Someone get a shoe.

Hunter S. Thomcat when he sees a tiny intruder in the house:


In fairness, it’s the exact same way I react to spiders.

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  1. LOL! I know damn well my cats wouldn’t even care. Two of them would run off and hide and the third one would be trying to be friendly with an intruder.

  2. Same reaction my sister gets with spiders, except she starts running and throwing people at the spider hoping they will squish it for her.

  3. My daughter reacts the same way to moths and butterflies (perhaps with a tad more terror). Add her gentle winged creature phobia to mine for clowns (a product of childhood room artwork trauma – parents thought the scary clown painting was cute I guess) and our family is cornering the market on unusual and embarrassing phobias. We show solidarity with Hunter!

  4. My two girls are orange like Hunter … but when a flying bug enters the house they become ninja’s – bouncing and flipping on furniture trying to see which one of them can get the flying thing and eat it first. So Honey and Skitty say that Hunter needs to earn his keep and eat that moth!

  5. This is fab! I’m hearing him scream like a girl but I’m sure that is all in my head… I don’t like tiny spiders but I enjoy my two 8′ inflatable spiders that live on my front lawn every October. They go out on the 1st and all my friends know it as Giant Spider Day. The spiders are so wonderful and large that they made it into the Google Earth image of our house.

  6. I need to print that and put it on the windshield of my boss’ truck (I work at a pest control company). I’ll probably get fired…or a raise, one of those two. Any bets on which?

  7. oh yes I am familiar with this. Lucie hates them. My status update the other day was “Lucie vs. moth part one: in which we get no sleep.”

  8. His lack of teeth is creeping me out a bit. I’m trying to get over it by imagining that he’s actually singing to the moth.

  9. I have a brown kitten that would love to take care of that for you. We try to attract them to the house and last week we were also attracting bats – Obi said “bring ’em on” but we wouldn’t let them in..

  10. His eyes are the most frightening part. Wide with deadened terror. Like a little kitty version of The Scream or Silence of the Lambs.

  11. I just went camping and had the awesome opportunity to do the mini psycho freak dance when a spider crawled over my arm when I was laying down in my bed. I’m positive I resembled an extremely uncoordinated white girl trying to twerk it in my pj’s.

  12. Our dog Blue will eat them like candy. And then she has the most horrifying farts afterward.

  13. He’s just guarding your protein fabrics and/or stored foodstuffs. I wish my cats were tuned into these dangerous creatures.

  14. You must add this to your zazzle or whatever it’s called… The 7lbs of uncut cocaine marketplace. Fridge magnets, postcards, tea towels, aprons… Etc.

  15. I’m disturbed by his lack of teeth much more than I should be. Were they removed or has he lost them or is it just the picture? I don’t seem to remember this issue from previous photos. And why does it bother me?

  16. Is there squeaking? At my house there is so much squeaking and chirping when there’s a moth.

  17. Once, I was at lunch with a client and there was a moth in my co-worker’s salad. Dressed in ranch dressing. Its dusty wings clinging to its thick body, slathered in white. Its eyes were facing me. Imploring me. Interrogating me. “WHY AM I IN THIS RANCH DRESSING STRAIGHT JACKET? WHAT BARBARIAN’S TORTURE IS THIS?”

    My co-worker could not finish her meal. I couldn’t look away from the moth. The moth couldn’t stop mothing.

    (This comment is why I blog. ~ Jenny)

  18. I get that moths are more fun to kill, but it’d be nice if my cat would take out the occasional mosquito.

  19. Well, we don’t get them for their home defending capabilities, that’s for sure. Mine watches moths passively and then turns her head slowly to look at me and sort of raises her eyebrow like, “well I certainly don’t pay you to sit there – go get it!” Yours is cuter. And less imperious. But then, the Royal Family is less imperious than my cat. By which I mean the Romanovs.

  20. Sorry. I think he’s just having a big old yawn. Getting ready for the day.

  21. Our cats do this with birds, but we always just assume they’re screaming, “Look! I SPEAK BIRD” through the glass.

  22. My cat used to make this awful chattering noise when she saw moths. It was frightening. I am sure she was telling them that they would die soon.

  23. That is exactly what my 4 year old lab looks like when she sees moths. Also, i should tell you about the time my aunt order calamari and it crawled off her plate…

  24. I am thoroughly convinced that your other two cats just sit back and watch Hunter S Tomcat and laugh behind his back….saying look at that fool….

  25. I’m the official bug killer in our house. Just yesterday a fly got in and made itself known as I was cooking dinner. (I’m also the official chef in our house.) It was particularly annoying and kept dive bombing the cooking food.

    Did the stupid fly WANT to be boiled and/or fried? Or did it know what it was doing and was buzzing just close enough to the food to annoy me. My wife brought me the vacuum cleaner and I alternated cooking food with trying to vacuum up a flying fly. The latter is a near impossible feat, but I thought I did it once or twice – only for the fly to return. (“I’m BAAAACK! buzz buzz“)

    In the end, I cornered it by a window and smashed it with a fly swatter. Even in death, the fly got its revenge, though. It fell down into a pile of dusty stuff in a corner that always seems to be forgotten about. So now there’s a fly carcass waiting for me to clean up that area so it can reveal itself.

    Next time, I’ll just say Beetlejuice three times and let him eat the fly.

  26. In our house, we have four fur kids. Of the four, the two youngest act like ninjas on crack trying to catch whatever bug has gotten into the house. Usually this means a spider of epic proportions. And it’s all fun and games until the spider latches itself to one of them, which sends then bucking all over the house to shake it. Of codes, that send our two girls screaming away from said kitties in terror when that happens.

    That two older cats shrug it off and are like, “Meh… whatever.”

  27. After reading the comments, I now want to see a cat vampire show with Sir Patrick Stewart as a cat, ala the musical Cats!, but also in a suit, ala Bill Compton from True Blood. Moth enters the room, flies around his head. He raises one eyebrow, and says “MOTHerfucker” in his “Engage!” voice. I’d pay to see that.

  28. My cat, Phillip Seymour Hoffcat disdains Hynter S. Thomcat’s yellow belliedness.

  29. I saw my sister’s cat (who has a teeny mouth) jump and eat a moth in one, fluid motion. I was fascinated and grossed out at the same time. Horrified because I loathe moths, but astonished because of her athletic ability as she’s such a wee (and older) cat.

  30. My reaction to bugs in the house: “I will murder you! I will murder your family! I will set your house on fire!” My cat just sits and watches the whole fiasco, which typically involves shoes, brooms, cups, lysol spray, and a heart attack.

  31. That’s how I react to every tiny intruder in the house…flies, moths, scorpions, the occasional tarantula (gotta love living in the desert!). Back in the day, though I had a ferret who thought that bugs of any sort were special gourmet treats just for her. If it got in and fluttered/crawled/buzzed around, she’d diligently hunt it down and eat it. It was awesome.

  32. I have a sweet black kitty named May-May that is our 1 yr old barn cat on the farm. Her father is Captain Jack Sparrow! She is fearless against anything that moves…I have seen her bite the head off a lizard, swat a giant moth or dragon fly right out of the sky…walk thru giant cobwebs in the rafters of the barn and not even blink at a brown widow spider…She is FEARLESS to all…except CHICKENS!!! Then she just remembered she has to run away and check to see if her hide-y place is still there. Those bitches will cut you if they think there is food around! :0P

  33. My oldest cat, Chloe, is the only one of the 7 who has any decent bug-hunting/catching/eating skills. She probably thinks, “These young cats today! They don’t know what they’re missing!!” She’s my Renfield!

    I feel the same about spiders—my philosophy is that since it is an uninvited guest in my house, it has invaded my territory and IT MUST DIE. I get a little screamy sometimes, I’m sorry to admit.

  34. @peady (#72)—-I forgot to say June bugs!!!! HATE them!!!

  35. I’m not terrified of moths, just a bit creeped out. They’re overweight, ugly butterflies with dusty, dandruffy wings. I spray them with hairspray, then I suck them up with the vacuum cleaner with the longest reach I can find. Spiders and bees suffer the same fate.

  36. Amy the Fearless, Buzzy the OMGWTF Cat, and Sparky the Sodomite do not make such undignified expressions (okay, I lie, Buzzy does, but it’s his default expression, so it doesn’t count). What the Tiger has learned is this: when all three of them are lined up in the hallway, all facing the same direction, it means that there is the grandmother of all roaches under whatever it is they’re looking at.

  37. That’s how I react when people come over unexpectedly. Stay away from my house! If I wanted to see people, I would have left my house. I am in my house. I do not want to see people.

  38. A friend of a friend went on a mission trip somewhere in the jungles of South America. He ended up falling in love and marrying a woman from the tiny village, and bringing her home to the States. She was interviewed by the local paper, and they asked her how she liked America. She said she liked it fine, except that, “The moths here taste just terrible.”

    True story.

  39. Our cats do this, initially, with stink bugs. Then they stalk the bugs to their inevitable doom. (Meaning, I capture their prey before they do and flush it down the toilet.) Damn stinkbugs.

    Aside from laser lights, the only other time that I see their heads move in unison is when they’re following one.

  40. comment 45. ‘passive hunting’. i’m on board.

    my cats each ‘hunt’ differently. one chirps and chatters a lot, one jumps and twists and grabs small bugs, one just puts her nose a couple of centimeters from the bug and follows it.

    samantha was the best when we lived in florida. those little lizards? she’d hunt them around the pool constantly. if they were too big, she’d bite them right in half. sometimes samantha would bite the legs off first, then the tail. she’s an excellent hunter. i sometimes want to let her out after the birds here – i think she’d get them. but then i’d cry.

  41. My two cats take turns chasing whatever fluttering/crawling thing has invaded their domain.

    Just recently I learned that my girl, Ally, can catch sparrows. The sparrows also learned this. No more birds on the balcony, drat.

    (I think the sparrow was fine, but chasing a cat who has a bird in it’s mouth, and learning that birds can scream? Awful)

  42. I still kill the weird bugs – like the long thin beetles or silverfish. But for spiders and stuff I just go pick up a cat, place them near the bug, watch them go ‘holy shit a bug!’ and then it’s taken care of. They’re my mafia cats.

  43. As a knitter, I’m very anti-moth……and ppl have been posting a lot of moth pictures online lately….it’s making me a little nervous.

  44. My cats hate mice but don’t seem to have any interest in bugs. Sometimes our maine coon launch himself at a flying bug, which is hilarious because he is a big boy and rarely lands gracefully.

  45. I saw nowhere to send you a thank you note. But I’m also really clumsy with genuine emotion. So it’s probably better for both of us that I can’t find your email contact info.

    You blew up the views on my blog and it’s been awesome.

    Your comment on my comment is the reason I’m going to continue to blog.

  46. I am going to have to say that that face is exactly what mine looked like when I saw the bats that had decided our attic was a perfect place to live. And that is exactly what I said when I noticed they were missing. Like where in the F did they go????

  47. We recently had a plague of locusts (grasshoppers, really – but aren’t they basically the same thing? And it sounds MUCH cooler to say “plague of locusts” instead of “plague of grasshoppers”). My two cats were as joyous as a couple of kids would be if candy was falling from the sky. However, like children, they wanted to hoard their candy – so my house was filled with dozens and dozens of grasshopper bodies, parts, and often (because they like to play with their food) only slightly injured grasshoppers. Fun times.

  48. That is EXACTLY how I react when I see a moth. I scream and run for my life.

  49. I’m sure he is reacting exactly as his namesake would have. Of course, he might be slightly less stoned.

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