The answer to the question “Is blogging dead?”

I’ve been doing interviews for the book release and I’m never prepared for the questions in spite of the fact that the questions are mainly about me, but in my defense I find myself a bit tedious (that bitch is everywhere – it’s like she’s stalking me) so I’m not usually paying attention to what I’m doing.  But this week I’ve had several reporters all start with the question, “Is blogging dead?” and I’ve finally started answering with “Well if it is that makes me one hell of a necrophiliac because I’m still doing it WITH ZEST”.  But then I started wondering if when these articles come out they’re just going to say: “Jenny Lawson, total weirdo, recently came out as an ardent necrophiliac.  ‘I DO IT WITH ZEST’ she confessed in a recent interview.”  So that’s why I’m coming out right now to say that I am NOT a fan of necrophilia for myself or for anyone else.  That is my official statement.  The end.

Except I guess it’s not really the end because now that I’ve brought up the question of whether blogging is dead I’m probably expected to flesh it out.  Except that readers here know I never flesh anything out properly so I suppose I’m off the hook.  Which is exactly what blogging is all about.  It’s about writing whatever crazy shit you want to write and having some people say “YES!  I THOUGHT I WAS THE ONLY ONE” and some say “What the shit is wrong with you?” and 99.99% of the world say nothing because they don’t know I exist.  And that is blogging.  And in that way it’s the same blogging that existed when I started blogging 9 years ago.  There are some changes, of course.  In the last 9 years some amazing bloggers have decided not to blog anymore.  And sometimes they come back and sometimes they don’t and sometimes they’re replaced by other amazing bloggers who write hysterical or moving or entertaining fluffy things.  And that’s a very good thing.

The only thing that’s dead is the possibility of making a million bucks on blogging, which honestly never existed as an attainable goal for any of us in the first place.  If you’re blogging to make a million dollars you should probably switch to something more lucrative, like…I dunno…making a sex tape.  But not with a dead person.  I’ve been very clear on this, y’all.

But here’s the great thing about realizing that making a mint in blogging isn’t really feasible or worthwhile…now you’re free to write whatever the shit you want to write without having to worry about brands and advertisers and alienating angry, easily-offended people who are actually really fun to alienate.  And that’s why we all got into writing in the first place, right?  Just me?  You know what?  It might be just be me.  And that’s fine because every single writer writes for their own specific reason.  Some of us write for a living.  Some of us write for fun.  Some of us write because we have no other choice because writers write always and if they aren’t blogging they’re writing a book or a journal or (if you’re anything like me) scrawling ideas of things you’re afraid you’ll forget on your arm until you can get home and jot it all down.  That is what writing is about, and blogging is just one iteration of writing.  Writing never dies.  And thank fucking God for that.

PS. I’m incredibly lucky in that this blog is sponsored almost entirely from the awesome people in my sidebar who support my writing.  They are fantastic and because of them I don’t have to inflate page views by creating annoying slideshows or unneeded page breaks or have to rent out my blog for other people’s voices or other bullshit I’m honestly far too irresponsible to do anyway.  If you appreciate this then go click on them and check them out.  They are fantastic and  interesting and lovely and proof that the question “Is blogging dead?” isn’t really a question worth asking.

PPS.  It would be nice if this question brought attention to great bloggers instead of making bloggers question what they’re doing so if you have a blogger that you love that you think needs attention, share them in the comments.  There’s always room for great voices.

PPPS.  I don’t have a good image for this post but this is my blog so I can post whatever picture I want.  So here’s a picture of my cat’s butthole:


PPPPS.  Spellcheck is trying to tell me I can’t use the word “butthole” and that I should change it to “buttonhole”.  Fuck you, spellcheck.  This is exactly the kind of shit I don’t have to put up with.

PPPPPS.  Except I just remembered that my grandparents read this blog and so I’m including another picture of Hunter S. Thomcat with less genitals.  This is for you, granny and papaw.  Love you.


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  1. I can’t imagine blogging dying. It’s a great hobby and where would we be without great and funny stuff to read like your blog Jenny? 😃

  2. Go necrophilia! No?

    All kidding aside, I really didn’t know about the blogging world before I started writing. It’s been such an amazing experience for me and the community has helped me immensely. I hope it’s not dead. It doesn’t feel dead, but I do understand that for people outside of this environment, we are complete unknowns.

    And that’s a shame because they should definitely know you 🙂

  3. Yeah, 10 years into this whole “blogging” thing, I’ve pretty much come to terms with the fact that I’m not going to make a fortune from blogging. Fortunately, I also am not yet desperate enough to make a sex tape with a corpse.

  4. I blog because I know the whole world wants to know every teensy tiny thought that pops into my head. Well, maybe not the whole world, but a good chunk of it. At least 168 women and 2 men.

  5. If you “flesh out” whether blogging is dead, wouldn’t that make you a necrophiliac who likes doing it with dismembered bodies?

  6. Your blog will NEVER die! I went to your book signing in Toronto (Canada) for your first book and got you to sign, “necrophilia is bad”. That’s my position on it. Hah!

  7. As long as there are people willing to share their stories… and ones that make perfect sense (or don’t), blogging will continue to be… But a million dollars? I think not. 🙂

  8. So if blogging is indeed dead, then bloggers are zombies? Cool – we can finally get on with the zombie apocalypse without all that awkward biting and waiting for minions to turn into zombies!

  9. As I have only recently (about 6 months ago) found your blog, I hope it isn’t dying. It is too much fun to die. I love Hunter S. Tomcat’s belly. Just begs to be rubbed…

  10. Blogging cannot possibly be dead. I’ve had an astounding 312 views on my blog THIS YEAR ALONE. Even without sensationalistic mentions of necrophilia.

  11. Blogging isn’t dead. It’s just not the hot, trendy, gotta have one thing any longer. Those who are good writers, or who are providing content readers like (hello, visual bloggers), will continue on as ever. Those who jumped on the blogging bandwagon to make money or gain followers or be famous can now haul their acts down the road to Instagram or Periscope, or wherever the fashionable dilettantes are hanging out now.

    Sorry. Was that too snarky?

  12. I love that you worry about your grandparents seeing a cat’s bum and not about the whole having declare no to necrophilia.

  13. Jenny you know your smart phone has like this note pad feature? because if you are like me you’ll end up sneezing or washing off half the stuff you write on your arms. And then the half coherent scribbles are like hieroglyphics to decipher.

    I love words and am particularly fond of you you string them together in new and interesting ways. So keep being you babe!

    Also this xmas season I’m totally starting a campaign to tell your grandparents you love them with less cat genitals. Maybe I can make it a spay/neuter thing. Ideas are percolating. Feel free to jump in, the water is warm. LOL

  14. “‘I DO IT WITH ZEST’ she confessed in a recent interview.”

    Now I’m wondering if there’s a term for people who are sexually attracted to citrus rinds, but I’m afraid to Google it.

  15. I started reading blogs (pauses to go check how old someone’s child is) about 10 years ago during the hey-day of blogging. I had 40+ blogs that I read on a regular basis. Now I read about 7 that are still going. I don’t think it’s dead but I do think it’s now what it used to be. I still like to keep up with certain “Mommy Bloggers” and see what their families are up to.
    ps. I googled my old blog and it was nice to see that it came up #5 in the Google search even though I haven’t posted anything in over a year 😉

  16. Crazy thought of the day: You suggest 99.99% of the world’s population doesn’t know you. I think you are probably known by MORE than 0.01% of the world. 0.01% of the world is about 700,000, and given that you have over 400,000 followers on tweeter, I would guess that more than 0.01% of the world knows of your work.

  17. Hilarious, as always! I hope you never stop blogging. We are a unique, secret society that no one understands unless they drink the Kool-Aid too. Yay for smart ass bloggers!

  18. This question is pissing me off.

    I have a list of blogs I like to visit quite often. I blog. For myself (although some people like to think, “blogging for myself” is a polite way of saying nobody reads my blog) which is fine, because I read it. Fuck you, some people.

    Also this community is awesome in supporting irreverence with a reverence that kind of gives me hope.

    I think it’s so liberating to have your little room on the internet so people can come and hang out, chill, laugh and cry together even.

    The readers here might like to check out (not my blog, but a space I visit quite often)

  19. I JUST got a message from a reader (one of 5 not counting family) yesterday saying my blog makes her laugh when she’s going through a rough time. Every time I think of it as glorified journaling (which it totally is) someone floors me by saying they read it. Shrug. That’s enough for me. Plus, an outlet that won’t get me fired for the crazy shit in my head? Yes…

  20. Blogging will never be dead as long as people keep writing and reading. If we all become illiterate, than yes, blogging will probably die. But what a sad world that would be? Life just wouldn’t be worth living.

    Here is my second favourite blog. It doesn’t get updated very often but when it does, it’s always something worth reading about. The Bloggess is my #1 favourite 🙂

  21. I don’t have any great new bloggers to add myself, but I hope to find some through these comments. Most that I’ve read over the years have quit and I don’t know what to do with my spare time. Don’t quit, ok?

  22. Thank God it’s not dead, not only did I just start blogging – but I have discovered some amazing, funny, thought provoking people that are bloggers that I never knew existed.
    This is where I discovered YOU and now tell all my friends about you and tell them to read your book and your blog, and follow you on facebook- and then they say ” Hey, shouldn’t you be telling us to read your blog?.” To which I say yea, whatever- this chick is a far better read than me. ( I hope it’s ok that I just called you chick, I say it with the utmost devotion.)
    And then as you graciously allowed me to, I will mention some other blogs that people should read- My other favorites are: Ruby Browne , Ned’s blog, From the laundry room, Just left awkward suddenly approaching old and Problems with infinity. Those are the people I stalk: I mean follow on a daily basis , or get notice of a new post and pour a cup of coffee and prepare to laugh, or cry, or just escape for a little bit.

  23. I have a t-shirt from thinkgeek that says “I’m blogging this.” so I sort of hope blogging dies just so it’ll be hipster and cool to wear it again finally. Until then, though, I figure I’m a sort of protometahipster because I still occasionally post stuff to blogs.

  24. I never expected to make a million bucks from blogging, but in the seven years I’ve been doing it, it’d be nice to be able to, I dunno, maybe use my accumulated profits to buy a gumball from the penny machines that don’t exist anymore because gumballs have apparently experienced a 2400% increase in value since some unspecified time in the recent past. And who wants to spend a whole quarter on one measly gumball, especially since you know – you just KNOW – you’ll never get the red one. No matter how much you want it.

    Wait. What was I talking about, again?

  25. I have a blog where I skewer losers my friends and I date every Tuesday (I write non-toolbag blogs on other days). I make no money and I make no apologies. 🙂 Love reading your posts!!!

  26. I had a blog of my cats, and they died, and…you already covered that issue. Now I write a post when the passion drives me, and sometimes a currently blogging friend puts it on their blog. So, as long as passion exists, and cats, there will be blogging. (I included a link to the dead cat blog, if you really are into that, no judging here.)

  27. Well I’ve been blogging for about the same amount of time as you and could use more than 1 or 2 readers. Focus: kid stuff, homeschooling, cloth diapers, pregnancy, more funny kid stuff, things I actually think/paranoid rambling pinterest stuff that fails and whatnot.

  28. People will continue to blog as long as people continue to have imaginations. Which I hope never stop because then we will end up back in a weird world like the “olden days” where if you were slightly different you would be put into a crazy insane Asylum and I really don’t want to spend my time there I would rather write really long run on sentences in the comments in jennys blog and in my own blog so I will go do that and you keep doing this and everything will all be great and fine and fun.

  29. Love the blogs I read, especially yours. Blogging won’t die any more than books are going to die, as long as there are readers who are able to process more than 140 characters. Blog on!

  30. Although I don’t write as often as I would like, I try my best. It is therapeutic and I can say whatever I damned well please. If blogging is dead, I like what was said earlier about it bringing on the zombie apocalypse. Zombie bloggers? Hell yeah!

  31. If it’s dead, I chose the wrong time to quit sniffing glue! Wait, I meant I chose the wrong time to start blogging. Thanks for your blog – it’s been keeping me entertained for years!

  32. Ooh, I like this assignment! is definitely a real gem that’s worth checking out 🙂
    And I never knew it was at some point possible to make a million bucks from blogging… Or is this about all those scary content marketing blogs?

  33. Love your Blog. Not blogging isn’t dead and your cat flashed me. He needs a raincoat so I know what his intentions are, lol.

  34. Jenny, you have made my day more times than I can count. I just got home from a doctor visit where I gave him and his wife some kitty butt coasters I crocheted for them. You showing Hunter’s butt cracked me up. I’d love to send you a set of kitty butt coasters, just email me an address I can mail them to!

  35. Wow — I hope blogging isn’t dead, because I am still trying to work up the courage to start. Also, if it is dead, that opens up a lot of alarming questions, like: should we have a funeral? Open or closed casket? Or maybe just a wake? What kind of whiskey would blogging have wanted us to have at the wake? Can we stuff blogging and display it on our mantelpiece? What the hell is a mantelpiece? Where am I? Oh. Work. Crap. Back to it, then.

  36. We blog for the joy of creating something, sharing our thoughts and connecting with other people. Making money from that surely is just a bonus?

  37. What I love about blogging is that it can be anything you want it to be. Pictures of cat buttholes (it tried to change mine to buttonholes too!)? Okay then.

  38. I’m going to list myself first, because I am an asshole. Http//

    Now, bc I’m not a complete ass, everyone should check out Miss Teen USSR, Jeff and Jill Went Up the Hill, Est.1975, Ponies and Martinis, Hollywood Sigh, Foxy Wine Pocket and Shit I’m high on migraine meds and can’t think
    But there are more.

  39. If blogging is dead, then why do publishers and agents push writers to build a platform via a blog, and won’t even give that up-and-coming bestselling author the time of day if that blog doesn’t have a following of at least five million subscribers? And if, as you advise and I concur with completely (like that word? Concur? It just popped out, courtesy of my inner fancy-pants), we write whatever the shit we want to write, then how…tell me, please, how…is a newbie writer going to attract those five bazillion subscribers?

    Go, girl! Tell it like it is.

  40. Blogging saved my life after my husband died in a car accident two years ago, that blog ( is less raw and grief stricken now. Which is good because the first few months were raw as hell. Now I have that and a food bog with gluten free food that is easy and doesn’t taste like cardboard. #Bonus

  41. I think your kind of blogging will live forever, because you do it for the right reasons. My daughter has started a blog about her life living on a sailboat in Portland OR. She’s only posted a few entries, but I think she is good (I may be biased).

  42. Well, blogging isn’t dead for me! And it’s so awesome I know all those non-bloggers and lurkers will catch on eventually. And as to the pic of Hunter S Thomcat’s arse and balls, it’s not rude if it’s in black and white; it’s ART.

  43. Ugh. The Douche….er….Dooce ‘semi retirement’ junk is old news already.
    Please don’t ever semi do anything Jenny. Don’t be a douch….Dooce.

  44. Also you might remember me as the girl that stumped you on SEXIS with the question “How do I get rich blogging so that I can stop using old Bibles as diapers?”

  45. Love this. I just started a blog, so it would have been very sad for me if I clicked the link and it just said “YES” in giant flashing letters.

  46. Shreve at daily coyote and her other people page honey rock dawn. Love her

    Kitchens Garden Project love love this lady.

    Red Dirt in my Soul. Another infollow.

    Blogging is not dead.

  47. Before blogging existed — or before I’d heard of it anyway– back as far as the 1980’s, I used to write to the newspaper. They would print my articles and I’d get phone calls, sometimes from older men who wanted to know my age and agreed with things I’d written. Once my brother-in-law found a message on his answering machine that was actually meant for me, and he called me and played it twice. Those were my first “comments”.
    When I discovered this blogging thing, I jumped right in and it’s been nothing but fun. Every day is a new adventure, even though hubby, bless his heart, can’t figure out why people are interested in my stuff, and I in theirs. I don’t know, but I plan to blog at least until my fingers fall off, maybe longer. Y’all come too.

  48. Hell, forget a million dollars, I’d settle for more of the people who read my own blog to actually leave comments more often.


  49. Thanks for this! I have obviously read that question before and got a little anxious that I got here at the end….then I thought…who gives a fuck? I’m having fun.

  50. Thank you for your blog. I keep two blogs open, in tabs on my phone; yours and the Yarn Harlot. When the world is sunshine and rainbows, and my meds are working, I want to read about pretty things knit with yarn. When the world is a sucking abess of Hell, I want to know that someone just as crazy as me looks at that abess, and manages to write funny things about it. I’m not a writer, but blogs tell me I’m not alone.

  51. Ever since I found your blog (and I don’t remember how that happened) I have read your posts. And blogging isn’t dead. It’s just maybe crippled a little bit.

  52. Blogging is not DEAD, but perhaps it’s stagnate.
    You cat is Adorbs. Will you stuff him later on?
    I’ve just finished your book: Lets Pretend it Never Happened & I pissed my pants while walking. Great reading voice btw.
    How much do I pay to get my stupid blog on your sidebar?
    Love. Hugs. Kisses from Minnesota!

  53. So glad you blog…for those of us sometimes feel lost in the wilderness, your words help me to feel less alone.

    And Hunter S. Tomcat’s “button hole” pics made me smile.

  54. Well I certainly hope blogging isn’t dead… seeing as how I just held a workshop on ‘bush blogging’!!! (Nothing to do with any George’s for those who aren’t up with Aussie lingo). I think blogging – in all it’s micro and macro forms – is a fabulous tool and measure of the culture it stems from. I adore that this site is so irreverent – says great things about your part of the world (and means LOTS of Aussie love you – we treasure irreverence like gold). I read blogs instead of magazines these days – yours, The Pioneer Woman, Chronicles of a Country Girl… and a blog called Miss Chardy which is wonderful.

  55. So, I saw this and immidiately told my boyfriend Omg, you have to post a comment about me.
    To which he went: ok, what do you want me to say?
    Me: just say something from the bottom of your heart. But it better be fucking clever and funny.
    Him: …what
    Me: fine, I’ll do it myself.

    Ta-da! check me out BUT only in between Jenny’s posts. Because I love her too much

  56. I started blogging because I thought I could write down the ridiculous things that happen in my life and I’d only have to tell the story once, instead of 15 times to different family members. So basically, I blogged so I didn’t have to talk to people, which backfired because then other people started talking to me on my blog…and then I kind of liked it.. 🙂 So, if it’s dead, who cares, we’ll all just have our own little awesome zombie apocalypse and no-one else will be invited.

  57. I can’t wait to try some of the blogs posted. I miss so many…
    And – if bloggers really, truly knew just how much enjoyment we readers get out of it, they would never, ever, stop.

    A side note about being interviewed:
    My husband was interviewed by an internet mag about life as a professional model maker.
    His quote was ” It is such a specialized field. There aren’t many of us. We are like leprechauns.” Except they just quoted him as saying “We are like leprechauns.” That’s it.

    Yes honey. You are like a leprechaun…

  58. I absolutely adore you. Please don’t change or quit blogging. It is a shining light in the world.

  59. Thank god for writers who blog!! There have been so many times when I’ve been depressed, but I can read someone’s blog and laugh until tears are running down my cheeks. Happy tears! Thank you, Jenny and all the bloggers out there who lift my spirits everyday!! Woot, woot. Just a couple of more weeks and I’ll have my copy of “Furiously Happy”. I can’t frigging wait!

    P.S. Hunter is quite the stud. Most photogenic!

  60. I’m not interested in necrophilia or cat buttholes, but your closet is very tidy. You’ve inspired me to make my closet tidy. If blogging were dead, what are we all doing here? Your blog is great! So is ChumpLady’s blog. Did I answer the question? I can’t remember, and it’s too far to scroll back up.

  61. Personally, I write about buttholes puckering and asshats flapping. But hey, to each their own. If my gramma was reading my blog, she would get over the butthole talk and simply say “Simmer. None of that nonsense, mistyanne.”

  62. Oh it’s like people telling librarians, the profession is dying. Yeah sure. The best comment recently on the ALA FB page was a newspaper publisher saying that to a librarian and then being asked how strong and healthy his industry was by said librarian. They say that because they don’t actually understand what you do and have a vague idea that it’s not trendy anymore, so apparently no one does it at all, despite the thousands of blogs, (or library schools pumping out grads.) Your answer is perfect.

  63. That is not Hunter’s butthole. That is his nutsack, sans nuts.
    No wonder blogging is dead/dying. Readers will lose trust if bloggers keep lying about feline private parts.

  64. I love reading your blog posts, amd then rereading them to my husband, who thinks you are just as cracked amd awesome as I do (which is A LOT).
    Loved your first book, looking forward to buying your second book soon.
    You just keep doing you, Jenny. You are amazing! ♡♡

  65. I wish I had the guts to blog what I actually want to. But I always temper it with the fact that I know my inlaws and some rather religious friends read it. So, its mostly a travel-and-lifestyle blog, rather than a deep-thinking blog. So sometimes I think about not bothering anymore. instead I cleaned it all up.

  66. I’ve been blogging for nine years, too. I’ve only ever done it for me, really, but I picked up a small group of readers along the way. I still can’t figure out why anyone other than me would want to read what I write, but there it is. And I still write primarily for me.

    Anyway, as long as you write, I’ll keep on reading.

  67. I realized last year that my journal was 350 pages long. That could have between a book. But then I wouldn’t have time to journal. Sigh.

  68. So here I am, sitting in the common area of my dorm, Clearly Studying. Well, maybe not. (I wish my essay on Odysseus’ heroism and mortality was as awesome as this blogpost.) So i’m sitting in the common area of my dorm clearly Not Studying when I scroll down to finish reading the post, as one must. Instead of neatly scrolling down the page, using my new touchscreen thingy, I open to an embiggened picture of cat genetalia. Taking the stigma of crazy cat ladies to whole new level, I suppose…

  69. I just crawled these comments looking for some new reads — thanks for the suggestions! Here’s a few of the ones I like that some of you might: — a blog by a woman born in Canada who now lives in Egypt; she’s a great writer and such an interesting insight into another culture — about home improvement, but mostly just funny (she’s a total klutz) — about music, primarily music that you can enjoy with your kids that isn’t necessarily “kid” music; includes playlists

    And of course this lovely place, but y’all obviously know about that!

  70. Please, please don’t let blogging die! Where would I go for laughs and reassurance that I’m not the only one?!?!

  71. Of COURSE the death rattle of blogging begins just as I start to try it for the first time. This is my luck. Oh well. Like you said, all the more reason to write whatever the hell I want and give no shits about it (a very loose interpretation of what you said).

  72. Is blogging dead? Pshaw, I hope not because I have no intention of stopping anytime soon. I’ve blogged for years but because of you, I think I’ve become a braver blogger – sharing more with complete strangers than I do with my family. Thank you for that.
    Roberta at Mulish & Co.

  73. Is blogging dead seems like such a bullweasel comment. I mean really. Have these reporters ever scrolled the internet for a second?!?!

    I just started a new blog last week.

    BTW. I bet you could make a million bucks, Jenny, and then some. Just sayin’. You crack me up!

  74. I love reading your blog! If it’s dead…then all of your followers are into some messed up stuff! Necrophiliacs unite? NO! LOL Keep up the writing. Your posts make my day. 🙂

  75. I love your blog and can’t wait for your new book! Thank you for making me laugh out loud on the metro (and at work) and for being so real. I write a book blog so I don’t get too personal, but it’s hard to get away from what my family is going to read, and that really limits what I write. I have no idea if I can make my blog more successful but thanks for reminding me WHY I write. Even if it’s just book reviews, every time I write I feel better.

  76. I have read your Blog for a few years and I just love it! I still blog, even though pretty well no one else reads it. I say…THEY don’t know what THEY are missing. I do it just for the fun of it to show another side of myself. …and so… who really cares what THEY say? I know don’t. I but I do want to keep reading what YOU have to say!

  77. Blogging lives! Long before us; people told stories to keep their cultures alive, to pass on wisdom and to have something to do while they were drinking or doing some sacred as shit drug. Blogging is the modern equivalent of this, and you, my dear, are a master. Keep it alive. Tell me a story!

  78. I had a friend post some Blogging is Dead article all over Facebook today – I much prefer your take on the topic. And your style of writing whatever the fuck you want.

  79. The blogs I check everyday on my phone before I go to bed is yours, and Dixie Delights… There are tons more that I love, always end up keeping only yalls when I clean out my reader.

  80. Stop distracting me. I’m trying to write my novel over here, in between reviewing other people’s books and interviewing people. And making no money.

  81. In the past six months two of my favorite bloggers took their blogs private because the nasty stuff got to be too much. One of them allowed me on her new blog and the other one invited family and friends only and I was neither, so now her voice is lost to me. Bloggers used to have a kind of privacy that they no longer receive, and sometimes trolls are mean. Bleh.

  82. I keep finding more and more awesome blogs to read so it obviously isn’t dead. And as a bonus I keep connecting with people who I REALLY, really like. People I would never have met otherwise. Blogging makes my life better. I’ve only been doing it a year but it makes me ridiculously happy. Thanks for being my inspiration Jenny.

  83. I hope blogging isn’t dead because I just started a blog two weeks ago that reviews books for kids and adults of all ages, but I may just be writing for myself because my blog is pretty lonely but lonely enough for necrophilia because that is just nasty.

  84. Blogging has certainly changed a lot with all these how-to books geared towards stats stats stats. But true, raw, authentic writing? That is too beautiful and too meaningful to ever die.

  85. Obviously, I should not be allowed to post comments. I meant not lonely enough for necrophilia, and auto correct corrected lonely in my second post to money. Maybe it is telling me that if I had money, I could buy my way out of loneliness, but that would be weird because then I’d just be all paranoid that my friends only liked me for my money.

  86. People have been predicting the end of blogging since… well certainly ever since I began blogging. At first I took these warnings terribly seriously, despite the irony of being told them at big blogging conferences. But now, I’ve perfected quite an insouciant shrug.

    It’s exactly the same in the publishing world: people have been predicting the end of the. Novel since… well since novels began, probably.

    If blogging is dead then we’re all zombies.

  87. Pose Gets Cozy ( is soooo good. It has heart and soul and wonderful writing. It’s honest and beautiful and is a great example of how to use a blog in support of a financial project. Posie Gets Cozy. One of the best.

  88. Oh, also, I have a bunch of bloggers I love, all listed on my blogroll … so you could always pop on over to my site to see who they are. (Not that I’m an attention hog or anything, okay?) One in particular I want to highlight right now is The Monster In Your Closet, at … come to think of it, if you go to my blog there’s a link to one of her latest posts right there where I reblogged her. Because she’s about to start telling a story that I think might be worth hearing.

  89. All I have to say is that technically, both pics were more dick pics than butthole shots anyway, but he’s got a lovely soft belly in search of rubs. But only three, and then he’s likely to bite. But that’s maybe just at my house.

  90. I first found you when I read about your adventures with the big metal chicken you and your girlfriend found. And towels were the subject that either you were returning them or needing to buy them and then the chicken shows up and the reaction of your husband/boyfriend. I got a great laugh. I too blog and I try to throw in some fun stuff when I can or the mood strikes and I never expected to make a million bucks doing this but I was hoping for mad money. And I am thinking I need a tab for just for fun kinds of things to write about. Any who, this is my blog. I haven’t written anything recently because I just lost my dog of 13 years and writing just ain’t happening.

  91. Pah, humbug. Just the usual, vapid, pseudo-controversial journalist bait line like “how do you feel?”.
    I’ve never read through the archives of any other website from the very beginning, but did exactly that with 3 blogs: this one, Jen at (who linked to here), and Karen at
    I’ve found my tribe, it may be small and I’m the silent fly on the wall, but reading those 3 blogs enhances my life more than most stuff journalists write.

  92. Wait, I already read six or seven blogs that I found in your comment section on a daily basis. And now you are asking people to list more??!! Where am I to find the time to read them all? Never mind that, who am I trying to kid? I’ll come back tomorrow and sift through for the good ones…

  93. You are freaking awesome and part of the reason I started blogging. Well, that and therapy is freaking expensive. Keep doing what you do sister and maybe blogging becomes the radio underground of this generation but regardless, it’s an open forum.

  94. I hope you keep talking about not having sex with dead people and cat genitals forever. You’re an inspiration to us bloggers, we think the same thing!! (also against the sex thing, but pro-cat genitalia). Oh to be a sidebar person. A wine-slushie habit is far more meaningful than a million dollars. Pretty sure.

  95. You’re SO RIGHT when you say, “writers write always.” Writing has always been like a disease for me. Or possibly addiction. Even when I’m not writing, I’m writing. In my head … in my sleep … in my conversations … It’s both annoying and a crutch. Sometimes I worry that I’ll one day find myself lost on a deserted island without a computer and without pen and paper and I imagine myself writing prose in the sand and then I pray that the island will at least be big enough to have enough beach for me to get out a thousand words a day. And then I stop worrying because I remember that beaches get erased every day, which would give me a brand new page every single day that I’m lost. And then because I worry about EVERYTHING, my anxiety moves over to worrying about getting found. I. Can’t. Win. Even in my imagined problems, I can’t win.

  96. Even if blogging does croak, I’ll still keep doing it because a) I will never not need to vent my spleen and b) I am the queen of doing things waaaay after it’s cool. Viva le blog!

  97. I blog because I have in-laws who hate me and hate how I eat bacon and who better to commiserate than the blogosphere?

    I don’t have a sex tape, but they might. So far, my husband has found naked photos of his parents with – ahem – equipment and a sex diary that his father kept. He has also found – um – equipment. If this was lucrative for them, I don’t know where the money went. However, I do not think there is a big market for porn involving 81 year old alcoholics, although you never know.

  98. Meh. If blogging is dead…well, zombies are having a moment, so ride the wave. Maybe it’s more like Schrodinger’s cat – we don’t know that it’s dead, or that it’s alive…so it’s both.

    Whoa…that’s about as deep as I get pre-coffee…. (stumbles off zombie-like in search of caffeine and brains)

  99. Thanks for this. I’ve been a little lost lately with blogging. I feel like when I first started, I was very clear in what I was doing, or, more accurately, that it didn’t matter b/c who the hell was reading it anyway. But as time has progressed, I felt more and more confused. It’s like the more I learned about blogging – SEO, click bait titles, bounce rate, promotion – the more distant, distracted & disenchanted I became. I started to question what I was doing, what it was all for. Your piece helped me put it into a little perspective. It’s what I needed to hear so thanks.

  100. I agree with a previous commenter who wrote that there has to be more than .01% people who know you. Because I was browsing through the archives the other day and saw the whole twine thread – and I can’t remember the guy who refused – but I remember Matthew Broderick and Brian B and their photos. And THEN – I came across the post that you were a former HR soul and I was just giddy and laughed so very hard at that post. Because I’m an HR soul (and someone pointed out we – WE – were the lowest of the low – which made me briefly sad – but then not, because I am a very non-HR’y sort of person really.) Your posts are fabulous – your products are fabulous (Toats Ma Goats… RORY!) – you are FABULOUS! I forward your posts so many times – to my cousin – to my hubby. Anyway – you are loved – by me and many others. That is all. (also – shout out to the other commenters – because I tend to read most of them because they are so funny!)

  101. So, you brought the love of Metal Earth models to me. Something small and tiny with a grand result when life just isn’t working. You need to talk to those people and get a Beyonce model going. There is your million dollar blog idea…knock knock mf’ers!

  102. PS I forgot to mention that the thing that impressed me most about your post is that you appear to have two closets dedicated just to women’s clothes.

    You have TWO closets. In ONE room.
    All for your clothes?
    (Unless your husband wears dresses?)

  103. William Shatner engaged in a Twitter war with Diana Gabaldon and her army of Outlander fans this week which reminds me of how I found your blog! He really doesn’t seem to like strong females with a wry sense of humor! Color me surprised!

    Blogging does seem like it would take a lot of time and energy. I do tend to like the small blogs where people with whom I share common interests just ramble about their hobbies and daily experiences. Those people seem to lose interest and drop it after a couple of years, though.

  104. Jenny, you told me three years ago, when I was feeling a little adrift with my writing, to write for myself. So I did. And it made me feel good. So I’ve kept doing it. Sometimes a few people read me, sometimes no one does, but it turns out that that matters less than what writing does for ME. So, thanks. Also, I await your next piece of pithy advice when I see you on your book tour in October!

  105. Hi Jenny:

    I haven’t commented before (although I really like reading your blog and recommend it to a lot of friends) – but I just read this little bit from Will Wheaton, and he mentions you and how you’ve helped save his life, and I thought you’d like to read it.

    Also: You’re really brave. Maybe it doesn’t feel brave to you to write about depression and anxiety – maybe this is what you have to do to survive some days, and it’s about making it through a few more minutes and not taking a stand or being a flag for us to rally around – but to some of us, we read what you say and think “she’s going through this too, and she is funny and smart and cool, and I like her, and she’s really brave. She is talking about this. Maybe I could be brave, too” and sometimes that’s all you need to keep fighting a little more.

  106. I have to speak up in defense of necrophilia. It’s not my thing, but if upon my demise my organs aren’t useful to transplant patients or scientists, well, I’d like to think someone could get some use out of them. I really don’t mind.

    And I’ve been blogging for more than twenty years now. If it’s dead then I’m a zombie or a ghost. I’d prefer to be a ghost. Ghosts can walk through walls and have less chance of being shot in the head, and zombies have a bad habit of attacking people, which might really upset some poor necrophiliac.

  107. this resonates with me so much. i have a little blog with a tiny following and none of the “other” stuff matters: money, SEO, advertising, etc.

    i just want to write and if there’s anyone out there who likes what i write and what i have to say, THAT is my motivation. nothing else. love your blog!

  108. I’d be sad if blogging is dead. I recently bought a “blog” charm for my Origami Owl necklace. I hate to think it’s already outdated. Like wearing white after Labor Day. I don’t actually know what that’s about, but I have a feeling the awesome folks who read this blog will understand where I’m going with this. Hopefully.

    My friend just revamped her blog with a new focus. It’s worth checking out. She’s super cool and I can’t wait to read her posts.

  109. If blogging is dead then, like you, I too am happily rearranging its bones every week.

    And I know just what you mean about the freedom that comes from not being beholden to some brand etc and just writing what you want.

    In the last few weeks on my blog I’ve written:
    * very little in a book review because I didn’t want to spoil any of the plot whatsoever
    * far too much about seeing Benedict Cumberbatch in Hamlet [and I daresay I’m not done yet …]
    * a summary of my month using numbers and Hamlet quotes for illustration [see … told you I’ve been heavy on the Hamlet]
    * whilst, somewhere along the line also fitting in an entirely gratuitous link to another favourite Dane, Carsten Bjørnlund, a trick using nails I learned in a lifeboat museum and …. I’m currently drafting out a post about vintage books which I’ve begun with a cheerful discussion about nuclear war …

    I would say ‘no one will pay me for that’… but I live in hope that it’s that kind of genuine ‘me’-ness that’ll get me to a place where I can eventually make money from my writing. And my blog’s the training pool for that.

    So, with that in mind, I’ll dare to self-promote:

    Thanks Jenny.


  110. I feel a new slogan coming on –

    “Blogging – at least it’s not necrophilia!”

  111. Blogging is great! It motivates me to sit down and write regularly with something kind of like discipline, but without having to wonder if or how it fits into the rest of whatever my current project is. Basically, you nailed it when you wrote, “It’s about writing whatever crazy shit you want to write and having some people say “YES! I THOUGHT I WAS THE ONLY ONE” and some say “What the shit is wrong with you?” and 99.99% of the world say nothing because they don’t know I exist.”
    For a blog I love, check out…

  112. After being very p.o.’d at that Atlantic article and the behavior of Heather (Dooce) Armstrong at the ProBlogger event in Australia, which gave many Aussie bloggers the impression that all U.S. bloggers were a negative, jaded wreck like her, you’ve restored my faith in humanity. It’s all about the kitty buttholes! Thanks Jenny!!

  113. Oh, Jenny. Somehow, you always know exactly when to post something right when I need it. As if you’re some kind of technopagan magic wizard person like that one teacher on Buffy before she got eaten and made Mr. Giles sad in his heart place.

    But anyway, I started writing a post yesterday, but gave up in a fit of depression-fueled rage when I thought there was no point to any of it. Then, I read your post and re-read it again. And I just finished what I started.

    So here’s my post about the death of blogging that’s about your post about the death of blogging, even though neither one is really about the death of blogging that never happened. It’s so meta!

    You’re the best. Stay awesome!

  114. Nah. Blogging isn’t dead. Like you said, it’ll never die because writing will never die. I’ll keep blogging whether I get a few readers or tons of readers because 1) I like to write and 2) I know there are people out there who like to read what I write. Keep writing, Jenny! We’ll keep reading!

  115. spellcheck can go to hell! Butthole is totally a real word.
    Glad blogging isn’t dead, otherwise I need a new hobby…

  116. Love this post. Since you’re asking for suggestions, I’d like to point people to my husband’s blog, Terminally Intelligent (at present it’s at He blogs about mental health, and about various other things.

    Keep going, everyone. You’re still here. You’re important. You matter to people. Even people who haven’t ever met you. You can do this.

  117. I just started grad school in Library & Information Science and decided to create a blog about it at So, technically, I’m my own favorite blogger. However, my real favorite blog (besides yours) is Grin and Bare It from another favorite author Matthew Dicks: He’s a teacher, storyteller, and published author with strong opinions about just about everything.

  118. If blogging is dead….I’m in big trouble. I’ll end up one of those people wandering around under highways or in parking lots talking to myself. Where else are these thoughts supposed to go?? They HAVE TO COME OUT SOMEWHERE. No one freaking listens to me, so I write.

  119. Thank you, Jenny.

    Seriously, I’ve been struggling w/the blogging thing. Wondering if there’s a point to it, blah blah blah.

    And reading this, even with potential necrophilia, was what I needed.

    I offer you the slushiest of wine slushies in thanks.

    And here’s the blog link, for anyone interested:

  120. If there’s anything I love more than blogging, it’s ogling a cat’s asshole. Now that’s solid gold. You make me LOL Jenny, and that, in addition to “buttonhole” and also the world famous “ducking” is priceless. Keep on rock’in the free world with your brilliant words n thoughts!

  121. I’m so glad I’m not the only who is surprised when someone tells me they read my blog. Haha.
    And YOUR blog is one of my favorites! I hope you can keep it up for years to come. (Seriously, everything is an innuendo now days, isn’t it?)

  122. This would be on par when the fact that I always pick up on trends a bit too late. Me in 2015: One Direction in awesome! [Zayn leaves]. Me in 2015: Blogging is THE BEST!! [Blogging dies]. Me next week: I just made a sex tape! [Internet collapses].

  123. Seems to me the interviewer has a lack of imagination in asking that question. It’s especially obvious that blogging is NOT DEAD – the interviewer had only to look at the number of comments each one of your posts gets.
    I’m sick of that question. Let’s get on with something really interesting, like a new post from you!
    PS – The buttonhole actually looks like a buttonhole.

  124. I have a very tiny audience myself and some subject matter that some might find depressing, but I have to do it for me, and don’t feel I have to post daily or follow any blog promotion formula (I am way too disorganized for that). I just post when I have something to say. I’ve had a couple of my pieces republished and they seem to resonate with a wider audience, but I’m really only writing for myself and anyone who comes along it happens to work for.
    Really enjoy your blog thank you!

  125. Blogging is totally dead. Just like books! Books were declared dead back in 1992. My house and my friend’s houses and Waterstones and the Amazon warehouse are full of things that look like books but clearly can’t be ‘cos books are dead.

  126. I’m just seeing this! What do you mean no one is going to give me a million bucks for posts of cat pictures and profanity?!! Is it because you’ve cornered that market? I saw the movie SexTape and they totally gave that character a million dollars for blog. World shattered.
    On a more serious note to those who mentioned editing themselves because they have certain friends and relatives who follow their blogs, I feel ya’. My posts were a lot spicier, varied, and profanity laden when I started. Now that my mom and my aunt subscribe 🙁 It has turned in to mostly cute cat stories. I have thought about starting a second secret blog for the “dark” thoughts, but who has time. I just spent two hours writing what I thought was going to be just a list.So much for tonight’s to-do list. Hello, bedtime.

  127. Spot on.

    Amiyrah Martin. Elora Ramirez. Ashley Garrett. Luvvie Ajayi. Maritza Valle. Casey Carey Brown. Nicole Blades. Alexandra Rosas. Esther Emery. Kristen Howerton. Kelly Wickham. Brandi Riley. Karen Walrond. Arnebya Herndon.

    All people who write blogs and even other stuff I avidly read.

  128. I came late to the blogging party (BTW, you were the inspiration for me to start a blog, so thanks for that. Or maybe that should be, “Damn you, Jenny!”) I mainly write because it’s cheaper and more comfortable than going to my therapist all the time (and my blog doesn’t keep asking me, “How do you feel about that?”) I had no idea there was a whole blogging community and that most people on the internet are pretty friendly and supportive. I’m sure I’m going to offend everyone eventually, but since a few new people are finding my blog every week or so, I bet it will take years and years to do it.

  129. Thanks for this post….blogging helps me clarify ideas and think about how I want to explain concepts that I teach to others. Posting online keeps me a little sharper than I think I would be if I was jotting ideas down in a journal. Everything evolves – why I blog now is different than when I wrote my first post 8 or 9 years ago. Although I never expected to make a million dollars! 🙂

  130. Wait, blogging is dead? Well, I guess that does explain why I only get two page views per day! Yes, mom, I know you’re reading…you too, husband.

  131. In my opinion, things only die when there is something to replace it. I don’t see anything replacing blogging at the moment! Plus, there are so many of us doing it, a lot of us would have to stop for it to truly die! I for one am not stopping for now.

  132. I didn’t read all the comments yet, so I’m sure she’s been mentioned already, but still: Jen at EPBOT! She is funny and nerdy and crafty and REAL, all of which are obviously awesome.

  133. I hope this blog in particular never stops.
    My BFF and I, who have been fans of yours for years now, plan to come to the book signing in Dayton (BECAUSE WE LOVE YOU….wait….that sounds stalkerish…)..

    So I showed the picture of H.S.T. to my cat Piper “WHY DON’T YOU LAY IN CUTE POSITIONS LIKE THAT???”

    She was nonplussed…or non pussed..

  134. Unrelated to blogging, but related to Hunter, my little gray tabby, Sophie, who is all shades of gray has one white patch just like that on her belly! What’s that about? Is there something genetically functional about a little white patch on the belly?

  135. For #SuicidePreventionDay I just wanna say thank you. Thank you for inspiring us. Thank you for helping us live. Thank you for giving us hope. We love you.

  136. Thank you!!! As a blogger myself ( I find myself at your virtual doorstep quite often…not your real doorstep because, well, we don’t know each other and that would be awkward…especially if I asked for sugar because I don’t eat sugar and I would feel the need to explain that and you would think I was a stalker and call the police and we don’t need that, right?

    ANYHOO….read your first book, getting ready for the next one. I think you are amazing and you inspire me to keep writing…now to keep blogging. thankyouthankyouthankyou.


  137. Blogging isn’t dead; it’s just evolving! I’m thankful for blogging because my writing can be seen instead of hidden in journals (well, one journal because a flood destroyed a stack of 10 old ones. Ugh!) Please come visit me. I do have a lot to say and share on my blog.

  138. I love everything about this post and every comment it’s received. EVERY. SINGLE. ONE.

    It’s not often that you can scroll through a 200+ comment thread anywhere on the Internet and not run face first into a brick wall of hate, which just kind of proves my theory that this blog exists on some alternate timeline where everyone online is weird and awesome and supportive and amazing, and a whole bunch of other really swell adjectives.

    You’re all top shelf in my book. The bloggers, the lurkers, the linkers. Everyone!

  139. For me, it’s blog or die. I simply can’t get through my day without it. And I love the little community I have with fellow bloggers. My life has been enriched tremendously. Unbelievably.
    Plus I don’t have to leave my yard which is great because NO! I am NOT agoraphobic, I just love my yard.

  140. This is so exactly true. For me, blogging is about being creative, connecting with people, and working on my writing chops. And that is all a wonderful thing.

  141. Straight out one of the BEST I’ll-blog-whatever-thefuck-I-wanna-blog-about posts!!! I’ve only just found your blog (yes, I’ve been living under a rock :/) and I’m gonna be stalking your blog (not in a potential-target-for-necrophilia kind of way Bugged eyes) 🙂

    Link to an amazingly funny blogger who I get to say “I know” if you can count that her husband cleaned my kids’ teeth and her son was in my daughter’s class in elementary school… and I moved out of state. But I have her on my facebook, so I know her.

  143. yays! shameless plugging! and not for the TV series Shameless! 😀

    my blog (which is undead) is “Nerdophilia”; i plan on posting a review of Furioiusly Happy!

    my friend Diane Martin’s site! I like to believe that I turned her on to the Bloggess…..

    i know i’m like, last ish on this list of comments, but I hope people see this! thanks for the luffs you give us every week, Jenny!

  144. Your blog always makes me laugh. Once, I thought maybe I could write for a living but that didn’t work out because newspapers up and died and no one has time to wait for a properly researched article. And I can’t spell. But, writers write, like eating and breathing; it’s what we do. My attention is always changing but writing is the consistency, in my very inconsistent world. Thanks for saying it out loud, and don’t stop. 🙂

  145. Yikes! Didn’t know that there was a time of death on blogging. Too bad I just started a blog. Always late to the party. Alas, thank you for writting this and thank you for your humor. You inspire me. Keep on blogging.

  146. The Art of Doing Stuff. Her blog and yours are my two favorites. You both make me laugh tears! Her readers comments are just as great too!

  147. Everything about this made me happy. And one day, I will be able to afford to be on that sidebar (it’s been a weird goal of mine), but until then I will keep buying your books for all of my friends and handselling them as much as possible at the bookshop because you’re awesome and you’re the one who got me blogging and I think that’s enough fangirling for now.

    I regret nothing.

  148. Blogging will never die so long as the internet exists. There are always people who have shit to say and other people who want to read it and, a) agree and think you’re awesome. b) disagree and think you suck, and c) all mood swings in between.
    Of course, it’s hard to disagree with my blog because it’s just too true. It’s like it knows you.

  149. We need to make a few points in defense of blogging:
    1) Blogging is at least as profitable as the 10 million newspapers that have closed down in the last week
    2) I, personally, have not laid off any blogging staff, although there is one asshole that really gets on my nerves
    3) I bet the reporters that asked you if blogging was dead were actually hinting that they needed a job, but, sadly, you were mesmerized by Hunter S’s butthole and missed their cry for help. Go check. I bet they have been laid off since talking to you. Wait…
    4) This breaks the ‘rule of three’ because bloggers are fucking dangerous people
    5) And we really suck at math

  150. Been an FOJ (fan of Jenny) since Beyoncé, and became a blogger this year myself. You say that every single writer writes for their own reason, and it’s true. At least it’s been true for me–my reason is my son’s muscular dystrophy diagnosis. Writing it out saved my sanity then in the immediate, and has been a balm for my sorry, crazy head and heart many, many days since. I’m not fun or funny all of the time, but I am immensely relieved I have the opportunity to say, “Here, read this” when I don’t feel the strength or desire to talk about it.

  151. Seems to me the interviewer has a lack of imagination in asking that question. It’s especially obvious that blogging is NOT DEAD – the interviewer had only to look at the number of comments each one of your posts gets.
    I’m sick of that question. Let’s get on with something really interesting, like a new post from you!

  152. Blogging is not dead, but it is like cat litter. You have to scratch in the pan to get ride of all the crap to find the best blogs out there. I will dig in cat shit for your blog any day. ( OK, that was gross)

    Love the cats too!


  153. Blogging is the last refuge of those who think swearing make them clever.

  154. Comment #227, way after the fact and no one ever will read, except the robots who try to figure out if I’m a robot. Are those robots people yet?

    I always wonder why we’re always trying to figure out if something is still a thing or not. And by we, I mean people who Google things like “is blogging dead?” and wind up in places like this and write comments like this when they don’t normally comment on anything ever, because, why bother?

    So you say “no, blogging is not dead.” Other sites say “yes, blogging is dead because blah blah blah.” And Pete Rose is still not in the hall of fame, and the pitcher still hits in the national league, and O.J. is in jail because he tried to steal back his memorabilia and not because he cut two people’s heads off. I think you did answer the real reason I wound up here, which is, “can I make money from blogging?” “No, no you fucking can’t, go the fuck away,” is something the robots will most likely respond with.

    Oh well. I’m going to go cut my nipples off and see if I can turn that into a thing for a while.

  155. Wow – that was impressive and encouraging. Thanks for sharing your authoritative opinion, practical hints. I will definitely follow your updates

  156. My wife writes a blog, and she has advertised on your site before. She suffers from crippliing anxiety, panic disorder, and some other stuff she doesn’t talk about, but always writes about. I think she’s hilarious. But, then again, I did marry her. Her blog is

  157. Well kiss my grits and hush my puppies, the photo of your cat’s butthole alone is worth the price of admission.

    But blogging is not dead. There was a time when all the gurus peddled the idea that a business “blogs” every day about a different keyword and people didn’t need to read it because it was all just Google food anyway. But then the businesses said, “I don’t want to write that shit” and they outsourced it. Then I had a lovely little gig going where I edited that outsourced shit and made the grammar and spelling perfect even though nobody was reading those “blogs” anyway.

    My use of quotation marks is quite deliberate, of course, because what you do is blogging. What they did was anything but.

    And guess what? Every business who bought those daily “blog posts” eventually realized they didn’t lead to any sales, and they stopped doing it, and my customer went belly-up, and now I edit patent applications. And then for fun I read real blogs, like yours, and the world is a much happier place for it.

    So it blogging dead? Depends on what you mean by blogging. And anyone who says blogging is dead is using the wrong fucking definition. Bite my buttonhole

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