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  1. I’m going to steal that line “I can’t hear you over the sound of you making stupid mistakes.” Unfortunately I’ll have to use that phrase soon, and repeatedly.
    Another good phrase for a mug?
    These pictures are hilarious..

  2. This is the best. Coincidentally the other night I woke up and was thinking of the word foxen and oxen and why we say foxes instead of foxen. Foxen is really a much better word. Now I have to go back and read the foxen post.

  3. But seriously, this has probably been the worst day of 2015 so far for me and mine but your pictures (and your awesome cats) have made it bearable. Thanks again Bloggess for making life worth living. 🙂

  4. Hunter and Ferris look so much like my dearly departed cats. Now I miss them. For the record, never once dressed them up on Dress Your Cat Up Day. (Now I may need new cats).

  5. “Fuck it. This is my new home now” is officially the sign I am now paining over my front door!
    I’ll have to pin that on my “Bloggess redecorating” board.

  6. Where can I get one??? My cat is jealous.

    (You can get one here: http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00MIUT5V0?ie=UTF8&camp=213733&creative=393177&creativeASIN=B00MIUT5V0&linkCode=shr&tag=thebloggess-20&linkId=22OZZ476C6DSIPPQ My only complaint is that my head is too small so it’s not super easy to make the mouth move when I talk. Victor can do it perfectly because he has a big head. Size-wise and ego-wise really. This probably isn’t helping. ~ Jenny)

  7. I am honestly in awe of your non blurry pictures. I can’t imagine being able to be still enough to get a good single shot of this escapade. Let alone the dozen you posted here. Woulda peed myself for sure.

  8. That next-to-last photos is when I lost it. I think that will be my mantra for the day: Now I’m being eaten.

    I have weird days. Obviously.

  9. You almost make me want a cat. But then I’d get terribly sick, and end up in the hospital, cause I’m deathly allergic. So I really don’t want a cat. But yours are cute to look at.

  10. Very serious question, Jenny. What meds are you on? I seriously need to ask my shrink for the same meds you take! Please reply ASAP – apt next week.

  11. I’m reading this as I overhear a conversation in the next cube about the use of Rohypnol. Connected? Clearly consent has been breached. Someone engage a cat lawyer.

  12. My cat thinks your cats are NUTZO. Of course, my cat is currently hiding under the bed because we took her to the Vet yesterday. I can’t even get her to come out for pain meds. Now she’s hiding because I’m laughing too loudly over the pictures of your foxen cats. “I can’t hear you over the sound of you making stupid mistakes.” Bwaahahahaha

  13. Damn it. Dress your pet up. Do you KNOW how fucking hard it is to dress up 130 lb Mastiff? Makes dressing up a cat look easy. A cat can’t knock you flying through a wall.

    off to tackle Bazinga The Wonder Dog

  14. My cats are just fucking sad and undressuppable. The Siamese is 20 years old and is grumpy as shit. The other one is allergic to fucking everything and is losing all of her fur. Fast becoming a Sphinx but not in a good way.

  15. Request to add a magnet or sign that says “I can’t hear you over the sound of you making bad decisions” to your zillow store.

  16. National dress up your cat day! I knew there would be something exciting about this day. Here kitty kitty kitty. Too bad we don’t have a fox mask.

  17. I’m so glad I read this at home. I don’t think I could explain it to the customers.

  18. Number 1 sign you are an excellent cat parent? Your cats not only permit you to dress them up, they think it is as awesome as you do. Actually, I think that’s a sign you’re an excellent parent, in general. I started dressing up our cats, both of my dogs, and my now-3-year old as soon as they were born.

    also, I just laughed so hard at these pictures and the comments following the post that I fell out of my desk chair. It’s a really good thing I’m the only one in this office because watching a 8.5-month preggo chick trying to get off the floor would probably warrant it’s own blog post. Or therapy. Who really knows?

  19. I think I just fell in love with you a little bit — you have a cat named Ferris Mewler. (Hunter S. Thomcat is pretty clever, too, but I loves me some Ferris, darling.)

  20. This would not be a popular decision in my household. I’ve tried just sunglasses on them and they think they’re too good for that. Cats.

  21. My daughter dressed her cat in a alligator suit for Halloween. He didn’t like it but was a good sport (sort of). He crouched down and slunk (?) around so he looked very gatory.

  22. Is National Dress Up Your Cat Day immediately followed by National Bleeding to Death From a Thousand Cuts with Poop in Your Shoes Day? Because it should be.

  23. The conversations between the cats was wonderful! I want to be in your head! My head is just…blah.

  24. Dammit! The one year I thought I would win at life because of my cat wearing her Leia buns but no… your awesome cats decide to turtle up in a fox head. 🙂

  25. I’m not sure what’s the best bit… your hysterical translation for the cats, or that you BOUGHT A FOX MASK for a LOCK-IN. That’s just priceless on its own.

    (Also, isn’t every day national dress your cat up day? No? Oh dear. Guess I owe El Gato Grande an apology… or 364 of them, to be precise)

  26. Seeing how mellow your cats are is like a litmus test for the overall demeanor of your home. Impressive, and hilarious.

  27. Except for showing contempt for dogs and humans, nothing exceeds a cat’s desire to get IN something. I once drew a circle on the floor, and the cat sat inside it.

  28. So much win!!! This just made my day so much better! I briefly forgot about my long to-do list! Thank you.

  29. I think it looks like the Fox is throwing him back up. Which made me think of Jonah & the whale. So, maybe Ferris Mewler & the Fox could be the first miracle story of your new religion.

  30. I needed that laugh out loud giggle today as it’s January and always pushes the brink of depression. Thanks Bloggess

  31. My 11 year old a and I are going to have so much fun with this tonight! Cats are like little prozac’s.

  32. This was brilliant on a day where brilliance has been lacking. Thank you for sharing the foxen!

  33. I’m always a bit shocked when someone says they don’t have a cat. Not that there’s anything whatsoever wrong with that, but I just realized….I haven’t NOT had a cat since 1979. I’m a 49yr old cat lady. : )

  34. There. huff puff wheeeeze

    Bazinga the Wonder Dog has been dressed.

    You’re lucky she doesn’t know where you life, Jenny. She totally had her, “I’m SO gonna pee on your pillow!” look on.

  35. The BF and I just had a post-work conversation about whether this, in other circumstances, would be furry-appropriate. It hinged on the fact that the mouth opens. Hinged. See what I did there? Then we had a discussion about whether the comment was funny (the intention) or creepy (unintentional) thanks to the Internet.

  36. @Michelle H (#63)—Good one!!! We’ll have to take that up at the Bloggessianism convention (should there ever be one!!)

    I love this post and the pics!!!! I also would like a magnet of “Can’t hear you over the sound of your own mistakes”. Please and thanks!

  37. I like the fact that you ‘let’ Hunter wear your fox head. I have this image of him sitting on your desk while you write. And Hunter is saying(in catspeak, of course, cause him speaking English is too bizarre) “Please, it’s National dress up your pet day and I have to wear that fox head. It’s a HOLIDAY! This is how I have to celebrate it!” And finally you throwing up your hands and agreeing, because it’s the only way you get any work done.
    I think I’ve had too much chocolate today.

  38. Hey, do human heads fit? Cause I wanna borrow it and put it on after my husband falls asleep. He we wake up and crap himself! It will be enormous amounts of

  39. I’m amazed your cats let you do that… mine would be running backwards into walls until they got the thing off their heads

  40. I wish there were “like” buttons on the comments. I too, would like a “Can’t hear you over the sound of your own mistakes” magnet, button, T-shirt, coffee mug, etc.

  41. Oh my god. I wrenched my back at work last night and have been miserable since, but THIS made my day (well, night, as it is just before 9 pm est). Thank you, Jenny, for having a camera, cats and a sense of adventure when it comes to playing dress-up with them.

  42. OK. Really?!? Who knew my cat LOVES to dress up? I put the halloween bat tuxedo collar on him and he was like,,, WHO’S YOUR DADDY?!? Thank You Jenny for making me see a new side of him! 🙂

  43. I am in a meeting (in Asia) and bored so reading this and I am holding in my laughter so badly that I and leaking tears and could be peeing in my pants. Oye

  44. I really want a cat, but the other half won’t let me. He doesn’t like the way they look at him… he sees cunning & evil where I see ‘feed me and hug me and I will love you forever. When I feel like it’.
    I need an ironclad reason why we NEED a cat unfortunately we don’t have mice so I can’t use that…

  45. Cats are like small jesters who specialize in physical comedy and wear only fur.
    And their take on things in their environment can be pretty hilarious.
    My mother once returned home wearing the sort of large straw hat that the cat had never seen her (or anyone else) wear. The cat immediately had the kind of panic attack that anyone would have if they saw someone they liked being attacked by, apparently, a head gobbling monster.
    My mother took the hat off and only went to retrieve it some time later, when it was found to have been brutally savaged; obviously a victim of vigilante justice.

  46. Your cats are way more chill than mine. He would have clawed the shit out of me for those shenanigans. 🙂

  47. I hate to bring bad news, but I’m pretty sure you cat hates you. I know my dog would rather off himself than be dressed up and photographed. I once put a sweater on him for a walk and we ran into his neighborhood dog “friends” and I thought he was going to dig a hole and bury himself in it. But hey, at least (unlike our traitorous human kids) they can’t go to therapy and talk crap about us!

  48. You have the best ‘effing cats ever. In the pics where he’s trying to get out, Ferris looks like he’s being regurgitated. Or partially gurgitated in the last pic- like he’s resigned himself to being slowly digested and kind of enjoying it. 🙂

  49. read this for the third time in the last 24 hours and i am still laughing!
    “wait… nope. now i’m being eaten.”

  50. Hahahaha, this is hilarious. It also kinda looks like if a fox really did come in, Ferris would want to crawl up its butt…

  51. My cat allows me to put him in a Seahawks jersey on game day. Then he army crawls for 3 hours because having a shirt on makes it impossible for him to stand up straight. Or he’s just lazy. Probably lazy.

  52. I’m pretty sure this is exactly why the internet was created. That and recipes for what to do with bananas that are turning black.

  53. I laughed so hard I almost peed! I’ve had two kids and my bladder isn’t what it used to be…note to self….wear Depends before reading Jenny’s blog. 🙂

  54. You have such awesome names for your cats! My cat is literally named Jeff. Well, one of them, because who even has JUST ONE cat? The others are Mason, Kiki, Coco, Maisey, Tilly, and Nyan. Oh and Opie. Yeah I have cats….

  55. Thank you Jenny and everyone who commented. Those are the first real laughs I’ve had since yesterday. Early yesterday morning we had to put down our 11 year old dachshund, Rerun. He took suddenly ill and that was it.

    We still have our 16 year old cat, 13 year old dachshund, and 5 year old perpetual kitten, but there’s a hole in our lives. This was the first laugh I’ve had since the tears stopped. Thank you all so, so much.

  56. That made me laugh the fuck out loud, and realize my ungrateful cats had better not complain any more when I make them wear a Santa hat for our Christmas photo op.
    And also, the best best part was that you bought that to wear at a lock in so the kids won’t fuck with you. Still laughing. I’m late to this party, but I’m glad I showed up.

  57. This made me laugh so hard tears ran down my cheeks and my children looked at me with wide, fearful eyes wondering why on earth I thought it was funny that a poor cat was being eaten by a fox. Boom! Two birds, one stone. You have my eternal gratitude.

  58. I love that you do this to your cats so mine can remain unmolested. Plus, you come up with way more hilarious accompanying text than I ever would.

  59. This made me laugh so hard I nearly puked. All I want to know is: Where the hell did you get that mask? My cat needs one (shut up, Valentine, you need one. You just don’t even know, cat.)

  60. I love you. I really do. If I had too much time on my hands, I’d probably stalk you. But, alas, I have a life, so the stalking is going to have to be done by someone else. But, hey, at least you know someone wants to stalk you. It’s a backhanded compliment of sorts. Like when people steal your stuff and pretends it’s theirs. You want to set them on fire, but it is also, weirdly, complimentary. I’m a graphic designer so I get it. But I also get very jealous when my stuff doesn’t get stolen more often. I mean there are designers out there whose stuff gets stolen ALL the time. Why can’t I be that popular?

    But, yeah, I love you. Not in a “I think you are hot” kind of way. I don’t swing that way. Not that I have anything against those who do swing… right, left, backwards, forwards… or just bounce up and down impotently. Equality for all! is my motto. I mean I love your brain. Hmm, ok, that sounded zombie’ish, and I’m not even into zombies. Not the “was once for angsty, dark ridden single nerds, but is now pop culture” horror trend, anyway. I mean we think alike, sorta… Blah, I bet you get that ALL the time!

    Let me end by sharing my favorite story my mother tells of her childhood. My mother grew up with a father who was a celebrated WWII vet and local game warden celebrity. Her and her sister were raised to hunt, fish, and wrestle wild animals. It’s true! Anyway, when my mom was a budding teenager, her dad took her on the annual bison roundup on Custer State Park in South Dakota. Each year they give out tags to people in order to cull the herd. My mom and her dad were bow hunting at the time. They both got a bison, too. Not hard really. I mean they are being herded at the time by people in off road vehicles, on horses and in helicopters. Well once you kill your animals you have to clean it. Bison are huge so it is easier to tie them to a front end loader and hoist them up off the ground a bit to gut them. So my mom got her bison and was feeling pretty proud of herself. Even back then a girl her age killing a bison with an bow was pretty unusual. So she was strutting around and feeling pretty proud of herself in front of the cowboys and other guys who were admiring her and her kill (mom was a looker as well). To make a long story short, she was gutting her bison as her dad hoisted it up for her. She was so distracted by all the guys she didn’t pay attention to the fact that her dad had raised the animal up so as to be almost above her. So, when she cut the diaphragm, all the guts fell out right on top of her. Fast forward to my bloody, screeching teenage mom chasing her dad around the tractor with a bloody knife in her hand. As my mom puts it, another example of how her dad could run faster laughing than she could mad.

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