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  1. From all the Facebook posts, Twitter tweets and Blog comments, I think we just might break Politics and Prose tonight. Large Fry and I are heading over right after school. Hope you have a lovely dayin DC. Sorry it’s so cool out – hope you brought a sweater. Or Wolf Blitzer.

  2. I’ve been saving your book, and finally let myself start reading it. That quote is the first one I decided should be on a t-shirt! (I had to put the book down because my laughter was freaking out the cat.)

  3. I remember taking a family vacation to DC and the surrounding area when I was a kid. My parents decided we needed an “educational” vacation, which basically meant my dad drove all over creation to find empty fields where battles had been fought, which was SUPER exciting. Oh, look. Grass and trees. Yay.

    DC was much better, though. The Smithsonian Air and Space museum rocked my world.

    Have fun!

  4. It’s fun living vicariously through your tweets and website updates while you visit all these cities. Thank you for taking us with you! And high five that decorum is overrated. I’m imagining that I’m giving you a high five in an inappropriate place. Place meaning location. Not part of your body. OK, I’ll stop now.

  5. It’s chilly here today so please wear animal skins or I’d be more than willing to follow you around with a lit torch. But not in a riot-y sort of way, more of an Olympian ceremony, of course.
    See you later!

  6. I’m just sad that you couldn’t make it up to Baltimore from DC (or do Baltimore first, beacuse you could have been at the Pigtown festival this weekend where they RACE PIGS – ok, no one rides the pigs, which is a lot more entertaining to think about it, but maybe you could just offer up some of your stuffed animals to ride them to take photos of monkeys wearing hats riding pigs).

    Sorry, but Baltimore is so your kind of weird town. And we are sad you missed us. Perhaps next time?

  7. Politics & Prose is a wonderful bookstore. Sad that I’m not able to make it tonight.

  8. i won’t be seeing you in the big city on wednesday- i’m trying to practice frugality, and i have therapy that day anyway. will be seeing you on your next book tour, saying hey, girl.
    remember god is a rainbow- time to color-code! forest green lives matter.

  9. I can’t WAIT to see you tonight! You’ll know me by the pirate bandanna around my neck. You taught me that. I could be a sad, scared lady sitting at home freaking out over neck stitches. Or I could go out and be a pirate.

    You taught me to be a pirate.

  10. I’m very good at talking myself out of going places so I’ve told my children that they must drag me there. Even if that means the 10 year old has to take the keys from me and drive.

  11. Getting closer…I will be there. Definitely will be there deep breath. I will NOT change my mind. If anyone sees a chubby old lady in black and white, please wave me over. 🙂

  12. I will be there in my duckie pajamas on Thursday night in NYC. Because why the hell not. I will make myself get out of the house. I will go early and buy your book (again -so worth it), and I will push myself through those doors to see you. You have saved me so many times, the least I can do is to be there to support you. I can’t freaking wait! <3

  13. Oh…and if I’m crying when I meet you, please excuse me. I won’t be able to help myself. You, and all of you wonderful strange and beautiful people have helped me through so many times I thought I would never make it. So. Just a warning. Please don’t be freaked out. 😀

  14. Deco-rum. Is that something people drank in the 1920s? If so, it was probably made in a bathtub and almost certainly caused cancer. Decorum, so I’m also led to believe, causes something called ‘anal infarction’. I believe that’s a medical term. Glad you’re having a great trip!

  15. I was trying to edit my comments, because apparently I’m ‘believing’ a lot today, but this box won’t let me. Sorry. Pretend I used a different word. I have a lot of anxiety about being repetitive..

  16. O, to be there. But the other proofreader/typist is on vacation this week, so I have to be two people. Favorite auction listing. Ornate Nazi Dagger, 300 Peanut Butter Glasses…

    I am sorry to miss this. I wanted to see what a really brave person looks like. wuvs

  17. Thank you for bringing hilarious prose to Politics & Prose and maybe even some politics. It’s probably too much to hope for a bipartisan resolution declaring you awesome even though you live in a distinctly bipartisan household. You and Victor are proof that the rancher and the farmer can be friends. Or something like that.

  18. Loved your book and your blog. Can you suggest a blog or book that might help a depressed and anxious eleven year old maybe feel a little better? ( or at least not so alone and crazy)
    I would love for her to read your book, but I don’t think she is quite ready for it. Is there anything good out there for kids? Any suggestions would be much appreciated!

  19. Just want to say that I received my signed bookplate this weekend in the mail and it totally made my day/week/month…Since you’re not coming to the Carolinas on your tour, this is as good as it gets!!! Thanks for signing and mailing all those bookplates to your fans (and for free!). I didn’t think it was possible, but I loved this book even more than the first and my admiration and respect for wonderful YOU have shot through the roof!

  20. That was awesome! So glad I overcame a terrible day with “hide in my house” urges. I could not, however, hold back the anxiety which became panic in the crowds and noise to meet you again and have you sign my book. I did leave it with the P&P staff for you to sign after the 500 plus people cleared. You must be exhausted!

  21. Thank you for writing – I’m having a bad day & want to thank you for having bad days too so I can remember better days are coming..

  22. Great picture. Why are you by a police barrier? Are they protecting you from something or are they protecting something from you? Hmmm.

  23. Thank you for coming to DC! I’ve been eagerly anticipating your arrival, got the book the day it came out, etc. etc. etc. I wanted to tell you how much I love your blog, that this is my go to place when I’m feeling down or having a hard time, and thank you thank you for writing. In reality, when it was my turn to have the book signed, I pretty much only managed to say hi – I’m not always so good at saying things lol. I hope you enjoyed our city and that the rest of your trip goes well!

  24. Thank you, Jenny. I did not steal the spoon from next door while drinking wine to let the line die down, but sorta wish I had now that you suggested it. I hope it reminds you of all the extra spoons you give us. Thank you for being so incredibly gracious.

  25. DC is amazing, I’ve visited times and still haven’t seen enough.
    I hope you had a great time. Take care and enjoy your tour as best you can!

  26. I was at the event last night (you signed two books for my mom around 11pm), but I totally wanted to tell you that I am 90% sure that douchecanoe came from the advice column! I have a pretty distinct memory of someone using it when writing in, and you replying with something to the effect of “HOLY SHIT, DOUCHECANOE IS AN AMAZING WORD. I AM USING IT FOREVER.” I tried to confirm this, but it looks like the archives for ask the bloggess have vanished from the internet. (I was, however, able to find reposts of your response to my inquiry about getting out of law school by claiming to believe it was “claw school.”)

  27. I was at your event in DC last night. I was the one who embarrassed myself by blubbering about my husband and his “issues”- sorry about that! I am usually not a blubberer. Anyway, I meant to ask you a question that I didn’t get to because of that darn blubbering so I thought I would try to ask it here. My husband has anxiety and depression, but is very resistant to medication- he is afraid of the side effects, afraid of being medicated forever, and oh yeah- he has that white coat syndrome- any advice on how I can convince, encourage, bribe…whatever…him to give it a try? And I love you btw!

  28. I’m so excited I got to attend this event, hear you read a couple chapters and then sign so many books! Worth the > 2 hour wait to get to talk to you and get your signature on my books! And you have a new fan too because I brought my best friend with me who had never heard of your blog or books before!

  29. I just finished reading Furiously Happy. Thank you for saving me…from me. I know I have a long road ahead but I also know that I don’t walk this crazy road alone. And I am going to be alright. For now. My sister and I will see you in LA….as long as I don’t have to RSVP. If I have to RSVP then the answer is no. Because today I feel good, but who knows how I’ll feel that day. I know you understand when I say….just don’t order food for me. Then I won’t feel guilty if I’m a no show. Oh look! I’m rambling! Thank you, Jenny girl! xoxox

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