This is what’s happening in my mind anyway.

This weekend I’ll be at WordCamp in San Francisco to talk about blogging.

I’m not afraid to admit that my 10-year-old daughter knows far more about coding than I do, and that I suspect anyone who can create a website using strings of seemingly random words and numbers must be involved in some sort of witchcraft.  If anyone asks me any difficult questions about programming or java or algorithms I will probably react in almost exactly this way:

You’ve been warned, San Francisco.

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  1. It might be fun to ask you a difficult question, just to capture your reaction on video :p Good luck at WorldCamp!

  2. I enjoy that he continues to run well after he’s away from the chicken. I suspect there may have been a discussion before this piece about his severe fear of birds…during which he was bribed to do it anyhow.

  3. Try to visit Loved To Death in the Haight. Great taxidermy. Last time I was there, they had taxidermy mice in little dioramas, complete with cute outfits.

  4. I find that to be a completely normal and socially acceptable reaction to ANYTHING math related. I wish I could behave that way in just about any situation, now that I think of it. Go make us proud!

  5. It used to be true that you needed to be nice to your kids because they were going to take care of you in your old age. Now they will also be able code while doing that. It’s not fair.

  6. Chickens are bastards! Way scarier than coding.
    Which I guess just shows you how little I know about coding, I guess.
    This made me snort coffee out my nose. Thanks for sharing.

  7. You’ll be in my neck of the woods. Yeah! Warning taken; however if we were in the same room together I am certain I would be rendered speechless and starstruck by your awesome self. Also, any chance you’d autograph my Juanita Weasel water bottle? KHAAAAAAAAN!!!!!

  8. For some odd reason I thought you meant you would react like the chicken and fly around everywhere, reigning hellfire on the peasants beneath you. Or poop. That might be funnier.

  9. that is the hardest i have laughed in weeks. as the commenter about said – GLORIOUS.

  10. If you find you need a bathroom to hide in, you’re welcome in mine (although the 45 minute drive might make it a little inconvenient for you). Hello from San Jose!

  11. I’m in a interactive media program where we HAVE to learn code, and I feel this way ALL. THE. TIME.

  12. I love this video. Made my day.

    That said, coding is not as bad as you’d think. From a high level, it looks like cat-scratchings on a table leg, but once you start to make sense of it, most of it is easy to handle — especially with WYSIWYG.

    See what I did there? I made myself sound all tech-smart.

  13. I’m totally w/you. I’ll go you one further, and say I don’t give a damn if it’s small men running around inside my walls, making the lights come on, as long as they do when I flip the switch.

  14. “Let’s just agree that any questions related to coding, etc. will be handled by Wil Wheaton. Otherwise…” Then show the clip followed by, “Any coding or other nonsensical questions, no? OK. Don’t make me show you how one stuffs such a chicken for display.”

  15. Word camp sounds about as much fun as math camp. CAMP should never be about work. But I guess it’s all about what you make of it, so have some fun anyway.

  16. If they were asking me any of those questions, I’d just tell them to Google it, but in a creepy, condescending Edward Cullen kind of way. Literally, everything I have learned about “coding” was on the internet with a quick how-to video. I know how to type and add pictures, but that’s about it.

  17. I live in the SF Bay Area, and decided to check out the event. Wow. Boring AND difficult . My friends and I were thinking we would drop by and hear you, and then have a nice dinner in the City. Looking at the agenda , we would be totally innaproprate for this event. For most events, actually.. Disappointing, because we do so love your sense of humor. It would have also been a good time to shop for a full sized Beyonce the chicken for our friends recent ex. Knock knock !

  18. I will be there. I will not ask a difficult question. However, the answer to all difficult questions, in the context of WordPress is “Blame Nacin”.

  19. Are you saying you would react like the chicken or the reporter? Because I can see it going either way.

  20. Allow plenty of time to get where you’re going — San Francisco is out of control right now with the World Series! It is SO CROWDED. Good luck!

  21. The video wouldn’t play on my slow connection. It just showed a giant frozen image of chicken.

    I don’t think I really need anything else anyway.

  22. My life mantra is “we are all strange and worthy of love”. Go have fun. ! Blow the rest of it off!

  23. ok, that made me laugh so hard I couldn’t talk! My husband wants me committed. Thanks! I really really needed that laugh today

  24. Argh, wish I’d known you were in my neck of the woods! If you like garlic, head for The Stinking Rose for dinner. You’ll be safe from vampires for about a month afterwards.

  25. The big question of course is what you would say if they asked your opinion of a big black Australasian cock?

  26. My one year old somehow knows how to use my phone. I don’t even let her play with it–she just grabs it and starts swiping the apps. Meanwhile, I won’t even approve a software update without extensively questioning my husband as to whether or not said update will kill my device.

  27. Bridget Jones could not have done it any better than that reporter with that insanely oversized chicken! Enjoy your weekend in San Francisco- here’s hoping all the talk is of words and not code!

  28. Whatever you’re doing, its working. As a fellow blogger, I know how hard it is to consistently get traffic, something you appear to do effortlessly. Bravo.

  29. That is frelling hilarious. Best laugh all morning.

    FYI — not all Australians are chicken. I mean, not all Australians are needlessly frightened of chickens. 😉

  30. I own a very large chicken of that same breed. They are startlingly big. And, to add to the scary? If he was correct in stating that it’s a cockerel, then it’s a baby. Cockerels are under one year old, after one year they are called cocks. So that bird still has some growing to do.

  31. Cut loose, watch some RoundBallSportThingy that they have going on out there. Find a Cockerel and pitch it, just like in the vid, and start a new SportCockThrowingThingy- it might take hold. Or, you can just go to some indoor conferenceThingy as you planned…. (evil smile), eh?

  32. I wish I had known you were going to be in town! 🙁 Would have totally taken off work and come seen you. If you have time before leaving, come down the coast a little bit and come to Half Moon Bay and visit the store I work in, Oddyssea! You will LOVE it! Promise. :o)

  33. thanks for that! i haven’t seen that clip in awhile.
    and, if you can make people laugh, which we all know you can do… you will kill it in san fran. good luck!

  34. My aunt is so creeped out abd afraid of birds, she won’t even tolerate a down pillow or comforter. You ciuld never have gotten her to try holding that cockerel. So kudos to the reporter for giving it a try.
    I betcha he won’t even hold an egg now.

  35. I should know by now NOT to read your fabulous blog at work! I work in a university library and laughing at chickens on the internet is frowned upon. I just held in my laugh at my desk and I think my brain blew a gasket!! Tears running down my face right now! Oh lord, thank you for the laugh. Stay weird Jenny!

  36. Hi Jenny…. I went to my 30 year high school reunion this weekend. And thanks for the dress recommendation… I chose to give myself a red dress moment.

  37. At least Word Camp sounds better than fat camp, which is where I will be heading if I keep “testing” the Halloween candy.

  38. Did anyone else notice that on the screen shot after the video played, the weather map has huge penis shaped ‘afternoon thunderstorms’ storm system shape?

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