This isn’t really a post but it’s still really (subjectively) important

Hey!  This isn’t today’s post (still working on that) so expect even more typos than normal.  It’s just a quick note to say that


And I’m freaked out and terrified and excited and utterly unprepared and you probably are too (unprepared, I mean) so here are a few things I wanted to mention.

1. A bunch of people are asking if I’m signing bookplates again this year and the answer is yes.  I wrote about it a week ago but it was dumped in with a ton of other things in the same post so it’s easy to miss.  There are a limited amount and they’re running low so click here right now and they’ll mail you a free signed bookplate as a thank you for supporting the book.  If you haven’t preordered, here are some good links.

Thousands of bookplates and the cat who sat on all of them:


2.  The FURIOUSLY HAPPY BOOK TOUR starts week after next and the events are almost always free but in a lot of cases if you want a reserved seat or to go first in line you need to preorder the book from the store that’s hosting the event, which makes sense because that’s how these stores pay for these events, plus most of them are independent bookstores and they need your support.  The only problem is that some of the events are already sold out (what the shit, y’all?) so if there are too many people you might not be able to see the reading because of crowd-control issues.  But I’ll still sign anything you want and signing line will be open to everyone everywhere.  Just maybe check in your area and call your local store for details so you don’t miss out on the reading, okay?  Also, some people asked me if I would sign multiple books and OF FUCKING COURSE I WILL.  That’s sort of the best thing ever at a book signing.  Unless you’re having me sign tons of someone else’s book.  That’s fine too, but weird.  Not that I’m judging.  I once signed someone’s tongue, a spatula, a taxidermied beaver and a live baby at the same event.  Best event ever.


3.  Thank you.  If you’ve been here long enough you know that I’ve relied on you guys for advice and support and to pull me out of funks when things got hard and I doubted myself.  I never would have finished this damn book if it wasn’t for you.  Thank you.

4. If you want to you can say in the comments if you’ll be at an event and then connect with others who’ll be there.  Everyone who attends is weird in the best way and you won’t end up alone if you come alone.  These book signing are a collection of the best misfits ever and are the only events with real people that aren’t terrifying and awkward to attend.  We’re all awkward together and it cancels everyone else out.

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  1. Attendance still up in the area at the Minnesota event. Large groups of people aren’t my “thing”. My books are already preordered as are my book plates. So, if I show up it will be to stare at you from a corner and decide it isn’t worth standing in line…..just like I did at the last signing in Minnesota. Sigh. Weirdos unite!

  2. Oh, man. Weekly therapy, or meet the Bloggess live and in person. Such tough calls. Second author visiting my city on a Monday, the only nights that are always booked for me! Totally might skip, though. Because a talk on mental health/humor book is totally the same as therapy, right? Right.

  3. It’s really nice of you to come to Portland for your tour during my birthday month. It’s like an early birthday present! 😉 And I’m looking forward to reading your book as an even earlier birthday present. (shh…don’t break the illusion…just pretend it’s all for me)

  4. I cannot wait to see you in Minnesota. I thought of you the other day when my husband was petting our old Dachshund, MacGyver. Loving on his paws, stated that he wanted one for his key ring after MacGyver passed on, WTF?

  5. question: can I order 2 book plates if I use my husbands info, so I can put one in LPTNH that I picked up way after I read the e-book?

    unrelated. Boston. You’ll be there on the 17th, but I will have just returned from a work thing out near boston (leaving the day before) and I live about 2 hours away- assuming no traffic, and not getting lost. Because Boston. The roads weren’t designed well. And I am pretty sure my husband will give me the stink eye, if I say we need to road trip to Boston for a book.

    I completely understand why hitting all the majors cities makes sense, but all of us that don’t live near them get screwed with all sorts of things. We’re not even that rural. (so what if my county is the least populated, has the lowest population density, and the lowest median income in the while state of Ma). I wish booking agents would schedule some tours or a second tour at smaller cities. Like Hartford. it’s only 1 hr from me, and easier to navigate- and they have an Airport (and train) ! Have you ever considered a tour like that? Do you think it would be easier on your anxiety to have more stops with smaller groups?

    anyway! can’t wait for the new book!

  6. One week after foot surgery I’m hauling my hobbly ass out to see you in Houston. I am going to have you sign my little metal chicken, and then I’m going to die furiously happy.

  7. I’m driving to Houston from Baton Rouge and dragging my cousin along with me. Absolutely can NOT wait to meet you.

  8. I was so excited to see you coming to Nashville, but I also suffer from extreme anxiety and couldn’t come alone. My mother offered to go with me, then scheduled a doctor’s appointment for very early the next morning in a different city. So I won’t be able to come after all. I am sad, but excited to read the new book! I’ll be there in spirit. Good luck! ^_^

  9. Fuck! I have rehearsal on the 30th. Please know that you will have one fan in Nashville in spirit (if that even makes sense) and am looking forward to reading your book!

  10. You are coming so close (Toronto) but still too far away 🙁
    Too bad you can’t sign some right at the publisher and then have signed copies show up randomly to the pre-orders … that would be fun!

  11. May I humbly suggest that you add a stop at Little City Books in Hoboken, New Jersey, a brand-spanking-new indie bookstore? Hoboken is right across the river from Manhattan, and while small geographically (less than 2 square miles), it is home to 55,000 people.

    It is also home to a dude who rides around on a bicycle in full Batman dress, if that tilts the odds in its favor in any way.

    In any case, good luck with the tour! I’m sure it will be the hottest ticket since Britney in Las Vegas or Donald Trump at the Billionaire Boys Club.

  12. Can’t wait for your new book and book signing in Houston!! Read your book for the first time while suffering from a random case of Bell’s palsy. Yup. Laughing my ass off w a half paralyzed face. Made me laugh harder….then cry because my fucking face was broken, then continued to laugh. Existed to read your new book. With a fully functional face.

  13. Pre ordered the book already and looking forward to reading it. Saw the great review in todays Shelf Awareness issue. You make me laugh, sometimes through tears and for that I THANK YOU!

  14. I’m furiously sad that the Boston appearance is already sold out. Any room to add more dates?

  15. My friend and I decided to make a trip of it and are visiting Portland for her signing. Anything we MUST SEE? Anyone from there got advice for out of towners?

  16. I’m spending my birthday waiting in line, staring, and whatever else one does at a book signing just to meet you when you hit up tempe! Happy Pearl Harbor day! Unless my anxiety wins and I freak myself out over being in a small already delightfully cramped with books store with lots of people I don’t know. Can you bring some goats with you so I will feel more comfortable? 🙂

  17. I’ll see you in Santa Cruz!!!! Making a night of it, so excited to find a groupon for a great hotel in the area, woooooooo!

  18. Looking forward to seeing you in Atlanta! Maybe you’ll get a chance to make it to Mysteria again – still on our to-do list!

  19. Can’t wait to see you at the Rocket City Lit Fest in Alabama, exactly one month from today. My best friend and I bought VIP tickets, and are making a girls trip of it. We adore you! You make us laugh, and remind us its okay to not be okay sometimes. See you there!!

  20. Oooh! Does this mean I get my ridiculously early pre-order soon? AND a plate? Even though I’m in South africa? 🙂

  21. Hey! I’ll be at the Dayton stop. I got to meet you last year, and it was awesome! I sat next to John Scalzi, who I hadn’t heard of before that night. Can’t wait for this year’s stop. 🙂

  22. ok, I’m kind of bummed–I live in DC, I actually have a live baby that I now know you will sign, but the baby and I are going to be traveling for work (she’s a very industrious baby) that day. Which gives me a genius idea–you could put temporary tattoos of your signature or other awesomeness in your shop. I have delighted visions of my MIL’s face when she goes to change the baby and discovers Juanita tattooed on the baby’s chest.

  23. @Sam – There are lots of cool places within walking distance of Powells in PDX. Pearl district, Ground Kontrol arcade, VooDoo Doughnuts.

  24. Someone’s tongue? That must have been….different. And hey, signing a live baby is better than signing a dead one. That would just be wrong.

  25. Hope I get to see you in St Louis, I just emailed them to make sure I can get in, I’ll be driving down from Iowa!

  26. I would love to go to the St Louis one, but I’ll be birthing another demon child about that time and no one wants broken water in a bookstore.. really. On the upside, I sent my hubby the link when you first released it and he pre-ordered it the same day so it will come to me via the mail and I don’t even have to go out and get it somewhere, so bonus for me!

  27. So, when I first found out about your book, I was happy. Then the tour, ecstatic! Then I up and moved from CA to Alaska. So, um, could you add a stop to Fairbanks? I would really appreciate it. And hurry, because winter is coming fast and I don’t want you cussing me when it’s 40 below and you’re freezing your ass off just to come see me. 🙂

  28. I would love to go to the Los Angeles book signing, but I live in Ojai, about 1.5 hours out, and my anxiety makes driving in LA impossible for me. So, I’ll be with you all in spirit!!

  29. Tempe, I pre-ordered the presigned book from the bookseller but not sure if I’ll be there…was a huge crowd last time and I was a big sweaty mess by the time I got to you, but I will try. Who knows what will happen by December after all.

  30. I am looking forward to the audio version!! I love that you read your own. Then I just get to listen to you tell your story, like you’re sitting with me at a table at 2am in the back of a Denny’s.

  31. I will be at Book Passages in Corte Madera (since you said Corte Madera, I’m totally assuming you’ll be at Book Passages because where the hell else would you be?). My fav bookstore ever. I’m a member of Left Coast Writers and we meet there a lot. I may also be at your reading in SF. because I’m close and you’re awesome and I’ll be representing all the women who live in boring places and can’t come see you in person. <3

  32. I’m really hoping to be able to drive to Portland (from Boise, ID area) to make the book signing. Driving over four hundred miles to meet someone whose books (and website) you love doesn’t sound stalkerish, right? ……..right?

  33. I’m so bummed I won’t get to see you in my city. I’m hoping I can master astral projection before your first signing so I can be with you in spirit (like, literally in spirit). I plan to give you a big warm embrace because I adore you so. Although if I’m in spirit form like a ghost it might be a cold embrace. I am not an expert on this subject. Have a great tour!

  34. I’m hoping to come to the Denver signing, weather permitted. Honestly, who schedules an event in Denver in the winter? 😁

  35. Congrats Jenny! Going to try like hell to make it to the DC signing, but if I can’t, I’ll have to make do with the cat-ass-covered Bloggess-signed book plate.

  36. Well, shit. It’s sold out in Boston. I should have gotten my act together sooner and bought a ticket.

  37. I preordered mine this weekend, and I’m seriously working on my social anxiety to get up the nerve to ask friends if they will join me at the event in MPLS. But I’ll probably chicken out. But I better not – because this is bound to be exciting! And funny!

  38. So excited for you to come to Atlanta! I’ll be there, and will be bringing my husband and possibly my niece. 🙂 yay!

  39. I’ll be in Boston! At your last book signing there, a hapless bystander asked me who you were because she’d “never seen so many people looking so happy to be in line”. She was right, we were all thrilled to be there. So looking forward to the new book AND the reading 🙂

  40. Sometimes I can stay on topic and sometimes I’m all “HOLY SHIT I WANT THAT WINE RACK.”


    I’m going to try and see you somewhere in Texas but I have a sneaky feeling that there will always be a scheduling conflict as I do dog rescue stuff about any time I’m not at work so it limits my ability to go anywhere fun. Good luck with the launch, Jenny.

  41. Awww, you never come to Eastern Canada. Pouts Congratulations Jenny – awesome achievement – you are inspirational.

  42. Can’t wait!!! I’m listening to your first book on audio right now just to hold me over until the new one comes out. I wish I could go to one of the tours you have planned but they’re all a bit far for me, but I’ll be there in spirit, and maybe even in digital if someone posts it to YouTube.

  43. I signed up for two book plates, since the first one will be to Nanvy Roman. Yes, I typed my own name incorrectly. But of course that will only make the bookplate more precious – and more fitting, no?

  44. St Augustine, FL would love you! You should consider our quiet little hippy town. I may have to venture out to another location.

    May I shop in your wine rack? It looks pretty amazing, too!

  45. Will anyone be attending the DC event AND taking DC Metro to get there? Evidently, the Van Ness station is closest but still a 10 minute walk. In DC. At night.

  46. Do you think that your signature is still on the baby? “No, Jeremy, you must NEVER WASH there!”

  47. So the thing in Huntsville looks like an event with several authors. How long will you actually be at that one? I think you’re listed at 11:00 am.

  48. San Diego is missing from this list! 😓
    We love you here too ya know! Besides we have nice weather, beaches & lots of cool shit to do. Please add us to your tour!!! 😻🌴🌸☀️

  49. Minneapolis is beautiful in the fall (actually, all the other seasons too but we keep that a secret.) See you there! Uh, here!

  50. 🙁 I wish you’d make it up to NH to sick and pretty much house bound to make it down to Boston this time around. I ordered a book plate preordered the audio and my girlfriend will be out buying the book on the day it comes out can’t just have the audio version I have to have the real book to hold in my hands and you put pictures in the last book and well audio books don’t show you those (totally unfair but whatever) plus it’s a set now and you can’t have one of a set it would be like the other got lost in the dryer! 🙁 When I went to your reading and signing the last time I followed the rules got there 3 hours early and didn’t go downstairs until the posted time but turns out people are rule breakers!!!! So I was stuck on a set of stairs only able to hear you and glare at the guy at the bottom of stairs playing angry birds and swap looks of anger with those around me who also followed the rules and were hating on the angry birds guy!

  51. I was lucky enough to get a review copy – I finished it yesterday and I LOVED IT. I’ll be recommending it to everyone. And buying an actual real book copy because the e-book version just won’t do.

  52. Book pre-ordered, but maybe should’ve gotten two since the daughter is now your groupie after I got her her own copy of book one…next time add Lincoln or Omaha, NE to the list – we need your kind of crazy here in the middle of no-where too 🙂

  53. I’ll be in DC! Although I already preordered your book online so I may have to buy another one from the store. It’s worth it though. I’ll gift it to my sister for Christmas along with the taser. The taser isn’t because of you though… it was also reordered. Because nothing says have a fun and safe holiday weekend like tasers.

  54. I have reserved a book and a spot at the Houston event, and (work permitted) I’ll be there. Really looking forward to it!

  55. So excited to meet you in Chicago! I was number 9 for presale, and I absolutely cannot wait!

  56. Wait- I thought you were venturing to New Orleans?… did my mind just plug it in because it WANTED it to be true?!

  57. my name is Monique and I’m going to be attending the NYC one! I’m so excited I GET TO MEET THE BLOGGESS 😀 😀

  58. I’ll be at the Boston signing! Which, technically speaking, is in Cambridge. Yes, I’m THAT person …. 🙂

  59. The Literary Ladies of Kingwood, Tx will be there at Blue Willow on the 25th to support you and get our read on!!

  60. I’ll be at the Toronto one (they finally have it on their event page, but there aren’t many details) I’ll probably be coming by myself if someone wants to meet up. I’ll be the person who camped out in front of the store for a few days…hope the store doesn’t mind.

  61. Have pre-ordered from New Zealand 🙂 Can’t wait! *Cue frantic checking of mailbox from 1 October.

  62. If you add any cities to your tour, please consider Salt Lake City. God knows there are a lot of crazy people here who need you!

  63. I definitely live in Canada, so I filled out the form last post with my Canadian information jammed into the lines. I guess I should have asked if that was an appropriate thing to do? I just can’t imagine my life or book without a Jenny-Cat plate!

  64. I’ll see you at Blue Willow in Houston on my birthday, and I can’t wait!!! BEST GIFT EVER (that I have to pay for but it’s still amazing and will be my favorite present of all.) 🎉🎉🎉

  65. My daughter and I will both be at the Denver event, and have planned an entire day around it. It isn’t on the Tattered Cover’s website yet, so we’ll plan to meet in the bathroom, just in case they don’t know we’ll all be there.

  66. Any chance of you coming to England? An entire nation of the strange, weird, embarrassed and socially awkward. WE ARE YOUR PEOPLE.

    In fact, are you sure you’re not British?

  67. I’m going to try my hardest to overcome my anxiety (by having my husband take me) to see you in Seattle. Already pre-ordered from the bookstore’s website so I’ll be sure to get in. I’m so excited!

    Karen W….are you on Bainbridge? I’m just across the bridge from you, if so! And I’m terrified of the ferry so I’ll have to take the “long way” around – over the Tacoma Narrows Bridge – just to get there. That is SERIOUSLY pushing the boundaries of my anxiety, but Jenny is worth it to me! She makes me laugh, which is nearly impossible to do 🙂

  68. I’ll be at the Houston event! I’ll probably be there alone and be hiding in my phone. Strangers scare me. Crowds scare me. Social scares me. But I really want to be there!!! So I’ve told my husband to kick me out and make me come. I told my mother too… Between them and wanting to see Jenny I’ll be there.

  69. I just about panicked when you said some were sold out! I hadn’t even thought about that, since you aren’t coming to Tempe until December. Then I checked and I can’t even get a ticket yet, so now I’m okay again 😀

  70. I’m coming to see you in Denver and I fully intend to buy you a joint. Or two. Or chocolate edibles.

  71. Keepin Portland Weird at Powell’s!!! Congratulations to you on your well deserved success, you are an inspiration to us all!

  72. I’ll be at blue willow in houston!! It’s a bday gift from my friend 🙂 Can’t wait to see you and everyone else!

  73. I’m crying on the inside. My husband forgot to call and order book and seats in Somerville, MA so I will not see you. Thankfully he keeps me medicated otherwise the cleaver would be out…

  74. Hey Jenny,
    It would be super helpful to us on anxiety meds and prednisone (for an auto immune disease) if you or your people would make Facebook events for your book signings. My mind is everywhere all the time, so if I had the event to remind me, I would be that more likely to make it! I did put your signing in my phone’s calander with a bunch of reminders, but what if my phone breaks? Hopefully Facebook doesn’t break. And I hope you have “people” that do this for you.

    Can’t wait to read the new book!

  75. My friend Deb and I will be at the Milwaukee event- it’s Christmas in October for us!!

  76. I`ll see you in Dayton! I also told my cousin who lives in South Dakota I would get your autograph for her, so even if you only signed one thing I would give up my happiness for hers and give it to her, because, after all, I got the better part of the deal and got to see you in person.

  77. Boston is sold out already. I’m devastated that my inability to get my life together enough to make plans to go has made it too late now. 🙁 Ugh. I am so bad at everything!

  78. losetolive, it will be at the Abode Venue (sponsored by Watermark) on November 6. I can’t wait! See you in Wichita, Jenny!

  79. Please, please, please come to NC again, please? The closest city is 5 hours away, and I’m not sure I can roadtrip that 🙁 I’d love to see you again.

  80. I’m so very excited to see you in Huntsville at the Rocket City Lit Fest! Will you be signing books there as well, the RCLF website only shows a book reading/interview? It would be great to know what time if you are, thank you!

  81. Please Please Please come to the Detroit area. OK, I know it sounds dangerous and all but there are hordes of misfits who simply cannot wait for a 3rd book to meet you, hear you, stalk you.

  82. Yay Huntsville! Was not expecting a stop down in Alabama! Now I just have to dig out my copy of Let’s Pretend (and hopefully pick up a copy of the new book at the Lit Fest!)

  83. I will be in Tempe to see you! I went alone to your last book signing and ended up talking to some nice people about Doctor Who.

  84. …..and I can’t F’ing wait!!! I’m a little sad, because I was really looking forward to going to a singing in STL, but we just moved to Charlotte, NC and was very disappointed to find out that you’re not coming her….big ugly cry!

  85. Can’t wait to meet you in Atlanta. Your sense of humor has helped me through some rough times. Bless you!

  86. I can’t get to the NYC one. Next tour, pretty please can you come to upstate New York, maybe even to Saratoga Springs??!

  87. I’ll be at the Chicago event! It’s the day before my birthday so the best present ever! I pre-ordered on Amazon, already; so, I need to make sure Chicago isn’t sold out:(

  88. my daughter and I have been planning this trip to New York for months and are so excited to actually see you! Thanks for the heads-up about bringing my receipt. I called today and they told me they were expecting a large crowd and there may be wrist-bands involved.How about THAT, Jenny! Autographs AND wristbands. Maybe you will autograph my wristband? I hope none of those bastards at the store try and keep me out because that would be so disappointing. Thank you for making me think, and laugh. I hope all goes well for you on your book tour. Rest up. It looks like you are going to need it!

  89. My friend and I are going to meet up with the friend we made at your last book signing and we’re all going to be first in line. Well, I’ll be FIRST first because that’s what I did last time and the new friend was second first which is how we became friends and then my friend showed up and we all clumped together and it was great. This time, I’m bringing my sister and maybe her daughter. Our group keeps growing. Not to make you feel weird or worried, but…yeah, it’s like we’re one of those amoebas that just keep sucking things in and getting bigger and bigger.

  90. I will be at the Austin Book People signing Jenny and I can’t wait to meet you!! I’m trying to think of something suitable to bring you. And by that I mean something cute and weird!
    Big hugs!

  91. I work at Third Place Books where you’ll be showing your face at in November. I read the advance copy of Furiously Happy and loooooooooooooooved it! And I killed a spider with it. Can’t wait to see you in the flesh, even though you’ll be clothed.

  92. My best friend and I are going to drive the 5 hours to Toronto to come see you! It will be my first book signing and I am super excited…. like four exclamation marks excited!!!!

    Wow. maybe that is too many and I just look crazy. I promise my craziness is harmless (mostly)

  93. Boston-area people–2 things: (1) I’m not 100% positive on this or anything, but if I understand correctly, what’s sold out at Porter Square Books are seats–I wouldn’t be surprised if there’s some standing room still available, because I totally expect this to be a SRO kind of event. I’ll try to find out some time this weekend if possible, since I live less than half a mile from the store.
    (2) For those of you who’ll be there, I have every intention of showing up with a big-assed batch of my (in)famous chocolate chip cookie dough truffles to share, because, hey, COOKIE DOUGH DIPPED IN DARK CHOCOLATE, so get there early to make sure you get some! (Jenny, you get a boxful of your very own, so don’t worry about that…um, you’re not allergic to chocolate, are you? Just checking…)

    (I’m currently in my second year of a Master’s in Library Science program at Simmons College, and I’m trying to get as many SLIS–School of Library and Information Science–people to show up as possible, up to and maybe including Stormy the Shark, the Simmons mascot, so there better be some standing room, is all I’m saying…)

  94. I work in a bookstore in Canada and I preordered your book as soon as I was able. And my order came in! Last week. But I’m not allowed to open it until the 22nd. CRUEL AND UNUSUAL PUNISHMENT! Because the order is on my desk and Rory is looking at me from a see-through wrapping and i just want to release him WHY CAN’T I SET HIM FREE. But I am so much looking forward to the laughs I will get that I somehow will manage to tough it out. Also, sad face that you aren’t coming to Montreal. But as someone with social anxiety I can understand why coming to another country, to a place whose language is predominantly NOT English, is a challenge for Future Self. So, just know that I am wistfully looking at Rory every day at work, counting the days until I can hug him (and your book) properly. I can’t wait to be able to bundle your two books together as a suggestion for peeing your pants – the good kind, not the go-see-a-doctor-kind – to my customers! Congrats, and high five from Montreal! Oh also I should tell you that re-readng “Let’s Pretend This Never Happened” got me kicked out of a spa because I was too “rowdy”. I CAN”T HELP IT IF YOUR BOOK IS SO GODDAMN FUNNY I LAUGH OUT LOUD. Relaxation comes in different forms, people. Get on my level.

  95. I’m not sure how you handle doing two things at once like that. I couldn’t handle it. I’d probably stroke the pen and try signing my books with the cat.

  96. Oh bother, I was on the wrong page, that should have been in the “Is blogging dead” comments. Sorry.

  97. BIG CONGRATS, Jenny! I had a book signing where the punch was spiked. I only hope I signed my own name. That’s nothing compared to being asked to sign random objects and offspring. Wishing you all the best on the book tour and plenty of fodder for the next book! x

  98. Oh, for crying out loud, I spelled my own name wrong. WTF? It’s MAPLE, not Mapke. Jeez Louise,

  99. OK, I’m going to post this here because I don’t know where else to post it right now, so: I stopped in to Porter Square Books (Boston-area Furiously Happy tour stop) to get the straight dope on what’s up with being sold out and all that, and here’s what they told me:

    1) Yes, technically all the seats for Jenny’s reading on October 17 are “sold out”–the seats per se weren’t for sale, but you reserved one by pre-ordering a copy of the book through PSB (I saved seats for myself and my friend Pauline, who, God willing, will be down from northern NH for the event). However, there will most likely be some standing-room-only space available–they don’t know quite how much yet (they joked about packing people in and hoping the fire marshal stays away), but the ballpark figure is around 150-200 for the grand total of both seated and standing fen. It’s also not outside the realm of possibility that they’ll put speakers outside the door and broadcast the reading to everyone on the sidewalk and in the parking lot, so get there early and park near the store, and maybe you can sit on your hood and listen even if you can’t get inside for the actual reading. (That’s my advice, not the store’s.)

    2) Since the seats are sold out, they’re now taking reservations for the book signing line–not quite sure how that works (surely it’s on their web site by now…), but even if you can’t get into the reading per se, you can see about getting a reservation to get in line to get your books/baby/spatula/metal chicken/whatever signed–people with seat reservations are first in line, then people with line reservations, and then everyone else who wants to come by, until poor Jenny gets everything signed/her arm falls off and we have to attach a new one like the Winter Soldier so she can keep on signing. Jenny has agreed/volunteered to stick around for as long as necessary to sign everything that needs signing, bless her fuzzy little heart (and I mean that sincerely, not in the sarcastic Southern sense, which I know about from living in Athens, GA for 8 1/2 years), so basically, if you really want to come see her, as long as you’re willing to stand for several hours, you can most likely do it. (Around 15 years ago I went to see Annie Leibovitz do an in-store appearance for her book Women and stayed to get my copy signed, and Annie was there for at least an hour and a half longer than originally scheduled, signing everything from her current book to all her previous ones to copies of Vanity Fair with photos she’d taken to at least one copy of Born in the USA on vinyl. I have the feeling that this is going to be like that, but longer and a hell of a lot weirder, and with chocolate and maybe shark mascots to boot…)

    3) They got all excited when I mentioned trying to get Stormy the Shark to make an appearance, and even more excited when I mentioned the cookie dough truffles, so I’m going to take that as a good sign. I can’t promise I’ll have enough truffles for 200 people, mind you, but I’ll do my best, OK?

    (Jenny: Feel free to repost this anywhere else you think might be helpful, and feel free to drop me a line at robin at mindspring dot com if you need advice on where to eat, what to do, and anything else you need to know while you’re in the Boston area, or just want to hang out with a big brown tabby cat with extra toes, OK?)

  100. I am specifically driving down to my hometown – Nashville – to (hopefully) attend your book signing, provided my anxiety doesn’t get the better of me (which it often does). I even requested off work to do so. I don’t have your new book pre-ordered yet, but I’m already armed with “Let’s Pretend This Never Happened.” It needs a signature too; I don’t want it to be lonely or envious of its soon-to-be-purchased counterpart.

  101. I can’t wait to read your new book. I know it’s going to be great. Also, I’m glad to know all the bookplates have been sat on by kitty bums. That just feels right (coming from a fellow cat lady)

  102. Maybe I missed it, but will there be an audio book out at the same time your book is available? Your first book is still on my phone, I listen to it regularly❤️

  103. I’ll be in the crowd for the reading and in line for book signing in Huntsville, AL at the LitFest.

  104. I plan on driving up to Vroman’s in Pasadena. Now, I have never been to book signing, and didn’t realize that these events could sell out…so I called the bookstore today, and they weren’t even sure if they would be ticketing for this event yet. Whew! At least it’s not sold out.

  105. My husband and I were looking so forward to your Boston event, but the reading sold so quickly!! We will be wait until after to try to get a signing. We will be the ones yelling “Jenny! Jenny! We love you! Notice us!”

  106. My mom and I will be at the St. Louis event!!! Provided the spawn in my belly cooperates and stays put 5 more days, as speculated! Otherwise, I have a backup bookplate coming, just in case. 🙂

  107. Vroman’s in Pasadena! WOOOHOOOOOO!
    I will buy more copies (already have two on order) if that’s what it takes to get a seat.

  108. HOLY SHIT YALL, ill totally be coming to the dallas event! cant wait to meet some of you. YAY Jenny!!!

  109. I’m in Nashville, TN. I can’t make it to your talk at the library in a couple weeks, and I’m totally bummed. I started a self-defense class to get a little kick-butt-ness in me and I have class that night that I can’t miss. Thanks for talking and sharing your thoughts (through your books and blog) to people like me (who can relate to crazy) with a great sense of who you are and who you don’t have to be.
    Congrats on the book! I hope the tour goes well.

  110. I just wanted to let you know that your book comes out on my anniversary. Best anniversary present ever? I have it reserved for me at the library I work at (librarian powers!) and I am planning on buying it as soon as funds allow.

    Thanks for all you do!

  111. I am so excited to get to read the new book! I cant buy it because my family is doing the D Ramsey snowball to get out of debt (Since I am a stay at home mom now) but I will read it as soon as I can get my hands on it!! You are wonderful! Keep writing, keep entertaining the masses, and keep taking care of yourself!

  112. So excited to see you in Atlanta! I’m actually skipping out on a mandatory work event to come see you.

  113. Huntsville! Huntsville! I’m leaving my house to come and see you! YAY! …. crap, now I’m worried about driving and how people will know I don’t usually drive and they’ll be wondering why I’m looking at them wondering if they can tell I don’t usually drive and if there are still biscuit crumbs on my t-shirt.

    But I’ll still be there!

  114. I’m still waiting for you to come to Hawaii, preferably Kona but I will fly to Honolulu if need be. I’d like to get a book plate but I’d have to stick it on the back of my Kindle.

  115. Congratulations! Can’t wait to start reading (Although your book is going to have to wait until i’ve finished my current book because i can’t read multiple books at once because the characters get confused and start merging themselves into the wrong stories) xx

  116. Just bought a ticket for your St. Louis reading and signing. Thank goodness I have a month and a half to mentally prepare myself for city driving and crowds. It will be worth it to meet you, though. Trust me when I say that this is a testament to how truly amazing you are. I don’t venture out often!

  117. @Barbara which bathroom, and can we add a secret code phrase I can just say into the air so I don’t have to actually try to talk to random strangers?

  118. You mean to say that Hastings in Waco isn’t on the tour? Damn. That leaves Dallas, Houston, or Austin, in which case I’ll just have to pass. I figure once leaving Dallas, never driving there again was a good foundation for successful happiness. And Austin would just be too many folks in line and if I’m gonna queue in Austin it’ll be bar-b-queue at Franklin’s, TYVM. Houston? Just no. We all have our hang-ups and mine are crowds and big cities. All that being said, I wish you the best of success with the tour and sales of course.

  119. Forsooth, I have been thwarted by Amazon Canada. I pre-ordered the book way back in April, and signed up for a signed bookplate. Amazon shunned me, they did not deem me worthy of a book plate. This makes me sad.

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