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  1. My friends can attest to the fact I’ve been looking forward to this for months! It’s been a little rough lately, but I am going to be there!!

  2. I’m with you in spirit! It’s great seeing the booksigning photos on Twitter. Damn, you have awesomely creative fans. 🙂

  3. I’m going to be away when you are visiting my city which makes me sad – I would have loved to say hello 🙂

    Hope you are having a wonderful time Jenny!

  4. You know Philly is on the way from DC to NYC right? Stop and see us too! My daughter and I “fought” over who got to read your book first. I should have given in, but I won. I’ll buy another though and send it her way.

  5. Well lets see…if I grab a flight to Seattle from Victoria then switch over ….hmm…I guess I’ll zip up to Nanaimo Chapters and find somebody that looks like you and make an ass of myself over her. Would that count?

  6. Hey Ginny, I just read your article in DMN and can certainly identify with your challenges with anxiety and depression. I suffered with panic attacks and depression. I totally recovered from both through cognitive behavioral therapy. I wrote a book about my experience, Anxiety and Panic Attacks, Their Cause and Cure, (Rawson Asso. 1985). It is still in print and might offer you some helpful ideas on how to reduce your anxiety and depression. I know Barnes and Knoble still carry it and it is on amazon. I wrote a follow up book, Beyond Fear that is still available. on Amazon . If you want to talk, my number is in the back of the book. Good luck with your tour. Robert Handly ( I also grew up in West Texas)

  7. I will DEFINITELY be there today. With my best friend…and my fluffy goldendoodle (two different people). Because Half Priced Books is dog friendly and awesome. And you’re full of whimsy (and probably booze slushies). It’s really a win-win situation for everyone.

  8. I’m embarrassed to admit I only just found you a week or two ago. (yes, my house does resemble a rock, and judging from the piles everywhere, I might live under it rather than in it, but I digress) I saw your tour schedule and really was excited to see you coming to my city. The sad part is I have to work today, but I may be able to squeeze in a look-see. Here’s hoping.

  9. Jenny, got up super early so I could be in line by 7:30 a.m. I was number 3. No. 1 was sitting in front of 1/2 Price Books at 4:30 a.m. followed by No.2, who got there around 6:00. So, when No. 1 got his pass, it said No. 7. He asked where passes 1-6 were. The woman handing them out claimed not to know. So now No. 1 is No. 7 and instead of being No. 3, I’m now No. 9, I think. Not great with math, especially early on a Saturday morning. Will be great to meet you whatever-the-hell number I turn out to be! Glad you’re coming! Have a great tour! See you at 3:00.😊

  10. I’m still bummed that you’re not headed thwithin reasonable driving distance of Wilmington, North Carolina. Tomorrow is my 35th Birthday and I’m giving myself your new book.

  11. There’s just something wonderful about a book preordered months ago finally arriving and waiting on my front porch….. the smell of an unread pristine book…. gives me shivers! Have a wonderful book tour, I’ll just be here reading along with you. 🙂

  12. The Strangelings of the Dallas branch of The Church of The Bloggess were lined up outside the HPB before 9am this morning to get passes for your signing! See you there!

  13. Trying to get there from Shreveport. How are the lines? What’s the timeline looking like? I’m not on Facebook so I can’t find out much.

  14. I can’t come because reasons, so I sent the spousal unit. If this is just a “minon hands you the book, you scribble on the book, minion hands it back to the punter and shouts ‘Next!'” situation, then she won’t have a chance to pass on my thanks.

    If that happens (or, well, fails to happen I guess), please accept my gratitude here. You boosted my first book when I knew full well you don’t often boost things, and that gave me (or at least contributed significantly to) enough confidence in the whole project to see it through to success.

    Thank you for that, and for giving so many of us something we can relate to and draw hope from. You’re changing the world here. Never forget it.

  15. You are so missing out on having a Cpap… You don’t get to blow freezing cold air on Victor in the middle of the night in winter. You also don’t have cats coming up to your head, batting at you with their paws at the mask of death- or in the middle of summer trying to lay on your forehead so that their tummies get cold air breeze- oh so fun!

  16. Do you have any idea how long it takes to receive a book plate? I signed up awhile ago and haven’t received one yet…but I did buy the book today! YAY

  17. Jenny, you were warm, wonderful, and hilarious in Austin, and we love you! Dallas and the rest of the US, you need to see Jenny on this tour.

  18. I’m having panic attacks just looking at your schedule! HOW are you doing it? I hope you have your favorite shrink and a briefcase full of anxiety meds along with you. Best of luck, Jenny. You are far more brave than most of us.

  19. the EW says you are the “undisputed Queen of the island of Misfit Toys”. Ummm…I like to think we are not the misfits, it’s the folks who think they DON’T have damage. We are all damaged, life treats us like a bad road treats cars. After all, I have maintained an internet persona as a zombie for a stupid number of years. But in any case, I have line card for your appearance in Milwaukee, and I hope the potential appearance of a large zombie does not makes you decide to hide in the toilet. Please sign my zombie t-shirt…

  20. Also, I will say that I survived a heart attack – not NECESSARILY in order to see your reading- but mostly to see a Mekons show in Mineral Point, Wisconsin. But after not dying (which is a weird thing for a zombie to say, admittedly, I find myself doing Rory Face every time I do things that are awesome, and the idea of being furiously happy is now kind of cool and alarms most of my friends and family. Which, admittedly, I enjoy….

  21. Thank you for a great afternoon, a great reading, and being greatly patient when our youngest one knocked over your sign. We’ll just pretend that never happened.

  22. Good to see you today. Hope you enjoy the earrings. My wife watched me give them to you from across the store. The crowds were and are always too much for her. You did wonderful and I hope the herd wasn’t too stressful.

    “Broken,,,but still Good!”

  23. So proud of you!
    Happy belated birthday to H.
    Sad you’re not headed to NC.
    Excited to have my book! (Oooh, sparkles!)

  24. Sad that I couldn’t make it, Girl Scout event precluded. I hope you had a wonderful day.

  25. Saw Furiously Happy at the front of my favorite bookstore last night and cried a little!

  26. And it couldn’t have been Fort Worth instead of Dallas? Do you know what the traffic is like to get from Fort Worth to Dallas since the TX road department decided to blow up all connecting highways? What was your publisher thinking? We have Half-Price Books here too. Plus Dallas is really an empty downtown with a bunch of pricey suburbs and plastic people who don’t have PROBLEMS. Down the road from where you were is Neiman-Marcus in the priciest mall west of the Mississippi River. In Fort Worth we have world class museums, a pedestrian-friendly downtown and lots of honestly messed up but genuinely kindly people. And the folks from Dallas could do with some real art. Just walking through the museums themselves would have done them good even if they didnt look at the art. So sorry I couldn’t get there. I haven’t been to Neimans in years. And just wait til you see Houston. You’ll want to fire your agent. But best of luck with the tour. And I’m buying the book anyway.

  27. I’m a little bit gutted that I’m in England an not America because now there’s no look signings for me. WAH! Finally finished my other book and have now download yours and whilst I am only a good few pages in – I am loving it already. Congratulations for making it happen, you’re awesome xx

  28. Glad you came to Dallas! I got to go hear the reading & buy the book – I was sad I couldn’t stay for a signing due to the large number of people lined up, but so excited for you that you had such a large number of people lined up!! 🙂

  29. Jenny, You were wonderful. I dragged along a friend who has been having a rotten year because I needed the support, but she had as much fun and I did! You made my face hurt from laughing and smiling so much – absolutely furiously happy!

  30. On vacation I was at a beautiful bookshop in Asheville, Nc looking for your book. Because it wasn’t out yet I had to ask. The clerks looked at one another and gave a fan girl/boy whisper “Omg we love her but we can’t put it out until tomorrow ” happy smiles from them that it is finally here!! Finally home, I hope it still at Brooks and Books tomorrow and look forward to your Miami visit 😀

  31. Bloody hell. I’m furiously angry cause I missed this event yesterday. Drat. Double dang dab-nabbit argh!
    I just didn’t know about it till today.

  32. Jenny I just read your “the fear” chapter and it was the most beautiful and scary and real thing I’ve ever read. After laughing my ass off about ferrets and bears… It was raw and beautiful. And thank you. Just thanks.

  33. I’m sorry, I wanted to come. The more I thought about being in large crowd that far from my house the more I found myself talking me out of going, and I ultimately talked myself out of it after “waffling” for several days. Maybe next time. Thank you you books.

  34. I bought the book today! But then Realized I missed you in Dallas and I am terribly saddened. Still happy because I have the book, but saddened none the less. You should come back or do another book signing tour thing! Happy Touring!

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