Ferris Mewler: “What in the shit are you people doing?”

med cleaning dorothy barker


And now, the weekly wrap-up of awesomeness:


Shit I made in my shop (Named “EIGHT POUNDS OF UNCUT COCAINE” so that your credit card bill will be more interesting.):


Shit you should buy or steal because it’s awesome:  

This week’s wrap-up is brought to you by the bad-asses behind the Unpodcast – the business show for the fed-up.  I recommend starting with this one, about the importance of paying your creatives rather than ripping them off by asking them to work for free or this one about when it’s right to name and shame people. I recommend.  Go check it out right now.

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  1. What is the breed of the dog? I must have one immediately. I think I can find a pink bow on my own.

    (Mostly papillon, I think. ~ Jenny)

  2. I love how gentle your daughter is with Dorothy. I love Dorothy’s little pink bow. And holy cow, how smart if Ferris Mewler?!

  3. Cats are a lot smarter than dogs. They know when sinks fill and towels are laid out, somebody is getting wet.

  4. *is not if. I hate it when I see a typo just as I clicked the Post Comment button and my mind races & wonders canIstopthepostingtocorrect and then says forgetitnowayinhell . . .

  5. Woah. Wait. Is Ferris on top of your range exhaust???

    (Yep. He’s a climber. None of the other cats can get up there. ~ Jenny)

  6. Omg hahahaha…..
    1. Dorothy Barker is the cutest dog EVER.
    2. Ferris Mewler….oh I really laughed out loud.

  7. When I take a bath my beagle, my schnauzer, and my cat all wander in to gape at me as I recline in the water. The question in their eyes is plain: “Why are you sitting in that box of hot water when nobody is holding you down?”

  8. Ferris knows what’s up. Bows are addictive. Also, the “Awkward and I’m Okay With It” shirt is so awesome! I felt a wave of relief just seeing it, so now I have to buy it and wear it. Should save me from explaining myself. As much.

  9. Regarding the wine drinking unicorn, I don’t mean for this to sound weird and inappropriate, but I couldn’t help but imagine the unicorn when it’s not holding a wine bottle. The unicorn is flat on his (or her) back, legs in the air and mouth wide opent. I DON’T MEAN TO IMAGINE UNICORNS IN A SEXUAL WAY, IT JUST HAPPENED! In any case, thanks for sharing Jenny…

  10. That unicorn looks like how I feel this weekend.
    And then I saw the matching salt and pepper shakers and now I’m questioning all of my previous decorating decisions. Maybe I’ll spend more time in the kitchen if it looks like a magical kingdom full of mythical creatures, and I’m drinking wine. Lots of wine.

  11. That unicorn looks ready to do more than hold a bottle of wine. I’m up there with Ferris Mewler – and a bow… No way. Your daughter bathing Dorothy Barker (such a literary name to live up to) – adorable.

  12. The unicorn wine holder is cute….but it’s eyes are so dark they look like terrifying black demon eyes. I’m kind of afraid it would devour my soul. (This may be a side effect from watching supernatural XD )

  13. Dear Jenny,
    You always make me smile even if it’s just pictures of Dorothy Barker and Ferris Mewler. I’m having trouble going outside today and a smile just might help me do it.
    Thank you!

  14. Cats are mostly made of evil and are just waiting for you to die so they can eat your face. The cuddling and purring are just to suck you in. But they do make good pets for people who don’t like pets.

  15. Yes, I know I’m being a smartass, but Unicron the transformer, or Unicron the rap album?

    (Dammit. Now I want to play transformers. ~ Jenny)

  16. The wet dog look makes me want to be a rebel and take the poor thing and rrrruuuuunnnnnn!!!! Hahahahahahahaha. That dog is too cute!

  17. Who’s a pretty puppy! Who’s a pretty! Dorothy’s a pretty puppy!

  18. I know almost nothing about wine, despite being from a particularly alcoholic part of Italy… Ahem… But anyway I’m pretty sure that unicorn holds the bottle in a really bad way and will ruin your wine.

  19. Y’all, read the reviews of the unicorn wine holder. They are absolutely hilarious.

  20. I have a cat (part Maine Coon) that comes into the bathroom while we’re bathing the dogs and hangs around until he gets a bath too. While he’s getting the bath, he just stands there and looks like we are disgusting him…but he doesn’t fight it and freaking ASKS for it. He weighs 18 pounds, so you’d know it if he wanted no part of it.
    On the other hand, our other cat (4 1/2 pounds of fury) is like trying to bathe a chainsaw while it’s running.

  21. You are my personal doppelganger! That may be redundant because I think doppelgangers are personal by definition, but Hero is so overused. I love that you say all the things that I think, but am too scared to say myself.

  22. I only just realised that I am totally ok with being awkward, I let my freak flag fly, a great shirt.

  23. I have a friend who recently posted on Facebook that she was excited to learn that she was related, 7th cousin-style, to Leonardo DiCaprio. Except she accidentally misspelled his name Leonardo DiCarprio. My very first thought was, “If Jenny ever gets a goldfish, she should totally name it Leonardo DiCarprio.” My second thought was, “Wait, are goldfish really carp?” So I asked Google, and guess what? They totally are. Then I thought, “I think maybe I’m reading The Blogess too much…but maybe that’s okay because I’m pretty sure Jenny Lawson is my spirit animal.”

  24. Dorothy Barker is absolutely adorable!!! I am so happy that you chose a papillon (or perhaps she chose you). I have one too and Teacup is HILARIOUS! I am sure that Dorothy will give you much joy.

  25. Dorothy looked like a fabulous spa-girl.
    I’d pay to see pictures of Ferris Mewler getting a bath. Actually, video would be even better 🙂
    Thank you for making my Monday!

  26. I realize they were sponsoring this post, but thanks for the Unpodcast links. I’ve really been enjoying them (I work in advertising). Plus, I’ve already recommended the site to a friend.

    (I really like them too. I listen to them while I’m working. ~ Jenny)

  27. That t-shirt isn’t gonna work for us busty girls. The pink crosses would be exactly over my nipples, and that’s the kind of awkward I’m not sure I’d be okay with.

    I’m with Ferris Mewler on this one. Say no to the pink bow.

  28. I bought the unicorn wine holder, and he is AWESOME. I have named him Leonard, and he completes me. Plus, now when anyone talks about something crappy or annoying or stupid, I can say: “and THAT’S why Leonard drinks”

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