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  1. Agree on Connecticut. Kirk is a good measurement. But how far back do you have to go? Is there one measurable moment when you can say – OK. Too crazy. Too crazy for even me.

  2. I keep reading “signing” as “singing” and thinking, wow. She’s really kicking that anxiety in the butt. (and Kristine! I’m counting the sleeps till Toronto too!! We get to hear Jenny SING!)

  3. Kirk time is right on the nose. Also would apply to Victoria Jackson but I am not 100% sure she wasn’t already like that.

  4. Can’t believe I’m gong to say this, but I actually envy the people of Alabama.
    To have an audience with The Bloggess is to be truly blessed.

  5. Seriously how did ALABAMA rank above my own town? I know they have more than their fair share of crazy, but dammit, Orlando is a contender!

  6. That makes me think of that song. You know the one. Thanks for the ear worm. Probably what made Kirk Cameron go crazy.

    Have fun!

  7. I’m coming to see you today!! I’m bringing my sister-in-law who’s visiting with us. She started reading Let’s Pretend This Never Happened a couple days ago and her husband started Furiously Happy and they couldn’t stop laughing. We’d realize they weren’t in the living room with the rest of us and then find them hiding in the office, reading. Thanks for including Huntsville on your tour!!

  8. “If you need anything in DC let me know.”

    Yes, I really did type that, because in my head you’d just message and say “Oh, I need some guacamole and a Snoopy Snow Cone Machine. This hotel has no amenities.”

  9. Well after your next stop, you can use the acronym BDCWC. But then I’m pretty sure DC has always been crazy.
    Never mind.

  10. I love how any quote, and I do mean ANY, becomes an inspirational quote when placed on top of a scenic background. (I wanted desperately to give an example using words like “anal fissures” but I’m trying to keep your website classy).

  11. Jenny, I saw a video that would make your day (although you’ve probably already seen it). YouTube “Squatty Potty” and watch the gloriousness of unicorns and rainbow poop. Is it bad that I immediately thought of you while I watched it? Loving the new book.

  12. AHHHHH!!!!! I LIVE here and I don’t have any way to get there from where I live [I don’t have a car]. Anyone going who’s willing to pick me up and take me? >_< I live next to Bridgestreet!

  13. Ahhhh!! I LIVE here but have no good way to get there from where I live since I don’t have a car! >_<

  14. Please, please, PLEASE hide in your hotel room and make some tiny cute metal things. I’m watching your schedule and panic-breathing. Please take care of yourself. You are so loved by so many who would hate for you to feel over extended and wonky.

  15. Oh come on now everyone, here of all places I thought we would be above believing stereotypes about the south. Welcome to Huntsville Jenny! I am so glad you came!

  16. I’ve talked up your book to so many people that we have a waiting list at the library, they’re buying more copies AND the audio book, and I’ve found more members of our tribe!! Book 3, PLEASE come to Connecticut! Or Millerton, Oblong Books, I can get there. Or my house. I’ll have an open house and fill it with our kind of people (do I want them to know where I live??) I’ll have cake!!

  17. So when are you visiting Australia again for a book tour? There are lots of cool looking animals that look great after a visit to the taxidermist.

  18. Please give a wave to the Rocket Park at the US Space and Rocket Center for me. I think that Hailey would enjoy going to Space Camp — maybe even with you and Victor (they have family camps). I had a blast (no pun intended) going through the teacher training program many, many years ago.

  19. Wish you could come to Odessa. But we’re a shithole and nothing cool ever comes here.

  20. Hi Jenny. I just bought your book and I’m loving it. Like you, I’ve had trichotillomania. You’re the first person I know of to openly admit that you have this disorder. I’ve HATED having it, but at the same time it was the most relaxing thing I could do to myself. Oddly enough, when I quit smoking 18 years ago, I also stopped pulling my hair out…for a while. After that, on some rare occasions, something would trigger it and I’d try to rein it in. Thank you for sharing all of your awesome stories. My 33 year old son, who also battles depression and anxiety, is looking forward to reading your new book, too.

  21. I mad it to Huntsville, and you signed my Kindle, and I have a picture of us making Rory hands. Thank you for making this a furiously happy day. Thank you for sharing your thoughts in the interview and for reading to us. You’re spreading awesomeness all over the country. Take care of yourself and enjoy the journey.

  22. Loved getting to see you in Huntsville today, lady! You were super nice to my little devil baby. And now thanks to you, I’m checking out Ruth Chew books to read with her in a few years, had never heard of them before, but they look neat!

  23. It was so nice meeting you today in Bama! You did an amazing job!! Thank you for signing my books and resigning the second hand book to me. Spencer doesn’t know what he gave up!! Be safe and enjoy the rest of your tour.

  24. This weekend, my girlfriend and I drove down to see her grandmother, who is close to passing. During the time we were there, I read Furiously Happy, and I often found myself thinking about the Australian chapter, “Koalas Have Chlamydia”. Mainly because Jenny wants to drop my country in the middle of their continent, and I’d rather she didn’t do that.

    Anyway, the weekend passed and we eventually started the trip back to our home city. There’s a cafe in a forest we usually stop at for lunch on the way, because my girlfriend often ate there as a girl: the Glade. As we approached it (and still thinking about koalas), I glanced over and asked “Do you want to eat at chlamydia?”

    No. She didn’t.

  25. Thank you for coming to Huntsville! I’m so glad I met you! I was the one who gave you a letter and a CD. Next time I’ll bring you a pancreas or something. And a properly mounted Rory.

  26. After a truly horrible and taxing work week, I finished “Furiously Happy” this weekend while snuggled in my bed and thought how nice it was to know I am not the only one. Feeling furiously happy to have found this tribe 🙂

  27. The name of this festival greatly amuses me. “Rocket City Lit Fest” could be a literature festival, a festival of lighting rockets on fire, a festival where everyone is high, or a festival where they celebrate the day they lit a rocket to try and launch their city into space. Oh, the possibilities!

    Also, I just finished “Furiously Happy” last night and all I can say is thank you.

  28. I’m only about 25 pages into your book and I am already annoying everyone around me because I want to read SO MANY parts out loud! I’m like..”This is the best! You have to hear it!”…..on every page! Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts and stories with us! Officially my favorite book!!

  29. Yes! I add a vote for Connecticut!
    Or Albuquerque. I have a friend in Albuquerque!
    I’m sure she’d bring along a copy for me when she joined the line!

  30. Hi Jenny, my daughter and I will see you in DC tomorrow night! We are both so excited! You mean so much to us. She battled an eating disorder last year and struggles a lot with anxiety. She was in and out of hospitals and doctors offices all that year, and getting to read your first book in all those waiting rooms was a respite and a relief. We laughed so much! And we have such admiration for you as you continually rise above. It was great for her to see that and know she was going to be okay. In our house, you are just Jenny, and we love you. See you at Politics and Prose!

  31. Thank you for being you and for sharing what you’ve been through and still going through. My depression and anxiety have been telling me lies that are so loud and overwhelming that I’m currently in the ER waiting room, because last night I was looking at ways online to attempt suicide. I realize that I needed more help than therapy and my medications are giving me, so I’ve driven myself to the hospital and am waiting to go back for a psych consult. I packed a bag, and I hope they admit me.

    I finished Furiously Happy earlier this morning, and I’m very grateful for the epilogue, especially where you reminded me that I’m not alone. That helped me make the decision to get help.

    (You are incredibly brave and I’m so proud of you. ~ Jenny)

  32. Finally it’s Jenny Lawson day in D.C.! Still planning on coming though yesterday I had a pretty bad conversation with an old friend who still just does not get it. She (a) told me she was going to take me and “throw me into a bunch of people” to “cure” me and (b) asked me if I knew why I was so insecure. Because my mental illness is my fault and a product of my “insecurity”. sigh And the first part was said in the voice that one speaks to a five year child who is afraid of the dark. Oy.

  33. Do we have to use Kirk Cameron as a standard? Maybe we should go with WLDWSAK–When Leo diCaprio Was Still A Kid–since that would be about the same time, and while I wouldn’t call myself a fan I’d rather pay attention to diCaprio than Kirk Cameron.
    Or even better–BCBBMS. That would be “Before Cate Blanchett Became Meryl Streep”.
    There was a time when it seemed like Meryl Streep was in everything and could play anybody. I think she still could but she seems to have handed the mantle over to Cate Blanchett.

  34. Jenny, we had so much seeing you in AL! Thank you for signing our cocks (rooster shirts), and our books. And sorry we didn’t wear the shirts so you could cop a feel, next time though. I hope you have a night out and try a “Christie” from Ruth Chris, nothing better than alcohol and milk shakes. When you do have that drink think of Kristie and Lacy from AL… 🙂

  35. Hi actually made it here but no seats left my poor body can’t handle the floor. 🙁 maybe next time

  36. Jenny,
    I am truly listening to your book and I 0ray you read this as you have Lyme disease and you are not crazy everything you go through is directly related to lyme disease. Find a true lyme disease doctor and you have good chance of getting good treatment.

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