Thank you. Again.

I just went to Target and I was looking to see if they had my book and I found this:


I don’t know who did this but I could not stop giggling and now I can’t go back to Target because they think I’m insane.  More insane than usual.

PS. I just found out that Furiously Happy is #3 on the NYT bestseller list again (!) this week and I cannot thank you enough.  So many people have contacted me to say they saw a friend quoting from it on twitter and Facebook and then decided to check it out and suddenly realized how unalone they are.  Thank you.  I don’t have the right words to say what it is that you’ve done for me.  For all of us.  Just…thanks.

PPS.  Tomorrow I leave again for leg two of the Furiously Happy tour.  Two and a half weeks on the road, but I’ve built in lots of downtime and Victor and Hailey are coming for a bit to keep me from getting too homesick.  Will you come see me?


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  1. You’re still welcome to visit our cats and pillow pit if you need down time between Milwaukee asks Minneapolis!

  2. So clearly my strategy of buying one each week (for, um, reasons) is working. Excellent. Will continue.

  3. While you’re in the Seattle neighbourhood, why don’t you pop on up to Vancouver BC? We would be furiously happy (in a Canadian furiously way) if you did….

  4. Still planning on making it to D.C….what shall I wear so that you will recognize me? Unfortunately do not have a panda or a koala outfit. Much to my shame. Can I bring a cat?

  5. Hurray! Not surprised at all! My second copy arrived from Amazon after you sign my Austin copy, so I’m having a little local contest on FB to give it to someone who needs it.

  6. I have been reading your book on the metro bus and laughing outloud.

  7. You can’t be as ill if you potray if you are doing this trip. I am sure you ill never see this becuase of your handlers.

  8. Adds note to “To do list”.

    Lg Fry and I will be coming to Politics & Prose. She’s bringing her copy of Let’s Pretend to get signed, I’m bringing regular and audio Furiously. Let’s Pretend was her 11th grade summer reading project – the rubric said memoir and there you go. She’s also had her 10th grade English teacher stop and talk to her (after she saw her reading FH in the hallway) about how she has her class doing something with Furiously this semester.

    I love that teachers are all over your books. Now if only they’d pay attention to some of the things you say about people with anxiety. Lg Fry struggles with well meaning teachers telling her she should be more social and she should make friends and she should take off her noise cancelling headphones. That introvert chart you shared awhile ago should be required reading for anyone who deals with kids.

  9. I know you’re crazy busy and probably dread the idea of adding more signings, but if you could do something around Albany, NY, I would be soooooo happy. I’m going to try to make it to Boston otherwise, but I’d love to see you closer to home.

    Your book is everything to me right now.

  10. OMG YOU’RE GOING TO BE IN WICHITA. WTF. Kansas? How did I get so lucky?! This will be my birthday gift to me (because it’s the day after, whoop whoop). 😀

  11. I was going to say what Rhonda said 🙂 I was trying to somehow get my friend and my butt to Seattle but it is a no go. If you can make a little jag north to Vancouver all of us Canadians will be so happy. Maybe we will even bring our pet beavers and moose to meet Rory!

  12. I wish I could….you’re going to flyover those of us in flyover country. Which is why, obviously, they call it flyover country. Because you fly over it. Some of us stop here, clearly, and seem to like it although it reduces our celebrity contact.

  13. I am planning to and I will try very hard to come. I am not in a good mind right now though. Please know that I love your writing and it has helped me so much. I will really try to be there in Toronto.

    (Be safe and practice self-care. I’ll try to be in Toronto and you try too, deal? Sending love, and remember that depression lies. ~ jenny)

  14. I will see you in St. Louis! I am beyond excited and will probably embarrass myself!

  15. I like how it abbreviated on the sticker to FURIOUSLY HA, like someone shout-laughed really suddenly but then realized they were in a public place and went to hide behind the nearest clothes rack.

  16. Really wish you could come to Buffalo, NY!!! Big hugs and congrats to you, though! You deserve it and are awesome!

  17. I like how the sticker underneath abbreviated to FURIOUSLY HA, like someone shout-laughed suddenly but realized they were in a public place and then went to hide behind a clothes rack.

  18. I wish I could go see you but I will be at my brother’s wedding in San Angelo–how about you go visit your family and I’ll go see you there 😉

  19. Where should I look for the details (when, where) of your Portland visit? Will be there. Probably with bells on. And nice clothes, yes, clothes! Nice ones! Just for you 🙂

  20. I’ve just finished reading both of your books within the last two weeks and am now going through withdrawal :/

    I’m sure you’ll be writing a third one really quick just for my amusement, right? RIGHT? 😉

    I really wanted to attend your reading in NYC but alas I actually have therapy at about the same time that day. Boo for having conflicting schedules.

  21. Congrats! I listened to the audiobook on my drive to visit family in Ohio — it was perfect. The only thing is that now I see posters everywhere that I had never noticed before advertising “Brazilian Blowouts,” and I cannot stop giggling.

  22. So I don’t like to get out much. I was thinking when you come to Seattle, you can just stay at my house, drink wine, and sign my book here. Hell, I’ll even feed you! Send dietary restrictions.

  23. In the middle of the book Jenny and just like the first one, I am thoroughly enjoying each and every chapter. You make me literally laugh out loud.

  24. Making the three hour drive from Vancouver, BC to see you in Seattle. Can’t wait!!!

  25. I thought about taking the 4-hour trip (each way) from Maine to Boston again, but as it turns out the reading has sold out. 🙁 Then I had a gigantic emotional crash this morning and lost all my spoons, so I wouldn’t be up for the trip anyway. 🙁 I will continue to promote you as far as my 100 Facebook friends will let me!! I’m so proud of you, coming so far from waaay back in the MamaDrama days. I love you to bits n pieces, even though we’ve spent a grand total of three actual physical minutes together. I’m very very glad Victor and Hailey will be with you for part of this leg. (Note to self: order a bookplate) Thank you for being you, and sharing with all of your fellow crazies. #depressionlies #furiouslyhappy #sendspoons xoxo ~markira aka mk (and really, Tracy)

  26. I’m coming to see you in DC! PLUS, I turned the young Barnes and Noble girl onto your work. How dast she not be familiar with your work!!!

  27. I bought two copies. One for me and one to loan to friends. Haven’t read it yet because I am saving it for after my total knee replacement surgery. I am going to NEED you then!!

  28. Come do a signing in Annapolis at the Annapolis Bookstre and help support small bookstores. And you would love Annapolis, it’s a sailing town with a drinking problem. I know we could find you a wine slushies, probably even somewhere George Washington drank.

  29. Was reading comments and saw #17. You have HANDLERS?! How freakin’ cool! Can I apply?! I will twist you balloons and hide you under the table whenever you need it. I’ll be all, “None shall pass!” And it will be a great tablecloth that will have places for you to color on the underside, so you can make it into your own color cave. I’ll even sneak in my cat so he can love you.

    Your tribe got your back, baby. Err. That sounds weird. Hope to see you in Chicago!

  30. I went to Australia and did’t get to see the Poturdo. I’m jealous, but glad you shared the photo. Loved your book. Thank-you.

  31. Yay! 2 more days and we’ll see you in Alabama! I am bringing you wine and snacks!

  32. Finished the book, loved it, back to listening to you on the audio book again for yourfirst book, and giggling away. See you in LA..

  33. I will see you in Huntsville on Saturday! It’s my 25th birthday and you inadvertently gave me the best birthday gift ever.

  34. Portland!! You’re coming to Portland!! Please let it be OR and not ME. When??

  35. I just saw you in Atlanta, but would come see you again in a heartbeat! I keep comparing my business schedule to your tour schedule to see if I can end up in the same place. 🙂

  36. What drink will make you more comfortable in Milwaukee? We are pro-booze in Wisconsin. Just let us know your preferences.

  37. I will come see you! Not in the next two weeks though. I’ll you in Pasadena!! Remember, we all love you, and you can do this. <3

  38. I’ve been recommending your book to my friends that I know will “get it.” My husband read it because of how hard I laughed. He didn’t get it. I guess he’s Furiously Normal like your Victor.

  39. Remember what your friend told you about recording your audiobook: Pretend you’re good at it. And actually, you ARE good at it because you are so wonderfully yourself. I met you in Montclair NJ on the last tour and you signed my rooster and my book. I feel as though we are close friends, although you know nothing about me and I only know what you post. Still, we are close.

  40. Also, Kat from comment #17 and then a couple others….are you OK? Do you need help? This is sincere. The tone of your comments is kind of worrying me.

  41. I love your book and have been reading it to my boyfriend and he looks at me like I am even crazier than he thought. Good thing he loves me. Can’t wait to see you in Seattle!!!

  42. I’m coming to see you in St. Louis, and bringing at least 3, maybe 4 or 5, people with me. <3 Thank you for all you do, for helping me feel less alone, for helping me have a way to share with my family all the weird in my head.

  43. I can’t make it to book signings because I’m old and limpy, but I got my Bookplate in the mail today! It makes me smile every time I see it. Love your books, your blog , and your tribe! Have a great book tour!

  44. Completely geeked out that I got my signed bookplate today to proudly and furiously stick inside my copy of the book. Thank you for doing that!

  45. Yay! Jenny, you are the shiznittlebamsnapsniggety!! Keep making me laugh!!! We love you! Exclamation marks are my favorite!!!

  46. If you have any downtime built-in in/near St. Louis, we have 2 puggles that would just LOOOOOOOOOOVVVVVVVVVEEEEEEEEEEEee to provide you with snuggles! One of them only has one eye! 😉 Can’t wait to see you again, Jenny!

  47. Just received my copy in the mail today, which made me Furiously Happy. See you when you come to Dayton, Guuurrrllll !

  48. I’m looking to rent a rabid raccoon to bring to your NYC event. Hoping there’s a Raccoons-R-Us franchise nearby where I accomplish the task.

  49. You’re coming to Santa Cruz, you’re coming to Santa Cruz, YOU’RE COMING TO SANTA CRUZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  50. I will be driving 5 hours dragging my bff along, and getting a hotel in Dayton, just to come see you. Because you’re awesome.

  51. Did anyone else have a problem with Amazon canceling their pre-order? First they told me it was going to ship late, then they said they couldn’t tell me when it would ship, then they said they canceled my order “due to lack of availability.” 🙁 I guess that’s a good thing for Jenny because it means so many people bought her book that they ran out. But I’m sad I didn’t get my book.

  52. Hi Jenny! Inhaled Furiously Happy in two days…so looking forward to seeing you in Toronto later this month! It’ll be potaterrific! (Oh, I beg to differ, spellcheck, that is a word…)

  53. I am listening to your audio book and couldn’t believe when I got to the part about you being afraid of finding a dead body in the bathroom stall. I totally have that fear as well! Made me feel so much better after hearing there is someone else that has the same issue. I felt like you were a friend telling me a story and I wished I could call you and tell you how awesome it is that you are sharing with the world, and connecting with me and so many others.

  54. Love to see you but DAGNABBIT, the one opportunity I had to see you (in DC) I can’t do it because the other typist-proofreader is on vacation that week… Come to Baltimore! Come to Philadelphia! Come to Lancaster, PA!

  55. I’m coming to see you in Toronto, if I can figure out the trains. I’d love to give your book to my daughter. After I read it, of course.

  56. My girls and I have a road trip tentatively planned to see you in Santa Cruz. I would do San Francisco, but the city makes me nervous by car. I say it’s tentative, because although I want to go…. ya. I don’t know if I can do it. I plan on packing extra spoons just incase. I can do this. I need to do this. I want to do this. I will do this… maybe. I might. I mean… ya.

  57. I’m coming to see you, Jenny!!!! I am giddy with excitement!!! See you in Chicago!

  58. My dream would be to be in Corte Madera at Book Passages (and it would be the day after my birthday!!!!), where I had my only book-signing experience with my other favorite author, Amy Tan!

    We’ll see how the universe conspires, and if not there, hoping for either Chicago or Milwaukee!!!

  59. I’m going to get to Chicago to see you. Even if I have to have my husband drive me while I hide under my Dr Who fleece blanket with a light saber to poke people who look at me. I promise I won’t poke u with it.
    The last time I was in a big crowd my stomach felt like it as made of steel and inside that steel there were butterflies hopped up on speed. I couldn’t breathe. I couldn’t focus on anything except my husbands sleeve. (I know how crazy that sounds but it seriously was the only thing I could focus on.) we got in the car and I felt like crying.
    I WILL DO THIS because YOU ARE WORTH IT. You helped me get out of that store. You helped me call Burger King when they ruined my order. You helped me stand up for myself when I had lost all faith. You are my spirit animal. Rawr.

  60. Hoping to see you in Tempe, AZ! We should mobilize similar mass displays of your book at Targets everywhere.

  61. Jenny,

    Don’t know if this will get buried in the comments. I have followed you for a few years, read your first book and I am almost done with the second.

    I work for a non-profit that deals with mental health care – Wellness programs, housing assistance, etc…, and about 50% of the staff have some lived experiences. I suffer from depression and anxiety that includes two breakdowns and a suicide attempt.

    I just copied The Very Important Quiz from your book. I want to share it with some of the experts in my office because I think it is amazing. I hope a few of them will then want to buy your book. I recommend it, and the first, to many people.

    I wanted to share this with you because who you are, how you are and why you are is incredibly relatable for me and millions of other people. I laugh often while reading, but I also nod, assess, grow, cry, and sometimes become rather pensive. You are a gift to so many. I guess I wanted to say thank you.

  62. I’ve been reading and enjoying your book all week. And today my book plate came! Thanks! Who else would do a thing like that?
    I love your courage.

  63. I just checked on the Chicago signing – looks like the bookstore moved the event to the Lutheran church (“a 6-min walk” from the store), just to give folks a head’s up. I am hoping to make it.

  64. So apparently the combined awesome of Rory and Amy Poehler was just too much awesome for my computer to handle–the screen started flashing black and weird little dinging sounds kept playing. Can’t say I’ve ever had that happen before!

  65. I rearranged the display at the store tonight so your book was at the top of the shelf.

  66. I accidentally pre-ordered two copies instead of one and they both just arrived, which makes me furiously happy! So I’m going to give one to my daughter who’s just started college and is focusing on suicide prevention among teenagers. See you in Denver!

  67. Oh My God. I’ve never been on a blog before. I didn’t even know how. I just somehow got here. Ummm, I feel like an ass right now but- what the hell? You’ve given me courage. Jenny, you are so brave and strong and fucking FUNNY!!! Instead of .. Defected… I positively feel—GIFTED!
    I have a great shrink who told me, ” Sanity is SO over rated.” Thank you so much.

  68. Congratulations Jenny! If you ever make your way up to Canada, I will come see you. I’ll even bring you a beaver tail (the decadent tasty treat, not a taxidermied amputated tail)

  69. Are you ever in Jersey or Philly? Atlantic City would be preferred. Just sayin’.
    Anyway, if you find yourself out this way, it would be uber awesome if you could also find a way to inform me. Because I would totally not only attend, but camp out for tickets and all that crazy stuff (I know tickets aren’t usually involved in this type of thing, but I’ve always wanted to camp out for something but nothing was ever worth it). I’ll also bring my band of miscreants, but you might be disappointed as to how few people that actually is. (I’ll give you a hint — it’s only divisible by 1 or 2.)

  70. On behalf of the city of DC, we are impatiently awaiting your arrival! Or at least I am which is driving my cat slightly more bonkers than usual.

  71. How exciting to enter a store and see your book, your creation on the shelf. Congratulations. I wish you were coming to my state.

  72. I was reading it for the second day at the gym (best way to get thru riding the bike there!) and noticed for the second time the person working out next to me left shortly after my multi laugh out loud moments. Well, some “hell yes” moments thrown out too. Point is they left and that is a huge win for me as I get anxious when people are too close to me. THANK you for being the funniest person ever and anxiety helper!
    Ps I am 30% off too and thats on a good day.
    Psps I am so glad the book tour is going so well. Every time I read your blog and books, I am a little more accepting of myself. $18.99 is a lot cheaper than my shrink too!

  73. Ooh, that means Huntsville is the first stop on leg two. My husband is reading Furiously Happy now. I’ll need to make sure he brings it this weekend to RCLF so you can sign it.

  74. We can’t make it to the book signing this time, but that’ll make more room for other people, so… ANYway, I’ll do my part by perpetuating the Amy Poehler cross-pollination. (Okay, that sounds creepy.)

  75. I’m coming!! Specifically to see you in Huntsville. My husband is going to program the Garmin for me. Just getting there by myself is a biggie. My psychiatrist is proud of me. He has not read your books (gasp!) but he wrote down your name and said he would look them up. You’re welcome! I’ve turned the print-your-own-Rory into a t-shirt to wear. I’ll be the one lurking around unoccupied corners til it’s time to hear you read.

  76. All of these updates about your book make me sad. Although I pre-ordered from Books-A-Million wayyyyyy back in August, I have yet to receive my copy. Has anyone else had problems? Or is it just my luck?

  77. Wish you were coming to Marquette, Mich., but I know it’s too small a place. Happy touring! Soak up the love and the applause… and the road food!

  78. Seattle on my birthday (lucky Friday the 13th)! I’ll see you then (sounds kinda stalkerish, but hey it fits with the whole chain saw murdering theme) 😀

  79. I wrote a comment but my ipad sent it into the dead letter ether. Huntsville!! Saturday!! Yes!! Please!! I made a t-shirt out of the print-your-own-Rory because he’s going to help me get there.

  80. I wish I could meet you, but since living in South Africa, makes it a little bit impossible for me. I just want to thank you for making me, my friends and everyone else whose arm I twisted to read your book, for making us realise that we are really not alone and I pretend daily to be furiously happy and hope that one day that actually comes true.

  81. Could you be tempted to swing through springfield, the berkshires, or albany on your way through? Leaves are changing so it’s rather pretty if you’re into that kind of thing (and bravo to you that you can tolerate boston; nyc and pittsburg don’t phase me but driving in boston is a panic attack waiting to happen)

  82. Unless you decide to hit Moncton, New Brunswick, Canada, I’ll wave in a general Torontoish direction.

    Btw, my teen daughter stole my copy of Lets Pretend This Never Happened, and Furiously Happy. Kid needs to keep her paws off my dang books, or at least RETURN THEM when she’s done.


  83. I squeed in my car this morning when I heard an Indigo/Chapters commercial on the radio and they listed your book as a new best read! (North of Toronto) You’re awesome.

  84. Oh man, I lived in Dayton AND St Louis and you’re going to both…but now I live in Syracuse and the closest options (NYC, Boston, and Toronto) are each 4.5-5 hours away. Looks like it’s time to make a surprise visit to my sister in Ohio….

  85. I read your book while I was on the plane to and from vacation. I’m sure everyone else on the plane thought I was INSANE because one minute I’d be dabbing at my eyes with my hankie (I am an OLD – 32 year old – lady! Want a Werther’s Original?) and the next I’d be biting my lip to keep my big, obnoxious belly laugh (a LOUD “HAHAHA!”) from getting loose.
    Thank you for this book. I really think it’s going to help those who don’t struggle with anxiety and depression understand it, and it’s DEFINITELY helping people who do struggle realize that we’re not alone. One line stands out, and I hope I don’t spoil the book for anyone, but “Life might be easier without you, but it wouldn’t be *better”. I’ve recently been diagnosed with anxiety, and I’m staring down the barrel of another scary diagnosis of an invisible disease right now), and that line made me realize that the people who truly love and get me would have an easier life without me around mucking it up, but that it wouldn’t be better.
    I’m so grateful to have found my tribe here – other weirdos that struggle and cry and laugh and struggle some more. We’re ALL awesome, and the world is MUCH MUCH better with us all here!
    So – thank you Jenny for being weird, and awesome, and amazing, and for sharing your struggles with us all.
    PS: I received my autographed book plate yesterday! I’m not sure where to put it in the book though. I wanted to come to a signing, but I’m too scared to go.
    Also – I made my husband snort when he read the line about stepping on a fish. I commented to him “I just imagine the fish exhaling a bubble that pops and says “ooof””. He laughed even harder then. Just that image makes me laugh when I need it. (I hope I didn’t give anything away again!)

  86. I see you’re NOT coming to Detroit in October/November… probably best- I wouldn’t want you to have a depression relapse just based on where you are.

  87. Tonight I’ll be in a car full of Birmingham librarians headed to Huntsville for the Rocket City Lit Fest. We are all thrilled that you’re coming to Alabama! We’ll see you tomorrow.

  88. Bummed to miss you in Boston. This picture from Target makes me giggle, too. 🙂

  89. Received my signed book plate in yesterdays mail. THANK YOU. Can’t wait to put it in my book. Kinda makes up for the fact that Dayton is just a leetle bit to far for me to drive to too actually have my book signed………….
    (Though I will admit I almost tossed the envelope as junk mail – thank goodness for small miracles) 🙂

  90. My BFF and I were going to see you in Dayton and we were ridiculously excited.

    Financial problems have plagued me recently and now I cannot afford to drive to Dayton or buy your book or anything and still have money to survive (I live in Northeast KY). I’m bitterly disappointed because you are my hero in so many ways.

    I’ll live vicariously through others and I’m so happy for you and all your success!!

    Unicorn Success Club Forever!!

  91. I was reading your book on the bus, and I noticed another woman reading your book on the bus. I started to talk to her, because obviously, she and I should be friends. But then I didn’t because that would be crazy. But still.

  92. That’s awesome. I just finished your book, then moved on to Amy Poehler’s. Clearly, they are meant to go together.

  93. That person is awesome and has clearly read your book! I got my book signature autograph card to include with my book, in case I don’t make it to Boston! Rock on with Leg #2!

  94. I just finished your book and I hugged it to my chest for an awkward amount of time. The book grew uncomfortable as the moments lengthened. I regret nothing.

    Brilliant. Fucking brilliant book. Thank you. Thank you.

  95. Less than 24 hours!! I would totally loose my mind if you were on the same flight as my husband this afternoon. You have shared so much of yourself I can relate to. You’re like my twin, if you were an introvert who panics anytime someone looks at her funny. Although I have jumped in traffic to save baby ducks or geese or whatever they were.

  96. I have a oc-worker who is a published author. Whenever she goes into a store and sees one of her books on the shelf she autographs it without fanfare so that whomever buys the book gets a nice surprise. Of course it gets a bit awkward if one of the store clerks catches her in the act (“No, I promise. I wrote this book.”).

  97. OMG OMG OMG I am so happy right now I think my head may explode!! I didn’t think I was going to be able to attend your book signing at Politics and Prose in DC on Monday because I’m not allowed to drive yet since I had brain surgery 7 weeks ago, but my awesome cousin is going to be in town (her name is also Jenny, thus proving that people named Jenny are awesome!!) and so we are both going! You have no idea how happy this makes me!! Your books and blogs are amazing and they lift my spirits so much as I’m currently fighting stage IV cancer which has metastasized to my brain and lungs and so whenever the anxiety and fear and depression start to creep in and I need a good laugh, I just pull up your blog, and within moments I’m laughing uncontrollably! Thank you for that!

  98. Please ask Victor to start up a new business making Rory keychains! I need one. Badly. 🙂

  99. Wish I could see you, but fricking work gets in the way. BTW, your skeleton is beautiful!

  100. Looking forward to seeing your beautiful skeleton in Milwaukee on the 27th. Got my rush copy from Amazon, and loved it.

  101. I’m reading your book right now, and I stopped to let you know I’m one of those people in planes that get up immediately to stand in line. Because I can’t sit there any longer and there’s a large chance I might have a claustrophobic freak out. Standing helps. And I have to sort of be aggressive about it, otherwise I’m sitting, with people standing over me and I will indeed have a major claustrophobic freak out if that happens. Typing it has made me anxious.

    So, that’s one reason. It might just be me. But planes are godawful.

    (That totally makes sense. There should be special “get off first” passes for people with claustrophobia. I would NOT hit you with my piñata stick. ~ Jenny)

  102. My parents came to visit last Sunday. My dad handed me the personalized copy I had paid for over the phone from Parnassus (in Nashville). I began to tear up. He asked me what was wrong with it. I said nothing; it was perfect. I was just so disappointed in myself for not being able to drum up the courage to make it to the signing.

    P.S. The employee at Parnassus asked my dad if he wanted to take a selfie with the giant cardboard cut-out of Rory (I had to explain not only what Rory was but that he did have a name), but he politely declined, as he’d just been to the dermatologist and described his face as looking like that of a smallpox patient. Since I did see him on Sunday, two days later, that probably was a good call on his part.

    P.P.S. Congrats again on your NYT BS list ranking!

  103. You have the best fans! So great that you are ranked number 2 – well done! I can’t wait to get the book, loved the first one. I’m trying to see if I can get to Toronto to see you, I have my fingers crossed. Thank you from all of us that hide away our battles in order to fit in. From now on I’m going to be proud of my quirks and relish how unique I am as we all should. Cheers!

  104. I wish i could come see you but you’re only travelling America (BOO!).
    I’ll just sit and watch from my screen because i’ve read your book and you deserve every bit of success that’s coming from it – it was so beautiful vulnerable and i applaud you bravery both for yourself and for those that didn’t have the strength to speak your words xxx

  105. It’s possible hitting me with a pinata stick could help. If you knocked me out. Yanno, with the first hit because otherwise it would just be beating me with a stick and I don’t think that would alleviate the claustrophobia. I told my husband about this. Which led to reminiscing about the horrible tour of a submarine we took once. Which had me wondering if the Navy tested seamen ( lol) for claustrophobia before assigning them to submarines. I hope so, because halfway through the tour I was shoving people out of my way as I ran for the exit and there were only 4 of us. My breaking point was when the tour guide explained 1700 men lived on the submarine. And 1699 people are hard to shove out of your way, and you can’t get out the exit without killing everyone. So surely they test you to make sure you won’t freak out and murder everyone on board by ripping the exit door off in your desperate bid for air? And then my husband asked why I want rambling about this when I was talking about airplanes. So now I’m telling you, because you’ll get it and if you don’t there’s a good chance someone else reading this will and we can emphasize with Navy seamen ( lol) if they don’t get tested first.

  106. Oh, I’m so dumb for not getting a ticket in Boston for your reading. Dumb. Dumb. They are all sold out. 🙁

    Should I come for the line? I’ve never been to a book signing before. I don’t like crowds very much. I’ve already bought the book, does that mean I’d be at the end of the line? Damn. This is freaking me out. I do want to meet you, though.

    (A lot of people really like the lines because they meet fellow awesomely weird people there. 😉 ~ Jenny)

  107. I finally started reading it today (I’ve kind of been avoiding anything that might upset my mental state?) and BAM! On page THREE you had already labeled on of my most embarrassing panic issues.
    Half way through the book, now…

  108. Thank you.
    In all the books I’ve ordered no one ever noticed.
    Ive read your first book so many tines I can quote stories. (I realize this makes me sound a bit stalkery, but I’m mostly harmless to everyone else.)
    I’ve had to purchase it 3 times as every time I loan it out it does’t come back, can’t blame them and I keep my personal copy on kindle.
    I’m super happy that the new book is out and am still reading it.
    I’m also excited that you will be comming to arizona, though I wish ot was Tucson. No matter, I plan on ditching work to come see you anyway.
    Have a great day and travel safe.

    (Someone sent me your signature on a card, I’m guessing in responce to buyin your e-book.)

  109. Hope the next leg of your book signing goes great! Is there anyway to order a signed book? I was so dazzled at your signing in Austin I forgot to get one for someone very important to me. I’m a terrible friend!!

  110. You’re going to a place called Tempe but you dissed Baltimore? C’mon.

  111. PLEASE ADD SACRAMENTO TO YOUR TOUR!!! Ever since randomly coming across your first book, I’ve been obsessed with anything and everything you do. Have read both books twice now. 🙂 You are amazing!

  112. Can’t wait to see you in Chicago! I am really looking forward to it!

    If you are looking for things to do, Champagne & Snark, my favorite podcast is always looking for interesting people for the show. Ana Fernatt, the host and my favorite drinking buddy, would love to have you on her show where she interviews well known personalities and talks about their passion and hobbies outside of what they’re known for.

    Good luck with your tour! You will be great!

  113. If I learned I was adopted tomorrow, I would call you to meet my birth parents.
    You write from inside my own brain…like popcorn and ridiculous observation, minus the taxidermy.
    Cheers on a book that made me laugh so loud my own teenager asked me to be quiet, AND realize suggesting my idea for Hubba Bubba blue gum for the KC Royals baseball playoffs is not a silly sponsorship idea. Oh, and the time in the bathroom when my popcorn brain had an idea but only a pantyliner was available to jot my brilliance….I’m crazy normal.
    “Insanity is an opinion of one.”
    Om shanti, Mel

  114. Can’t help but notice the women on the book covers in the bottom left corner. Why are they clasping their hands under their chins? Did the photographer ask them to pose like they’re begging?

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