Books are always bigger on the inside.

Did I mention it was my birthday a few weeks ago?  Because it was but we don’t really celebrate it because it’s right after Christmas and everyone is too tired.  But Victor assured me that he’d actually gotten me a present, although I’d have to wait until it was finished, and I assumed he was a tremendous liar because that’s the sort of thing I’d say if I forgot someone’s birthday too.

Turns out though that he actually did get me something.  Or…well….he got me something to give away, but that’s nice because that’s one of my favorite things, and ranks somewhere in between the smell of a good library and the sound of the TARDIS (preferably circa David Tennant.)

And that’s what makes this present so perfect.

This is when I screamed a little bit.
This is when I screamed a little bit.

It’s a Little Free Library.

They’re tiny neighborhood libraries you put in your front yard…An outdoor box full of books where anyone can stop by and take a book and bring back another one to share.  This kid explains it better than I can.

They’re popping up all over the world and they are fabulous.  I highly recommend getting one.  The only problem I have is that my neighborhood is really hard to get to so instead of putting it here I want to put it somewhere it’s easy to access.  I’m the steward for this library so it needs to be somewhere in the San Antonio/Central Texas area, close enough that I can visit it and keep it maintained.  It needs to be somewhere we’d have permission to install it (on a pole or bolted to something  permanent).  The light on the top is solar powered and lights up -dimly- at night.

It looks small, but it's bigger on the inside.
It looks small, but it’s bigger on the inside.

I’m going to check into local parks, but if you know of a place that would be perfect, let me know.

There is no frigate like a book to take you miles away.  Bonus if that frigate is a space ship/time machine.
As they say, there is no frigate like a book to take you miles away. (Bonus if that frigate is a space ship/time machine.)  No one says that last part.  But they should.

I’ll keep you posted.

“Books. People never really stop loving books…  …You want weapons? We’re in a library. Books are the best weapon in the world. This room’s the greatest arsenal we could have. Arm yourself!” ~ Doctor Who

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  1. I had to stop reading a book to read this post. I will now resume reading said book in honor of your little library! (Can’t suggest a location, since I don’t live in Texas. Maybe near a bus stop? )

  2. LOVE this, and really that is one of the best Doctor Who quotes. Did Victor make this himself? I want one. I could put it on my front lawn.

    (He didn’t make it. The people at Little Free Library have awesome people who are available for custom orders so he worked though them. They’re fabulous. ~ Jenny)

  3. Here in Connecticut, that little house would have a squirrel or chipmunk or mouse family in it by the next day (probably all of them – like a multicultural condo). But what’s wrong with that? Just like books, chipmunks need pretty blue homes too, you know.

  4. Coolest birthday gift ever! I’ve actually never seen one of these little book things in real life. One day, I’d love to have one in my yard.

  5. Saw one of these [not a Tardis] in Estes Park [or maybe it was Boulder], CO, over Thanksgiving and nearly gave my family a collective heart attack when I shrieked with joy. I’ve never seen one IRL and I think yours should go somewhere near Loop 410 and Fredericksburg Road so I can visit it when I stay with my Cuban family.

  6. Oh my gosh, what a super-great present! Good work, Victor!

    (PS: Happy belated birthday, again!)

  7. This really is the best gift ever, because it’s perpetual. Also think of all of the people who are going to benefit! I really need one of these. This was such a fantastic gift that I feel like I owe Victor one…so next time you present an argument, I’m going to have to take his side. ♥

  8. This is fantastic! I unfortunately don’t know where it could go (I am not familiar with local rules/laws regarding placement of Little Free Libraries), but hopefully it’ll be close enough for me to go there!

  9. You can put it in my front yard. I live in San Antonio, just inside Loop 1604 and Bulverde Rd.

  10. Oh, I love this. We have a little free library in the town where I work. I really should start leaving books there because I have more than I’ll ever read.

  11. We have one here in Grosse Pointe MI, @Little Free GPP on facebook and Twitter. Our city has restrictions as well but we were able to put it out in front of a local coffee shop. We maintain it, and the shop has our info just in case it needs tending to. We love the LFL’s and have gotten a really positive response from ours! What a COOL birthday gift!!!

  12. I love your present! But more importantly, Happy Birthday. My birthday was last weekend and it is the worst because not only is it after the holidays, but it is usually when all the credit card bills are due so everyone is too broke to even buy you a cup of coffee!

  13. Google wasn’t helpful to me, but do you have an organization like City Repair Project in the area? If not, you totally need one.

  14. I’d say on the corner of 16 and 46 in Pipe Creek, but that would only be convenient for, like, me, so… BEST IDEA.

  15. Best gift ever. High five, Victor! I’ve seen pictures of these little free libraries, but never a Tardis which is perfect beyond measure. I have a birthday happening in a couple of weeks . . . I need to go show this to my husband.

    Happy belated birthday, Jenny.

  16. Hardeberger Park off Blanco would be perfect! I’d be happy to take care of that for you. Allon-sy!

    (That’s a cool park. Do you have an “in” with someone there? A few parks are considering it but a lot can’t do it because they sometimes need special permits to add something like this and don’t want the hassle of paperwork. ~ Jenny)

  17. We have several in Madison, WI. I love just looking at how different each one is. I follow the Little Free Library Facebook page too. Makes me happy to see books everywhere.

  18. Good solution for birthdays so close to holidays – celebrate your half birthday in June – with party presents etc

  19. I have had this exact idea. Little Free Library in the shape of the Tardis. I think it’s wonderful!

  20. I love it when things like this pop up just add i finish watching The Library..and showing about the Vashta Nerada.

    (Stay out of the shadows. ~ Jenny)

  21. There is a Tardis Little Free Library in my neighborhood in Bloomington, MN. So happy to see that catching on!

  22. Love, love, love this!! We have a little free library here in our town outside of Buffalo NY and I love it! I also love your deep appreciation for David Tennant as Dr. Who!

  23. My brother gave me the “IDEA” of a Little Free Library 2 Christmases ago, but has yet to come through with the actual thing itself. I am jealous beyond words. 🙂

  24. We have several of them scattered about our city, including one that’s outside a neighborhood settlement house/food pantry. Less fortunate people can feed their bodies AND their minds.

  25. That is truly the most perfect present that he could have gotten you. Way to go, Victor!!!

  26. These are awesome. My husband built me a little library this summer, but it’s not official. We just have it in our yard, and our neighbors love it!

  27. I have seen a few in the little rural town I work in (Carrizozo, NM). It’s a long way to a library so they are used often. Have you thought about a rural area that may not have a library?

  28. I belong to a group of women educators who raise money for scholarships for seniors going into education and generally volunteer – our group is hoping to put one in the park across from my house this spring so it will get some good attention from children coming to use the park. Hope you can find a place that for your little lending library – and maybe you can add some children’s books to your mix (It’s hard to see everything in here – so you might have a bunch I can’t see – that being said, I love your overall book choices!)…love this idea!

    (Absolutely. And the books I have in there include The Snow Queen, a few children’s books by Emily Martin, To Kill a Mockingbird, Ocean of the end of the Lane, Beauty of Different, and the untagging Doctor Who. I’m a giant fan of kids and young adult books. It would be awful to limit yourself to just “adult” books. ~ Jenny)

  29. Best present ever! We want to put one in our yard as soon as the HOA approves it. Since I’m in Texas is be glad to let you put yours in my yard, but we’re a little north of San Antonio (we’re also a little north of Dallas).

  30. This makes me want to cry hot, happy tears!! Everything about this story is beautiful. I’m sure you’ll find the perfect place for it.

  31. Yay Victor! What an amazing present 😃 I’ve not actually seen one in real life but maybe I should get one, I live opposite a cemetery, bet I could freak a few people out with zombie books..

  32. That is perfect! What an amazing birthday present. Victor is awesome. I want one in my neighborhood. Hmmm. Project time.

  33. Yay! I love Little Free Libraries!

    There is one at the end of my block that I patronize regularly. It’s not nearly as cool-looking as this one, of course, but it makes me happy.

  34. Awww… now that’s just awesome! Your man is a keeper! (Although I respectfully disagree on the David Tennant issue. I’m mostly in love with Matt Smith, with Chris Eccelston in second place.)

  35. Sooo neato. My sister lives directly across from San Pedro Park in SA, although there is a SA Public library right there in the park, I wonder if it would go over in that spot?

  36. What a great present!

    You want to try me? I’m the Doctor. We’re in a library. Look me up.

  37. There was a bookplate in one of my childhood books with that poem. Funny how things stick– the moment you quoted it, I could see the bookplate illustration in my head, even thought I’d not thought about it in decades. PS it’s ‘lands away’ (not ‘miles’), isn’t it?

    (I totally got that from a bookplate in an old book when I was little, and you might be totally right about “lands away.” I always assumed it was just a common phrase but I love that it’s possibly from an obscure bookplate made before we were born. ~ Jenny)

  38. There is a neat little house in South Austin with its own gigantic Beyonce above the porch awning. Always makes me thing of Jenny’s antics. Too bad… that would be a lovely spot!

  39. I have an idea for where to put it, and if I can find the article that inspired the idea (heaven help me, I suspect it’s part of my Facebook feed), I’ll post it here. There was a fellow who recently died who maintained a few Little Free Libraries. I want to say that he put them in front of underserved schools or maybe inside them? Damn, I need to find the article. I’ll be back. It was a cool idea.

    In other news this is on my To Do list. The minute I am able, I am sooo doing this. I’ve been watching this movement explode and it does my little bibliophilic heart so good. (And I LOVE that you have a Tardis one. So perfect.)

  40. Cool! I’ve never heard of this! I hope it finds a home in San Antonio! That place is my JAM!!! Happy belated birthday! Felice compleanno!

  41. The 2nd grade at my daughter’s school built one for a class project. It sits in the lobby of the school and I think it is a wonderful idea!

  42. Our Altrusa Club sponsored an Eagle Scout project of Little Free Libraries. The scout built and placed 3 of them around town. He maintains them. Our club is donating books. Such a wonderful idea!

  43. I love that – it’s bigger on the inside. The same for books – they’re bigger on the inside too. Happy belated birthday atcha.

  44. Gahhh! This is perfect and I want one! Must find someone in Portland to build one for me.
    Also, Happy belated birthday!

  45. Oh my god, I want one of these so bad! I’m extremely jealous right now. Neato! There’s one of these in my neighborhood. My book club walked up to it in the summer and filled it up with books we had read and no longer wanted. Fun!

  46. This is such an incredibly thoughtful gift, it actually made me tear up a little. Good man, Victor.

  47. Absolutely the best present! My guys kinda got me one for my birthday. By kinda I mean they got the plans and have swore that once we move they will build it.

  48. Awesome! There are 2 or 3 in my neighborhood. I haven’t used themyet, but they are so cool. But not ss cool as a Tardis.

  49. Two things, I would totally steal your Little Free Library if I didn’t live in Michigan and wasn’t morally grounded. Wherever it ends up, it had better be fastened with iron bolts and chains, etc. Second, does your husband love you or what!!! I’m so impressed!

  50. What a great present!!! i’m going to take Victor’s side next time he’s wrong, too (unless he’s REALLY wrong–then it might not be the NEXT time!)

  51. My oncologist has a basket, not as lovely as yours, but the thought is great. They offer a wide variety of books on a basis of “take one-bring one” and as of today, I owe them two books. This is a doctors’s office in Gurnee, Illinois. His staff is responsible for this “little” extra for his cancer patients.

  52. That is so awesome! I hope people are respectful and don’t damage the box or books in any way. Suddenly I just flashed back to an old “Reno 911” episode. I don’t remember the exact line but it’s something like, “Well it was bound to happen. Someone’s pooped in the book donation box.” So yeah. Sorry about that. I don’t know where these thoughts come from. Great present though!

  53. Do you know how much I love that these little libraries are popping up all over? Of course you don’t. I LOVE IT. In case you were wondering. I am an unabashed book nerd who still reserves hope for the world and these libraries are HOPEFUL. In the best way. Victor was right on with this one!

  54. …and this is why we love Victor.
    Also, his wrongness is effing hilarious.
    But mostly? Because this. <3

  55. We have a Little Free Library here in mid-Michigan, on our property in a small subdivision, and it is so much fun to see people stopping by. Unfortunately, we had to temporary close it during this cold and snowy weather since it is a bit hard to get to. When we reopen it, my historical novel, Juniper and Anise, will be a new donation to the stock.

  56. I’ve never been happier to live in San Antonio. I hope you find a great place. I would suggest one of the parks near us, but the city public library is across the street.

  57. Victor, for the win, times a million. It sings Happy Birthday every minute of the day.

  58. I have a Little Free Library! My husband made it for me as Mother’s Day present and it is the best gift anyone has ever given me. Good luck! I’ve attached the blog where I wrote about getting it.

  59. Ask your local library if there’s a spot they wish they had better access to 🙂 I kind of want one in front of my house…

  60. We have several here for in Tucson and there was an article in our local paper about them a year or so ago. We love Dr. Who so much we are making our smallest bathroom a Tardis tribute with towels and a night light. We discovered the “Hot Topic” at 70 years of age!

  61. I started hyperventilating when I saw the TARDIS – congratulations on being born and having a husband like Victor! I’m just so happy that this exists in some part of the world, despite being depressingly far from me.

    internet hugs

  62. If you don’t have a philosophical objection to Walmart, I could ask my store manager if corporate would let us put it on store property somewhere. We’re a 24-hour store, so someone would be nearby all day and all night every day and every night (except for 34 hours from 8:00 p.m. on Christmas Eve to 6:00 a.m. on December 26).

  63. I am in love with little free libraries and try to replenish the ones in my neighborhood whenever possible. I just found 2 new ones near me, so i’m really excited for that. I scored a copy of The Lovely Bones from one of them, a book I haven’t yet read but meant to. I love that you included a variety of books in yours. I’ve shared a plethora as well – lots of fiction, but also cookbooks, a spanish/english dictionary, and I convinced my husband to share a bunch of his music theory books at ones near schools.

    Your tardis library is adorable. Have fun finding it the perfect home! Hope you get lots of cool notes and feedback from it!

  64. If you want to have a central Austin location, you can install it in my front yard in Hyde Park. Email me at curmudgn at curmudgn dot net and the Beatles will perform (i.e., We Can Work It Out).

  65. There used to be a free bookshelf like that on the mbta it was maybe 15-20 years ago so I’m not sure its still there, I think it was in central square station. Perhaps someone in Boston still knows, but I always thought that was the coolest thing!

  66. What a great husband to get you something totally unique to you. We have a house down the street that has a little library house in their yard and it makes me smile every time I drive by it. By the way, happy belated birthday Jenny!!! ☺

  67. That is fantastic! I also received a Little Free Library (it’s no. 20744) from my husband (and kids), for Christmas. Not quite as cool as a Tardis one, but it still brought me to tears. I’ve always wanted to be a librarian.

  68. Wait. He made it? I need one. My local library has a sad little bookcase for books to share. People would be so much more excited to take books from this.

  69. Oh my Stars and Garters! We have these little free libraries all over one quaint section of town (where I am lucky to reside). The biggest might hold 15 books. I often stop to get and leave book(s) in the neighborhood called Five Points. I live in Space City USA, otherwise known as Huntsville, Alabama. We are the proud home of the Marshall Space Flight Center (where astronauts come to train); The Space And Rocket Museum; and Space Camp. We have many SF afficianados in the area because we are a town full of geeks, engineers, analysts, and farmers. As they say here locally, “You can’t spell Geek without a Double EE (electronics engineering major; geez if I have to explain it, it’s like a blonde joke), or “As a Matter of Fact, I AM a Rocket Scientist!” We also have a lot of “Not tonight, I have rehearsal” T-shirts, because our area is also BIG on the Arts! Any ART! We have a thriving art community in Lowe Mill, the largest arts community in the Southeast. Here’s the link if you would like to take the time to visit!

    Your Tardis Litte Free Library would be accorded a place of great honor and would be wildly celebrated in our community! Please consider us!

    Linda Wood Turner
    Performer and Citizen, Huntsville, AL 2015

  70. That is an awesome gift! If I actually thought the bad a$$es in my neighborhood actually read books I would totally do this.. but they’d probably just burn it down or something.. smh

  71. Oh my stars and garters! We have several little free libraries in a particular neighborhood in my town of Huntsville, Alabama. We are a county of Geek Engineer and Farmers, Lawyers and Accountants. The true definition of a Nerd City. We have NASA and the Marshall Space Flight Center; Intergraph; Boeing, Teledyne Brown. You won’t see a bigger group of nerds, hippies, artists and engineers that, for the most part, get along really well. We would put this TARDIS little free library in a place of honor and would cherish it forever. Space geeks read plenty! Long live the Blogess!

  72. That is perhaps, the coolest thing I have ever seen. Ever. I have been contemplating putting up a Little Free Library and I think I need to track this or a plan of this down. Also, I miss the Tenth Doctor as well.

  73. I love it! Saw several Little Free Libraries this summer in Fairhope, AL and just fell in love with the concept. I have been lusting after the idea of having my own LFL and being the curator. Fresh out of ideas for where to place it in SA, though.

  74. This is me ^ above. Didn’t mean to be anonymous. Guess I will have to figure out how to join up so I can comment as myself!

    (Just use a made-up email. You’re probably using a wordpress email so it’s making you log in. ~ Jenny)

  75. I’d love to have that little library in my yard, but I’m in Northern Illinois. I see a few on my bus routes every day and still need to check them out.

  76. This is lovely, and I have never seen an episode. Hope you find the perfect spot for it.

  77. 1) Happy Birthday
    2) Totally awesome gift
    3) I think I have to start watching Dr Who!

  78. That is so incredibly awesome! We have those all around our community (Iowa City) and they make me smile every time I see one. He ROCKS! Happy Birthday, BTW!!

  79. I’m not sure if someone already said it, because words, but I saw one where they stamped on the inside “so and so’s little free library” with the location and a cute catchphrase, like, “don’t use this as blunt paper”. Probably not, because the little free library was run by an 8 year old, but still– adorable and lets people know about it. Networking!

  80. I just stumbled on this post and it is so amazing that I did. And the library is probably the most brilliant thing ever!

  81. This is EXACTLY what I have been asking my husband to make for me! I can’t believe how cute yours turned out- and it’s nice to see that I’m not alone in thinking it would be the coolest Little Free Library concept! I’ve got a cool ginormous pile of books to go in and live on a corner lot in suburbia, but am still waiting for the TARDIS, Please post when it finds a home!

  82. After Christchurch NZ CBD area was damn near flattened by the devastating Feb22 earthquake, one of the worst casualties was the libraries, the biggest Central library was in the Red Zone and unable to be accessed and of course it held a lot of the books and several of the suburban libraries were also damaged and shut for some time.

    So Gapfiller (a group of creatives and artists filling in the empty spaces where buildings used to be) started up this Fridge Library, its been quite popular and I still see people visiting it as I drive past it often.

    Its a really creative and thoughtful birthday give, Victor FTW!

  83. @roller scrapper #116 There are a few around the city, Cambridge, and Somerville. A lot of old phone booths have been converted into little libraries. There’s one on the SE corner of Beacon & Mass Ave. There’s also a little free standing one near Harvard Sq on Cambridge St that is totally adorable and very weatherproof. The City of Cambridge also has a book exchange at the recycling center. That one is enormous and totally free.

    Jenny, this is great. What an excellent gift from Victor. He might, might not be wrong all the time after all. Might.

  84. It is fabulous! I want to put one on my street, but in the meantime I occasionally leave a shoebox full of books in the bus stop, and the moms snap them right up. Victor is awesome.

  85. That’s brilliant!
    The only reason I don’t do the same is my local library is walking distance, & I go there at least every week.
    I have donated some books & dvd’s in the past to my local library though, & I highly recommend both the traditional library & the little neighbourhood library.

    Those of us with any form of anxiety or depression can attest that frequent reading & exercise, can help to keep both those terrible afflictions at bay, if you can just stay in the moment long enough to settle down & read.

  86. Hi Jenny! Check with Robin at the Wimberley Cafe on the square in Wimberley. Tell her that Tess Mallory sent you! Another possibility is next door to the Cafe, a coffee outlet called Sip. Ask for Allison or Michelle (Robin’s daughter). There are lots of other little shops around the square. I bet someone would go for it if neither of these places do. Oh- Under One Roof is pretty cool — six artists who run a shop with their handmade stuff in it. Also The Bazarr just past the square (or coming from the Backbone, just before the square on the left) which is a costume shop you would LOOOVE I bet!

    On a totally separate note, I saw a dead mouse preserved in a glass jar in a thrift shop in Smithville (down by Bastrop) a month or so ago and I thought of you. I was going to buy it for you but I was afraid it would sort of put a strange slant on the romantic weekend my hubby and I were having. Plus I wasn’t sure how to get it to you and it wasn’t posed pretty and didn’t have on a nice dress, so, like many things in my life, I let it go, only to regret it later. ; D Good luck with the library! Let me know if I can do anything to help!

  87. What a brilliant present! Much better than the mug I got for my birthday that has no handle and is too hot to hold when you put tea or coffee in it, never mind the lack of skin on my fingers and palms, it’s the thought that counts.

  88. Wait, what? Did he make that? With his hands? That is insane!
    And even if he didn’t make it himself, that is insanely thoughtful. Talk about raising the bar!

  89. My Dad’s local chili place (what he calls the pub he goes to for a pint of adult frothy drinks so my Stepmom won’t know he’s out for a pint). Well, they don’t serve food but they do serve books. They have a book table and a pool table. The book table is free and people exchange books just like your new cool library. The pool table is not free and it is common knowledge the pool table gets less use than the book table. Sort of an on going joke that’s pretty cool. A pub where people come to share and enjoy books (and fake chili) and the pool table receives little action. My Dad explains to me he only goes there for the chili and luckily found the books. I’m sure the pints have nothing to do with it but it’s his gold standard for a pub now. Lol.

    Great gift Victor! Enjoy Bloggess!

  90. I just met with a group of girl scouts who are working toward their silver award. For that award, they are planning to put up little free libraries. One girl in the troop kept squealing, “TARDIS SHAPED libraries!” I’d be glad to put you in touch with them if you don’t already have a home found. (They are here in Austin.)

  91. It’s a little off the beaten-path, but take a look at the Jacobs Creek Park Recreational Area on the north shore of Canyon Lake on Hwy 306. There’s a military rec area there as well for families of servicemen & women to get away off base for a weekend or so and I bet they’d appreciate having a stash of books as well. The closest public library is in Sattler and is gorgeous but it’s hard to find unless you’re specifically looking for it.

    I have a vacation home nearby and could check on it a few times a year, but not full-time.

  92. I am a little teary. That Victor is pretty awesome. I will be wearing a shit-eating-grin for the rest of the morning. (Where did THAT turn of phrase originate?) 🙂

  93. I have one in an adjacent neighborhood that’s on a cute little roundabout in the middle 3 streets. It’s nice because then I don’t feel like I’m in someone’s yard to use it. 🙂

    I follow the “Little Free Library” tag on Pinterest and get to see these pop up all over the country.

  94. That’s an awesome present.
    Wife is now coveting the Tardis-Murphy as well. If only either of us had the requisite skill…

  95. That is an awesome present.
    Wife is now coveting the Tardis-Murphy as well. If only either of us had the requisite skill…

  96. Perfect presents! Way to go, Victor!
    Emily Dickinson

    THERE is no frigate like a book
    To take us lands away,
    Nor any coursers like a page
    Of prancing poetry.

    This traverse may the poorest take
    Without oppress of toll;
    How frugal is the chariot
    That bears a human soul!

  97. You and Victor will go straight to heaven if you post the plans! After you die, of course. By natural causes.

  98. Great present ! If it were at my house, no one would access it. And if were near my workplace, it’s likely it would start to be a drop box for drug deals since I work in the hood. I hope you have better choices than I do 😉

  99. Love it. Super cute. It would sooo get vandalized though by idiots in my neck of the woods, well my neck of the city. 🙁

  100. Well done Victor!! and Happy belated! I don’t think I posted that before. This is wonderful! Keep us posted and let us know any new books you get that we should check out. 🙂 Or kids books – I’m always looking for those too. Take care.

  101. So cool! There’s one in my town that’s a little red phonebooth like the ones Superman used to get dressed in! People are awesome.

  102. I think Victor gets you. That’s an awesome present, even if it is sorta for everyone except you.

  103. omgomgomgomg. I live in San Marcos, square in the heart of central Texas. It can live in my front yard, or in Sewell Park by the river, or I’ll figure out how to get it in the square downtown by the courthouse. Oh Bloggess, this is wonderful. Victor is amazing.

  104. I think my last comment was clobbered. This is the coolest idea ever and I wish we had one of those in our little town. I’d visit it everyday.

  105. Ooh, it’s wonderful! I’m planning to build one for my front boulevard this year as well, but not a Tardis. That is extra awesome.

  106. Any chances you could post the plans Victor used to build it? Or is he one of those lucky people who can just wing it when they want to put something together?

  107. We have a little free library like this in my neighborhood! Well, it’s actually a white box on a post, but, it has free books in it and I LOVE IT.

  108. I love the TARDIS LFL! Just FYI, there are a few in my area (near Seattle) and I’ve been seeing through nextdoor posts that they’ve been cleaned out a few times (someone took all the books at once, from every LFL in the area). They suspect someone is stealing and trying to resell the books at used book stores. The discussions of preventing this have mentioned labeling the books (Little Free Library, not for resale) or something, but hopefully you just won’t have any problems with this.

  109. Love It!!! We have one of these libraries in our neighborhood, and my kid loves it, but it’s made from an old recycling tote because…..we’re not that crafty.

  110. GOLD STAR VICTOR! That’s an amazing gift to you and the community! I’m so excited for you, and props for giving some attention to the Little Free Library movement!

  111. THAT is AMAZING!

    And since it’s a free library, you’d totally be willing to ship me that Doctor Who book in there, right?

  112. I want it, but my neighborhood already has a LIFE SIZED TARDIS LIBRARY! So it really is bigger on the inside.

    P.S. What is the plural of Tardis?

  113. I would LOVE to have one of these!! Sadly, someone would probably steal it, the same way they stole my dog-goyle off the porch, the yard decorations my husband and I made, and my car radio 🙁 Maybe I could hide it in the back yard? Still, it’s a fabulous library!

  114. AMAZING!! I’ve known about these for a few years, and eventually want to get around to making one myself. Now I have the perfect motivation! 😀 Best birthday gift ever.

  115. I want this in my front yard in Cibolo sooo bad! But, HOA’s suck, so I would fined me for deviant behaviour.

  116. I want this in my front yard in Cibolo sooo bad! But, HOA’s suck, so I would be fined for deviant behaviour.

  117. if we actually get the house we are trying to ID so let you put it in front. In 78232.

  118. I have one of those! I got it from Garden Ridge. I store my DVDs in it though. Because I have too many books for even time lord tech to contain.

  119. You could put it in my yard in Monte Vista, but we are supper close to Landa and another Little Free Library in Olmos Park. But you can still come over and we can be friends!

  120. Welcome to the world of being a LFL Steward! I love ours, but sadly had to keep it a normal-ish shape due to HOA regulations. shakes fist at HOA. But the neighborhood uses it regularly which makes me ever so happy.

  121. What a brilliant present and a wonderful thought! Well done Victor! I now really really want one of my own. Not sure if I mean a Victor or a Tardis bookcase….

  122. You and Victor and Hailey are so inspirational. I LOVE that you are doing a community library and that it is a TARDIS. That is so badass, and just makes my day. Keep on keeping on.

  123. Please please please post where you end up having it placed! Will stop by for sure! High five Victor!

  124. Parks are actually not the best place for little free libraries–people don’t realize that these libraries have a caretaker and they end up getting vandalized. I learned that in a session taught by the founder of Little Free Libraries at the last Texas Library Association conference. If you could find a neighborhood, outside a day care center, or someplace where there a community that is always around, that would be better.

    Good luck!!! I LOVE Doctor Who and little free libraries!!!

  125. The Seguin Public Library (a new one is being built here-yippie!!) is partnering with our community to place tiny libraries around town. Please send your precious box here. We are also building a new park and upgrading our high school. I will see if I can find you on Facebook to send you the Matador Pride story on our first tiny library placed in a neighborhood today. Our town is getting SO much better 🙂

  126. Team. Freaking. Victor. I’m having a very bad day and just had to slope off to the toilets at work to have a stealth cry. Came back to my desk and sneakily checked your blog to cheer myself up (it always does). I want a Victor – it’s nice to know they’re out there.

  127. I just spent two weeks with my mom in the retirement home she just moved into.

    Best thing there: the book club. Books are just a lifetime blessing.

  128. I really think Canyon Lake could use something like this, maybe near the marina or dam? Then when I’m in town I can come visit and exchange books with it. Otherwise I know tons of places in Cedar Park that would welcome it, but that’s a bit of a drive for you.

  129. I don’t have an in at Hardeberger that I know of, but I will certainly ask around.

  130. I’ve been wanting to do one of these in our area. Victor may have given me the impetus to get up and get it done. Also, I’ve been recommending The Snow Queen to everyone I know. I loved that book so much!

  131. @Kelly and Geoff #140
    That’s great to hear! I used to live in ma but moved away so its great to know that there are still cool places that support reading! I first learned about book crossing there too 🙂

  132. I think there is a well-known burn center in SA also – Brooke Army Medical Center? I may be on the wrong track – but places like that have folks coming and going that might be in need of some free, mind-occupying cheer (patients and also their visitors). They might also have brought a book to swap out – I am not clear on the expectations of these tiny bibliotheques. (Maybe you would just weekly or monthly swap out the selection as the Librariatrix and provide something for the visitors if they don’t have one to drop off) But a burn center may have gardens for visitors or at least an area with benches where you could ask about making it a permanent-esque fixture; or inside the lobby if that would be safer for the Tardis.

    It’s always nice for folks displaced by hardship to have a Tome Away From Home, right? No matter if that hardship is physical, mental or emotional. Our bindings may crack but as long as the words inside are still recognizable, we know everything’s going to be okay. But hey, my Spirit Animal is a Bookworm, so I may be biased. If the Burn Centers have good book-lending programs, maybe a Women’s shelter? A Ronald McDonald House?

    Tex Libris,

  133. I have a stack of old “Rainbow Magic Fairy” books that I’d like to thrust upon some poor, unsuspecting victim. Also, a not-so-funny Charlie Brown comic book. Think I just found the answer to my deep thoughts.

  134. I’m guessing that I work in the same district in which your daughter attends school. We have one in the hallway outside our school library and the kids and teachers love it. If her school is too young to appreciate Doctor Who, then maybe the high school or middle school she will attend would like it.

  135. Each One Teach One, a nonprofit that pairs volunteer tutors with people seeking their GED, learning to read, or learning to speak English just opened up their new community center in a re-purposed, old firehouse (they were previously borrowing space from a school). The firehouse is off Blanco Rd. on El Monte. I know that they’re looking to create a community garden and were hoping to have a free library just like this outside as well. Maybe that area would fit the bill?

  136. I love love love the idea of the little free library. But every time I’ve come across one it’s been mostly Danielle Steel, John Grisham, etc. I would like to maintain one with a more eclectic mix.

  137. Coolest present ever. As a library student and a Doctor Who lover, I approve. Now bring it over here to me.

  138. They have a free library at one of our local parks, but there were only romance novels in there the one time I opened it and I had nothing to trade.

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