deal. We should all moon the moon back. No? Yes? But, if I may share my first ever published essay here? I’m very happy to say that it turned out to NOT be cancer. It’s a short read. In one week I was published and finally got your book! It’s been a pretty great fucking week.

  94. I love that photo! That stuffed bunny scalp hat is way cute, and I may have to warn my kids to hide their stuffed animals…

    I’ve been feeling brittle and off-kilter this week, myself.

  95. Unrelated, but PLEASE tell me you follow @CrapTaxidermy – I just found it, and it is awesome!

  96. My understanding is virgins are a rarity. That’s why I’ve been growing my own. Just in case mind you. I just hope they never ask the real reason I don’t let them date & just keep assuming I’m an over protective father.

  97. I was okay. Our drains got nauseous and threw up a yucky black layer of goo. All of them. Now the house smells like shit, and pee (thanks to my little one’s not so successful run of potty training). Blood moon or not, it’s always nuts around here. Love that bunny hat. Love you:)

  98. Let’s see… yep, definitely some sort of warp in the collective consciousness.

  99. Beautiful picture of your daughter. I laughed so hard at the caption my dog ran out of the room terrified. The birds are going crazy this week too. Maybe it is the moon. It’s more terrifying than the Hitchcock movie in my backyard right now.

  100. To answer your questions, yes a little brittle and out of control. No waking up on the lawn naked and not sure it’s about the moon. Generally sacrifices are not looked on as a good thing.

  101. The Blood moon totally fucked with me. I decided to dye the ends of my hair red, because I was home alone for the week as my husband (the grounded one/boring one of the two of us) was away for work and I was all experimenting with being girly with hair dye. My kitchen has red splotches every where now so it looks like I murdered some one…..which I’m pretty sure I didn’t. Then I fell over on my morning run because the blood moon made me too lazy to put my contact lenses in so I couldn’t see and rolled my ankle and decided falling limp to the ground on frozen gravel on to my knee to save my half twisted ankle from becoming fully twisted was a great idea. FUCK frozen gravel hurts more that not frozen gravel because it stays frozen in jagged place stabbing you and causing bloody holes and skin tears, instead of rolling with you where only a slight scratch would of happened if it were not frozen gravel. Then I think my house was haunted because I have all my pictures off the wall becuase I wanted to paint the living room walls (because this is what you do when husband is not home) and they were leaning against one wall oposite where I watch TV and I keep seeing movement in them, and shadows. I could not come up with a rational reason for the movement in the glass so I just put it down to blood moon and I’m being haunted. I have also pocrastinated so much at my job were they pay me to work that I’m probably going to be fired. Oh well its a long weekend and chocolate.

  102. She is absolutely adorable! Always a smile on your girl.

    Yes, the moon has got to be affecting us double-X chromosomed people! I’ve been certifiable crazy this week. Hang in there…it’ll get better (a line taken directly from you!)!!!

  103. I think it’s been a bad week all around. I just found out my dog needs to have his eye removed asap because of a misdiagnoses. Now I need to find $2000.00 by Wednesday to pay for the surgery. I’m getting about 6 hours of work per week—Yeah that’s gonna happen… 🙁

  104. I must be the only one who isn’t feeling crappy this week.
    I got my craptastic gallbladder out last friday, and after over 6 months of suffering I am feeling almost back to my normal self!
    I am really looking forward to enjoying all of my regular fatty foods again ~ but for now I will take not being in constant stabbing pain!!
    (someone asked what the pain was like, and I told them that it felt like someone had a voodoo doll made of me, and they were stabbing it over and over and over…)
    ok, enough rambling!

    Love the adorable picture of your daughter!

  105. This week is horrible. Today was the first day that I actually felt okay. And I haven’t burst in to tears yet for no reason, so that’s a plus. I did dream that a mountain lion broke into my house, but it was friendly and didn’t eat the cats, so it wasn’t a traumatic dream-just weird.

  106. It’s a weird week. I lost my store keys at the Veloway on Saturday, found them again Tuesday afternoon after a massive rainstorm (and after some saint whom I owe a beer put them on a bench), and attended an annual employees orientation rife with bullpucky and wasted time.
    At least I got paid for it.
    I can’t say whether we should be sacrificing virgins. Hell, I can’t even say I’d help anyone sacrifice their virginity (happily married, and taking a cherry isn’t nearly as fun as one might imagine). So it goes.

  107. Oh, you have such a fabulous way with words! “..out of control and brittle…” is EXACTLY how I feel! But before you said it, I couldn’t describe it! Thank you for sharing your wonderful self with us!

  108. Yes, I also have completely lost my shit this week. So glad I’m not the only one. I didn’t wake up naked but I have been unable to even wake up in the mornings, and my face has broken out in what must be a response to the moon vibes going on. I’d be ok if we never have another blood moon ever again.

  109. Totally out of sorts this week – I have watched the most recent episode of Game of Thrones so many times because the ending is the only thing that makes me feel just a little better – well that and a muscle relaxer and a Xanax…so glad I haven’t had to leave the house or even put on real clothes – yea for pajamas and dry shampoo!!

  110. So your first thought is taxidermy, even for a toy animal??? You made those people at the factory in China work for nothing? Oh, wait, they already work for nothing.. I guess that’s fair.

  111. Crappy week. My dad is in the ICU on a ventilator. Today, I got an email from my boss saying that my job is being cut to part time, (and I just closed on my house three weeks ago). The stupid weather killed all of the blooms on my beautiful tree. My cat has unbelievable gas. And I just got my period. But I’m sober and not suicidal, and I have people around me who love me and can give emotional support, which is a lot better than things were a year ago. And I’m living close enough that I can be with my dad everyday. So things could be and have been a lot worse. In short, (TL:DR) extremely crappy week, I’m physically and emotionally exhausted, but it could have been much, much worse.

  112. This is my first comment here, ever, despite literally reading for years, but because of my own massive anxiety disorder and depression, I know I’ll never ever write anything as funny as the other people and so I just delete it. BUT. I am not deleting this one, because, yep, I’m out of control and brittle this week, too, and I’m fine with blaming it on the blood moon because I also have my period. How goddamned appropriate.

    PS: I think maybe I commented once years ago on favorite children’s book series. Felt confident in that one. I’m really not sure what it means that my next time I’m confident enough to actually hit “post” is when I’ve made a questionably tasteful and probably really overplayed period/Blood Moon reference, but I’ve promised myself I’m not going back now. Clicking Post and crediting myself with overcoming one small source of anxiety which will be lost in a sea of literally hundreds of people who are wittier than me. Baby steps. Baby steps.

    PPS: I have literally had to change my wordpress password and reload the page six times to be able to leave this incredibly awful comment. I feel a little bit like, hey, self, way to follow through! And then I remember about how I want to lie on a craft swap that I’m a part of that I broke my finger just so that I don’t have to follow through, and how many tiny sheep I could have felted in the time that it took me to post this, but tiny sheep I can do. Posting and being lost in the sea of comments I couldn’t, apparently. Baby sheep steps. Baby sheep steps.

  113. I barfed, and, uh, other stuff for 24 hours after I pulled a tick off of myself on Tuesday that would have been on me since I was in the woods on Saturday. It was probably unrelated food poisoning, since I play fast and loose with how thoroughly I wash fresh spinach and kale for smoothies. But still. Secretly wondering if I have Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever.
    Also, this paragraph makes me sound WAY hippier than I really am.

  114. Hmm…well, I have been all over the place this week, but was thinking it was just a combination of PMS + people at work who think I have nothing better to do than whatever they need me to drop everything else to do for them right this minute. So basically, a regular week, but extra PMS-y.

  115. I had full blown laryngitis yesterday, out to nowhere. It’s a blast trying to parent without a voice–lots of flailing and mouthed threats, and expressive eyebrow action. My kids thought it was hilarious.

  116. I had an inner ear infection with vertigo, was served foreclosure papers and had cramps this week but today is my Friday and I’ve found a soul sister who uses the word twee in its correct form. I wish I had thought of making a hat like that, bravo.

  117. Ok, let me preface this with telling you how difficult the last two weeks has been. Lost my house. My daughter filed to get her kids back from me after 11 years. I lost my job. My stomach just flipped a little bit just saying all of this. This week has been the best week I have had since my husband died two years ago. I mean it. Lots of doors opened, and I feel hope for the first time in a damn long time. I apologize for my good week, but I’m sure you will forgive me for this one.

  118. um, so cute! And uber creative to cut apart a stuffie and make a costume… I will forever assess the stuffed animal situation prior to shopping for costumewear. Thank you.

  119. That $&”& *#$$ ‘&$,$& Blood Moon!
    I was a miserable excuse for a human all week and what a horrible week it was at work, with an extra helping of crazy! I showed up to work Monday to find my classroom had flooded over the weekend and eveything on the floor was being thrown out including my wooden storage cabinets. It took until yesterday to dry the room out so my 8 toddlers (students not my own kids) and I were classroom-less and that made them super cranky butt heads. Even more than they already were since my assistant teacher has been on vacation since last week (and she won’t be back for another week)…. Ahhhhhh!
    I’ve been sooooo pissy and screamy and rude and and near tears all week that I don’t know how the people around me haven’t all run away for their own safety. Thank you for letting me rant and rave, it helped 🙂

  120. I love that picture-the look on her face is one of happiness you only get when you know something they don’t. And she totally rocks the strapless blanket look.

  121. The only way I can get through weeks like this is by laying in the lawn for at least a little while every day. Maybe I’m taking the idea of staying grounded a bit too literal.

  122. Look, if you’re asking if I had more than my usual amount of wine this week, the answer is yes. I work with children and they were completely insane this week. Yes, I blame children for my future issues with alcohol. Also I guess I blame alcohol but really only a little because I don’t want to hurt its feelings? Also also, imagining you scalping a stuffed bunny to tie to your child’s head is going to give me some pretty interesting easter-themed nightmares so thanks for that.

  123. Your daughter has gorgeous eyes and I can see a lot of you in her. A really cute picture too. But I can say that this has been a great week despite the weird things that have cropped up. I feel really good this week even though I’ve been fighting off a migraine all day. Got to love the sun…and the red moon was cool too. Hope you feel better by the holiday. Of course there’s always chocolate bunnies to behead which should be right up your alley. Just don’t go overboard!

  124. Ahh makes me want to cut up a bunny now!! a stuff bunny not a real one.. LOL You are crafty Jenny L. 😉 Yeah the blood moon has everyone on edge I think..

  125. Tres adorbs, on the bunny hat. Plus, too cute kid! Weird week all over with weather bouncing around, blood moons, people acting completely, unreasonably, insane over the teensiest things. “Honest, officer, I was only a LITTLE drunk.”

  126. Yeah I feel completely out of control this week. There’s been a lot of crying in the showers, also being scared of lizards in the showers! There was the one that was very still and staring hard at me. It made me wonder if this is porn for lizards too?(staring at a naked girl in a shower that is) So…yeah.

    Hailey looks so adorable! 🙂 sending her kisses and hugs (only if she isn’t creeped out by kisses and hugs from a strange girl) she looks like she isn’t though. .

  127. I’m two weeks post “fuck off we don’t need you” after 11 years with the company, it’s been winter here for 6 straight months, blood moon, PMS blah, blah, blah. Need wine for my whine. And some damn green grass to look at, this white shit is so old.

  128. I blame the moon and I’m in a different hemisphere. Damn solar eclipses and damned cloud cover for hiding the eclipses. And magnets, they’re probably to blame too.

  129. It’s one of those “I’m still keeping it together but I have no idea how” kind of weeks. And it’s Salt Lake Comic Con, which means I’m meeting Nathan Fillion and Adam Baldwin on Saturday and I somehow have to keep it together until then. I don’t want to miss Con stuff but I might die because somebody didn’t sacrifice enough virgins.

  130. Uhh…virgin here. Please don’t sacrifice me, still would like the chance to experience it before death. That would be great, thanks.

  131. The cuteness… Awww! You must sell your decapitated bunny hats. If I ever have a child, you’ll be the first person I go to on apparel.

    Yes… Weird week. The chocolate can’t come soon enough! Blessed Easter, Jenny!

  132. I’ve been all over the place this week, from crying to really happy to feeling like a complete lunatic. My carpal tunnel is also acting up like whoa, and it hasn’t in YEARS. It started hurting on the blood moon. And there’s a lot of them this year. Blood moon, why are you making us so crazy? Also, I’m a virgin, but don’t sacrifice me please, I don’t really want to die as one. In fact, I’d much prefer to be sent the almost perfect guy. I couldn’t stand a perfect guy because then I’d feel inadequate.

  133. I LOVE that you think this is some sort of half-ass not-real blog post and the rest of us think this is some of your best stuff/explains a LOT. 😉

  134. Sooo cute! Does she only see out of one eye at a time? Do you? I only ask because I do and her photo reminds me of pictures of myself. My eyes don’t work together. . . nothing wrong with that except you will never know what the big deal is about View Masters. I never knew they were 3D. Oh, there may be some other depth perception, clumsy issues. . . just saying.

  135. This week was brutal. I’m still not over the tears for no reason thing. Luckily there was no ending up naked on a front lawn though.

  136. Yep, definitely a messed up week. Mood swings up the wazoo, though I blame the 6+ weeks of no chocolate coinciding with the blood moon. I plan on sacrificing many an animal-shaped chocolate on Sunday. I will not speculate as to whether they are virgins, but I really hope so.

  137. I used to scalp a leprechaun every St. Paddy’s day. Until this person told me that the Irish are considered people in the States.

  138. I ABSOLUTELY am feeling batshit crazy this week. Monday/Tuesday were a nice small incremental decline I could deal with and then I just woke up Wednesday and was like…. EVERYTHING IS WRONG WITH ME TODAY. I cried in my husband’s lap because he forgot to wash a dish. A dish. “I swear I’m not trying to make you feel guilty honey I don’t know what’s wrong with me”. He still didn’t wash it but he gave me some extra cuddles so that was worth it.

  139. I heart “twee”.

    Also? If I could, I’d totally thumbs-up #66’s comment.

    And I’d thumbs-up eleventy-seven times kelleybakerewert’s (#141) comment. Because I could, and because I wouldn’t be the only one who did.

  140. You’re writing another book??? Yippee! I loved the first one, can’t get “foxen” out of my head.

  141. As I learned from Monster Squad: There’s always a virgin. You just have to think younger…

  142. I’m a total psycho this week–talk about out-of-the-blue anxiety attacks! Crazy moon.

    Side note: Your daughter has got to be the most insanely cute baby ever

  143. Oooh, you could scrunch up tubes of pink fabric and stick them in the top of the stuffed rabbit’s de-scalped head. Brain surgery bunny!

  144. Ug, had no idea about moon things, only know it’s been a shit week. Emotional and physical breakdown recovering from a major infection and then prednisone. No one told me that prednisone will make you into a crying, weak-knee-ed werewolf. My friends had to literally carry me to the doctor. I’m looking forward to feeling better.

    Perhaps I will wear an animal hat to speed up the process. I doubt I will look as cute as Hailey, though (especially since my animal hat is a bear with teeefs)….

  145. Blood Moon=Waking up with strange bruises and bite marks all over my body…or that might just mean it’s Thursday. Also, still unclear on the particulars of the etiquette of Virgin sacrifice, totally going to Google that.

  146. yes yes yes Yes. I watched The American Greetings mom job commercial and couldn’t stop crying or laughing.. I got into a fight with my husband because I was preemptively defending myself for not folding laundry all week. I don’t think he said anything. It was me just fighting with me. He needs to have dinner with Victor so he “gets me”. this is just the icing on the cake (is that the right term? tip of the hat? chicken of the wing?) of how my week has been. thx for your connectedness.

  147. Love the Bunny.

    I am having a good week. I am putting more time into relaxation exercises. After decades, I am (finally) realizing that I have to put the time into this regularly so that I do not turn into a unattractive alien form of life inimical to life (mine and any surrounding me). Next week all bets are off, however.

  148. Yes, crappy weird, frustrating week! I spent EVERY DAY THIS WEEK ALL DAY staring at my computer and trying to fix various glitches, converting epub files so I can actually READ them, flipping and reformating videos, and failing at adding a simple 3-minute music file to Powerpoint AN HOUR BEFORE THE EVENT. My eyes are fried. I even have an eyelid twitch to show for it, and I am SO ready to unplug everything technology-ish just spend a day in the kitchen.

    The moon was pretty cool, though.

  149. My husband refers to it as the “Blood Moon Trifecta of Doom” because my dad predicts the world is going to shit in a handbasket this year, and it all started on my hubby’s birthday, which really pissed off my atheist husband, since it also meant his birthday was cancelled since it also coincided with Passover. And we aren’t even Jewish.

  150. I am matzah brittle. You eat enough of that stuff and your insides are totally clogged and you get real testy. Anyone says anything even remotely controversial and you’re liable to bit their head off faster than you can say “chocolate covered matzah!”

    Well, there is progress. They are sellng chocolate dipped potato chips. There ain’t nuthin’ on the planet that cannot be mitigated with salt and chocolate.

    bite the head off a chocolate bunny for me, would you, please?

  151. I’ve felt out of control ever since I slid out of the womb, Jenny.
    But there was probably a blood moon that day as well.
    Super cute pic, by the way.

  152. I love love love that picture!
    My emotions have been super brittle. I’ve felt like I’m being held together by my clothes and makeup.

    1. Go buy post-Easter stuffed bunnies.
    2. Scalp those fluffy sunzabunnehs.
    3. Attache ribbons to newly shorn bunny head hats.
    4. Sell them on Etsy, because they’re seriously cute.
  153. I am a Cancer so I have only been affected in a good way by the blood moon. My “planet” Rocks!! But sorry for those of you who feel all floopy about it-

  154. Hey Ms Bloggess-
    at the end of a craptastic week & fearing for Thing 1’s well-being (my 27-year-old kid). He seems to be letting his bipolar demons win tonight. I just wanted to say how alone & helpless I feel in a place where I’m likely to be understood.Thank you for being here & especially for being honest about living with depression. It truly helps to know that others get sucked into depression’s vortex & can still find things to laugh about. For instance, my “Victor” just ordered a pizza for Thing 1 from 1000 miles & 2 time zones away so our kid can eat & de-escalate. If I don’t laugh at these types of craziness, then the datk may try again to swallow me. Rare & precious all those who love us despite our messes. And laughter really is the best medicine and this is great place to find the right dose!

  155. That word is not even made up.
    It’s just old, and British.
    Are you reading Julia Glass?
    Is this a vocabulary revival?

    Excellent happy bunny.

  156. This week was out of control, I am so glad to hear it wasn’t just me. I cried every day, big panic attack-like cries, and am strongly considering asking my doctor to both up my maintenance med and give me something for epic freak-outs. My manager and my roommate’s new girlfriend both think I am completely insane, but at least I held it together with my patients.

  157. I’m 90% positive that the Etsy people are just skinning stuffed animals themselves, and saving you the step. 🙂

  158. The Moon:
    Night sky too fucking bright for night.
    Made a bunny cap (recap!), but with eye flaps to block too bright night sky.
    Was dressing in the bathroom and accidentally dropped my underwear in the toilet. Is that the definition of irony?
    Ran out of Xanax after my doctor’s office hours – on a Friday. Writing this comment from rehab.

  159. These comments are awesome, it’s like one big festival of anxiety affirmation. My month began with a first-ever panic attack (wowza…my respect and condolences to those who endure them regularly—SO not fun), and I don’t think my heart has stopped pounding since. I’m in the red welts group, too, because all the stress brings out my worst nervous habit, picking at my face. It’s not just the moon, though, pretty much the whole bleeding solar system is messing with us right now. In case you haven’t had enough of crazy yet, hang onto your bunny hats for tomorrow’s cardinal grand cross with Uranus, Pluto, Mars, and Jupiter all squaring off with each other. Sorry, guys, it doesn’t look like Easter’s gonna be so soft and sweet this year. But the sun moves into Taurus tomorrow, too, so maybe if we play in our gardens and bask in the sunshine it’ll help us all calm down. Hope springs eternal…

  160. You know that somewhere a garbageman has saved that scalped bunny in his basement, because he’s sure it’ll have value someday when a triple-digit serial killer admits that he first practiced on Easter bunnies.

  161. the week was totally useless… a blur. yes – it was that damn moon and all the hype.. and staying up all damn night to see what I could have watched on CNN the next day.
    Love the hat though… I am not that creative to scalp a stuffed animal! Kudos to you!

  162. Virgins are making a come back. Every full moon I feel like I could lose myself. I would not look at the Blood Moon.

  163. You complete me. Not on a creepy way. You just make my brain make more sense, if that makes sense. Victor gives me hope that someday my husband will understand me, and my illness.

    Be well

  164. Hi. I have pretty much been a lurker all my life. Not just here, but in the general sphere of the bad internetS. Your awesomeness blows me away like a clap by The Hulk right in front of my face would. I have been feeling extremely hot all of last week, but that’s not because of the Blood Moon, it’s because I live in India where it’s perfectly permissible for the weather to be awful and humid and awful. The purpose of pushing myself out of the safe and rainbow world of lurker-dom was to say this: I seem to have taken a decision this morning to get out of my bed at around 6 and continue the rest of my sleep on the balcony which is much cooler than my room. I don’t know how you discovered my secret from miles away, but yes, I have been waking up in the yard-substitute in my home.

  165. Greetings and Salutations!
    Kind of a mixed week here in Knoxpatch. On the positive side, we continue to make good progress at getting moved into the new house. On the down side, I still struggle with the negative programming about Easter and other major holidays that growing up with an alcoholic mother left. One would think that, by the time the age of 60 is in clear sight, it would be possible to get beyond that. but, I find that I am still tensed out and plagued with dark, formless fears that I cannot shine the light on.
    My best wishes for all of us to get something good out of the weekend, and be able to focus on the concepts of Resurrection and Renewal that Easter brings.
    Bee Man Dave

  166. I just finished your book “Let’s pretend it never happened” and Mrs. Lawson it is one of the funniest books I have ever read. My husband cannot wait to start reading it. I try to write about the elderly as they have a great sense of humor and wisdom. Can you give me some advice. Thanks for the wonderful book and keep them coming.

    Mary Ellen
    Toledo, Ohio

  167. Thank goodness you said what we are all thinking out loud. You inspired my own post today as I think the more people know how common it is to feel out of sorts, the better we might feel in our out-of-sortness. And heck, any relief from that crap storm is welcome!

  168. Brittle! Yes! That’s totally the word! And here I thought I was losing my hinges, or my screws were squeaky, or something like that. It’s been a seriously rough year, and especially the last couple months. I keep thinking I’ll blog about it, but so much of it is not just mine to share that I just haven’t figured out how yet.

  169. Randomly, for sacrificing virgins, in theory all that needs to be done is have sex with them. The act of “loosing” their virginity is/can be classed as a sacrifice. The more random crap you know. No idea if it’s been covered yet, but I be lazy.

    And yea, last week was ratshit for me. With added fun of trying to organise everything before going away for a few days, plus for in-laws visiting.

  170. Brittle is the word for it. I haven’t been sleeping either. Which causes all manner of issues. That picture is absolutely the cutest Easter picture I have ever seen.

  171. God I’m glad some other people have been feeling as absolutely bonkers as I have. I thought I was just going crazy but, hey, if we can blame it on the moon I totally am up for that. My anxiety has been through the roof, I don’t even have a little bit of control over my own brain “must obsess, must obsess, must worry, must worry.” Ahhh

  172. Didn’t end up naked in the front yard but did manage to throw myself down the concrete stairs at 3am trying to see the dumb thing. Did you know we get to see it three more times this year? Well, I didn’t.
    And yes, feeling wonky and completely overwhelmed. And as a nurse – noticing the swing to slightly more wacky in my patients as well!
    Oh moon.
    ps-the bunny hat and the bunny wearing it are adorable!

  173. That is the cutest bunny ears hat I’ve ever seen. I was gonna say where’d you get it but then saw you MADE it. I guess you have to make your own if you want it to be super cute.

  174. I’ve been awful the past few weeks. My youngest was diagnosed with ADHD, so now I have 2 out of my 3 kids with ADHD. Our life is….impressively out-of-sorts. My oldest not only has ADHD, he has defiance issues as well. Our Easter was hell, with the kids fighting over eggs in the egg hunt, screaming at each other, and hitting each other. I swear, I am not doing an egghunt ever again. How sad is that? I just want to give my kids what fun things I had as a kid, and instead, they take them and turn them into hellish, nightmarish caricatures of the joyful events I remember. I’ve been really depressed. But your bunny hat picture made me smile, so thanks.

  175. Your daughter is absolutely adorable! I love the bunny ears, even if they are from a stuffed animal. The difference is, when your daughter was younger you have to think of stuff yourself causing you to have to be creative. Now people can Google or YouTube anything that they want to do (THANK GOD!)

    The blood moon was awesome. So many people took great pictures of it for those who did not get to see it.

  176. I know I’m late to comment but I used that EXACT word last week to describe my mental state to my husband. I am no good at asking for help but I actually told him I needed him to deal with everything we had going on because I was feeling brittle and was afraid I might snap.
    Also, cutest bunny ears ever. I used to do things like that to my daughter on a regular basis.

  177. I blame the moon and I’m in a different hemisphere. Damn solar eclipses and damned cloud cover for hiding the eclipses. And magnets, they’re probably to blame too.

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