Can I borrow your towel? My car just hit a water buffalo.

So my friend Maile came to my house to pick me up for lunch and we were a block away when I saw something large and hairy in the back of the pick-up heading toward us, I thought “That is the biggest fucking dog I have ever seen” and then the truck got closer and I thought, “That can’t be a dog.  Is that Sasquatch?”  And then the pickup passed us and I involuntarily screamed: “WATER BUFFALO!”

And then Maile looked at me with mild confusion (probably because I’d just interrupted her story which had nothing to do with water buffalos) and I said, “DUDE. A FUCKING WATER BUFFALO DRIVE PAST US” and she was like, “Really?  I didn’t notice.” And I think that’s a pretty good sign that you’re not paying attention to the road, or that you live in Texas and you’ve learned block shit like that out.

Then Maile said “Do you want me to turn around and follow the water buffalo?” and I said “HAVE YOU EVEN MET ME?” and she nodded and said, “Right.  Follow the water buffalo” as she made a quick U-turn.  And after a minute I started to worry that maybe there wasn’t a water buffalo at all and that I was having a nervous breakdown, but then we saw it:

I think we need a different sign.
I think we need a different sign.

It was far away but we didn’t have a water buffalo in the back so we were able to catch up with the truck and Maile was like “Huh.  Why does this stuff happen to you?” and I thought it was probably that I was just really lucky, and then the truck slowed down and I was happy because I’d get a better picture of the water buffalo, but then we got a little too close and I was like “Shit. Slow down.  He’s gonna jump.”

Sidenote: Those horns seem very unfortunate.  It looks like he’s trying to comb them down into a wig so he can go to the mall without being hassled for being a water buffalo.

And I would have felt really badly if the water buffalo had jumped because I’m not sure Maile is insured for water buffalo car-pounces, but then we realized he was taxidermied.

Then Maile asked “Wait.  Are they going to your house?  Is this your water buffalo?” and I hesitated for a second because I thought, ‘Had I ordered a water buffalo and just forgotten?’  But then I realized there was no way because I’m pretty sure water buffalo are just big cows and it seems a bit sad to hunt down and taxidermy a cow.

Then I thought, “Maybe this is a water buffalo surprise party and Maile was supposed to lure me out of the house so they could deliver the water buffalo” but that seemed unlikely because Victor is terrible at keeping surprises and also he doesn’t like taxidermy or water buffalos.  Turns out it’s my neighbor’s water buffalo.

I don’t have a good way to end this story so I’m just cutting it off there because “Turns out it’s my neighbors water buffalo” is a better ending sentence than “And then we ate some fried chicken and went home.”

PS. I showed the pictures to Victor and it turns out it’s not a water buffalo after all.  It’s a musk-ox.  I’m not sure the difference, but from the pictures I suspect musk-oxen are just water buffaloes with better shampoo.

UPDATED:  I’ve been asked if I’ve made friends with these neighbors and the truth is that I’ve only met a few and the last one uninvited me to a Republican fundraiser when I couldn’t stop laughing and I just handed her a copy of my book to explain why that would be a terrible idea.  I was also asked if the faux-stuffalo could be given a saddle and the answer is “YES”.  The other answer is that if that was my water-buffalo/musk-ox I would put motorized wheels on it and be riding  on it’s back around the neighborhood like mad.  It’s like the best golf cart/wheelchair ever.

Frankly, I'm not sure why no one is riding it at the moment and if they were going slower I probably would have hopped on.  It's like those coin-operated metal horses we used to ride on in front of grocery stores, except with no quarters necessary.  It would only be better if it was a *live* water-buffalo/musk-ox that had GPS and a stereo.
Frankly, I’m not sure why no one is riding it at the moment and if they were going slower I probably would have hopped on and pretended it was a parade float. It’s like those coin-operated metal horses we used to ride on in front of grocery stores, except with no quarters necessary. It would only be better if it was a *live* water-buffalo/musk-ox that had GPS and a stereo.

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  1. I’m convinced the universe goes out of its way to put shit like this in front of you. Who the hell else ever sees something like this? No one else, that’s who.

  2. Omg that looks way too real. I would have driven away so fast…
    (Amazing pictures, though. The people of the internet thank you for your contribution lol.)

  3. Can we just go back for a second to this sentence: “Turns out it’s my neighbor’s water buffalo.”

    Are you friends with this neighbor? Because I think maybe you need to be if you’re not. Clearly you’re MFEO. Either that or this is just a Texan thing that I don’t understand, I guess.

  4. Only you would even consider whether you have ordered a water buffalo and then forgotten about it. Pretty sure I’d remember ordering a water buffalo.

  5. I’ve seen some funky things on Texas roads (I drive I-35 to work every day), but this stuff never happens to me!

  6. Roaring laughing here, especially the first pic that has the water buffalo looking at the leaping deer sign…

  7. Where I live we don’t see critters that big along the road (or in the back of pickup trucks). Once I did see two groundhogs screwing on the side of the road at a super-busy intersection in my town; your story is so much better. A combination of my story PLUS your story would make the best story ever. (Oxes screwing; not groundhogs in the back of trucks).

  8. Is your neighbor going to be so kind as to install this wonderful animal on the side of their house where you can also enjoy its view?? MFEO indeed!

  9. Go make friends with those neighbors! They clearly have good taste AND cool toys. Just sayin’.

  10. I’m a little ashamed to admit this, but when I read “Shit. Slow down. He’s gonna jump.” I panicked a little inside. Then I remembered that a. It’s a Stuffalo b. I was not in fact in the car with you and c. You’re a blogger and I don’t actually know you personally. >.<

  11. I just want to know which room of the house they are keeping the water buffalo. Bathroom seems logical because water, but it would also seem odd to store him anywhere that isn’t an entertaining area. For obvious reasons.

  12. In California, I see more people who look like they’ve been taxidermied (stuffed with frozen facial expressions) than I do animals. I think I prefer the animals.

  13. He was taxidermied to boot! Your posts make my day!!! Also, autocorrect says taxidermied is not a word but who cares, because you guys totally get what I mean.

  14. I don’t know about musk-oxen, but water buffalo are a run-while-shooting-on-sight kind of critter. Even hyenas & lions won’t mess with them. They are considered the most dangerous animal on the African Savannah.
    And I have watched WAY too much PBS, Animal Planet & other such informative television.

  15. Why? Why? Why do I never get to see taxidermied water buffaloes/musk oxen riding around in pickup trucks?! I live in Arizona, which is just as…er…odd as Texas, in its own way (and also chock-full of pickup trucks). I mean, okay, maybe we wouldn’t have water buffaloes/musk oxen here in the desert, but can a girl get a taxidermied bighorn sheep or something?? The only thing I get to see in the back of pickup trucks out here is people. Live ones. Not interesting at all.

  16. I kind of like how it looks like the deer on the sign and the water buffalo are gazing loving into each others eyes in that one photo. Oh and now I want fried chicken, thanks a lot.

  17. Southwest Louisiana and while I have never seen a stuffed anything in the back of a pickup, I will say that my first year living here involved a small baby cow jumping out of the back of a pickup truck and trying to get into my car. So that could’ve happened, but with a water buffalo, so maybe you’re lucky it was stuffed? Also why do we not know your neighbor, who clearly shares interests with this blog?

  18. Your neighbor must be a fan and this is their way of saying, “Hey, I’m cool like you. Want to come hang out with me and my water buffalo/musk ox/great big fur ball of awesomeness?”

  19. not only do they have better shampoo, but they produce the MOST expensive wool for knitters called Qiviut. 100 dollars an ounce……ask me how I know? Yup, I bought it in Alaska last year, cause I had just broken my arm, and I deserved it,damn it!

  20. So… this neighbour of yours now owns a taxidermied musk-water-ox-buffalo? I think you need to have a block party where the admission is something stuffed that is not food. Also.. i want to live in your neighbourhood. My life is sorely lacking in taxidermied animals.

  21. I live in Sugar Land, very near to Houston, and have never seen a taxidermied ANYTHING in the back of a pick up truck. I have, however, seen my share of dead armadillos, plus one live one at my front door once. I have a photo somewhere. Maybe I just need to leave my house for lunch more often.

  22. Is your neighbor jealous and trying to outdo you? New reality series: Taxidermy wars!
    You’re welcome.

  23. I almost live in Houston, in Sugar Land, and I have never seen a taxidermied ANYTHING in the back of a pick up truck. I have, however, seen my fair share of dead armadillos, plus one live one at my front door once. I think he was selling magazine subscriptions or something. Maybe I need to leave my house for lunch more often.

  24. My aunt and uncle raised Musk Ox for years on their farm in Saskatchewan. They are ancient creatures and not at all tame. Now they have wild horses on the property instead.

  25. I fucking love you. But not in a stalkerish way… Rather in an ‘I have spent the whole day being cussed at and having stationery and chairs thrown at me and you make my evenings full of OMG I’m not the only one!!! 😜

  26. OH! they just one upped you. now you must get a larger and better taxidermied item and have it delivered to your house.

  27. So apparently your neighbor both reads your blog and felt the need to engage in a game of serious oneupmanship. How are you going to top a Water Buffalo wearing a Musk Ox costume?

  28. Wouldn’t “fucking water buffalo” indicate that you saw TWO water buffalos…you know…doing it? Am I being two literal?

  29. The other day, I was eating breakfast at my table in my very quiet, very non-weird residential neighborhood filled with brick houses and manicured lawns, and suddenly a pickup truck stops in front of my house. In the bed of the truck was a life-size stone water buffalo. An actual water buffalo, not a musk ox. I was like, “Please God, if I’ve ever done anything good in my life, let them be delivering a surprise concrete water buffalo to my house.” Sadly, I guess mine wasn’t the house they were looking for, and they drove off. And now I guess I need to spend some time in soup kitchens or retirement homes because God made it very clear that I have not yet earned a surprise water buffalo. But rest assured, had I gotten it somehow, I would totally have sent you pics of it and recruited your help in naming it.

  30. Now you know what to request for your next birthday! A Water Buffalo and/or Musk Ox Piñata! Get one of each and both you and Victor can have one. Double the piñata, double the fun!

  31. FYI – because of this awesome post, I discovered Maile Wilson and went to her blog and then discovered her beautiful camera bags. I just ordered one.

  32. So, I was assuming this was a live buffalo/musk ox and I was all worried he was going to jump or fall out of the back of the truck, but then I noticed he had tie downs. So then I was all, does he have some kind of a harness that those tie downs are attached to? It wasn’t until I went to leave this comment and read the other comments and realized he was actually taxidermied. As much as I love your taxidermy obsession, I really wanted your neighbors to have a live musk ox that you could take Hailey to pet and feed carrots to. Like a pony, only awesomer. I wonder if you get a saddle on that thing? I bet the hair would get in the way of the girth. It would get all tangled up in the buckles. This is getting all ramble-y and starting to resemble a Bloggess post, including made up words, so I’m going to stop now.

  33. Fun fact, not a water buffalo. It’s a musk ox. Which makes it that much more awesome. I think it’s a sign that you need to visit Alaska again.

  34. You need to get to know your neighbors!!! Maybe they’ll let you come over and visit the musk-ox (is Victor wrong?) as long as you bring along some fried chicken and the go home.

  35. No.. wait.. You can’t leave it with it being your neighbor’s water buffalo in a musk ox disguise. WHY does your neighbor have a disguised water buffalo? Is it for Halloween? If it is, you are going to have to REALLY up your game. Halloween decorations with a water buffalo? It will be hard to top that. Did you miss other deliveries? What if there is a whole safari over there?

  36. You live in the PERFECT neighborhood, if you love the taxidermied animals AND so does your neighbor. But that whole middle part seriously has to go. What self-respecting musk-ox parts his hair AND horns down the middle? I’m thinking some nice bangs and a side part would be so much better.

  37. We need a sequel. Where is the neighbor planning to PUT the water buffalo? (Sorry, I know you said musk ox, but water buffalo just sounds better.) Can one put taxidermied critters outside, to scare crows or robbers or trick-or-treaters? If not, what room in his house can conceivably be enhanced by the looming presence of a dead bovine with a two-way comb-over?

  38. There really needs to be a like, love, love so much I’m going to burst and get blood/guts all over everything, totally freaking awesome buttons for the comments left here.

  39. you have one awesome/messed up HOA if your required to maintain stuffed animals in your home

  40. I totally didn’t realize until I got further down that it was an ex-water buffalo, er, musk ox–not a LIVE one. I looked more closely and saw it appeared to be standing on a cooler and I thought “Nah–no way a live w.b. would be STANDING on a picnic cooler.” LOL.

    Also, I guess I always thought water buffalo and musk ox were interchangeable terms. I’m always learning something new here!!

    Why don’t you send an invite to the neighbors for the musk ox to come over for a play date with YOUR stuffed animals at your house? “Can Musky come out and play?”

  41. Ooh and shout-out to the Canadian tribe members. What happened sucks and your American friends are standing in support of you!!!!

    (Amen. ~ Jenny)

  42. there was a live chicken wandering around outside our courthouse making all this clucking noise and folks just walked by it like it wasn’t even there . I love Texans

  43. Why does your neighbor have a taxidermied musk ox? You should compare collections. Maybe you can do visiting exhibitions.

  44. Anybody ever watch Veggie Tales? There was a song called “Everybody’s Got a Water Buffalo,” and I have always dreamed of a world where that would come true. Musk-oxen would also work, I guess.

    If your day would be brightened by watching a rather Texan-looking cucumber sing about water buffaloes, here’s the link.

    My boyfriend’s mom once bought a raw buffalo hide from a slaughterhouse because she wanted to shave it and use the fur to knit scarves, but she had to keep it in the trunk of her new car for like three days because she was road-tripping at the time. Hopefully this neighbor’s taxidermied buffalo was less stinky!

  45. Of all the streets in all the towns in all the world, a taxidermied water buffalo/musk ox rides into yours.

  46. Great…now I will be singing the Veggie Tales “Water Buffalo” song ALLLL DAY!!! “Everyone’s got a water buffalo, mine is fast but yours is slow…”

  47. Okay, I immediately Googled images of water buffalo, and it sure looks like the ones captioned “African”! The others do have different horns.

  48. I was so sure this was a Cape Buffalo which I just saw in Zululand South Africa recently but my husband said no, it is definitely a musk ox.

  49. I once followed a lion in the back of a truck. I was sure it wasn’t alive, but the wind kept moving it’s tail so I needed to be certain. No one understood. That for so many other reasons is why my people are here.

  50. Twirrim, I have been singing the water buffalo song in Larry’s voice in my head since I clicked on the link to this post.

  51. I really, really, really need to get to Texas! When I do- I’d love to buy you a drink (and by buy you a drink, I mean bring a twelve pack of margaritas in a bag and sit in your back yard with Beyonce for a minute before I ring your doorbell and leave them for you and run so I don’t get arrested as a stalker) Unless you would actually meet a semi-stranger for a drink in a public place with Victor for protection and just let me sip my margarita while I listen to you two have a conversation- then I vote for that!

  52. i was so upset that someone would have a water buffalo/musk ox standing up in their truck… so dangerous. poor animal. but then again, it is now stuffed… probably living in the home office of your neighbor… so well either way it sucks for it.

  53. Oh my gosh, motorized Musk Ox?!?! Best idea I’ve heard in maybe ever!!! I so want to ride that around the neighborhood!

  54. I never saw stuff like this when I lived in Waco. Where on earth do you live that you see weird shit like this all the time? It’s like you have a magnet for this sort of thing.

  55. If your neighbor isn’t going to mount that buffali/musk ox on a Segway and ride it like he stole it then your neighbor does not deserve that magnificent beast and should forfeit it to you.

  56. You know, that musk ox does not look to be properly secured in the bed of the truck. The situation is bound to lead to tears, or worse — morbid giggles over someone’s obituary headline.

  57. I’ve never seen taxidermy on the road but once a customer showed up in our driveway with a pick-up bed full of taxidermy heads which my hubby agreed to hang in the garage. Months later, after not returning phone calls from same customer, he shows up with a standing ( maybe 12ft tall) GRIZZLY bear!! Fortunately hubby said NO, thanks! Otherwise, it would’ve been stuck in the living room.

  58. Man, I wish we could “like” or upvote comments. Thank you to Twirrim for the Veggie Tales video. It immediately popped in my head, too. Team Bob!

  59. Just so you know, I live my life daily vicariously through you. That statement should actually scare you – or tell you my life is boring as hell; but either way we live too far apart for me to really be any concrete vicarious threat. But just in case, keep your musk ox friends (neighbors – whatever) close, very close. They may come in handy.

  60. This seems to me like the universe messing with Victor. I can just imagine him seeing a taxidermied musk ox headed toward your house.

  61. So what I getting from this is that collecting taxidermy is contagious and you have infected your neighborhood… or at least a neighbor.

  62. Musk oxen are very cool. Plus they live on the tundra (ie far far far north) so they are cold too. they form circles when threatened, like a covered wagon circle, with babies inside the circle. They eat lichen & other hardly-real-food things. (Lichen are like very flat, dry & colourful fungus).

  63. Brilliant! If I were graphically inclined, which I am not, I would attempt to design a better sign for you.

    The Bloggess – I would like to speak with you as I have created a blog called The Floggess. I should add the tag line: like the Bloggess, but not nearly as creative and much less clean. I want to check in and make sure you are ok with this. I have been worried that you would be upset because the content is … well… sexual. But, then I thought, obsession with taxidermy must be tangential to fetishism. So, she’s probably all good. But, wanted to check anyway. Hope you’re well! Much respect.

  64. I am truly surprised that your neighbors thought of ordering up a stuffalo before you did. And I am really curious how a musk-ox made its way to Texas…

  65. Today I looked in my rear view mirror while I was driving to work and all I saw was the grill of a giant 18 wheeler with the grim reaper hanging front and center. All my brain managed was “uh, oh”. I thought I had a really great funny story until I read this. Your stories trump mine once again! You are becoming my weirdness nemesis!!!

  66. OMG! Kind of like those facebook ads that are suppose to be taylored off you search history. Only now it happens in real life!!

  67. If you want to ride a water buffalo, please wear a helmet; they are very fast and handle poorly.

  68. Oh my goodness, I think a water-buffalo with wheels could be the next big thing. This particular musk-ox looks like it was quite the gentleman!

  69. One time I was driving down the street and saw a couple moose in the back of someone’s pick up. That was distrubing, to be honest. Though I’m sure someone ate very well as a result – since they were dead moose. Very much so.

  70. Ok, so this is exactly why I used to refer to my hair as “yak hair” in middle school. That bad comb job was what I’d end up with when I got out of the pool and tried to tame my ridiculous curls/frizz. I used to plaster it down on either side of my face and it would try to curl up anyway and I’d look like what I thought a yak looked like. Turned out it was really “musk ox hair.”

  71. And there’s your next t-shirt: “Right. Follow the water buffalo.”

    I will buy it.

  72. My brother-in-law has a taxidermied musk ox and it does have wheels! He won’t let us ride it though, the wheels are just to make it easier to move. What a waste.

  73. Oh my gosh! You have to get a musk ox – have you seen the price of the yarn you can make from their underbelly fur? Go right now and google qiviut…seriously, go do it. This could be a really great source of income for you. Side note – I love that you thought for a minute that you perhaps had ordered a taxidermied water buffalo and possibly forgotten about it.

  74. Thank you, thank you, thank you, Jenny! My day is so much better now that I have seen a wine dispensing refrigerator and a taxidermied musk ox (water buffalo).

  75. I’d avoid the neighbors, they probably shot it in Alaska. Did you know you can’t shear musk ox because they freak out and die? So you have to follow them around and pick up their tufts of undercoat to spin into Qiviut, the most expensive yarn ever.

  76. And now all that is running through my head is, “Everyone’s got a water buffalo, yours is fast but mine is slow. Where do we get them? I don’t know. But everyone’s got a water buffalo awoooooo…”. From the other VeggieTales comments I see I am not alone in this. Thanks Bloggess. Thanks.

  77. Shear that musk ox! The underfur of such an animal is call quivit and is highly prized as a yarn. It is finer than cashmere, 8 times warmer than wool, and you would need a second mortgage to buy enough for a sweater. A lacy scarf’s worth is, like, at lest $50. So. Like I said, shear that mother!

  78. I moved to Texas 8 months ago and so far you’re the only other person I know that is NOT a a Republican. We need to be best friends.

    Also, there’s a house a few miles from me with a giant metal chicken in the driveway. My 12 year old son is convinced you live there. We’ll stop by someday for tea.

    (Ha! My metal chicken is in the backyard. I don’t trust people not to steal it. ~ Jenny)

  79. ‘Did I order a water buffalo and forgot?’ OMG, laughing til I cry!!! And now I want a water buffalo

  80. Wow, I got to leave the gross-numbered comment! And I’m following it up, thinking maybe they were just going to the store to get some lima beans. Whatevs, right?

  81. Actually, I have seen a Muppet driving a convertible down the road once, but I didn’t get a picture because I was driving and it was 10 years ago so the whole good phone pictures thing hadn’t really happened yet.

  82. so, my husband just wandered up and i have to give him props ’cause he took one look and said “Why is there an ox in the back of that truck? Wait, did she buy an OX?!?” I just love that he knows your blog enough to even guess at that…

  83. Hilarious story, it would only happen to you and I love that you have a neighbor with similar interests. 3 small changes to consider, DRIVE should be DROVE in 6th line. 8th paragraph neighbor’s needs apostrophe and in the PS maybe add “about” the difference. Waiting patiently for your next book….

  84. Best thing I’ve ever seen was a clown in full getup driving a little blue econobox. He waved when I took the picture…years ago so it’s not yet digital. (And totally lost but that’s another matter.)

  85. This is in no way related to the topic at hand, but I really needed a place to vent and thought, perhaps Jenny will grant me rant asylum. Will you please? Thanks.

    Why is this the only place on the internet where I don’t have to read about Kim Kardashian. I completely realize I just made my own point moot by introducing it, and for that I’m sorry, but it must be said. Her butt – which some may say is musk-ox like and thus makes this post semi relevant to the topic…but not really, no. Anyway, thank you for providing a Kardashian free blog and sorry for ruining your Kardashian free blog; which I love. Also, sorry for randomly inserting punctuation which is probably not correct, but it’s rather intimidating posting on the site of a Super Doctor of Journalism. I’m pretty sure I have that phobia of misusing punctuation. I’m not sure it really exists, but it must as I frequently sweat when faced with the thought I’m supposed to use a comma. I wonder if my parents can get a partial refund check from the over priced parochial school they sent me to 20 years ago. Ok, sorry…now your blog may be subpoenaed in the upcoming litigation.

    Damn, this so didn’t turn out like it did in my head. (For good measure in case I missed any, . : 😉

  86. I think what concerns me most is that you are apparently the only person in Texas who thought a muskox in the back of a pick-up truck was strange. Well, that and the fact that the muskox is Republican.

  87. I think motorizing the noter-buffalo is an excellent idea. Just be sure to put one of those extra-long flag poles on the hind end for increased visibility!!

  88. Hmmm, what type of community do you live in ;-}
    I remember the first & only time I saw a taxidermied bison on top of someone’s station wagon. And that is why I drive to PA when ever I get a chance, you never know what you’re going to see in that state 🙂

  89. I absolutely love your blog and I usually vote Republican. I read your book, and if I could get you to come to a republican fundraiser, that would be at the top of my advertising! I lean libertarian (free-market, small government, social liberal), but so do a majority of Republicans these days. Perhaps Texas Republicans are different?

  90. While working up north, we’d call their horns a”musk-coif”. Looking good, Musky!

  91. Jenny, you are right (as usual), that is OBVIOUSLY a water buffalo AND it deserves an academy award for it’s impersonation of a Musk Ox. We all know by now that Victor is wrong, it says so on the internet.

  92. It seems to me you could get any good sized (ethically) taxidermied animal and make it a motorized wheeled thing. Like a bear. Or a mountain lion.

  93. I think I need to move to the US. Never once have I driven behind any large taxidermied cattle. I had the shit scared out of my by a wildebeest once, but I was 8 and I was standing to close to the fence at the zoo.

  94. I knew it wasn’t a buffalo. You know WHY I knew? 8th grade teacher had a buffalo head mounted on the classroom wall. Guess who had to sit under it, and had it looming over her like a dead, hairy, avenging angel all year?

    And ppl wonder why I homeschool.

  95. Somehow, the possibility that it actually was a water buffalo (musk ox, whatever) when I started reading this was not even remote in my mind. Go figure. I think you need to become friends with your neighbours. Think of the creative Christmas creche you could make if you put your collections together! That was accidental alliteration (there I go again) but you can co-opt the phrase. You’re welcome.

  96. And… what I was thinking about qiviut has already been said. Four times. I love your blog.

    You should one-up them with vicuña. (Only ethically sourced, though. Poor vicuñas– people want them to death!)

  97. I took the liberty of making waterbuffalosurpriseparty one of my new passwords (with numbers and asterisks sprinkled in). Also thinking of trying it out on the kids, as the new answer to everything. “No, you can’t (have another slice of pizza, play more video games, give the dog a mohawk) because…water buffalo surprise party.”

  98. I keep reading this. I can’t stop. I’m also having fun imagining the Christmas creches TriGirl suggested. I was sort of disappointed to discover this was a taxidermied water buffalo, though (or a musk ox, or what have you). I thought maybe he (the water buffalo) had found a creative means of transportation and was spending the day enjoying the scenery. You never know.

    Lazy and creative. The water buffalo.

  99. Um….what is the musk ox doing at your neighbor’s house? Are you going to start a game with them where you try to secretly steal the other’s taxidermied animals kind of how fraternities or rival schools steal mascots as a prank competition?

  100. I fucking love Texas. Weird-ass shit happens there every day. I’m Texas born and bred, but no longer living there. Thanks for bringing me my much needed dose of ‘crazy shit Texans do’.

  101. Musk Ox was actually an answer on Jeopardy once in which then Alex replied – “its my favorite animal.”


  102. Holy carp, I can’t believe I’m only reading this now. One of my nicknames (given to me by an actual live person who isn’t myself) is Dances With Musk-ox. Long story and I won’t bore you with it, except to say that I have danced with a baby mox and they are fun critters.

  103. I live in Nunavut Canada. It is the northern most part of Canada and Musk Oxen live wild on the tundra. They are VERY hard to find and hunt as they live in obscure areas. I like them because they look prehistoric 🙂

  104. I can actually top this. I’m currently in Nouakchott, Mauritania, which is located in the Sahara desert. It’s not uncommon to see camels in the back of pickup trucks here, but last night we saw one sticking out of the trunk of a little Renault 21. It was alive, and moving its head back and forth. My husband got great pics but we can’t unload them till we’re home (mid-Nov)–watch my blog then for pictures!

  105. Well, at least they tied him down. It’s not like they were COMPLETLEY irresponsible while transporting him.

  106. Who the hell ever sees something like this?? Jesus! Made me laugh, that’s for sure! Congratulations for your blog, from Portugal!

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